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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 17, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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homicides in san jose this year. but the police department has success stories to report including a decrease in gang violence. >> you've got basically high speed pursuits where suspects are discarding shotguns out the window. the officers -- there's a lot of heat on the gang members. >> reporter: the new violent crime reduction plan was launched in june. the s.w.a.t. team are focused on patrolling gang hot spots. the department says that plan seems to be working. >> you have the numbers going down and double digit reductions in violent crime and that is a step in the right direction. >> reporter: last year from january through june there were 151 gang related violent crimes. this year that number dropped to 127 during the same period. that includes robberies and assaults.
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targeting gang crimes has helped them fight other crimes. >> the gang members are stealing the cars and burglarizing the houses. you are going to impact not only violent crime but property crime as well. >> reporter: there is a another number casting a dark cloud, a 39% jump in the homicide rate. but police stress there are fewer gang related homicides but 29 homicides in san jose so far this year. in an effort to keep that number from growing the department is set to implement a new phase of the plan. a new gang task force from the metro unit who will be dedicated solely to the issue of gang crime. since june officers have logged nearly 3,000 hours patrolling known gang hot spots. but many of those hours were overtime and the police department admits that given its budget it cannot sustain that
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expense. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. now to an nbc bay area follow up. police have arrested a suspect in the 29th homicide of 2013. he was arrested in connection with an assault. today the santa clara district attorney office filed manslaughter charges against him. the victim was found near the shark tank in downtown san jose. he died on july 6th. a san jose police officer is recovering after being bit by a put bull at a home in japan town. witnesses had linked a car to a series of mailbox break ins. when the police confronted the homeowner, a pit bull rushed out of the home and bit the officer's leg. >> the officer retreated back with the dog latched on and removed his firearm and fired at
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the dog a couple of times. at the same time a second officer was able to hit the dog as well. >> the dog died. police arrested two suspects on charges of mail theft. now to the latest on the asiana airline crash. two people who survived the crash have filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit against the airliner. the lawsuit filed in federal court this week says that the family is seeking $5 million for what their attorney calls negligence and the recklessness of the flight crew and airline. they suffered serious injuries but the emotional scars are even deeper. >> it's a horrific experience i don't think i can justify with words. i don't think anybody can imagine what it would be like to live through this. but it's not just the emotional problems they have to confront.
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it's the physical injuries that they sustained. >> the attorney says that the mother is unable to work for a while for the military and the boy is suffering from serious back injuries. more details now on the four pilots flying the plane. all four have been hospitalized after returning home to south korea. the pilots are being treated for psychological trauma and physical injuries. all four had been questioned by u.s. and south korean officials here. but korean officials say they will conduct a series of new interviews. we are learning that the south korean government had asked asiana to improve pilot training two months before the san francisco crash. asia asiana had a plan to put in place when the crash happened. some are calling for a boycott of one of the most popular music magazines over the publisher's decision to put a
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picture of the boston bombing suspect on the cover. cheryl hurd has bay area reaction including a long time "rolling stone" contributor. she joins usve with more tonight. >> reporter: if the magazine was trying to strike a nerve, it did. we are here in martinez because we talked to the father of one of the boston bombing victims and an editor of "rolling stone" magazine and he is not surprised tsarnaev is on the cover. >> that elevates his status. >> reporter: that statement coming from a san francisco saw her to and journalist. he wrote more than 30 cover stories for "rolling stone" magazine starting in the late '60s. he says the latest issue and the cover of the suspected boston bomber is supposed to raise eyebrows. >> i think part of the job that
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"rolling stone" from the beginning has been to challenge the status quo and that means the media establishment. it's harder and harder to do in this age and i don't think they thought they were creating a controversy. >> reporter: it's become more of a firestorm. even though it hasn't hit the stores yet, people in the bay area are already talking about it. some are taking it in stride. >> i think it's really about what are they saying about the guy rather than how he is on the cover. >> reporter: but most say the cover is a slap in the face to the victim of the boston bombings. >> they are trying to make him look like a rock star. >> reporter: "rolling stone" tries to explain how he became a monster. a preview notes that the fbi negotiators got tsarnaev to surrender by relaying pleas from his high school wrestling coach. the fact that he is young and in the same age group as many of
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our readers makes it all the more important to examine the complexities of this issue and gain a more complete understanding of how a tragedy like this happens. cvs and walgreens chains releasing statements saying they won't sell the magazine. we spoke with alan hern martinez whose son was injured in the bombing. >> to those who were hurt they are not concerned about something that is provocative. to them it's tasteless. >> reporter: he says he is disturbed by the cover but also says that he has more things to think about and that is his son, he also says that he's doing much better. reporting live in martinez, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. two juries have reached verdicts in the richmond high gang rape case but they won't be
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read in court tomorrow afternoon. two men are on trial in the sexual assault of a teenaged girl outside the high school. the fate is being decided by two juries. two other men have already been convicted in the case and two more will go on trial later this year. new tonight at 6:00, mountainview police are investigating a report of child abuse at the little acorn preschool. santa clara department of family and children services report that a preschool staff member inappropriately touched a student. that staff member is on administrative leave. students at the preschool were interviewed by the detectives specifically trained in interviewing children. a letter was sent to parents explaining the investigation. the summer camp counsellor accused of lewd acts with a child made an appearance in court but didn't enter a plea.
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he was arraigned in morgan hill. as you can see he was emotional, crying and shaking at times. morgan hills police arrested him on friday. the da charges him with performing sexual acts with a child. >> the charges in this case are so serious that the schedule bail is no bail and the reason for that is it carries a life term. a child said something happened at the ymca child care center. they have identified a 17-year-old girl among the pornography on the cell phone. the port of oakland was closed after the death of a 45-year-old worker. no details have been released on what happened. but she may have suffered a seizure. the woman was reported dead late yesterday afternoon. all seven terminals were shut down and remained closed for one
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day. officials estimate that $8 million is lost every day the port is shut down. with rent skyrocketing in the bay area it takes two to make that payment. a start up to help you get social and find a roommate. also ahead mixing technology and persistence, a coordinated mission to save a wild animal in south bay. a major food retailer keeping fresh food in outdoor storage sheds. it's a story we broke last week. tonight we show you the undercover surveillance. and at the coastline we are tracking fog. you can see it on our emeriville cam. plus it's about to get hot. a look at your weekend in just a few minutes. it starts with something little, like taking a first step.
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and then another. and another. and if you do it. and your friends do it. and their friends do it... soon we'll be walking our way to awareness, support and an end to alzheimer's disease. and that? that would be big. grab your friends and family and start a team today. register at
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now to an nbc bay area exclusive. raw chicken, pork, milk, butter lettuce left in hot outdoor sheds and headed to a restaurant near you. >> how did employees of a food retailer react when confronted? what about the owner of the eateries where the food ended up. vicky nguyen has the story for us. >> reporter: sysco provides food for restaurants and schools and our own diner here. sysco big rigs unloaded boxes of raw meat, and vegetables into outdoor storage units in the bay area. our source said this has been going on for years and would have continue bud they came to us to help stop it. don't eat before you swim. that's what mom and dad used to say. but at this san jose swim center the source of the food could be
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the problem. for weeks now we have kept cameras on these outdoor unrefrigerated sheds in northern california rented by sysco corporation. if you have ever dined out you have probably eaten sysco food. they provide food for 400,000 clients worldwide from hospitals to hotel. >> sysco provides every type of food you can think of. >> reporter: but how is the food treated before it gets there. we found out after an inside source revealed the company's dirty secret. >> this is something that has been going on for a very long time, over ten years. enough is enough. the public needs to know where their food is coming from. >> reporter: it's 4:30 on a tuesday morning. watch as a sysco delivery truck arrives at this shed. the driver unloads box after box, carrying bread, lettuce,
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cheese, and raw pork. >> he is getting the steaks. >> reporter: throughout the day we captured salesmen picking up the food to deliver to customers. five hours later this salesman loaded a case of pork into the back of his trunk. it went to the back of this restaurant. the pattern was the same at every shed we observe six days a week including hot days when we measured the temperature inside a nearby unit at 81 degrees. >> what about storing dry goods or foods? >> no food of any kind, no water at all. >> reporter: that's the policy at most storage facilities but it didn't stop sysco from keeping raw chicken, beef and raw vegetables on the floor a few feet from mouse traps. >> we put those all throughout the property. >> reporter: in san jose we
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spotted this saleswoman. she picked up food after being kept three hours in a shed. but she didn't drop it off right away. she picked up a friend instead. they made a starbucks stop and went to the swim center. >> are you storing food in these sheds? >> are we? i'm not allowed to talk. >> it's a common thing, though. it's food distribution. >> reporter: we questioned salespeople in concord and san jose. this one acknowledged pork sitting for five hours is not acceptable. >> that's a problem, yeah. >> reporter: but his colleague was more concerned with shutting the shed. >> can you tell us where this stuff is going? >> reporter: he didn't. but the video speaks for itself. you are looking at sheds used by sysco in gilroy, san jose, and concord. they used 14 sheds across northern california from monterey to fort bragg.
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we brought what we found to state health inspectors. >> i was shocked. >> reporter: food safety chief said that sysco admitted it used these sheds. inspectors found rodent droppings, insects and unsanitary conditions. >> why would a company like sysco cut corners like this? >> is it a run away train. what was a good idea from a marketing perspective was not thought through on the food safety. >> reporter: inspectors are reviewing sysco records to determine the number of violations. they face major fines for putting public health at risk. >> 3,000 deaths per year linked to food borne illness in this country. so it's a big issue. >> that's horrible. >> and you didn't know this was happening? >> no. not at all. we don't practice that here. >> reporter: we also showed our
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video to some of sysco's clients. >> this is a box of pork that was in a shed in concord for five hours before it came here to this restaurant. >> really? >> reporter: most were stunned. >> it's pretty scary. >> the swim center manager said he called sysco and is reviewing his vendors. >> we played it as safe as possible. >> five restaurants and all of us buy from sysco. >> reporter: the general manager of faz declined to watch our video of food kept in a shed for four hours that ended up at his restaurant. he issued a statement saying that the majority of our purchases from sysco foods consist primarily of nonperishable supplies. and for this owner the breadsticks we followed were not a problem. >> on the ground for several hours. >> got it. >> you're okay with providing
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that to your customers? >> yeah. >> reporter: as for the company whose motto is good things come from sysco, sources question why these sheds were hidden in plain sight for so long. >> sysco said the company immediately stopped using all of the storage sites and sent out this letter to all its customers saying effective immediately all products delivered by sysco san francisco will be transported by sysco-owned vehicles that are equipped with appropriate temperature controls. sysco is refunding customers for products stored in sheds. we have been getting tips about unsafe food handling all over the country. this is an issue we intend to follow. >> here is the tip line, 888-996-tips. or you can send an e-mail to
6:20 pm get your fans out. the heat wave is approaching. >> it's warmer here. cool by the coastline this time of year with 63 in san francisco. 79 in santa rosa. that is warmer than the 60s yesterday. 85 in concord. and 91 in gilroy. close to some triple digit water headed our way. the marine layer is off shore but it's not as extensive as it has been showing signs of being eroded on the northern coastline. fog is in the forecast but just not as extensive. let's go outside to the live hd sky camera network. in san jose it is clear as we look across to the east. off to the north in foster city we have a marine layer with us right now but is it compressed. it is up to 2,000 to 3,000 feet at this point. while it looks bad in san
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francisco. that happens when you have high pressure on top of us. you will have a last strong fog event and eventually sunny and warmer weather into san francisco. a look at the thursday forecast shows clouded in conditions at the coast. can't get rid of the fog. plenty of cloud cover but the bay and in the interior valleys. but 11:00 a.m. everyone expecting sunshine and a warmer day. temperatures in the low to mid-80s by 11:00 a.m. as we look at the fog factor forecast. it's the most consistent for the north bay counties from san francisco down to the airport for tomorrow. by the afternoon the fog stays at the coastline with plenty of sunshine all the way from napa to pleasanton and san jose. on the three-day forecast we have hotter weather with mid- to upper-90s and a possibility of thunderstorms mond
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thunderstorms sunday, monday, and tuesday and most of the heaviest rainfall stays out of the bay area but we can't rule out a few stray thunderstorms. we'll have more coming up in the full seven-day forecast. a controversial first for the uc system. how a berkeley student is making history. the controversial new thoughts about bedrest during pregnancy. a ten-day stakeout in the south bay to save an animal. a new video.
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california department of food and agricultural started spraying pesticide to kill fruit flies in san jose. that's where three male fruit flies were found in the past two weeks. they use fruit as a host for eggs which end up destroying fruit. since the insect comes from
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southeast asia this is a good reminder to people not to accept fruit from foreign countries. >> that's when it was shipped or brought on a plane or baggage or something. from an area that has it to here. and then they open it up and they find maggots and throw it out and the fly completes its life cycle and emerges as an adult. >> with all the fruit flies that are male dead the population of fruit flies should drop in a couple months. they will do it again in a couple of weeks. litter can be an eyesore but nearly killed wildlife. one of the beavers was seen with a plastic band around its abdomen. a rescue was planned by the wildlife research project and city workers. they were able to use a net to capture the beaver and remove the plastic strap.
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the animal was then released. >> she is doing better. it's a question man has been trying to answer for centuries, where did gold come from? ahead at 6:00 why the answer may be from the stars above us. and tracking your every mile. new revelations about license plate cameras in the u.s. the oakland protests appear to be calming down. but should they have gotten this out of hand to begin with? we look into complaints that an understaffed police department is to blame coming up next. live in oakland where the vigil is about to begin here for a missing 21-month-old daphne webb, a girl reported missing last week. we also have new information on the mother's recent conviction for child endangerment coming up in a live report.
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so where is baby daphne? that is the question that police and hundreds of bay area residents are asking tonight. >> one week ago the father said he left her in an suv with a disabled relative while he ran into a convenience store. when he returned the 21-month-old was gone. >> daphne's family and friends are gathering for a candle light
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vigil where her father says she was taken. >> reporter: that vigil will be starting any moment now. a number of people are across the street from us now. they have candles and signs they are hoping to get information on where the young girl might be, deafny web daphne webb. this is kevin davis, the girl's gro grandfather. >> we are trying to keep the awareness and the focus on the fact that there is a baby missing. we want everyone to stay focused on finding her. there are a lot of circumstances surrounding this situation but our focus is finding daphne. we want everybody to know that's why we are here, to find her to find out where she is if that's at all possible. we want to keep the focus on her. the baby is missing. >> we have her -- the police
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are -- they have to question everybody. they questioned the father's story out here. would you think there is a problem with the father's story about parking the car and coming back out and finding the girl gone? >> well i don't know if i'm ready to answer that right now on camera but the police have been talking to us and only been able to give us a certain amount of information. so we are following their lead and giving them the respect of not saying a lot about the case because there are parts about it that we don't know that they couldn't share. everybody got questions especially who saw her last. this is a busy street, as you can see. anyone running down this street would be noticed. >> kevin davis, thank you very much. daphne webb's grandfather. we obtained court records with records to the girl's mother. she was convicted in april of an incident that happened in
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february. she was convicted of child endangerment. she was passed out at the wheel of a vehicle and admitted to taking alcohol and vicadin. she was sentenced to four days, fined and told to have a limited contact with her child. that was in april. so the child is in the custody of the father for most of the time between that april and last week when the father announced that he had gone into this liquor store right next to me and come back out to find the girl gone. the girl was in the car with her grandmother but the grandmother has dementia and is no help to police. people here at 79th in international trying to find 21-month-old daphne webb. also in oakland the police force says it is undermanned and that is why they were not better
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to respond to the protests. that's the claim but is it true? sam brock fact checks the claims. >> reporter: there are still two questions the public would love to have answered. why weren't more police on stand by for the antics on saturday night and why couldn't police do more? the mayor and interim police chief saying that staffing issues are largely to blame here but one of the bay area's most respected law enforcement minds says it is culture and lack of preparation. those are the main culprits. >> this is a fundamental duty of government to preserve order and to protect innocent people and we depend upon the police. so it should not happen. but it did happen and it does happen. >> reporter: form ersan hose police chief joseph mcnamara is
6:34 pm
lamenting the oakland response through eyes that have seen a lot. on the city government level, council members past and present offer critical and scathing appraisals of what they have seen in the last few days. >> we can't keep on every other month people protest and break windows and we are following the crowd as they move through the city. this has to end. >> this is not new. we have an excuse of lack of resources. it's not. the reality we knew this was coming. >> reporter: what is the reality according to the mayor? on tuesday she took a comment on kqed's forum from a caller charging incompetent preparation on the part of the city. >> it surged quickly and they tried to pull people in. i need more police officers. and that's why we increased them
6:35 pm
in the budget. i wish i could make them appear. >> reporter: make them appear, probably not but they could have summoned enough officers had it planned for outbursts ahead of time. but he sees a defeated department. >> they are defensive. they are kind of intimated or afraid to take action. it reminds me of the los angeles police department after the rodney king trial, where they sat by and did not stop the riot because they were intimated. they were so afraid of being criticized. >> the only thing that prevents us from being aggressive is we have to do it safely. and that includes safety of citizens and the police officers. >> reporter: the interim police chief said that the officers didn't intervene during flag burning and highway walking because of the lack of staffing creating safety issues. there is some truth to this
6:36 pm
statement but preparation would have allowed police to follow protocol. >> the standard operating procedure in controlling these situations is to intervene immediately before the mob can get momentum. >> and as we know, opd was not able to stop the mob. it's not the fault of the officers but stems from weak leadership at the top. we reached out to the mayor but have not been granted an interview. the oakland police staff is undermanned but that does not fully explain what we have seen the last few days. back to you. the university of california regents making history appointing the first muslim student to the board. but the decision is getting mixed reaction including criticism from jewish groups. the 21-year-old student was appointed today. the announcement received a standing ovation from the crowd.
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but critics are concerned about her political activities at berkeley. she is majoring in social welfare and will serve during the 2014-2015 year. a boycott of the winter olympics in russia. house speaker john boehner said that u.s. athletes should not be punished for a traitor who can't find a place to call home. snowden has been hiding out at the moscow airport. the u.s. is charging him with espionage. the sochi olympics can be seen here starting next february. the aclu revealed today that law enforcement is recording and storing millions of license plate numbers, including here in the bay area. the organization says the
6:38 pm
majority of those recordings are random cars. the drivers are not suspected of any violations. the report specifically mentioned milpitas. 5 million in a city of 68,000. but that's because many visitors go to the great mall and soon all california cars could be tracked. a senate bill would create a test program to include wireless technology. a high-tech way to survive high bay area rent. meet a company to help you find a roomy. and the recommendations involving pregnancy and bedrest. a lot less in the way of fog at this hour. look at our oakland camera, plenty of blue sky. plus when 100 degree heat returns in just a few minutes.
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in health matters, doctors are reevaluating the benefit of bedrest during pregnancy. 20% of women are ordered to limit their activity at some point. but studies found is it not necessarily beneficial. experts say sometimes doctors order bedrest as a caution. but it could cause deep vein thrombosis and can make mothers anxious and fearful. mankind values gold and science is giving us new reason to treasure it. gold is quite literally star dust created when two collapsed stars crash into each other. a that that telescope detected a
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strange glow which was the collision of dead stars. the crash lasted a fraction of a second but the golden glow remains for days. tomorrow the sun will be out glowing over all of us. >> it is. the big question is when does that come out? i've got that in the fog forecast. we have a lot of fog in san francisco and some drizzle. let you know when we'll get warmer days in just a few minutes.
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a tech giant surprise sends investors to the exits tonight. >> we have a preview of where the money will be going tomorrow morning? >> if tonight is an indication some of it will be going out of
6:45 pm
ebay's stock price. they are reporting gains in revenue and profit but forecast weaker than expected growth in the future and saw its share value drop. and intel reporting lower than expected sales as the pc market slumps. shares are down 4%. the big winner today is yahoo. the stock price soaring to its highest level in five years. investor excitement about a chinese company in which yahoo holds a 24% stake. it has been said you have to have tech stock to afford to live in the bay area. it is pricey to rent here. but what about a roommate? a bay area start up can help you find one. >> bay area rents are on fire,
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especially in san francisco. >> $2300. that's for a studio. >> that's apartment list ceo john kobbs. his start up cracks the code to find you a place to live in a very tight market. >> you walk down the streets in san francisco on a saturday you might see 40 people lined up on a sidewalk and say there must be a brunch spot opened up. but it's an open house. >> if you are looking to split the cost, apartment list has an app called roommates. if you sign up, the company scans facebook to try to find other people who have signed up that you are compatible with taking into account factors important to you. >> we tell you who your mutual friends are. so if you and i are connected through somebody we can say what do you think of scott? >> reporter: sometimes it takes
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two or three to make the rent. here's a way to use technology to find the right match. >> the roommate app is free and launches today for android and iphone version is due soon. >> thank you very much. let's check in with jeff ranieri. you are talking about a warm up throughout the week. >> we are seeing it outside. today we had plenty of low to mid-80s for the east bay and south bay. tomorrow it will be hotter. but look at that. despite the warmer temperatures, 5:00 tomorrow, still fogged in at the coastline. low clouds by the bay. and we'll keep the low cloud cover with us with temperatures in the mid- to upper-50s. here's where the warming sets in. also widespread sunshine at 11:00 a.m. by the way, low 70s and valleys low to mid-80s. outside right now to the live high-definition sky camera network and you have clear skies in san jose. the trees not blowing around too
6:48 pm
much. but the fire danger is elevated for the next three-day period with the upper 90s and lowering humidities friday and saturday. dry hills in the east bay including fremont. as we look at emeriville the marine layer is getting height with it. we expect the fog to stay with us but not as severe as in the last three to four days. let's get the fog factor forecast in here. a wider and expansive look at tomorrow morning. it's not going anywhere for the coastline. we'll keep that fog in place. also for the moran counties, marin, sonoma and contra costa county with cloud cover. alameda and santa clara not a widespread event tomorrow morning. by the afternoon, you keep the sunshine in the interior valleys with the hot dry air moving in from the east as that moves up here across the bay it will keep
6:49 pm
the fog line right at the coastline. while the temperatures go up at the coast it's not going to be hot with an offshore wind event. for the south bay it will be warmer for us. instead of the low 80s we're going with the upper 80s even in downtown san jose, 88. campbell could have low 90s. 89 in los gatos. and the hot spot is morgan hill and gilroy. with the heat from the east it will be trapped in the tri-valley again. 92 in livermore and 90 in pittsburg. in san francisco 70 in soma and downtown sfut closer to the water it will be the mid-60s. 85 in santa rosa and close to 90 in napa. the summer heat coming with us friday, saturday and sunday. mainly the interior valleys will be hot. you will notice we'll be cooler at the coastline.
6:50 pm
and take a look at this. sunday, monday and tuesday, the high pressure that produces the heat will funnel up subtropical moisture making it humid for the bay area. we could have dew points in the low to mid-60s and a stray isolated thunderstorm cannot be ruled out. not a major storm but keep your eyes on the sky and that could potentially spark more wildfires. let's get to sports. >> sports is now. >> henry wofford. >> hi, henry. >> haven't seen you in ages. >> remember me. >> i was kicked to the curb because beautiful women can't get along with me. i'm disappointed in you. >> that's not true. we love and miss you. >> i don't know. okay. we'll talk about it at the end of the sportscast. no one expected the champ to be knocked down this early in the season. but bruce bochy says that the fight is far from over.
6:51 pm
the giants are 6 1/2 games behind the diamondbacks but it's a time to make the run. the giants open a series with the d-backs on friday. >> now it's time for us. just totally focus on what's going on. you know, with my club and hopefully get on track here finished up on a good note with san diego and arizona. i hope the guys had a great time off but a restful time and they're all set to go when we crank it up again. >> you try to go day-to-day and not worry about what's happened or what's to come. >> still a lot of work to do and hopefully we come back in the second half and just start playing good. >> let's stick with baseball. fans will have more time to watch the home run king take batting practice. the a's will open the gates to
6:52 pm
the coliseum one hour earlier for all remaining friday home games this season so fans can watch yoenis cespedes knock the ball out of the park. if you get a chance, go check him out. in basketball now, one of the best college basketball coaches in the country and stanford will not let her slip away. she received a new contract to coach the women's basketball team. specifics of the deal were not disclosed. but she had two years remaining on her previous contract. she has won 742 games during her 27 years at stanford. to the gridiron where the best has yet to come. the detroit lions have released a former cal star. he missed half the season recovering from a concussion. he says he is never giving up hope of playing again.
6:53 pm
we wish him the best. video gamers will find something missing on the shelves next summer. the ncaa announced it will not renew its contract with ea sports when their contract expires next summer. ncaa is fighting a lawsuit that demands a cut of the proceeds. so money, no game. that's the bottom line. but i thought i had game. you know, i understand why you kicked me to the curb, but jessica? i have a big crush on you. and i can't be on your show any more. >> i'm your biggest fan. >> it's raj. >> i knew raj had something to do with it. i am giving him a call. >> thank you, henry. we love to see you. we'll be right back. >> you got it.
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tonight new developments in an nbc bay area investigation. san francisco's board of supervisors have closed the door in a real estate loophole. tony kovaleski is digging deeper with a look ahead with what is coming up. >> here is what we are working on. his investors say he belongs behind bars. they filed two dozen lawsuits trying to recover thousands in missing investments. there were questionable investments in the north beach neighborhood. california's department of real estate responded with its own investigation and has since
6:57 pm
filed a series of accusations against the realtor and the city of san francisco filed a new law to protect people from aggressive real estate deals. >> record of what we know the number of lawsuits that have been filed and the dozens of people whose lives have been ruined by the man by engaging in criminal activity, this appears to be white collar crime. >> tonight at 11:00 we will take you inside the deal, inside the strategy of a well-known san francisco real estate broker. plus you will hear his investor describe how his investment strategy cost them millions. we look forward to seeing that tonight at 11:00. that does it for us this evening. have a great night, folks. bye-bye. look at 'em.
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>> now on "extra" -- adam levine engaged. how he popped the question to his victoria's secret girlfriend just a month after dating another supermodel. breaking new details on cory monteith's final moments in a deadly 2:00 a.m. heroin binge. how his "glee" co-stars staged an intervention months before his death. then sober for 23 years, "extra" has rob lowe's reaction today. >> addiction is cunning and baffling and powerful. >> plus cory's eerie conversation about heaven with james lipton. >> i asked him what would you like god to say when you arrive at the pearly gates? >> now trending halle and olivier swarmed at l.a.x., are they going on a honeymoon? >> and operation royal baby. secret phone lines to the


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