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tv   Today  NBC  July 24, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PDT

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>> from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford, and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. come on, it's a boy! >> oh, it's a boy! it's a boy! ♪ >> it's a boy, everybody! >> it's a boy! >> it's a royal baby boy who will be king in 90 years. >> congratulations to william and kate. we thought it would happen on our show. it did not. it did happen until later in the afternoon but we do know it is a
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boy. everyone's eyes are trained on this door because we want to see that baby. >> we want to see the baby now. >> kate and william are supposed to come just like his mom before him did and his father when he was a new born. >> didn't they walk out with princess di when they were leaving? >> i think they come out when they're leaving. >> they are going to bring the baby out any second? >> i don't think so. somebody told me her hair stylist went in to do her hair. that will make you think kate will be coming out soon. i can't wait. >> i was right. i predicted that it was going to be a boy. >> yes, you did. >> i would love to say i was waiting for the moment to happen. i wanted the moment when the baby came out but i was passed out in my hotel room because hoda made me drink four shots of crown royal. so i came to somewhere around 4:30 and on nbc, that's what i was watching. it wasn't cnn, it was nbc news.
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it's a boy. it's a boy. oh, no, i was passed out during the royal baby birth. >> did you miss this guy, the town crier? who was this guy. he stood up in front of the hospital. i thought he was like an official royal guy. >> this is tony appleton. that was me when i left the show yesterday. i was just running around new york city, hello! it's noon, and i'm drunk! so this guy's not sanctioned by buckingham palace. he's not sanctioned by the uk. >> no, he is not. he is just out there. he captured the attention -- >> who is the guy? >> he's the town crier. >> if that happened in new york city he was arrested had in two -- he would be arrested in two seconds. >> he made "nightly news." that guy was on everywhere. because the way they do it with the old-fashioned way, the piece of paper and the easel, it just doesn't have any punch. it is very subdued and beautiful, but yet nothing. >> so you get the town drunk to come out and ring some bells? >> the baby was 8 pounds 6
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ounces. we don't know the name yet. >> the odds-on vegas favorite is james, i believe. if you're going to opine for answers, i don't know. >> i'm going with michael. >> michael? that's the least royal name of all time. i'm going with it is definitely not going to be mike. he's the heir to the throne, his name is mike! >> michael. michael is kate's dad. >> james, george. the deal with the name is this. william's got a very long name. i don't know what it is but all these -- the speculation about the name, they are he's just going to string them all together so it will be george, james, alexander -- maybe they'll throw spencer in there. which would be a nice homage for di's side. >> you know what else had had a baby yesterday? penelope cruz. she had a baby yesterday, on the same day. must be weird if you have a baby on the same day. oh, the middletons are arriving! look what's happening live on our program. that's her mom and dad and there they go. >> i see they're not bearing
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gifts of any kind. >> that was pretty much it. >> they could have brought a pie or something. some flowers. crown royal? >> this little baby shares a birthday with alex trebek. >> okay. sorry. >> selena gomez. >> nice. >> david spade. danny glover. bob dole. >> okay. you're a little ahead there. >> it was a really beautiful day. i'm glad the baby is healthy. we'll find a little bit more. you made a special drink to celebrate. >> i did. i'm a big fan of the bloody mary. on the set of "the voice" my trailer is strategically placed close to blake shelton because when i run out of vodka i just knock on his door. i love to make blood marys for the cast and crew. it's something i do, it's just fun. do you like it? >> it's really spicy. okay, what do you put in it? >> i like cheap liquor store ice because it melts better. it is strong. it is a lot of vodka. >> oh, my god. >> and then it's just a mix.
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>> what's your special mix? i use mr. and mrs. ts. but it's really the little things. the worcester shir is important. sweet pickle juice is really the key. gives it a little bit of sweetness. celery salt. beef jerky and cheese. >> ooh! >> you got to build a good bloody mary. and that's what this is. >> you know what, can i tell you something? let's see. >> i do enjoy making them, though. >> that has a lot of tabasco or something hot. >> there is. don't be a wimp, hoda. >> i'm on fumes. i had to do, did i watch what happens live. >> it is a crazy show. >> with andy cohen. it starts at 11:00 p.m. i found the one person on the planet who had no idea that there was a baby born. not andy because andy is very clued in. watch the top of the show. >> kept up, i got the role, i got the role. >> tamara -- she had no clue that there was a baby born.
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>> who is that woman? >> from "the real housewives of the o.c." >> well, that makes sense. >> she had no clue at all. to make me feel at home, they -- which is a little raunchy and crazy, they had a cut-out of kathie lee, who was acting as the bartender. >> hoda phone, here comes the judge. it's watch what happens live with mrs. eddie judge and hoda kotb now. >> there's kath. >> was that fun? >> it's like a tiny little clubhouse. probably like 15 chairs. >> what are you saying? >> you don't want to know. >> they did this segment called "studio 1-hey." they had you talk about each person on the thing. >> what did you say? >> i'm not even -- >> come on. they brought up names? >> they bring it out. they -- >> what did you say for matt lauer? >> i said the word -- i said jewels. >> okay. what did you say for al roker?
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>> no, i'm not going to say. >> why? >> because it was late at night when no one's supposed to be watching. everyone had drinks. it doesn't matter. >> you see she went for her drink? that's defense mechanism number one. if you're on a date and you want an answer, you're like, i don't know, i'm not going toay anything. i don't know. >> but anyway -- >> that means they're hiding something. what was your name for al roker? >> no! have you ever gotten up the morning after something and go, oh, god. >> i did this morning! did you watch the show yesterday? i worked so hard to bridge the gap between nbc and entertainment and news and i saw it all fly out the window with five shots of crown royal, waiting for that baby to come out. >> you totally tanked it. yesterday geraldo rivera did that selfie. he took a picture of himself practically naked with just a towel. >> i just don't get -- favre, i don't get these older guys taking pictures.
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he looks great from the neck down, i guess. what did you think? >> i thought he looked good for 70. >> that's what he wrote. he wrote 70 is the new 50. >> i know. >> then his wife came and tweeted something immediately after that was very, very apologetic for her husband's behavior. >> and he apologized. he said he shouldn't be tweeting after 1:00 in the morning. >> letterman had some fun with him. let's take a listen. >> naked pictures of geraldo rivera showing up on your doorstep. thoughts now going through their mind. number ten -- does this mean he's running for office. number nine -- at least he kept his mustache on. number eight, the mayans were only a year off. number two -- i'd tap that martha stewart only. and the number one thought goes to people's thoughts upon seeing this photo -- gerald-ewww! >> oh, my god. do you do selfies? >> no, not at all. i just did one a minute ago. i don't get that generation.
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i don't get it. >> you don't get what? >> the sense of entitlement. everybody to constantly be telling everybody what they're doing. you have to assume that people really care what you're doing at all hours of the day. it seems a little bit much to me. sort of fight for my privacy so i'm not into it. and there you go, geraldo is an example of someone i thought -- whose iphone should be thrown off the roof of his house. he and justin bieber. i think they should start taking celebrities' phones away from them. >> don't you think twitter is one of those things, are you angry, upset, you are feeling that way and in that second you can watch your whole career go up in flames. >> the humble brags are interesting to me. there are a lot of celebrities who are quick to go to twitter to say on the private jet, like have to wait two hours on the runway on this g-4. they make it sound like something we can all -- -- empathize about, but meanwhile, it's this ostentatious thing. >> or they retweet really great compliments about them. did you that yesterday on the
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show. >> i did? what did i say? that's not true. favorite things. you have an iphone. okay? iphones are great but one thing that's not great about them is the battery just sometimes dies so quickly. >> a lot of people leave a lot of their apps open. they don't realize. there is a way to close them out to save some battery life. but for those of us who travel a lot. i found this and i'm not endorsed by this company at all, but basically it's the size of a normal iphone case. it is called a mofi. if you keep it there, see it will light up. when my iphone goes dead, i just flip the switch and this automatically charges it. it is basically -- like two days worth of iphone. super light. it's less than $100. >> you charge that with a blackberry charger, don't you? >> this comes apart right here. you just throw your iphone in like that. then you would just snap it in. >> is it expensive? >> there's different ones. it is around $100. >> can we show them? >> we showed them yesterday. >> look how cute his saver --
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oh. >> that's all you get. >> go to carson dale, charge you a dollar a minute after that. there's no such thing as carson someone's squatting on it? >> are they? >> if you want a quick page turner, there is a good book called "bad monkey." it is one of those books you buy, you'll hop on the plane. >> give me the ten seconds synopsis. >> it is a mystery, a murder -- ang arm that floats. >> is it really about a monkey, though? >> yeah. there is a monkey in there that they say comes from one of johnny depp's movies. it is very clever. it is a great quick read. sara, what do you have? >> i have this fun game, an app called heads up. you can get it on the ipad or iphone for 99 cents. you've played games like this where you have to act out or -- >> she loves geraldo. she -- >> we just said her name. >> martha stewart. >> yes, next.
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>> he's got a sister that's named maggie still in the business. >> jake gyllenhaal. >> she's on sex in the city. >> sarah jessica parker. >> i think we have to quit. >> why? >> they keep screaming in my ear. >> she makes purses and bags. >> i have no idea. >> tory burch. >> the woman that just had the baby. >> sounds like david -- >> beckham? >> first name, just had a baby. >> how about first name. she just had a baby. spade. kate spade! >> yes, that's it! >> that was so executing! -- that was so exciting. >> let's package that as a game show. we're going to be talking to mel b. they're having a big, big night tonight right across the street at radio city. sheeds one of the judges. she's been over here a lot today. >> we'll see you soon, mel b.
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all right, "america's got talent" airs live tonight. >> there's no warning, no bump-in. just comes right up. no nothing. >> the countdown from radio city
2:20 am
music hall right across the street. 60 contestants vie for the $1 million prize. >> mel b. of spice girls fame is one of the new judges on the show. she's certainly gotten an eye full and earful from contestants, both great and small. >> hello, dear. how are you? >> very good, thank you. >> now this little girl was shockingly -- she was just shocking. >> i loved this when i saw this. >> i have a question about this little girl. did you love her? >> she actually frightened me a little bit. she did frighten me. >> did you vote for her or against her? >> i said no. >> what's it like when you look at at that young girl's face and say no to her? >> it's always hard are to say no to kids. >> what is it like when you look at that young girl's face and say huh-uh to her. >> i know there is a genre of music that's really popular but that's just not my cup of tea. >> you would be terrified to run into her in the hallways -- after the show, after saying no. >> screaming at me. yeah, she was rocking out. >> two of your guys, nick canon
2:21 am
and howie mandel are very busy this morning. >> they are, actually. and heidi. oh, look at them both. >> that's the worst place for a germa fob like howie mandel to ring -- nothing more filthy on the planet than that bell. >> i think he did it with his elbow. >> how is it like working with that crew? >> we're very opinionated, but we have a lot of fun. especially when the cameras are off. >> some of those acts are freaky. like you see the singers and you think they're very cool. there are those weirdoes -- >> this was fun, the big line dance. >> then we said no to the guy. >> watching howard dance. >> howard is the best on the show. he really brings a new -- >> what do you mean, he's the best? >> just in general terms. >> what? >> he's a great addition to the show. >> no, he is. he's actually a very funny and
2:22 am
squeet guy. i call him my cuddly tedy bear. he doesn't like that though. brakes the illusion. >> not at all. do your kids watch the show? >> they love it. they particularly like the dancing acts. >> do they want to get in show business, your kids? >> no. >> do you discourage them? >> yes. >> you're speaking for them. >> you can be a doctor or a lawyer, that's it, choose one. no, i'm joking! i'm joking. >> when your kids watch "america's got talent" and they see the guy whose swallow the swords, some acts are cringe worthy just for grown-ups. >> they know it is entertaining to watch. they're not going to try this at home. >> you know what? i'm sorry. >> what were you looking for? who would be a great vegas act? is it a magician? a singer? >> i think any of these acts can go ahead and win it. you can be a magician, you can and great singer, dancer, anything. as long as you're entertaining. >> the undertaking tonight that they're going to go through is incredible. and it's live. >> have fun tonight.
2:23 am
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♪ for decades ice bars have been hot overseas. now those frozen pubs seem to be popping up all over the states. >> sara got to check it out. >> ice bar orlando is the largest permanent ice bar in the world made from more than 50 tons of ice and kept at below freezing temps.
2:27 am
clearly i was in for a very different kind of florida getaway. >> reporter: the sun, the surf, the sand, and right in the middle of the sweltering heat -- an ice bar. that's more like it. everything in here is ice. how do you keep that in that form? >> you're actually sitting in a giant freezer. >> do you get a unique group of people wanting to work here? >> we have had some people who came in and said, i'm dying to be your ice bar bartender. and they last about 25 minutes and go, okay, i'm just dying. >> reporter: on to a carving lesson with joe, the sculptor behind all of the ice bar art. >> go ahead and -- not like that! i'm just kidding. you're doing great. >> a nice flush. >> i got it. woo! >> there you go. perfect. >> reporter: joe had one more trick up his sleeve.
2:28 am
>> hoda's hair looks really good. i feel right at home now. i've got my girls. need a drink. bartender. i was ready to mix things up ice bar style. >> two glasses. yep. check. did that. you know how much to do, right? you going low or high. >> high, high, high. cheers! >> cheers. >> oh, my gosh, that tastes just like root beer. >> it is. it is dangerous. >> oh, this is going to be a long night. welcome to our freezer! hi, guys, welcome to the ice bar. i have some drinks picked out for you. come on in and enjoy. this is called the creamsicle. cream and sickle. i'm going to make this really strong because you look like you need a drink. it didn't take long for me to heat this place up. here we go. >> thank you. >> that will warm you up on the inside. >> this is a peachy princess. it looks right up your alley, sir. whoa. lot of peach in there. not so much princess. who's up next?
2:29 am
i like it alcohol with a splash of mixer. >> good job! >> reporter: finally, i found some florida warmth. time to defrost. that's cold. speaking of defrosting, i tried to bring back the ice sculptures but this is as far as i got. don't drink that all in one sitting, carson. >> thank you, that was awesome. >> the glasses were made of ice? >> all made of ice. one-time use. >> which one was hoda? >> the one with the really great hair. checking out that weird looking equipment in the gym? but keep on walking. we'll have some help just ahead.
2:30 am
2:31 am
♪ we're back with more on this booze day tuesday. carson daly is helping me out while kathie lee is away for a while. he's about to get an education in dressing like a celebrity.
2:32 am
>> look at my face. i'm so excited. "today" contributor and contributing editor for people "style watch" jill martin is here to help you shop like the stars. without racking up the bills. hey, jill. >> hey. >> we can look like the stars? >> we can look like the stars for less. i think all of these items are a way to incorporate into your summer and fall wardrobe without sort of breaking the bank so some of these things may be for you. >> jessica alba is our first up. take a look at -- >> is she here? >> no. that's a photo. we don't have them coming here. tell us about this outfit. >> i'm going to make a lame joke. she spends a lot of cash. >> i knew it wouldn't go over. just her shoes, $775. let's bring out danielle. her entire outfit is $277. >> she looks just like jessica alba! >> she does. better. >> this whole outfit cost as much as one jessica alba shoe. >> less than one shoe. 775 divided by two.
2:33 am
so these pumps are $90 as opposed to the $775. we love these pants. statement pants are huge for summer. going into fall. $19.18 by forever 21. >> you're kidding. >> and the faux leather jacket, $79.99. >> i am so buying this outfit. you look awesome. >> statement pants are really the craze. summer going into fall. >> come out, jo ann. you know what i love about joann. joann, you look perfect. >> we're going to call you up for the next segment, too. next up, the beautiful eva longoria rocking her great maxi dress. >> she looks a lot like her. what's so expensive about that? >> just her coach bag is $348. her entire outfit here, $248.93. we love a maxi dress here because it is kind of forgiving depending on where you're sort of -- the bag is $89. available at macy's.
2:34 am
the maxi dress, $77.99, great for summer, also going into fall just to throw over. we love maxi dresses, just throw over a cardigan. jewelry is $32. my jewel candy. the point is don't splurge on more than one item especially when it is trendy or not going to take you from season to season. the statement jewelry, $32. >> good one. that was excellent. last up, miranda kerr. you awake? >> i'm here. stay with me. miranda kerr. this is her look. how much is this look. >> miranda -- just her bag, stella mccartney, $2,995. becca's total look, $258.99. this top $69.50 from zappos. pattern top, keep a solid pant. ann taylor. the heels $69.99 available at kohl's. >> miranda kerr had $3,000 worth of stuff. becka's sporting just --
2:35 am
skoum -- couple under bucks. >> the whole thing just under $260. you get a lot from this. in terms of learning. >> i did. i'm all for the knock-off. you achieve the look and don't have to pay the price. did makes a lot of sense. >> let's bring all of our models out. thanks, guys. coming up next, how to turn that trash into something you're going to treasure in your own living room. >> renovation expert brian kelsey is about to put us to work. but first these messages. thank you, ladies.
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♪ all right, everybody. grab your tool box. whether you've got junk lying around in your house or you're a habitual dumpster diver, we'll show you how to give that old stuff new life. >> here is brian kelsey, licensed contractor, host of "kelsey on the house" premiering on this season's cozi tv. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> you guys have probably jumped in some dumpsters now and again. wii not really going in the dumpsters, but i wanted to show you projects that are very easy to do yourself. we're going to start with making a lamp. you can make a lamp out of anything literally. i've seen boots, shoes, you've seen from christmas story -- remember the big leg? i chose wine and beer. >> of course you did. >> starts with a glass bottle. you need to drill a hole in the bottle first. to do that, you need a glass cutting bit so it doesn't
2:41 am
shatter. drill it through, pull your wire through. >> you have to drink the wine first. >> i spent all day long yesterday drinking this. >> that's why you're good at what you do. >> well, not feeling so well now. best part, this comes with a little cork. the cork is what holds the wire in there and you tighten it down there really good, tight. then you start to build the lamp. >> are these hard to find? can somebody go to home depot. >> that's where i got it. i got all this at home depot. one little kit, build it from there. boom, boom, boom. >> that easy, huh? >> is there a problem because the heat and this glass. >> no. there's not much heat. >> this is a mini keg. >> i like the booze theme. >> this is my personal favorite. antique doors have so much character and you can build anything out of them. headboards, tables. down here i made a coffee table. >> that's awesome looking. this is like something you would find on the side of the road. just cut it to your coffee table shape. how do you get it to look that
2:42 am
nice? >> the first thing you have to do is get legs. i bought these legs online. these are just -- i think these were like $49 a pair. this is how it makes it so easy. >> get in there. >> i've already predrilled the holes. you have to. you're not going to get through this. it's solid walnut. >> is mine predrilled, too. >> put a little strength into it, mama. >> i'm trying. this is fun. >> you build your legs here. >> then you flip it over. >> look at this. come on. >> i am not handy. >> the key to making it look nice is a little shellac. you clean this off. shellac dries -- >> clean how? >> just soap and water. >> you ever play this game with you kind of go like this? >> stop it. >> look how much that cleans it up. >> wow. this is the shellac. >> how many coats do you do? >> i just put one on that. then you go and you have the glass cutter cut a piece of glass -- >> is that it? >> what's the total cost.
2:43 am
>> this would probably be about $60. >> gorgeous. >> finally this again, one of my favorites. that's actually my personal one but -- >> i'm not going to walk out of here with it. >> this is another great idea. people are giving away windows. old windows. they are -- nobody wants them. so what we can do is to make an actual mirror out of one. we don't need to drill for this. what we need to do is replace the glass with actual mirror. the first thing you do. i've replaced these two here. go through here and all along this. take out this putty. >> this requires some skill but nothing crazy. >> get in there, hoda. let's see what you got. >> pop the putty. just like picking your teeth. >> what? >> you'll see the points that hold the glass in there. >> are you trying to resurrect the same piece of glass or just get it out?
2:44 am
>> why don't you just -- >> you could but -- >> okay. >> once you are done, then clean this out here, you'll bring this to the glass company, to the glass store, they will cut a piece for you. pop it in. >> perfect. thank you so much for joining us. >> that was so fast. he's so good. as if all this had wasn't hard enough work, we're going to go to the kitchen and bake some pies. >> not just any pies. stack pies. stacks on stacks on stacks. after these messages. good morning. i'm crystal egger. and your seven-day forecast here. halfway through the week, and we can expect more wet weather in the southeast. scattered showers and thunderstorms still possible, along the emerald coast, into northern florida. anything in red on the map, that's going to be a threat for severe weather across the lower mississippi valley. later in the afternoon especially watching out for some large hail and damaging winds. clearing in the northeast.
2:45 am
temperatures right around average for this time of year. 84 in new york city. how about 75 in chicago. still expecting some strong waves across the lake in the morning hours and then starting to calm down by the time we get into the evening. more rain for the southeast coastline on thursday. then we see some showers spread across the high plains and that monsoonal moisture still impacting the four corners, higher elevations of colorado. still a lot of heat in phoenix at 105 help 83 in washington, d.c. and on friday we'll be in the 70s and 80s from new york city up into boston. below average and some drier air should be pretty comfortable out there as you kick off the weekend. 71 in minneapolis for friday. on saturday, we're looking at a few scattered showers here and there across the southern plains and the southeast. much of the country looking pretty good to start the weekend. looks like more soggy weather on the weekend. that will impact some of your
2:46 am
outdoor plans for the second half of the weekend. on monday, still in the low 80s there, from washington up into new england. beautiful weather across california's coast. 73 in los angeles. 67 in san francisco. 86 up here in billings. salt lake city, you've had plenty of heat. 97 to start out the work week. and on tuesday, not much of a change there. we'll track the weather and update you, wake up with al weekdays at 5:30. billion cups oe every week without a second thought. 5-hour energy has less caffeine than some starbucks coffees, plus it has vitamins and nutrients. it's simple... caffeine with vitamins and nutrients. it's the combination that makes it so great. before you make a decision, get the facts. try a sip and find out why so many people love 5-hour energy.
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♪ it is time to head into today's kitchen for a delicious dessert. we are stacking up pies. >> i love it. now can you have a taste of everything based on a southern tradition stack pies are back in vogue. "the new york times" best appetite columnist melissa clark is here to help us stack some pies. good morning. >> genius. >> this was not my idea. this is something traditional from the '30s in the south.
2:49 am
mountains of north carolina, you take a pie, stack another one on top, then another one on top and you take it to the party. >> so it's a layer cake. >> exactly. >> what are we making? >> i'm going to make a blueberry pie and a lemon pie, then stack them up. >> just get to the stacking. >> you got to make them first. we want to cook our blueberries. cup of blueberries in here, lemon juice, a little sugar and a little tapioca. that's the thickener. let that cook for about two minutes. it looks like that. also over here, little parchment paper. >> this is homemade pie crust? >> yes. that's bake off really well. you want it sturdy when you put the stuff in it. parchment paper on the bottom so it doesn't scoop. -- it doesn't stick. here's the blueberry goop. mix that with fresh blueberries. >> you don't know what you're doing. >> that's what you're supposed to do. >> dump it in. that's the blueberry pie with
2:50 am
lemon zest, sugar and a little bit of salt. bake that for about an hour. >> it's all on our website. >> you take fresh lemon zest, lemon section, put it in the food processor. >> are you doing these strategically blue berry and lemon to stack these two? >> yes. you want flavors that go well together. you need the sugar for the lemon. >> just dump it in? >> great. that seems to be a problem. >> what's this? >> that is corn starch to make it thick. pinch of salt. turn it on. that's melted butter. add that in a second. just put it right through there for me. there it goes. that goes in the same thing in a prebaked crust. you can bake them at the same time. that one goes for an hour, this goes for 30 minutes. >> he's very anxious for the next part. >> come taste! this is the best part.
2:51 am
remember the blueberry pie and lemon pie? >> how do you stack it. come on carson, get involved. >> >> just give me something to put in my mouth. i'm ready to go. >> put this pie on that one. >> under. >> i got it. >> i'm going to help you -- one, two, three. pecan on top of chocolate? chocolate fudge on the bottom, pecan on top. >> is there a bad combination? not really. >> there is. you got to mix it up, sweet and salty. blueberry chocolate, may be too sweet. >> what's the limit to stacking? why not three or four? >> right here. we have three. your dream has come true. tell us about this combo right here. start tasting it and tell me what you think. >> i can tell you it is going to be amazing. look at that. >> what's in carson's stack. >> a heart attack. >> no, it's beautiful. on the bottom we have a chocolate -- these we bought
2:52 am
from four and 20 black birds in brooklyn. you can buy three amazing pies. if you stack them up like this, it is a homemade dessert. >> what's this one? >> this is a perfect one for the people who love really sweet things, like me, for example. fudge on the bottom. fudge pie, like a brownie, pecan on top. >> my god! what are you doing! >> go for it! >> this is the quadruple. >> this is the grandmother of all of the pies. coming up, it is time to work off the calories. we'll be right back after this.
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♪ going to a gym can be intimidating enough, especially if you haven't been there a while so we're going to help you face your fears. sometimes you see these crazy looking pieces of equipment and you got to figure out how to use them. >> sometimes you just ate like four pies and you see this equipment in the gym and you are like, what am i doing here? >> jacqueline, fitness editor for "self" magazine, thank you. >> i'm intimidated already. >> i'm going to help you not be intimidated. that will make your work-out more fun and more effective. >> how about these steps. these look like they're not even pieces of gym equipment. >> this is a playo box. those are explosive jumping moves that help you burn ten
2:57 am
calories a minute. so we love them. best thing on these is box jump. swing the arms back, jump up, both feet up, then you stand up, then back down. if that's scary for you, step up, then jump down. >> how many of the explosive jumps can you do in a minute? >> i can do a thousand. >> you're super woman, but what about people at home. >> start out with about 15 reps. >> are they all this high? >> they start at about six inches an they go up to three feet. if you're brand-new -- >> can you ever just do this? >> after you've done your three sets you can do that. >> all right. so show us the next. >> these are balance disks. these throw your body off balance which recruits more muscles to help you stabilize. a lot of moves you can do standing up. i'll show you one on the ground. you'll stack your feet up on this like you would coming into a side plank. lift the hips. >> pretend your feet are pies
2:58 am
and stack them. >> raise that top arm, squeeze and scoop that arm. >> ask hold, hold. sara, you're so good. >> you can also dip the hips to the floor, or you can hold that side plank. >> you need that elevation on your feet though a little bit. >> it is going to keep you a little bit off balance which requires you to engage more muscles. >> these are dyna max balls. they're i bigger, softer versions of a medicine ball. >> big balls. what do you do? >> play catch. if you're at gym with a friend. >> hoda, catch! >> you squat and toss it to your friend. once you catch t go into the squat, that will work your butt, your legs, and your arms. don't rip the suit. >> ready? one, two, three, go? okay, now we're talking. >> come show us this last one. >> this one looks scary --
2:59 am
but it's so much fun. >> this is if you're a dog sledder and you want some good training. >> hoda, sit there on this side. you're going to grab it and just push it. deep lunge. >> open that door, i'm going. i'm going to 6f. >> this by -- how much did you weigh? you said your weight on the air? >> this sled was furnished by body space fitness. good luck. >> tonight, america! >> i can't believe you pushed 148-plus. >> i was headed toward the pies. >> you guys, thank you so much. we want to again thank our great guests and also -- you know what? that sled. that was one heck of a sled. >> tomorrow we'll have some fun guests. guess who is joining us? >> who? >> barry manilow. >> oh, my gosh, legend. >> he writes the songs. >> and in honor of men everywhere, bobby thomas has a
3:00 am
special edition for dressing. >> and if you want to make some jeff: "top chef" gail simmons from judging -- >> i get attached to them and crush their dreams week after week. jeff: to indulging. how do you stay lean? >> that is the top question i'm asked. jeff: we're drinking it up. >> i love this. jeff: she grew up pretending to be a boy. at six, you decided to live as a boy. >> i just felt more comfortable. jeff: hello, hello. [cheers and applause] jeff: roll it! jeff: all right, a little about me. i'm recently married. i work with my wife on the show and i'm learning how to be a dad to two amazing kids in a blended family. i'm hosting a talk show because there's a lot t


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