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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  July 2, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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here we go. day two of the b.a.r.t. workers strike, leading to even more commuter chaos out there. with no b.a.r.t. trains running right now, hundreds of thousands finding their way to get to work and it appears to be even worse than yesterday, as lines for ferris and the buses are even longer. >> the backup at the bay bridge is more intense as we give you a live2d:'ook at the toll plaza there. still, hundreds of people trying to make their way into san francisco on this tuesday morning at 11:00. good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley, good morning, everybody. got to have patience to work it out there. nbc bay area's christie smith oa who appear to be more and more
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frustrated as the strike goes on the we can hear a lot of noise behind you, christie. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. you know it is hot out here, these b.a.r.t. workers are on strike, still going strong on the picket lines, commuters that seem to be wearing out. you nose, i spoke with one transit operate they are morning. he said, look, it's easy to telecommute for one day but hard to keep it up. maybe that's why with this gridlock, people are calling for the strike to end now. b.a.r.t. doubled the number of buses leaving west oakland to san francisco today to ease the crunch but vincent martinez says his commute was still all bad. >> it sucks to have to get up earlier, you know and just the traffic is horrible right now, t ba bridge. >> reporter: getting home yesterday to tracy, four hours. to make matters worse, they ran out of room at the four east bay stations were people were picked up and bussed to west oakland today. >> every time we have a -- one of these mornings, we look at what went well and what didn't go so well and room for improvement, so we are tweaking
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and managing the plan as we go along. >> reporter: the b.a.r.t. strike, day two saw long lines at the alameda ferry station. parking lots were full. in a word -- >> takes a little strategy, you learn and make changes for today to get to work. >> reporter: 11 boats opposed to the normal eight, plus one from the golden gate ferry under mutual aid. >> in the afternoon, if you can travel, say, earlier 3 or 4 or 4:30 or maybe 6, 6:30 and 7 that would be better, if you can avoid that 5:00 peak period. >> reporter: all good advice but when it takes two hours just to get to the bus stop to get you to san francisco, just doesn't sound good enough. >> i'm very frustrated. i'm frustrated at the union. i'm frustrated at b.a.r.t., in general. but making people wait this long, this is too much. this don't need to go no longer than today. 'cause this is way too much.
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>> reporter: we are back here live. this is the local union 1021. they have been out here since yesterday at midnight when they walked off the job. the unions will be meeting amongst themselves today to see what a mediator has to say. b.a.r.t. says they are always ready for talks to resume. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> christie, thank you very much. not only is it taking more time for people to get where they are going, b.a.r.t. right now coséisk commuter for money. >> one-way fare from west oakland station to the emba embarcadero takes riders $11 minutes and costs almost $3. ac transit on line b from the east bay to the san francisco ferry building will take riders 31 minutes in normal traffic and cost $4.20 one way. and ferry service from jack london square to san francisco's ferry building takes about 25 minutes and cost riders $6.25 each way. the strike is causing trouble for baseball fans planning to head to tonight's a's game at
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the coliseum, since b.a.r.t. is not an option to get to the park, fans are warned that trafficking and parking will likely take extra time. tell you the strike not just impacting commuters, it's impacting that bottom line. the bay area economy also taking a beating on this. the bay area council, a local business group, estimating the economy stands to lose more than $73 million per day.o6k $73 million a day in lost productivity and commerce costs. the group says that is a conservative estimate that doesn't account for the millions of dollars in other losses like extra gas while idling in traffic. >> stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of the b.a.r.t. strike all day long. you can also head to our website, there you will find ways to get around the b.a.r.t. strike. just into our newsroom, take a look at this picture from the golden gate bridge. look at this. it's a big rig that got stuck at
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the toll plaza. >> that's gonna leave a mark. >> oops. crews just finished pulling the big rig out. the good news is, no one was hurt. >> happy to hear that. story, the area in the middle of a summer heat wave. yeah, this hot weather around here, all that dry brush forcing emergency closures of san jose's alum rock park today. park officials say there are extreme fire conditions in the area and eliminate or reduce fire emergencies. let you know that closure is expected to last just for today. we have team coverage based on the summer heat wave. bob redell at a cooling sent we are people looking to beat the heat but start things off with meteorologist christina loren who says we are looking at a fifth straight day of triple digits out there. a rough one. >> it has been a rough stretch and we are going to keep that heat wave going, although today is the peak. tomorrow still expecting triple digits and goes for the fourth of july as well. get to some of these readings.
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nobody's giving livermore a run for their money at this point. 90 degrees out there. you're at 82 in concord, 71, oakland, 69 degrees, still morning time, in san francisco. so, we are headed towards a record-breaking day. not just a record-breaking day in terms of the date, entire month of july, we are rivalling all-time temperature records. if we do beat any of these records likely, it will be in livermore and have to reach 110 degrees. forecasting 108. let's throw a little bit more into the forecast for u in addition to the heat, look at what's firing off offshore. we have got lightning strikes, showers coming down, monsoonal moisture even wrapping around into the bay area. so, yeah, umbrella with 108-degree weather with showers coming down. it's bizarre but happening. i'm going to tell you why and finally when we're going to get a break coming up. back to you guys. >> thank you, christina.
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we now continue our coverage on the summer heat wave with nbc bay area's bob redell live in san jose. people looking to cool off today. >> reporter: yes, good morning to you, marla. the city of san jose is trying to get the word out to people who might be at home who do not have ac, they have ten community centers within the city, one in each city council district that they have activated as cooling centers, like the community center here in willow glenn. now, this is something the city does when the temps are above 90 degrees for two or three days in a row. inside, they will make sure you have access to ice cold water and a place to sit down, relax, watch the tube, go online, like you can see these seniors are doing this morning, something they do on a regular basis. the centers will also be open for extended hours from 8 in the morning until 10 at night, which is a couple hours later than usual. >> we are open because we are concerned about people's safety and so, you know, feel free, come down to the community
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center, you might meet somebody new in your community and that's what we're here for. >> a few people did show up here at the willow glenn community and senior center yesterday to get out of the heat but now, as the word is getting out, the city expects that more people will be showing up today, especially since it is getting hot. right now, there's not many people in there trying to get out of the heat, per se. actually, i don't think there's any in there for that reason, it is still only in the 70s, as it gets hotter in the day, 80s, 90s, they do expect more people to be coming out here and they will activate these again tomorrow and have them open through tomorrow night, barring some dramatic change in the weather. for a list of those ten cooling centers here in the city of san jose, you go to our website, reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> bob, thank you very much. along with the cooling centers, police also reminding people to keep children safe in all this heat. this coming after a local man
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was arrested for child endangerment. yesterday, officers found a 10-month-old baby locked inside of a car in fremont. that baby was found crying and sweating profuse any that near 100-degree heat. that's ridiculous that baby was left alone there the baby, good news, has been cleared by paramedic and releaseds to the mother. now to a developing story, thunderstorms appear in the works today for the area of arizona where that wildfire killed 19 firefighters. but the storms could bring more lightning than rain and that poses a major threat to the brush there. hundreds of firefighters continue efforts to even partially contain the fire in yarnell, about 45 miles north of phoenix. more crews are on the way. meanwhile, family members say their loved ones died as heroes. >> they were heros in our homes. they were heros in our community. that they are heroes to the people that they helped there. and our kids will remember them as heroes as well. >> as of last check, containment
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of this fire remains at zero. right now, a preview of an exclusive investigative unit report. this one on the list california doesn't want to be on, leading the nation right now in boating accidents. california, one of five states in the nation that does not require operators to know how to handle a boat before they take it out. this one, a dangerous policy causing serious accidents out there. since 2007, california and texas leading the nation in boating accidents. texas ranked number three. we spoke to one family who sadly lost their 12-year-old daughter in a boating accident because another driver was not paying attention and plowed right into her boat. they believe boater education should be required here in california. >> it's like russian roulette with your children. your loved ones out there. they are not -- someone's not doing what they're supposed to do. >> tonight at 11:00, we will take you to the most dangerous waterway in northern california and we will tell you the leading causes of boating accidents.
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again, that's coming up tonight at 11:00. coming up, new developments in the past few hours about a deadly shooting at a bay area restaurant. we will tell you what police are telling us. also, a new warning for female joggers near a local school. we will have all the details on that, coming up. can unemployment fall too low? we will take a look coming up in business news. ♪
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we don't have a ten step filtering process for our water.
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we don't need it. because crystal geyser is made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser is always bottled at the mountain source. oakland police are still looking for at least one more suspect wanted in the shooting deaths of two fast food restaurant employees. police making their first arrest close to 8:00 this morning and say more arrests could follow. officers were called to this wing stop on lake park drive near 580 and grand avenue shortly before midnight. two men in their 20s, both from richmond, were shot to death inside just as the restaurant was getting ready to close. officers tell us the deadly shootings are cause for concern and the department is reaching out to the public.
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>> and the captain will be calling an emergency meeting with the business community here as well as the neighborhood commbry. it's not just about crime prevention,[gc it's also commun concerns and education. >> the time and place for that emergency meeting have not been released yet. the meantime, police are reviewing other staff members inside at the time and reviewing surveillance video. a warning for female joggers in fremont. police say a man has been hiding in the bushes at a track near water junior -- walters junior high school the past couple of weeks, right off of mission boulevard around interstate 680. the man harasses female joggers as they run past him. police say he jumps out of the bushes and then runs alongside the women, whistling and making other noises. he doesn't actually make any physical contact with the women and so far, no injuries have been reported. police departments across the bays area are partnering up to crack down on celebratory gunfire this fourth of july. this morning, the san francisco, oakland, richmond and east palo
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alto police departments held a joint news conference. in it, they announced the use of shot spotter tech noll to help catch people firing gunshots into the air as a way of celebrating the holiday. shot spotter can detect and distinguish between fireworks and gunfire. anyone convicted of firing a gun into the air could face up to three years in prison. house minority leader nancy pelosi, definitely one of the most polarizing politician us in the country now going head-to-head with republicans on capitol hill each and every day. today, she goes one-on-one with our very own raj mathai in what we call, the interview. the representative from the san francisco area talks to raj about hillary clinton possibly running for president in 2016 and what it's like to be the minority in a republican-led house. >> well, they have the majority and they are obstructing the president. we are not obstructing the president. we didn't obstruct president bush when he was president.
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we disagreed and contested him on the issue of privatizing social security and the war in iraq and that but we didn't say nothing you present will ever be approved in the congress. in fact, we did many good things with president bush. >> to catch raj's entire interview with nancy pelosi, just check it out tonight at 6:00 on nbc bay area. looks like an apple smart watch is in the works. japanese patent officials have confirmed the cupertino company has applied for you a trademark for the i watch. apple has not commented on this move but experts speculate the wearable technology would likely connect wirelessly the iphone and ipad. just what we need to stay even more connected. >> yeah. staying cool like dick tracy. dial it up. all right. the bay area is going back to work. the latest unemployment figures tell a happy story. >> scott mcgrew, lots of companies hiring? >> good morning. so it would appear, yeah.
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the bureau of labor statistics just releasing the latest employment numbers showing unemployment in the san jose area around 6.6%. that's far better than the 8.4% we were looking a this the time last year. san francisco doing even better, 6.2%. looking around at some of the other cities, modesto, 15% joblessness. that's been the central valley story for a while now. some real outliers, tuscaloosa, alabama, doing well. iowa city, iowa. many cities in utah with incredibly low unemployment, down in the 3%. 3%, that's crazy numbers. economists call 4 or 5% full employment. 3% is actually a problem. it's that low that people will move from job to job because companies are fighting for employees, driving up wages. that sounds good but up go home price, inflation becomes a serious issue as well. other news, jeep has been named america's most patriotic brand by brand keys, beating out coca-cola and even harley
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davidson. ironically, jeep is an italian company. chrysler is owned by fiat. jeeps, of course, got their start in the second world war. the story is the army called the cars general purpose vehicles or gps and then soldiers called them jeepzs. back to you. >> a little bit of history u. >> scott sprinkled education on all of this. this was kind of a big-time bummer for trek kiss. pluto's moons, they do have names but not called vulcan. >> not nearly as fun. the international astronomical union has approved the names xerberos, the plutonium moon. >> have to tell me why trek kiss are bummed. >> vulcan popular favorite was passed up because the name has been used in astronomy to refer to a hypothetical planet inside mercury's orbit. plut tease moons are traditionally named after greek or roman mythological figures.
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>> i like that i'm into greek -- >> i know the moon of jupiter, ganymeade. >> can you spell it? >> ganymede. >> that's why she's got the big brain. christina, you got the big eye on the sky. >> a hot day shaping up. my producer says i put a fun story before you. no, not the case. 90 in livermore, 80 in san jose you 86 in gilroy, 84 in campbell. right now it is so hot out there, i don't even want to walk out of the building when i get off in a half an hour and we are only in the 80s in sap jose. talking about the 90s already still in morning time out in livermore. plenty of water today, feel that heat, we have a higher uv index and higher heat index today as the sun is going to come through the low clouds, midlevel clouds firing in. lightning firing offshore, a little bit of virga, some is
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pre'tis passion coming down the western facing slopes surrounding san jose, why the showers, why the thunderstorms? show you the wider view. you can actually see this clockwise flow high pressure bringing in that moisture, getting sucked up from just off the coast of baja and pumped into the bay area because that ridge is so strong. 108 in livermore, i'll sticking to it today, looks like we will likely that high you two degrees away from an all time record in the month of july. find out if we hit it check in with my chief meteorologist jeff, 5, 6 and 11. jeff ranieri is is a good man. thunderstorms continue the fourth of july. hey, if you can get to the city, b.a.r.t. is up and running at that point, it's going to be perfect this year as far as temperature-wise, about 60 degrees at 9 p.m., once these fireworks start going off, friday, saturday, sunday, heat relief, guy, boy or boy, i do want. i know you do, too you are out there trying to get a workout going in that heat, marla
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tellez. >> means i'm on the stair stepper or the treadmill inside ac. >> she does more than try, she is a road warrior. >> i do try. the airline says it is only now hiring women flight attendants from now on. >> says the move is not sexist, just business savvy. talk about it, coming up.
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time now for a quick network plug. the winner of season two of "american idol" hoping to win big on an nbc reality tv show. ruben studdard, i think they called him the velvet teddy bear, signed on for the next season of the biggest loser, the weight loss show the 34-year-old wants to get his weight in check before it cause others health issues. at one time, studdard checked in on the scales the 455 pounds. at this point, he hasn't said exactly what his weight is. i guess we will find out very soon on the show the very first
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episode of the biggest loser airs in october on nbc bay area. >> good for him. an airline in india says it won't be hiring male flight attendants anymore as a cost-cutting measure. go air says hiring only women flight aten dants will save the airline as much as half a million dollars per year in fuel. the airline says women are, on average, 40 pounds lighter than their male counterparts, meaning the lighter load in flight. the airline plans to carry less water for passengers and alter the exterior of the plane to reduce fuel burn during flights. stanford one of the reaccept yents of the largest gift ever from a living person. developer john alriga has donated $150 million to the university. the former stanford basketball player and 1960 graduate, actually gave money back in the year 2006, gave $100 million to the school. so, a very, very generous doan
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terror. >> philanthropic. the hunt is on for calling him the -- >> you got to see this. show you how he got this name after break. ♪ [ roars ] ♪ ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ male announcer ] universal studios summer of survival.
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we finish up with i guess criminal know you have hit the big time when you're a crime kindhu of guy get a nickname. a robber in west virginia is now known as the blanket been a kim. >> look at the surveillance video. state police are looking for this man who burglarized a grocery store wrapped in a blanket. >> really stealing things or just lost? >> he is cold. despite the best attempt, the blanket didn't cover him, you can see a big tattoo on his left arm. apparently, he had a gps ankle monitoring bracelet, you know, i think he has gotten in trouble with the law before. >> trifecta. way to go >> police say he stole several hundred dollars worth of goods from this grocery store. oops. he was cold. it was a snuggie. >> yeah. >> reminds me of et. thanks so much for being with us.
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