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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 26, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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temperatures right now in the 50s to low 60s as we get into this afternoon. a cooldown starts in the bay area. i've got your weekend outdoor plan forecast as well. it's early and it's friday, but i still already am following a crash in the north bay and now a new one in the south bay. we'll give you the updates for those coming up. we want to give you a live look at the gilroy garlic festival. that's right. take a deep breath. tens of thousands of people will be visiting gilroy this weekend for one of the biggest food festivals in all of america. we're serving up right here hot and ready to go. it is friday, july 26. this is "today in the bay." it sounds like a full bash, a party, a buffet. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. a 15-year-old girl once
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again a free teenager after she was held captive by two alleged drug dealers in lake county. federal agents say the girl was held inside a box for days at a time. "today in the bay's" marla tellez with a case making its way through the u.s. district court in san francisco. good morning t. arrest of these two guys not only freed a 15-year-old girl but also broke up a drug operation that federal agents say funneled significant quantities of marijuana into northern california. investigators say 30-year-old ryan biledo and 24-year-old patrick pairman used this 15-year-old to help take care of their marijuana grow. they're also accused of raping her and locking her inside a small tool box. the box's dimensions, four feet long, two feet wide and two feet tall. officials say air holes were drilled into the box so the girl could breathe. according to the complaint, the teen was kidnapped in los angeles sometime before late
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april and took her to his clearlake property where he and pairman had more than a thousand marijuana plants and a stash of weapons including ar 15s and sniper rifles. they say sexual bondage gear was also found on the property. the men are being held without bail. they face a long list of federal drug charges, but also facing rape and kidnapping charges for the drug charges alone. the penalties carry a maximum of life in prison with a mandatory minimum ten-year term. the 15-year-old victim in this case may not be the only one. coming up in my next report, i'll tell you what the u.s. attorney's office is saying about the potential for more victims. >> we look forward to that. "today in the bay's" marian favro with a shooting investigation that has shake aen community. marianne, good morning.
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>> good morning, jon. community leaders say they're fed up with the increase in crime in oakland and today they plan to demand that police do something about it. they say the murder of 66-year-old judy salmamon who ws killed while driving in her car prochlted this call to action. friends and family paid tribute to the animal lover killed blocks from her home. they say she worked hard to get people to hire private patrols near her home because crime was getting so bad. >> she walked her neighborhood and talked about the patrol. she was committed to it. >> reporter: now her friends are committed to fighting crime in her memory. this morning at 9:00, city leaders including two city council members are going to meet at the site where salamon was killed. they say so far this year more than 45 people have been killed
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here in oakland. reporting live in oakland. marianne favro, "today in the bay." the family of an 8-year-old alicia carradine needs her help paying for funeral expenses. oakland city councilwoman libby shot says the family needs about $4,200 to cover the costs but has only raised about $1200 so far. firefighters in san jose had to use the jaws of life to rescue a driver trapped inside a car after slamming into two trees. we have new photos released by the santa fe fire department overnight. they had to cut into both doors of the car to free the driver. firefighters aren't sure what caused the car to lose control. the driver now in the hospital, though it's unclear what condition he or she is in. san jose fire department just released these photos. kitchen of at least one apartment unit in japantown gutted after a late night fire.
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the window is gone and piles of charred debris fired. two people who lived in the unit now need to find a new place to live. it is 5:05. financial troubles appear to be getting worse this morning for santa clara county's private ambulance company. county officials are concerned about whether rural metro group will be able to continue its live saving service, met with the company's ceo yesterday. the bay area news group met with officials telling the company they'll be seeking alternatives if the ambulance provider can't meet its contract. the ceo says the ambulance provider will catch up on its late payments within ten days to avoid breaching its $375 million contract.
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one of the biggest food events happening right here right now in the bay area. live pictures from the event, garlic ought to be cooking in gilroy. you can smell it for the 35th annual gilroy garlic festival. the gates open at 10:00 this morning. the main event today is something new. it's the garlic bowl. it pits executive chefs from san jose state, uc berkeley and fresno state against one another to see who can cook up the best garlic dish. perhaps they're discussing their strategies right now. >> drawing up a game plan. >> the winner will get a $5,000 scholarship for their school. the gilroy dispatch reports san jose state is the three-to-one favorite to win. we'll see it. >> all things garlic. get down and enjoy. gum, breath mints, listarine. >> it can be very, very hot at
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that garlic festival. this year we're going to luck out with the 80s all week long. looking good. 87 degrees in gilroy. starting the day at 53 degrees. at 59 in san jose. your weather headlines really tell the story. as we get into this weekend, it's going to be pretty comfortable. we're watching for why spread low cloud cover, coastal drizzle. as we head throughout this afternoon, you'll notice difference inland with temperatures falling about three to five degrees. tonight's giant's game, 7:00, 55 degrees. that's an example of how cool it's going to be today at the coast. the microclimates making an impact for today. this weekend looks good. just expecting more of the same. 76 degree in fremont, 81 in san jose. we are headed towards a cooldown. i'll time that out in your seven day outlook. first, we don't want any problems on a friday. mike is here to report if there are any.
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>> we'll talk about event in couple seconds that could cause you slowing afterward. but right now we're looking at the slowdown just north of here. on our maps we're looking at -- towards 16. we had a couple locations that sorted to around 16th or between the two areas in downtown oakland. we do have a little slowing. there's a crash reported there, but not a real problem. we see slowing down to 60, but i'll track that because chp is arriving on scene. here is the 29 to 37 connector. on the connector, reports of a rig overturned overnight. departme department transportation should be to assess the session. highway 57 is moving unenter intoed out of vallejo and toward novato. that is going to be an issue later this morning. here is the south bay, a smooth easy drive right now. no major problems. however, we have a stall reported at the transition from north 101 to north 85. we don't see any slowing, but we'll let you know if there are any problems.
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coming out of the south bay, and speaking of the south bay area, heading down into gilroy, you can smell it. there's the garlic festival. a major event for highway 101. that's south of much of our viewing area. you have a couple of other issues as well, right? >> yeah. you handle the morning for us. tonight is going to be pretty hectic on bay area roadways. along with the usual commuter traffic, nearly 150,000 people expected to head to san francisco and oakland tonight. more than 50,000 are going to packagedal stick park for the justin timberlake jay z legends of the summer. show promoter urging people to get to the park before 5:00 for the 7:30 show. in the meantime, the giants and a's are both playing as well. big crowds there. the best plan they say is to use public transportation, car pool or leave just a lot of time to try to get where you are going. it will be fun events. that is the full slate right here in the bay area. that's how we do it.
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5:09. new details about the novato state mental hospital accused of dropping off patients, and they did it right here in the bay area. a former police officer behind the infamous pepper spray incident wants your tax dollars. what he's asking the state for. zynga takes a huge gamble and a san francisco lab tries to replace the egg. we'll take a look at business and tech.
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welcome back everybody on a friday morning. a live look outside. the sunset to come up. that's the south bay, san jose for you, haze in the sky. but christina loren says that should be clearing out sometime. she'll ball long to tell you about that. mike has your roads. it's 5:12 right now. san francisco game company zynga taking a huge gamble by turning down gambling. scott mcgrew, they're all in on this one, right? >> yeah. they really are.
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the company has been in huge financial trouble as you know. it dumped its ceo co-founder. son some investors have been sticking with zynga because they figured they were sure the future was not farmville, but online gambling. zynga set to become in first position for gamble if and when it became legal. now they're saying they're not interested. during its quarterly conference call on thursday afternoon, zynga says it's all in about not being all in. amazon, not a local company but we keep an eye on it anyway, amazon posted a loss as it invested more and more money in warehouses and free shipping and digital media. in other words, instead of making profits, it's plowing the profits back into getting bigger. the stock is down. a lot of investors like to see amazon get spendy. we're still feeling effects of good news from facebook. hampton pearson is live at cnbc
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world headquarters with a look at the markets today. good morning, hampton. >> how are you doing, scott? not so great news as we look to market opening. futures right now are flat. after stocks posted small gains on thursday, the nasdaq had its best day in two weeks thanks to facebook. the dow and s&p 500 are aiming for their fifth straight weekly gain. we do get dait data later today on consumer sentiment. the dow closing at 15,556 and the nads dak adding 25 to close at 3,605 yesterday. scott, back to you and have a great weekend. >> thank you, hampton. hampton in washington, not in new jersey. a lab in san francisco trying to replace the egg. egg are used in all kind of ways in the food industry. they're hard to transport. they spoil, they break. add to that the environmental costs of 8 billion chickens in america and it's a problem worth solving. this sunday on "press here" we'll talk to josh petrick, he
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is from hampton creek foods. they're looking the the plant world to replace the egg. >> 92% of the world's plants have not been explored for their applicability in food. plants you've heard of, plants you haven't heard of. all we do is search the world's plant species. we screen them asking ourselves does it's ' muls phi. >> does it blend? all those things. we'll take a look at that issue coming up after "meet the press" on "press here." >> eggs don't sound as tasty when you talk about emulsifying. >> it's breakfast time for a lot of people. a really nice day on tap. >> really nice day. good looking gentlemen on "press here." i'm going to tune in for him.
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5:15. i'll listen to his coagulation stories all day long. let's take you outside now. 54 degrees in napa. 56 in concord. 59 degrees in san jose today. we have a good looking day shaping up. starting off pretty crisp out there. depending on your threshold for the cold, you might want to pull out a light jacket or sweater. cooler than yesterday. we saw plenty of 90s across the board. taken those numbers down, 88 degrees in concord, 76 on the way to fremont and 80 degrees in redwood city. giants are back at it tonight. we'll see major differences in the microclimates. you need a jacket at the coast just about all day long. 55 degrees at 7:00 p.m. when the sun goes down, the giants taking on chi-town, the cubs, right here at at&t park. it's going to be a pretty good day for a game, although it will be chilly. winds could play a factor, potentially carrying the ball to
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center field. as we head through tomorrow, we'll have the game right here on nbc bay area tomorrow evening. don't forget about that one. sunday, temperatures start to drop off. we're going to drop off monday into tuesday, feeling comfortable as we kickoff the month of august, starting much cooler than average, 5:17. let's find out if the drive is average or better with mike inouye. it's pretty average for friday which means things are light. a couple of spots we're watching. the peninsula and south bay looking clear. south bay warning, garlic festival going on. 101 through morgan hill and gilroy will be crowded all weekend because of the traffic there. looking over here to the east bay, north 880 at 92, chp arrived on scene and said everything might be blocking the slowing. at least at times there might be crews there. stay to your left as you travel north past 92. that's the san mateo bridge, and heading into hayward and toward 238. a smooth drive westbound 584 at the dublin interchange.
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we have an earlier hazard, a stalled car west 580 at north livermore. it may be cleared from the scene. a lot of slowing out of the altamont pass. this is around grant line road where we had an earlier car fire on the shoulder. no injuries. there was enough distraction and enough activity to cause the backup off 205. that traffic will start moving overthrow the altamont pass and toward livermore. we're watching that. again, friday's build is a little more gentle. we shouldn't see that have major impact. i'll still track livermore. over here, 880 through oakland. we have a couple of spots north near broadway. the distraction from a second crash is causing slowdowns in both directions. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. all but one lane is open b, one of the cash lanes. that's not causing a big problem, guys. very very much, mike. it is 5:18. we continue to get new details
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out of spain this morning after that deadly train crash. the wreckage of the rail was removed from the scene early this morning. the blackened and twisted remains of the train carriages were loaded onto trucks and driven from the crash site. the driver of the train remains in the hospital this morning. he is under armed guard. the judge investigating the crash ordered police to interview him today. in the meantime investigators trying to determine why the train was going so fast when it careened off the tracks. authorities now say 78 people died in that crash as opposed to the 80 they reported yesterday. the regional government says 94 people are still hospitalized this morning. 31 of them in critical condition. meantime, new surveillance photos appear to show former nfl star, now accused murderer, aaron hernandez holding a guns minutes after his friend was shot to death. we have grainy black and white photos from hernandez's own home surveillance system. authorities say they appear to show the former patriots tight
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end holding a gun before and after his friend was killed. the images part of 100 payable ps of court documents released yesterday. hernandez pleaded not guilty to the murder. it is 5:20. this morning the former police officer who pep sper sprayed students at uc davis is asking for worker's compensation. john pike claims he suffered, quote, psychiatric injury stemming from the confrontation back in november of 2011. this video of pike dousing protesters with pepper spray went viral. pike says he received several threats as a result. he was fired in july of last year after an investigation found his investigations were unwarranted. a settlement conference is scheduled for next month in sacramento. the nevada state psychiatric hospital accused of busing mentally ill patients all across the country has lost its accreditation. the independent agency that
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accredits hospitals nationwide issuing a preliminary denial of accreditation for rawson-neal hospital last week. it's citing violations in quality and care of patients and their safety. "the sacramento bee" reporting late last night, the hospital decided not to appeal, immediately losing its accreditation. the hospital will remain open, but it will lose much of its funding because of this change. 5:21. a costly mistake for one 49er, how he lost millions next. [ male announcer ] how do you do a summer clearance the dodge way?
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welcome back everybody. i tell you what, that is live from gilroy where they have the garlic festival down there. will have performances, people filling in to see what's happening, getting a chance to have some entertainment and soak it up. maybe fresh breath is not the call of this weekend. if you dig garlic, gilroy is the
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place to be. we'll be checking in live, talking to some of the people involved with putting together all at tasty food. maybe we'll get a chance to sample it. it's 5:24. the wife of atlanta braves pitcher tim hudson getting a lot of praise this morning for how she's handling her husband's devastating ankle injury. the injury which is too gruesome to show you this morning will keep hudson sidelined for the rest of the season. this morning, kimberly hudson says she has no bad feelings towards the player who stepped on her husband's ankle. she texted eric young junior -- she uses his initials there, thank you for playing the game the right way. you're obviously one of the good guys and we appreciate you. she thanked both the braves and the mets organization as well. you may recall tim hudson spent five years with the oakland a's. tough injury. >> classy way to handle that. >> talk about a costly contract
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snaf few. this sun believable. 49ers starting quarterback tarell brown out $2 million this morning and looking for a brand new agent. why? brown unknowingly gave up $2 million of his base salary this season because he chose not to participate in the team's voluntary off-season workout program. brown says he was not aware of that clause in his contract and he fired his agent after finding out about the salary slash, and he found out on twitter. his base salary for this year has now been reduced down to $925,000. the agent should help him out. look, you're an adult. you should know your contract. >> it's not so voluntary after all. maybe they shouldn't call it that. >> for some players it is. apparently his contract he was supposed to be there. now he's out a lot of money. >> got to read the fine print. >> god to look at the numbers for today. a little bit beyond as well. good morning, christina. >> can't believe football
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season, the preseason already starting. fantasy football, that is certainly already starting. don't spend your weekend inside getting that fantasy team together. you might kick yourself. it's going to be really nice out there. 88 degrees in livermore, 76 in fremont, 81 degrees in san jose and 62 degrees in san francisco. so comfortable conditions as we head throughout the rest of the weekend. we'll give you those numbers as well. subtle changes to tell you about. first let's check the drive with mike. >> first we'll show you the subtle change, this is 880 past the coliseum. the glowing lights, but not a problem as far as visibility goes. 880 around high street, just north of there in the southbound direction you see all the red. that means sensors are showing a lot of showing as we approach the crash. chp or freeway crews are moving this car off the roadway. it was in the middle lane and now it's moving off the roadway. it's slow past 980 off the bay bridge. watch that. it should be cleared within the next five minutes.
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also watching a crash in richmond on richmond parkway, not a major commute problem right now. we also have the sig alert declared for south 29 to east highway 37. highway 37 itself is moving smoothly guys. back to you. >> thank you very much. time is 5:27. we'll tell you about a major national landmark vandalized overnight. we have new images out of washington, d.c. coming up. new video in of a rollover crash in the bay area. two people are hurt after a police chase.
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new this morning, a 15-year-old girl allegedly held captive inside a box for days at a time and raped. i'll tell you how she's connected to a now dismantled marijuana grow outside the bay area. enough is enough, why city leaders this morning plan to demand that oakland pd do more to keep people safe. i'm marianne favro, i'll have that story in a live report from
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oakland. i'm meteorologist christina loren. this morning temperatures are nice and crisp out there. 57 in oakland, 62 in sunnyvale. to start, those microclimates making a big impact this weekend. we'll tell you who is going to get what in your full forecast. it's friday. supposed to be light. but there's a backup at the toll plaza and a crash causing slowdowns through oakland. we'll show you the latest from the nimitz coming up. and a live look outside. look at that. you also made it to friday morning, july 26. a lot of news ahead. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning everyone. this morning, city leaders in oakland holding a news conference at the very site where a 66-year-old woman was gunned down while driving near her home. "today in the bay's" marianne favro live with the latest on
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the hunt for the gunman and a community calling for serious change. good morning, marianne. >> reporter: good morning, jon. there have been two homicides in oakland this month that have been so shocking that city leaders this morning plan to demand that oakland pd do more to keep the community safe. they say the murder of 66-year-old judy salmamon has called them to call for action. the animal lover was shot and killed wednesday afternoon just blocks from her home. last night friends and family paid tribute to the animal lover. >> she was never mean to anyone. she was always nice. she cared about animals and she didn't deserve this, and i just don't understand why people do stuff like that. i think it's horrible. >> reporter: city leaders also highlight the fact that an 8-year-old girl, alicia carradine was gunned down during a sleepover in the diamond district earlier this month.
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so far there have been more than 45 homicides in oakland which is why at 9:00 this morning, city leaders are going to get stog and hold a press con flens including two city leaders who are demanding the city do more to keep the public safe. they'll hold the news conference at the site where judy salamon was killed. we have new video of a high-speed chase that ended in this horrific crash in martinez overnight. the chp says it started when officers tried to pull over a two-door toyota for driving recklessly. the driver took off leading officers on a short chase on highway 4 before losing control and crashing near el ham bra avenue. the female passenger needed to be airlifted to the hospital in fairfield. her injuries are unknown. investigators this morning searching for a suspect in what
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appears to be a home invasion robbery. this one happened in fremont. they say the suspect tried to force his way into a family's home at about 6:00 last night with a gun and with pepper spray. a man inside that home got into a fight with a suspect and shots were fired. two children were also inside. they were able to escape along with the woman and the man. police say the gun was found inside of that home and a perimeter was then set up. police think the suspect left before they actually got things going. that suspect now being described as a hispanic man in his early 30s, bushy long ponytail, goatee, tattoos above both eyebrows. he was last seen wearing a gray zip-up jacket, gray t-shirt and blue pants. two men are accused of holding a teenage girl inside a tool box for days at a time rnths also the alleged ring leaders of a major drug operation outside the bay area. "today in the bay's" marla tellez in the newsroom with more on the case making its way
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through the u.s. district court. an awful story. the alleged abuse and drug dealing happened in clearlake. that's where federal agents say 30-year-old ryan ba led dough and patrick pairman used the girl to help grow their marijuana. the complaint says the teen was kidnapped earlier this spring, brought her to the home where the two men would lock her in a tool box that was merely four feet long, two feet wide and two feed tall. investigators say the girl would live in that box for up to three days at a time and breathe through air holes drilled in the box. our nbc station in sacramento spoke to locals in lake county who are not shocked about the marijuana grow. the other details, that's a different story. >> pot is one thing, but sexual abuse is very bad, obviously.
5:35 am
that's absolutely wrong. >> they grow pot everywhere in lake county. >> the pot grow doesn't surprise you? >> no. it's ridiculous that they get away with doing it and especially that much. >> in this case the u.s. homeland security department helped break up this operation. officials say when they raided the clearlake property back in may they found more than 1,300 marijuana plants, a serious stash of military-grade weapons and also sexual bondage gear. if convicted on these federal charges, the two men could face life in prison. they are both being held without bail. word from the u.s. attorney's office is there could be more victims out there, so not just this 15-year-old girl. so federal agents continue their investigation. jon? >> nothing short of a disturbing story there, marla. thank you very much. an elderly person in northern california's glenn county recovering from west nile virus. that woman lives just north of sacramento. this marks, we can tell you, the first time confirmed human cases
5:36 am
have been in the state this year. the virus has also been detected in birds in alameda county and in mosquitos in santa clara county. coming up tonight at 11:00, the vector control will fog for mosquitos at east san jose. you can see the affected areas boarded by landdess avenue, old piedmont and bare es is a road. let's take a look at the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. we're excited it's friday. >> happy friday to you. good idea when it comes to that mosquito issue, eliminate the standing water at your home. remember dusk and dawn, that's when they're out. they're always out this time of year, especially when we had the humidity going. 5:36, now taking a live look at a very interesting sky over san jose. it's not as blue as it looks here when you walk out your front door. you will notice plenty of mid-level clouds overhead. we have low cloud cover.
5:37 am
61 degrees, headed towards an absolutely spectacular sunrise. that comes at about 6:08 this morning. we'll have the live pictures coming in just to show you, you don't have to get out of bed. maybe you don't have to work today. we'll show you those right here on nbc bay area. 83 degrees at noon, 64 in oakland at lunchtime. basically we could be in the 09s, we're right about at average for this time of year. the big weather story is temperatures won't fluctuate all that much as we get into the weekend, but they will by next week. i'll take you through the changes. temperatures tumbling. that forecast coming up. first let's check the drive at 5:37. it's picking up out there. >> it's back up. looking toward the bay bridge where we have the backup in the cash lane. usually it's because one of the lanes is closed. i turned our emeryville camera toward the toll plaza. you can see the gates, flashing lights, no need to stop. the backup starting to form. look at the maps, slow
5:38 am
southbound heading towards 7th. the crash involving the big rig is moved off the roadway. northbound 82, crash still there: south bay freeways looking nice as far as your drive speeds through the area. 101 will get crowded and slow through gilroy, guys. in fact, ki smell it. >> yes, you can. that's because two tons of garlic heaped on top of all the great food you can imagine. the gilroy garlic festival is kicking off this morning. >> that garlic smell is definitely kicking. tens of thousands of people headed from all over the south bay. just to see it and taste it, all the garlic goodness. right now steve franish joining us. steve, i'm calling you a pyro i mean that in a good way. you are a pyro self. what is that? >> we obviously here at the garlic festival cook with a lot of garlic. back in the background the guys
5:39 am
are skooking up calamari. when that squid hits the pan t hot oil, it flames up and we get fire and it's a lot of fun. >> i bet it is, if you're good at it. >> stand back. i understand as well it's all in the family for you. >> yeah. that's my daughter back there cooking, ashley. she's been cooking with us for about three or four years. i guess one of these years, maybe 20, 30 years i'll have to pass it down the line i guess. >> one of the key things out there is people come in and want to get some good eats. tell us some of the things you'll be mixing up out there. you'll be flash firing and pyroing for us. >> we'll be out here for three day, it's going to be wonderful. we'll get a lot of people down there. three days out of the year we get to be a quasi rock and roll star. who can beat that. >> it's work. you chicken, calamari, pretty much anything you want, pasta, garlic ice cream. >> absolutely. it's all wonderful here.
5:40 am
we have the pepper steak sandwiches, the mushrooms. it's a veritable plethora of wonderful food. you've got to come down. >> it's an annual tradition out there. we thank you for joining us so early this morning. you've got a big weekend ahead of you. >> steve, you say it's cool, you're a rock star down there for a couple days. also the pyrotechnics behind you. it's like a rock and roll show out there. you get to be the lead singer. >> we got the music blaring. we get the music going in the background, get a little ac/dc, led zeppelin. it's a lot of fun. >> the weather will cooperate as well. thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> all right, guys. thank you. >> keep up the good work. thanks a lot for joining us, steve. 5:40. we'll have more from the garlic festival later on. also want to tell you about a national monument vandalized overnight. a southern california freeway shut down overnight after someone starts shooting at another car. what we're learning about the
5:41 am
possible road rage incident this morning.
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5:43. the federal government has busted what it says is the largest credit card hacking scheme ever. it spans seven years, affected millions of americans. for more on how the suspects got their hands on all those account numbers, let's turn things over to "today in the bay's" tracie potts who joins us live from capitol hill this morning. good morning, tracie. >> reporter: good morning everyone. the feds say they did it by hacking some of the biggest companies in this country. we're talking 7-eleven, jc penney, jetblue, the airline, wall street was affected by this. 160 million accounts, 300 million in losses. now there are indictments for four russian nationals and one ukrainian believed to be part of
5:44 am
this team. thing is, authorities say they got the credit card and debit card numbers and resold them to others for anywhere between $10 and $50 depending on the type of card. now, experts say to find out whether or not you were affected -- and this has been going on for several years -- you need to be diligent about checking your credit card statements. yes, the companies will alert you. however, the first warning may be another authorized charge on your statement. that's why they say the public is important in making sure this gets done right. >> always got to check those bills. good advice. thanks, tracy. on the international scene we just learned the driver of that spanish passenger train involved in this deadly crash under police guard in a hospital this morning. the judge assigned to investigate this crash telling police to question that driver sometime today and get some answers. the train company says that driver is a 30-year veteran of that firm with more than a decade of train-driving experience. however, investigators say this
5:45 am
guy was a bit of a wildcard and had a serious taste for speed, even posting a picture of a train sped dom ter with the needle at 125 miles per hour, bragging the reading had not been tampered with. investigators say he also wrote on his facebook page it would be a rush to go so fast right past police that the rail company would actually be fined. as that train entered that curve on wednesday, local media reporting it was going 120 miles per hour. meantime authorities now say a total of 78 people have died so far in that crash as opposed to the 80 that was reported yesterday. so sad. 5:45. attorneys for a cleveland man accused of kidnapping three women and keeping them captive tore a decade say they have entered plea negotiations with prosecutors. ariel castro is expected to be in court at 7:00 this morning. he's pleaded not guilty to nearly 1,000 counts of rape, kidnapping and other crimes. that deal which ariel castro is likely to accept is life without
5:46 am
pa roll plus 1,000 years. it would allow castro to avoid the death penalty and spare his victims a long trial. it was a wild scene down in los angeles with police searching for two men who opened fire on two other people on a packed freeway late last night. this happened along highway 91 just about ten miles from downtown at the bellflower exit. chp says after two cars crashed, the people in both of them got out of the cars and then got into a fight. that's when the gunfire erupted. one person was shot a number of times. another was struck in the arm. the freeway finally reopened just after midnight. an iconic landmark vandalized this morning. the lincoln memorial remains closed after authorities say someone splashed paint on it. park police say a patrol officer spotted the green paint. the memorial will remain closed
5:47 am
until crews can clean up that mess. investigators say they will now review surveillance video to try to track down the person responsible. it's just horrible. >> what kind of garbage is that? a bunch of idiots. 5:47 right now. christina loren is back with cooler news for us and a nice way to start the day. >> i like my job. i get to bring all the good news to the table. 5:47, but i went to school for it. we have a good looking day shaping up. really my job, i can put it on auto pilot. temperatures won't fluctuate all that much. what i can tell you is we're going to average highs for this time of year, and that means it's not going to be too hot today, especially in your inland cities. 5:47 starting with a live look. downtown san jose, waking up to a pretty sky overhead. plenty of mid-level and low clouds overhead. let's take you to the golden gate bridge, show you what we're waking up for here in the city by the bay. that's plenty of low cloud cover. we've got low ceilings out this morning. that will likely be the case out
5:48 am
of sfo. we should be right on time out of oakland and san jose to start the day. getaway friday. 53 in gilroy for the garlic festival. high pressure firmly in control. all that monsoonal moisture from yesterday is out of the area. however, we are expecting another round of thunderstorms in the cierra-nevada. if you're planning on heading to tahoe, we could see another round of flash flooding. 89 on saturday, that will be the warmest day. sunday looks good, bring the sunscreen with you, lots of sunshine coming in over the garlic capital of the world. 60s and 50s, that's what you can expect on the sonoma coast. they've got great camp sites out there, foggy mornings, but comfortable afternoons. our days are numbered at this point. i know the boys are already back practicing football, the high school kids out there. keep that in mind. our days aren't as long as we might want them to be when it
5:49 am
comes to the summertime winding up very quickly. 81 in san jose, 83 in los gatos, 62 degrees in san francisco. that means you might need your sweater or jacket as we head through the afternoon. the good news is really no significant changes except for that cooldown that comes into play monday into tuesday. that's refreshing this time of year. that means it's not going to be too hot, hiking, biking, all your outdoor activities nice and comfortable for that. let's check your drive. >> good morning. our live look at the san mateo bridge, you see westbound, your commute direction moves smoothly. haze and low clouds. you can make out the lights across the high-rise. the peninsula is looking really good as well. that's a nice easy flow. we 50e8 show you the east bay side and talk about hayward and san leandro. not a problem there. i'm going to move the map around. instead of north being at the top, we're going to face southbound as this is our commute direction. look at the sign here talking about your average speed. at the limit for docodo road
5:50 am
toward the south bay. smooth flow past mission boulevard. here is the loop, the dramatic loop you take toward 101 north. that's the reason we have overturns right there quite frequently. but right now not even a lot of traffic. 17 moves smoothly across the santa cruz mountains in both directions. looking toward the bay bridge toll plaza where i do want to talk about the backup that's been forming early this morning, the cash lanes all. now there's a crash lane reported in one of the cash lanes. we'll watch till it clears. we'll send it back to you. >> all right, mike. thank you very much. interstate 80 back open on the california-nevada border, this happening after crews finally cleared off all the mud and wetness out there. that was on the roadway overnight. some heavy rain triggering a big-time mudslide yesterday. you can see they're forcing crews, finally closing the westbound lanes. traffic there was stopped for hours again at that nevada-california border. it is going to be a hectic one on bay area roadways with
5:51 am
some 140,000 ticket holders trying to get to events. there's a lot going on, the giants playing at at&t park for about 40,000 fans. another 25,000 headed to the a's game. 53,000 expected at candlestick park for the jay z and justin timberlake park. john mayer playing at shoreline amphitheater for up to 60,000 fans. don't forget the friday night commute. the best plan is to use public transportation, car pool or leave a lot of time to get where you're going. a lot of things going on. a good problem to have. >> the best plan might be heading down to the south bay and staying away from all that mess. >> garlic festival as well, 101 will be packed. >> it's going to be bananas. 5:51. please plan accordingly. we'll tell you about former president george h.w. bush talking for the first time since she shaved his head for a young boy, we'll hear from him coming up next.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
a heartwarming scene that had so many people talking. former president george h.w. bush speaking for the first time about the inspiration behind shaving his head. >> his granddaughter, jenna bush hager interviewed him in kennebunkport maine. his hair has grown back a little bit since taking the picture. the 2-year-old boy sith on his lap. the boy is patrick, the son of one of the president's secret service agents who sund going chemotherapy for leukemia. in a show of solidarity, mr. bush and his security detail all shaved their heads. the former president says he's still surprised he's getting so much attention. >> it does come as a surprise. you don't think of -- i think of myself as kind of over the hill and out of it. >> i think of you when you
5:55 am
consider the news that you're one of -- you're a great gentlemen gentle man. >> he said he just wanted to see the little boy smile. they had a child that actually died, a little girl that died of cancer. so it was meaningful for them as well. >> a cause very close to their hearts. that's heartwarming, that young boy feeling the good vibrations. thank you very much. 5:55. it's friday which means gadget friday. scott mcgrew says you can't touch this. >> that's right. you're not supposed to anyway. this is the leap motion controller. it just hit stores a couple days ago jon after a big build-up. the idea is that it detects your hand motions, sort of like minority report and you can affect what happens on the screen. here is close-up of the device itself. about the size of a pack of gum. it has cameras and other technology to detect what your
5:56 am
hand is doing n. this case i've actually pulled up "the new york times" in a special app that can detect my finger and i can kind of scroll through the various stories. so as i make the certain gestures, here is close-up of it as well on the screen. you can see what i'm doing here. there's a closer look. it is kind of cool. so i hold my finger over there and i can see the actual article. and then i twirl my finger some more and can read it. if i wave my hand back and forth, the article goes away. it's an interesting idea. i don't know that this is something i desperately need because i can just use the track pad or the arrow key or whatnot. if they come up with a killer app -- there are about 60 apps that will work with this device. if they come up with a killer app that makes a lot of sense, it will be fine. in the meantime, it's fun to try. >> maybe for a professor at the back of the class and they can do like that. >> some day we know where you
5:57 am
can do the "minority report" sort of thing. for 80 bucks, it's the first attempt at this. >> we'll give it a go. >> that would be nice. 5:57 right now. financial troubles continue this morning for an ambulance company serving most of the south bay. we have new details coming up. plus we'll tell you about an overnight rescue after a car crashes right into a tree. san jose firefighters forced to cut two doors off to free the driver.
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now at 6:00, twisted metal and a shattered windshield in a horrific ending to a high-speed chase. new details about why one bay area driver tried to outrun the law next. trapped and abused, among the trees. a teenage girl held hostage inside a box at a california pot farm.
6:00 am
we'll tell you how she was finally able to break free. honest abe targeted by vandals. what u.s. park police found at the end of a lincoln memorial that has the landmark closed this morning. you did it. you made it to friday. a beautiful weekend shaping up across one of the most beautiful parts of america. in the bay area, temperatures in the 50s and 60s, headed toward the 80s, not too hot. we drop off your full forecast in moments. >> they went and did it, messed up your friday morning commute. this is the bay bridge, heading up the incline is the backup at the toll plaza as well. this is the problem for the east bay. mike, much less of a mess and problem, we give you a live look from the south bay over san jose, the color pallet this morning, pastels. . it's friday. july 26. this is "today in the bay."


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