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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 24, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> and a refreshing start to the gay. it's going to be a hot day ahead, but wait until i show you where we could see more thunderstorms. your full forecast in moments. plus a whole slew of overnight road work and a crash in the north bay. we'll give you that report on highway 101. and a look outside for this wednesday morning. that's right, you're halfway through with workweek. it's wednesday, july 24th. this is "today in the bay." >> it's 5:00 in the morning. >> this morning a south florida woman is in jail accused of
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cheating a sunnyvale woman out of -- face charges of extortion and grand theft. according to court documents, the sunnyvale woman was going through a messy divorce. the victim says she became brainwashed into believes that her husband was using a voodoo curse against her and she was the only one that could save her. right now we have some sad news to share with you this morning. a south bay boy battling leukemia has unfortunately lost his fight. the family says the san jose 6-year-old died just yesterday. they're telling nbc bay area the loss is, quote, hard to accept, but i know god has him in his arms. now this is video of eduardo during a hospital visit with san
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jose s.w.a.t. officers. they took care of him there. there were a number of bone marrow drives in the south bay this year, unfortunately none of them resulted in a marrow match for the young man. this morning people in the south bay are hoping an injured pit bull gets the medical care it needs after a really bizarre attack at st. jails park. police say the dog named chica is in stitches after a homeless man used a hand saw -- struck the dog on the head with a hand saw, leaving a deep, three-inch gash on her head. a group of men who saw the attack restrained the homeless man until police could get to the scene. no one has the money to pay the $600 needed for the dog's
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stitches. we're hearing from the lake taho nurse for saving the life of a palo alto woman. beth frisbee was out for a walk when she saw that small plane going down. she rushed to that plane and called her husband. because of her quick thinking, help arrived in a matter of minutes. >> i saw that she was alert and orient ed and i came back and crawled urn der the aircraft wing and turned the key off. >> the victim was still in the wreckage, it was dripping fuel. minutes mattered like there was no tomorrow. >> at the point i was helping the woman in the aircraft, it didn't matter that i was a flight nurse, because i was working as someone who did basic life support. >> the plane's pilot, steven lefton who's also from palo alto, sadly died in that crash. two advocates are teaming up
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with police to get guns off the streets. gun by lets people done nature money. the money goes toward funding buyback programs in s. that's where anyone can turn in a working gun for cash no questions asked. the program is run by eric king. it is 5:04 right now. time to check back in with meteorologist christina loren to find out what's happening on this thursday. >> now good morning to you, john and laura, good morning to you at home. want to start with your weather headlines, they tell a story, fog and drizzle this morning, we are expecting a return of those flight delays out of sfo. today's going to be warmer by about three to five degrees. but the true temperature is going to feel like 91 degrees. we're looking good for this
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weekend. i'm going to show you way spots are going to get the best weather for your outdoor plans. coming up when we get to your seven-stay forecast, 63 degrees -- san jose, we're going to be about 57 degrees. temperatures are going to be nice and comfortable. 89 for concord today. 91 december by tuesday, and 92 by friday. is that a new tie? >> it's not a new tie, but i took off the food that was on there earlier. southbound on 101. we're looking at a nice easy drive through san rafael. the maps will show you the same thing. coming out of novado, not a problem. and 37 over from vallejo, a very nice drive. over in sonoma county,
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northbound 101, pretty far north for most of our viewers. heading north through santa rosa, there's a crashed car that went off the roadway. there's no reports of injuries, but there are crews there, they will have to pull it from a ditch on the slow side. getting a look outside and see how things are from the bay bridge, moving left to right over the incline and over to treasure island. the far side, you can't see the tops of those towers for the bay bridge. low clouds hovering around, but high enough around the deck -- the south bay shows a nice easy drive to 101. we'll give you a wider view of the south bay coming up. 5:06 right now. there's a warning out for people living in san carlos. the san francisco police department warning women to be on the lookout for a peeping tom. here's more details on the
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ongoing investigation. >> reporter: this just happened overnight between 9:00 and 11:00 last night in the north end of san carlos and san mateo sheriff's office are trying to get the word out to be on the lookout because this person has not been arrested. police say they are investigating two different instances of a peeping tom watching women take showers in their bathroom. they want to get the word out to obviously keep your doors lock, your windowed locked, closed, covered, shades drawn and they ask you to call 911 if you see someone acting suspicious. reporting live here in san carlos, "today in the bay." it's 5:07. the giants paid special tribute to a police officer killed in
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the line of duty last night. there was a police helicopter flyover and a moment of silence for the fallen officers and their families. families like the moodies who attended the game of brad moody, a richmond police officer killed in 2008. >> it helps to know that he's always going to be remembered by the communities around us and it's good to be around families that are going through exactly what we're going through. >> the california peace officer's memorial fund paid for the tribute. the families say remembering their loved ones at the game is a very special moment. >> very, very nice. well they plan to plant a brand-new tree in pleasantton now creating controversy this morning. it's not just any tree, it's a 63-foot tall cell phone tower. it's not really a tree. but you get what we're talking
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about. at&t hoping to get approval to install the tower at valley avenue and stanley boulevard. but some people there, they live in that area, they fear the tower could lower property values and also cause some health issues. the city planning commission will address the new tower at a meeting set for tonight. nine months later, the unexpected side effects of superstorm sandy, if you know what i'm talking about, coming up. >> we absolutely do. plus why the military says it must still pay the man suspected of going on a shooting rampage at ft. hood two years ago. and what law makers are doing today to try and change that.
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good wednesday morning to you. that's a pretty live look outside. that's from the south bay this morning. dawn breaking over the south bay. nice beautiful colors out there. less humidity in the air as well. we'll check the forecast with
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christina coming up. 5:11 right now. a san francisco jury has ruled the company owes one of the original programmers of the john madden football game nearly $4 million in damages. 3% of the game's revenue from 19 90 to 996. ea says the amounts are premature and yet to be determined. it says it will appeal the ruling. and google's ceo larry page will stop the fundraising who say they are climate change deniers. a republican senator from oklahoma has repeatedly called climate change a hockey. at "today's" demonstration in mountain view, protesters will deliver a petition signed by thousands of people calling on google to stop funding climate
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denial. and google, the senior vice president of both android and chrome now host a -- sundar is planning to unveil a mobile product or feature. the company is releasing very few details about the event. but many speculate the web giants will announce the release of android 4.3. another theory is google will formally unveil the motorola moto x smart phone. we'll see more on the bailout of general motors. the government paid almost $50 million to bail the car maker out in 2009. to get that money back, says a government watch dog, the government will have to sell its stock, for about 96 cents a share.
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the government holds 189 million shares. hampton, good morning. >> how are you doing, john? yeah, president obama resets his economic agenda this week with three major speeches, the first this afternoon in illinois, this comes ahead of three deadlines this fall for passing a spending bill to keep the government running and raising the u.s. debt ceiling. meanwhile looking at markets, futures are higher after a mixed close for the markets on tuesday. the dow finishing at still another record high but stocks -- a surprise drop in a regional manufacturing index last month. we do get data today on new home sales and earnings from boeing, caterpillar and pepsico. back to you guys, have a great day, everybody. >> hampton, you do the same,
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appreciate it. phil mickelson may be the new winner of the british open, but it comes with a hefty price tag. lefty as he's referred to received $1.4 million for that win. however, espn reports united kingdom will take nearly half of that in taxes. and because mickelson lives in california, the state will take another 13%. so after all the taxes are added up, he's going to end up with about $570,000. still not bad. >> not too bad. i'll take that. here's an interesting story, it appears superstorm sandy had an unaffected side effect. hospitals throughout the northeast bracing for a minibaby boom, nine months after the storm devastated that area and wiped out power in much of new jersey. and now hospital officials, they say they are seeing a 25% increase in the number of births this month compared to last month. superstorm sandy of course hit the east coast very, very hard in october of last year, and
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parents of the newborns, they say there simply wasn't much else to do in the dark. >> you get a little bored, there you go. >> i think a very good option. >> a baby boom. >> just saying. let's check what the forecast is today. >> i'm getting out of this one and fast. 5:16, but i'm going to mark those words, john. got a good looking day shaping up. i like a man who speaks his mind. we ghave got a great day shapin up. i can tell you, mike, everybody, it's finally going to start to decrease as we head throughout the day today. starting with your current temperatures. it's crisp out there compared to yesterday. 61 degrees in san jose, 59 to start down in gilroy, and 59 degrees, good morning to you concord. so this is where we're headed. as we head into the day, area of low pressure sits to our south, it's going to continue to spin up some showers for today, but probably more close to a third
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as much humidity as we had yesterdays. but we did see the thunderstorms develop over the sierra nevada yesterday. meanwhile we're still fair game for a light stray shower or two. nothing heavy, we don't think anything strong will develop. we just don't have the cape available. as we head throughout the rest of the day, across the bay area, city by city, 87 in san jose, 88 in los gatos today. you can get used to the 90s and after today and tomorrow, you can get used to that dry heat, mike and i know you're looking forward to it. >> i'm going to be looking up, c -- traffic down the east shore as that sun comes up behind me. a nice smooth flow approaching the toll plaza with no backups.
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we have a good operation over here. let me show you these maps. let me show you the area here. there's the tunnel over here from highway 24. 580, 880 all at the limits. we're going to move your map. we're now going to face south, that's this direction, as we show the street sign here, dakotas road coming off the dunbdu dunb dunbarton bridges. the afternoon speeds are 67 miles an hour as you're traveling south toward mission boulevard and in toward 237. this is 880 south at 101. you could see just about a dozen cars. drier roads from yesterday. we're going to take a peek at highway 17. both directions moving very smoothly. there's one incident on this map. i told you i would show you a good look at this south bay. south 280 at saratoga avenue. there may still be a car on the side of the road.
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so interesting to know. and all these freeways, 60 at the worst. looking at palo alto, 101 coming up the peninsula. very light volume here as well as 280. there might be patches of fog, keep that in mind, but no problems right now. back to you guys. fire continues to burn this morning at a natural gas well off the louisiana coast. flames broke out late last night at an oil rig about 55 miles from louisiana. it happened hours after 44 workers safely evacuated the drilling rig following a mid morning blowout. a firefighting boat is expected to head out to that gas well this morning. so far no injuries have been reported. it's still unclear what caused that gas to ignite. chapel hill lawmakers considering a new bill this morning aimed at blocking the pay of soldiers accused of serious crimes. the bill was proposed earlier
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this week after an nbc station in dallas revealed the suspected ft. hood shooter is still receiving a salary from the army. major nadal hassan has received nearly $300,000 since the 2009 shooting rampage that ultimately killed 13 people and injured 32 others. the new stop pay for violence offenders act would allow the military to suspend pay for military members arrested in connection with serious crime. the defense department says it must pay hassan unless he is convicted. new warnings about the national security agency's el t electronic veils program. if the nsa is forced to -- national security would about a risk and there could be another terrorist attack. today the house is expected to vote on a measure that would cancel the authority of the secret program. the white house says that doing
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. welcome back, everybody on a wednesday morning. this is a live look at kensington palace this morning where hopefully prince william and kate and their brand-new baby boy are getting a rest after an eventful day yesterday. everybody's still wondering what the new name will be. we'll tell you when it comes out. it's 5:23 right now and here's johnny. i just love that show. apple now making episodes of the legendary tonight show with johnny carson available on i-tunes. it's about time. there are two volumes online
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which include compilation features and highlights from the 1960s to 1992. and there's interviews with the likes of classic don rickles, steve martin and betty white. worth checking out. you probably missed it, late night with jimmy fallon, that show was a rerung. that's because the host had some important business to attend to. he had to rush home to his new baby girl. this is the first child for jimmy and his wife nancy and they say they're overjoyed about the arrival of their new daughter. jimmy fallon one of my favorite guys in hollywood. no word yet on what the name will be. but i guess li.
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wednesday right in the middle of the road. wire looking pretty good as far as weather. just one moment, 88 degrees inland today, bayside 75 at the coast. 6 4 degrees.
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>> when i talks about something in the middle of the -- all the way down past the parkway. and we'll have travels in the tri-valley. with a dip in speed. basically from about north livermore avenue over toward the wb interchange. the volume starts to build. and we'll also look at the north bay, which is pretty much at the limit as well. across the bay, san mateo bridge. getting little bit heavy, that's your commute. back to you. time now is 5:26. a teenage volunteer at a local zoo came in contact with a rabid
5:27 am
bat, we'll tell you what we're learning this morning about her condition. >> plus the world is abuzz as we get that first glimpse of the royal baby. we're going to get a live report from london where the family spent the first approximate night the first night at home as a family. it starts with something little, like taking a first step. and then another. and another. and if you do it. and your friends do it. and their friends do it... soon we'll be walking our way to awareness, support and an end to alzheimer's disease. and that? that would be big. grab your friends and family and start a team today. register at
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>> reporter: good morning, a warning from law enforcement for women to keep their shades drawn and their doors locked. that story coming up. and a beautiful live look this morning at the bay bridges. a crackdown we're talking about on i-80. and we're starting out this wednesday morning with good air quality, thanks to the showers that came through yesterday, a very slight chance of the same activity today, we'll tell you where and we've got a warmer day shaping up for your weekend forecast in moments. >> got a vehicle stuck on 880, so we have a problem from the
5:30 am
"nimitz." a live look over the south bay, a majestic look at san jose on your wednesday july 24th. this is "today in the bay." >> from the nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." it is 5:30, thanks a lot for joining us this morning. the hunt is on this morning for a peeping tom on the peninsula. here's the very latest on this investigation. . >> reporter: san mateo county sheriff's department is trying to find this manage who was caught at least two times monday night peeking into the windows or the homes of two women in two separate homes that were taking showers at the time. they said it was between 9:00 and 11:00 monday night on the
5:31 am
north end of town here in san carlos. the sheriff's office trying to get the word out to people to keep your windows locked, obviously your shades drawn and to report anything suspicious. if you see anyone suspicious, if you seen anyone loitering outside a place where they don't believe, you're urged to call 911. two incidents of a peeping tom on monday night between 9:00 and 11:00. reporting live here in san carlos, b carlos. 23-year-old barry white jr. charged with 16 felony counts including two counts of murder and several counts of attempted murder. police say he walked into the jewelry store back on july 12, opened fire and killed two women, critically injuring the store owner.
5:32 am
investigators believe white was upset about the value of jewelry he previously purchased at that store. he's currently being held without basement. a follow-up this morning, there is yet another delay in the hearing of the man accused of killing sierra lamar. the hearing has been postponed to next month allowing the defense to go over evidence turned over by the prosecution. the allegations are serge mounting against a ymca worker molesting a 5-year-old girl in his care. police say the girl was one of three that was moll wested. the y has a strict policy that no staff be alone with a child. an independent investigator has viz skitted the site to try to determine how the assault would have happened. we can tell you people living near the oakland zoo
5:33 am
right now on high as lettall ri this morning after a young volunteer comes in contact with a rabid bat. a 16-year-old volunteer found the bat on saturday. the mexican free tailed bat like the one that appears on the screen was in distress outside of the otter exhibit. the volunteer picked it up and took it to the zoo veterinarian. the teeth are so small, it's not clear if the bat actually bit the girl. zoo officials are not taking any chances. >> the animal's mouth came into contact with her skin, but we don't know whether it broke the skin, but we have to assume that there was a potential bite there. >> the girl is undergoing treatment right now, but is actually back to work at the zoo. officials say the bat may have been living under a nearby freeway overpass and this is the third rabid bat found in the east bay over the past month.
5:34 am
talking about that humidity in the air, sticky, icky, a little bit. >> just call me swampy. 59 degrees in concord, good morning oakland and 52 in sunnyvale. we have a good looking day shaping up. it isn't going to be quite as sticky out there. you'll notice a little moisture. but the good news is we got those showers yesterday. now our atmosphere has been cleansed. 88 degrees. 75 bay side at the coast today. right around 64 degrees. lots of sunshine for the second half of the day. but let me just tell you, as we head through the next 20 minutes, we are going to see a phenomenal sun rise, beautiful colors in the sky. 5:34, here's mike, you get to drive to work under a nice sun ride. >> we talk about those low clouds and here you can't see the sun or the roadway. here you can see the roadway.
5:35 am
here's that low that christina is talking about, the moisture, the humidity in the air. look at the north freeway past university avenue. those are the headlights down toward the bay bridges. a smooth flow but you can't see much farther. the maps also show a similar situation with the mass transit system. a smooth flow except for one spot in the eastbound direction. from lafayette over towards pittsburgh. we have delays 15 to 20 minutes because of a problem with an overnight maintenance vehicle that's heading east, or counter commute, heading out of lafayette and north and east out of pittsburgh. caltrans not reporting any delays. this is the same stretch i'm going to report to you light here on the map. the commute from highway 4 down 680 and over 424 that's moving equally as smooth. and we'll look at the palo alto,
5:36 am
a live look here, the peninsula having an easy drive. southbound with those taillights, 101 and 280 between palo alto and the city. >> you know the roads well, mike. the chp teaming up with law enforcement nation wise for a special crackdown on interstate 80. from san francisco all the way to new jersey, officers will be on i-80 for the start of the i-80 charge. it's a week-long effort for zero fatalities on the roadway across the u.s. when we think of i-80 we usually think of the bay bridge on the way to taho, but that interstate runs through all 11 states. officers in all 11 interstates will team up trying to slow down drivers. it's the second largest interstate only after i-90 running from seattle to boston.
5:37 am
speeding is blamed for most of the fatalities during the year, with most happening the last week in july. 5:37 right now, i think we call this the royal baby extravagan extravaganza. we just heard that queen elizabeth has just arrived at kensington palace to see her new great grandson, the two-day old prince, spending his very first night at home with parents william and kate. live in london where we're waiting for the name now of the new prince, good morning. >> good morning, and this little prince has had quite the busy life, he's met his grandmother the queen, he's met his uncle prince harry. and we hear the couple is on their way to an undecembisclose location. we're trying to confirm that
5:38 am
they're headed to buckle bury. kate would likely like to have some time and support from her own mother. one of the things they still need to do over the next couple of days is pick the young prince's name. they did say they're working from a short list, although they want to take some time to get to know him. and of course this is going to be historic, whatever they choose in terms of his name, so they want to make sure it's a name that really fits before they go ahead and choose one for the rest of his little life, they are enjoying parenthood, they made that very clear yesterday when we saw them emerge from that hospital for the first time with their baby and now the world is just celebrating and continuing to enjoy this new little life. people here in london, though, i have to tell you, you can dea definitely sense they're getting back to normal as the reality has begun settling in. >> a new routine for them. thank you very much. >> diapers and feeding. 5:38 right now, back here at home, americans not happy with
5:39 am
lawmakers. we'll tell you about the new numbers out this morning to prove it. >> plus why we could soon learn the names of all the officers involved in that infamous pepper pr spray incident at uc davis two years ago.
5:40 am
5:41 am
this is really a shocker. live in washington, d.c. right now with the latest poll indicating tracy that the majority of americans definitely want change. >> we're also seeing that the majority of americans are getting more and more frustrated. we're taking a look at these numbers that came out overnight from the nbc "wall street journal" poll. taking a look at congress, 12%. that's their approval rating, barely one in ten, 83% is their disapproval rating.
5:42 am
six out of ten people who were polled said if they could they would get rid of every single member of congress, including their own and start all over. the president's numbers also not looking that great. he's got a 45% approval rating which is really only one point away from his lowest ever in this survey. and while there ee's partisansh and gridlock on capitol hill, republicans say they blame the gridlock on the republicans, the democrats and most independents blaming it on both parties here in congress. so all of this is a backdrop to those budget discussions that are set to begin very soon. they don't have a lot of time before october 1, which is the beginning of the next fiscal year. >> we're waiting to hear what kind of reception the president gets and also what he has to say. a state court has now ruled newspapers can publish the names of the campus police officers
5:43 am
involved in that infamous pepper spraying scene at uc davis. the state appellate court says all of the names of the officers involved may be printed. but it told the sacramento times and sacramento bee that they cannot immedtely obtained the names. this all happened back in 2011 when a group of protesters were pepper sprayed during a peaceful protest. a new lawsuit -- africans maritime sailing team claims the golden gate yault club did not act in food faith. the nonprofit group trains young african-americans to be competitive sailors. this group is now seeking an inswrungation to delay the events scheduled to start in september. the golden gate yacht club says it is confident the cup will go
5:44 am
on as planned. the two sides expected to meet with a new york judge today to determine if in fact there will be a hearing. in the meantime, you can still head out to the bay this morning. want to check the forecast from christina loren. >> it's really hard to predict conditions in the bay. which is why it makes for such dangerous conditions out there. some people actually say they shouldn't even have that race in the san francisco bay because it is so dangerous. yeah, a lot of debate happening around that one. 5: 44 now, no debate about this being a beautiful sun rise. isn't that nice? we're getting the peeks of the oranges. a good way to start the day, with good air quality, you'll notice that difference right wh when you walk out that front door. starting out the day in the 50s and 60s. not much fog in san jose, between 8:00 and 9:00, it's all going to start to burn off.
5:45 am
between 10:00 and 11:00, all the skies are going to clear. things are going to start to get a little bit back to normal, more so as we head throughout the next couple of days, we're going to lose that humidity. more of a dry heat. temperatures feeling 91 degrees in livermore today. 67, if you want to hit the beach today, we won't see as much fog as we did yesterday, that's the good news. a great beach city is going to be santa cruz, maybe you want to go camping or do a little fishing in big sur, it's going to be in the 70s all weekend long. 50s to start the stay, but 75 degrees both saturday and sunday out there. and they still have campsites available. so you should check into that if that's something you're interested in doing. 87 degrees in san jose, you don't want to kick yourself come winter time when it's too cold and foggy to get out there. although i'll let you know when you can get some breaks from
5:46 am
that fog and cold, we're with you year round. 91 sunday, monday, tuesday, 90 degrees. some kids do have year round school, but we have had a lighter than normal drive this summer but it really depends on what's happening out there and what day it is. >> look at the bay bridge toll plaza, they are backing up, nothing unusual. and the commute is compressed to a shorter duration, but it duds hit pretty hard when it does hit the east bay and especiallily the south bay over the summer months. the east shore freeway as christina was talking about, from south to north, we see clouds hovering just above the roadway. we'll look at oakland, 880 coming up past the coliseum. a good volume of traffic north and south, now you're still at the limit through this area, but a good number of cars, again,
5:47 am
watching for potential issues. the map a little farther south of here, not a problem as you're heading through 238. it's eastbound 92 just before you get to 880, we don't see any real slowing, but we'll track that anyway. meanwhile farther east, the build in volume coming into livermore and also west 84 down through livermore, it's nod too bad, but you're building up and you got a lot more company now. north of there, we did have a stall in lanes as well as -- you might see a little bit of slowing heading there. the south bay by comparison moving very well. controversial bar is about to open in downtown san jose, it's a bikini bar, called the gold club. it's opening next month at the corner of west santa clara and
5:48 am
market street, just a few blocks from city hall. it's a bikini bar meaning no knew newtity and no topless dancing. i'm not expecting much because this is a part-time job and i'm trying to break into the industry as a bar tender, so you know like i'll take what i get. it's not so much about the money, it's really about the experience. >> the bar is located in a historic location, it's the old san jose building and loan association building. the building housed a nightclub before is zoned for entertainment and has a permit for serving alcohol. a public high school holding a community meeting tonight to talk to parents about the recent invalidation of advanced students placement test scores. the santa clara school board deciding to pursue legal action against the testing service and the college board.
5:49 am
the ets recently telling mills high school it would invalidate the ap test scores of hundreds of students saying the school did not follow the strict seating rules for the test. the district has hired an outside law firm to work on this issue and tonight's community meeting is set for 7:00 at the mills high school gym. 5:49, former nfl star now accused murder aaron hernandez will appear in court this morning. prosecutors are expected to file for a 30-day continuance in order to give a grand jury time to issue an gimt. the former new england patriots tight end is charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of oden lloyd. just last month, hernandez pleaded not guilty. after more than three months of grueling rehab and numerous surgeries, the last boston marathon bombing victim in the hospital finally returning home.
5:50 am
34-year-old mark fukarel believed to be leaving a massachusetts rehabilitation center today. he lost hiss leg in that bombing and his body still full of shrapnel from one of the explosions. despite that, he says he's very eager to get back to, quote, regular life. the attack killed a total of three people, and injured more than 260 others, including a 12-year-old boy from right nearby in martinez. it is 5:50, hand to paw combat, the founder of a local tech company forced to rescue his dog from a raccoon. what he did to that raccoon coming up. plus the stock to watch this morning is cupertino's very own apple. we'll have your business headlines coming up. look at 'em.
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in michigan, a judge holding a hearing "today" to figure out whether retired public employees -- claiming chapter 9 bankruptcy violates that state's constitution. city workers are right now very concerned that filing will lead to cuts in their retirement benefits. keep an eye on shares of apple today after so-so earnings report following yesterday's -- the cupertino company sold more than 13 million iphones beating forecasts, but a lot of those are older models that apple doesn't make much money on. apple's ceo tim cook doesn't seemed worried. although he won't comment on
5:54 am
future products, he says amazing things are in the works. a report showed a surprise drop in a regional manufacturing index last month. we get data today on new home 15e8s. this is pretty cool for people in san francisco. finally in that area, they're getting free wi-fi in public areas, at least in 31 of them around the city. today city leaders along the google will announce a plan to bring free wireless internet access to parks, rec centers and plazas. this is a $600,000 gift from google and it will cover the cost of installation and maintenance for two years. a tech mogul tossed a raccoon down the stairs to defend his dog. this video is attracting all kinds of attention. it's gone viral. for the founder of dig. a warning, this youtube video
5:55 am
might be tough for some to watch. kevin rose says he woke up in the middle of the night on saturday to find a raccoon attacking his dog outside his san francisco home. he picked up his dog and hurled the raccoon down the stairs. rose says he doesn't encourage animal violence, but he felt like he had to step in just to save his dog. it's a 45-second youtube clip and has more than 6 million views so far. he just launched it over his head and hurled it. >> it was like a world wrestling move. >> that thing could have clawed him. >> raccoons are very violent and aggressive. but so is the big guy, getting the job done, not messing around out there. 6:55 right now. let's send it over to christina loren. >> i once left my car cracked just this much and a raccoon got
5:56 am
in and ability all the chocolate in the car. big sur two weekends ago. >> oh, my goodness. >> i'm the smart girl who left my windowings down a little bit. can you believe that? ate everything. they love chocolate, come to find out. 88 degrees bayside, at the coast, 64 degrees today and someone else who's probably dealt with a raccoon or two in his life. >> they get in everywhere. it's skbrersing to know that i know where to find the chocolate as well. looking own toward oakland, the south bay 101 which also picks up the volume. had a good burst of traffic. on the map you'll see from 680 heading up toward allen rock. 680 to 880, that first burst of traffic. we do have a crash on 88 in coleman. the rest of your north bay traffic good right now.
5:57 am
all right, we know about this nationwide effort to keep drivers safe on interstate 80 is actually picking up this morning. and here hearing from the tahoe area nurse who's credited with saving the life of a palo alto woman just after a plane crash.
5:58 am
5:59 am
a coast to coast crackdown and it all starts right hire in the bay area, we'll tell you about the patrols that could get you pulled over on interstate
6:00 am
80. plus a rabid bat at a local zoo. well tell you how a teenaged girl got in contact with a rabid bat. >> i can tell you right now we're going to get rid of the humidity. >> and as conditions change, watching those clouds kind of clear from the san mateo bridges. we'll give you the update coming up. as christina loren says, we have been cleansed after that range, but still some fog and low clouds old that golden gate bridges. on this wednesday, july 24th, this is "today in the bay." it is 6:00 on the nose, good morning, everybody, thank you for joining us. >> we begin


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