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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 23, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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south bay home. new details about the police investigation ahead in a live report. plus south bay bike riders mowed over in a hit-and-run. we'll let you know what they say the driver did to hide their identity seconds after the crash. you're going to have to do more to clean that wet suit. >> drivers nearly swallowed up by humpback whales. we have a look at the incredible video and the incredible story behind it. if you left anything outdoors that could get damaged by the rain, bring it inside. hope you didn't leave your windows down. look at the rain on the radar. embedded thunderstorms as well. we'll show you who will see the most of this activity as we head throughout your tuesday. it could be a pretty slick start to your traffic tuesday. watching that traffic build. the south bay roads are filling up. i'll let you know about how slippery those off-ramps are as welcoming up. the royal question is when will the heir become apparent?
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how about this as we wait for a look at the baby, this is at london's green park. they're doing a 41-round salute out there. you talk about a powerful way to start a day here. that's how we do it on "today in the bay" on this tuesday, bang, july 23rd. this is "today in the bay." that will wake you up, won't it? makes you feel very important. the time is for us. kaitlyn, our producer said wait, now. >> from one cannon to another. i'm laura garcia-cannon. thanks for joining us. >> i'm jon kelley. right now following breaking news out of san jose. homicide detectives investigating the death of a 7-month-old baby found in a south san jose home. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live at thecene with what he's learned from police. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. it's standardbn) any time you h the death of a child, especially a 7-month-old baby boy that
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police would assign the homicide unit to this case to try to figure out whether or not something criminal took place or if this was natural causes. we're at the terrace villas apartments here in south san jose off mikati circle where about 1:15 a call came in to 911 to say the 7-month-old baby boy was unresponsive. when the police arrived, the boy had been declared dead. police, as you can see, are still here on the scene where they've been for the past few hours. no arrest haves been made and they're trying to figure out whether this is criminal, whether foul play was involved and perhaps if this 7-month-old baby boy died from natural causes, perhaps sudden infant death syndrome, something along those lines. it's standard in this case until they decide it's not criminal that the homicide unit is assigned to this. that's what's happening right now, sjpd still trying to figure out what's happened here.
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bob redell, "today in the bay." this morning a search is on for a hit-and-run driver who plowed into a group of south bay cyclists. what witnesses say the driver did moments after the crash. "today in the bay's" christie smith live in campbell with more on the investigation. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. i put in a call to campbell police. they tell me they're still looking for this driver this morning and of course asking for the public's help in finding him. witnesses say this driver plowed into a group of bike sicklists in a bike lane and turned off the headlights to the car, turned the corner, all of this to avoid being caught, never stopping to check on the people who were down on the ground and hurt. one of the riders showed us the injury that he suffered to his leg. he was on a bike ride with five friends. this is early saturday on west campbell avenue. says he heard the car coming up pretty fast behind him. he say there was no time to move. the car, a dark-colored honda sedan swiped him from behind,
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hitting him in the back and leg, then it crashed into his friend nickie. she flipped over, landed on the ground and was unconscious there for about two minutes. friends say she suffered a fractured skull, hip and broken leg. >> there's really no explanation for why the car would have been in the bike lane. >> he knew what he did. that person knows, and it's sad that someone has the nerve to just take off after you hit someone on a bike. >> the bike she was riding on has a bent wheel and damage to the frame. police say that there was something left behind, a piece of a right mirror and a head lamp. those were on the street. the car sped off down winchester boulevard with the lights off again. police asking anyone with any information on this hit-and-run to please give them a call. reporting live in campbell, christie smith, "today in the bay." the san francisco fire department says it is not exactly sure which one of its trucks ended up hitting and
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killing a teenage survivor of the asiana airlines crash at sfo. the fire department spokeswoman says the first trucks to respond to the scene were foam-throwing trucks. she adds it's unlikely the teenager was killed during that initial response. on friday the nbc investigative unit was first to reveal the truck that ran over the girl was not equipped with infrared imaging technology, something that is now required by federal law. a possible second b.a.r.t. strike is less than two weeks away and a deal does not appear to be imminent. both sides met with state mediators yesterday. but after that b.a.r.t.'s largest union announced what it calls an investigation into b.a.r.t.'s chief negotiator. the union says thomas hawk is a union buster who has not shown up for a number of bays of negotiations. b.a.r.t. released a statement saying face-to-face meetings are not uncommon when mediators are involved. time is 6:05.
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let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> kind of a surprise to see all this rain on the radar, but i want to make sure you're all ready for it. we don't want any unnecessary accidents on your way to work this morning. give yourself extra time. travel cautiously. a bad idea to get the jack robert start this morning with slick conditions about everywhere. quite some time between the last time we had widespread rainfall, it's been about a month. you'll find quite a bit of oil out there this morning could be lifted up by this moisture coming down. mike and i will continue to track it for you throughout 10:30. we're here for you. the thunderstorm cell in the east bay is still located over the antioch area. for livermore you're getting light showers. that could make for a slower than usual commute. all the details with mike in a moment. high pressure stands firm for today. it's going to continue to pump in the subtropical moisture. here is the deal with thunderstorms. we have a lot of daytime stability out there.
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the more daytime heating, the better the chance gets. today keep in mind, keep your eye to the sky. we could see some pretty strong thunderstorms develop. we'll be track them for you all morning long. 6:07. first let's check the drive as promised. >> we're definitely looking out for that, christina, warning the folks. with our live cameras out there, we have access to our windows around the bay as well. i've zoomed in on the roadway. this is 101 in san jose. even though the radar and road weather index showing the potential for wet roads, they're not really wet, maybe damp in spots. don't let your guard down t. green painted over the map shows the entire part of san jose, 680, 101 and 880 likely to have moisture, wed roadways. that could mean slick roadways from the oil and grease out there. you see south of 280 looks dry as far as our road weather index goes. as far as traffic, not a big
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deal. 101 at the south corridor. it's a surface street off to the side of the road. the blue here through the altamont pass, a lot of rain, talking about the thunderstorm breaking up over there. we do have possible wet roads and maybe ponding and puddling as you come across the altamont pass. by the time you get to highway 84, you get damp roadways again. traffic builds from 84 through livermore and 580 approaching the dublin interchange where things dry out toward castro valley. san mateo bridge, a nice drive over the bay. you're looking westbound with the taillights off the flat section. you can make out the high-rise when you see the clouds hovering over the peninsula. watch out for slick on and off-ramps as you come off highway speeds and we'll end with a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza because it is traffic tuesday. the heaviest volume likely of the entire week. we see it at the toll plaza, metering lights turned on just
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before 6:00 and the backup for all lanes going back to about west grand avenue. back to you. thanks so much. 6:08. this morning more anticipation over when the royal baby will leave the hospital with his parents. got a live look at the tower of london where a 62-round salute paying tribute to the royal baby. >> forget the 21-gun salute. ghi big. >> go big or go home. we're still waiting for the family to make their first public appearance and still waiting on word for the name of the new prince. we do understand, katherine's hair dresser arrived to the hospital. so the departure could come sometime this morning. my hair dresser didn't come to the hospital. >> you did have a 62-gun salute, right? >> i just had a litter of babies. as the waiting continues, the celebrations are just beginning in london. several landmarks already decked out in blue for the royal birth. niagara falls was illuminated in blue overnight. a message announcing "it's a
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boy" at the top of the bt tower in london. throngs of people celebrated at the gates of buckingham palace well into the morning. >> it's a party all over the world. the next stop for the family being a closely guarded secret. you know when no one is saying much, there's all kind of speculation. people asking will they stay at one of the queen's estates or perhaps in the middleton's home village of buckle berry. prince william will be taking two weeks paternity leave before returning to work at an raf pilot. eventually the new family will live in kensington palace where reportedly they are not planning on having a nanny. >> as for the baby's name, all births in england must be registered within 42 days of the child being born. though pour the royal couple an announcement is expected much sooner. prince william's name was announced a few days after. his brother harry's name was
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announced as they left the hospital. >> for more royal baby coverage, we'll take you live to london coming up at 6:45 this morning, in about half an hour, we have complete coverage on our website, >> so officially we are on baby watch. >> that's ended -- i guess a new version of baby watch. >> get to see the baby watch. 6:11 right now. coming up, swimmers nearly take a dive right into the mouth, a big mouth of a whale. >> i'd say. >> the other guys say they've never seen me swim that fast before. i can see why now that i've watched the video. >> we'll tell you how these central coast swimmers along with these guys almost became a little buffet out there for the humpback whales.
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welcome back now.
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kind of an interesting sight for a tuesday in late july. look at all this rain on the radar this morning. grab that umbrella. the south bay is getting hit the hardest. we'll track these thunderstorms and showers as they develop to the minute right to your doorstep. >> what's up with that, christine? it is july, isn't it? it's tds. have your traffic flow expected. you see that is the case for berkeley. with the mist and slick roadways possible, watching for the spin-out reports as well. be careful. i'll give you the latest. here is a look at the top stories. san jose police sadly investigating the death of a 7-month-old baby this morning. police say that baby was found unresponsive at a home near blossom hill road and monterey highway. right now this hour it is not clear if foul play was involved or if the baby died of natural causes. >> the santa fe unified school district is considering legal action to get hundreds of
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students' ap test scores reinstated. the board will meet in a closed-door meeting to discuss the issue. the students' scores were dropped after they say mills high school didn't follow seating requirements during exams. in new york, laguardia airport opening back up a runway where a plane crash landed yesterday afternoon, the front landing gear on the southwest flight collapsed upon impact sending sparks flying out on that runway. a total of eight people ended up going to the hospital suffering minor injuries. you have to see this one. talk about a close call. two drivers have quite a tale to tell this morning after they were nearly swallowed by humpback whales along the central coast. >> that's bananas. >> too close for comfort. "today in the bay's" marla tellez live in the newsroom with pretty unbelievable video and the incredible story behind it. >> this didn't happen very far from the bay area, off the coast
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of avila beach, just about a three to four-hour drive south. here is the map. here is the story. this guy, sean stanback and a few diver buddies set out to study whales over the weekend. when they got about 2 1/2 miles out, they got more than they bargained for. you can see sean, the other guy in twart. out of nowhere two giant humpback whales looking for lunch. fortunately for sean, they spared him and his friend. sean says he could have reached out and touched one of the massive mammals. >> i figured i'm going to get hit by the tail. so i tried to get out from underneath from above the tail and i worked my way over to the boat, got up on the back of it as soon as i could. the other guys said they'd never seen me swim that fast before. ki see why now that i've watched the video. >> he has a good sense of humor. the other guys had a joke or two waiting for him once he did make it back safely.
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>> you're going to have to do more to clean that wet suit. >> can you blame him? yes, he is going to have to take that suit to the cleaners. no doubt about that as we give you another look at the clip. this happened saturday. right away sean posted it on youtube where it almost has a million views already. we suggest you give our website lateal love. we post id it there for you. logon to >> i love it. the guys on the boat are laughing laughing at these guys. >> too close for my blood. 6:17. christina loren is back, much safer back there in the weather department. but still a lot going on. >> we have a lot going on that we're tracking for you minute by minute. you know why al the whales are coming toward the california coastline, the crill this year is abundant and i hear it's delicious out there. 6:17.
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good thing crill is out there, we don't want them hunting for anything else. what a pretty start to the day. you can see those mid-level clouds, high clouds as well. we have showers coming down right here on our 280 cam just moments ago. this morning things are starting to clear up. we had rainfall pass through. starting to let up a little bit. a little lingering activity over the north end of san jose, in the north bay as well. santa rosa to napa. we have more on the way as we head throughout the next half hour, hour. these lines of thunderstorms are going to start to push onshore. we'll be tracking this for you all the way through 11:00. right back here at 11:00 a.m. with the latest for you. we have the potential for dry lightning strikes as well. isolated thunderstorms in the forecast. mainly in the mountains and the south bay mountains in particular as we head throughout the afternoon with a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures won't be that hot. yesterday felt like florida. really it was kind of nice for a summer afternoon. temperatures in the low 80s.
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64 degrees in san francisco. 1 in san jose and 85 in concord. i see mike is running around. that means that drive is picking up. we'll check with him in just a moment. 91 degrees on friday. 93 for saturday. that's when that dry heat returns. let's get right to mike inouye. what you tracking? >> now you caught me. i was running around. i was just running late. it is a little wet out there, as christina said, the entire bay area has been hit overnight and continuing with spotty rain as well. looking over to antioch where we did just get hit. christine talking about that area. road weather index showing it might be slick. highway 4 registering. our traffic and weather systems tieing together. also some slowing through antioch and into pittsburgh. it's actually a little light there than we expect on a
6:20 am
traffic tuesday. at walnut creek, not a problem as far as the speeds go. the green means it might be damp slick. the blue means there may be ponding or puddling that might happen for the hills off 680. no chp problems reported through the area. that's good news as well. as we move to the altamont pass, a good deal of rain. there may be puddles, but there's enough cars, enough traffic that they might have kicked it off the roadway. be careful of the off-ramps. if you're coming off freeway speeds, the earlier stall has cleared off grant line road. things dry out toward livermore and start to slow down a bit for vallecitos and toward the dublin interchange. this has held steady for almost a half hour. a smooth drive through the tri-valley here. no problems through sunol into the south bay. the green painted over the maps. the rain coming through, the south bay hit with rain recently and continuing. looking at slowing for north
6:21 am
101, north 87. now 85 and 280 starting to show it. not necessarily because of the rain. the slicker off-ramps especially. we watch for that. be careful. the bay bridge will show you a smooth drive across the bay bridge. no problems at the toll plaza either. the backup is standard. metering lights before 6:00. slowing coming off the berkeley curve. the sun is coming up nicely. we're seeing the clouds clear. that will continue to change for spots like the golden gate bridge. this is the issue over here as see. can't see the south tower. you'll have to use the windshield wapers as well. no problems reported for 101 from san rafael through the ball dough tunnel into the city here. just that low visibility. back to you. >> thanks so much. it is 6:21 right now. coming up, first a wildfire and now fears of flooding. we'll tell you about the new evacuation order in place near palm springs. plus a local search crew in the right place at the right time. we'll tell you how they helped
6:22 am
save a teenager in danger of a 300-foot drop down a waterfall. right now we take you live back outside. how about this? take a deep breath. inhale this one. you've got the sun, the clouds, the bridge. that's a beautiful shot over san francisco to inspire you on a tuesday on "today in the bay." we're back in a matter of minutes. [ female announcer ] for the freshest produce,
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you're watching live at st. mary's hospital in london, england, that's where prince william and the duchess catherine waking up as new parents. kate doing most of the hard work. we're being told she's getting her hair done, probably getting ready for a public appearance that's how the royals roll. we're now, of course, the wait is on, the anticipation to find out when we'll see the baby and what will this boy's name be. >> most people lucky to put in a ponytail and go. she's a royal and she's beautiful and we will anticipate. >> it is exciting. getting back to the day's news as well. 6:25. storms have actually put out a wildfire that destroyed seven homes near the town of idlewild. heavy rains have raised the risk of flooding and mudslides in recently burned areas. take a look at that.
6:26 am
a voluntary evacuation warning is in place for about 20 moems several miles southeast of idlewild. this morning getting a first look at a local rescue team who managed to save a teenager that was just holding on to a rock above a 317-foot waterfall in yosemite. the marin county search and rescue team posting these photos to its facebook page. the team says this all happened to be in the area saturday during its annual training trip for mountain rescues when witnesses ran down that trail yelling for help. the rescue team set up an chores and a line across that water, jumped into action. the rescuers also whistled and yelled to that teenager so he would not fall unconscious, and then he would have gotten carried over the waterfall. very scary and dicy situation. the good news, the rangers were able to pull that teen to safety. the marin team carried him, as
6:27 am
you can see oranges that stretcher down the trail to safety. what timing, they just happened to be there to save the day. >> right. all right. it's 6:27 right now. still ahead, runways reopen after a very hard landing. new details on why a southwest plane take a nosedive at new york's laguardia airport. >> we'll tell you about a saxophonist with a very dark past. we'll tell you why a fixture at san francisco's embarcadero station has been on the run for decades. a live look outside. the sun coming up, breaking through the clouds, a rainy start. this soefr looking foster city this morning. a lot more news ahead. a look at weather and traffic as well. 6:27. the thing is bee,
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i got my mom wrapped around my little finger. do you? yeah, i do. huh. i said i want honey nut cheerios uh huh. and she just totally caved. it's all about psychology buzz. psychology? as long as i don't tell him
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the cereal is healthy -- he can't get enough. sad, really. i kind of feel bad that i tricked him. was easy. surprise... uh, ha ha ha. ♪ we have new details on the nosedive that left one of the country's busiest airport shut down for hours. the secret life of a san
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francisco fixture. we'll tell you what a well-known saxophonist has been hiding for decades. a live look at the new york stock exchange. howie mandel, it also looks like nick cannon up there representing "america's got talent," doing it big on the stock exchange on this tuesday, july 23rd. this is "today in the bay." it is 6:30. good morning everybody. always happy to have you along. i'm jon kelley. >> good to have you back. i'm laura garcia-cannon. this morning both runways at new york's laguardia airport once again open now that crews have pulled a damaged plane to another area. southwest airlines flight 345 collapsed yesterday when the front landing gear collapsed sending it skidding along the runway. "today in the bay's" marla tellez joins us live in the newsroom with new details on the investigation. laura? >> reporter: that runway reopened less than two hours ago
6:31 am
just before 5:00 a.m. our time. we have new video of the southwest plane slowly being hauled away to a hangar at laguardia very early this morning. laguardia closed for more than an hour yesterday. the plane spending the night on that runway where it made that hard landing yesterday afternoon. this exclusive video shows ther sparks and all as the nose gear fails as flight 345 attempted to make a smooth landing. that, of course, didn't happen. instead, the front end of that jet came crashing down. about 150 people were on board that plane that originated in nashville. officials say ten people were treated at the scene. another six were taken to local hospitals with minor injuries. the faa and now the ntsb are investigating here in the bay area. we're very familiar with the ntsb after the deadly asiana airlines plane crash at sfo. that was just 17 days ago. the latest story out of new york
6:32 am
hitting very close to home. laura and jon. >> thank you very much. scary stuff out there. glad there were not any major injuries. 6:31 right now. christina loren is back to talk about the skies and the rain. >> look at this. is this not spectacular. 6:32. this is what you get to drive to work under. you'll likely have to use your windshield wipers if you're drying maybe 30 to 60 miles. we've got widespread shower activity. it depends on where you're waking up with us under this beautiful bay area sky. this is from san bruno. you can see we have low clouds starting to thin out in addition to high and mid-level clouds, kind of feeling like florida out there. 60s to start, 67 degrees in livermore, 63 in san jose and 62 in gilroy with that blanket of clouds to start the day. so look at your radar, kind of surprising to have this much activity late july. that is, in fact, the case: most of this is starting to thin out. most is confined to the south bay. you want to travel cautiously.
6:33 am
we have the showers coming down over the past three hours. conditions certainly on the slick side this morning. we'll check on those roads with mike in just a moment. for today, though, highs work out like this, 81 in san jose, 64 in san francisco with the fog rolling right back in at about 3:00 p.m. 88 in livermore and 88 in fairfield as promised, traffic tuesday, let's get right over to mike inouye. >> good morning. it is traffic tuesday. surprisingly we're seeing lighter volume than we often see. it's the heaviest we've seen for this week. it's only tuesday of course it looks like a pretty typical pattern. the san mateo bridge, we show a smooth flow westbound. that added complication, the mist and the drizzle and the rain throughout the bay causing potential for slick roadways, especially in those off-ramps. this span is okay. we're watching for the problems. so far none there. it's on the east bay we have an issue right now. the maps will show you 880 southbound, the green, if you see that highlighted on the
6:34 am
maps, that's where the road weather index says you might have damp roadways. that turned to red, that segment from highway 92 toward whipple road. that's where a crash came in a few minutes ago, southbound 880 around whipple to union city. we have two lanes currently blocked. that's right by the target off-ramp there. a lot of folks know that. it's very popular. it's fast food for the morning as well as people stop to get breakfast. a lot of congestion there getting into fremont. as you travel into the tri-valley, a smooth drive for west 580. volume holding pretty light and steady out of the altamont pass. earlier a disabled vehicle cleared to the shoulder. that's where the blue is painted in. walnut creek shows a little puddling for 680. as far as our speed sensors go, close to the limit out of pleasant hill and into alamo. one more shot of the south bay where your northbound routes are starting to build gently,
6:35 am
especially for tuesday. this is a gentle commute right now. watch the slick roadways at the freeway off-ramps throughout 101 and into santa clara, back to you. a summer camp counselor in morgan hill is expected to return to court where he could enter a plea on lewdness and child pornography charges. 20-year-old nicholas larminay was arrested earlier this month. a 6-year-old girl told her parents something happened at the ymca paradise valley child care center where he worked. investigators san jose they also found child pornography on his cell phone including images of a 17-year-old girl. a new mexico murder suspect who fled to san francisco becoming very popular and made a living playing saxophone at a b.a.r.t. station now heading to prison for killing his ex-wife more than 25 years ago. ronald brewing ton was best known at the embarcadero station at the jazz man, he was arrested
6:36 am
last year by albuquerque police, wanted in the shooting death of his ex-wife in new mexico. this happened way back in 1987. then just two weeks ago brewington pleaded guilty to second degree murder and was sentenced to 16 years in prison. a followup to a story we first told you about this weekend. the u.s. coast guard says the sailboat skipper who led them on a slow-speed chase in the san francisco bay was making false distress calls. investigators say a coast guard boat was patrolling near sausalito sunday afternoon when it picked up a distress call on the radio. they tracked that call to david mccormick's boat and requested to board. but mccormick refused and sailed off. the coast guard eventually boarded the boat and arrested mccormick after he allegedly lunged at an officer. he's now in jail charged with assaulting a federal officer. time is 6:36. still ahead, backlash against ryan braun. we'll bring you the fallout from
6:37 am
major league baseball decision to suspend one of its biggest stars and we'll also let you know how betting on braun's side of the story should cost another star athlete some big-time cash if we can take his word for it. it starts with something little, like taking a first step. and then another. and another. and if you do it. and your friends do it. and their friends do it... soon we'll be walking our way to awareness, support and an end to alzheimer's disease. and that? that would be big. grab your friends and family and start a team today. register at
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6:39. the nfl found a new way to fight performance en hangsing drug use among players.
6:40 am
the league informed players they will all be required to submit blood samples during training camp. the samples will be used to create a benchmark for testing for human growth hormone. the players union has declined to comment. major league baseball has suspended former mvp ryan braun of the milwaukee brewers for the rest of this season, and that will be without pay. braun was linked to the florida drug company that allegedly supplied players with performance-enhancing drugs. in a statement released by the mlb he said he had made some mistakes and he will now accept the consequences. just last season brawn actually avoided suspension after a positive drug test because his sample was incorrectly handled. that led the packers aaron rodgers to come to braun's defense on twitter. when he asked if he really believed braun did not use peds rodgers tweeted, yeah, i put my salary next year on it. that salary is worth about $4.5
6:41 am
million this gear. 9ers fans may remember last year rodgers made a bet with r&b group boys 2 men before green bay's game in san francisco. he promised to wear a 9ers jersey for a week in the packers lost. he didn't. >> if you make a bet and lose, you have to pay the piper. coming up, an update to breaking news for you. a baby sadly found dead inside a home in san jose. we'll tell you about the details on this place investigation coming up next. campbell cyclists run down by a runaway driver. what they say that driver did to disguise their identity seconds after impact. as the new day begins in san jose, taking a live look, what a beautiful start. san bruno, mostly cloudy conditions. we've got showers. we've got fog and we have thunderstorms, tracking it all for you in three minutes with
6:42 am
your seven-day forecast. we have traffic tuesday combining with the weather conditions. we're watching the slowdowns and the effect of that weather. also have a crash on the east bay. that's presenting quite a problem for folks on the nimitz. we'll show you where coming up. we have monitoring outside st. mary's hospital in london this morning, where kate and william and their new bouncing baby boy expected to leave the hospital sometime this morning. maybe we'll get a glimpse of the baby. a lot of celebration is going on there. we're monitoring it for you. a lot of news ahead. 6:42.
6:43 am
6:44 am
yes, the royal baby
6:45 am
extravaganza continues this morning, and more anticipation over exactly when the baby boy will leave the hospital with his parents. right now we want to give you a live look outside st. mary's hospital london where prince william and duchess katherine are waking up as new parents. although the new parents didn't get aa lot of sleep overnight. you can see live there waiting for the new family to make their first public appearance and we're still waiting on a new name for the baby boy. we do understand catherine's hair dresser has arrived at the hospital. good news, so she's getting her hair done, probably looking. meantime celebrations in full swing all over london. yes. that's how they do it over there. when you have a baby boy in the royal family, got to go big. earlier this morning, the gun
6:46 am
salute is paying tribute to the royal baby at london's green park and over at the tower of london. ear plugs not included. >> exactly. in the meantime several landmarks decked out in blue for the royal birth. niagara falls illuminated in blue overnight, a message announcing "it's a boy" announced around the top of the bt tower in london and throngs of people celebrated at the gates of buckingham palace well into the morning. >> it is quite the spectacle. "today in the bay's" danielle lee is live outside buckingham palace where a long list of well-wishers are standing by ready and waiting outside the gate. >> reporter: good morning, jon. i think they would have gone big even if it was a girl. behind me you can see the crowds gathering outside buckingham palace. they have been here since the early hours in the morning, in fact, waiting in line more than two hours long to get close to that medical bulletin announcing
6:47 am
it's still on display. so many people want to take a picture of that. it was moments ago that the cannon blasts and gun salutes blaerd. it was amazing to feel the vibrations and hear it bellowing in the air. live outside st. mary's hospital, that private lindo wing, people are watching and waiting. we hear from kensington palace that the earliest the couple will leave is likely this evening but it could be tomorrow before they ultimately leave with their young baby. they released a statement thanking the hospital for what they say is tremendous care. they are resting and enjoying time with their new baby. it's expected when they do believe they will head to kensington palace and possibly to the buckle berry. people here are very excited. everyone eager to know what is the name. we haven't gotten an update. many people hope it means sooner rather than later. it could be a couple weeks before we find out.
6:48 am
live in london, danielle lee, back to you. >> hopefully we don't have to wait that long. thank you, danielle. 6:47 right now. what we don't have to wait for is precipitation. meteorologist christina loren has been tracking it all morning. >> about 62 days from fall. we've got rain right here in july. >> it's already here. >> if you are headed into central or southern california, you want to make sure you're ready with the windshield wipers, getting a lot more rain fall to our south. temperatures are nice and mid. definitely feeling tropical out there. i stopped your realtime doppler. this is where the current showers are coming down. you see within that green you've got yellow embedded and even spots of orange and red. those are little pop-up thunderstorms. dealing with that all morning long. one just to the south of livermore that i'm watching for you. no lightning just yet, stillp (& fair game for the showers and thunderstorms as we head through the next few hours. make sure to give yourself plenty of extra time as you travel to work this morning and take it easy out there. let me show you this wild
6:49 am
pattern we're dealing with. mountain thunderstorms expected throughout the day today and tomorrow. typically you don't see the monsoonal flow come this far to the north. it's coming up all the way, possibly today into oregon and washington. so for us we're going to continue this moisture, all that humidity sticks around through today, tomorrow and the first part of thursday as well. isolated thunderstorms mainly in the mountains and in the south bay mountains at that. if you're headed to tahoe, we could see a lot of flash flooding with thunderstorm activity expected over the spine of the sierra nevada as we head through the next 48 hours. 88 degrees today. temperature wooirs, not too bad. getting a break in san jose, 81 today with limited sunshine. we do have to deal with that humidity. san francisco, a whole other scenario. lots of fog today and temperatures only ramping up into the mid 60s. those thunderstorms stick around wednesday into the first part of thursday. then we'll clear you up and dry á weekend. there it is again. 62 days until fall.
6:50 am
if you want the deals on back to school, get them while you can. over to you. >> like the commercial "it's the most wonderful," i love that. sorry kids you had to see that. this is the backup you had. it's not bad for traffic tuesday, approaching the bay bridge. your approach for 880, let's look at oakland as you see the volume coming past the coliseum. a very easy drive. through the nimitz, at the limit northbound as well. let's look at the travel speeds overall as you approach the east shore drive. eastshore freeway upper and lower, down to the maze great stuff. highway 24 out of caldecott, no problem. 580 through oakland just like 880 not a problem either. it's 880 farther south. that is the issue. this is the southbound direction, right there, san mateo bridge, a problem at 92. that's where you see the target and a shopping center, a couple of them there. there's a crash blocking two
6:51 am
lanes. as you come through san already wren sew, in the 40s. you can get over to the middle and get a break. over here, you jam down below ten miles per hour. once you pass whipple you're okay. heading over the san mateo bridge, also okay, a smooth drive. a slower drive coming through the altamont pass. no big drama. livermore jamming as you typically expect. the blue here, you might have puddles. 580 looking pretty good. watch the off-ramps, might be slick conditions there. 101 starting to building the volume. at 6:51, we have an update to breaking news we've been following all morning long. homicide detectives investigating the death of a 7-month-old baby boy found in a south san jose home. "today in the bay's" bob redell live at the scene with what we's so tragic, bob. >> reporter: good morning, laura. sjpd has assigned its homicide unit to this case which they point out is standard when you have the death of a baby,
6:52 am
especially a 7-month-old baby boy who died overnight at the terrace villas apartment complex in san jose. someone called 911 around 1:15 this morning to say the child was unresponsive. when police arrived they found the child to be dead. right now the investigators are out here again trying to figure out whether there's something criminal, foul play involved, if this was a murder or if this was natural cause, perhaps sudden infant death syndrome. there have been no arrests made. again, sjpd points out that when they have the death of a child in the county, they do assign a homicide unit. that doesn't necessarily mean a murder took place. they want to err on the side of caution before making a determination. live in south san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." 6:52 right now. the man accused of kidnapping and killing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar may finally enter a
6:53 am
plea. garcia torres still has not answered to charges of murder and kidnapping. last month his attorney asked prosecutors to turn over the evidence. prosecutors say they were working with the sheriff's department to do just that. that means garcia torres may finally enter a plea. sierra lamar disappeared in march of last year. her body has never been found. the owners of a santa cruz apartment complex are suing the city for damage caused by a shootout that killed two police officers. in february, sergeant lauren baker and detective elizabeth butler were questioning a sexual assault suspect when he opened fire. both officers were killed. now the owners of the complex have filed a claim for nearly $5,000 for damages caused by the shootout. the santa cruz city council will discuss that claim tonight. the hunt is on this morning for a hit-and-run driver who plowed right into a group of south bay cyclists. witnesses say the driver made it
6:54 am
especially difficult for anybody to catch them after that crash. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live in campbell with an update on this on going investigation. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. i spoke with campbell police this morning. they tell me they are still looking for this driver and asking for the public's help in finding him. they say he plowed into a group of cyclists. that's bad enough. the story, witnesses are saying, it gets worse. he actually turned off the headlights to the car and went around the corner all to avoid being caught. we spoke with one of those cyclists that was injured in this, stephen ontveras heard a car coming up fast behind him. he said he had absolutely no time to get out of the way. the car, a dark-colored honda sedan pulled up behind him, crashed into him, hit his friend nickie. he says there was no warning, no honking. she was on her bike, flipped over, landed hard on the ground.
6:55 am
she's still in the hospital friends say. she suffered a fractured skull, hip and a broken leg. >> something like that doesn't need to happen. you're with a group of friends enjoying a bike ride and someone wants to be irresponsible and take off after you hit someone. it's not right. >> the bike that she was riding on at the time has a bent wheel and damage to the frame. there are tire marks there in the bike lane. police say the driver turned right on winchester and, of course, turned off the headlights as we mentioned. but parts from a broken mirror and head lamp were left on the ground. campbell police say if you have any information on this hit-and-run, please give them a call. reporting live in campbell, christie smith, "today in the bay." san jose based me pueblo has filed for bankruptcy protection. the grocery store chain says it will remain open for business.
6:56 am
a reorganization claim will be submitted to the federal bankruptcy court for consideration and approval. mi pueblo employees were informed yesterday and assured that their paychecks remain secure. the chain has 21 stores in the area. brace yourselves and the pocketbook. caltrains raising parking fees. starting september 1st, daily and monthly parking fee also be increased by 25%. it's now $5.00, up from $4.00 a month, up from $40 a month. caltrain has raised parking fees only once since 2005. but fares increased five times during that same period. america's cup continues today with two more boats slated to race. emirates team will go head-to-head with luna rossa today. the race will air live on cozy tv at noon. you can watch it on 11-2 or
6:57 am
comcast 186. we'll also have a complete wrap-up of the race during our 5:00 and 6:00 newscasts tonight. we've heard the expression too close for comfort or how about becoming nearly lunch? this is a close call here. two divers nearly swallowed up by humpback whales. >> the jaw dropping moments were caught on tape. check it out. you can see the drivers in the water surrounded by small fish. look at that. whales shoot up with their mouths wide open. >> you know why they do that? >> why? >> because they can. >> it happened off the coast just south of san louis opinion business powe. when they got in the water, the whales were about a quarter mile away. they had cameras and a safety rope cloops and hope to get close to them. >> the guys ton boat were mocking them. >> how funny was that? >> 6:57. one final check of the weather. christina loren is here to tell us. >> good morning to you.
6:58 am
a great looking day shaping up. we've got showers and a cool pattern. all this cloud cover and rain-cooled air going to keep our temperatures from by passing seasonal averages. it won't be too hot today. the showers are starting to thin out a little bit for now. i want to draw your attention to what's in the south. showers and thunderstorms to get through as we head throughout the day. watching a pretty strong line over the pacific. tracking this for you throughout the "today" show. mike and i tag teaming all morning long. >> seeing all that activity on the radar. this is what we use with the live cameras. these rain sensors. we don't see windshield wipers. things tall ing down for the south bay. we have a slow drive northbound 101 actually starting back here at capital expressway, 87, 85, also building at 280. the green painted over the maps may be wet conditions off the off-ramps. 6:58. a final check of the day's top
6:59 am
stories. san jose police investigating the death of a 7-month-old baby this morning. police say the infant was found unresponsive at a home near blossom hill road and monterey highway. right now it's not clear if there was foul play or if the baby died of natural causes. either way heartbreaking. >> campbell police looking for a driver who hit a group of bike riders saturday morning. two people were injured including a 20-year-old woman who right now remains hospitalized with a fractured skull. police believe the driver was in a dark-colored hon day. the airport in new york has reopened a runway where a plane crashed on landing yesterday afternoon. the front landing gear on the southwest flight collapsed on impact sending sparks flying onto the runway. eight people went to the hospital with minor injuries. finishing up with a live look at st. mary's hospital in london where everyone is waiting for prince william and the duchess katherine to make their first public appearance with their brand new baby boy, the new prince.
7:00 am
we're waiting on word of the name. we'll bring you live updates during the "today" show on nbc bay area at noon. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." good morning. celebrating the prince of gun salutes across london this morning, heralding the royal arrival as we wait for a first look at the future king. we're there to bring it all to you live. moment of impact. the landing gear of a passenger jet collapses, sending it in flames down a runway in new york. at least ten people injured. this morning, the chaos in the cabin and the investigation now under way. and wrong turn. the pope's car mobbed by massive crowds in the streets of brazil. a breach of security that some are calling unprecedented today,


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