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tv   Today in the Bay  KNTV  July 22, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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new this morning, all eyes are on st. mary's hospital in london where kate middleton is in lab ofrmt royal baby on the way. the latest details next. a simple mistake could put the future of dozens of peninsula high school students in jeopardy. their ap test scores possibly negated for something they didn't do. the fight over san jose's pension reform heads to court. what the mayor is doing to clear the way for other cities. we take you live outside to fremont you can see old glory there sort of blowing in -- a little breeze, i suppose. we'll be checking the forecast with christina loren. it says rain is on the way this monday, july 22nd. this is "today in the bay."
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good morning to youchlt it is 4:31. i'm marla tellez in for jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. first let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. happy monday. >> happy monday if you can call it that. we want to help you make it a great monday. the weather is interesting today. not only are we starting nice and mild, 56 degrees there. showers and thunderstorms in the forecast today. none the legs, stale very hot day inland. i've got your temperatures coming in very close to the 90s today. cooler overall, a stickier atmosphere is going to make it feel warmer. your full forecast in just a few moments, talk about who has the best chance to see those thunder boomers later on. let's check your drive, back to work monday. >> nothing booming on the roads here. a nice shot of the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll take you to oakland where
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traffic flows smoothly through the area past the coliseum. spots of construction north of downtown but i don't see any slowing. we'll look at the maps and show that's the case. the yellow just about 58, 59 miles per hour. down here, union city, 880 also has construction. in fact, the northbound side registers we still have three lanes blocked as you're passing past alvarado. the slowing, we see again the yellow on the southbound side down just below 60. we'll watch this as the crews start to clear. it is 4:32. this morning royal baby watchers are keeping a close eye to the london hospital where the duchess of cambridge is in labor. >> the new prince or princess could come into this world in a matter of hours or even minutes as "today in the bay's" danielle lee shows us the anticipation is building. >> reporter: finally the moment everyone has been waiting for outside st. mary's hospital.
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kensington palace announced early kate is in the private lindo wing of st. mary's hospital. >> i've been on full spin. >> guards are standing at attention outside the lindo wing while people clammer outside the hospital eager for an update. aides say her labor is progressing normally. >> a former bodyguard says all the interest will be challenging for the new parents to handle once the baby arrives. >> reporter: will and kate's apartment is still undergoing a more than $1.5 million renovation. when it's complete, it will come with a gender neutral nursery and a private garden, perfect for play time with mom and dad. inside these walls may be one of the few places the new parents and baby will have truly private time, free from the constant demands in this age of social media, now on overdrive with excitement of the coming
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monarch. >> there's true lay sense of history here. this young royal will be the first to inherit the throne regardless of gender. >> stay with "today in the bay" for live updates and the "today" show. we'll have the latest details live from london starting at 7:00. new this morning, san francisco police investigating a violent home invasion robbery today. it happened at a home near the intersection of palou avenue and 3rd street. police say three people broke into the home and stabbed the person inside in the chest. officers arrested one man. they're still looking for two other suspects, a man and a woman. a witness tells us the man police arrested and the victim were both taken to the hospital. there's no word on either's condition. the estranged wife of a limo driver involved in a fiery accident that killed five women on the san mateo bridge is breaking her silence.
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rachel hernandez-brown says she was arguing with her husband orville minutes before the tragedy she's raising concerns that he was too distracted to react quickly when the limo burst into flames. hernandez-brown tells nbc bay area her husband even turned up the music as they argued so the women in the back of the limo couldn't hear them fighting. >> he cussing me out saying would you listen to me? i can't really talk because i have clients in the car and i can't be unprofessional. and that's when i said, well maybe you need to pay attention to the road and leave me alone and do your job. >> what remains unclear is if an argument slowed his response when one of the passengers started pounding on the closed partition. the driver's attorney denied that brown was on the phone at the time of the fire. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. four other women escaped.
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when reached by phone orville ricky brown responded to his estranged wife's claims by saying nbc bay area, i have no comment other than to say there will be a full investigation. >> we did speak to a criminal defense attorney about the new allegations. christian picone says the key issue is whether brown was distracted by the alleged cell phone conversation and whether it contributed to his response to the fire. he also says the new claims could absolutely change the investigation. >> if her story can corroborate other evidence and it's prove even to be true or reliable, it certainly changes things because now you have a victim saying the driver is not paying attention to us. he's on the phone. you've got someone saying, yes, he was on the phone. he was talking to me. we were arguing f. reliable, it could change the course of this investigation. >> the other issue is if the driver was on the cell phone,
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was he using a hands-free device. as you know, california law requires hands-free use for all drivers but also has a ban on all cell phone use for bus drivers. students at a peninsula high school say they've been cheated after their ap test scores were thrown out following security concerns. the college board and educational testing service has invalidated the advanced placement test results as many as 224 students at mills high school in millbrae t. board citing seating irregularities when the 11 exams were taken in may. students have demanded the board reinstate the skoirs rather than readminister the test next month. one student wrote, quote, i would completely understand our scores were invalidated because someone cheated. mills high school has rescheduled a meeting tonight at 7:00 to discuss those testless. san jose's controversial pension reforms have their very
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first test in court today. a santa clara county superior court will have a vote on measure b. it reduces pension for new hires and would require current employers to contributed more salary toward pensions. voters overwhelmingly improved the plan next year. city employees argue their pension rights are protected due to past court decisions. it could be months before the judge issues a ruling. even as the court hears arguments over the pension reform, san jose mayor chuck reed is trying to build support for a constitutional amendment to help cities reduce employee benefits. he tells the "san jose mercury" news cities should have the right to lower benefits workers earn in the future. 4:38. we're all easing into this monday morning. can i include you, christina loren, in that bunch? >> i should hope some good morning to you. a good looking day shaping up.
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temperatures right now comfortable. we are in the 50s and 60s. 59 degrees in san jose to start. 58 in oakland and 57 in novato. here is where it gets interesting. today, not a typical summer afternoon in the bay area. temperatures will be warm. in fact, we'll get very close to our seasonal averages, but with the addition of some isolated thunderstorms. let's talk about that. you can see this. i enhanced your doppler radar this morning to show you overall where that flow is headed. it's right into the bay area. you'll notice that sticky, icky pattern. you'll notice the clouds bubbling up over the local mountains, especially the western-facing slopes surrounding san jose as we head throughout the afternoon. we are fair game for thunderstorms swrechlt a better chance as we head deeper into the workweek. the forecast is up next. first, it's a monday morning and he's on his a game all the time. hi, mike. >> good morning. we'll take you over toward the eastshore freeway where traffic looks nice right now. we are showing glow to the
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lights. it's tougher to see, the traffic flow itself is fine. our view of the eastshore freeway from our rooftop camera is tougher. there are low clouds drifting through the area. you're okay on the deck as far as westbound 80. we'll look at the map and talk about the same area from university toward the berkeley curve. the entire maze looks fine. caldecott tunnel no issues. lower deck construction heading towards treasure island. the accident there, the crash that has cleared, but it was there for a few minutes around 8th as you get off the sky way. it is again sounding like all lanes are clear and all the activity should be wrapped up as well. giants play tonight at 7:15. a note for post work traffic. we'll look at the drive times as well. smooth drive as far as the speeds go across the san mateo bridge. no other issues as far as coming across those bay area freeways on the peninsula, easy drive. those speeds through daly city, construction zone in daly city. i did show a quick shot of the
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san mateo bridge earlier. >> 4:40 right now. details about apple's newest iphone hard to come by. we're learning something new. we have a live report up next. the first trial over toyota's deadly sudden acceleration problem starts today in a soirnth california courtroom. a new warning for parents. televisions turning deadly. why they're more dangerous than ever before.
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welcome back everyone. the world is on royal baby watch as we give you a live look from london's st. mary's hospital. that's because kate middleton actually went to the hospital by car we're told. she is in her own private wing. we're awaiting the announcement of that royal child. we'll keep you posted. it's 4:44. new reports of a hack at apple. apple sent an e-mail to software developers telling them an intruder tried to steal some of their personal information including names and addresses on thursday. apple is reportedly overhauling its developer systems updating software, rebuilding its database to prevent future attacks. it's not clear if any information was accessed.
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there are nearly 300,000 developers registered with apple. a new study finds toppling tvs send a child to the emergency room every 30 minutes. according to researchers at national children's hospital more than 17,000 children land in the er each year for a tv-related injury. this supp 125% in the past 20 years. experts say flat screens should always be mounted to the wall securely by a professional. all other tvs should be tethered with safety anchors. we're getting new dels about apple's plans for a new iphone, plus a new survey this morning is giving us positive news on the jobs front. mary thompson is live at cnbc world headquarters with a look at that. good morning, mary. >> good morning to you. the well wanted signs may be going out. a new survey of professional economists finds companies are
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more confident and are hiring. nearly a third said their firms added workers, the highest percentage in two years. about 40% expect to hire more people over the next six months. futures are higher as well as the markets come off a fourth straight week of gains for the dow and s&p. a third of the companies in the s&p 500 are set to report, including mcdonald's, apple, boeing as well as cat pill hear. on friday the dow fell five points to finish at 15,544 and the nasdaq slipped 23 to finish at 3,588. apple is reportedly testing bigger screens for the iphone and ipad. the company's asian suppliers says apple asked for a prototype smart phone screen bigger than four inches and a tablet bigger than 13. the iphone five has a four-inch screen. the test suggests apple is
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exploring ways to things for their customers. back to you. thanks so much, mary. >> let's get updated when it comes to the forecast. a typical summer day. >> i need some coffee. >> let's get to it this morning. how about that? that doesn't work. that's just annoying. 4:47. shame on me. we've got a good looking day shaping up. we want you alert and ready to go before you hit the highway because we've got thick coastal fog right along 1 this morning. if that's your way to work, give yourself extra time, maybe an extra cup of coffee and take it easy out there. 56 in sonoma and 60 degrees to start the day in livermore. we've got a great looking day shaping up. i want to thank you for waking up. mondays can be tough. we've got your back. want to start with the imagery. we've got your satellite and radar actually enhanced this morning. what that shows you, this flow
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is coming as far to the north as the bay area. that means we'll see humidity today. we're going see the potential for thunderstorms and even some showers, that's right. showers right in the middle of summer. high pressure is the reason why. the best chance for thunderstorms, western-facing slopes surrounding san jose, the spine of the cierra nevada and the santa cruz mountains as well. we'll keep you updated all day long from the nbc bay area weather center. i'm with you until 11:30. 8 degrees today in beautiful san jose. good looking week. good looking weekend shaping up. we'll have your full forecast coming up. want to make sure you're aware of the thunderstorms and we'll keep you updated. back to you ladies for now. >> thanks so much. more deaths report following a 6.6 magnitude earthquake in china. the quake hit the gansu province. this morning the local government is reporting 75
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people are dead and at least 459 others are injured. the chinese red cross says it's shipping relief supplies to the area. but rescue efforts are being slowed by mudslides and toppled power lines. we're also learning new details about the death of a woman who fell off a roller coaster at six flags in texas. right now the german company that made the 14-story coaster is sending a team to the amusement park to inspect it. witnesses say the woman expressed concern about her lap belt not being secure as the ride was starting. the german manufacturer said it's never had any problems with safety bars on any of its dozens of coasters it has built around the world. the prosecution is expected to wrap up its case in the michael jackson wrongful death lawsuit. his mother is likely to be the final witness before the prosecution rests. jackson telling jurors she sued aeg live because she really
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wanted to know what happened to her son. the suit contends aeg live is liable for michael jackson's death because it hired dr. conrad murray. but the company says jackson chose murray. a southern california family is taking toyota to trial for sudden acceleration problem that forced millions of cars to be recalled. the family is suing toyota for the death of 66-year-old noriko uno. she died when her toyota camry accelerated and crashed into a telephone pole and a tree. toyota said there was no defect in the car but went on to recall 9 million cars due to accelerators that got stuck and floor mats that trapped the gas peddle. this is the first such case against toyota to be taken to trial. it is 4:50. big name tennis stars getting ready to play in the bay area. we'll tell you about the tournament that starts this morning. could brian "the beard" wilson be back in the orange and
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black? the new report is next. a live look at the north bay, south 101, a little burst of traffic. yes, this is a burst for this time of morning. things will keep moving smoothly at the limit, all the way down to the richmond san rafael bridge. we'll track your south bay drive coming up.
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that i must have my homework done before playing video games. i also dispute your contention that i keep my room clean, and the vile task of taking out the garbage is beneath me. i know my rights, and you can't tell me what to do. ryan's party- here i come. thank you kevin. mom, dad, you have thirty seconds for a response. does every conversation with your teen turn into a debate? call the boys town national hotline at 800-448-3000, or visit trained counselors are on call 24-7 to help with parenting problems - big or small. don't wait for your next debate. welcome back. there is a live look at the bay bridge -- rather the golden gate bridge toll plaza. you cannot see the towers.
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it's too dark. i went for a run up the coit tower steps yesterday. could not even see any of the golden gate bridge at that point. >> a nice run. >> it was. for the poor tourists up there to see it, they could on the take any pictures of it. 4:54. tennis fans flocking here. >> some of the bitest stars will be taking to the court at stanford including two former stanford stars. mallory burdette will be part of the afternoon session while nicole gibbs will be competing in her first women's tennis association event as a professional event. the tournament runs through sunday. fresh off the all-star break. the a's continue their roll. pitcher bartel low cologne shut out the angels of anaheim, leading the as to a 6-0 win. better yet, the win kept the a's on top of their division.
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oakland plays in houston tonight at 5:05. bad news keeps coming for the giants. not only did they lose yesterday to the diamondbacks 3-1, but they lost jeremy affeldt. before the game the team learned affledt would be out four to six weeks from a grind strain he suffered saturday night. former giants pitcher brian wilson is back on the mound. he was spotted pitching at usf on friday working his way back from tommy john surgery. right now wilson is rehabbing in hawaii. but espn reports he's planning on holding a showcase for scouts next week t. giants decided not to re-sign wilson in the off season. the bay area news group cites sources saying san francisco is keeping tabs on his recovery. >> not a bad place to rehab. >> hawaii. aloha. >> i got a surgery coming up. >> you should go to waikiki.
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>> maui for me? >> i'm thinking so because my thumb from clicking this clicker. 280 looks nice north coming toward us are the headlights. not a lot of activity but the headlights are enough for these cars. we'll show you the south bay drives. average speeds through major northbound commute spots. you're at the limit. this is 101 from capital, the airport. 87 to downtown. northbound 280 towards saratoga. those will be trouble spots later. same thing out of the altamont pass. you have speeds ditching down into the upper oohs toward livermore. average speed, the entire speed to 680 is about 56 miles per hour. the slowdown coming into livermore. you see the screen shot we took a couple seconds ago from our caltrans camera. it show as lighter volume of traffic and no major problems toward 680.
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at the limit in pleasanton. you know the georgia peach license plates? they might have to change them. the peach state may not be peaches that reign supreme. studies show blue berries are georgia's most lucrative fruit crop and have been since 2005. >> you learn something new every day. >> there we go. 4:57 right now. >> we continue to keep an eye on london where kate middleton was rushed to the hospital in lab ofrmt. >> high seas chase finally ends in the san francisco bay. the man the coast guard took into custody late last night and why. when i grow up i want to be a psychologist or a therapist.
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i want to be a pediatrician. i was hoping to become a chef someday. i want to own a big house with a convertible and a jacuzzi and a pool, you know, all the good stuff. role models, they don't tell you what to do, but they help you to go where you are going. i want to study law. i don't want to become a lawyer, i want to become a cia agent. young people, i think, do need a mentor because, you know, we don't know everything and, you know, older people, they've experienced stuff that we haven't. i would like to be a baseball player. as long as there is someone behind you pushing you and supporting you then you feel that you always have the
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strength to keep going. well i would like to become like a doctor, that's my first choice. sometimes you feel down and you feel that no one really understands, and no one knows like, where you're coming from, and it's great to see someone who has been where you are now, and, you know, making it. so get involved and do your part, invest in the future, mentor a child. that's when i said maybe you need to pay attention to the road and i hung up. >> new allegations looeding up to the deadly limo fire coming
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up in a live report. new this morning, peninsula high school students saying their college enrollment is being disrupted because some high school test scores are being thrown out. i'm christie smith. i'll explain why and why the students are launching their own webside site about it. >> we've got this bizarre weather pattern, showers and thunderstorms creeping up from the south. quite warm inland. i'll let you know when the humidity will leave the bay area coming up. two new crashes showed up for highway 101, one in san jose, the other in san francisco. checking them both out and will bring you the latest coming up. taking a live look from london this morning outside st. mary's hospital where the duchess kate middleton is inside, reportedly about to give birth to the heir to the throne of england. we'll keep you posted this monday, july 22nd. this is "today in the bay."


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