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tv   Today  NBC  July 30, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. it's fun-day, monday. it's july 29th. >> look who's back. >> i know! they kicked me out of italy. we had an international incident. and they said never come back. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> a great vacation. just you and your daughter. that's one of those things that doesn't happen all that often. >> you know what, all we've ever done before is taken walks. you're not getting along it's
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over a half an hour. this was cass and i have big birthdays comes up. hers is this friday. she's going to turn 20. >> i can't believe it. >> there we are sitting in one of the most beautiful places in the world. >> where is that exactly? >> that's villa deste in lake como. we went looking for george clooney. >> does he have a place right on the lake? >> right -- i've never been. italy is one of my favorite places in the world. there's george's house. yes, he didn't even invite us over. i mean, how rude. >> did you see him? >> we did not. i thought he was not there until the last day and we discovered that he had been there our first night that we arrived, but he was at a different -- you always want to be outside when you're in italy. >> where was he? >> he was in an inside restaurant called the grill. i know. >> does everyone talk about where he is? >> yeah. apparently he's just beloved. everybody adores him. i went to california first. >> yes. >> i did kris jenner's, co-hosted with her, her new talk show. then i was out walking with a
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good friend. >> okay. >> chrissy. and all of a sudden we're in this neighborhood where i know regis and joy used to live. i said -- i called up. i said -- i didn't think i'd get them. joy answers. joy, where is the house you guys used to live in, the one you love so much? she gives me the address. i said we're going to walk by it and see it. next thing we know he calls me back. i want you to go up to the house and ring the doorbell. if somebody answers, i want you to tell them that i used to live there and see what happens. >> you did it in. >> honestly i go to the door. i'm thinking, please, don't let -- this guy. >> who? >> he answers the door. >> who is it? >> he and his dog roxy. really, really nice guy. don't ask me about my fanny pack. i don't want to talk about it. don't ask me about those drawers i'm wearing. i also don't want to discuss those. but he was the sweetest guy. he says, i know, regis used to live here. we did the whole thing. that night i take the red eye back. right? the red eye from l.a. to new
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york. >> how was that? >> because i'm taking the red eye that night to milan with cassidy. >> you did two red eyes back to back? that's sick. >> anything you hear about what happened with me at lake como, i was not myself during those days, okay? i am not responsible, hoda. i don't know what happened. i've never been so out of it in my life. >> you're delirious. one red eye will kill you. >> i was nine time zones. cassie says, mom, the first two days, you went up to the concierge. because we wanted to take a boat trip. lago means lake. i said we're going to take the lago. we want to take the lago. cassie is looking at me. concierge is looking at me. i don't know what i said. i don't know what i did. i might have gotten weird. and a little naked. one thing she did talk me into -- >> did you wear your bathing suit? >> if there are pictures, please, please -- >> you wore a bathing suit? >> i don't know how cassidy did it. there's a pool there. hoda, you would have loved it.
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it's a floating pool -- there i am. darn. i just didn't want that to be seen. >> it was a floating pool? >> there's a floating pool in the lake! and i didn't realize how gorgeous lake como is. it's got the most dramatic -- you take a -- you go on the lago in a boat. look at it. you go -- >> you've got to be kidding me. >> crisscrossing back and forth this gorgeous lake up to bellagio where we made a little toast to you, hoda woman. and i tell you, i've never been before. frank and i have been trying to get there for 27 years. >> you get why. >> you get why george wants to live there. anyway, i missed you. i heard you had a great week with our pal. >> we had fun with carson. carson was on. he just did the seven. >> carson is getting very, very popular around here. >> dean cain for the last two days. >> wasn't anthony weiner available? why did you have to have those guys? come on. >> anthony weiner!
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i can't believe -- first of all, can you believe that he's still in the race after all of this? there's like a constant pounding from everybody on all sides. and he is still in the race. >> that's either confidence, self-confidence or incredible hubris. you know, i don't know. >> did anyone care about that in italy? do they talk about sex scandals over there? >> there is the prime minister berlusconi. but nobody was mentioning him. it was all weiner pretty much. you can get cnn. you can get fox news. pretty much weinerville the entire time. which is weird. which is surreal when you're in this amazing place and the hills are alive with the sound of -- i know that's austria. you know what i mean. all of a sudden you come into your hotel room. >> turn it on and there's anthony. i don't know if he'll back out of the race. it just seems to me when you have, like, the top democrats in the party saying it's over, pack it up. and i think the feel --
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>> because they want him, because they're afraid he might actually pull this off, or do you think there's any chance? >> oh, i don't think so. people are confronting him now at campaign events. voters are saying, like, if i had done what you did, i would be out of a job. i mean, they're going -- >> was it axelrod, david axelrod who basically said americans believe in second chances but not thirds. >> yeah. >> yeah. i did actually see the interview with huma. his wife. long suffering does not quite cover it. what i didn't like, he walked out to that, just barreled out in front of her. >> up to the podium, you mean? yeah, yeah. that was weird. there was very little eye contact. there was very little anything. no eye contact. even when she was saying things about him, he was looking down. she was not looking up at him. it was very unusual. >> i dated a guy years ago whose last name was spelled like that but he pronounced it winer. and i would -- it's not too late. just change the pronunciation.
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>> to winer. >> to winer. >> it was a gorgeous day yesterday in new york. it was a great weekend. saturday was a good day. you could go to the beach or whatever. so i went to -- with a friend to the yankees game. >> good! hodie has a friend. >> anywho, this is what's great about the yankees game. if you ever come to new york and you get on the "d" train from manhattan, you can be at yankee stadium in like -- >> it's the only way to go. because the traffic is horrendous otherwise. >> we end up getting tickets there. we are up in the nosebleeds. we didn't have tickets. we were going to go to scalpers. we decided not to break the law and buy them at the window. and that's where you get the crummy seats. we're sitting there. we're enjoying the game. there it is in front of us. can't even see anything. can't see the players. but we're having fun. then we got two ice cold drinks. we put them in the armrests in front of us. they have those little cup holders. and as -- there was a guy in
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front who was dripping wet, soaking wet. which is fine. it's hot. he has his arm around his girl. and his armpit is in my coke. and i literally was, like, staring at it. you know when you're like, wow, am i going in there or not? i couldn't decide -- it was just there. i thought, oh, my god. then you feel like it's over. i'm not even interested in it. and that was that. that's what i had to deal with. >> i've been gone a week and you've got a story about a guy's armpit in your coke? >> yes. that's all. let's talk about the nice guy. we have to talk about this guy. >> this guy is adorable. >> he was playing in the canadian golf open. right? his wife's pregnant. and she's a month away from being due. and he was on the links. and he's leading. it's a million dollar prize. >> hunter mahan is his name. there he is. >> he's getting ready to play. he's playing. he's doing really well. all of a sudden his caddie walks over to him because the phone rings. on the phone is his wife.
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saying, honey, i'm in labor. so what he does is, because he's a great husband. >> nice guy of the week. >> he packed it up. he was out in front. he got out of there. he flew home. he didn't get the million dollar prize, but he -- >> he got much better. his little girl zoey olivia born 3:26 sunday morning. that is great. >> it's sweet. a lot of guys wouldn't. frank never missed a game. let's put it that way. you know what i'm saying? we got married on a saturday. he was at monday night football that monday. okay? okay. all right. so we haven't done everyone has a story in a while, hoda. >> let's just take a moment. ♪ everyone has a moment that changes their life ♪ >> our winner today is howard romanoff. he's on the phone from armonk, new york. not far from here. a little bit about howard always a very healthy guy. never smoked. was diagnosed with idiopathic
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pulmonary fibrosis in 2007. after years of struggling to breathe, placed on the waiting list for a life-saving double lung transplant. he got his lungs in 2011. right here in new york city. so he's going to be with us here on thursday and talk about how important organ donation is. >> that's great. >> he's on the phone right now, i think. he wants to tell us all to pay it forward. are you there? >> hey. >> good morning. >> how are you? >> you started a new program called share life, right, howard? >> yes. my wife and myself, yes. >> great, and how are you feeling, buddy? doing well? >> i'm doing really well. >> we cannot wait for you to get on that train or bus or however -- >> get on the "d" train. you'll be here in no time. >> see you thursday. >> looking forward to it. >> god bless. >> what's your favorite thing? >> my favorite thing is something i got -- first of all the food in italy is my favorite thing. lake como is my favorite thing.
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the clothes. >> did you buy some stuff? >> for five euros. cass thankfully doesn't like to go into all the really big, big -- those little bazaars and stuff. but i found a lipstick that i love. dolce and gabanna lip -- this is the lipstick. honey. and then here is the -- >> the gloss. >> the gloss. it's just like the perfect combination. yes, yes, yes. >> here's mine real quick. this is a pillow. and they said -- sometimes you see a pillow and go that's a great quote. it should be on a pillow. they have a company that does that. they sent us this one. i'd rather be in poughkeepsie. anyway -- you can go to and you can get anything you want on your pillow for 65 bucks. >> someone sent that to you, hodie. >> yep. they sent it to us. >> i think you have one too. it's in my office. >> my favorite thing is my nephew austin. he's my favorite person in the whole world. but it's his first trip to new york city. he kind of made me appreciate it in a new way. we were at the yankees game,
2:17 am
too. >> saturday or sunday? >> saturday. >> we were, too. >> were you way up? >> we were in the bleachers. >> that's where i was. >> yeah. >> did anybody have his armpit in your coke? >> that might have been austin's armpit. i'm not sure. >> welcome, austin. he's a sweetheart. everybody in that family is beautiful. >> i know. you have a gorgeous family. >> thank you. >> we are about to dial up our fan of the week. so don't walk away, because it could be you. but probably not. >> plus, all the celebrity gossip you probably missed while you were out and about this weekend. we're letting michelle beadle back in? >> well, you know what, i heard she's a little under the weather. >> so it's not. that's why i saw the ladies down there. >> we're going to talk to an incredibly talented man. james olmos. a part in a brand-new movie. we'll talk to him after these messages.
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for 30 years -- >> yes. >> how many? >> 30, hode. go ahead, baby. hoda thinks i'm out of practice and can't read anymore. edward james olmos has brought
2:20 am
to life some memorable characters starting with the no nonsense police lieutenant martin castillo in the '80s tv series "miami vice." >> who could forget that? then his oscar nominated performance as an inspiring math teacher in the small 1988 film "stand and deliver." still a huge success today. >> now the good guy turns bad. very, very bad. playing a drug kingpin opposite denzel washington with gold teeth and mark wahlberg in the new universal film "2 guns." take a look. and hold on to your horses. >> cash. >> cash? >> tell the little dodo we're not taking on any new customers. >> no disrespect. but i ain't no new customer. you've been dealing with me for a long time. >> keep the passports. keep the money, too. when you're ready to give me the product, you give me the product. until then, you owe me. >> yes.
2:21 am
it's nice to see you. >> how are you? >> it's been a long, long time. >> thank you. >> he has had many, many careers. but what i love so much about your story, edward, how much you have just -- it really didn't matter what you were doing, did it? it was just the passion that you brought to each thing that you did along the way. >> i was very fortunate. i enjoyed the stories i was doing. >> this one is really interesting. there's a lot of, shall we say, double crossing going on. >> nobody's what they seem to be. is that what appealed to you or just the idea of working with denzel. >> you guys have seen it. i haven't. i'm going to the premiere tonight. >> you're darn good in it. you rocked. >> all i can tell you is the story itself off of the script was very, very strong. it's funny. it's humorous like "lethal weapon." >> it's got that kind of humor. >> it's also very graphic. and what really troubles me about the whole thing, it probably -- a lot of it could be true. in light of what we heard about fast and furious this past year. all the drama that takes place
2:22 am
on the border there. nobody is what they seem to be. >> right. i play the drug dealer. and i'm the best guy in the movie. >> he's the good guy. the chemistry on the set, too. you'll see it, i guess, when you're there. they've got a great vibe. they look like they've worked together for -- mark wahlberg and denzel. >> they're great. i mean, they're both great guys. >> did you have -- with denzel, right? >> what happened, which is really great, the scene that happens in the garage. >> mm-hmm. >> was the first scene that i shot. and sitting in the chair, and that was the first scene that they did together. they had been doing other stuff. and then they did that one. >> what's that like? you got to be darn good at your craft to be able to just suspend -- just jump in, right, feet first? >> yeah. i think that's the art form. i think that's where you get into the situation, you play it moment to moment. and those guys were just spectacular. from -- i mean, there was a lot of -- at the very beginning there was a lot of play between the both of them.
2:23 am
and i was very impressed by it. >> there's a lot of physicality in the movie. >> yeah. >> you're diving all over the place and getting banged up. >> a lot of bullets flying and that sort of thing. >> well, there's a lot of reality in it because of the fact, like you said, after fast and furious, we really have learned an awful lot. you know, the situation with the irs, the situation with the banking systems of america. you get into a whole situation of understanding that the good guys are not always the good guys. >> mm-hmm. >> but they're always the good guys, because they're the good guys. so you're confused, you know. >> we know that you are one of the good guys. >> you are. >> he used to speak 150 times a year trying to help young people feel good about themselves. we got to run, but it's always a pleasure. thanks for coming to us. this movie opens in a theater near you starting friday. paula patton and bill paxton are going to -- he's scary in this thing. >> going to be there next week. >> very sexy. who's our most loyal viewer? we're about to dial up our fan of the week. >> we've got a great surprise in store for that person. right after this.
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it is monday which means we get to surprise our fan of the week. >> okay. who's it going to be, sara? >> drum roll. i know you love this part. our winner this week is teresa kerry. she watches on wstm nbc 3 in ithaca, new york. we have teresa on the phone, i think. how you doing, teresa? >> hello! >> are you excited? >> i am so excited. i can't stop shaking. >> okay. well, before we tell you what you've won, let's tell everyone why you're our fan of the week. from fun-day monday to try-day, friday, teresa depends on the ladies to help her get through the week. her favorite part of the show is what the what? because it pushes her through the halfway point of each week. >> are you sure, teresa? >> teresa said she even stole her mom's aarp magazine just to
2:29 am
read your article. she also loves hoda's play list and kathie lee's reactions. >> that baby is precious. >> her baby p.j. loves kathie lee's music. >> of course he does. >> look at the headphones. >> are you ready to hear where you're headed? >> i am. >> okay. pack your flip-flops and sin sunscreen because you and a guest will be heading off to miami, florida. >> take p.j.! >> you won a four-day, three-night stay at the beautiful edon rock miami beach. a spa treatment at the resort's el spa. private sun deck. all this fun stuff. >> gorgeous. >> hotel and air fare accommodations provided by eden rock miami beach. a great getaway for a hard working mom. >> i stayed at that hotel before when i was a little girl with my family. it's been redone since the 1800s. >> teresa, we're excited for you. >> have fun, sweetie. thanks for all your support. >> congratulations. >> if you want to be our fan of the week, go to let us know why you love us so much. >> we're going to catch you up
2:30 am
on the hollywood buzz you missed this weekend. >> then get out those trash bags. we're going to help you clear out all that clutter around the house we've grown so accustomed to. >> leave it there. it's fine. >> after your local news and weather.
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2:32 am
we are back with more of "today" on this fun-day monday. it's time for today's buzz where we catch you up on the juiciest hollywood gossip you may have missed over the weekend. >> from christina aguilera's slimdown to selena's cozy weekend with the biebs. we have all your scoop. >> hello, ladies. thanks for coming in for us today. >> tell us about the massive weight loss. christina ago leer that. >> she looks great. >> apparently she's lost about 20 pounds. she looks fantastic. she never really had lost all the baby weight after having her son. >> look at her. >> doesn't she look amazing? i mean, i thought she looked great when she was curvaceous. she was out at an nbc event over the weekend.
2:33 am
and that's where it's from, and everyone was shocked by how fantastic she looked. >> good for her. >> if you looked very closely at the end of "the voice" this season, you maybe had a sneak peek. not like that. >> that's right. when she was performing, she guest performed. and she looked really good. >> let's talk justin bieber and selena gomez. she turned 21, huh? >> same birthday as prince george of cambridge. >> oh, you're right. >> instead of having a royal themed birthday bash she had a gypsy themed birthday bash in malibu. and the surprise against, bonnie? >> was justin bieber. he rolled up in a leopard print car at after midnight. but he was dressed in a very classic way. not some of the ultra sexy looks he's been wearing lately. and we found out at that there was heavy pda going on between he and selena. >> what was he doing the other day where he was spitting off the roof on to fans? what was that? >> did you guys see that picture? >> i did.
2:34 am
>> somehow he's been a little out of control lately. >> gross. >> he's got some friends that are really bad news. >> they left together, the two. >> they were heading off to church, no doubt. >> about 2:00 a.m. in the morning. >> let's talk about johnny depp. >> good thought, kathie. >> is johnny depp retiring? that seems like a stretch. >> he actually said that in an interview, that he was looking to quiet down. i think he's a bit unsettled by the "lone ranger" reviews. that they were so bad. so he gave an interview in london. and he said that when you actually speak more words that are written than you actually say yourself over the course of a year, it's time to quit. >> it could be the first of many retirements as we've seen with other performers. maybe he just needs to take a break. i mean, he is 50. >> hey, watch it. that's called the prime of life,
2:35 am
okay? >> he has had some very high powered, very physically active roles. >> they did their own stunts in that, i know. >> that's right. he almost got very badly hurt while doing that movie. >> we should say we did reach out to his reps and we got no comment. >> i can't imagine. >> nobody called us back. >> no, well, he said it himself. >> all right. let's talk "sharknado" because nothing is bigger than "sharknado." >> can we avoid talking "sharknado"? >> it's going to be on the silver screen? >> it was already on the sci-fi channel. it was a big hit on tv. celebrities were tweeting like crazy about it. the really upsetting news is that tara reid may not be back. >> say it's not so. >> i hear she has a new role in weinernado. coming into a theater near you. >> people can go watch this at a movie theater one day? >> i know this information. it's a one-night silver screen movie deal. where you get to go to the movies at midnight and watch "sharknado."
2:36 am
genius. >> watch sharks falling out of the screen at you. >> the next one's going to be new yorknado. right? something like that. >> they say it will have a different twist. i don't know how -- >> how can it have a different plot? sharks are falling from the sky. >> it's got different scenery. that's all. >> but what i love is that -- >> it should be like a hurricane. they fall out of a hurricane. they've done a tornado. hurrinado. shark -- anyway, tara reid, the best thing about this is her tweet that she says, hey, i'm going to wait and make my decision about whether i star again until after i read the script. >> that's what made me laugh. i'm going to read the script. >> like it's going to be that different. >> it's going to be really, really good. >> we're not talking the remake of "les mis" here. >> it is a big hit, though. it is. >> i think people who love "sharknado" are going to want tara reid back. >> got to be back. >> "wolverine" took box office this weekend. it was a little disappointing, ladies, down from the 85 of the 2009 show.
2:37 am
>> it's still number one. >> 55. still number one. >> still the man. thanks, ladies. have you got a lot of clutter around your house like hoda does? >> yes. we're going to show you some easy tips to save space. right after this. >> the people who need it most. excuse me, sir i'm gonna have to ask you to power down your little word game. i think your friends will understand., it's actually my geico app...see? ...i just uh paid my bill. did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly. ok, did she seriously just say that? geico. just a click away with our free mobile app. for digestive health? yes and did you know that trubiotics is a daily probiotic that helps in two ways. it supports digestive and immune health by working in your gut where 70% of your immune system lives.
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all right. look around you. check out all that stuff that's all around you that you've been meaning to put away. >> are there things that are just sitting on your countertops? clothes piled up on chairs somewhere. >> if you said yes and we know you did, you've come to the right place. we tweeted and asked you to send photos of the most cluttered areas of your home so we could help you out. >> and now it's time to reveal them. danielle blendale, yes, that's her real name. clever tricks. "family circle's" senior associate home editor. hi, danielle. >> thank you for having me. >> people are a mess, pretty much.
2:42 am
>> we all are. we all are. >> we're going to start looking at some pictures and you're going to help our people out. our first viewer photo, from carrie denby in river falls, wisconsin. >> i love her. >> and carrie says right there she needs storage for her clothes that is not shocking to me. i'll just go on record. tell us about that. >> right. so she's got a lot of stuff where the bed's sort of become an extension of the closet. space savers are going to be key here. >> look what she's done. >> right. instead of these bulky plastic hangers, we say bring in these slim and flat hangers so your garments won't slip and get on the ground. >> jill martin has those. >> these are jill martin's, actually. >> there you go. hello. >> "today" contributor jill martin, the martin project for qvc. we love them. they're tiered. you can hang a ton of stuff. a hook for accessories, too. get four dresses, a whole outfit, that sort of thing. >> put all the shoes and pants, folded them up, up above? is that the plan? >> you can hang your pants here, too. and actually what's great about these hangers, colorize. pink is for my weekend clothes.
2:43 am
black is for my work clothes. >> nobody's doing that. >> some people do. >> come on now, danielle. >> jill martin. bobbie thomas. >> it's for the uber organized person. you can just do one color. >> it will change your life. honestly it will. you just have to commit, hoda. >> we brought in these bins which are great for tucking away odysseys and gear. that's kind of what these are. get them in a lot of different sizes. two here. these are sea grass. pretty but sturdy. and then the tip is to label with a tag. what's in there, you've got socks and scarves there. >> "sharknado." >> pronounce it properly. >> the idea is that you rotate your flip-flops in when summer's over. >> next photo. >> you are so good. >> use plastic ones. >> penny from canada. she wanted suggestions in decluttering her jewelry piles. again, not shocked at all. what should we do, danielle? >> she's on to something with hanging her necklaces to minimize tangles.
2:44 am
but we want to dress the whole box. the whole jewelry box. everything you have. really start by size and style. so for necklaces, we just went to the hardware store and got a pegboard, threw some hooks in here and then just put the necklaces in. i do this at home. it's great because you can just kind of grab and go. you'll never be without an accessory. you won't have to untangle and waste your time doing that. >> just pile your brace lets up on wine bottles. >> we raided the kitchen. this is actually a papertowel holder we stacked bangles on. you've been saving that bottle of wine for date night or girls night. you can use that in the interim. >> so smart for your earrings. little ice holders. a couple of seconds. this is a photo that came. i guess they used our coffee mug to put their utensils in. they're obviously eating in their bedroom. okay. >> also doesn't shock you. >> again, not shocked. >> so multipurpose is the name of the game here. we brought an over the door hanging organizer. >> those are great. >> you can see everything. and then you can really tuck away your odds and ends.
2:45 am
when people come over close the door so no one has to see it. even close the door when you go to bed. you don't have to deal with clutter in your bedroom. >> that photo, i am a little bit blown -- >> uh-oh. now we're talking hoarders. >> this one is a little crazy. she's on to something. she's got the nin. putting the stuff in it. we've got a few tips for her. we say -- >> ooh. >> every once in a while what you want to do is take the bins out. give your storage an expiration date. about every, i guess, six months put your things in a box and evaluate. say, am i using this? >> hefty. hefty bags. >> if you haven't worn it, get rid of it. >> give it away. somebody else needs it. >> goodwill. >> exactly. >> thank you, danielle blendale. >> tired of cleaning the barbecue stains out of your family's clothing? >> hoda is. >> all of your summer issues, right after this. good morning, i'm crystal
2:46 am
egger. your weather forecast as we round out the month of july already. and move into august. well, we've had below average temperatures across the midwest and across much of the south and we've had plenty of rain too. later this afternoon more showers and thunderstorms through the middle of the country. chance of severe weather around the nation's heartland so an eye to the sky, ear to the eye, all that good stuff later today, the in minneapolis. 98 in dallas, 106 in phoenix. as far as weather tomorrow that system pushes farther to the east, showers spread across the great lakes and all the way down into the mid-atlantic state. isolated severe storms. more rain moving into atlanta and charlotte coming in by the end of this week. 80 degrees in louisville, tomorrow, 100 in dallas. only 65 in san francisco. 80 in new york city so cooler than average weather thanks to the unsettled weather we're getting across the east that's
2:47 am
keeping cool air coming down from the north at only 77 thursday in new york. not what you expect in late july and heading into august it looks like we stay below average. friday, 87 for atlanta, showers, scattered across florida and more storms coming in places like we're looking at iowa there and nebraska, a few thunderstorms forecast friday and saturday, an area right around kansas city for a few late day storms. temperatures stay in the 80s to new york. even 70s on the map by the second half of the weekend. a few thunderstorms coming in along the cold front. that's going to impact the mid-atlantic states and across the tennessee valley, 96 in salt lake city by sunday. get the latest weather weekday mornings, waco, texas at 5:30. what do you think about caffeine? we consume over two billion cups of coffee
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all about having a good time
2:50 am
outdoors. problems can ruin fun. >> whether it's ketchup stains on your shirt or run out of gas for your grill, bruce ruben is the author of "who knew? 10,001 easy solutions to evidence problems." >> i'm going to give you some barbecue tips. a literal buzzkill is if your beer is warm at your barbecue. what you want to do is pour some ice in here. you want to just do that? >> you want me to do it? there's water in there, is that okay? >> actually, you know, yes. throw it in there. take one of our gloves off. feel how cold that water is. >> i know it's cold. >> wait a second. see the demo. >> what is that? salt? >> salt. >> okay. go. >> pour that in. you're going to stir this up. feel that. how much colder? >> colder. he's right. >> we just had a moment, didn't we. >> one of us did.
2:51 am
>> this will now be the salt will make the water freeze colder. by the end of the segment we are drinking those beers. they will be frosty cold. >> let's talk about propane. >> another problem. if you run out of propane. >> what do you do? >> it's awkward. serve your guests raw food. you don't want to do that. what you want to do is take some hot water. i'm going to do this part. it's a little bit nasty. you're going to have to take your gloves off again, ladies. >> what are you doing? >> feel this. >> why? >> see where it's cool and see where it's hot. cool there. no, no, no. where i poured the water. >> it's warm. >> down here? it's cold. that is because this is how much propane you have. the propane will always absorb the heat. >> because there's no gauge on those things. >> there's no gauge. typically these carry about 20 gallons. if you have half you've got ten hours left of cooking. >> that's a good tip! >> how do you clean the grill? you don't want to spray some vegetable oil first. okay? very good. this is on a hot grill.
2:52 am
don't do it when it's on. you can get a flame up. after that you're going to take your brushes. i like the two of you doing all the work here. you're going to spray with a wire brush. you don't have to buy those expensive wire brushes they have for barbecue. this is a dollar from the hardware store. >> it's not doing anything. >> it does. but now if you find that you still have stains, we're going to spray wd-40. >> that's kinky stuff. >> this is kinky stuff. only on a cold grill. then you have to wash it a lot. >> this is not edible. >> that's right. it's not edible. everything will come off with wd-40. a miracle spray. let's talk about stains. here we have some -- >> quit yelling, hoda. >> we have mustard. we have ketchup. i imagine around here the occupational hazard is red wine stains. why don't you throw a little red wine on that. >> uh-huh. >> wow. that was --
2:53 am
that was some stain. >> i want you to prove it, baby. >> what you're going to do is use half peroxide, half dawn detergent. >> only on a white shirt, right? >> well, no, actually you can use it on colors as long as you check. jeannie and i, my wife, use it on all sorts of stains. see how it breaks down? if you go like this -- that was some serious staining you just did there, kathie. put it in some water like this. some warm water, and in a little bit of time, a little longer and that will be gone. >> last couple seconds. >> if you want to eliminate or prevent a perspiration stain, a little bit of baby powder on shirts that you have to iron. i will do the ironing since you guys have done all the work. >> on the inside. >> on the inside. >> it gets rid of the stain? >> it prevents it. think of scotch guarding your underarms. >> that's an awesome idea. >> it's good enough for a baby's heiny, it's good enough for your armpits. that guy at the yankees game should have done that. >> i suppose so. >> thank you. >> it's bye-bye time. >> good to see you.
2:54 am
having a hard time buttoning your jeans because your belly is a bit bloated? >> we'll help you take care of those tummy troubles. first this is "today" on nbc.
2:55 am
2:56 am
all righty. let's face it. we all deal with tummy troubles now and then. whether it was that spicy salsa you ate last night, hoda, or the side of broccoli and garlic that left you a little bloated.
2:57 am
>> all right. so what are the biggest culprits and how do we keep things, shall we say, running smoothly? here we have with us a contributing editor for "prevention" magazine. >> the secret to life is keeping that digestive system moving. >> yeah, we joke about it, but quite honest, your digestive system is pun intended at the core of your health. this is really where everything is going on. you can't be happy and healthy if it isn't working. >> there's a pace to your body, isn't there, to your digestive system. >> there's supposed to be. >> yeah, right, exactly. >> we've got to slow things down. we have to remember, when we eat something, nine hours later the body is still working on it. a day later. two days later. it's not in and out. >> really? >> no. >> two days later you've already eaten other stuff. >> exactly. so it layers on layers on layers which makes it really important to not overwhelm. don't give your body too much at one time. >> avoid smorgasbords. >> if you're a fast eater that can be a problem. >> it really can. think of it,
2:58 am
if you walked in, started your morning and everything was laid out for you and you could do one thing after the next after the next and it was just slow and easy. how about those mornings where everything is thrown at you at once. then you just feel awful. you feel overwhelmed. your body doesn't know what to do. it's the exact same thing going on inside of you. >> tell us what we can do about that. >> slow it down, chew. you actually start digestion by smelling things. that triggers the release of saliva in the mouth. then it gets the body ready for everything. the more slowly you can go the better your body will adjust. >> certain foods trigger a bad stomach, period. >> we've got our gas producers. right? they're amazing for you. >> healthy for you. >> 100%. >> our kale. onions. >> cabbage. >> our beans. yes. they produce the gas. so we can cook them. we can also add different spices. i love to cook, like, indian food because those spices really help. definitely eat them. things like caffeine, wine, coffee. they're acidic. they can attack the body a little bit. but you can have them. we just have to make sure we do
2:59 am
them in a balance and prepare them more healthfully. >> can you stop heartburn before it comes on? is there a way to put the brakes on that? >> yes. interestingly, right here my lemons and limes are the thing to do. and a lot of people say to me, wait, hold on a second. why would you be telling us to have acid if i have acid. this actually help trigger the body to release something called sodium bicarb. >> they're natural -- >> yeah. so what you do is you squeeze half a lemon into your water. squeeze a lemon on top of your fish. squeeze it on top of your vegetables. you get great taste, too. >> they did that in italy. i didn't see many bloated people. maybe one or two. >> only one or two. >> some people don't tolerate the dairy. they'll take it as a dietary supplement. maybe you're trying to correct a problem. but we need digestive balance. we'll always get in the bad bacteria. but we need to get in the good bacteria. >> why is popcorn here? >> sometimes people think this is the issue. this is actually the aid. fiber will health support that good bacteria. >> eat popcorn!
3:00 am
>> eat popcorn. >> we love it. >> tomorrow, matthew is back with the guys' point of view. bye. >> he doesn't even know what a screwdriver is. of animal tars planet's reality show. ago brett told a different story. amazing stuff. star client. >> kobe bryant, dr. dre, tracy morgan. nothing is off limits. who has the guts to hold back? [ applause ] hello, hello! roll it! [ cbs television distribution ] all right. a little about me. i'm recently married. i work with my wife on this show. i'm learning how to be a dad to two amazing kids in a blended family. i'm


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