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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 24, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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show never got cleared out. the departments of fish and wildlife says it has launched an investigation and a local environmentalist is demanding that the park clean up its back jared mess. >> a lake like this can't take care of itself. >> reporter: doug is on a mission to preserve the city's lake and nearby creek. >> i got one. oh, no, no. darn. it's not a keeper. it's not indigenous to these waters. >> reporter: he has been chronicling a mess, debris that six flags discovery kingdom has failed to completely clean up. >> we used to have structures in the water back here that discovery kingdom used to use in the water ski shows. and they deteriorated and the storms carried them down stream. you can see the red has not faded out yet.
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>> reporter: he showed us carpet, foam and debris on the bottom of the lake. >> this is a platform. it's not going to move on you. >> i'm on top of what used to be a floating platform used years ago. underneath this wooden platform are large pieces of foam like this used to keep the platform afloat. this material is some of the worst man-made material for the environment. >> it breaks down and it doesn't go away. it's here forever. three years ago i brought down president dale and took him to the creek and showed him the very things i'm showing you today and he said that's our stuff, doug we'll take care of it. >> reporter: a september 2010 e-mail from the park says they would tackle the debris that
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month. >> they dropped the ball big time. >> reporter: so he published a youtube video to share his frustration. he wants discovery kingdom to treat their backyard like they treat their amusement park. >> i'm sure they're picking up the trash and spilled drinks over there, you bet. you know why? people are giving them money. >> there is a lot of wildlife, a lot of cranes and ducks. >> reporter: rob brown and his family have been visiting the lake as long as they can remember. he doesn't like what he sees. >> we pay our taxes to come out here and enjoy the park. when they make it unbeautiful that makes me really upset and disappointed they not taking care of their business. >> reporter: the department of fish and wildlife says they have launched an investigation into the matter. six flags discovery kingdom would not respond on camera but
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said we are aware of the concerns and working with specialists and local authorities to complete our assessment of the situation and implement an appropriate remediation plan. >> you can't put the lake off. it's been seven years. time's up. we can't keep doing this. >> now after we started making phone calls yesterday, discovery kingdom did reach out and trying to set up a meeting with doug next week and they met with a conservation ranger. while they were aware of the concerns they admit that the attention has them speeding up their efforts. i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. the 30th homicide of the year in san jose. the victim a 62-year-old woman found dead in her home in east san jose near lundy avenue. marianne favro has the details.
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>> reporter: the woman was found in her home this morning. her neighbor says she was badly beaten. the neighbors call the victim, "kitty" and say she was always helping others. san jose's 30th homicide victim is a 62-year-old woman. >> i'm shocked. i'm just in a state of shock. >> reporter: a neighbor tells nbc bay area when she found her friend this morning in her apartmt she was barely breathing and badly beaten. >> the victim was transported to the hospital and pronounced dead this morning. we believe it was in direct result of some type of assault. >> reporter: police are not saying whether the home had been burglarized. diamond williams lived above the victim. >> she got along with just about everyone. i'm shocked. >> reporter: several other neighbors say the victim told them a woman who had recently
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stayed with her had threatened her. kitty was outgoing and known for helping out strangers. >> she was very trusting of people. in fact a lot of times she would let people in she didn't know. >> reporter: it highlights a disturbing trend in san jose. >> this is our 30th homicide for 2013. at this time last year we had 23 homicides. we are seven above where we were this time last year. >> reporter: and police are tasked with solving another violent crime trying to find a person who killed a 62-year-old grandmother. and tonight police are not saying whether a weapon was involved in the deadly attack. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. another woman in her 60s was shot to death at 1:30 this afternoon. she was in her subaru. after she was shot she crashed into an empty parked car.
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the street has been blocked for hours. police have not made an arrest. now a developing story. a tense moment when an east bay crew hit a gas line this morning. hundreds of people were notified. dozens of people were evacuated and the problem is ongoing. here is the area. it's in alamo near danville. that's where cheryl hurd is to tell us more and what is the situation with the traffic? >> reporter: the traffic is flowing off stone valley road but a lot of things have happened in the alamo area. first it started out with a water main break on danville boulevard near stone valley road. then one of the crews accidentally hit a gas line. at 10:30 this morning robocalls went out to hundreds of people who live in contra costa county
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to shelter in place and folks in alamo to evacuate. pg&e managed to cap the gas line at 3:30 this afternoon but some people were on edge. >> i didn't know it was a gas leak until i tried to get home from danville which is a five minute drive that took me 40 minutes and high ihad to get a police escort to let me in. >> reporter: pg&e says that the gas line may be repaired by 11:30 tonight. the water main problem cannot be repaired until the gas line is repaired. that could happen late tonight. a lot of businesses are closed. no word when the water will be turned back on. reporting live i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. our chopper over the scene of another gas lane in oakland's chinatown. people living there are returning to their homes after
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being evacuated because of this crash at 2:15 this afternoon. after plowing through the home's front porch the driver slammed into a gas meter and electrical panel starting a gas leak. the driver suffered minor injuries. a heart wrenching day as the family of one of the victims of the jewelry mart shooting face the alleged killer in court. nearly two dozen family members turned out at the san francisco hall of justice for barry white's second court appearance. we were not allowed to show his face. but his arraignment has been postponed until next week. white allegedly killed two clerks and injured another man on july 12th. they say that surveillance showed that he nearly decapitated a clerk. the family was overcome with
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grief and anger. >> it's a good person. she never angry anybody. she never talk to anybody. she is a good person. >> heart break. white's public defender says he is trying to stop the district attorney's office from making more public statements about this case. he said white's family is devastated by what happened. a trio of suspected burglars caught red handed breaking into a gun store this morning. the 39-year-old, 27-year-old and 26-year-old were arrested after breaking into the reed's indoor gun range. as they were breaking in they tripped a silent alarm. they took off in a car but the police caught them a mile from the store after a chase. all seven of the gun recovered after being thrown from the getaway car. peninsula high school will hold a second community meeting to talk to the parents about
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recent invalidation of student's advanced placement scores. they will pursue legal action against the college board. ets told the high school it would not accept the test scores of hundreds of students saying that the school failed to follow strict seating rules for the test. the meeting is at 7:00 at the mills high school gym. and good evening i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. major extremes. sunny in san jose. off to the north fog at the golden gate bridge. we will track the fog factor forecast. i have been asking for a fair day in court for years. years. over three years to be exact. >> coming up we investigate a
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crisis in civil court delayed so long some people are literally dying while waiting on court dates. google wants to be in your living room. what they are doing to hook into your tv set. i'm chris sanchez with the story of a pit bull attack that is not exactly what you might expect. the dog is now recovering with stitches.
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a pit bull is recovering from a violent attackpy a man wielding a saw. the strange story helped at st. james park in downtown san jose. chris sanchez joins us live with how the dog is doing and how you can help with his recovery. chris? >> reporter: pit bulls get a bad wrap sometimes and in this case it was an attack on the dog that was unprovoked the dog just
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protecting her caretaker. among the adoptable cats and dogs at the san jose animal care shelter is one who doesn't need to be here. she has an owner and is here for medical care. she is recovering from an attack and two large cuts on the head that required stitches. >> she was hit by a suspect with a saw. >> reporter: she was at st. james park on sunday morning when a homeless man showed up. >> a gentleman came off the bus and was immediately agitated and he was swinging a saw. he wasn't in particular trying to attack the dog or anything but she became agitated because of what he was doing and she started to go closer to him or confront him and he struck out and hurt her. >> reporter: the dog will recover from the attack and return to her normal self. the man responsible for the injury could face charges of animal cruelty. >> in this case we know who the
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suspect is. in fact, he ended up in the hospital because the people in the park then attacked him once they saw him attacking the dog. >> reporter: the dog is recovering at the same shelter where she was adopted as a puppy four years ago but may return to a life on the streets with her owner who is homeless. her owner cannot afford ore medical care. the folks are hoping that a good samaritan might pitch in for her bills. the folks here at the shelter say that any donations made in her name will be designated for her veterinary care and her future. they would never take the animal from a homeless person just because they were homeless. so the dog should be able to go back with her owner as soon as the owner is able to claim her. chris sanchez, nbc bay area news. a former bay area news
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helicopter pilot is facing surprising accusations. the u.s. attorney would not say which bay area station he used to work for. but he is accused to taking to the air under a fake name and without a license. he lied about his credentials to get a job with a news helicopter service back in 2009. in the next year and a half, he flew 260 times in the bay area. in 2012, he allegedly used fake documents to get a news chopper job with kcra. he is coming back to sacramento in police custody. a huge night for facebook and investors and a new way to bring online content to your tv to. get the latest on the numbers we check in with scott budman. >> reporter: facebook surprising everyone with a very strong earning report. a surge in mobile advertising brought in a rise in profits. facebook says it has 1.3 monthly
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users and investors were rewarding tonight. from san francisco to the south bay, a new way to catch a ride. car service uber made its debut today. it lets you find a driver on the phone, press a button and get a ride. twitter is apologizing. it created fake tweets from real users to boost an ad program. the users found out and complained and twitter is apologizing. one of the users is not satisfied with the apology contacting an attorney. google may make it easier to search in the park. google announced a plan to bring free wi-fi to 31 san francisco park. the company agreeing to a $630,000 grant to wi-fi the park. google rolling out a tablet to keep you online when you are
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mobile and a small platform device to change the way you watch television. a living room setting to show off the devices which is fitting because that where the tech battle is fought. the nexus 7 starting at $230 it's a tablet but a remote control to bring the content to your tv. >> online content is here. >> reporter: that is the other weapon. chrome cast. a $35 dongle that plugs into your tv to stream content from here to here no matter what device you are using. >> we have to make it work for users. it cannot just be android and windows and mac. >> a tablet is now going to be the way you get tv whether it's the way you get tv in your hands or the way that you get tv to
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your television. so the tablet is now the remote control for your life. >> the goal is to take the internet where google has a foothold and bring it all smoothly and cheaply to your tv without the need of any sort of set-top box. >> i don't think people really want to scramble back behind their television and plug in a bunch of wires. >> reporter: netflix, pandora, youtube they used to be internet streamers. soon they will be moved to your tv. >> this is the chrome cast dongle. $35 and available today. back to you guys. >> thanks, scott. we have breaking news in san jose. a brush fire. this is burning at orchard parkway and component drive. >> give you more details. that is southeast of tremble
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road. >> reporter: the firefighters just got here a couple minutes ago and applying water to this area that is fenced off by this green fence. there is a sign that says restricted area. now beyond this fence there seems to be some sort of -- looks like rusted out type of metal, not sure what that is. but applying water into this area. that's where we see mainly the flames. the flames jumped into a field nearby. as you know near first and component there are two big fields slated for development. and earlier i know we have done the story in this area before about the tall weeds. they have cut down the weeds significantly since we did the story a couple months ago. but the field next to this area fenced off is on fire. there is thick smoke spewing from this area that can be seen from 87 and 280 and 101 in the
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area. you can probably here in the background more fire trucks coming, one, two, three, four coming now. there is a truck already here applying water. people are stopping and getting out of the cars to take pictures. we got here before the firefighters here and saw guys on tractors. we weren't sure what they were doing but they were riding near the perimeter of the fire. >> george is this where we usually see that big cavalia tent out there? is this the location you are talking about? >> reporter: you know what, i don't know if this is the field where that show was. but i can tell you that these two areas, they've been slated for development of some type of office park. and i don't know the name of the company that owns this property. there is a sign down the way but too small for me to read.
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about four or five more trucks have arrived. there is still flames and smoke spewing out of the area. >> it is near paypal and that is the light rail station. between vta and 101. a lot of people will be seeing the smoke. we'll keep an eye on it and keep you posted. >> we'll be right back.
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want to give you a quick update on this fire that we have literally burning across the station from us. this started a little while ago. you can see quite a bit of smoke. george is give us updates on the situation. let's turn things over to meteorologist jeff ranieri. we were talking about the winds earlier. you say is it blustery but not that bad. >> the winds could be worse this time of year.
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winds 10 to 20 miles an hour. the location of that fire is on the northern side of san jose. there is 101 and the orchard parkway region. that is where the fire is located east of 101 again on the northern side of downtown san jose. current winds right now in the south bay are breezy to gusty. the thing to note they are coming more on shore. that is great news for firefighters. we are looking at sustained winds at 13 miles an hour at times gusting close to 20. it's not expected to get worse than this. the winds will be calming and getting better for us. that is the good news. on the first look of the forecast for thursday. cloud cover at the coastline and at the bay for the interior valleys mainly clear. 11:00 tomorrow heating up to the upper 70s and mostly sunny. a little bit warmer for us. you can see in san jose currently clear skies but a lot
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of smoke on 101. and you can see in foster city, no fog at the moment. and then a little bit more off to the north what you're going to notice in san francisco is plenty of fog. that marine layer at 1,000 feet. the fog factor forecast shows the thickest fog in napa county and san francisco and by the afternoon we expect it to stay put at the coast with high clouds moving in back here toward the east way. a look at the three-day forecast with the temperatures in the 90s inland and 60s at the coast. a name fit for a king. the royal baby officially has a name and it's steeped in tradition. a developing story in spain after a commuter train derails. we'll have the latest on that.
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i'm sam brock. the middle class is not getting a fair shake. those are the claims that the president made this afternoon trying to win support for his economic policies. we'll put them to a truth test next on reality check.
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an update on our breaking news in san jose. as you can see a brush fire burning rite now. this is near the 101/87
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interchange just east of the san jose airport. this is a brush fire burning at orchard and component. this is also right near the trimable bta station. firefighters are responding and have an upper hand. it's near the foy. a lot of people slowing down to watch the smoke. there was a tractor seen in the area but no word on the cause. we have our eye on the situation and keep you posted with new developments. friction between president obama and republicans on capitol hill. the president spoke at knox college in illinois and repeated a message he delivered eight years ago accusing leaders of letting down the nation's middle class. >> job security with good wages. a good education. a home to call your own. affordable health care when you get sick, a secure retirement
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even if you're not rich. >> now the president's approval rating is down to 45% in an nbc news poll. congress's approval rating is down to 12% and the president today may have been taking advantage of that low. if the speech felt like a campaign address it basically was. he said he would be holding meetings gathering input and trying to earn support ahead of a budget battle this fall. but are the president's claims true? sam brock puts the statements under a microscope. >> president obama basically staked his entire speech on the idea that our economy is generally on the rise and the middle class is stuck in neutral. while economists say there are elements of truth both of those claims could use a good fact check.
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president obama took the stage at knox college wednesday, ready to play up a rejuvenated economy and highlight the country's biggest remaining obstacle. the widening gap between the haves and have notes. the average ceo has got a raise of 40% since 2009. the average american earns less than he or she did in 1999. >> is this accurate? we went to stanford's nonpartis nonpartisan institute research and he says income equality is a problem but not the problem and the ceo statistic needs explaining. >> a lot of ceos have variable compensation. when things go badly their compensation goes down. it was bad in 2009. comparing it to the low water mark wouldn't surprise me if we were up 40%.
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>> reporter: and blue collar workers have seen flat wages but not everybody. according to chuck todd the president is making a strategic decision to single out wealth disparity because it is more relatable. >> their strategy is number one get out of washington which he tried to do today and try to talk about things that middle class folks care the most about. >> reporter: yes, like job creation, getting work and making sure families can keep putting bread on the table. how are we doing in that department according to the president? >> they add it all up and in the past 40 months businesses have created 7.2 million new jobs. >> reporter: and 7 million jobs added is accurate until economists and politicos tell you it's a mediocre and incomplete figure. >> it's a reasonable performance. we are raising -- we are increasing jobs at a pace to
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just about keep unemployment unchanged. >> we were adding tens of millions of jobs in the '90s. this is a stagnant recovery which is something he did end up acknowledging. some of these jobs are not full-time or just part-time. >> reporter: as chuck todd noted the president acknowledged that the job numbers are a work in progress. but if they were presented as a sign of growth that is problematic. then there is the claim of middle class struggles. that is a real issue but not the biggest challenge we face, the deficit is, a topic that the president decided not give top billing too. a committee passed relation to that would stop mail from being delivered to your front door. the proposal needs to be
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approved by congress and signed by the president. if it passes it would save $4 billion a year for the postal service. now to the developing story we are following out of spain. at least 60 people dead and more than 100 injured in a high speed train derailment in northwest spain. emergency crews are pulling bodies from the wreckage. at least one car was torn open. the train was on the way to a vacation town from madrid. it's too soon to say what caused this accident. want to go back to the breaking news, the fire in san jose. want to give you a different look. it's at orchard parkway and component drive in a field near the 101/87 interchange. we are giving you a different look right now. you can see the smoke. and there was a tractor trailer working the field. you can see the firefighters
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there. you can see the fire in that dry brush. this is a lot where there had been concerns in the past about the dry brush. here's another live picture of it. the smoke is still smokey out there. a lot of drivers in the area of the 101 and also 87 might be seeing some of the smoke. this is not far from the san jose airport either. there might be smoke in that direction as well. we're going to continue to follow this brush fire. we'll let you know if anything happens. justice delayed. justice denied. we investigate a clogged court system. the royal baby finally has a name. and i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. tracking wind in the south bay and we have a locator map on that fire. again just to the east of 101. right now winds out of the north at 13 miles an hour and humidity
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at 37%. we'll have more on the conditions and the live look outside shows mainly clear skies in san jose. back with the seven day in just a few.
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well, a very grand name for a tiny two-day-old baby. prince william and his wife shared the name of the royal baby, george. the baby got to meet his great grand mom, the queen today. now they will spend time with kate's parents. the last king george had his life story told in "a king's
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speech." firefighters working in warm conditions. >> but it's not the worst case scenario. that's the good news. you can see in these live pictures where that fire is burning near component that the smoke is moving from the north off to the south. if you live south of that brokaw exit you will continue to see that smoke on the increase over the next 30 to 40 minutes as the firefighters get a hold of it. you can see there, they're on the ground right now with the fire hoses out trying to tackle this as quickly as possible. the biggest danger here is the embers that can fly and start other fires. we are looking at one of the driest calendar years ever. and the fire danger will continue there through the summer. we'll have more details on the heat coming up in the full forecast and who will hit the mid-90s coming up in just a few minutes.
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we are following breaking news in san jose. a brush fire burning off 87/101 interchange in a grass field. >> i'm looking at some smoke here. looks like it has come down a little bit here. if you take a look, this is the fenced-off area i was talking about earlier. looks like stacks of metal and perhaps wood in that enclosed area and what is burning? maybe is it that wood. definitely the grass area that surrounds this closed-off area that was on fire earlier. firefighters got here within minutes after the fire was reported. we got out here a couple of minutes before the firefighters did. we saw a couple of guys on what appear to be tractors and we weren't sure what they were doing, perhaps creating fire
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breaks. but there are two big fields, i here. this is one of them near first street and component. these two years have been slated for development and have been like this for a few years now. with tall weeds. they have cut down significantly these tall weeds in the last couple months. the firefighters when they got out here started to apply water to that fenced-off area. a lot of people were taking pictures and letting people know what is going on out here. it appears right now it is smokey out here. there are still hot spots in that enclosed area. no injuries but a lot of smoke out here. >> thanks so much, george. a lot of people checking out that smoke. several freeways in that area and it's impacting traffic. our reporter scott budman is on 880 now. what is the traffic like out there? >> reporter: it really is, and
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it's interesting where george is on 87/101, it is stopping traffic and we saw that also on surrounding city streets. if you turn the other way and go 101 south it is smokey all the way down to oakland road. oakland road exit is where you would go 880 south from 101 south. the smoke spreads for quite a bit. it doesn't clear until the coleman exit. no matter which direction you are going around that area of 87/101 you will see and smell smoke and be caught in heavy traffic. >> thanks so much. we'll keep an eye on this situation. but it seems like the firefighters are getting the upper hand and getting control of this brush fire. let's go to jeff ranieri. you heard scott talk about that. getting the wind pushing the smoke in several areas. >> a lot of that will push into south san jose near downtown san jose. that fire is close to that 101
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corridor. the good news it's not gusty. the winds sustained from 10 to 15 miles an hour. the humidity could be worse this time of year. but the biggest threat for firefighter after looking at that video is the fact that all it takes is just a few embers to fly away up into that atmosphere and there is enough wind from that and we could see a fire sparked. so getting this extinguished fast is important. we have strong winds at the coast right now as a result of the marine layer at the coastline which kept us coolers here, 50s and 60 hot air inland. let's look at the thursday forecast. what you will notice tomorrow morning, widespread cloud cover at the coastline. also by the bay and the interior valleys the low 60s.
6:47 pm
let's get you outside to the live hd sky camera network on this midweek forecast. it's clear in san jose right now in this direction. if you are headed on 101 near the brokaw exit expect that smoke to possibly be a little bit thick at times. as we head off to the north what you will find is very clear skies. we have a compressed marine layer right now. it's not going to be a fog out as we head across the east way in the morning hours. a beautiful picture of the golden gate bridge in the fog cover. the thickest fog at the coastline. we have that highlighted for you tomorrow. a bit of low cloud cover expected in the east bay. as we look at the daytime highs for thursday they top out warmer in the south bay, 87 in san jose and 93 in gilroy.
6:48 pm
95 in livermore. you don't have to go far tomorrow to find the mid-70s in alameda. so it's going to be a battle between the cool foggy air at the coastline and hot air inland in the next two days. you'll see that in the seven-day forecast with temperatures in the low to mid-90s saturday and sunday. at the coast we have 60s expected at the coastline. we'll have more any time of course at more news now. they are supposed to be your legal avenue to justice but a crisis is crippling the courthouses and affecting anyone who needs a small claim court. >> tonight we separate fact from fiction to find out how much the cut backs in court are really impacting you. for that we are joined by steven stock.
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>> reporter: we have heard of courthouses closing. but we wanted to see how it is impacting your ability to get justice right now. we found every court in our area is seeing longer and longer delays just in the processing and scheduling of civil cases on the calendar. >> if you want to experience the ultimate frustration of the court system talk to tonya. >> it's hard because they're my kids. >> reporter: for years, she has been seeking a trial in family court in a custody dispute involving her two sons. >> i have been asking for a fair day in court for years. years. over three years, to be exact. >> reporter: meantime her seven and five-year-old sons, like her are in legal limbo. >> has the system worked for you? >> no. has it worked for my children?
6:50 pm
no. >> reporter: then there's this, a sight at just about every court in california these days, lines to file a legal complaint or restraining order or uncontested divorce, lines that routinely snake out the doors. >> last week i didn't realize and i got here at 3:00 last friday and they close at 2:00. i didn't know that. that was a problem. >> it's bad. >> reporter: robert foyle is the presiding judge in san matteo county. >> justice delayed is justice denied. >> it has reached a crisis point. >> california courts in many cases are becoming roads to nowhere. >> reporter: neil mccarty is the former president of the attorneys of california. a case that took one to two years to resolve takes five years or more.
6:51 pm
>> we hear stories about people sleeping outside courtrooms. they can't get a hearing and can't go home. >> people are dying waiting. >> reporter: 175 courtrooms have been closed due to budget cuts. to see exactly what that means, nbc bay area tracked the delays in court calendars at all nine bay area superior courts. in san francisco a stipulated civil divorce that used to take a month now takes up to five months to turn around. in sonoma county it takes eight months to get a family law matter put on the calendar. in alameda county it takes a year and a half just to complete an uncontested divorce. >> we are creating backlogs. >> reporter: the problem, when tight budget times came to sacramento, funding for state courts got cut again and again and again. >> the budget cuts in the courts in california are real.
6:52 pm
>> reporter: while agreeing that financial cut backs have had an effect, critics say that the legal system can be more efficient. >> even when the courts had all the money in the world, they were not spending it wisely and there were inefficiencies. >> reporter: whatever the reason, in santa clara county the courts are 90 days behind in processing family court judgments. a problem so bad that the supervising judge asked for interns to get the paperwork turned around. in redwood city piles of cases, 30,000 documents in all currently lie stacked on the floor in the clerk's office. there is no one to file them. >> what would have taken days now would take seven months to get through the system. >> the root of the problem? california's legislature and how much money it allocates currently to courts.
6:53 pm
this year the legislature and governor added $63 million to fund the courts. but that barely makes a dent in a half billion dollar deficit. last week there were many layoffs in san matteo counties and other courts around the state. that means longer lines and more delays. justice delayed once again. >> if you have a tip for steven or anyone on our investigative unit give us a call or send us an e-mail. and another look at our brush fire burning in san jose east of the airport. this broke out just in the past 45 minutes or so. firefighters as you can see, they have the upper hand of this fire burning near orchard parkway and component drive. but it is generating a lot of smoke in the area. people from the 101/87 interchange can see it.
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and it's causing slow downs in the area especially this time of night. keep it here for any updates and we'll be back with more news after the break.
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one last look at the breaking news in san jose. a brush fire burning this past hour. this is near orchard parkway and component drive. firefighters have -- they are spraying water and have been doing that for the last hour. it did generate a lot of smoke in the area. but the airport says it is not affecting flights but it is
6:57 pm
affecting traffic in the area. scott budman was leaving the area and the 880 onramp a busy road during the night trimable road there is a bit of a slow down in the area. it looks like the five-day forecasts have the upper hand and of course keep it here for new developments. tonight at 11:00 it's a tough time to find jobs but one group is finding employment ahead of the pack and you may be surprised to learn where they are coming from. that is going to do it for us this 6:00 hour. we hope to have you back here at 11:00. >> good night.
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>> on "extra" --anthony weiner's wife standing by her man. >> he's got a real sickness. he's a sick puppy. >> what mrs. weiner's body language is saying. >> just revealed -- the woman he sent his pics to. plus, who is cubicle man? we got him today. only on "extra." introducing prince george, william, kate and baby jumping in the range rover to go home. >> we're learning more and more about the next heir to the throne. >> a man tackled at the how ital. they're protecting the prince. then howard stern roasts the royals. >> the kardashians do more than the queen. >> a new york night, "america's got talent" team.


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