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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 29, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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plaza. to help jump start your day as you're heading out the door or maybe at the gym right now getting in a couple extra miles and watching us on the tube, that's a live look over an orange julius type of day in san francisco on this monday, july 29. this is "today in the bay." it's 5:00 right now. good morning everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. the faa is taking action in the wake of the deadly asiana airline crash. foreign pilots are now being treated differently at sfo than u.s.-based pilots. today in the bay's bob redell live near the airport in burlingame with details on the changes. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, laura. yes, the faa is advising foreign carriers landing here at sfo to use a new type of approach when they're coming to land here.
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this is after the crash of asiana 214 that the faa is now concerned about how well some foreign pilots are able to land at this airport. there are two ways you can land an airplane. you can use a visual approach and you've got the instrument approach when you rely on equipment like a glide scope to help guide you in. the problem is the glide slopes have been turned off at two of sfo's runways because of construction, including the one on the runway where asiana flight 214 tried to land earlier this month. since that crash, the faa says it has noticed an increase in the number of aborted landings at the airport including one by ava air six days ago when that taiwanese aircraft was coming in way too low like as an nah. but unlike asiana, ava was able to abort in time. the faa is now advising foreign carriers to rely on gps equipment when it comes to lining up and landing here at sfo. >> i think it's very unusual
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given the fact that it's not isolated to one particular carrier, but currently involves multiple air carriers from the -- that they've classified as a foreign carrier flying into the united states. >> that glide slope equipment is scheduled to come back online at both those runways here at sfo in the second half of august. reporting live in burlingame across from the airport, bob redell, "today in the bay." also new this morning, train service interrupted in richmond overnight after a driver was thrown from the car and onto the tracks in a deadly car crash. that car was seen speeding at about 90 miles per hour on westbound interstate 580 when it crashed west of the central park on-ramp. the car veered off the road, crashing through a fence and then overturned onto the tracks. the driver pronounced dead at that scene. train service was interrupted while the tow truck removed that car. the tracks we can report right now have been cleared. police in hayward are
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looking for a man who they say shot a security guard at a crowded home depot. it happened about 12:30 yesterday afternoon at the store on hess sparian boulevard close to the southland mal. the man reportedly took out a gun, shot one of the security officers and then pistol whipped the oefrmt both security guards are recovering this morning. right now we have breaking news to show you and tell you about out of mill valley where firefighters are on the scene of a shopping center fire. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live at the scene with all the latest. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning. this is a two-alarm fire at the strawberry village shopping center which is right off 101 in mill valley i had a chance to speak with the fire chief and he said the prior is at the evo spa which if you're driving up 101 you wouldn't see this.
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this is on the back side where they're entering and doing overhaul. they got the call about 3:31 this morning and immediately came out and saw smoke, is mainly what they saw pouring out of the building. if steve can pan up there, what you see are lights there and they had to put a hook and ladder truck, possibly to vent the roof is what he's telling me and that most of the damage in the spa appears to be in a laundry room area. at this point they don't know how it started. they say it's not suspicious or anything. but they knocked it down within about 20 minutes and they believe that this caused about $50,000 worth of damage. they've been pulling out some of the burned items and telling me again this is more about laundry room storage area type. but the spa won't be opening today. they say the rest of the shopping center will. although there's a sushi restaurant that may have suffered some smoke damage. again, they're assessing everything going on. they say nothing suspicious but
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at this point they still don't know exactly how it started. >> that's the story live from mill valley, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you, christie. . monitoring the forecast for us today and the week, people starting their workweek, but not a bad one. a little cool out there. >> yeah. iths going to be really nice. i want to start with the wind speed to give you an idea of the wind when it comes to fire in mill valley. right now we've got calm conditions. the winds will certainly play a factor as we head through the second half of the day. keep that in mind. we have a beautiful day shaping up. thanks for waking up with us. at 5:05 on a monday, you probably want to be sleeping. the good news is you don't have to give yourself any extra time just yet for your morning drive. we are expecting thick low clouds to develop as we head throughout the morning and even coastal drizzle. right now everything is looking pretty good. 56 in oakland. at noon about 63 degrees. temperatures will struggle to climb over mostly cloudy conditions with the nice onshore flow. that means we'll see
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unseasonably cool weather. livermore, 83 degrees, only 78 degrees, perfection, in concord. 70 in fremont, 71 in oakland. a little cool by the immediate water in san francisco at 58 degrees. i'll let you know when we return to summer-like levels in the next report. first let's check the drive with mike. >> if you saw the earlier backup at the bay bridge. look at the screen now. i'm showing the lights above the toll plaza. close-up here. only one red light remains. over the last ten minutes they opened all but one cash lane. there you go. no more backup. the hov lane is open so you can car pool. look at the reverse angle. the backup we saw at the toll plaza is now gone. that's great news for the morning commute. getting ready. because it will start to build probably in an hour from now. we'll looked at the system and tell you about b.a.r.t. as well. coming out of the richmond yard there's a delay. there's some electrical issues. they're having a little trouble getting those trains out.
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once they do, that richmond line will be back in service as far as on time. right now b.a.r.t. is saying five to ten-minute delays because of the delays getting out of the yard itself. meanwhile the rest of the system not reporting problems. a good job across the bay as well. the by bridge approach and the maze showing a nice smooth flow. in the city we have south 101 to 280. as you can see, not a lot of problems. 280 is the slower of the two, that's only down to 59 miles per hour. it's an average so no slowing through area. back to you. mike, thanks a lot. officials in the east bay and the central valley, they want to know what commuters think about plans to expand rail service. the san joaquin regional rail commission considering running more frequent a.c.e. commuter trains between stockton and san jose and extending the service between mon tech ka and merced. there will be meetings to
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discuss the project including one tonight in livermore at the civic center sly brer. it's part of an environmental review which could take effect in 2018. the annual burning man festival is expected to grow even larger when it kicks off next month. the u.s. bureau of land management granted organizers a four-year permit to stage the week-long event with the population cap of 68,000 this year. that's up from a cap of nearly 61,000 people last year. over the next four years the maximum could go as high as 70,000. last year's event drew more than 56,000 people to nevada's blackrock desert. >> always a party out there. one of the three women held captive for almost a decade in cleveland making a public appearance. we'll show it to you next. the new details we're learning about an american citizen held captive in north korea. the former president that's now stepping in to help. look at 'em.
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welcome back. right now you're looking live at the bay bridge. the lights dancing in the early morning dawn before the sun arrives. mike will be along to talk about the roadways. christina loren talking about a cooler day today. be ready. it's 5:11 right now. boeing expanding expenses at beacons on five jets plus its 787 dreamliners. just last week united airlines and all nippon airways said there were wiring problems on some 787 emergency transmitters. the beacons made by honeywell activate in a crash to help rescuers find planes. inspections take roughly one hour to complete per plane. boeing will take the data and share it with the faa within ten days to help regulators decide what actions should be taken. 5:11. apple is responding to new allegations this morning that some of the people who make your
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iphones and other apple gadgets are mistreated. scott, this time the accusations aren't coming out of fox con. no, apple worked hard to clean that situation up. these new allegations come lower down the supply chain and a company called pegatron. apple responding to accusations by china labor watch, failure to pay over time and poor working conditions. apple responded with a lengthy statement saying in part it had already been investigating some of the group's allegations, but, quote, their late of the report contains claims that are new to us and we will investigate them immediately. our audit teams, apple says, will return to pegatron and other factories for special inspections this week. we obviously have no way of independently proving or disproving these allegations. it is worth noting, though, the apple of 2013 under tim cook is a very different apple when it comes to human rights and worker conditions.
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let's get a monday morning check of the markets. hampton pearson is live at cnbc's washington, d.c. bureau. good morning. >> how are you doing, scott? we've got futures lower across the board after stocks post modest gain on friday. the nasdaq seeing three straight gains after better-than-expected earnings from the tech sector. the dow closed higher for the fifth straight week. we get data later today on pending home sales. that could move the needle one way or the other. scott, back to you, happy monday. >> happy monday to you, thank you, hampton. tomorrow we'll also get the case-shiller numbers. those have been spectacular showing the san francisco market -- they don't measure the south bay -- but the san francisco market absolutely on fire. >> good to know. thank you very much. 5:13. firefighters battling a large wildfire in central california. the 9,000 fire burning in the cierra national forest about 75
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miles northeast of fresno. smoke and very steep terrain keeping firefighters from gaining grain and an upper hand on that fire. over the weekend, a total of 16 campgrounds were evacuated as a precaution there. the fire was sparked by lightning. this happened last week. right now still pretty tough out there. just 15% contained. in southern california, firefighters continue to mop up after the massive mountain fire burning near palm springs. the 43-square mile wildfire forcing thousands of evacuations when this one started back on july 15. fire crews there say they have it now almost all the way out, about 98% surrounded and expect full containment tomorrow. >> which is really good news. they've had a tough time fighting that one. >> rough all the way around in southern california. >> let's see what our conditions hold for today weatherwise. checking in with meteorologist christina loren. >> they had terrain issues up there. that's good news to hear this morning. 5:14. we have such a beautiful week to
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look forward to, bay area. 57 degrees to start in livermore. you're at 58 in sunnyvale and 56 degrees as you're waking up with plenty of low cloud cover in san francisco on a monday. we are expecting flight delays. we'll let you know as soon ooze those come into your newsroom. unseasonably cool. that's the story for the first part of the week. we have a weak disturbance that will usher in a stronger onshore flow. looking at 50s and 60s at the coast. meanwhile 70s and 80s for those of us inland. you heard about tropical storm floss see expecting to make landfall this morning. right now we have winds at 50 miles per hour sustained moving at the west 17 miles per hour headed towards the big island. we're ex-pacting landfall over the next five to six hours. yesterday it was packing winds about 60 miles per hour. it has weakened overnight. we're expecting it to weaken even more so as it makes its way
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onshore later this morning, possibly with winds at about 40 miles per hour. we'll keep tabs on that. 70 in fremont today, 75 in san jose and 79 degrees in gilroy. what a beautiful weekend for the garlic festival out there. temperatures will stay steady all the way through wednesday. we'll start to climb a little bit as we get through the end of the week. summer returns as we get into this weekend. that's when you can hit the beach comfortably and we'll get rid of the overcast conditions. 5:16. let's check your drive with mike. >> good morning. first of all, this is not what i wanted to show you. let's get off the maps while i fix the system. this is foster city, easy drive and smooth flow of traffic over the san mateo bridge. we'll hold on this shot. i talked about the bay bridge with problems at the toll plaza. those have been cleared as well. that's great news for folks heading through this area. now we'll get to the maps fired up in a second. once they come to the control room, i hope you you can pull that up again. the maps are back online. we have the south bay with an easy drive as well.
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there's a crash in san thomas. just a note there's traffic control as well. also following south 280 as you come up towards 10th street. there's a little fire going on near the on-ramp. so far just one lane blocked. oftentimes we'll find there's encampments over there. no big deal as far as the flow of traffic. starting to clear. maybe they've cleared that lane. i'll check on that as well. we'll skip over the next live shot and look at the maps. getting into san francisco, south 101 as you're approaching 280, still a report of a crash. we have one lane blocked. the last report from chp southbound out of san francisco, maybe minor slowing but not enough to trigger our sensors over the last ten minutes. that's good news here. easy flow toward the bay bridge out of san francisco and toward the bay bridge from the east bay side as well. a nice smooth flow. starting to see speeds come down a little bit because of the volume increasing on the incline. you should still only go 55 at the s curve anyway.
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for the b.a.r.t. system, delays for the richmond line, five to ten minutes. they're having trouble getting out of the yard. yesterday they reported power issues at the richmond yard for the b.a.r.t. system. that may be related. we're trying to get confirmation from b.a.r.t. once they get out the line should be okay. the rest of the mass trance it system isn't reporting any delays. the tri-valley from grant line road, you have slowing from 580 out of the altamont pass. 680 not a problem from 580 to vargas. you better watch it. chp is looking at these numbers as well. vallecitos, 84 westbound through livermore, a typical 54 towards vallecitos. that's where everybody is starting to gather. back to you. >> thank you very much. one child and four adults are dead after a helicopter crash in a wooded area in northern pennsylvania. helicopter was heading to pennsylvania from central new york when it went down saturday night. the wreckage was not found until yesterday. state police and faa investigators have been at that
5:19 am
site all night long. the national transportation safety board will now lead the crash investigation. one of three women held captive form nearly a decade in cleveland slowly working to move forward after a devastating ordeal, making her very first public appearance since her captor pleads guilty. >> give it up for amanda berry. [ cheers and applause ] >> amanda berry showing up at a day-long music festival in cleveland hosted by a local radio station. this is video posted on the station's website. berry was greeted by the enthusiasm and energy from the crowd. she was later called back up to the stage by rapper nelly who was performing there. he dedicated a song to her and the two even danced together. berry along with michelle knight and gina dejesus was discovered in ariel castro's home in may about a decade after they disappeared. castro pleaded guilty to 937
5:20 am
charges this past friday. as part of his plea deal he will receive life in prison with no chance of parole. he is expected to be sentenced on thursday. be sure to stick around for the "today" show today. savannah guthrie sitting down one-on-one with an exclusive interview with ariel castro's son this morning at 7:00. it is 5:20. scientists are trying to figure out if a fire on a blown-out gas well is polluting the gulf of mexico. last week's natural gas leak and fire forced the evacuation of 44 workers. it happened about 55 miles south of louisiana's coast. researchers are gathering water samples near that rig. they also released long cylinders that will drift with the current tracking the likely path of any contamination. no one was injured. senator dianne feinstein calling on san diego's mayor to resign this morning. she's joined a growing numbers of politicians calling on may your bob billner to resign over
5:21 am
allegations of sexual harassment. the embattled mayor she says is unable to provide the kind of leadership san dee ag gans want. seven women so far have said he made unwanted advances against them including touching. anthony weiner says he's staying in that race for mayor of new york city even though his campaign manager just quit. danny katam helped wiener go from a long shot in the race to a leader in the polls. just last week weiner lost the lead in the polls after admitting to sending sexually charged photos and messages to women online long after he resigned from congress in 2011. former president jimmy carter will be going to north korea to try to win the release of a u.s. citizen. a south korean news agency says carter arranged for a visit to the north to try to secure the
5:22 am
release of kenneth bay who was sentenced in may to 15 years hard labor. he was detained last november while visiting north korea and accused of participating activities designed to over throw the government. in 2010, carter helped secure the release of a boston native for illegally entering the country. the time is 5:22. an iconic image from the world war ii era could soon become the victim of a wrecking ball. all the details up next.
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welcome back everybody. how is this for going above and beyond the call of duty. the 49ers head coach doing what he can to help his players get his $2 million back. last week corner tar rale brown found out he had to forfeit the money because he didn't participate in a team's voluntary spring workouts.
5:25 am
head coach jim harbaugh says he didn't know about the clause in the contract. he's talking to the team about trying to help brown recoup some of the money. harbaugh says brown has earned the money and he deserves it. brown, after losing that $2 million wasn't too happy with his agent and fired him over the error. 5:25. the famous detroit factory where rosy the riveter once worked is set to be knocked down. the willow run bomber plant employed 40,000 people during world war ii including rosy will monroe. her role adds rosy the riveter famously persuaded women to take jobs during the war. they're hoping to raise $3.5 million by thursday to save part of the plant.
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>> rosie the riveter, a female power. >> that's what i'm talking about. check out the guns. >> you been working out. >> yes. it's just hidden under this blouse. >> all right. our other of the twin power, christina loren here. >> the beach. if you're curious, i do have a permit for these guns. good morning to you. we have a good looking day shaping up. what i can tell you is, it is going to be a cool day along the temperature. 55 degrees at 8:00 a.m. at the coast. 57 by noon. then we'll pump you up to a big 59 degrees at the heat of the day. make sure you have your coat ready to go. plenty of drizzle expected for the first part of the day. 72 bay sirksd 82 inland. let's check the drive. he has guns and a sharp mind as well. >> yeah, concealed weapons. no one knows about them. no one knows about them. we're looking over toward the oak larnd shot. we know about this, the flashing lights on the northbound side are out of the road. that's an indication of crews ready to get on the move
5:27 am
clearing between the coliseum and downtown. no slowing in that area. 238 show as build pour the volume a little bit. more build for the tri-valley. 84 out of the altamont pass is your biggest slowdown. back to you. >> thank you very much. 5:27. still to come on "today in the bay," returning the the negotiation table after more than two years of delays. mid east peace talks resuming today. a live report coming up. new video of overnight riots at a surfing event in southern california. what we're learning from police this morning.
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this morning.
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>> reporter: breaking news out of mill valley this morning where an overnight fire damages a popular spa. i'm christie smith, i'll show you the damage coming up in a live report. >> reporter: good morning. i'm bob redell live on the peninsula with the highly unusual request being made of foreign pilots trying to land at sfo. that story coming up.
5:30 am
we're starting your monday out with plenty of 50s and 60s. story of this week, a cooldown headed our way. i'll let you know how long you'll be able to give your ac a break even in the extreme east bay coming up. speaking of the east bay, looking at one of the focus points of the bay bridge toll plaza. look at the red lights here. we'll talk about what's going on and the changes i see coming up. what do you see as you look at the screen? beautiful live look at the bay bridge. isn't that nice? it's a nice way to start your workweek, monday morning, july 29. this is "today in the bay." good morning everybody. thanks a lot as always for joining us. . /* i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we begin with crews checking for hot spots at a day spa. christie smith joins us live where investigators are looking for a cause. they're still pretty active out
5:31 am
there it looks like. >> reporter: good morning to you. right now firefighters are doing overhaul. we've been watching one firefighter who is on the roof of this building. basically we've been watching them take burned items out of the evo spa for 30 to 40 minutes. it was mainly the laundry room that suffered most of the damage. you wouldn't know it from the large response of firefighters in the area. they didn't want it to spread to all the other stores here. they are side by side at the strawberry village shopping center. this is right off of 101. started around 3:30 this morning. firefighters tell me they arrived within seven minutes and found smoke coming from the evo spa which is basically on the back side of this mall. you wouldn't see so much of it from 101 as you drive by. they went inside to make sure no one was trapped in there. they didn't find anyone, of course. the spa was closed at the time. they say they had it under control within about 20 minutes. >> basically just a small smoke
5:32 am
in the back of the building and small amount of flames. >> it's a fairly large shopping center. the rest of it will be fine and open today as usual? >> yeah. the only businesses not open today will be the spa and the sushi restaurant next door. >> reporter: so again, a large response. southern mill valley. all out here this morning. they're telling me there was about $50,000 worth of damage to this spa. back here live, talking about the large response. when we pulled into the mall off the freeway, this is basically what we saw. you'll see this on the other side as well. a number of trucks making sure everything is under control. at this point they still don't know exactly what started it. they say they don't think it was suspicious. live in mill valley, christie smith, "today in the bay." right now we have new video to show you of riots at a surfing competition in southern california.
5:33 am
you can see it. there were protesters out of control at huntington beach after the close of the u.s. open surfing competition. apparently this broke out after a fist fight. you can see it led to throwing bottles, tipping portable toilets over, smashing storefront windows, yanking the bikes out of there. this happened before police arrived. witnesses say police had to use teargas and non-lethal projectiles to finally clear the people out. police say they did have things under control within about an hour and a half. "the l.a. times" reporting at least 12 people were injured, nine were arrested. the man accused of beating and killing another man inside the great mall shopping center will be in court. nathaniel manlangit is ex-pledded to plead in relation to the killing of carlo cal loek ka. at some point the two men went into the store and then
5:34 am
separated. manlangit got a baseball bat that he allegedly used to beat and kill cal loek ka. police haven't said what the motive may have been. the trial of a student accused of trying to rape his teacher at knife point is set to start today. david velasquez approach the teacher in january of last year in a parking lot. he reportedly tried to force her into a car. another teacher came in and scared him off. he has pleaded not guilty. the man accused of stealing cars in a number of california counties including some in the bay area is expected back in court today. james rollston who goes by the name of demetree storm is expected to attend a pretrial conference this morning. he's pleaded not guilty to nine charges including burglary and auto theft. he's also being held on warrants in sonoma and santa cruz counties. foreign pilots now being treated differently at sfo than u.s.-based pilots.
5:35 am
"today in the bay's" bob redell is live in burlingame with details on the change. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. what is considered by at least one eve asian expert to be a highly unusual move, the faa is telling foreign airlines and only foreign airlines to use gps when landing at runways 28 left and 28 right at sfo until those runway's glide slopes are back up and running. that's equipment that helps line up and land the planes which has been temporarily shut off because of construction. pilots should be able to land without it, perform a visual approach, flying by what you see out the window. the faa has lost confidence in some foreign pilots to land visually, not only because of asiana flight 214 which came in when the pilot came in too low and slow on 28 left, but also because there's been an unusually high number of aborted landings by foreign pilots since that crash.
5:36 am
including ava air out of taiwan which had to abort because it was coming in too low. that happened a few days ago. >> all training aprograms of al alreadies are not equal. what we do here with our legacy and regional carriers, the standards the faa sets for pilot training doesn't necessarily reflect everything that takes place in a foreign air carrier training program. >> reporter: that glide slope equipment which was turned off when asiana flight 214 crashed july 6th is supposed to be scheduled to be coming back online at sfo in both those runways on august 27, the second half of that month. reporting live in burlingame across from sfo, bob redell, today in the bay. looks pretty clear out there. a nice cool start to our morning as well. >> i like it. crisp and refreshing. >> good morning to you. we've got a good looking day shaping up.
5:37 am
i second the notion, a good look day. we expect plenty of low cloud cover to develop and even coastal drizzle as you make your way to work this morning so you don't need your umbrella. but you might have to use your windshield wipers. mike and i will be on top of that all morning long. it's a monday. last thing you want is something that will slow you down on your drive to work on a monday morning. we want to keep you updated. right now keep tabs on the fact that we might have thick fog developing. not expecting much to stick around. mostly clear over the greater bay area. we'll have a nice west early flow. low clouds hugging the coastline. that means beautiful day with the west early wind picking up later on. cool ocean breeze, open the windows in your home: 83 in livermore, 58 on the way in san francisco. and 75 degrees in los gatos. 70 for fremont and 71 degrees in oakland. even though it's a monday, mike has been tracking a couple things. let's check on that with him. >> one of those things is3d# better.
5:38 am
this is the bay bridge toll plaza, green lights across the top. we'll show you the backup as you approach. this is the volume building. that's the opposite of good news. we have the backup that's forming. but it's pretty standard as you're approaching 6:00 for those cash lanes. there you go, all lanes are open. fast track a big advantage right now. we'll look at the map as we talk about the entire maze and the approach and the richmond line for b.a.r.t. had earlier delays. five to ten minutes, problems out of the yard. now everybody is out of the yard and they're in business. no more delays reported for the b.a.r.t. system. great news, we have a 580 westbound, reports of a crash there, minor slowing around the bend and you have the western drive construction heading over toward san rafael and the rest of the north bay. we'll look at the north bey time. the speeds as far as the flow southbound, 101 through san rafael, same continuing down across the golden gate bridge. highway 37, close to 60 there. that was not the case this weekend. a very tough drive there as well. we'll give you a look outside to see how things are shaping up in the fremont area at south 880.
5:39 am
headlights south toward tesla at mission boulevard. volume is building. >> people are waking up, getting out the door. >> that happens on mondays when you have to get back out. 5:39 right now. mid east peace talks stalled in 2010 and have not resumed since. that will all be changing today. we'll take you to washington to find out what's different this time around. >> with just one week left until another possible b.a.r.t. strike, negotiations at a standstill. the latest details on talks.
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♪ ♪ 5:41 monday morning. mid east peace talks officially resume in washington today. israelis and palestinians have not sat down together since 2010. talks fell apart over israeli settlements. "today in the bay's" tracie potts joins us live in washington to explain why these
5:42 am
talks could be different. good morning. >> reporter: good morning everyone. to put it in perspective, this is really just the beginning of the beginning. it's four people, two israelis including the justice minister, two palestinians including their chief negotiator sitting down together starting tonight at the state department to figure out if they can map out a framework for these negotiations to move forward. now, this all happened after israeli agreed to release more than 100 palestinian prisoners. that had been a real sticking point. palestinians didn't even want to come to the table before that happened. but it was not a popular decision in israel. we saw protests there over the weekend. we saw protests in gaza from palestinians who don't think this is going to work. so there are some major obstacles including israeli settlements. that's long been an issue. many palestinian activists say if israel will continue to build those settlements during the negotiations, the whole thing
5:43 am
could fall apart. but it begins tonight. we'll see what happens after they meet at the state department later this evening. laura? >> certainly one to watch. thank you very much, tracie. 5:43 right now. the driveer of the spain that derailed in spain killing a total of 78 people has been released pending trial. he stands provisionally charged with negligent homicide. francisco garzone suspected of driving too fast on that bend causing the train to derail and slam right into this concrete wall. the train was carrying a total of 218 passengers and going well above that 50-mile-per-hour speed limit. at least 130 people were injured along with, of course, the 78 who died. garzone suspended his passport and must appear before a court once a week. in italy emergency workers have removed the wreckage of the tour bus that plunged right off of a highway and fell 100 feet into a ravine. at least 37 people were killed in the crash just outside naples in soirnth italy.
5:44 am
investigators there say that bus slammed into several cars on a very crowded freeway before eventually veering right into a guard rail and then plunging off of that bridge. at least 11 other people were injured during the crash. 5:44. a much different story in arizona where dozens of tour bus passengers lucky to be alive after their bus was swept away by floodwaters. the tour bus was returning from a trip to the grand canyon when it was flipped by fast-moving eight-foot-deep floodwaters. it happened near the town of kingman, about 100 miles southeast of vegas. all 33 passengers on board were able to climb clue windows to jump to safety. a second tour bus picked them up and took them back to vegas. the tour bus company is now investigating that incident. three former penn state administrators set to appear in court this morning on charges they covered up sexual abuse allegations. those three are former university president graham spanier, retired university vice president gary schultz and former athletic director tim
5:45 am
curley. the three stand accused of turning a blind eye when accusations of sex abuse surfaced against convicted molester jerry sandusky. all three men say they were not aware the allegations involved any sex acts. today's hearing will determine whether there is enough evidence to bring these men to trial. an armed bandit stole $53 million worth of diamonds and other jewels from a luxury hotel in france. it happened in broad daylight during a temporary jewelry exhibit at the carlton intercontinental hotel in cannes. local media reporting the robber stuffed a suitcase with gems before making acquit exit. police say it's one of europe's largest jewelry heists in years. sounds like a scene out of the movie. >> that the same hotel from the alfred hitchcock film "to catch a thief." i'm a huge hitchcock fan.
5:46 am
>> 5:45? >> it's early. >> it is early. refill this during the weather cast. >> i'm come back and get you. i'll warm you up. call me laverne from denny's. you might want an extra cup of coffee if you're waking up near the coastline where we have thick low clouds. want to start with this live picture here. as you can see, we can still see the bay bridge, but not for long. that golden gate bridge already getting socked in with fog. by the time we finish this show at 7:00 a.m. when we hand it over to the "today" show, i'm expecting this bridge to be mostly cloudy. we'll see sf that pans out. we'll put my skills to the test coming up. low clouds and drizzle. no delays right now. i can tell you we are expecting flight delays out of sfo. it's a back-to-work monday. no other flight delays caused by weather. looking good across the nation. that bodes well for your business travel plans this morning. we're looking good in the bay area. no need to get out of town if you don't have to.
5:47 am
we have such beautiful weather to look forward to. we will be the envy of the nation with temperatures today only climbing into the low 80s in the warmest spots across the bay. that cool ocean air moving onshore about all day long. 57 degrees right now in concord, you're at 60 degrees to kickoff the day in oakland. this is what we're expecting. high pressure takes a hike. heads out of here, moves to the east. for us we're going to see a weak disturbance come through. that's going to reenforce the onshore flow that's already in place. keeping the temperatures at the 70s and 80s. 50s and 60s at the coast. you might need a jacket in places like san francisco, only hitting 58 degrees. at about 54 right now. not much of a warmup today. however, status quo for this time of year. that's what we call it. 84 in livermore, 70 in fremont. here it is, the all-important week. it's not too early to start thinking about the weekend. saturday and sunday is when the beach conditions will get a little bit better. santa cruz is going to be pretty
5:48 am
comfortable all week long. let's check the drive at 5:47 with mike. >> here is tracy, we were talking about the 580 and the 205 merge over here. that's where you see the bulk of the traffic starting to backup, 205 over to west 580. then we have the slowing into the altamont pass. as we're looking over, we have the average speed showing up. overall 35 miles per hour on average. that takes you from grant line road where we are right now over towards 680. thaus the dublin interchange. it's not distributed evenly. as is typical, we have the bulk of the slowing toward north livermore. this screen shot shows the volume of traffic. this is eastbound, good number of cars. westbound is where you see them backing in all the lanes. that's where we're starting to see the speeds dip. the orange in the 50s as you come toward north livermore. smoother toward 680 and the dublin interchange. 84 shows slowing as well through that area. now looking at the south bay, north 101 and 87 showing the
5:49 am
burst of volume. we see a little slowing. 280 not a major concern. we're going to show you the peninsula quickly and look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no problems with the peninsula. the toll plaza has these cash lanes backed up. 5:49. time is running out on the contract talks between b.a.r.t. and its unions. if there's no deal in placely this time next monday, we could be dealing with a commute nightmare. negotiations continue to be stalled over employee pay raises. the "mercury news" reporting b.a.r.t. workers are the highest paid transit operators in all of california with an average pay of $76,000 last year. b.a.r.t. workers say their wages have been sflat for the past four years. the next talks are scheduled to take place tomorrow. now a little baseball action off the field. the giants will be welcomed at the white house this morning for their big congratulations from president obama. he'll meet with the 2012 world series champs at 11:05.
5:50 am
today an off day for the team before they start a three-game series in philly. we're hoping they'll get magic after meeting with the commander in chief. they most recently lost to the cubs 2-1 yesterday. a little taste of hollywood hitting the san francisco bay. they went back out on the water with actor tom cruise. >> look at him up there. king of the world. >> looks like a scene out of a movie. the movie star and his 19-year-old son connor, they both got a chance to drive that high tech racing catamaran. the emirates skipper says cruise was a natural. new zealand the current fave vot to challenge oracle team u.s.a. at the america's cup finals. >> that's why tom cruise is so believable because he actually
5:51 am
lives and does that stuff, flies jets, big old boots. >> pretty cool. >> kind of got it going on. >> nice gig. >> if you can get it. 5:50 right now. now hiring, want to tell you about the big time dot com adding jobs. congress returns to the question of nsa spying. we'll take a look at business and tech. [ female announcer ] new nature valley soft-baked oatmeal squares.
5:52 am
hearty oatmeal now softly baked with a drizzle of cinnamon. it's a brand-new take on a morning classic. soft-baked oatmeal squares. new from nature valley. ♪ you have to let me know [ female announcer ] when sweet and salty come together, the taste is irresistible. sweet and salty nut bars by nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
5:53 am is hiring, announcing it has 7,000 new jobs to fill, some of them right here in california. the company says it's adding 5,000 full-time jobs at u.s. distribution centers. earlier this year amazon announcing it will be opening a distribution center in tracy. however, at this point it's unknown exactly how many jobs
5:54 am
will be added. amazon also says it will be adding 2,000 customer service jobs including full-time, part-time and seasonal. however, none of thoepz jobs are expected to be available in california. the president will, in fact, be speaking at an amazon facility today. scott mcgrew just a few days before we get a better idea on how the economy is doing. >> that's right, laura. wheel get the july jobs numbers on friday. the amazon announcement is welcome news for the president who will address the crowd at the amazon facility in chattanooga, tennessee. unemployment is still at 7.6%. a number of americans are still underemployed, not getting the hours at work they need to get by. today is the day a federal court has set as the day the government must return back to the courtroom with a list of data it's willing to give up by its investigations by yahoo!.
5:55 am
telling yahoo! users ow often the government requests users' personal data. the courts ordered the nsa to come up with a list by today, a list of data. but we don't think we're going to actually see the data today specifically. congressional hearings tint nsa domestic spying program will get under way in washington this week. among the people expected to testify, glenn greenwald, the newspaper reporter who first reported the spying allegations made by edward snowden. last week you'll remember the house came really close to cutting some nsa funding over the spy scandal. so we'll continue to watch this very carefully throughout the week. >> stounds good. thanks, scott. it's 5:55 right now. the weather outside feels like when christina loren walks in, a cool breeze. >> wrapped up with a hurricane if you're talking about me. good morning to you. it always looks like a tornado went through my office in the morning. 57 degrees in livermore. if you're off to maybe a
5:56 am
later-than-usual start, the good muse is the weather is on your side. don't worry about any thick low clouds in places like livermore or oakland, at least right at the surface that are going to obstruct your view this morning. we're actually looking pretty good as far as the low clouds go, starting to span the coastline. highs work out like this, 70 degrees in fremont, 75 today in san jose, 67 in santa cruz and 76 in santa rosa. from drizzle to sizzle. we'll show you when that returns coming up on your seven-day forecast. first let's check the drive with mike. >> i like somewhere in between drizzle and sizzle. this is the eastshore freeway in between a lot of traffic hot spots. chp reports west 80, that's the direction with the headlines. reports of a crash blocking your second lane. i'll keep scanning with the camera as the flashing lights approach, you'll find more slowing through berkeley. we'll look at the travel speeds through an area. the eastshore freeway included. at the limit for herk keys down to the maze, at 63 on average.
5:57 am
that crash can complicate things. out of the caldecott, easy drive as well as westbound 580 through oakland. look at north 880 through oakland as well. a lot of company out there. >> people starting to wake up out there. thank you. 5:57. the pope makes comments this morning about gay priests. we'll let you know exactly what he says coming up next. new video of a deadly crash overnight. a major roadway shut down for part of the night. we'll have the latest details next. breaking news, a fire at a well-known shopping center. christie smith is there right now on the scene talking to firefighters. she will have a live up date coming up next. sglfrnlths sglfrnlths
5:58 am
5:59 am
through an upscale shopping center. we're live with details with
6:00 am
firefighters at the scene. a violent mob surging after a surf competition wraps up. we'll tell you why things got so out of control and so violent overnight. impromptu and unprecedented remarks by pope francis. we'll tell you why he says he will not comment on their sexual orientation. a nice crisp start to your monday morning. three days left of july typically, the hottest point in the bay area. we have a major cooldown headed your way. you might need your jacket all day long in some cities. we'll show you where coming up. >> we're looking at one of the reasons for the cooldown, low clouds and mist. starting to see the high-rise for the san mateo bridge. also trying to see this crash reported for the eastshore freeway. reports are it involves a big rig. good news is our cameras are fairly clear. we can see the bay bridge as we give you a live look at the city by the bay. your day getting


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