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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 24, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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80. plus a rabid bat at a local zoo. well tell you how a teenaged girl got in contact with a rabid bat. >> i can tell you right now we're going to get rid of the humidity. >> and as conditions change, watching those clouds kind of clear from the san mateo bridges. we'll give you the update coming up. as christina loren says, we have been cleansed after that range, but still some fog and low clouds old that golden gate bridges. on this wednesday, july 24th, this is "today in the bay." it is 6:00 on the nose, good morning, everybody, thank you for joining us. >> we begin with breaking news
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overnight. live pictures from the reese indoor gun range in santa clara, where three men broke in just a few hours ago and tried to steal a number of guns. look at the shattered glass. it happened at 3:00 this morning. we spoke with a store owner who said as the men were breaking in they tripped a silent alarm. >> they came through the windows, pried their way in through some security bars, made a mess in the main sales floor, broke a bunch of showcases and stuff likes that. but that's how they got in. >> police showed up and caught them in the act. police showed up and all seven of the guns were recovered. a warning this morning for women in the peninsula where sheriffs say they are on the lookout for a peeping tom. here's what we have learned about the recent incidents and the investigation that have a lot of women worried. >> reporter: the san mateo
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sheriff's office are warning women to where on the lookout for a peeping tom out there. monday night between 9:00 and 11:00 on the north end of san carlos, a man watched two women take a shower, two different instances, two different locations. they still have not caught this person. they are acting if you see anyone loitering or acting suspicious, you're urged to call 911. we also have a follow-up this morning, there is yet another delay in the plea of the man accuses of kidnapping sierra lamar. a judge is pushing back the plea to next month allowing attorneys fors the defendant to go over evidence turned over to them by the prosecution. sierra lamar disappeared last year, her body has never been found. a child care worker accused
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of molesting a 5-year-old girl in his care. the y has a very strict policy that no staff be alone with a child. an independent investigator right now has viz skitted that site to try to determine how these assaults would have happened. this morning a coast to coast crackdown on speeders in drunk and distracted drivers. it's happening all along stla interstate 80. the goal is zero deaths on the interstate from today through july 3 1s. we have new video to show you this morning on an early morning ride along we did with the chp this morning. for the first time officers in all 11 states interstate 80 runs through to catch speeding drivers. speed is blamed for the fatalities occurring on the interstate with most happening the last week in july.
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>> sometimes people just needs a reminder, slow down a little bit, give yourself a little more space, realize that a lot of folks are out here on vacation, we don't have the normal -- we have a little bit more transient traffic especially here in the bay area, so we want to make sure that they're aware of the drivers around them, having a safe cushion as much as possible and safely obeying the rules of the road. >> interstate 80 spans 2,900 miles making it the second longest interstate. a young volunteer comes in contact with a rabid bat. zoo officials say a 16-year-old volunteer found the small bat saturday. the mexican free tailed bat, like the one coming up here on your screen appeared to be in distress. it appeared to be in distress outside that otter exhibit. the volunteer then picked it up and took it to the zoo veterinarian. it turns out the bat did have
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rabies, but its teeth have so small it's not clear if the kbat actually bit the girl. zoo officials are not taking any chances. >> the animal's mouth came in contact with the girl's skin, but we have to assume there's a potential bite there. the girl is undergoing treatment but is back at work at the zoo. officials say the bat may have been living under a nearby freeway overpass. this does mark the third rabid bat found in the east bay in the last month. we're hearing from the lake tahoe nurse credited with saving the life of a palo alto woman. a nurse was out for a walk when she saw the plane go down. she called her husband who is a local sheriff's deputy. because of her quick thinking, help arrived within minutes. >> when i passed the location, i
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saw that she was alert and orient oriented. i came back under the aircraft wing and turned the key off. >> the plane was dripping fuel. minutes mattered like there was no tomorrow. >> at the point that i was helping the woman in the the aircraft it doesn't matter that i was a flight nurse because i was working as someone who was doing basic life support. >> the pilot was also from palo al alto. he died in that crash. 6:06 right now, krochristin loren is here to talk about the weather. we're getting some beautiful shots out there. >> we really are. good morning to you at home. i want to show you what we do have in terms of the marine layer this morning, very thin, squashed by high pressure and really cool imagery here. as you can see, all this low cloud cover filling in like a
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bowl. this goes for your coastal valleys today. 62 degrees for livermore to start. 60 degrees in beautiful san jose "today" in the bay works like this. we'll see the high right around 88 degrees. 75 bayside, 64 degrees with changes lurking just around the corner. stick around we have your forecast coming up next, we'll help you make those plans, tell you which spots across the bay are going to be the most comfortable. 6:07, let's see how comfortable we're getting on our drive this morning. >> you don't want to get too comfortable because that means you're just sitting there. you have a lot of company but you don't get to know them because you're cruising down the freeway at the limit or close to it just north of tesla. the map will show you this stretch of 880 as well as 680. we're picking up the volume just
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below 660. in spots. just a note, there's reports of a stalled vehicle. moved to the shoulder, it should be completely out of the planes, we don't see any slowing, the dumbarton bridge heading over to the peninsula side, picking up volume, continuing to see slower speeds through livermore in towards basically the highway 84 offramp there. the isabel interchange moves nicely. and there's no problem to the dublin interchange as well. basically all your roads heading toward the bay bridge, the east shore freeway, average speeds, you're at the limit from hurrica hurrica hercules. we see the fast lane backing up. so far that's the pattern we see.
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this morning, the royal baby waking up at home. we have got a look at kensington palace in london where the new prince will grow up. we understand queen elizabeth paid her new grand son a visit just a few hours ago, we're also hearing reports that the new family of three has already left the palace, though their destination is unknown. >> while the new family of three is getting settled in, one thank they have not settled on is a new name for the baby. according to bookies in london, i love it, the kid's been on the planet just a couple of days and we're already putting odds on it. the odds on favorite are george, james and henry. >> and what's next for the royal family? prince william will have two weeks off before he returns back to work. catherine not expected to resume
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royal duties for several months. 6:09 right now, coming up, an out of control fire at an offshore oil rig, we'll tell you about the new details about that firefighting effort coming up next. plus a dangerous drop for two teens nearly turned deadly. we'll tell you what they were doing on the edge of a cliff several hundred feet off the ground. and surf's up, not out on the ocean, but how about on a lake here, a spectacular shot, we'll tell you where the wind right now is churning up some very dangerous conditions. that's coming up on "today in the bay." choppy waters out there, but smooth, kind of foggy and hazy out there. according to meteorologist christina loren, i don't think that's an official meteorological chart. what's in store with the forecast? that and a whole lot more coming up. 6:10 right now. ♪
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welcome back now, we promised you a gorgeous sun rise this morning and now it's time to deliver on that promise. just spectacular over the bay bridge this morning. come on over to your tv if you're not around it right now. not going to last long, that sun's going to be high above burninging across the bay area. i've got your full forecast. less humidity, keeping those thunderstorms going, that's coming up in minutes. >> let's show you that beautiful shot. i have to show you that shot where the clouds are hovering right over the bay bridge toll plaza. the bay bridge metering lights are turned on. i'll show you where that wednesday commute's coming up. the stay's top stories, police caught a trio of syst--
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tripped a silent alarm. police then recovered the seven guns stolen from that store, all three right now in custody. a coast to coast crackdown on speeders and drunk and distracted drivers begins today on interstate 80. we were there for a ride along this morning with chp officers. the goal is zero deaths on the interstate from the bay bridge to new jersey through july 31st. still no word on the name of the new bouncing baby boy. the new prince and his parents have left kensington palace this morning. before leaving, queen elizabeth had her very first visit with her new grandson. a natural gas well off the louisiana coast. flames broke out late last night south of grand aisle about 55 miles offshore. it happened hours after 44 workers safely evacuated the drilling rig following a mid
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morning blowout. a firefighting boat the headed out to the gas well right now. no injuries have been reported. plus after more than three months of rehab and numerous surgeries, the last boston bombibomb ing victim finally returns home. he lost his leg in that bombing back on april 15th and his body right now still full of shrapnel from one of those explosions, but despite all of that, he says he's eager to get back to, quote, regular life. now the attack of course ultimately killed three people, injuring more than 260 others including a 12-year-old boy from right here nearby in martinez. for the first time, we're get aground level up-close look at the place where 19 hot shot firefighters lost their lives in yarnell, arizona. a fence surrounds the area and an american flag now marks the
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spot where thick brush became a tinderbox trapping the hot shots in the flames. the site is being called hallowed ground. >> this is a pretty emotional place for me to be right now. i can tell you that they died with honor. that they stuck together. >> the site will eventually be open to the public as landowners and state agencies decide how to best memorialize the fallen firefighters. two teenagers are recovering from serious injuries this morning after falling several hundred feet. the teenagers wandered into a restricted area of stone mountain park when they fell about 300 feet. one of those boys needed to be air lifted to a nearby hospital. park officials say there are signs now telling visit fors to stay out of that area. those teenagers were at the park
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with one of their fathers. we have some new video of dangerous waves, this happened in chicago, actually on lake michigan in chicago. check this out, the windy city living up to the name. those look like ocean waves out there. the lake just slammed the walls there. those high winds could cause more waves from six to nine feet out there with some as much as 15 feet. normal waves for july, less than four feet. the very rough waters prompting swimming advisories and has even closed some local chicago area beaches. that's just bananas. >> you can hear the wind on the microphone there as well. >> i lived in chicago eight years and you don't see waves that high very often. that's unusual. >> you know some guys are going to get on out there and try to surf those waves. >> gmaybe the one in your crowd has been begging you to hit the beach. well today's going to be a great
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day to do so, you're going to get even better conditions to do so as we get into this upcoming weekend. but at 6: 17, look at this gorgeous start to the day. i know i just took your breath away. as you can ski here, we got plenty of low clouds right on top of the bay bridge. but they're not going to be around all day. the fog is clearing from the top down as that sun continues to rise. all that cloud cover continues to diminish as we head through the next 15 to 20 minutes in particular. you'll probably see about a half to a third of this burn off in the atmosphere. this is what it's going to look like everywhere today. we have a little bit of haze here, but happy to report good air quality thanks to the showers that came through, very unusual, showers in the bay area in late july, but that was the case. and today, still a little bit humid. we still have a little bit of that moisture lingering, but it won't be around for long. 58 oakland, 56 degrees to start the day in san francisco.
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your weather headlines tell the story of the day. you have enough fog out there for sfo flight delays. we'll be checking on that, but right now everything's on time. we'll keep you updated. three to five degrees warmer bay area stunners. if you thought this morning's sung rise was pretty, wait until you see this evening's sunset with plenty of mid level clouds overhead. the greatest weather today down in santa cruz. not too hot in wine country, 85 degrees in santa rosa, but still in the heat of the day, it is warm and you might have to use your ac. this afternoon temperatures hover in the low 90s. as we head through each day, we'll see that morning fog burning off to afternoon sunshine. and this weekend, not too bad, temperatures right about at average.
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summertime's going to be gong before we know it, mike. >> it will be. and then i'm going to be sad. but right now i still don't care about the warm humid stuff. we like the forecast that's coming up. and this is 101 coming up here northbound north of 680. volume holding pretty steady. we'll talk got a slowdown after that burst of traffic starts to build and the morning commute really getting into ernest flow here. we had a crash for quite some time that hasn't yet cleared the incident report. now this over here, we have speed sensors scattered over here and i have taken one right off of 85 and 87. 87 has been a slow drive and there were no crashes. i saw some early morning commuting kick in. but i'm really extra sensitive got this for our friends coming into downtown san jose. still okay though. as i keep monitoring that portion of the bay, we're also looking at the peninsula.
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84 to dumbarton bridge, 92 not too bad. just north of 92, overseeing the slowdown to the south and also for 580 and 288. all routes at the 50s and 60s heading to the bay area toll bridge plaza. the metering lights are on. ize a wednesday, so the build is a little slower here. we'll give you a look at emeryville as well. the crossing over university after, even flow of traffic. the low clouds keep drifting across the area. chp not reporting any major problems. over toward the coast, highway 1, that's where you're getting that fog creeping in but wire tracking it as well.
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a woman down in south florida accused of bilking a sunnyvale woman of over $80,000 in a psychic scam. she will face charges of extortion and grand theft. the sunnyvale victim was going through a very messy vote and contacted miller. she became brainwashed into believing that her ex-husband was using voodoo curses against her and that miller was the only one that could actually save her. and she believed that miller was mere lly blessing the money and that she would return all of that $800,000 to her. is edward snowden on the move once again? we'll tell you which country could allow him to enter his borders today. bluk [ wind howling ]
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to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious. . welcome back, everybody, taking you live over to brazil. that's pope francis over there in the famous pope mobile, a lot of security questions as you have been traveling over that country. but today, everything looks smooth as he's set to celebrate his first major event there in brazil. th this is happening about 160 miles outside of rio. so again, security some issues out there, some people were worried but the pope wasn't even
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worried when he got swarmed in masses when he first arrived. a big-time event, the country very excited to have him there. we'll keep you posted on his travel. it's 6:56. also in the news this morning, a news agency is reporting u.s. leaker edward snow accident has documents to enter russia. snowden has been staying in the tran sisit zone. today the house is expected to vote on a measure that would cancel this authority -- counter terrorism tools. >> in order to actually get the money back, a government watch dog says the treasury would have to sell its stock in gm at a little less than $96 per share.
6:27 am
the cold, hard reality, however, gm stock right now worth just about $36 per share as of this morning. the treasury currently holds 189 million shares of gm. 6:27, still ahead, downtown san jose is about to become the red light district? >> it is a legitimate business paying taxes so it's more money for the city of san jose. >> the blurred line for the opening of a gentleman's club downtown. a break in at a south bay rifle range, we'll let you know what tripped up the suspects before they could take off from that scene of the crime.
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overnight the guns stolen from a south bay gun store, we'll tell you how investigators tracked down the suspects. plus is a strip club setting up shop in downtown san jose? we'll tell you why opposition may not be enough to keep the gold club from having its grand opening. right now let's take you live out to new york city. to ring in the day at the new
6:30 am
york stock exchange. a lot of people are wondering if that hot streak will continue. on this wednesday, july 24, this is "today" in the bay. from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." good wednesday morning, everybody, always happy to have you along with us. >> we are following breaking news for you this morning. a trio of suspected burglars smashed their way into a south bay gun store just about two hours ago. today in the bay's bob riddel on the scene, he just talked to police, what are you hearing, bob? >> it happened around 4:30 this morning at the range in santa clara off 101 near san thomas. one thing you can say about these three burglars is they were persistent. initially they tried to break in a couple of hours ago, they failed but they came over to the
6:31 am
actual sbranentrance by the doo there, but in the process of smashing that window and gaining entry inside they did set off a silent alarm. santa clara police responded. all three men were caught and arrested. seven guns were stolen, they were recovered. not too long ago, we spoke with the owner of reid's indoor ra e range, we spoke with the owner jim reid who's inside cleaning up right now. >> they pried through some security bars, made a mess on the sales floor, broke some showcases and things like that, but yeah, that's how they got in. >> reporter: the owner of reid's indoor range tells us that this gun range has been in operation since 1948. in all that time, they said they have never have a break in. reporting live in santa clara,
6:32 am
"today" in the bay. a controversial bar is about to open in downtown san jose, it's a bikini bar called the gold club and it will open up at the corner of west santa clara and market. this is a bikini bar, that means no nudity and no topless dancing. last night the club opened its doors to interview potential employees and one of the applicants telling us she doesn't really see a problem with the club. >> i'm not expecting much because this is a part-time job and i'm trying to break into the industry as a bartender. so i'll take what i get. it's not so much about the money, it's really about experience. >> the bar's located in an historic building, the old san jose and loan association building. because this one has housed a nightclub before, it is zoned for entertainment and it does have a permit for serving alcohol. and that's why there's been no
6:33 am
chance so far for public comment. 6:32. san francisco is finally getting free wi-fi in at least 31 public are areas. the $600,000 gift from google will cover the cost of the equipment installation and maintenance for two years. new york and paris already offer free wi-fi in parks. >> sign of the times, staying connected. 6: 33 right now, and christina loren, she's been blessing us with a forecast today. >> kind of a combination of sun and low clouds over 16 to start the day. this is your national cooling for today. it's going to keep your temperatures in the 60s and clouds are pretty low to the ground so we are expecting flilg
6:34 am
delays. a live picture of san jose, you can see the mid level clouds left over. really beautiful conditions. it will be a little bit on the hot side. and hour by hour detail works like this. we're starting out in the upper 50s, low 60s. inland highs are going to be right around 80 degrees. 75 bayside at the coast 64 degrees for today. we do have some changes getting into the all important weekend and you're so close now. we'll take you through those changes and we'll talk about some of the things happening across the bay area, getting into this weekend, santa clara fair, the county fair's coming to town. >> i'll be emceeing a jay pop concert at san francisco was well on sunday. we'll be updating that on facebook. look over here at the south bay, 83 at free monday and a smooth drive through fremont and picking up the company and a little slowing as you head toward mission boulevard. we'll show you those travel speeds as you travel through the south bay.
6:35 am
you're looking at north 101. coming through the yellow zone for your average speeds. 87 also into the lower 50s now getting into that yellow zone as well. as you're traveling north on the 85, a little slow through. . it's a smooth build for the tri-valley out of dublin toward livermore. error reports that a dog u was hit and he is in the center divider. i'll give you one shot of the golden gate bridges, where we can see as christina is talking about, low clouds and foggy patches hovering around the
6:36 am
south tower of the golden gate bridge. keep that in mind, back to you. time now is 6:35, still ahead, here's something you don't see every day, a tech mogul on candid camera. he's putting a world wrestling move on a raccoon fwli flying down a stairwell. it's a must-see video. this video racking up 6 million views on youtube. plus crowd sourcing funds for gun buy back. we'll tell you about the high-tech way of keeping guns off of bay area streets. > . and pope francis continues his first international trip as pontiff as we give you live pictures from brazil this morning. as he is about to enter a basilica there. it's all part of world youth day where hundreds of thousands are gathering. he'll be giving a mass in just a
6:37 am
short moment, something we're keeping an eye on this morning. it's 6:36. a lot more news ahead. there is the pope right there as he enters the basilica to celebrate holy mass. it starts with something little, like taking a first step.
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this is a pretty amazing story and video to go with it. a tech mogul tosses a raccoon down the stairs just to defend his dog. this video is atlakting all kinds of attention for the founder of dig. this video might be tough to watch. kevin rose says he woke up in the middle of the night saturday to find a raccoon attacking his dog outside his san francisco home. he broke up the attack and scooped up his dog to safety. but that was a raccoon that he hurled down the stairs. >> he's pretty brave. >> i would say, those things could scratch him up. his labradoodle there is okay, just a few scratches and bite parks. rose says he doesn't condone animal violence, but feels he had to step in to save his dog. >> he turns that raccoon into a frisbee and saves toaster. toaster was saved from being
6:41 am
toast. coming up, we want to tell you about a break in at a south bay gun range. we'll tell you about investigators who caught up what those thieves overnight. and still waiting, no name just yet, but all kinds of buzz surrounding that little guy, world famous after just a couple of stays on the atlanplanet. and the suspension is killing me for one. we got a good looking day shaping up, taking a live look, daley city, a lot of fog rolling into the coastal valleys. your seven-day forecast reveals your weekend plans. >> they're going to name is baby mike. we're looking at 101 northbound through san jose where you're getting a lot more company. and we're watching in the east bay as well coming up. and we're also watching the
6:42 am
happenings of pope francis this morning. these are live pictures from brazil as the pope is about to give mass. he's in the area, all for world youth day that is going on, looks like they're gathering for prayer right now, surrounded by thousands of people that are outside. we saw them swarming the pope mobile just moments ago. and kind of a little quiet, prayerful moment right now. this is his first international trip as pontiff. a lot more news ahead, it is 6:42. ♪
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at 6:44, this morning the royal baby waking up at home. we have got a look at kensington palace in london where the new prince will grow up. queen elizabeth made a trip to visit her grandson for the first time. the one thing they haven't settled on is a name. >> a lot of family love going on. danielle lee is live at buckingham palace right now, she's been our eyes and ears during baby watch. she's done a great job over there. we're hearing the new family of three may be on the move to another location today, is that right? >> reporter: it's true, it's been a busy two days for this little guy, he actually has just arrived in bucklebury at the middleton family home. this is where kate can rewlax and recover and get used to being a new mom. she'll also have the support of
6:46 am
her own mom. they arrived about 30 minutes ago. before that happened, before they left kensington palace this morning, the prince got to meet his great grand mother the queen. she looked extremely happen as she walked into kensington palace. it was important for her to get to visit because she is leaving for scotland and she will be gone two months. the prince's uncle, prince harry has met him. so he's getting to make the rounds and get to know his new family. as you mentioned, no name yet. the couple has said they will take a while to decide that, they want to get to know him first, really think for the prince. some favorites has been james, george, henry, there's no telling if they're going to go with those names, but that is definitely what a lot here have
6:47 am
been raleighi rallying for. for now they are resting with family and enjoying this new time as parents. i'm danielle lee now back to you. >> we hope they're resting. you know, this is catherine, she's certainly earning a lot of praise from mother's groups in london for showing off her post baby bump during yesterday's photo-op for the new prince. the moms applauded the myth that all mothers should be perfect post-partum. >> a couple of the minutes on the steps of the lindo wing kate has done for more new mum's self esteem that any other role model. 6:57 right now, christina loren is here to tell us about a
6:48 am
beautiful day. these shots have been breathtaking, spectacular. >> maybe you want to take your little ones outdoors later on today. great day to do so. maybe you want to enjoy some summertime beach. it's going to be nice out there to two so. an amazing picture, yet another one, this is a live picture of san francisco where the fog is still kind of hanging out. we'll show you san jose, this is the sky we're all going to enjoy later on today. you're going to get about four to five hours of full on sunshine in the city. we're going to have abundant sunshine. 60 degrees in san jose, 50 degrees to start the day. good morning to you gilroy. we're still expecting those flight delays, but none for the time being, and that's the case for the entire nation right now. i'm calling it a bay area stunner, if you want to get
6:49 am
outdoors this evening, just about perfect out there. and we're going to continue to see pretty normal patterns for this time of year as we get into the weekend. that's the good news, you want to hit the beach? summertime live in. and hey, some other things happened across the bay area, the giants are taking on the reds. you can catch that game on a sister station. 67 degrees out there. winds out of the west northwest. likely playing a factor in tonight's game, carrying that ball possibly out to mccovey cove. 87 degrees on the way to los gatos. when you hit the 90s, that's when it gets a little bit uncomfortable by most people's stan darz. 82 degrees on the way to san rafael, here it is, your all important seven-day outlook, temperatures fluctuating in the low 90s, temperatures really not changing that much. we're going to notice a difference in the humidity as we head through tomorrow and
6:50 am
friday. and i know mike's happy about that. nice suit, though. >> thank you, but on saturday and sunday, it is in the closet for the most part. that's what i'm looking forward to. looking at the south bay, where anywhere north of san jose you're close to the limit. through san jose, these are the issues, we're focusing on 101 and notice that berth that kicks in, north 87, look at here right off the bat off of 87 and 85, that's been a problem all morning. 87 was slow in general and we didn't have any reason for that as far as crashes. south 880 also coming off the 288. no big issues as far as the traffic flow across san mateo bridge approaching the toll plaza, you're getting more company there. we have a new crash, sounds like it's west 580.
6:51 am
now we see the backup forms as you're approaching redwood road. we're going to check with chp as they come in, but so far that's the big issue. we'll see how traffic is flowing toward the bay bridge toll plaza, we have a smooth drive right underneath university avenue. a good set of traffic flowing here and we have your speeds starting to dip in richmond, but not a problem to berkeley, to the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are on. a trio of suspected burglars were caught breaking into a south bay gun store early this morning. bob riddel is there on how they unwittingly tipped off police to that crime. >> reporter: it was a silent alarm. this is reed indoor range. we just spoke with the owner jim reed. he's inside with the broken glass, obviously frustrated with
6:52 am
the cleanup is that he had to do. but he is obviously very happy that the three people behind this, according to police were caught and the guns recovered. this happened around 4:30 this morning. there were three people, two guys and a gal. they actually tried to break in to a different window, they couldn't get in, they kept pounding on it. they shattered it but never made entry, so they came to this window you're looking at next to the side entrance. they got in, there were some metal security gate bars inside, they pried through that and they were able to retrieve seven guns. but as i mentioned, they did trigger a silent alarm. as they were leaving, they got in a getaway car, these three people with stech guns and they were able to catch up wihere them. all thee were arrested and the seven guns have been recovered. they have not looked at the surveillance tapes yet, but that's something they're going to do once the office manager arrives to get a better idea
6:53 am
what happened as far as the making entry and to verify that they did get everyone involved. he was also telling us this business has been here since 1948 or they have been in some form of business since 1948 and during all those years, 60, almost 70 years, they have never had anything like this happen. it is 6:53 right now. the man accused of killing two women in san francisco's jewelry mart are expected to be in court today. barry white jr. is charged with 16 felony counts and two counts of murder and several counts of attempted murder. he walked into the jewelry store back on july 12 and opened fire killing two women and critically injuring that store owner. investigators they believe white was upset about the value of jewelry he prooef outsidely performed at that store. 6:53 this morning, people in the south bay are hoping that a
6:54 am
pit bull gets its needs -- chica is in need of several stitches after a homeless man used a hand saw to hurt the dog over the weekend. witnesses say the man tried to attack the daoing's owner and te dog step nod to protect her. the animal bit the homeless man who then hit the dog on the heads with a hand saw. bystanders kicked and punched the homeless man until police could get to the scene. the dog is expected to be okay, but no one has the money to pay the $600 for the dog's stitches. very sad news to share with you this morning about a south bay boy battling leukemia, he has lost hiss fight. t the san jose 6-year-old skied just yesterday. they're telling nbc bay area, the loss is, quote, hard to accept, but they know god has him in his arms.
6:55 am
now this is video of eduardo during a hospital visit with sangs.w.a.t. officers, a team that adopted him as their own. there were a number of bone marrow drives this year for young eduardo, but unfortunately none of them resulted in a marrow match for the young man. our hearts and prayers go out to the family. it's 6:55, this northern there's a coast to coast crackdown on speeders and drunk drivers and distracted drivers as well. it's happening along interstate 80 from the bay area, moving across the country to utah, iowa pennsylvania and new jersey. one of our photographers was with the chp officers this morning when a driver was actually pulled over along eastbound 80 in berkeley for following another car too closely. this marks the first time officers in all 11 states interstate 80 runs through are teaming up to catch and educate
6:56 am
drivers who are breaking the law. speeding gets most of the blame for the 100 fatalities that occur on interstate 80 each year with most usually happening the last week in july. >> we have -- we call it the three es, education, enforcement and engineering. the big goal here is going to be on education as well as enforcement. >> interstate 80 stands 2,900 miles making it the nation's second longest interstate behind only interstate 90 running from seattle to boston. a court has ruled newspapers will be allowed to publish the names of the the police officers at the -- can now be printed but also told the l.a. times and the sacramento bee they cannot immediately obtain those names. that is because the uc police officer's union wants the names to remain confidential must now
6:57 am
decide whether to appeal this case to the state supreme court. you may remember a group of student protesters were maced during a protest in 2011. people are teaming up to try to get guns off the streets. gun by lets supporters donate money to a crowd funding page. anyone can turn in a working gun for cash, no questions asked. the organization is run by eric king, a gun violence prevention activist from berkeley. and ian johnstone who was attacked and killed when johnstone was just 10 years old. a community high school holding a meeting tonight to talk to parents about the recent invalidation of ap placements test scores.
6:58 am
the school has decided to pursue level action. invalidating the ap test scores of hundreds of stoounts saying the school did not follow the strict seating rules for the test. tonight's community meeting is set for 7:00 at the mills high school gym. let's get a quick check of the forecast before we go with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you, john, taking a live look now at your current conditions. 50s and 60s start. by lunchtime, though, we're going to see plenty of 80s, 83 degrees at noon in fremonfremon in san jose rounding out the day at 87 degrees. getting a little closer to 90 today, you might knneed your ac. updates every 15 minutes throughout the "today" show. >> a very tough drive for 87,
6:59 am
looks like we're in for a similar situation 2. its 6:59, a final check of the day's top stories for you, police caught a trio of suspected burglars who broke into a gun store just a couple of hours ago. they tripped a silent alarm. police recovered the seven stolen guns from that store and all three from in custody. the sheriff's department looking for a peeping tom this morning. investigators say a man spied on two women as they showered. so far no suspect description has been released. >> we're going to be back at 7:25 with a live, local news update for you. >> in the meantime, go out and
7:00 am
enjoy those beautiful shots. have a great day, we'll see you back tomorrow. >> kbooi bye. bye-bye. good morning. exposed again, anthony weiner facing new calls this morning to end his attempt at a political come back after revelations he kept sexting even after he re-signed in disgrace from congress. his wife standing by him and speaking out. >> i love him. i have forgiven him. i believe in him. >> she may, but will voters. the queen visits kensington palace to meet the newest member of the royal family following his debut. when will we find out his name. and have we met? a woman falls asleep in the lap of a stranger sitting next to her on a plane and he captures


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