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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 5, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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they were such wonderful people. >> but first, a south bay couple dies on a hike in utah. tonight the neighbors remember them. that couple was hiking a scenic route wednesday in temperatures above 100 degrees. george is live in campbell tonight to tell us about it, george. >> reporter: terry, very tough night for one campbell family and neighbors that knew the couple. everyone trying to figure out what happened in that utah wilderness. >> i'm sad. i'm so sad. >> reporter: rosemary's heart sank when he broke her long-time neighbors died hiking in utah. those photos are from their facebook pages. >> i'm really shocked. they were such wonderful people, really nice. patricia and i have gotten to talk often when she was out gardening, and this is like a real surprise to me. >> reporter: sheriffs invest t
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say they were hiking scene here in this youtube video. hikers thursday found her body lying under a tree. it looked like he was trying to find relief from the heat. her husband was found 250 yards away. it appeared he may have been looking for help. the temperature in the canyon was more than 100 degrees. >> i just want them to rest in peace, you know. i'm not really sure what happened, and i'd like to know myself. >> reporter: the family off camera tells us or rick was a retired ibm engine near. the couple was known for their front garden which features different types of cactus. rosemary met patricia while the couple gardened. >> she was always cautious about how she dressed. she always had her hat on. >> reporter: investigators believe the couple died on wednesday. the canyon is known to be a challenging hike. >> it's awful. it's so awful. it's not -- i would never
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expected this, you know, because i just thought when they would leave from time to time, it would be because they were in europe somewhere. >> reporter: the family is also saying they will be in touch with the medical examiner in utah and then go from there. we're live in campbell tonight, nbc bay area news. >> thanks so much, george. san francisco police are asking for help catching a suspect that attacked a woman during pride week end. we'll waern you trn you this vie hard to watch. the video shows them robbing the woman and one suspect coming back kicking her in the head knocking her unconscious. three people have been ape rested but police are looking for the man that kicked her and asking for the public's help. police believe the same group of people may be responsible for robberies in that area that night. the victim is recovering. san jose sky is filled with illegal fireworks this 4th of
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july despite warnings from police, but we learned today police didn't make arrests. they said staff cut backs and other calls kept them from tracking down people setting off illegal fireworks. the captain said enforcement is nearly impossible. >> through careless acts, somebody decides to shoot off a bottle rocket or airborne fireworks and then we're looking at it's in the trees, you know, actually blown across, you know, someone's home or yard and things like that and, you know, there is a good possibility that this person could have lost everything. >> legal fireworks will be lunched tomorrow night at great america starting about 9:30. 41 people are recovering tonight after being injured at a firework show in steamy valley last night when a platform holding the explosives gave way sending exploding fireworks into the crowd minutes into last night's annual show. investigators are looking into the cause. a pyro tech in this cak n techn.
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thousands of passengers not out of the woods yet. the strike is delayed, not settled, leaving riders wondering what is down the track. what is next for bart, jean? >> reporter: the bart workers are back but no new contract. we caught up with some bart riders that say they have enough. passengers celebrate as they bored the first bart train to roll all week. the decision to get trains rolling came in time for giants fans that know driving to the game is expensive. >> toll and gas and parking, a lot. way more than bart. yeah, we never come to giants game driving. >> reporter: what does he think of the on going labor despite? >> i wish i could get a package
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like they already have. >> reporter: bart and the two largest unions are far from a contract deal but they agree to extend the current contract and get back to work while negotiations continue. the workers want a raise and bart wants employees to contribute more to healthcare funds. if a compromise can't be made, another strike is possible in august. some riders are outraged. >> it's horrible what they did. it was unfair. i think it was selfish. >> reporter: debra bennett is taking bart home tonight but hopes it's her final ride. >> whenever they start to talk about it, whenever they decide to do it, we get scared. we're all panicking. i don't like it. it's never going to happen to me again and i don't think i'm the only person that feels this way. i think bart's ridership will and should go down. >> reporter: she's looking for alternatives so she doesn't get stuck in the gridlock if workers walk off the job again.
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so now bart and union leaders have some work to do to reach a deal and mend fences with riders. over in oakland, city workers and leaders met today to discuss a new contract unionized city workers held a strike on monday for unfair labor practices. the major offered to continue contract negotiations with the union today and on monday. the america's cup was set for a parade of 72-foot racing boats today but that didn't happen, and that wasn't the biggest news today. a dispute between racing teams could affect the opening day on sunday. >> reporter: the america's cup hasn't even started and things are already wild. the wind too high today for the time trials for the ac 72, so they were grounded and we're hearing the italian team doesn't want to participate 'tis pate on sunday. take a look. it wouldn't be america's cup
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without gamesmen ship, the conditions seen more severe to start the day, the time trails for the ac 72 cancelled because wind speeds too high friday morning. during the meet the skippers event, the winds changed with skipper indicating his taemt ea plans to protest. >> never going to politics game and we won't take that from anyone. >> not racing on sunday because of principle? >> yeah, only there. we don't take any advantage between that from that point of view. >> reporter: you hear him say it's not about politics but what about business? with publications drawing links to louis vuitton. regardless, the heads of other teams sir russell coots don't find this gamesmen ship
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fashionable. >> constantly trying to threaten race officials and event staff whenever they don't get their own way. you know, they are effectively threatening to throw the toys out of the cot and, you know, not play by the rules. >> reporter: the ceremonial parade of boats continued, kept at bay due to uncertain conditions and unscrapeble theme at the start of racing. with bay area's coverage of the cup, i'm lawrence scott. nbc bay area is the regional official sponsor of the cup games. you can watch starting at noon barring weather problems on 112 or comcast 186. a bill allowing california transgender students to choose sports teams and bathrooms based on their preferred gender identity is on it's way to the governor's desk. the bill received criticism for
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the potential consequences it would create if signed into law. it might encourage male students to join a girl's team and have an unfair advantage but supporters argue school administrators would be able to see the difference between students taking advantage and those struggling with gender identity. >> it's extreme ly frustrating and difficult and can really hinder a student's ability to succeed to not have your gender identity recognized. >> michael says there is no statistical data on how many transgender students are excl e excluded from participating in sports and other school activities. how i got fired from the job i invented? >> one blogger says an international company hijacked his dream. how he got an apology 24 hours after going public. and the latest on the violence that erupted in egypt. >> one country steps up and another to offer accuse the cia
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leakerasylasylum. the story coming up.
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edward snowden has a couple countries offering asylum, the problem is how to get to them. ve venezuela is one. right now he's at the airport and has been there for two weeks. it looks like iceland is now not an option. today the parliament voted to
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postpone debate on the issue until the fall. the other big story overseas, clashes in egypt turn deadly at the capital in cairo. >> that countries' health men industry say 40 are dead and 250 wounded. it results from the ousting of president mohamed morsi. they were confronted by morsi opponents. then came the army, which forced morsi out on wednesday and soldiers controlled it by opening fire. the u.s. department is condemning the violence. the protest over poor public services escalated into violence today. demonstrators threw rocks and burned garbage cans at the mayor. six people arrested, four officers hurt. protests started last month over a rate hike in transportation and then escalated to include everything from high taxes to
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government corruption. imagine creating your own job only to have it hijacked. one uc berkeley grad and blogger says a major international company stole his idea and ignored him until his story went viral. stephanie trong has the story how he was confronted not just by david but countless supporters. >> reporter: it's the kind of close encounter people envy, elephants in thailand and fed hippos. >> here you go, buddy. >> reporter: he's taken on just about every job just about everywhere. >> got around the world in 80 jobs. >> reporter: pouring his blood, sweat and tears into his blog titl titled around the world in 80
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jobs. from the agava fields in mexico hosting tequila to rolling cigars in cuba. >> i travel the world taking any job coming my way. >> reporter: bouncing from country to country, scraping by with his earnings, this is his life for two years. >> it is a ton of work. >> reporter: ironic his first youtube post in 2011 would hint at the possible end of his project. >> i was way, way, way under prepared for how difficult this work would be. what up? >> reporter: it was almost two months ago when his world came crashing down when he saw this, a deco, the self-proclaimed largest company claimed his blog title and web address around the world in 80 jobs and tm, revealing the company was trying to trademark the phrase for an official company contest. >> my mouth dropped. i didn't know what to do.
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>> reporter: and then. >> wouldn't it be great to go around the world in 80 jobs. >> reporter: he saw the marketing video. it was deja vu. >> in my brand and everything build up with my personality and my thoughts and so the entire brand and what i was putting into this campaign video. it was devastating. i was demoralized. >> reporter: he tried to negotiate, to work with the company or get compensated but was ignored. in june, turner went public with everything in a blog post. >> how i got fired from the job i inverted. >> reporter: it went viral hitting the front page and pretty soon they were hit with backlash, countless steaming comments on the facebook page. one day after the most, they issued a formal apology and an official statement to nbc bay area. they said sorry to turner and to everyone it had upset. >> it wasn't until that moment they got more -- i think more aware of how big a problem this
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was, they couldn't brush it under the table. >> reporter: property attorney chris says trademark issues are common here. >> they often result from lack of adequate searching and clearance before a mark is adopted. >> reporter: he believes in this case, their use of around the world in 80 jobs was different enough from turner's use and they would probably be covered in court but not so much in the court of opinion. >> once it went viral and there was a public relations backlash, they wanted to cure it. >> reporter: legal professionals began to acknowledge the power of social media two years ago but slow to catch up. >> nobody wants to be the lawyer signing a seize and assist letter and goes viral. >> i am turner and going around the world in 80 jobs. >> reporter: turner is crediting the supporters from facebook. he's thanking this woman that inspired him to fight back against the woman who leads an
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elephant sanctuaryabuse. >> i was so inspired from this woman that stands up against giants. if she could do it, i could do it. at sfo a job well done for a heard of goats. they are rounded up and moved out of two weeks of intensive landscaping work. every year at this time they are brought in to eat high grass. the goats are the perfect solution since the area is an environmentally sensitive home for endangered goats and frogs. the price is rite right. >> they are free, cheap, very affordable. >> they work for food. >> i'll work for food. >> jeff gets a paycheck. >> yeah. >> some areas drop by double digits. >> earn add little cash this week with the forecast and
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finally proved through here for a lot of you after seven days of triple digits across the east bay. what changed everything for us today was the marine lay there build up strong from the bay area but all the way down into los angeles at 2,000 feet. we're continuing to see these changes. 23 degrees cooler in santa rosa, 19 concord and 19 liver more. let's get a look at the current temperatures. it feels almost chilly out here. some of you probably went outside and said wait, i need the jacket. not 30s but probably feels like it. the past couple nights 80s. also 59 in san jose. still with the cloud cover in place, the on shore flow, also the fog we want to alert you if you're visiting, airport delays for tomorrow morning. they could be anymore from moderate to also major. so let's get a first look at the forecast for saturday. looks pretty good once we get over the first hump of that fog at the immediate coastline and low clouds by the bay.
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by noon, the most sunshine for the interior valleys and by 4:00 p.m. instead of low 100s, mid 80s. let's get you to the live hd sky camera network. haze and low cloud cover developing. some air traffic we've watched over the past hour on this shot, actually, got lights on bright on the planes as they are flying through. off to san francisco, we seen a halo of fog. there it is now. looks like something out of a hitchcock movie and may delay pilots tomorrow. get a look at the fog factor forecast for saturday, of course, the most abundant thick fog and maybe drizzle from san francisco and for alameda. low cloud cover into the south bay. that will clear out real quickly. lots of sun from napa all the way down to san jose. no big beach day from point rays to pacificia. we expect that cloud cover to stay in the forecast. so let's get a look at saturday. stay right near average down
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near san jose with 82 degrees. 83 morgan hill and 80 in gill roy, maybe able to leave the ac off back in the east bay. 82 in walnut creek and 81 dub land and 84 livermore. san francisco 66, napa, lucky you, 80 and sunny. if you're headed out across the waterway, the bay, expect a small craft advisory 3 to 5 feet and water temperatures chilly in the 50s and small craft advisory likely staying in place through monday. on the seventh day forecast, 60s at the coast. we warm it up monday and tuesday. don't freak out, though, at home. we don't have triple digits and we don't have seven days coming our way. 91 and 90. like the weather jackpot after what we dealt with this week. >> i love it. >> thanks, jeff. the warriors make a big audition. >> that's supposed to be my
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line. >> whose audition? dwight howard? >> no, find out how they landed their big man, not quite howard coming up.
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score one against the city of oakland. >> won over a medical marijuana built as the largest. oakland's harbor side health center featured on weed wars may continue to fill prescriptions while the case against it works it's way through the courts. it's the latest in the justice department's effort to close medical marijuana clinics. when the feds moved against harbor side, the city of oakland tried to step in but was rebuffed. they said the magistrate apparently agrees. it's the first of it's kind and could revolutionize the way you feel when you put in your contact lenses. a new kind of contact has a surface that's nearly 100% water
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called total one. it mimics the water of the cornea making it more comfortable to wear all day long. the set runs three times the price of a typical set of contacts and we'll be right back with sports.
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golden state warriors looking to make noise the offseason and made noise but maybe not what people were hoping for. >> henry has the latest. janelle and terry, a lot going on on the basketball court. free agent signing period begins on july 10th but that hasn't stopped the warriors from taking care of business. they were busy today. the doves made a splash by signing free agent andre iguodala to a four-year contract worth $4 million in order to clear cap space for iguodala's deal. golden state traded andre,
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richard jefferson, brandon rush and multiple draft picks in a salary dump to the jazz. matt cane on the bump. 4-1, l.a. dodgers. juan irabe, remember him? trip les to left field. the fifth rbi of the night, 7-1 la and didn't have any mercy. top of the seventh, uribe was back at the plate, uribe launches a two-run homer to left center off mike matching the career high seven runs batted in. l.a. wins 10-2 is the final. a's taking on the kc royals. wild hot dog out there. where is joey chestnut when you need him? he'll get trhree out of this. stops at third base.
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a's take the 2-0 lead. at the top of the ninth, a's up 6-0. looking for the shutout. ed co escobar will double. mike grounds out. a's win 6-3. ties the team record with 40 consecutive saves. well, the sharks have done some things this past week but this has to be their most significant development, extending the contract of corner stone forward logan couture to a five-year contract extension. the deal is worth $30 million and more importantly, it keeps the young star through 2019. 49ers have the entire 2013 draft class after signing eric reed to a five-year deal. the star will enter camp as the favorite to replace departed free safety goldson as the starter. reed is the tenth of 32 nfl
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first-round picks. before we get out of here, dwight howard will play for the houston rockets next season. seven-time all star is only 27 years old. he averaged 18 points and nearly 13 rebounds a game throughout his career. the wwarriors, lakers, mav mavericks, hawks were counting on signing him. more news with terry and janelle right after the break.
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we have a winner. a german business leader wins the launch with marissia myer. >> the winning bid was $90,000. ralph martin placed that bid. his company based in germany said to be one of the most invasion l companies. he writes it off. proceeds will go to a charter school where myer and her
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husband are mentors and supporters for ten years now. >> that's a good cause. >> yeah. okay. is this pleasant weather going to stick around all weekend? >> yes, saturday and sunday, a little fog in the morning so may have airport delays, otherwise mid to upper 80s this weekend. looking good after the 100s the past few days. >> nice relief. thanks so much. >> sure. >> thanks very joining us. have a great weekend, folks. >> jay leno is next. >> bye. ♪
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