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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 10, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> we saw a big jolt in the plane, shocked. >> around. my first immediate reaction, something hit the plane. >> a new scare, sfo overnight, plane evacuated at gate before take-off. passengers on edge, daze after flight 214 crashed on the runway. good morning. it's 4:30. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning. we'll be hearing from one of the passengers on that plane in a few moments. first, that scare coming into the wreckage of the asiana plane remains on sfo runway 28-l. the ntbs continues to release new information as investigates what led up to the crash. while most of the injured passengers have been treated, nearly two dozen still in the hospital this morning. >> "today in the bay" live in
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san francisco with investigators looking at possible mechanical error with that plane. >> reporter: good morning. yes, that is something that ntbs investigators headquarter at south san francisco hotel are taking into consideration as they try to figure out what caused asiana flight 214 to crash saturday morning. part of the focus on whether or not the auto throttle was working properly on final approach to sfo. two pilot as controls of the going 777 told investigator they throughout the aut thouo throtts armed and maintaining the minute speed necessary. why did they notice this was not the case, they were slow and low? they might have been distracted by another pressing issue. in the final approach the pilots realized they were-off center from the runway, trying to correct this problem. it was not until they were roughly 200 feet out from
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touchdown they realized they were going too slow, tried to throttle up and abort, but failed. >> one of the very critical things that needs to be monitored it on an approach to landing is speed. so we need to understand what was going on in the cockpit and also what was going on with the aircraft. >> reporter: the pilot behind the controls at the time, while experienced in other major aircraft, had only 43 hour of experience in the 77 7. this was his first attempted landing in 777 at sfo. co-pilot was his instructor and that was his first time as instructor. the ntbs says the pilots were not drug tested after the crash. under current law, drug and alcohol testing require ford american pilots after an accident but not foreign pilots. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> the president of asiana airlines now in the bay area dealing with the investigation.
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he's expected to go to sf general hospital to talk to survivors. it's not known what time he will show up. he's already apologized to the family of the two teen girls killed in the crash. following that crash, there are a number of patients remain hospitalized this morning. san francisco general says, it still has 12 patients in its care including 3 children. the hospital says 5 of the patients are in critical condition. at last check, four people remain at mills-peninsula center, st. francis treating one and so is st. mary's hospital. stanford says four adults still there, one in critical condition. we now know that at least two of the people seriously injured in the crash were flight attendants working the asiana air flight. they were ejected from the plane and found seriously injured on the runway. we do not know their conditions now this morning. we've learned which of two teen averages may have been
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inadvertently run over by a san francisco fire truck after the flight crashed. the coroner identifying the girl as 16-year-old ye mengyuan. the coroner spoke to the girl's parented yesterday. an official report on death is noting pecked to be released for a few weeks. >> stay with "today in the bay" all morning long for continuing coverage of the asiana air crash. bob redell will speak to the chairman of the ntsb later this morning for more on the latest on the investigation. get updates on our website, as we mentioned at top of the show, uncomfortable moments overnight at sfo as passengers on a flight had to be evacuated after a tug vehicle crashes into a fully loaded plane. we'll show you pictures here taken by one of the passengers from the terminal. delta flight at the gate with the doors closed when the collision actually happened. passenger bob meyer says he felt
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a huge jolt. >> immediately opened the doors back up, both captains came off the plane, one inspected whatever it was that happened and told everybody that while the tug hit the plane, we all had to get off we couldn't use the plane. >> passengers were headed to cincinnati on a red eye flight. they were ultimately put on a different plane and took off a few hours after they originally were scheduled for departure. san jose police investigating the 26th home side this morning. after midnight police called to a homeless shelter just a few blocks north of the station. when officers arrived they found a man with stab wounds. he died minutes later. officers detained a man in connection with stabbing. they think both live at the shelter and got into a fight just before the stabbing. we have new video of an overnight crash that closed
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lanes on i-80 in emeville. a passenger van collided with a big rig and then caught fire at 1:00. officersed atto shut down all five eastbound lanes because fuel spilled all over the road. they've just reopened all those lanes. nobody was hurt. the man admitted to raping 40 women in california, including 15 in south bay, could be released from a state hospital. christopher hubbart stated to be released and sent to los angeles county where he grew up. the l.a. county district attorney's found legal paperwork yesterday to stop his release. he raped 25 women in los angeles, spent time in prison before he moved to the bay area. that's when he raped 15 other women. he spent the last 20 years in prison in state hospitals. two months ago, stjudges agreede
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was ready to return to society. coming up at 5:00, look at what happens if l.a. county's attempt to block the release fails. closing arguments begin in the richmond high school gang rape trial. two on trial for the attack of a 16-year-old girl outside a school dance back in 2009. both facing life in prison if convicted. two other men are already serving prison time. another two waiting trial on lesser sexual assault charges. deliberations are expected to begin sometime next week. bay ridge officials holding a special meeting today after caltrans decided to push back the opening for that new span. the bay authority toll -- bay area toll authority will get an update from construction officials on the status of the broken steel bolts and the fix implemented. on monday, caltrans said the fex would not be finished until december at the earliest.
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4:37. let's check the forecast. christina loren. >> good morning. you don't have to wait until december for cooler weather. that arrives as of today. temperatures this morning are nice and crisp out there. 55 degrees. good morning sonoma. 54 san francisco. albeit it's dark out there, plenty of low cloud cover overhead. watch out, thick pockets of fog traveling up and down the coastline. it's not going to last long. we're going to see a nice finish to the day. first, out front door. it's early but always something. >> there was less of something now. jon showed you fiery video of em emeriville. all lanes cleared. that was the issue for hours but cleared after 4:00 a.m. 20 minutes ago, we saw eastbound track, headlights away from the
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bay bridge, reinstated as far as easy flow, all lanes opened. north of the berkeley curve. heading toward the maze westbound 580, kesconnecter ram. nice drive oakland, bay bridge and interstate 880 and 580. fire in the north coming up. samsung ready to break ground on a massive new facility in the south bay. also house republicans holding a key meeting today that will help determine the fate of immigration reform right here in america and we have a brand-new statement released by the white house overnight. the families of the boston marathon bombing victims come face to face with the surviving suspect.
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welcome back. we continue to follow the updates we're getting from the ntsb daily. this is a look at wreckage of the asiana airplane that went down on saturday morning. bob redell following all the latest details for you. we bring you live reports coming up. you can fly from san jose to tokyo seven days a week.
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starting today, all nippon offering flights. previously it was five days a week. the flights on boeing 787 dreamliners which came back into service last month after grounded in january due to battery problems. a ground breaking ceremony held at the site of what will be the samsung semi curb's brand-new home in san jose. the new 1.1 million square foot facility built at the existing complex on north first street and tazman drive. an environmentally friendly research campus, ten story towers. the campus will have room for 2,000 workers and that's up from the company's current count of 370 employees. s samsung semiconductor. prices jurped more than a
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dollar in the final minutes of trading. what that jump could signal and a look how futures are trading. good morning. >> good morning. it's a big story now. it's the first check on the markets. futures lower after stocks rose for a fourth straight day. traders are confident following friday's strong jobs report and expectations that companies will report good earnings over the next few weeks. data on wholesale trade and minutes from last month's fed meeting. ben bernanke speaks later this afternoon. dow rising 75. nasdaq adding 19. oil prices are jumping to 14-month highs, closing in on $105 a barrel. the move comes after an industry report shows a bigger than expected drop in u.s. crude stockpiles last week. the government releases its own inventory data. higher crude prices could translate to higher prices at pump. average price is $3.48 nationwide, up slightly from
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last week. >> thank you. 4:44. christina loren is back talking about chill out there but a nice way, comfortable cool. >> enjoying the weather yesterday? >> love it. >> little warm. >> too warm for laura's standards. you got to try to get it right on the money. everybody has a different sense of perfection. it's going to be okay to get the kids outdoors and cooler. good news for you. 54 degrees in san mateo. 61 sunnyvale. 61 san jose. good news is, we are not seeing extreme heat they are dealing with in southern california. what we will see is a return of the humidity. you'll notice that when you walk out the front door. you can feel that moisture out there. temperatures are going to be warm but we're dropping numbers by 5 to 8 degrees by yesterday's highs. you might get by without the ac if you can handle 87 degrees in
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fairfield, livermore. 84 concord. 80 san jose. plenty of upper 70s along the peninsula. temperatures are going to stay steady and then start to drop as we head through thursday into friday. more so as an area of low pressure comes through. if you live in the east bay, trying to get outdoor activities taken care of but it's too hot, take advantage of the next couple of days. comfortable. we'll heat you back up by sunday into monday. temperatures climbing a couple of degrees. happy to report we hit that summer stride. temperatures hovering around average. all the way through tuesday, we're going to see some subtle differences. no triple digits. we'll be done with 90s for the next seven days. we'll keep you updated. back to you two for now. >> thank you. we want to get you updated opt surviving suspect in the boston marathon bombings expected to be in federal court for the very first time.
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dzhokhar tsarnaev indicted on 30 counts last month including conspiracy, use of weapon of mass destruction resulting in death. tsarnaev believed to have carried out the bombing with his older brother tamerlan tsarnaev. the court expected to be packed with space reserved for victims' families. three people were killed, more than 260 others injured on april 15th during the attacks, including an 11-year-old boy from martinez. 4:47. a imagine development in the murder case involving aaron hernandez. court documents show another man arrested in connection with the case told polices that hernandez admitted to shooting and killing 27-year-old odin lloyd. until now, authorities refused to say who among the three men arrested for the shooting pulled the trigger. lloyd was shot five times in what's being called an execution-style murder. body found last month, not far from hernandez's home. house speaker john boehner,
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long with house republicans, holding a special meeting on capitol hill this morning trying to talk about how to move forward on immigration reform. the senate sent its version of the comprehensive immigration reform bill to the house two weeks ago. the speaker boehner has been saying he will not bring up the version for a vote. he says border security must first be further addressed before an opening path is set up for citizenship for the timt estimated 11 million. the new report showing potential benefits of the senate-passed immigration bill. the report shows the bill would boost the economy by $700 billion over the next ten years and nearly double that number by 2033. the congressional budget office says the bill would cut the federal budget in the deficit by $850 billion over the next 20 years as well. firefighters working to get
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the upper hand on a wildfire threatening homes east of san diego. the chariot fire burned 11 square miles. it's 40% contained, threatening 120 homes near the town of julienne 60 miles east ofization. firefighters say calm winds helped them make progress yesterday. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. 4:49. talk little league baseball. a team of kids, they get sponsors for these teams. one in ohio has a grammy-award winning band backing it, which is cool. they play as well as they look. we'll show you how, next. the photo, a south bay native appearing nude in a major magazine. >> that wasn't me. looking at golden gate bridge. smooth flow of traffic. lights visible across the span. an issue for highway north bay coming up.
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a live look outside. that is from the south bay in the predawn before the sun comes up. nice cooler day. christina loren telling us about out there. maybe enjoy it.
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welcome back. welcome to wednesday. a live look out of the golden gate bridge now. a little bit of action out there. going to get things ready for
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the workday ahead. mike inouye talking about the traffic flow and good things as you make your way into work. 4:53. grammy winning band the black keys, west akron orioles made of 6 to 8-year-olds. take a look at jerseys, on the back you can see the name the black keys. the band sponsored the team for a mere $300. he two of the band members used to play in the leagues back in the day. mtv reports orioles, good news, must have been feeling music and magic, undefeated. >> no kidding. >> jon kelley. >> i'll keep that? three bay area athletes bearing it all for e spn's body issue.
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a sneak peek. representing the bay area. very well in the issue. >> shredded. >> look at that. the most sultry images of south bay native walsh jennings who shot photos before and after her pregnancy. pretty amazing. >> nice touch. >> the gold medalist was less nervous posing nude while pregnant because she was almost in costume. the body issue will be coming out on friday. >> talking about it. cool issue. it's all nude but tastefully done. >> well, athletes. they do have amazing athletic machines of bodies. >> looks like art. >> it is. >> well done. >> all right. want to check in with mike inouye. >> a statue of himself. >> my picture's in there several times and they haven't used them. i'll send more photos the traffic issue. >> thank you for taking photo of me as well. north bay, we're all kidding, folks. easy look towards the southbound direction of 101 through san
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rafael. this is not showing problem but was an issue for 128 north. reports of fire off the shoulder of the road, month cello dam. eastbound lanes affected there. there's traffic control. smooth drive across the richmond/san rafael bridge. san mateo, dumbarton no problems. again, not a problem. just a few more cars. the south bay moves smoothly through the area. we'll look at the drive here heading south through fremont as well. nice smooth flow of traffic, no problems. 680 smoothly out of sunol into the same area of fremont. the northbound route, taillights past high street. construction cleared from the shot. we may have more sites through downtown. no incidents reported but activity all the time in the area. i'll check for the number its
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freeway. >> you like to cook, right? >> i love it. >> save recipes. a 12-year-old girl has a great summer story to share. kids' state dinner at the white house. rose scott won the invite to dine with the obamas. her recipe for pork and ftofu lettuce cups. healthy challenge sponsored by michelle obama. 1300 entries submitted. rose's selected aamong three other california finalists. look at all of the cameras. >> getting kids thinking about healthy eating. >> everything that involves it. what an honor. >> pork and lettuce tofu cups. >> maybe? >> 4:56. plane landing at sfo evacuated last night. more from one of the men on board next. why the legal team investigating the san bruno
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explosion wants a massive fine against pg&e dropped. a live look at the asiana air flight 214 this morning. the ntsb still working very hard out there gathering up information from the crash site. bob redell out there getting ready to speak to the chair of the ntsb. we'll have a live update next.
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a live look at san francisco international where the wreckage of asiana air flight 214 still on the runway. ntsb continues to reveal new information about the moments leading up to that plane's crash. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning. pilots on the flight told investigators they set their speed for landing as they approached the runway but for some reason the plane still slowed down. "today in the bay's" bob redell
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live in san francisco. expected to get an update from investigators in a few moments. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. speaking with the ntsb chairman coming up within the next 10 or 15 minutes. with regards to the auto throttle, that is something ntsb investigators headquarter at south san francisco hotel are taking into consideration as they try to figure out what caused asiana flight 214 to crash late saturday morning. part of the focus on whether or not that auto throttle mechanism was working properly on final approach to sfo. the two pilots at the control of the boeing 777 told investigators they thought the auto throttle was armed and maintaining steady 137 knots minimum speed necessary for landing. why didn't they notice this was not the case, they were dangerously slow and low? because they might have been distracted by another pressing issue. in that final approach, the pilots realized


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