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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 22, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> reporter: a car carrying the royal messenger with the news the prince william's and kate middleton's baby boy arrived this afternoon. the announcement was placed on the golden easel and read the royal highness, the dutchess of cambridge, was safely delivered of a son at 4:24 today. it was also tweeted around the world. people gathered around the easel to see history. >> tonight a special news at 10:00. it's a boy. a new royal baby is born. >> reporter: kate has been in the hospital since early this morning. prince charles is traveling on business but he's clearly excited. >> i am very grateful for the perfectly kind wishes as i'm slowly approaching grandfatherhood at the moment. >> it is an important moment in the life of our nation. but i suppose above all it's a wonderful moment for a loving couple who have a brand new baby boy. >> reporter: people gathered outside the buckingham palace gate.
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>> i'm very happy and i hope mom and baby are doing well. >> reporter: so much excitement for the new baby. celebrations are sure to continue into the morning. kate is reportedly doing well and planned to spend the night in the hospital. in london, i'm danielle leigh, nbc bay area news. >> the baby is 8 pounds, 6 ounces, but we don't know the name yet. the online betting site patty power has a list of favorites. james is the front runner, followed by alexander, george, henry and louis. he is the new baby, third in line to the british throne. a royal historian says the windsor family tends to live a very long time, so the new baby likely won't be king until he is in his 60s or 70s. that's not keeping companies from cashing in. oreo tweeted out this image, an oreo cookie and a baby bottle with the phrase "prepare the royal bottle service." and charmin got in on the act too. the toilet paper company tweeting out get the throne
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ready. closer to home we want to give you a look outside as you're looking at palo alto, san jose and emeryville. showers are on the radar. meteorologist jeff ranieri is in the nbc bay area weather center. jeff, i got some of those sprinkles coming into work today on my windshield. >> very hit and miss activity but it's coming down at a time here the past two or three hours. some monsoonal moisture is creating this. we told you about it last thursday and friday and here it is, the most numerous lightning strikes across the sierra. for the bay area, no lightning but again a few drops. right now we're tracking a small batch of very light showers throughout the peninsula, up near woodside, also san mateo, moving off to the north and also off to the west. a lot of this activity has been evaporating in the midlevels of the atmosphere. where you are seeing the most numerous raindrops this afternoon has been across the east bay. so far not really tipping the rain bucket too much but definitely pushing up a lot of oil on the roadways, so do take
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it slow as we're looking at areas of showers and possibly thunderstorms lingering tonight. here's the thing that's setting it off, this low pressure from the south. a lot of unstable humid air as it will linger the next 36 hours will continue that possibility of showers, maybe even a few thunderstorms in the forecast with that humidity. we'll let you know when all this clears out and also about a warmup coming in that seven-day forecast in just a little bit. >> thanks, jeff. in other news tonight, a san jose cop who investigated sex crimes found himself in court today. this time facing those charges himself. officer tony fregor is charged with having explicit photos of a minor on his cell phone and requesting more pictures of the girl. damian trujillo was the only reporter at today's arraignment. he's live outside the court house in san jose with more. >> reporter: well, this one shocked many in the law enforcement community. tony freger was an upstanding cop until these charges came out. tonight he finds himself on the other side of the law. he made a brief court appearance
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this afternoon at the hall of justice. he's facing two felonies. one alleges he had explicit photos of an underaged girl on his computer. the other allegation suggests he requested more of those photos from the minor. it's quite conceivable his own colleagues on the sex crimes unit put the cuffs on him after the allegations arose. the news has shocked the d.a.'s office and to an extent the police department itself, which never expected such allegations against one of its own. >> while it's certainly a black eye for mr. fregor that he finds himself charged with this crime and disturbing a police officer in the sex crimes unit is charged with crimes like this, i would not say that the san jose police department did anything but investigate it thoroughly. >> reporter: he did not make a comment after his hearing. inside the courtroom, however, his lawyer told me he will look at the evidence and determine how to proceed from here.
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if found guilty, he faces 3.8 years either in jail or in state prison. we're live at the hall of justice in san jose, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. san jose's controversial pension reforms are being tested in court. a santa clara county superior court judge is hearing arguments on measure b. the measure reduces pensions for new hire and would require current employees to contribute more of their salary toward their pension. voters overwhelmingly approved the plan last year. city employee unions argue that their pension rates are protected under a precedent established by previous court decisions. even as the court hears arguments over pension reform, san jose mayor chuck reed is trying to build support for a state constitutional amendment that would help cities reduce employee retirement benefits. mayor reed tells the "san jose mercury news" that cities should have the right to change retirement benefits and what workers earn in the future. he hopes to have the amendment before voters by november of
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next year or by 2016. the newest silicon valley media experiment seems to be paying off for netflix. >> but is that -- but is all that streaming helping netflix investors? for that we bring in our business and tech reporter, scott budman, who's been tracking the after hours action. >> you're absolutely right to bring up subscribers. that's how netflix makes its money and it's what investors have been watching very closely this evening. about 600,000 new subscribers came on board over the last three months. netflix bringing them in with original programming like "house of cards" and "arrested development." the total subscriber number is just below 30 million but investors wanted to see a bit more. the less than spectacular subscriber number led to netflix shares dropping about $9 each in after hours trading. pueblo has filed for federal chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. the grocery chain says it will remain open for business over the next several months. a reorganization plan will be
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submitted to the federal bankruptcy court for consideration and approval. apple reportedly testing pigger screens for its iphone and it pads of the future. the company's asian suppliers say apple has asked for a prototype smartphone screen that's bigger than 4 inches and a tablet screen bigger than 13 inches. the iphone 5 has a 4-inch screen and ipad a 7.8 inch screen. a bay area cafe says it will accept your cash, your credit or your bit coin. palo alto's cafe became one of the only brick and mortar businesses in the world to accept bit coin. it's an online open source currency that is unregulated. you send the payment from your bit coin wallet already set up on your smartphone. transactions take as much time as a credit card. >> it's a lot of fun. people who love it have nowhere to spend it. now they can come and buy a cup of coffee with it.
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it's pretty cool. >> it seems a natural fit for a bit coin tryout. techies have been using that cafe to test new products for years. classes start again in about a month. you may want to start thinking about back-to-school early. retail experts say shopping in july will save you as much as $170 for the average another way to save, shopping online. back-to-school shopping, by the way, the second busiest shopping season of the year. christmas is number one. >> reporter: i'm kris sanchez in san jose with why school kids that qualify for free meals don't eat them during the summer. it adds up to a lot more than good food in the garbage. and good afternoon, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. we are tracking showers, also some lightning on the doppler
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b.a.r.t. debuted its new train car today. it's not moving yet but you can check it out at the macarthur station in oakland. this is the first redesign in 40 years and public opinion was instrumental in this updated look, including the vinyl seat covers, bike racks and digital displays. the new trains will also have an extra door and wider aisles. more than 400 new cars will arrive in the summer of 2015. as you drive through your neighborhood, you may see signs near school campuses advertising free meals for kids this summer. but we have learned that program goes largely untapped. meals possibly going to waste. nbc bay area's kris sanchez
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joins us live from san jose with more on what the consequences could be. kris. >> reporter: kids who don't eat nutritious meals on a regular basis can suffer healthwise and academically and that's why the federal government sets aside money to make sure kids who get free or reduced lunch during the school year have access to those same meals during the summer. the problem is while these kids may be hungry, they may not be getting fed. 10-year-old esley soto, her seniors and cousin enjoy well balanced lunches and breakfast at luther burbank school in san jose, funded through the national school lunch program. her mother, olivia soto, says it's a great help that allows the family to cover other expenses without sacrificing the children's health. and yet, according to the california food policy advocates, eight out of ten eligible children are not participating. >> sometimes we have extra. >> and what happens to that? >> it gets thrown away if it's not something that can be saved. >> reporter: unopened milk or
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packaged goods are saved for another day, but anything cooked or prepared, like today's pizza or turkey sandwiches must be thrown out. according to the california food policy advocates, the bigger problem is less about wasting food and more about wasting resources. if california does not use its federal summer meals dollars, they could eventually be reallocated to other states that do. the superintendent says that one problem is because of state budget cuts, the summer program, not as many kids are on campus during the summer. >> many of our families walk. they walk to this school and it's a long way to walk for lunch. >> reporter: the advocacy group recommends that the federal government better identify where kids are eating in the summer and that the california department of education encourage all school districts to make summer meals available so kids can eat in the same place they do the rest of the year, and that they promote the program so more families know about it. that's the same recommendation the second harvest food bank would make as well. they say the impact of childhood hunger can be long lasting.
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>> kids that don't get three full meals a day are sick more often and actually they're obese more often than kids who actually are well fed and on a consistent basis. >> reporter: second harvest food bank doesn't work directly with the schools or the school districts, but when families call looking for assistance, they do direct the families to the meals that are nearest to them, often at their nearby neighborhood school campus. also the food bank upped its disbursement to families by about 25%, providing families with an extra 25 pounds of food every month to make sure that if the kids aren't eating at school, at least they're eating at home. in san jose, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. in health matters tonight, eating fish may curb anxiety in pregnant women. brazilian researchers looked at the eating habits of nearly 10,000 expectant mothers and measured levels of anxiety. researchers found those who had oily fish like salmon, tuna or mackerel at least once a week were less likely to report high
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levels of anxiety. again, you always have to check with your doctor, because a lot of doctors tell you not to eat certain fish during pregnancy. well, jeff told us about thunderstorms and they are here. >> yes, we were tracking that last thursday and friday with that subtropical moisture. thank you so much, ladies. right now it is getting active, especially across the sierra and central valley with numerous lightning strikes at this pointing. we haven't seen any lightning for the bay area, but some very rare for summer raindrops across the south bay, also the east bay. as we get a scan of the doppler radar, it's currently dry across san jose, but you notice that humidity in the atmosphere making it a little uncomfortable. also a few showers near wood side moving off toward san mateo. do expect that oil to get brought up on the roadways and some slick spots on 101 and 280. for the east bay, you've had the most consistent areas of these on again, off again scattered showers throughout today. now that's cleared out. but in danville there's a little light activity that could go up
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toward san francisco and portions of the north bay. that's the nature of what we'll get the next 24 hours. very hit and miss isolated activity. along with that, of course, that humidity that made that 87 in livermore feel like the low 90s today, also 87 in walnut creek and south san jose topping out at 84. let's get a first look at our tuesday forecast. i do think we're not going to get rid of this cloud cover. it's going to stay with us all the way through tomorrow. temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s and more humidity by 11:00 a.m. even a slight chance of thundetorms staying in the forecast. temperatures expected by 11:00 a.m. in the mid-70s for the interior valleys, low 70s by the bay and low 60s at the coastline. let's get outside and you can see a little instability in the atmosphere. no raindrops right now but we can't rule that out tonight. beautiful picture of some unusual clouds, at least for silicon valley. off to the north as we get a look across the bay, you can see in foster city, you're clouded in with a few raindrops across the mid-pansy right now.
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and in downtown san francisco, we do have a gorgeous shot not only of the high clouds above with this monsoonal moisture, but the fog line moving in right now throughout downtown san francisco, making it absolutely gorgeous. let's get a look at our futurecast as we head throughout tomorrow. what you'll notice here those areas of green, that's the best possibility of rainfall. a lot of it will stay across the sierra, off to the south in the central valley and off to our north. we're not in a heavy zone of rainfall but it's going to be too close to call for tomorrow and i do think it will be reminiscent of what we had today. a few sprinkles here and there and maybe even some isolated lightning. throughout tomorrow temperatures right near average with 81, 75 palo alto, 82 in morgan hill and 82 in gilroy. warmest spot with our humidity, and these temperatures will actually feel a little like florida. even though the air temperature we're forecasting 86, it will feel like low 90s in walnut creek and 87 in livermore. for san francisco, 64 for you. 83 in santa rosa and 80 on the grapevines in napa. we do expect this pattern to
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continue at least the next 24 hours with the humidity and isolated thunderstorms, but eventually we get things to clear out. some drier air and also some warmer temperatures on that seven-day forecast. you can see by friday, saturday and sunday we're looking at something more typical for us with low 90s inland. also upper 60s and low 70s at the coastline. so very unusual for us. i had two raindrops on my windshield. if you go to my twitter, you can see a took a picture of one of those and you know how excited i was in that tweet. >> i had two also, so four between the two of us. >> big news in california, though. >> we need the rain. yes. thanks, jeff. >> sure. well, it is considered the world's fastest laser for vision correction and now it's available right here in the bay area. >> marianne favro joins us to show us how the new high-speed technology is helping patients hoping to gain 20/20 vision. >> patients can now gain 20/20 vision in just one week instead of the traditional three months. because of the new laser's
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precision, the risk of experiencing halos and glare are significantly reduced. juices ramirez has worn glasses since he was in sixth grade. while he uses contacts too, the marine finds them both to be a hassle. >> for some of the training that we do, it's a little tough, knowing that you have to adjust your glasses or adjust your contacts. >> reporter: jesus also couldn't afford to have much downtime so he came here to pacific vision institute in san francisco to have prk surgery, using what's considered the world's fastest vision correction laser. the doctor says unlike other lasers, the wave light x-500 is shaped like a cylinder instead of a cone and can deliver energy to the center and outside of the cornea without changing its shape. >> one of the biggest benefits is the preservation of the normal corneal shape. which results in less incidents of glare and halos at night. that's a huge advance. >> reporter: jesus is having both of his eyes treated in just
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seconds. >> and so you'll see a green flashing light. >> reporter: the speed and precision of the laser also dramatically reduces the need for additional touch-up procedures. jesus is expected to have 20/20 vision in a week or two. >> and open your eyes. >> reporter: instead of the three months of recovery needed with other types of prk procedures. sam had the same procedure. >> i was within two weeks able to see perfectly and back at work sitting at my computer desk. i think it was a real testament to the laser's ability. >> reporter: jesus hopes his surgery will be just as successful. he's looking to starting a new chapter in his life, one without glasses and contacts. surgery does pose a slight risk of infection and the procedure costs between $3,000 and $4,000 an eye. and it is not covered by insurance. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thanks. out of hiding and back in
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the headlines. tonight news from police surrounding george zimmerman. (sir can-a-lot) good day, ma' lady. i am sir can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam!
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he was great at playing tough guys. dennis farina died this morning in scottsdale, arizona. the chicago native suffered a blood clot in his lung. he was often cast as the cop or gangster. he played detective joe fontana on "law & order" and a mobster in the hit series "miami vice." back in the 1980s he started a cult favorite "crime story." and more recently he was in the hbo series "luck." he was also in movies. he was only 69 years old.
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rescuers are scrambling to help victims today after a 6.6 magnitude earthquake hit northwest china this morning. the local government is reporting that 75 people are dead and more than 450 are injured. the quake hit the gansu province in western china. it was followed by a series of smaller quakes. the chinese red cross says it is shipping relief supplies to the area, but rescue efforts are slow because of mud slides and toppled power lines. pope francis is in brazil teentd got an overwhelming welcome. this is his first trip abroad as pontiff. pope francis is from latin america, and thousands rushed into the street to greet him when the car took a wrong turn. a spokesperson said the pope was never concerned for his safety, even riding through rio de janeiro with his window rolled down. more than a million young catholics are expected to join him to celebrate world youth day. out of hiding and back into the public spotlight. florida police say george zimmerman helped a family get out of an overturned car.
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this is the first we're hearing about zimmerman since his acquittal for murder on july 13th in the shooting death of unarmed teen trayvon martin. officials say the accident happened last week in sanford, florida, when an suv veered off the road and rolled over. when officers arrived, zimmerman and another man was helping the family and two children get out of the car safely. zimmerman did not witness the crash and left after police arrived. there were no reported injuries. a former giants pitcher is back on the mound. wait until you see who it is in a moment.
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the beard is back. brian wilson was spotted pitching at the university of san francisco last friday working his way back from elbow surgery. wilson is now rehabbing in hawaii, but espn reports he's planning on holding a showcase for scouts next week to hopefully sign with a big league team. the san francisco giants decided not to re-sign wilson, but the bay area news group cites league sources who say san francisco is keeping tabs on wilson's recovery. tennis fans will be flocking to the peninsula this week for the start of the bank of the west classic. some of the brightest stars on the women's tennis circuit will take court at stanford, including two former stanford stars. mallory burdette will be there and michelle gibbs will be competing as a professional this evening. the tournament, by the way, runs through sunday. so much fun to always watch the
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tennis stars. >> i'd love to go there. >> it would be fun. >> right now, though, if you're playing tennis outside you can see some drops. >> a little activity this afternoon, nothing major so far but monsoonal moisture moving up from the south. most of the lightning is headed towards lake tahoe, also towards fresno. if you were driving around the east bay or the south bay, you did have to turn on those windshield wipers for just a little bit. you can see most of the activity that we had across danville and concord is starting to dissipate but san mateo and san francisco, a few very light showers starting to fall at this point. on your seven-day forecast, we'll keep that chance of isolated thunderstorms in the forecast through wednesday. then as we head throughout thursday and friday, it's mainly across the sierra. we'll get some drier and also warmer air in here. the big thing today, though, also has been that humidity outside. >> i can remark on that. my hair has told me it's humid. >> it looks great, though. >> my hair is a meteorologist. >> it's very humid outside. >> thanks so much for joining us. that does it for us. we'll have more local news at 6:00. "nightly news" is next.
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on our broadcast tonight, it's boy for the duke and duchess of cambridge, william and kate, as crowds gather tonight in london to celebrate the birth of the future king of england. security concerns as pope francis makes his first overseas trip. already dicey moments during a wild scene in the streets of brazil. pensions in danger in bankrupt detroit. reties are angry they won't get the money they need to live. a growing problem in cities and states across this country. and the presence looming over today's happy news from london. why so many thoughts today turned to princess diana and the last time a future king was born. nightly news begins now.


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