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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 21, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> and an 85-year-old war veteran from palo alto detained over north korea. why his friends say this is a big misunderstanding. >> verify. you're on the ground. >> we think so. >> plus, a jumbo jet on a runway too small for takeoff. new details about the midair mistake next. >> count on flight delays out of sfo with thick low clouds developing. we're picking up showers on the radar, mostly in the east bay. all of this is pushing to the south. we're going to track these showers to your doorstep and let you know about fierce wind headed our way in the full forecast. >> i'm watching the commute as it's building quickly. the east bay, a new crash at university avenue and in the south bay a new crash as well as the rain is coming in. >> and come rain or shine, or dark of dawn, the bay bridge will always be there for us. illuminated for us to check things out. a little traffic flowing this
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morning. we're creeping closer to the weekend. it is thursday, november 21st, this is "today in the bay." a very good thursday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning everybody. thanks for joining us. i want to update you on the breaking news. several law enforcement agencies at the scene of an overnight burglary. this happened in santa clara. and this happening now at a home on crocker way near lawrence expressway and el camino real. police, they say two then right now in custody accused of trying to break into the home. the s.w.a.t. team was called in on this because authorities thought the residents may still be inside. but we are told nobody was home. the suspects, they did try to run away but were tracked down nearby. and police also, they point out there has been a spike in the number of thefts in the neighborhood. >> new details about the
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85-year-old palo alto man reportedly detained in north korea while visiting as a tourist. he is a korean war veteran on his way back to the bay area when his trip took a turn for the worse. marla tellez is in our newsroom with reaction from the u.s. state department and his family. good morning. >> good morning. we are hearing more from the son of 85-year-old merrill neuman and since my last report at 5:30 we learned that the inspiration behind his decision to visit north korea may have come from time spent there during the korean war. this according to his son jeffrey. here is a look at merrill who lives in a retirement community. his son telling the press his father spent three years as an infantry officer in the korean war but says his father never talked about his service and his son believes that neuman's time overseas spurred his desire to travel there. he says his dad along with a friend joined a tour group from beijing for the 10-day trip. his purpose was to be a tourist.
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it was on his final day on october 26 almost a month ago when he was allegedly taken into custody. he was on a plane when a uniformed officer asked to see his passport and pulled him off the plane. north korea has not confirmed his detainment. neither has the u.s. state department. it does say the u.s. state department sus say it's in close talks and coordination with the u.s. embassy, rather with the embassy of sweden and pyongyang which, quote, acts as our protecting power for issues involving u.s. citizens in north korea. we spoke to a stanford profess here specializes in asian pacific foreign affairs and he tell us north korea may hope to use neuman as leverage. >> i hope that the north korean government understands it's not a very smart thing to do, under any circumstances. and that they will see their way towards doing the compassionate and intelligent thing and releasing him. >> as for the friend, neuman was
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traveling with, he made it back to the u.s. safely and upon his return he released a statement that essentially calls this entire incident a, quote, terrible misunderstanding. of course this story is far from over, one we'll continue to follow. >> thank you very much. this is not the first time north korea has arrested an american citizen. last year kenneth bay was arrested. earlier he was convicted of hostile acts. bay sin prison serving 15 years hard labor. >> you remember back in march 2009, two american journalists were arrested for crossing over into north korea from china. the two were reporting for the san francisco-based current tv at the time of the arrest. they were sentenced to 12 years hard labor, but eventually they were released in august of that same year after an unannounced visit to north korea by president clinton. >> we've got new video to show you out of wichita, kansas where
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a 747 dream lifter airplane landed at the wrong airport. >> apparently we've landed at bec. >> verify you are on the ground at beach airport? >> we think so. >> we think so. the cargo plane landed at what appears to be a corporate airport instead of the nearby air force base it was supposed to land at. here is a live look at the plane right now. crews are now trying to figure out how to get that massive plane out because it's too large to lift off from the corporate airport where it is right now. the runway isn't long enough. >> my bad. 6:05. a crucial vote going on affecting hundreds of thousands in the bay area. b.a.r.t.'s board of directors will decide if it wants to approve the labor contract t problem here it includes a provision b.a.r.t. says should
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have never made it into the contract. christie smith live in oakland now with more details on today's vote. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we've been speaking with b.a.r.t. riders this morning and they are understandably frustrated by this. they have been through months of negotiations, strikes where the trains weren't running, and now comes word of an error in the labor agreement between b.a.r.t. and its two largest unions. b.a.r.t. saying if it were to go through it would cost them millions of dollars depending on how many employees took advantage of the clause. at this point the talk is not about another strike which is somewhat of a relief to riders we're speaking with heading in to work. the b.a.r.t. board could reject the 4-year contract that its unions agreed upon earlier this month. because of the issue with the family leave provision b.a.r.t. says it could add up to $44 million on top of a $67 million package. and would allow workers 6 weeks
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leave on top of vacation, anded other leave. riders just want it solved. >> i think it's an embearment. >> to who? >> to the management but also the folks need to get honest in what was the spirit of the deal. >> don't make no sense. they had plenty of time to get that correct. pretty sure before they sign on the dotted line they make sure it was straight. to pay what they can afford to bay. >> reporter: b.a.r.t.'s union say they are willing to stus is the contested part of the deal if it's ratified. b.a.r.t., though, it's saying or the unions rather saying we expect the b.a.r.t. board to meet their responsibility to the workers and the riders and approve this contract. of course they are going to be talking about that at a b.a.r.t. board meeting this morning and we'll be there. reporting live in oakland, christie smith. >> thank you very much. >> checking with christina loren with a look at the forecast for
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today. a busy week. >> busy week, much needed rainfall. hopefully our hills will start to turn green. 2.5 inches in mill valley. we're getting showers along the east bay. i want to show you san francisco, though, where you can no longer make out the top of the bay bridge as the low clouds continue to drop throughout the next few hours. that will likely force flight delays so keep that in mind. your overall temperature spread, across the bay area only slated to hit the low 60s in the heat of the day so. temperatures cool enough for a jacket all day long. 62 in san francisco, 62 in the south bay. and yes. some rain cooled air moving into the east bay. the moderate rainfall is pushing toward fremont. i want to widen out and show you the shower activity, kind of falling apart losing the organization. it continues to move over the land mass so keep that in mind. we're looking pretty good today.
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a few hours of rain to go. then we'll clear out. as we head throughout this afternoon, expecting mostly sunny conditions. we stop the clock at about 11:30. no more rain in the forecast after that. mix of sun and clouds until about two. the other clouds over our mountains where you get that enhancement. we're looking good, warm-up headed our way. let's check your drive. >> pretty crowded and slick conditions, christina talking about the rain coming through the east bay so we look toward here, west 80, all of this. along that stretch at university avenue there aren't flashing lights. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights were on early. we have the backup. earlier nan folks expected. about now you expect to see this so you're standard. back to the maps, the drive
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through the corridor out of berkeley around the bend, over the bridge, typical build, no problems out of the maze though there is a fender-bender at 580 i'll watch for more from chp. the bottom, you see the arrow. the green highlighted across san ramon. heading down into fremont like christina said. the south bay starting to build. we have a crash on it north 87 by the junction by the airport. some folks standing around and it's 101, my eyes on another crash there. palo alto, no major problems. but you do see a light volume of traffic. back to you. >> guarantee that. it's 6:10. still ahead on "today in the bay," this young man is a star quarterback out of sanford. we'll show you andrew lucks
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acting debut. >> a different don't fly list. we're going to tell you why the faa is singling them out and keeping them grounded, next. >> a stanford evening year's youtube goes viral. >> that's san jose highway 87. interstate 280 interchange out there. you can see the traffic. mike's got that. we're back in two minutes. if
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right now, the day's top stories. an 85-year-old veteran reportedly detained in north korea. merrill neuman's son says his father was ready to head home from a 10-day visit to the country when he was pulled off
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the plane by a uniformed korean officer. >> b.a.r.t.'s board of directors will vote on a new labor contract. within that is a provision requiring b.a.r.t. to pay up to 6 weeks of family leave per employee per year. b.a.r.t. claims its negotiator signed the wrong tentative deal and that provision should not have been there. >> the faa now cracking down on overweight pilots and air traffic controllers. it says people who are overweight are more likely to suffer from sleep apnea. those with a body mass index higher than 40 have to pass special tests. >> these are announcements. silicon valley. >> scott, it's starting next week. >> you a good way to do that, t are going to be uber x rides. but a ride home from the bar or a ride to the airport for free is pretty cool.
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the free zone stretches from redwood city down to san jose. the promotion is good for two rides. you enter a special code into your app. the folks at nest, they are offering rides in a fire truck. you don't know that you're going to get the uber fire truck ahead of time. "consumer reports" says that the tesla model s has the highest consumer satisfaction rating ever. with a score of 99 out of 100. the porsche is second, and the chevy volt third. earlier we were talking about a viral video made by a local woman and i said it had three million hits. because it had three million last i checked. it's six million now. you may have seen it. ♪ there is a version for the girls engineering toy called goldie
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blocks, a kick starter project by stanford engineering grad debby sterling who says there are too many princess toys in the aisles of the local toy stores but america she says is not suffering from a shortages of princesses, it's suffering from a shortage of women engineers. we have video of my friend rachel playing with the blocks. i wouldn't be doing my job if i didn't point out while the toy is an amazing idea and sterling plans lots of follow-up toy, it's not perfect. you create belts and turn a crank. i'm not sure it has a lot of replay ability like legos. you play with legos the rest of your life. this has limitations to it. i think it's a wonderful idea. i'm so glad they have six million hits and i hope this is wildly successful. that said rachel and i, we give it about a 7. >> you know what, toys don't have to be perfect.
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>> i support debby in what she's doing. >> exactly. just the ideas it's creating. >> i love the fact they have beasty boys on their commercial. awesome. thank you for the in depth look. >> also, a live look inside headquarters in mountain view where an all-night hack a on this is under way aimed at immigration reform. chase cain is there right now. he's going to have a live report for us in less than 10 minutes. >> in less than seconds christina loren is going to tell us about our weather. >> doing all right. good morning to you. you have more technology coming at you. you can see showers continue to steam in, these are quick moving, from north to south, mostly impacting the east bay. not a lot of action south of fremont but all of these are pressing toward san jose.
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about 10, 15 minutes from hitting downtown. we head throughout the morning hours, looking pretty good throughout this afternoon. temperatures are going to be comfortable. we expect 60s out there, 62 in the south bay. 63 for saratoga and menlo park, 64. you need your jacket in the city by the bay. north bay good at 64. cool day for you. 67 degrees. watch for showers through the east bay but by lunch time we expect mostly clear conditions, that is the weather story of the day. once the system pulls out a lot of instability and fierce winds. so keep that in mind. after which time we'll see a gradual warm-up across the bay area with temperatures climbing from the low 60s into the 70s as we get in this weekend. let's check your drive. >> good morning. weather's still going to be an
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issue, there are active areas in the bay area. the peninsula will be fine. 101 and 280. that's an easy flow. the south bay looks like it's moving smoothly. look at the top of the screen, this will be an indicator. wet roads through the area we'll have slip conditions, north 101 at blossom hill, reports after crash. i haven't seen any slowing. we have your builds all the way to 87 at 101. reports of a crash. no injuries and no updates but we see slowing 87 and 101. we look at the tri-valley, the green all over. wet roadways, livermore, dublin, pleasanton all of this having traveled through with the conditions. more folks hit the roadway.
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the blue here and there, some puddling reported as well. look at fremont. a live look will show you how things are for 880 past the truck stales. we have a lot of lights traveling through and this rain having traveled through. tougher visibility from time to time. slowing out of san lorenzo area. a nice drive across 92 and 84. there is the peninsula, a clear easy drive. no problems for the approach. by the time you get to berkeley there is no rain. a crash on the shoulder westbound 88 university avenue. a live look outside we'll show this again. a backup. formed early. at 620 this is a pretty standard flow into the area. a nice drive into san francisco for the westbound direction. southbound 101 a lot of company
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and some slicker road conditions but no problems from san rafael down across the golden gate bridge. >> thanks, mike. >> like hearing that no problems. andrew sluk a big time stud in the nfl so he is used to being on prime time tv but not quite like this. >> we're going to have fun today. >> he and a number of colts players are doing acting in tonight's episode of "parks and recreation." >> she's undrafted. >> she is an actress. the crew they are hosting an nfl play 60 event with the indianapolis colts having fun. luck gets to play things up with most of the actors including rob lowe. tonight at 8:00 here on nbc bay area. >> i'm sure a lot of the stars are happy to see andrew luck there. >> he looks good request. doing okay. >> 6:21. still ahead, call them
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hack-tivists. hackers are working through the night for social justice. we're going to tell you their cause, next.
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welcome back everybody on a thursday morning. the illuminated sky turning blue over san jose. christina loren will talk about your weather and whether you'll face rain when you head out the door so stick around. >> happening now, the professional site for social
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networking is hosting an all-night hack-a-thon being held at linkedin to draw attention to immigration reform. chase cain is live at the headquarters in mountain view with what's going on there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are in the middle after 25-hour hack-a-thon so i'm going to try to keep my voice at a moderate level. when you're coding, programming that long, sometimes you got to take a nap, you got to get some rest for the important work that the 20 dreamers essentially programmers are doing. what they are doing is working to build different applications, even social networks, data bases to help connect people who are either going through the immigration process or maybe have already gone through the immigration process. the whole thing is that they want to raise awareness about immigration reform, that it is one of the few things in washington that has support from both sides. yet, still nothing is being done. so this group
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organized this 25-hour event here at linkedin, a bun were of people applieapplied. they chose 20 programmers, they have 25 mentors helping them work through some complicated programs here. i'm looking at the screen. i have no idea what's on it but you know what, i know they are working hard. one of the people working for many hours is jorge. he has a cool story. as he has been working he found out it was just yesterday that his own father became a legal u.s. citizen. >> a lot of people think it's when they say like why don't you guys just get your stuff legalized. it's not that easy. it's like there is a whole mess of -- it's not just a straight line. it's not one path. it's a weird tangled mess. >> reporter: so that's the hope, they hope that through doing this event, creating applications that they will raise awareness for immigration reform, the group again is
6:27 am
forward happening here in mountain view. chase cain, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. >> that's how i studied in school. still ahead, biding time while buying insurance. coming up we'll tell you why you might get an extension if you try to get health care through covered >> an update, arrest after police surround a home in the south bay. we'll tell you why police had to call out the s.w.a.t. team. >> live look at the bay bridge. again the sun progressing our way. we're back in a matter of minutes.
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breaking news overnight as a s.w.a.t. team surrounds a south bay home. now the suspects under arrest. we'll tell you what they were wanted for coming up next. >> and will the rain, rain, go
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away? a look at san jose state. meteorologist christina loren has a look at your forecast. mike inouye will check the roads in moments. >> now live in new york, ringing the day, the opening bell out there, the numbers coming back down to earth on the nasdaq and the new york stock exchange. but more positive and ghoulish things with microsoft. got a trojan out there. a smorgasbord on line. this is "today in the bay." it is 6:30. good thursday morning. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we have an update of breaking news. santa clara police are now trying to figure out if two suspects accused of breaking into a home are linked to other thefts in the area. several law enforcement agencies including a s.w.a.t. team arrived at the home on crocker
6:31 am
way just after 3:30 this morning. when authorities got to the scene the suspects tried to run away. >> once we got enough personnel we began a yard-to-yard search. we located two subjects hiding in a back yard of a residence several houses down. >> those two were taken into custody. no one was in the home at the time of the alleged burglary. >> happening now, meetings under way in afghanistan that could determine how long the u.s. stays there. tracie potts is live right now in washington, d.c. tracie, we know our troops are coming home next year. others could stay much longer. >> as many as 15,000 for the next decade according to this agreement. it's a bilateral security agreement between the afghan country and the united states. and that's what these elders who have come from all over afghanistan are taking a look at today. this morning president hamid
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karzai said he wants them to take their time and maybe the next president should actually sign off on this after elections. he's particularly concerned about the number of civilians who have been killed over the course of this 12-year war. in a letter president obama addressed that saying he realizes that the security of the afghan people is a concern, particular attention to the sensitive issue of their safety, ie u.s. troops not barging into their homes. the president said they will make every effort to respect the sanctity and dignity of the afghan people after 2014 after our combat troops come out so are left only in a supporting role to train the security forces already there. >> it's a story we'll be watching. thank you. >> the announcement of a record judgment expected today against a fraudulent immigration consulting business in oakland. american legal services is being ordered to pay more than $15 million in penalties and
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damages. it comes after a superior court judge ruled the company preyed on local families seeking residency. the company advertised as a legal service though none of its employees were attorneys and made false promises of citizenship. >> one million californians whose insurance policies do not comply with the new health care law will likely not be able to keep them one more year. cover california will consider a proposal today allowing people to keep their current plans but only through the end of march. that's when they would have to sign up for a plan that complies with the new law. health insurers participating in california's exchange say they will work with state officials to try to find a solution. >> later this morning pg&e will test natural gas lines in san bruno. crews will work on pipe lines on estates and glenview drive near the site of the deadly 2010 explosion. if you live close by you might
6:34 am
actually smell gas in the air but pg&e says it is safe and will quickly dissipate. testing is expected to last through the afternoon. >> it's 6:34. let's check back in with christina loren to check your friday eve forecast. >> looking pretty good, getting more showers, we need the rain. so it's a welcome sight. san francisco at 50 degrees, 52 degrees with the heaviest rain through the east bay. san jose, this is from san jose state. 51 degrees and we do have quite a bit of rainfall. we head flout the afternoon temperatures are going to jump into the 60s so we're looking good, throughout day today, the showers, will continue to stream to the south. then a great amount of clearing as we head throughout. probably 10:00 a.m. to 2:00. mostly sunny over the greater bay area. we head throughout the day, let's show you what we're talking about with in terms of the lingering rainfall. that's today's weather. the showers are going to clear out throughout this afternoon. a few more hours of rain to go.
6:35 am
going to tell yyou coming up ho to meet your favorite anchor across the bay area at safeway stores for a great cause and easy way for you to help out people in need in time for the holidays. let's check your drive. >> going to be meeting up with a lot of folks on the peninsula as we drive 101 southbound with the headlights coming toward us, a smoother but more crowded flow of traffic. you're still around the speed limit. about 60 miles per hour. we'll look south 101 at san jose northbound coming toward us at 680/280, a big burst kicking in. it's showing up on the map as orange and a little red. bottom 85 build, so does 280 and 101. but here is a slowdown between the crash. we have a good deal of slowing and both should be on the shoulder. then north toward the san jose international airport you have more slowing because of the
6:36 am
focus for the morning commute. a slower drive southbound out of pleasanton and in toward sunol. earlier rain caused wet road conditions. that will be an issue as you make tight turns, be careful with the conditions. across the bay, smooth across the san mateo and the dumbarton bridges. then heading to the bay bridge your typical slowing into berkeley. and no big surprises out of the maze. a slow drive for westbound 80. >> thanks so much. 6:36. will a kennedy cousin go free after 11 years behind bars? a new twist next. >> live outside, showing some cloudy and gray skies over san jose. gray is slimming and goes with everything. >> fashion tips.
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the suspect in the 1991 murder of baby hope is due back in court today as prosecutors unveil an indictment in the case. police say conredo dumped her body 18 cooler.
6:40 am
but the cousin claims she died accidentally. >> the agent killed earlier this month ended up dying between two and five minutes according to the coroner officials. hernandez was on the floor for more than half an hour before he was taken to an ambulance outside. even though the gunman had been subdued in five minutes. officials say it's unclear if immediate care could have saved his life. >> the nephew of the late robert kennedy could be a free man today after serving more than a decade in jail for the 1975 murder of martha moxley. michael skakel, a judge granted him a new trial. the judge found his attorney failed to represent him in 2002 when he was convicted of bludgeoning moxley with a golf club when they were 15 years old. >> coming up on "today in the bay," s.w.a.t. teams called out to a south bay neighborhood. we have breaking details from on scene coming up next. >> plus, dorm room hazing turns
6:41 am
into hate crime investigation at san jose state. why parents decided to ask prosecutors to press charges. >> an 85-year-old war veteran detained in north korea. we'll tell you why his friends think this is what happened and what's being done to set him free. >> zombies on the nasdaq. new features on your next flight. >> and the rain continues to fall over parts of the bay area. we're clearing out. you can see that from the sky over san jose. getting a little bit of blue out there. i'll let you know when full sunshine returns and we've got a warm-up headed our way. [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow if you do something today. and there's never been a better time because this year, devry university has $45 million dollars in need and merit-based scholarships and grants
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available to those who qualify. and this degree can make a difference. in 2012, 90% of devry university grads actively seeking employment had careers in their field within 6 months. now is your time. apply by january 6th and find your career success in the bay area. visit
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we have an update from overnight. santa clara police questioning two suspects accused of trying to break into a home overnight. this happened on crocker way near lawrence expressway and el camino real after 3:30 this morning. several agencies including a s.w.a.t. team they were called out to the house. the suspects they tried to run away but they were tracked down in a back yard nearby. police say they are now looking into whether the suspects are responsible for other thefts in this neighborhood. >> 6:44. happening today students rally at san jose state university demanding answers after three students were charged with a hate crime. we've got a live look at the village where the students will gather at 12:00 this afternoon. three white fresh men living in the dorm are accused of tormenting a black roommate. a spokesperson says a month long investigation found the students wrote racial slurs on a dry
6:45 am
erase board and hung confederate flag and pictures of adolf hitler in the room as well. prosecutors also say the roommates forced a bicycle lock around the victim's neck and claimed they lost the key. at last night's black student union meeting those we spoke to say they are shocked a thing like this could happen on such a diverse campus. >> we are highly offended by the events on our catch pus. weren't aware. no organization let us know these issues were here. >> the university says the alleged incidents are under investigation and no decision has been made yet on-the students will be sanctioned. if convicted the students could spend a year in jail. >> 6:45 now. a live look outside and look at sunol with the clouds still hovering around us. that means there's probably moisture accompanying it. let's get the official word from the woman who does it so well. meteorologist christina loren. >> hey, good morning to you.
6:46 am
skies starting to open up a little bit. you can see that in san francisco, clouds starting to break apart. this will be the story for the day. clearing will take place, we'll see the thick clouds kind of concentrated over the mountains. 61 degrees, a cool day. in the city by the bay. overall highs good for today. we'll jump from the 50s into the 60s, so you need a jacket all day. but not too cold out there. as we head throughout the morning hours we'll continue to see showers clear up. they are already starting to really fall apart. you can see that as they press from the east bay hills into san jose area. one more batch headed our way. in downtown san jose as we head there in the next 15, 20 minutes. we're looking pretty good. a few more hours of rain and then the skies completely open up. show you your future cast, looking pretty good. we stop the clock at 8:30. continue the future cast, throughout about 11:30 this afternoon, i want to show you where we're headed. let's go ahead and continue that futurecast and temperatures are going to start to warm up nicely by about 12:30, mostly clear
6:47 am
conditions across the greater bay area. so otherwise looking good. once that storm system clears out, fierce wind this evening. that is our next weather event. fierce wind into tomorrow morning. and then we're going to see a gradual warm-up. look at where we're headed in san jose. today 62, up to 66 by friday, upper 60s saturday. and by sunday 70 degrees. speaking of saturday, great opportunity for you to meet your favorite nbc bay area anchors in fremont, mike inouye, he'll be out there, should be a nice day out there as well. 66 degrees in fremont, that's the one on warm springs and san jose. scott mcgrew, marla tellez and myself at the rivermart plaza and temperatures comfortable about 68 degrees. and everybody's favorite laura garcia-cannon dunne avenue, morgan hill, 68 degrees, meet and greet, picture time. everything looks good. highs in the 60s. you know, it really is a cool
6:48 am
opportunity for us to get a chance to meet you. we've always wanted to. mike inouye, wouldn't you agree. >> i do. also i get a chance to do my grocery shopping. good stuff. couple bags there. we like that. thank you very much for coming out every year. also the kids from the key club at mission high school. so thank you in fremont. looking here toward north 101, 87, 85, all showing your typical slowing in many spots. let's all the it a couple of outliers here. north 101 between blossom hill. crashes, had to move to the shoulder. now you're heading into the area. look at the green on the map. the highlighting means the rain has come through. it's coming into the south bay. northbound 280 as you head up past the area looking at san jose state, a slowdown toward the scene around seventh. then clear past 87 and toward the 880 interchange. that's an unusual pattern for the south bay. through the rest of the tri-valley we had the rain. the wet roads, watch 84 past the
6:49 am
g request e plant there may be puddling. smooth slower drive off of the dublin interchange through pleasanton. wet roads, east of 680 along the concord, alamo corridors. 880 northbound over to oakland. we'll give you a look. there are spots of fog. you head up to high street around 29 you approach there may be a traffic going on because of a wooden box in a lane, have to clear that. we'll look at the bay bridge toll plaza. early on for the metering lights, kept things moving across the span. now things are back to normal with the backup off the berkeley curve. watch the off ramp. slick conditions will continue. a crash here west 80. slowed a bit but now a pretty calm flow from herk lease to richmond. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. >> 6:49. new this morning police asking
6:50 am
people to be on alert after armed robbers hit 8 homes and businesses in four hours. police are searching for a group of two or three men armed with a revolver. they are suspected in the eight robberies between 5:30 and 9:00 last night. in all, four people were robbed outside homes across that city. four additional robberies happened outside businesses including a costco, 7-11 and a pep boys auto center. a woman was pistol whipped in a robbery. no arrests have been made. >> we have an nbc bay area follow-up for you now. it is up to the vallejo school district to come up with a new mascot for the main high school. last night the school board voting to drop vallejo high's controversial apache mascot. now some time next month the board will take ideas from students and the community before making a final decision. the mascot, the current one, has been a source of tension between people who think the name honors
6:51 am
apaches, and the apache people, and those who find it offensive. >> today set to get our look at a prescreening program available at san jose international airport. the precheck program is open at terminals a and b and this morning the tsa is showcasing the new system. eligible travelers can go through a special prescreening process to gain access to expedited lines. approve flyers can pay a fee to keep the shoes on and the belts and keep your lap top and liquids in your bag. >> getting on a southwest flight they are serving up a wi-fi buffet. >> the airline will turn on internet access starting at the gate? >> right you have to pay for it in most cases but rules we've been talking about for a while recording electronic devices, southwest will now enable wi-fi even before the engine starts. not every airline can do this. some use a different technology for wi-fi that means they have to be in the care to get.
6:52 am
but on southwest you get gate-to-gate internet access starting today. microsoft opening the nasdaq this morning with zombies on the right side to celebrate the sale of its new x box 1 device. this starts at midnight and there in the middle is marketing head for microsoft ringing the opening buzzer. last night he taught jimmy fallon how to play with the new feature. >> that is my big giant fat face. look at that. >> fair enough. it goes on sale at midnight tonight. i know the stanford microsoft store at the shopping center will open late. we talked before but you don't need this right away. this is not so far ahead, this is more of a long term. but if you want to stay out and get it more power to you.
6:53 am
invite me to your house. >> you're going to go out we'll take you live tomorrow. >> parked in front. we'll see. >> time to give you a final check of the top stories. >> we start with marla tellez live in the newsroom with details about a palo alto man detained in north korea. >> merrill neuman has reportedly been in custody of the north korean government for almost a month. his son says he was detained october 26 on his final day of a 10-day trip. he lives at a retirement community in palo alto and traveled to north korea with a friend and part of a tour group. his son says he spent three years there during the korean war as an infantry officer and believes his father was taken into custody only when he started talking about the war when the tour guide and another north korean. the u.s. state department and north korea are not confirming his detainment. the state department says it's in talks with the sweden embassy in pyongyang.
6:54 am
>> let's go live to christie smith at the west oakland b.a.r.t. station with new details about the b.a.r.t. contract dispute. >> reporter: good morning to you. b.a.r.t. is saying this is an obvious mistake in the contract language, when if approved could cost millions on top of the $67 million contract package. b.a.r.t. riders we're speaking with say why after months ever negotiations are we now talking about a mistake in the contract. one rider called it embarrassing to both sides. the board may vote down the contract. b.a.r.t. says the family leave clause gives six weeks paid leave each year would be on top of 6 leave, vacation and other leave. the unions are saying they are willing to sit down and talk about this but only, this is a big if, only if the b.a.r.t. directors ratify the contract. >> thank you very much. time to check in with chase cain
6:55 am
live at linkedin headquarters at it's hack-a-thon. >> reporter: this hack-a-thon is to raise awareness for immigration reform issues. we've got 20 dreamers who are programmers building applications, building data bases to either try and connect people going through the immigration process or to raise awareness about the issues with immigration reform. much needed reform they say. this has been going on for 25 hours here at linkedin headquarters, the group putting this on is t ones who want to bring they say much needed attention to this issue and check out their website to learn more about this. but also we'll be back at 11:00 on nbc bay area to bring you even more about the work that they have been doing since late yesterday afternoon. we are live in mountain view. chase cain, "today in the bay." >> i like that. >> a final check of the top
6:56 am
stories. students will rally at san jose state university demanding answers after three students were charged with a hate crime. three white fresh men living in the dorms are accused of tormenting a black roommate. >> this morning school administrators in new town, connecticut warning parents to be prepared. get ready for this. a report detailing investigation into the tragic shooting of sandy hook school is now due out on monday and they worry it could cause much emotional stress for a lot of kids. >> a boeing 747 stuck on the runway this morning after landing at the wrong airport in kansas. the cargo plane landed at what appears to be a corporate airport instead of the airport base where it was supposed to land. the plane can't take off because the runway there is too short. >> that's the new oops airlines. a final check of your thursday forecast. also known as friday leave. >> can't wait for it. on the horizon, good morning to you. also clearing skies on the
6:57 am
horizon. a couple hours away now from the showers completely exiting the bay area. you can see right now getting a little bit more activity through the south bay as we continue on through the next five to ten minutes. all of that moisture moves over downtown san jose, then the clearing begins. a few more hour, then the sun will break out. what we're working with for this morning. spotty activity, then between 9:00 and lunch time completely clear skies, a warm-up headed our way. your seven-day forecast, is on the bottom of our screen. i'll be tracking the showers or what's left of the showers all the way throughout the "today" show. let's check your drive and say good morning to mike inouye. >> the rain comes through, you left with wet conditions. so far you're all right but we'll focus on some of the outstanding red zones. 101 up to the airport, scattered crashes earlier caused slowing, and north 280 a crash at 7 and 11, still clearing from the road. a big slowdown past the area
6:58 am
where san jose state. the green all over, wet conditions, watch the puddling. a typical build but slower drive through pleasanton south into fremont for 680, slow drive for hayward into union city and across the san mateo bridge a typical build. the east shore as well. let me show you as you approach 92 and the peninsula. a good amount of company. you have haze but it's mist in many spots so even though it might not be raining you might have to use the wipers and watch those slick conditions. back to you. >> thanks so much. someone tell aaron rodgers to move aside. there is a new kid in town. >> the green bay packers star suffered a broken collar bone. but the town has a new aaron to support. meet little aaron roger, not arnlg rodgers, but aaron roger. he is a baby boy born last
6:59 am
weekend and has a broken collar bone. his parents say he was born with the injury and on game day sunday. they knew exactly what they had to name the young man. one last similarity, baby aaron listed on the injured list, expected to heal in four to six weeks like the big guy. what would a thursday be without an update on prince harry. >> the 29-year-old now on his way to antarctica for a charity walk. harry traveling with a team of injured service men and women, they are expected to start the 200-mile trek to the south pole at the end of the month. it's a 17-day long walk. it will raise fund for the charity walking with the wounded which provides services for military veterans. >> he made a few missteps but give him credit, he's committed to the charity side following in his mother's foot steps. >> 17 days. that's what's happening "today
7:00 am
in the bay." we'll be back with a live local news update for you. >> join us again at 11:00. marla tellez and i will be back. . good morning, coming clean. but not stepping down. the florida congressman caught buying cocaine and now says he's taking a leave of absence and heading to rehab. homeward bound after 11 years behind bars, kennedy cous michael skakel could be released in a matter of hours. grounded. a giant 747 lands add the wrong airport. >> do you know which airport you're at? >> well, we think we have a pretty good pulse. >> today, how will they get a massive plane off a runway too small for it to takeoff. sidelined or just a setback? we now know the extent of


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