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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 30, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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new this morning, a simple apartment fire turns into something much more overnight in san francisco. we'll have all the details up next. new video into our newsroom, family members gather in china to remember the three people killed in the asiana airlines crash. looked outside. a big fire. she was from leesburg, so we came out of the house, started running. i got no shoes, no phone, took off running, didn't know if it was anything close by. >> we'll let you know what we're hearing about a series of explosions at a florida propane plant. taking a live look outside, transamerica pyramid in san francisco beautifully lit on this tuesday, july 30th. this is "today in the bay."
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it is just about 4:31. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's first check the tuesday morning forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning laura and jon. good morning at home. we have a crisp start to the day. you'll probably notice you have to throw an extra blanket on the you're still in bed. this is a good sign of a cooler afternoon ahead. we'll hold on to this beautiful late july weather. i'll let you know how long it's going to last and when that summer returns all in your seven-day. first let's check your drive and say good morning to mike inouye. >> good morning. folks, look at this beautiful view crossing over into san francisco. you see the towers over there and the city lights. that's a nice easy drive with the taillights and headlights across and the close section in the near portion of your screen. we'll look at the map and straighten it out for you. no problems, just looking at the taillights in the direction of the arrow towards san francisco
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and an easy drive westbound at 24. east shows slowing around highway 13. that's just temporary. there is a crash at fish ranch road off tunnel road off highway 24. there are reports there may be injuries on that crash. i'll let you know if that affects your off ram. so far chp says it's open. >> thank you, mike. breaking news out of san francisco. a two-alarm fire turns into a police investigation at a suspected marijuana grow house in the visitacion valley neighborhood, the 100 block of tucker avenue near bayshore boulevard and highway 101. we're being told by a witness on scene police have been pulling a few bags of marijuana out of this house. christie smith is right now on the scene for us. she's there busy gathering all the information. we'll have a live report coming up with her at the 5:00 hour. 4:3 th2. all the workers at a florida
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propane plant have been accounted for. fires burned through the night at the blue rhino propane plant near orlando. about two dozen people were working the overnight shift when a series of blasts went off around 8:00 our time, lasting for more than half an hour. initially 15 people were missing. all have been found safe. eight people were injured and transported to local hospitals. at least three are in critical condition this morning. the explosions at that time propane plant shaking houses as far as 20 miles away. >> you could still see the orange glow even from leesburg. >> you could hear the explosion? >> yeah. >> what did it sound like? >> real loud booms going off each time, shaking the house. >> an evacuation order has been lifted and the fire contained. family members in xhin nah holding a memorial pour the three girls killed in the asiana airlines crash at sfo. that memorial was planned after relatives brought home the ashes
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of the three teenagers. following traditions, cassettes of the three girls were wrapped in red cloth and placed next to the girls' favorite fruits and drinks. the girls were killed after an asiana airlines crash on the runway at sfo earlier in month. oakland city leaders will decide whether to banham mers, spray paints and other items from protests in an effort to curb vandalism. it comes in the wake of the protests after the not guilty verdict in the shooting death of trayvon martin. there were windows smashed at local businesses, even hitting a waiter in the face with a hammer. the ordinance would ban potentially destruck stif items and weapons from future protests. also in oakland, the city council will consider whether to approve funding for a domain awareness center. the center would serve as a hub to store images from security
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cameras and other surveillance cameras. privacy advocates have argued the new center will not have enough rules governing what information can be collected. some city council members tell the bay area news group those concerns will be addressed. closing arguments set for today in the trial of a woman accused of drunk driving in a crash that kills both her husband and her daughter. stacy lawnberg child with murder and child endangerment in that roll-other crash. her 67-year-old husband and 26-year-old daughter both died during the crash. her 1-year-old grandson was also in the car, but he managed to survive unharmed. prosecutors say lawn berg was driving under the influence when she sideswiped a car on highway 85 near los gatos and crashed in january of last year. 4:35. in just a few hours polls open for santa clara county district
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two supervisor scene seat. the race between labor leader cindy chavez and water district commissioner theresa -- there are nearly 120,000 registered voters. polls open at 7:00 and they will close to night at 8:00. the two women are running to decide who will replace disgraced supervisor george shirakawa junior. he is scheduled to be sentenced on friday. a bay area soldier who died in the korean war returning home today. the remains of sergeant first class joseph david steinberg will arrive today at the san jose airport. steinberg was born in san francisco and is also a veteran of world war ii he died z aa prisoner of war in the korean conflict in 19516789 he remains were never positively identified
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until recent live. he will be buried thursday at the golden gate national cemetery where her three brothers were buryed. >> it's 4:37 right now. a tad early, but not too early to look at that forecast, christina. we've got a great looking day to look at. good morning, laura and jon. to you at home, thank you for waking up with us on a tuesday morning. temperatures are crisp out there. we'll see plenty of 40s before we hit our lows this morning. over the course of the next hour, 51 degrees to start the day in gilroy. 57 in san jose, 56 in sunnyvale. as you can, wherever you're getting the light green on the contour map, that's where the marine influence is going to kick in. only at 59 degrees at noon in oakland as a result and 57 at lunchtime. 77 on the way in san jose. 77 in los gatos.
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60 degrees, a little warmer in the city by the bay and 73 for oakland. we do have a return to summer just around the corner. i'll show you exactly when those hot readings come back into the forecast. might be a little earlier than you'd like. that's in my next report. 4:38. it's earlier than we'd like it to be. what's going on on the roads. >> the north bay isn't a problem. that's the good news we'll take with that. southbound 101, the headlights coming down the curve at terra linda. petaluma, novato, easy drive toward the richmond san rafael bridge. toward the golden gate bridge, the northbound direction heading away from us i saw the flashing lights and crews. they should be across the north tower. you see all the lights across the span, good stuff there into or out of san francisco from the north bay. the south bay looking really nice as we head on the east shore. we'll look towards 880 and turn the maps so we're facing south.
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that's your commute off the dumbarton bridge. average speed from decoto red down to dixon. here is a screen capture we took from our cameras over here. we show caltrans, 880 at 101, a couple of cars and a truck there. in the south bay not a lot of traffic going on. there's an event there at the sapp center, formerly hp pavilion. one direction in concert tonight. still two-way traffic. >> you don't know you're beautiful. talks between b.a.r.t. and its larger labor unions are expected to resume in a few hours. b.a.r.t. says talks are expected to pick up about 1 clock this morning. it's also possible they'll talk about a work-around to keep workers on the job even after the tract extension expires on
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monday. yesterday b.a.r.t. said if it caved to union demands and offered pay raises above 20% over the next three years, riders would suffer. the agency says it would have to raise fares 18% to compensate. union leaders say b.a.r.t.'s math doesn't add up. in the meantime, all major mass transit companies in the bay area will meet today to talk about what to do in the event of a b.a.r.t. strike. the strike earlier this month snarled traffic and crammed other bus and ferry lines. we'll have an update tonight on nbc bay area news at 5:00 and 6:00. right now we want to get you back to that breaking news out of san francisco. a two-alarm fire turns into a police investigation at a suspected marijuana grow house in the visitacion valley neighborhood. that investigation on going at the home on the 100 block of tucker avenue near bayshore and highway 101. we're told by a witness this one is still on going. christie smith is on scene right now and has the latest out there. christie, what's going on? >> reporter: good morning to
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you, jon. i can tell you san francisco firefighters have recently left the scene. here is what happened. they first got the call and thought that the smoke was coming out of the house next door, this green and white house. when they got here, they saw that smoke was actually coming out of this pink house. but they say that there were a couple of clues that made it clear that this was much more than just a fire, but actually a marijuana grow operation, too. one problem they had was actually forcing their way into the home on tucker in visitacion valley. they had to go through the garage. they say it was extremely secure which is unusual for a home like this. the fire started around 12:30 with flames coming out of the back of this home. they were immediately starting to search for anyone who might be asleep inside. of course, because of the hour they say there wasn't anyone there. there were a number of obstacles with the setup inside. >> it immediately became apparent with the thick smoke as they were advancing the hose on
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the inside this was a marijuana grow operation. three rooms were involved in the fire, the fire penetrating from down below up through the second floor. >> reporter: no one hurt in all this. we're told there was additional electricity rigged in the house which made it harder to fight and actually somewhat unsafe for firefighters. they say it was rather dark inside, extensive damage. five rooms we're told had small plants inside. about 60 small plants in all, two freezer bags full of buds. i spoke with one firefighter, she didn't think it was a huge operation, but an operation nonetheless. this is some of the debris that is outside of the garage this morning including what looks like a light here and some tubs. there's also some doors here. so all of this burned this morning. we're told that police may be back later this morning. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> quite the scene out there, christie. thank you very much. we'll stay on top of that one for you. right now 4:42. new reports one of the bay area's biggest social media
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networks could soon be trading on the stock market. we'll have all the details in a live report. caught green handed. what we're learning about the woman accused of vandalizing a washington, d.c. landmark and her possible connection to other vandalism cases. >> we'll also let you know how a series of wildfires in oregon are directly impacting the entire bay area. we'll let you know what officials are saying this morning.
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welcome back everyone. good tuesday morning to you. a military judge will decide if army private bradley manning's fate this morning. he is a soldier charged with aiding the enemy forgiving thousands of government documents to wikileaks. if convicted, the 25-year-old former intelligence analyst could face up to life in prison. new indications this morning, san francisco-based twitter will soon ipo. hampton pearson live at cnbc's washington bureau are details on that and a look at how futures are trading. good morning, hampton. >> hi, laura. it looks like twitter may be inching ever closer to an ipo. "usa today" reporting the private micro blogging service is posting a job opening for financial reporting manager.
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duties would include filing what's commonly known as an s-1 document or preliminary prospectus when the company is ready to go public. twitter ceo says management isn't focused on an ipo. market value reportedly swelled to $10 billion. market watchers expect an ipo early next year. stocks closed lower in light trading oven monday. the fed begins a two-day meeting in a couple hours with investors looking for more clarity on when interest rates may go up. we also get data on home prices and consumer confidence and earnings from drug giant merck, the dow falling 37 points to close at 15,532, the nasdaq slipping 15 points closing at 3,599. if you blink, you probably missed it. time warner cable pulled cbs from its lineup in new york, l.a. and dallas then quickly reversed the decision. the two sides are continuing talks to resolve a dispute over programming fees. now at this hour of the
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morning where you guys are, we don't do a lot of blinking and eyes closed references. >> a lot of rubbing of the eyes sometimes. have a good hot cup of coffee. >> yes, eyes wide open. health advisory we want to let you know about in effect for bay area residents because of increased pollution caused by wildfires in southern oregon. crews have been battling six major wildfires all across oregon this morning. those fires have burned nearly 33 square miles currently just 2% contained. it is very rough going out there. more than 100 homes have been evacuated. how is that affecting everybody in the bay area? residents are now being advised to reduce their exposure to smoke air by limiting outdoor activity and by setting air conditioning units to recirculate to keep that fresh air going. >> that is really important to know to so many people in the bay area, try to keep healthy
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and want to go out and exercise in the morning. >> we have that filtered sunshine all the way down here from that smoke in san jose yesterday. i put a lot more information up on my facebook page if that's something that interests you, you suffer from respiratory issues. check it out, christina loren, meteorologist. 57 in san jose to start, 51 in gilroy. good morning to you, bay area. a good looking day shaping up. you know why? we could be soaring this time of year. a lot of the nation is going to be baking with oppressive heat for us. the cooldown, it continues today. 58 degrees right now in campbell, 57 in san jose and 59 degrees to start the day in santa teresa. we've got that great west early flow, the cool ocean air, plenty of low clouds hugging the coastline. that's going to bring in really comfortable conditions all day long. even when we do start to heat up, we'll still have this comfortable ocean breeze in place. open up the windows in your home if you don't suffer from respiratory issues, especially south of the golden gate bridge. we will keep that air quality
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alert in place for areas north of the golden gate bridge. we'll be keeping close tabs on that for you. what happens is that smoke mixes with the fog and you get that smog as a result. we're keeping tabs on it for you all day long. we'll have a better update at 11:00 once we start to see the low clouds clear. 84 degrees in livermore, 73 in fremont. 77 degrees in e redwood city. you want to see what the weekend holds? not tooer tloi start thinking about the weekend. friday into saturday, temperatures will warm up. still not talking about the 90s. we're talking about the upper 80s. that means you can comfortably hit the beach and it won't be too hot inland. back to you, jon and laura. >> thanks, christina. this morning a 58-year-old woman is under arrest for vandalizing the washington national cathedral. police say the woman was arrested yesterday afternoon after two chapels were defaced with green paint. she's believed to be homeless and now faces one count of defacing property.
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police are testing paint samples to see if yesterday's incident is related to similar acts of vandalism at the lincoln memorial and joseph henry statue. the cleanup which could take several more days is estimated to cost at least $15,000. >> ridiculous. 4:51 right now. new trade rumors to tell you about overnight involving major players on the world champion giants, the fan favorites that could soon be wearing new uniforms. plus you saw the giants visit the white house yesterday. but what happened behind the scenes? see what the president reportedly said to one team exec about the team's recent struggles. we're looking over here. no struggle, no problem through fremont, an easy flow for traffic. we'll show you where things are starting to slow, yes, even right now, as you come through the east bay coming up.
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right now you are watching live over the golden gate bridge with some -- a little bit of fog out there, not a lot. you can see the traffic coming through with a big bus leading the way. mike inouye will be along to tell you about the roads and your trek to work, wherever you're going. christina talking about temperatures out there changing for you. it is 4:54 right now. want to tell you about new rumors that a trio of giants on the trading block. cbs reports the giants are willing to trade hunter pence,
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tim lincecum and javier lopez if the price is right. cbs sports reporting the giants are asking a lot for pens and lincecum because the team is hoping to sign new deals with both at the end of this season. >> could change the face of the team. in the meantime giants are in philadelphia this morning getting red i do start a three-game series with the phillies. >> try to get back on the winning track. yesterday they paid a visit to the white house appearing alongside the president on the south lawn. the commander in chief commended the 2012 world series champ on their second title in three years. >> there are new faces standing behind me, some new nicknames, got the reverend, got blockbuster. we've even got new haircuts. where is tim? >> see, you don't even recognize him anymore. >> while he didn't mention the giants' current slump during the
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ceremony, he's reportedly keeping positive about the team's future. the "san francisco chronicle" reporting he told one team executive, hey, you guys are a second half-time. i expect you to be a second half team this time around, too. >> is that an official order from the white house? in the meantime former giant brian wilson closer to finding himself a new team. bob nightingale reports five teams made offers to the former giants closer. no word if the giants are one of them. but nightingale says the pittsburgh pirates and arizona diamondbacks happen to be front-runners. >> he's had a lot of time up. hopefully injuries all healed. >> tommy john surgery. >> be good to see him out action. >> he is a character. >> use some of that conditioner on his elbow that he uses on his beard. >> same stuff you use on your hair. >> there you go. the beard goes down, my hair goes up.
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it's all the same. the traffic flow holding steady for san jose northbound 101, this look right here north of 680 just fine, folks. this is fremont as you're looking towards san jose. i've circled the mission boulevard connectors. on-ramps at 880 and 680. stim have construction crews yet to clear over the next couple minutes. there may be flashing lights and slowing out of the altamont pass. a crash eastbound not affecting the flow of traffic. back to you. >> appreciate it. 4:57. peninsula police on the lookout of a string of burglaries at a popular beach town. we'll tell you the burglars not just hitting houses but cars as well. we'll have the details next. a plea for justice, weeks after the deadly stabbing of a san jose father, his family speaks out asking for help finding his killer.
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breaking news out of san francisco this morning where an overnight house fire yields quite a surprise for
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investigators. they found 60 marijuana plants inside. i'm christie smith. we'll tell you why they had such a difficult time getting in coming up. good morning. i'm bob redell. we're live in the south bay where after more than 60 years the remains of a u.s. soldier will finally be coming home. that story coming up. i'm meteorologist christina loren. if a cool summer breeze makes you feel fine, you're going to love what we have in store for you for the next few days. but i have to tell you, the heat cranks on your seven-day forecast. we'll have that for you in moments. cars pretty much blowing through toll plaza like jasmine. we'll talk about what the changes are there and two crashes in that area as well. >> i feel like i need a guitar solo now. >> those two are good, connecting the music. love it. >> name that tune on this tuesday, july 30th, this is "today in the bay."


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