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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 8, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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good monday morning. coming up on "early today," developing overnight. another passenger plane has crashed, killing all ten people aboard. the ntsb saying asiana flight 214 was traveling well below its target landing speed and that the plane's eerienced pilot was new to the 777. unrest in egypt continues pushing up the price of oil. late breaking detail of that. plus 19 arizona firefighters remembered in a solemn ceremony. d-day for american espionage suspect edward snowden. and 40 people still missing from a highly explosive train derailment. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for monday, july 8th. good morning to you. i'm richard lui. as investigators work to find
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the cause of saturday's deadly plane crash in san francisco, this morning there is word it's happened again. this time in alaska. officials say all ten people on board were killed when the small plane went down sunday and burst into flames. the single engine plane crashed just after takeoff around 11:00 a.m. local time. no word yet on a cause but it's the second small plane crash in alaska since june 28th. in a state where air traffic is very common. the team from the national transportation safety board is on its way to the scene now and scheduled to arrive this afternoon. now to the crash of ashe anna flight 214 in san francisco. new video of the ill-fated boeing 777 gives us an up close and personal view of that damage. nbc's danielle leigh is live outside san francisco international airport. danielle, good morning. >> reporter: richard, good morning. and wreckage from the plane is still sitting on the runway behind me this morning. is a stark reminder of the chaos from saturday. investigators are going to be going through that debris today piece by piece.
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meanwhile, the plane's black box recording is already offering clues about what went wrong. amidst the charred remains of asiana flight 214, investigators have obtained what may be one of their greatest clues. they say the black box voice recording from inside the cockpit captures crews calling for increased speed just seven seconds before the crash. 1.5 seconds before impact, the crew unsuccessfully tries to abort the landing. >> the approach speed was 137 knots. i will tell you that the speed was significantly below 137 knots and we're not talking about a few knots. >> this morning the national transportation safety board will continue to annual lies the damage strewn along runway 28 left of the san francisco international airport. the boeing 777 was ending a more than ten-hour flight from seoul, south korea, when witnesses say the plane's tail hit the sea wall just beyond the runway and broke off.
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survivors are still haunted by those terrifying moments. >> i felt i was dying. that was the moment. >> reporter: two 16-year-old girdle from china were thrown from the plane and killed. this morning, more than a dozen survivors remain hospitalized. doctors say several are in critical condition. >> the most serious injuries were the ones that were the combination of abdominal injuries, spine injuries, head injuries, injuries to their extremi extremities. >> reporter: ben levy walked away with minor injuries. >> my injuries are bruised ribs and -- >> reporter: he considers himself lucky after a harrowing flight where doctors say it's a miracle so many survived. we're also getting new details about the pilot behind that plane this morning. south korea's transportation ministry says that that pilot was still in training to fly these boeing 777s and had gotten less than 50 hours experience on this specific plane. they also say it was his first time trying to land here at san
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francisco's international airport. later today, we are expected to hear from the coroner about their investigation into whether one of the two teens killed in this crash may have been run over by an emergency vehicle responding in the chaos. reporting live in san francisco, i'm danielle leigh. richard, back to you. >> danielle leigh, thank you. at least three latin american countries now offering to harbor the self-professed nsa leaker. snowden must respond to one of the countries, venezuela, by today. jim maceda in moscow. jim with more. good morning. >> reporter: hi, richard. so far there's no sign that edward snowden has responded one way or the other to venezuela's offer made on saturday of asylum there. today's deadline to respond came yesterday, in fact, from venezuela's foreign minister. but many here believe the timeline is actually being driven by the kremlin. that president vladimir putin has concluded that keeping the
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american fugitive snowden even in a no man's land at a moscow airport is a no win situation for russia. and he wants to see snowden back as soon as possible. now snowden does have other options. we know nicaragua and bolivia have offered him asylum though under certain conditions. the problem is even if snowden responds positively to these offers, how does he glet? he has no valid u.s. passport or travel documents, and all the flights to these locations go via havana cuba which fly over european and u.s. air space and which we learned last week can be pretty risky for planes and pilots if snowden is thought to be on board. so the snowden saga, richard, is not over yet. back to you. >> jim, thank you so much for that. now to egypt where violence persists among a dramatic power shift there. overnight more bloodshed. the ministry of health saying 42 people are dead and more than 300 hurt after an attack at the
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republican guard headquarters in cairo. joining us from cairo is atiya. what can you tell us? >> reporter: richard it was a very bloody morning here in cairo. at least 42 people have been killed and more than 300 injured in clashes outside of the headquarters for the republican guard where many egyptians feel the former president mohamed morsi has been held since his ouster by the military on wednesday. the clashes occurred. it's -- the muslim brotherhood freedom and justice party already announced they want an uprising by its people against the opponents of what they called the legitimate revolution that occurred in 2011. an umbrella group for the brotherhood is expected to have a press conference where they'll announce the demand to release morsi in the next two days or forcibly release them themselves. richard? >> atia, thank you for that. nbc meteorologist bill karins watching weather here in
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the united states for us. some interesting story lines to talk about over the weekend. >> we had the heat which continues and the dry weather. and then the humidity in the eastern seaboard. just craziness. so let's show you what's going on. the country, this is very typical this time of the year. all the humidity and all the warmth and moisture comes off the gulf of mexico. that's the green shaded areas there. those are the dew point numbers. not the temperature. it's more of a representation of how much moisture is in the air. everyone in the eastern half is complaining about how humid it is. from dallas to chicago to the east coast, that's the case. humidity levels relatively low where you'd expect them to be. that's why it's harder to get those afternoon thunderstorms. yesterday was another hot day in phoenix at 112. notice it was hot pretty much everywhere from minneapolis to boston and everywhere in between. few exceptions like areas like seattle and san francisco. a little cooler there because of the water. you get the gist of it. now things are going to warm up. we're going to see a little bit of a surge in the heat heading into areas, especially southern
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california. 87 in l.a. downtown in the 90s tomorrow. and still very hot in vegas. we haven't really cooled you off too much. not the record-setting heat from last week but still higher than typical for this time of the year. that's yourkes the humidity fee bad. i guess best we can say, it's a dry heat. and it's getting warmer and warmer many areas of the west. not blistering but that little cool spell is over. >> it certainly is. >> wasn't very cool but cooler. >> thanks, bill karins. the blue ties will be back coming up. the defense begins -- >> it's a blue monday. >> the george zimmerman trial. we'll have more on that for you. plus authorities continue to search for 40 missing people in connection with saturday's
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massive train derailment.
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defense attorneys are calling their witnesses to the stand today in the trial of george zimmerman, the plan who has pleaded not guilty in the death of trayvon martin. zimmerman contend he's acted in self-defense. nbc's sarah dallof is outside the courthouse in sanford, florida, for us. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, richard. a new week and a new chapter in the trial of george zimmerman. as the defense prepares for its first full day at the helm. through nine days of testimony and 38 witnesses, the prosecution laid out their attempt to show george zimmerman as an overzealous neighborhood watch volunteer who set into motion a deadly chain of events. now it's the defense's turn. so far, they've been able to outside prosecution's own witnesses to build a case of a man protecting his own life when he pulled the trigger.
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they could wrap up by wednesday or thursday. >> i think everybody else on the outside was sort of, wow, look what's happening with the state witnesses. but i new they were not state witnesses or defense witnesses. they're people who saw what they saw and are going to report about it. >> my youngest son is trayvon benjamin martin. he's in heaven. >> reporter: before resting friday, prosecutors called trayvon martin's mother to the stand to listen to the screams in the background of a 911 call. >> so you think he's yelling help? >> yes. >> all right. what is your -- >> there's a gunshot. >> reporter: and to identify them. >> ma'am, that screaming or yelling, do you recognize that? >> yes. >> and who do you recognize that to be, ma'am? >> trayvon benjamin martin. >> reporter: jurors also heard testimony from martin's older brother. and the medical examiner who stated trayvon martin live one
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to ten minutes after being shot. when the defense took the reins late friday, they called george zimmerman's uncle and mother to the stand who also testified about the 911 call screams. >> do you know whose voice that was screaming in the background? >> yes, sir. >> and whose voice was that? >> my son george. >> reporter: two mothers both swearing under oath, the voice belongs to their son. and a jury that must decide who is correct. the defense did make a customary motion for acquittal friday in what's known as a directed verdict. the judge denied it. richard, back to you. >> sarah, thank you for the latest there. stories making news on this monday morning. last night, fire officials said two tankers from the devastating train derailment in quebec are still on fire raising the risk for more explosions. five people are confirmed dead with at least 40 more missing after a runaway freight train crashed into the small town causing massive explosions. canada's prime minister toured
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the scene sunday calling the accident an unbelievable disaster. the wife of secretary of state john kerry has been admitted to massachusetts general hospital in critical but stable condition. teresa heinz kerry was flown to boston from the nantucket home boston sunday afternoon for an undisclosed ailment. a procession of 19 white hearses carrying the remains of the fallen firefighters passed through the crew's home town. thousands packed the streets to pay their respects on their final journey. good morning, courtney reagan. >> good morning. the markets could add to friday's gains coming off the best week since may following the better than expected jobs report. investors get data this week on the consumer and inflation and minutes from last month's fed meeting. the unemployed are starting to get hit by the sequester related budget cuts. as of july, the average weekly jobless benefit of $289 falls by
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$43. the number of people working part-time due to economic reasons is at the highest level since october. and facebook wants to make it easier to find. people, places and photos on the web. starting today the social network is expanding the rollout of its new graph search tool to millions of users on its english site. richard, back to you. >> thank you courtney. straight ahead, the mignons were anything but despicable as they left "the lone ranger" in their dust. plus all your sports headlines and a few surprises to boot.
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in sports, what's your lucky number? in london, it's certainly number 7. after 77 long years, a british man, scotland's andy murray winning the wimbledon men's final beating top seed novak jo djokovic. >> andy murray's moment at wimbledon, and finally, the great british drought is over. >> you got it done. three straight sets gave murray the win. the first wimbledon for a male brit since fred perry 1936. the last british woman winner on the grass, virginia wade holding the trophy high. the year? 1977. the angels make it 10 wins
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in 12 games. jered weaver strikes out six red sox batters. weaver clearly not nervous despite his wife and newborn son aiden still at the hospital waiting for him to get home. he gave up a stingy five hits. los angeles shut out boston. a tribute to victims of the sandy hook elementary school tragedy. the newtown youth voices choir sang the national anthem at yankee stadium. ♪ o say can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ >> they sound great. former major leaguer manny ramirez had a single in his first game with the texas rangers aaa team. the 41-year-old ramirez has not played in the majors since 2011. he was suspended for using performance-enhancing drugs. day two of the nine-day running of the bulls. daredevils scrambling safely through the half mile run in front of six bulls that can weigh over 1200 pounds.
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several people injured today. no one was gored. good thing. but there are seven more days. over 1200 treated for excessive heat as country superstar toby keith and friends gave a whole lot back to his hometown tornado survivors in oklahoma, next.
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welcome back. a lot of people had a long extended holiday weekend. the weather is going to be more of the same today. actually getting a little bit warmer in some places. today, more or less 111 in
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vegas. 113 in phoenix. still warm in boise. as we go throughout the next couple days we'll see a seesaw here. especially in l.a. about 87 today. even hotter on tuesday. then the temperatures will drop off just a little bit as we go through wednesday. other areas not so lucky as you'd expect this time of the year in the desert. we'll be about 110 through wednesday in vegas. more clouds around. maybe a slight chance for an afternoon storm that could drop you down. richard, can you really notice a difference if it's 104 or 110. >> but 80 degrees in los angeles. a nice climbing day. a band of yellow mignons piled the coffers with green over the fourth of july weekend. "despicable me 2" cashed in on the holiday movie rush, earning $142 million over its first five days. "the lone ranger" came in a disappointing second place followed by "the heat," "monsters university" and "world war z."
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toby keith and other stars took the stage at the oklahoma twister relief concert to benefit tornado victims. 60,000-plus showed up but over 1,200 people were treated for the excessive heat there. jenny mccarthy is in negotiations to take joy behar's seat when she leaves "the view" in august. and what was your favorite bill cosby sweater on "the cosby show"? >> i said earlier i like the plaid ones but -- >> i think they are all equally not good. >> the comedian wanted to know. >> the arguyles. >> i was doing some research on this because i was interested in the factoids behind it. the favorite brand of his were perry ellis because they were affordable. this is "early today." we hope it's just your first stop of the day on nbc.
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leading the news in "the wall street journal," secret court's redefinition of relevant empowered vast nsa data gathering. starting in the mid-20000s they decided the word relevant could be broadened to permit an entire database on millions of people. and "chicago sun-times," gangs, weather, access to guns, reluctant witnesses drive holiday weekend bloodshed. more than 60 people shot in chicago since last wednesday, at least 10 fatally. topping our news, two plane crashes days apart. the latest in alaska, a seaplane crash killing all ten people on board. the ntsb is investigating. also under investigation is asiana flight 214 in san francisco. new details from the cockpit voice recorder. it reveals the pilot tried to abort the landing a second and a
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half before the crash. killing two people and injuring more than 100. but don't let all the bad news scare you. there are about 2 deaths worldwide for every 100 million passengers on commercial flights. that's according to associated press analysis. some dogs are finding a unique way to cool off in the heat. it's an intense surfing competition. not bad. about a dozen four-legged friends competing on surfboards and in a costume contest. they have no idea how badly they look here, right? otherwise they would not be getting on those surfboards. it's here to raise money for an animal rescue charity. organizers held preevent surf lessons so the dogs were propped for the big day. you and i both know having four legs on a surfboard is better. when you have to stand up on two, it's tough stand up. >> i've never successly been able to get up. i can do it, the skim boarding. i can do that. >> skim boarding, i agree.
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but the day after trying to do stuff like tharkts i'm always aching. here's to the four-legged dogs that got it done. congress returns from their week-long july 4th break. lawmakers are promising to lower interest rates on college student loans which doubled last monday. 650,000 defense department employees begin fur lows today. about 85% of the department's nearly 900,000 civilians around the world will be furloughed one day each week over the next few months due to the sequester. happy birthday to jaden smith, 15, toby keith, 52 and kevin bacon, 55. here's what's coming up on the "today" show. a live interview with the tennis ace andy murray about his big win at wimbledon. that's going to be a good one. and kris jenner opens up to matt about her family, baby north and her new talk show. i'm richard lui. thanks for watching "early today." have a great monday.
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and bang, the impact was so powerful. if i did not have the one more strap going around my chest, i probably would have hit the ceiling. >> we're getting new details overnight of the terrifying minutes and seconds that led up to the deadly crash at sfo. the head of asiana air spoke out just hours ago and, in part, defended the junior pilot many believe is at fault for the crash. good morning to you. it's 4:30. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. we have new images this morning from the ntsb. it is is surreal picture. the remains of aan


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