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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 15, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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their investigation and provide all relevant details to them fo( reference." the livermore premium outlets which just opened last november has 24-hour security, butfá pole say they didn't hear this commotion in time. instead a glass break alarm alerted the police department. lieutenant matthewçó sarsfield says mall security did manage to get the suspected getawaye1 car description asxd they rode off four minutes after smashing into the jewelry store in a white station wagon and what police describe as a white or tan sedan. >> we're hoping somebody may recognize the vehicles or at this time in thet( morning mayb saw something maybe going to work that seemed outñi ofe1ñr p. >> reporter: detectives are still working withw3q store employees to add up all of the damages. but a spokesman says it is boun1 to be well over $100,000. inñr livermore, chris sanchez, c bay area news. >> thank you. an ugly fighsá is brewing i the south bay. for the first time in 35 years the deputy sheriff's association
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is endorsing someone who isn't the incumbent. the deputies say the sheriff is simply añr bully. nbc bayarea's damian trujillo joins us frou office this evening with the story. damian. >> reporter: well, raj, this but the unionse1 say it's never too early to endorse. the accusations arew3 flying fr both sides today here at the santa clara county sheriff's office. the deputy sheriffs association gathered along with the correctional peace officers association to announce their dual endoo5qm9ñ the corrections officers run the jails under sheriff laurie smith. that union says its members voted 100% to endorse captain kevin jensen for sheriff. the deputy sheriffs association voted 90% in favor of jensen. both unions say sheriff smith, calling her a bully and accusing her of not having good rapport with other police agencies in
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theçgplp county. both unions say their vote iskon essence a vote of no confidence against theirçúboss. >> a vote of no confidence base. lackj of staffing. a lack of morale. the inability for our people to go w3ahead and speak without fe of retaliation from the officel itself. >> reporter: the sheriff did not want to go on camera today, but in a memo she questioned thei] voting process for thej1 endorsement,zv calling it "old soviet style." and over the phone sheriff smith told me, "no small group of special interestsçó can hire or fire a sheriff. laurie smith also said, çóhowev, ank and file is second to none in the nation. this is bound, aswwáu mentioned, raj, to get zvugly. over the phonexd laurie smith's consultants told me the heads of jq%=9 are "keystone cops." it's notzv going to get pretty.
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by the way, jensen will talk to the press tomorrow at 2:00. we're live in san jose. i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> okay, damian, thank you. it hasn't happened óée 35 years. here's a closer look at the sheriff's office in santa clara county. 86 full-time people. that includes 85 sergeants and 431 deputies. ull-time ies. badge staff the sheriff's offic1 has 65 reserve deputy sheriffs. a follow-up tonight on a double homicide at the san francisco gift center and jewelry t(mart. it it appears robbery wasñr not the motive. chief greg sirr told a group of jewelry shop owner/@vq a meetig this afternoon. san francisco's top brass held a meeting to calm merchants' fears on their first day back to work since the killings on friday. but the chief did not say what the motive was.e1
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injured. today jewelry mart workers wore pink ribbons in honor of the two peopleq killed. >> we saw a guy running away from the place. we closed the doors, and ie1 waited that -- then i follow him outside to let people know what's going on. > the suspect is facing two counts of murder and seven counts of attempted murder for using a gun and a knife. white could be arraigned as soon as tomorrow. it wasn't big but it was big enough to rattle some nerves and disrupt some lunches. an earthquake today felt in san jose, dublin, and many other cities. the magnitude 3.4 quake struck at noon and was centered nine miles northeast of san jose, just south of thee1q calaveras reservoir. our nbc bay area facebookfá pag one viewer in willow glen in san jose described it as "one big jolt that felt like a train." usgs says the quake struck on the calaveras fault and there are no reports of damages or injuries.
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the search is on for a hit-and-run driver in the east bay. cce officer found the dead e1man lying on the roa around 5:00 thisñie1 morning. university avenue between 5th and 6th streets where the overpass starts going up. the road was closed for about 5 1/2 hours. theñi victim had no stab or gunshot wounds, butw3 police fod car debris, which leads them to believe it was a hit and run. to seeeojez they captured any surveillance video of the incident. we have some new details this evening. the klaas foundation3 --e1 exc me, the klaas kids foundation 21-month-old girl who was allegedly abducted from a parked car in oakland last week. oakland police joined dozens of volunteers yesterdayok in the search for daphne webb. her father reported her missing he left her in his suv with his elderly mother who has departmentia. .t)jl was gone. the klaas kids foundation is helping to create ai] missing
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child poster featuring webb and her father in hopes of learning where the two might have been seen in recent weeks.w3 a blood drive took place at san francisco international airport today for thetñ,ictimsf the asianaxd plane crash. it was done to help replenish blood suppl$1j that werei] depleted during the emergency flight 214. >> i was standing in my office when it took place and saw the entire thing. and i was really shocked. this is just one of our ways of giving back. >> i know i was off on the weekend that day it happened, and i couldn't be here. so at the very least, you know, this is somethingok i can do to help. >> the blood centers are really looking for peoplei]q who are o negative. that blood type can be given to anyone. and in a traumae1 situation the isn't time to type the patient's blood. a san jose teenager is the city's 28th homicide victim. police say they remleu several 911 calls of shots being fired on murtha drive. this is in east san jose. it happened yesterday, early yesterday morning.
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whenxd officers got to the stre near story road and capital a party was breaking up. they say is he theyçó found e1 16-year-old jorge medina inside a car with gunshot wounds. he was rushed to6i3gujráal )q". "san joe mercury news" they have no suspects and no motive in the shooting. still ahead at 5:00, a breakthrough hiv treatments being rolled out right here in the bay area. and his legal troubles may be be over. what federal prosecutors need to do to make a case against george zimmerman. and new details in the death of tv star cory monteith. and good afternoon. i'm jeffçólp ranieri in the nbc area weather center. plenty of sunshine after that morning fog. we'll take a look outside our sky camera now where you can see the fog. it's already rolling back e1in. we'll talk about this cooler could get close to 100 in that seven-day forecast.
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vandalism following the george zimmerman verdict hurts the local economy and job prospects in the city. today the cleanup started for businesses that were hit. on saturday night protesters marched downtown and blocked streets after zimmerman was acquitted in thexd shooting dea of teenager trayvon martin. this happened in florida. by nightfall some vandals set broke windows of local businesses. people look like they're coming from out ofe1 town becausee1 th showi] up on b.a.r.t. and you know, you look at those pictures and those were not -- the rest of the country probably thinks it was oaklanders who were involved in the violence and it probably wasn't. g mayor quan says police will check security tapes and see if they can identify these vandals. oakland police tell us there was the weekend. another protest is expected to begin tonight at around 6:00. well, he is a free man for now, but george zimmerman's legal troubles may not be over yet.
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the justice department is considering whether to prosecute zimmerman on federal charges, po3)ár!ly a hate crime. but@"c(erts say that could be very tough to prove. nbc's steve handelsman is live in washington, d.c. with the latest for us. steve? >> reporter: janelle, thanks. good evening. tough to prove because prosecutors hear in washington say whatlp they need to make ai strong federal civil rights case is racial insults or just racial comments overheard at the scene by witnesses. and in this case theree1 have bn none ó[reportednd >>e1 zimmerman note1 guilty. >> reporter: acquitted of murder and manslaughter in a state court, george zimmerman cannot be retried on those charges. but forjf allegedly targeting trayvon martin based on race, zimmerman could be charged with federal civil rightsxd violatio. some in congress today demanded that. >> george zimmerman identified trayvon martin as a potential criminal because he was black.
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>> race was not taken intojf consideration in this trial. and so now it should be. >> reporter: bringing a civil rights case is attorney general eric holder's call. the nation, he said sátoday, is still in pain. >> surrounding the tragic, unnecessary shooting death ofe1 trayvon martin. the justice department shares your concern. i share your concerns. >> reporter: but no decision.e1 holder's team will take a fresh look at the facts and thet( tri testimony. in los angeles in the early '90s police who beat a fleeingq motorist rodney king were acquitted in state court, sparking riots. and two of the cops were later but the sanford, florida case would be tougher for the feds. no witnesses, says a former top justice department official. tbt-q going to have to convince the jury beyond any reasonable doubt that george zimmerman, when he targeted trayvon martin, had trayvon martin's race in mind.
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it's always hard to prove beyond a reasonable doubtçó what's on somebody's mind, andñi part-;wlarly here where we just who were around. >> reporter: so despite the angry reaction by somee1 to zimmerman's acquittal,ñi the florida trial may be his last. but even if the justice department here in washington decides against bringing a federal civil rights case, george zimmerman could still get sued in civil court by tr(+on martin's family. live from washington, i'm steve handelsman, on nbc bay area news. >> steve, thank you. a former president joined the current president at the white house today. 25 years after president georger h.w. bush befu' talkingrñ$p!out volunteerism, he returned to the white house to be honored for his creation of the thousand points of light foundation. (q= recipient of the points of light award. >> first, of course, i thank president and mrs. obama(fér this wonderful hospitality. it's like coming home for
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barbara and me. and the rest of you just coming to this magnificent house and to greeted by this superb hospitality knows no bounds. >> nice to see both presidents i honored today for their 'eñrk i the community. another attempt to stop gay ñ the state supreme court is refusing to order the state to stop issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. on friday prop 8 supporters requested an emergency order to stop the weddings. both the u.s. supreme court and a federal appeals court have already rejected attempts to stopñr same-sex marriages. his fans around the world are still stunned. an autopsy on actori] cory monteith was conducted today with results to be expedited and because of his young ageçó and other medical factors, toxicology tests willvp also be performed. monteith's body was found saturday at the fairmont pacific rimxd hotel in vancouver after staff says he missed his
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check-out time. the "glee" star had beenhhtty open about his struggles with substance abuse and had checked himself into rehab this past april. so far it's unclear if those struggles had anythingxd to do with hisxd death. a preliminary investigation found no evidence of foul play. monteith was 31 years okold. in health matters tonight, the cheapest drug on the market is also a strong player in the fight against cancer according to a new study.ñr brig m and women's hospital in boston found that women who took 100 milligrams@%p aspirin every other day for ten years had ae1 20% reduced risk of colon cancer. the new research is xdpromising but doctors say it should not replace regulwde colonoscopies. well, if you want to, you could just keep working. )áqsq't decreases alzheimer's risk. according to a new study of half a million french people. for each additional year of work the risk of getting departmentia is redu dementia is reduced by about 3%. researchers say the connections and social challenges at work
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prevent 6zalzheimer's. light rail service back up and running after a vta train derailed this morning in north san jose. investigators are trying to figure out what cause the the of north 1st strño and zvtasm drive rundown 7:30 thisxd morni. 12 passengers were o8?j board b nobody was hurt. the accident affected two light rail lines for several hours. ready to roll now. a long-delayed bike sharing project is finally arriving in the bay area. you can sign up beginning today. and starting next month, stations in san francisco, san jose, and three peninsula cities will be part of the $7 million bike sharing program. the bay area air quality district will start the test program with 700 bikes at 70 stations. the network will eventually be expanded to include anothere1 3 bq(kes and 30 additionalxdh] locations. to sign up just go to well, a little summer breeze today. a bit of a cooldown. let's check in with meteorologist jeff ranieri. >oeyou got that right, guys. summer breeze pretty much taking
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over a lot of the bay area. marine area stretched from mendocino to salinas. a little drizzle getting picked up in thist( marine layer. that's up to about 2,000 feet. not only was it cooler at the coastline but also for some of the interior valleys. just 67 today in santa rosa. also 67 in mill valley and oakland at 67. very uniform air no matter where you went from the coastline to some of the interior valleys. here's some good e1news, 67 in santa rosa today up to 87 as we head throughout friday. so a decent warm-up coming in that seven-day forecast.e1 let's go ahead and get a first look at our tuesday forecast. we are going to be fogged at n. at thew3 coastz)he tomorrow. also plenty of cloud cover for the bay and the interior valleys. throughout 11:00 a.m. tpb sun's going to come out and we'll get conditions. pe? ably need that jacket right up until about lunchtime ande1 then we'll start to see things heat up. let's go ahead and get a live look outside of our hd sky camera networkt( today. jose looking very marvelous on this monday.
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and we'll take you out to the north. and in foster city there's that mariuh layer again up to about 2,000 feet. likely producing areas of fog and drizzle. very persistentq over the next 4 hours. then into san francisco here's the key thing to note. up at the top of your screene@(o you'll e cloud cover as you look toward the east over oakland. that has not budged all day long. kot again, a sign of the strengh of that onshore flow. let'sñ go ahead and get a look t our fog factor forecast for tomorrow. i do think allxd counties we ha highlighted here in the viewing sort of low cloud cover. the thickest at the immediate coastline. then as we head throughout the afternoon we'll lose that cloud cover for the inland areas. it will still be very sunny here for napa, vallejo,e@s&so alamo down to frefremont, but anywher near the coastline a very typical july day expected with plenty of widespread cloud cover and that cooling wind staying with us. i do think oneeiizf the warmest spots no doubt will be the soutq bay. sheltered from a little bit of this onshore flow, looks like we'll get up to 78 in los %qñga. 79 in san jose. still below average. but again, not too bad for our
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tuesday. 79 in morgan hill and also 80 in gilroy. what you'll notice in the east ì& but not above average. 79 ine1 walnut creek. 79 in e.cpleasanton. also 80 in livermoze= you get closer to the bay and of course it's going to get cooler with the onshoreñlnwind. 67 in myalameda. also expecting 76 in the castro valley. and a wide mix of temperatures here with the coolest zone expect as we head throughout our tuesday here. san francisco at 64. 72 in san t(rafael. 72 in santa rosa. also expecting mid 70s here from sonoma to napa. we're going to keep this foggy onshore flow as we head throughout thexde1 next two dayd that seven diforecast just going to stay put for us. take a look at what's going to happen by friday and saturday. low to mid 90s coming on back. may evu we're going to wait and fine-tune that as we get closer. but all in all we're going to seeq a major surge in temperatures as we head throughout friday and alsoqe$u$ saturday. some of the hottestw3 weather i the seven-day forecast it looks like the zone of that will be centered ÷)!q across the east
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bay. got a pool across the easul bay looks like saturday will be a nice day to be outside. >> we'll be coming over. >> where are we going? >> swimming. in the east bay. >> i don't live in the east bay. but you can still come over. >> we're going tot( jeff's. just ahead, the bay area to l.a. in 30 minutes. would you believe that? a bold new plan by a well-known local businessman. and killed by anñii] iphone? the new allegations that have apple investigating.q i'm scott budman. an experiment to fight aids in the bay area. take a pricey drug and make it free. where it's happening. coming up.
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apple is investigating a claim that a woman in china was
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kille÷@ce her ixdphone.fá the report says she received an electric shock when she answered her iphone as it was charq)hg. the claim started to draw international attention after the woman's sister warned other people about the incident on a popular chinese blogging e1siter local police hav%( confirmed t have not yet determined the cause. z%9 is apple's second largest market, but the company recently ì& arrogance and doublee1 standard in their sales practices, prompting an apology from ceo tim cook. this could be a big one. he's trying toxd revolutionize 1 automobile. now he wants to do the same thing to mass transit. tesla founderxd elon muskxd cal his newxiq%=9 the hyperloop and promises to unveil it to the public on august 12th. in a twitted message today musk called the hyperloop the next form of transportation, after planes, trains, cars, and boats. he predicts, get this, it'll get you frome1 l.a. to san francisc in 30 minutes. is it a train, a car, aehñjet?
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we don't know. but experts have speculated it could be a series of pneumatic tubes that move indivipz passenger capsules along a river of air at subsonic sp+=fs. got all that? 30 minutes here to l.a. >> very futuristic. well, they are back. andw3 in a lower cal version. twinkies hit store shelves today in what hostess is calling the sweetest comeback in the history of ever. that's their quote. the twinkies are slightly smalle÷@] and have fewer calories than before. the newlp recipe alsolp extends life of a twinkie from a 26-day other hostess favorites, ding dongz, e1ho-hos, zingers, and fruit pies will also hit store shelves soon. >> i'm shocked you don't have an example here. >> i know. i'd like to testfá it out. up next a new program to cut down on hiv here in the bay area.
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a drug proven to helpñi prevent hiv and aids just got a t)]8the bay area.le in parts of >> it's all thanks to a grant from the universityóojofó[ biotech giant. our business and tech reporter scott budman is here with some encouraging news, fáscott. >> yeah, encouraging, janelle and raj, because it takes a!u promising but expensive drug and makes it free for a test to fight hiv and i]aids. a test that will happen here in the bay area. it's not in the news as much as san francisco, but the east bay and aids. >> oakland has been in a statex of emergency for going on 15
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years now. >> reporter: but the oakland-based aids project of the east bay is optimistic about a e1just-announced $18 million university of california grant to test thee1 drug truvada amon high-risk groups. truvada, made by gilead sciences of foster city, has been found to reduce the risk of infection by as much as 75%, but it's been very expensive. >> the important thing about doing a study in the east bay is that this is going to provide a core group of earlye1 adopters that are going to be able to demonstrate for their peers that this can work. >> reporter: gilead will also donate $20e1 million worth of truvada to the program, taking a pill that normally costs $1,300 a month and making it free for testing. >> when young people see this working for other young people,o i think that the uptake is going
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to improve. >> reporter: improving health by improving access. the additional test will involvk 100 young men from the east bay. it will be overseen by the east bay aids center at alta bay summit medical center in oakland. janelle? >> okay. thanks so much. we want you to check out this wedding. instead of taking a trip down the aisle, this couple decided to dive in offe1 the coast of western japan with 30 of their closest friends to witness this underwater wedding. all of t(them, as you can see, sporting scuba gear. the bride and groom saying their i dos some 50 feet below the surface of the pacific. they still wore that classic attire, they said their i dos with hand signs, and they kt(rá" underwater. no, there was no wedding cake. but canned pineappuo okinstead. no shocker, the bridet( is a instructor, though her new hubby is only a beginner. she guided him through it. >> wow. >> that is quite the video. >> very original. >> thanks for joining us here at 5:00. brian williams is next from washington, d.c.
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on the broadcast tonight, the fallout from the not guilty verdict in the zimmerman trial. protests and calls for calm while the feds are mulling over a different case against zimmerman. dangerous heat across a huge part of this country. tonight, millions of folks bracing for one of the longest and most sustained heatwaves in years. paying the price. a sudden spike in gas prices just as so many families are hitting the road for summer. tonight, we will look at why this time. and a health alert tonight about high blood pressure and kids, because doctors are now seeing a staggering rise. nightly news begins now. good evening. the verdict came over the ek


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