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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 31, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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bins on the peninsula. >> good morning to you. temperatures are nice and crisp to start. in the 50s and 60s. we've got the air quality alert in place. but the big story in the weather department the cooler than average temperatures. we'll give you the lowdown coming up in weather. we're going to show you the slowdown. basically a creep here north 101. yeah, a big crash. a big backup. a way around it, but i'm concerned about these folks now that are just changing lanes. a live look outside. can you make out the bay bridge? >> a little bit. >> at least traffic crawling across. last day of july, wednesday, july 31st. this is "today in the bay." >> where did july go? august tomorrow? >> there you go. >> 6:00, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. privacy concerns versus public safety.
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overnight a heated debate stretched into early morning hours in oakland over a plan to install more surveillance cameras on city streets. >> shame, shame. >> protesters packed the city council chambers to voice concerns over privacy during the marathon meeting. 1:30 this morning, the city council voted to approve $2 million federal grant to install 130 surveillance cameras at port of oakland, near the airport and city streets. pictures taken by the cameras sent to a centralized location. cameras up and running by june. that vote wasn't the only contentious issue discussed at the meeting. "today in the bay's" christie smith live in oakland city hall where leaders are pushing forward with a plan to keep protests fr protests fr spiralling out of control. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. that's right, city of oakland may soon be establishing a list of things that you cannot bring to a protest because they have
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been used to inflict so much damage in the past, especially here in downtown oakland. we're talking about things like hammers, clubs, and spray paint and shields. now, the city council gave preliminary approval to this at the raucous meeting last night. the city councilman introduced the measure, coming on the heels of protest that boiled over following the not guilty verdict of george zimmerman in the shooting death of trayvon martin. roving groups broke off, smashing windows and spray painting buildings in oakland in one of the worst moments, a waiter in the uptown neighborhood was hit in the face with a hammer trying to protest the restaurant which had its windows broken out. here's why the councilman thinks it might help keep a lid on things. >> this is just a tool that we can give our law enforcement agencies to remove individuals
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from the crowd when they do bring whether it's hammers, bats, so forth that would create harm and destruction to our facilities. >> reporter: this issue has come up before. oakland tried a similar ban during occupy oakland demonstrations in 2012 but it didn't go all the way, it didn't end up passing. final vote on this is scheduled for september. if approved it would be subject to review in two years. live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." 6:03. police in hayward asking for the public's help to learn more about a shooting. receiving multiple calls about gunfire on revere avenue. they found a man shot a number of time a few blocks away. he's been taken to the hospital where police tell us he's in no condition to talk. they say more than one person told them a white car was seen leaving the scene. police aren't sure if the car
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had anything to do with the shooting. police in san jose state busy looking for a man who beat up another man on their campus. police say the victim was walking with a group of friends on the 4th street side of the campus science building when they got into a fight with another man. there was a struggle and some point the victim's head was slammed right into the concrete. that attacker did run and police are looking for him. the victim was taken to a hospital with what we're hearing are nonlife threatening injuries. officers at this point don't think anybody else is at risk. san francisco police need your help finding a missing 80 yorl man. eugene smith was last seen monday on large street near rosa parks elementary school. he suffers from alzheimer's disease. police say smith is 5'5", weighing 137. he was last seen wearing a black giants shirt and pa jack ma pants. if you see him, call san francisco police. exterminators out visiting a couple of bay area goodwill
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warehouses looking for unwanted donations in the form of nasty bedbugs. "today in the bay's" bob redell live with more details on what's become big time bedbug scare. >> reporter: good morning. goodwill has had dog that can detect bedbugs scouring one of its warehouses in san francisco. they did find them there. they are going to have that area treated later today. they're going to do the same eight warehouse location here in burlingame. this is after bedbugs found in both locations friday. the problem is they don't know how bedbugs got there, whether brought in on someone's donations or some other means. as a result now, they're not taking donations at those two warehouse locations until they can get critters out of there. they've had to throw out 15 very large boxes of donated items, about 40 cubic yard in volume to give you the sense of volume and how much they're throwing out. they've had to steam clean items
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made of cloth. this has hocost hundreds of tho of dollars of lost revenue and having to rent out a new space to collect newdow nations until the problem's resolved. all of the money instead cannot be use ford job training programs which it was initially intended for. >> what a tragedy for goodwill. seems like a big bummer. and it's going to take them a while to recoup. >> reporter: bedbugs as the name implies due obviously reside in cloth-like materials, mattresses and such. they do bite people because they're trying to get to the blood. and they do leave behind rashes. this is why goodwill taking this seriously. this is not an issue at any of the retail locations in san mateo or san francisco. they hope to have those warehouses running some time by the end of the week. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> 6:60.
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pg&e crews out in mountain view working on restoring gas to a handful of commercial businesses. a gas leak forced crews to shut down charleston road between independence avenue after 6:30 last night. businesses were evacuated. the gas shut off three hours late. this morning, seven commercial buildings still without gas. the cause of the leak is under investigation. time now is 6:07. we have been treated to cooler temperatures as we wrap up july. christina loren, being treated to fog out there? >> little bit of fog. starting to really settle in here. we showed you the picture 15 minutes ago, crystal clear. we lad wind coming into san francisco. once the winds drop off, this is what happens. fog can form just like that. still able to see the highway. we'll let you know if that changes over the next couple of hours. 58 degrees in oakland to start you at 62 sunnyvale. plenty of 55s for novato, san francisco, san mateo to kick off wednesday. what we're looking for today.
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fog at its thickest at 8:00 a.m. we'll see low clouds clear. let me show you what's going to happen at noon when we lose all of the low cloud cover with limited sunshine for the first part of the day. temperatures only in the upper 50s at lunch time in oakland. 57 at noon in san francisco. you're not going to make it out of the 50s even in the heat of the day in the city today. you might want to keep that jacket handy. 70 on the way to fremont. 75 san jose. 70 in santa teresa. want to talk about the air quality alert. we'll get into that in the next report. not too early to start thinking about the weekend. he's always thinking about the weekend. good morning, mike inouye. >> sorry, i was just thinking about the weekend. 101. that's not the truth. i was thinking about there is. north 101, the crash at oakland road. let me show you north of 680. traffic is moving better than we saw it just at the top of the show. about eight minutes ago. let's look at the map.
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we'll see how slow it is heading up to the scene. up date two minutes ago, they're waiting for a tow truck to arrive but that may have arrived in the last couple. i see live shot moving better. there's the backup from tully road and building coming north from capital expressway. slowing and slamming down at tully. 280 north and north 87 is your way around the backup. i have not seen a lot of slowing there but that's the ripple you might see. again, hoping the movement that we saw in the live camera does mean the tow truck has arrived but i'll call chp once we get off of the report. the rest of the south looks nice. my mind on 101 and the weekend. tri-valley, slower speeds from grant line, double interchange. at grant line a crash, may be block one lane. that could folks coming from the altamont. a live look at bay bridge, metering lights are on.
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back up past 880 yellow crossing, building gradually. it's building, so you'll slow off the berkeley curve as well. new video of new connecter ramps that opened an hour ago. southbound 101 to capital expressway. hold your applause, jon kelley. along yerba buena in san jose. worst part of the highway 101 improvement project, aimed at predeu reducing congestion. the project is expected to wrap up early next year. >> the lights, snapping my fingers. coming up, this is bad on a lot of levels. hundreds of port-a-potties up in flames. raging fire that ripped through a sanitation warehouse overnight. monitoring news out of washington carefully as there's an nsa hearing in the senate. you are looking at live pictures. chuck grassley there. full coverage in business and tech.
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cutting through crowds at the new niners stadium. shortest lines to beer and bathroom. >> life is good.
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welcome back. good wednesday morning to you. a live look at low clouds spanning inland. this i sunol. flight delay at 35 minutes out of the sfo. we'll let you know what the new day will bring weather-wise in a few minutes. likewise, low clouds here in san jose. high concern, 280 northbound. traffic starting to bill at 880/17. more of a flow off 680 and 101 because of the crash. tracking the big backup. highway 101 north through san jose the latest coming up. up to speed on the day's top stories. city of oakland one step closer
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to banning certain items from protests. council members giving preliminary approve toll ban hammers, wrenches and slingshots from demonstrations. final vote scheduled for september. goodwill closed san francisco and burlingame warehouses after workers spotted bedbugs. goodwill hopes to have its warehouses cleared of bedbugs and reopened by the end of the week. and this morning a judge will sentence the army private who leaked classified u.s. intelligence to wikileaks. bradley manning cleared of aiding u.s. enemies yesterday, but he was still convicted on charges of spying, theft and distribution of secret material. he right now faces up to 120 years in a military prison. the senate will conduct its first ever hearings into the domestic spying controversy revealed by edward snowden. >> scott mcgrew, expecting to see previously classified
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documents of what the government knows about us. >> including the order to vacuum up data about verizon customers revealed by snowden. the senate judiciary committee hearing just got under way. it's just past 9:00 a.m. in washington right now. these are live pictures of the hearing. on the docket are officials from the justice department, the nsa and civil rights groups like the aclu. the guy in charge of all of this, general keith alexander, head of the nsa and u.s. cybercommand will not be there. instead, he'll be give a speech in las vegas against a much more hostile crowd at the black hat hacker conference. in a separate bit of news, a federal appeals court has ruled police do not need a warrant to get information about where you've been based on cell phone records. in a written opinion, the judges
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point out most americans should understand cell phones ping a tower if they don't want to be found they shouldn't carry a cell phone. the ruling in california does not have a direct affect on us. the 9th can come up with a different ruling if it wanted to. several states have made the point moot with special privacy laws protecting cell phone record. there was a law written by mark leno, passed the california state house but vetoed by governor brown. whether police need a warrant in california for your cell phone records is still really fuzzy. >> i bet. thanks. right now, speaking of fuzzy, christina loren not you, but the weather outside a little bit. she's very smooth. >> thank you. >> outside, fog, fuzzy stuff in the sky. >> fuzzy wuzzy was a weather woman meteorologist p.
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we'll get the view of the mountains today as opposed to the hd view. we don't have the best air quality. we've got several big fires burning, one the douglas fire, up in southern oregon. and actually because of a flow out of the northwest pushing to the southeast. bringing sole of the smoke into the bay area for today as well. 58 degrees in oakland. good morning to you, sunnyvale, 62. weather headlines for the day, patchy, low clouds to start. the fog's starting to settle in. especially in san francisco where we have 40-minute flight delays. collect ahead throughout the day. we'll keep you updated throughout the "today" show through 11:30. temps drop by three to five degrees. heat strokeóiñ prevention day. weather fatalities in the u.s., heat noise joke. tornadoes reporting about destruction, death due to tornadoes, hurricanes. heat is the number one contributor of weather fatalities in the united states between 2003 and 2012.
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even though we are still coola) right now, we've got two more very hot months to get throughout next month, starts august, and september. air quality forecast, improvement there as winds pick up. still want to point out we have the unhealthy level of pollution at the immediate coast, north bay and that goes for the peninsula as well as santa cruz coast today. seven day outlook, we'll see better air quality and warmer temperatures friday, saturday and sunday. 88 by sunday. hotter by tuesday of next week. only talking about the low 90s. no triple digits yet. but we will keep you updated as we still have two hot months, mike. motorcycle weather. >> we have to keep reminding folks, warm weather means more motorcyclists on the road, a lot of minis out there. be careful. larger vehicles moving slowly. all vehicles moving better north
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101. i called chp and they confirmed lanes are clear. look at the map. north 101, very slow up toward oakland road. the scene of the crash involving three vehicles. we have again all lanes clear but slow drive coming from tully looking at that. slamming down toward mckee and things get better toward 880. expecting to see more slowing for north 280 and north 87 but we haven't seen that yet. the next half hour critical as folks did hear about the crash and left the house, that might be the route they'll take. we'll watch for the ripple throughout the triangle here. coming into the area out of the altamont pass reports of a crash. two incidents reported westbound 580 off of 205. slowing but they have moved off of the roadway. that's why we have a better speed through the area. that's unleashing more folks coming through this area. we do have eastbound 580 at
6:20 am
vasco. a small car fire on the shoulder. no injuries reported. smoke and distraction westbound coming into livermore. it's an easier drive approaching the dublin interchange. castro valley moves smoothly. no problems through hayward. we'll look at oakland past the coliseum, easy drive. north bound, midday game for the a's and evening concert one direction. you'll have crowds near that parking lot all day long. be aware of that. >> great heads up. bay area soccer fans, two of the premier teams taking the field tonight at at&t park part of the busy day mike was talking. round one of the international champions cup. the squads, 2 of 8 teams taking part in the matches across the country this week. this year the only u.s. team
6:21 am
taking part in the running right now, the l.a. galaxy. the final will take place next week in miami. meantime, the san francisco giants are out on the road today trying to snap five-game losing skid taking on the phillys. >> minor league team giants at home hosting special guests. >> kind of. >> yeah. you judge for yourself. the team posted the picture on facebook telling fans the royal couple and royal baby will be in attendance tonight. >> that's will and kate. >> kind of. fans are invited to wear the royal best, morning suit, top hat, tiara. if you do, you receive two free tickets to a future game. the giants last in the division, san jose is leading the their division after clinching a playoff spot. not bad. 49ers have a high-techance chance to take care of a low tech problem. >> the new stadium opens up, it will be equipped with a bathroom
6:22 am
detector. there's a new app that will let fans find the shortest line from bathrooms, always a key watching a good ball game. it doesn't just handle needs but wants as well. app will also identify the shortest line for all of the goodies, beer, food, you've got to have when you're at the stadium. new levi's stadium scheduled to open in time for 2014 season. up to date, modernized. >> right. perfect in silly cop valley. >> 622. coming up, a warehouse full of port-a-potties gutted by flames. the raging fire that had firefighters scrambling to safety. [ wind howling ]
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6:25. six people are dead following overnight blast outside a moving in baghdad. two dozen others are hurt. iraqi police say a suicide bomber detonated explosives just as pa rasher ins leaving the mosque. no group is claiming responsibility for the attack. also on the international scene, investigators in southeast china looking for the cause of a chemical plant explosion. yesterday's blast strong enough to shatter windows in a nearby village. there were some injuries reported and plant officials say there were no chemical leaks. the plant produces material used in printing and making polyester. equipment problems and human error could be to blame for a
6:26 am
siris explosions that rocked a propane plant in central florida. the fire chief says sabotage is not suspected. no one died during the blast at the blue rhino propane plant but eight workers are injured, four critically. one worker injured was hit by a car on the nearby road when he tried to escape the flames. firefighters still mopping up after a sanitation company went up in flames in southern california. nearly 100 firefighters fought the flames from the outside of the building in sun valley after part of the roof collapsed last flight. the building was once an auto parts store but is used to store portable toilets. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. we are happy to report, nobody was injured. 6:26. sticky fingers caught. who police say swiped a little girl's favorite decoration from her family's front lawn.
6:27 am
>> under pressure. we'll tell you why a burglary suspect says social media shamed him into turning himself in. look at the fog over the golden gate bridge. we should be able to make out part of it. >> a little bit thick. >> hopefully it will burn things off and warm up later in the day. look at the bay bridge as well. a hazy start. last day of july. believe it or not. where is summer going? back to school around the corner as well. full look at forecast. plus a peek at the commute.
6:28 am
6:29 am
peer pressure on social media. why a facebook post forced a burglary suspect to turn himself into south bay police. also not a nursery rhyme but this little piggy lands a bay area man in jail. who confessed to swiping a little girl's favorite decoration from her family's front lawn.
6:30 am
live look at new york stock exchange there. the bell. over on the nasdaq, watching facebook. the stock trading above its ipo price. a whole nickel. not bad if you've got a lot of it. wednesday, july 31st, this is "today in the bay." last day of ni֖july, 31st. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning. first a confession. then a conviction. now, the sentencing process for bradley manning. convicted of sharing top secret information with wek i can leaks some of which landed in the hands of al qaeda. he was found not guilty of the most serious charge, that being aiding the enemy. "today in the bay's" tracie potts live in washington, d.c. this morning. facing a lot of charges here. how much time does manning face
6:31 am
behind bars? >> 136 years, if he gets the max for all charges. the most serious, aiding the enemy, he was acquitted. so he's not looking at life behind bars. that's because the judge looks not only at what he did but why he did it. his intent finding that, even though he was neglectful, it was not his intent to fall into the hands of the enemy, which it did. we're at the sentencing phase, that starts today. it could last a couple of weeks as the judge now looks at new evidence and testimony how much of that time he should spend, some people who have been watching this, experts and analysts watching, this trial and this process say they don't think he'll get the max but it could be a few weeks before we know. >> tracie potts. the government will be setting a precedent here. we know who will represent
6:32 am
district 2 on the santa clara county board of supervisors. the election office reports, cindy chavez has unofficially won the race, 55% of the vote defeating ser ree ining theresa. chavez replaces george shirakawa jr. he is scheduled to be sentenced friday. right now, 6:32. a look outside. christina loren back. tell us what's happening on wednesday, midweek. >> midweek, thinking about the weekend. we have got a good looking weekendfwv ahead. 57 degrees, good morning to you, jon and laura. of course you at home. 56 livermore. 51 degrees in gilroy. you might need the sweater. probably need it all day in san francisco where we're starting out at 55, expecting to hit about 59 degrees. got the cool westerly flow in addition to that. this is your westerly flow at the surface paper northwesterly
6:33 am
flow in the mid levels of the atmosphere bringing in smoke from the fires from oregon. the surface, the westerly flow keeping the smoke confined to the coastline. unhealthy level of pollution today. the wind is on our side. picking up throughout the day, missioning up the atmosphere, keeping haze from getting suspended. 4:00 p.m. the win at its strongest. everywhere getting good wind today. anywhere between 10 to 20 miles per hour, sustained gusting to 35 miles per hour. today in the bay, 73. at noon inland, 84. cooler than average again in the heat of the day. 72 bay side. at the coast 59. hazy sun in san francisco later on today. we'll have your full forecast coming up in a few moments, give you a peek at weekend. so close. we can do it. >> yes, we can. here i was thinking about this as well. it's better, north 101 from 680.
6:34 am
you see the slowdown up toward allen rock. from tully, allen rock, the key for the slowdown north 101. we had an earlier crash. over toward oakland road that cleared from the roadway quickly. but the backup formed also very quickly. speeds are quickly recovering, slow again from tully up toward about allen rock and mckee and things are clearing up. seeing bulk build as well. no major effect for 280 to 87 which is a reroute. smooth drive. stick it out 110, you should be okay. kirner and alma. drives from the east bay 880 top of the screen. at the limit as well westbound 580 oakland toward the bay bridge. south 880238 toward san mateo bridge, seeing slow. slowing through union city.
6:35 am
san mateo bridge, beautiful look. how clouds hovering above the deck. no problem for visibility. drive across the peninsula side without delay 101. slowing off the berkeley curve, not a problem until west grand avenue where you hit the brakes approaching the overcrossing there. you know facebook more than a place to connect with old friends. one south bay police department now using it to catch crooks. morgan hill police department posted this picture of 22-year-old colby worsham on its facebook page sunday, wanted for burglary, larceny, fraudulent use of credit cards. facebook followers responded sharing that photo more than 150 times. 48 hours later, worsham turned himself in. morgan hill police say it's the first time someone has turned himself in because of social media pressure. >> family members, friends that may have known him, probably encouraged him to turn himself in based off of facebook
6:36 am
comments. >> morgan hill police say this encourages them to place more photos and video on facebook page. they're hoping more followers will help. a homeless man arrested for stealing a little girl's decoration from the front yard. police arresting the 23-year-old yesterday after they say he admitted to snatching the girl's pink pig lawn ornament from the home on derry avenue. the 7-year-old girl has autism and this decoration was dear to her heart. features the pig riding with a bicycle with rainbow colored wheels. it was given to her as a gift from her grandfather. now that suspect says, he ended up selling the lawn ornament to another man for five bucks. a parent in the community stepped in to help out and
6:37 am
chill. we'll tell you why thousands of people braving the cold to cast pal lots for a landmark election in zimbabwe. children sickened by a free school lunch in india. why a lizard may be to blame for all of this next. so... [ gasps ]
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welcome back. voting is under way in zimbabwe now in an election that will determine the fate of longtime president mugabe. voters braving the winter chill to abbe among the first to cast votes. mugabe held the authoritarian power over the country since independence from britain 33 years ago. he is now running against the opposition leader and prime minister. the two have shared power in that country since a disputed and violent election in 2008. in india, dozens are sick after eating a free school lunch contaminated by a lizard. the lizard was found in the food at a school in north western india in thrown away but not before officials say nearly 80 children ate the food and became ill. school principal with two cooks were reportedly fired. the free school lunch program is part of a program that aims to
6:41 am
fight malnutrition but criticized for lack of ove2ñ7pht and quality control. earlier this month 20 children died tainted with insecticide in eastern india. >> interesting, strange, scary. >> poor little things. 6:41. privacy concerns versus public safety. we'll tell you which side wins out in the plan to in stall more security cameras on oakland streets. about bins full of0fí bedb. details about the unwelcomed donations two bay area goodwill warehouses. facebook makes history. plus, laura in a boat, we promise. we'll take a look. >> can't wait for that. good morning to you. foster city, facing the san mateo bridge, last day of july. a cooldown headed our way. meet you back here in a few minutes with your full forecast. from our emeriville camry, looking toward berkeley and the approach. that's the east shore freeway.
6:42 am
unexpectedly slow for the south bay. good morning! wow.
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what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. 6:44. hayward police asking for the public's help to learn more about a shooting on the city's south side late last night. police say they received multiple calls about gunfire on revere avenue in south hayward. they found a man shot a number of times a few blocks away. he's been taken to a hospital where police tell us he's in no condition to talk. more than one person told them a white car was seen leaving the scene. police aren't sure if the car had anything to do with the shooting. in oakland, the goal is no more shattered windows, spray  set
6:45 am
%qe council:3t had enough of splinter group whose broke away from organized protests to cause chaos. a meeting stretched into the early morning hours city council giving preliminary approval to banning, quote, tools of violence during protests and demonstrations including hammers, wren. s, spray paint, and slingshots. a final vote is scheduled for september. the vote wasn't the concontentious issue discussed. christie smith live with a look at heated debate over a plan to install more surveillance cameras city wide. >> reporter: good morning. the center that we're talking about is expected to be a hub for gunfire detection systems, cameras surveillanceu images coming into one location from places like port of oakland and the streets around oakland. in the end, the city council decided to tweak this because
6:46 am
there was so much outcry about privacy. >> shame, shame, shame. >> reporter: the city council voted to accept a $2 million federal grant for a dough plain awareness center. that's what they're calling it. pictures and data would be consolidated into one center with big television screens that would help with emergencies and potentially help police identify criminals. council membersjñ agreed footag privacy protocols are put in place and established.p"iñ many worry the surveillance powers could be abused. >> the federal government knows this stuff is here. it doesn't matter what public privacy policies, what's the enforcement for that? you know, nobody's going to jail if they -- if they violate a privacy of this system. you can't avoid this system. there's no way. and there's so much power in it.
6:47 am
>> reporter: bill bratton the3o former police chief hired to help improve opd suggested the city use a center to help with the investigation. already cities like chicago and houston have the intelligence centers in place. xpected to be running in oakland next year. live in oak, christie smith, >> thank you very much. time now to get a check on the weather outside. give ya look at golden gate bridge. chris cal clear. now the clouds have engulfed the bridge. >> cooler start for our day. especially end of july. >> last day of july, cooldown headed our way. t 4 fog is difficult to !póecast. of course we live in one of the foggiest parts of the country. it can develop like that. winds play a huge factor in the development of the fog. we have the wind in san francisco, fog settled in, flight delays to tune ofol 39mes due to low ceilings combined
6:48 am
with smog. we have the smoke drifting from fires burning in oregon. i know i keep telling you about this. good news is, if you have been suffering from respiratory issues because of the bad air quality we'll see improvement through the next couple of days. it's better off today than 24 hours today. san francisco, 40-minute delays. elsewhere, right on time. check ahead trying to get to the midwest. potent weather headed their way. 57 to start oakland. 55 in walnut creek. yeah it's crisp enough for a jacket out there. campbell at 59. 52 degrees, low 50s, cupertino to start the day. air quality, yesterday unhealthy levels around the central bay. today back in the moderate range across the board. notice visible smoke in our atmosphere today. and because of our westerly flow, you have the worst air quality at the immediate coast. all of the areas in blue from santa cruz up the peninsula and north bay coast.
6:49 am
good mind to limit outdoor activity with the fog mixing with the smoke, i.e. smog, not just a clever name. 76 in redwood city. 59 in san francisco today. 67 in santa cruz. santa cruz is going to see the best air call of beach cities. it will be warm there today. if you want to get out there if you're looking for better beach conditions, sunshine earlier, you'll get that this weekend. friday, saturday, sunday, temperatures climbing back up to seasonal averages. 6:49. it's getting busy out there. >> it is. it's getting better. so first 0 all, show a smooth flow of traffic although there's a crash south 680 stone ridge. sounds like traffic has moved over -- crash moved to the shoulder. the traffic flow is able to go from 580 down through the area towards sunol. that's why i'm saying it's getting busy but better in spots. here 59 registering where it's yellow. good news into sunol the same
6:50 am
situation coming through livermore and into dublin. here, we3qmñ have a slow drive around the bend. we had a 12 registering, things smoothed out a bit. 25 to 30 toward sunol, thus the build. slowingnlñ below 60 through sun heading through the truck scales. we'll see that continue to dip. the south bay shows improvement. first, the crowd building through the east bay. 30s as well through hayward, union city. now, down into san jose, we had the crash, north 101 cleared. speeds into 40 and 50s. backup north 101 off of 680. we see what we;8q(ect to see on wednesday into summer. that's a smoother flow. again map will show you the south bay showing a build though 101 here from capital up the shows slower speeds. 87, 85. palo alto, peninsula shows not a
6:51 am
problem. back to you. >> thank you. keeping hope alive. a candlelight vigil held for 21-month-old daphne webb. the oakland toddler vanished exactly three weeks ago. her father say his left the girl inside his car with his elderly mother who has dementia while he ran inside a store. when he came out, he says daphne was gone. she was last seen wearing orange pajamas with pink socks. the vigil organized by the klaas kids foundation 6:30 keller avenue near the sequoia community church. the man accused of kill two women in san francisco's today. the 23-year-old barry white jr. expected to be arraigned on a dozen felony counts including two counts of murder and several counts of attempted murder. he walked into the jewelry store on july 12th, opened fire killing two women, critically injuring the owner. investigators believe white was upset about the value of jewelry
6:52 am
he previously purchased at the store. a federal judge siding with the family who sued the federal government for the wrongful death of 9-year-old northern california boy. this is a website put up in the memory of tommy who died after crushed by a retaining wall at the national park in 2009. court documents reveal officials knew the retaining wall was a safety hazard but did not fix it. the judge ruled the park service intentioningly demolished that retaining wall after the boy's death before investigators could interest it. an attorney for the family will return to court to determine what damages should be paid to that family. the city attorney in walnut creek resigning following an internal investigation into allegation of child sex abuse by the employees. city attorney brian winter says council members wanted the investigation shut down after revealed the city manager knew of the allegations earlier than
6:53 am
he disclosed. winter says that pressure resignation on monday. however, mayor silva says she was not aware offully effort to derail the investigation which examined whether city employees fulfilled their duty to report suspected abuse after firing. this man, 27-year-old, a former employee who allegedly had inappropriate contact with teenage agirls. he was charged in february with two felonies and misdemeanor three months after fired. 6:53. call this very unwelcome donation at goodwill. bed buds. today exterminators inspecting goodwill warehouses after workers uncovered a bedbug infestati infestation. "today in the bay's" bob redell live in burlingame with dog sniffing dogs. >> reporter: they have scoured good will's warehouse location.
6:54 am
they did confirm there are critters there. they are going to have that location treated later today. these dogs will do the same at the warehouse location in burlingame and see what needs to be done after bedbugs detected at both wear louse locations this past friday. goodwill pointing out this is not in retail stores just two warehouse location. they don't know how the buggers glot there. they're not sure if they came in on someone's donations or other means. they are turning away donations at this warehouse location in burlingame. as a result, they've had to get rid of a lod t of product, 15 b of donated goods, thrown out. they've had to steam clean items made of cloth, this cost goodwill hundreds of thousands of lost revenue from the sale of the items and renting temporary new space to collect donations. that's money normally go into
6:55 am
job training programs. >> in a city like san francisco, a lot of people are on the edge of employability and san francisco's trying to work on that. so, it's central, i think. >> reporter: if you're not familiar with bedbugs, they do feed on us, our human blood, so they do bite and they do sometimes leave behind rashes. one reason why goodwill is so adamant about getting rid of these. the idea they have both warehouse locations treated and back up and running by the end of the week. live here in burlingame, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank, bob. >> 6:55. shares in facebook making history. briefly popping above that $38 ipo price set more than a year ago. >> right. scott mcgrew, the historic moment didn't last long. >> like catching a falling star. be-lee $38 goeagain. just after the market opened. arm, the chip company that puts
6:56 am
chips in all kinds of things opening the nasdaq. one point face book hit $38.31. if you bought $38,000 of facebook at ipo you made $310. but it's gone now. on a lighter note, video from a new app and website called"l6 y box this morning. this in piz from the fellow who invented jibjab. there she is. >> my gosh. my kids will love this. >> that's me singing. >> marvelous. marvelous. it is a cool little website. and for free you can upload a picture and play this song. abc song, here we see laura rowing her boat merrily. >> happy rowing that boat. >> there is an extra charge to download the video to your iphone.
6:57 am >> stop it. >> what's ironic, do sing that to kids during bath time. >> i like the big white gloves. i don't know what they were. good stuff. >> thanks. after 35 years how about this? malibu grand prix about to tax its last lap.nd go-karts m go-kartsme go-kartsme go-kart batting cages. it hasn't been making money. it will officially close august 18th. >> nbc bay area investigative unit broke the story about free 49 tickets for san francisco city leaders. the freebies at candlestick park go beyond football and include conser tickets. the city handed out more than $25,000 in tickets to the recent jay z and justin timberlake
6:58 am
legends of the summer concert at candlestick park friday. the report cites city records the parks gave out 106 tickets. 47 others to nonprofits. one supervisor out of town for the weekend reportedly given six luxury box tickets worth $1900. >> investigative unit keeping an eye on that. christina loren back with a final check on the weather. >> good morning to you. good morning to you at home. we have a flight delay 40 minutes at sfo. improving sky at san jose. inland 84. 72 bay side. 59 at the host. if you misses the searchen day outlook we'll have it every 15 minutes throughout the "today" sh show. >> busy start, things have calmed down. bay bridge toll plaza not bad. some lanes not backed up until the parking lot. fremont southbound 880 slowing through the area.
6:59 am
but it's just spotty slowing toward mission boulevard. south baying northbound, continuing to recover from 101. rest continue +ñ slow through san jose. >> 6:59. check of the day's top pstory. oakland one step closer to banning certain items from protests. council members gave preliminary approve toll ban hammers, wrenches, spray paint, slingshots from demonstrations. final vote scheduled for september. goodwill closing san francisco and burlingame warehouses after bedbugs spotted. what was inside has been thrown out. goodwill hopes to have its warehouses cleared of bedbugs and reopened by the end of the week. >> a judge will sentence the army private who leaked classified u.s. intelligence to wikileaks, bradley manning cleared of aiding u.s. enemies but convicted of spying, theft, distribution of creek seek kreet
7:00 am
/* seek create material. >> thanks for joining us. good morning, breaking overnight, anthony weiner's chief spokesperson apologizing for launching into a profanity laced tirade when he said he's here to stay. >> quit isn't the way we roll in new york city. one of baseball's biggest stars is about to be suspended on the on going crack down on performance enhancing drugs. how did such a promising career end up here? and pregnant paws. why the national zoo is closing part of it's most popular exhibit today. wednesday, july 3 1st,


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