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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 30, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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and a career war veteran. we have the latest including new video, as well. >> reporter: merrill newman's wife spoke to nbc news earlier this week. the family said nothing in response to a video of the 85-year-old that surfaced yesterday. on that video released by north korea's official news agency, he's seen reading a handwritten apology. at the end of the statement he bows, then there is video of the korean war veteran putting his thumb print on each page of his confession. an expert says this is clear a force add poll ji. it's likely newman read it with the hope it would secure his release. >> i think by doing what the
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north koreans, have done, it's dangerous for any american to go to north korea. anybody with association with the korean war, they are saying, that's sufficient for them to put you under arrest. that's a scary situation. >> north korea is accusing newman of being a, quote, criminal involved in the killing of civilians during the korean war. newman has been missing since hate october when north korean officials took him off a plane as he was getting ready to leave that country where he spent ten days as a tourist. newman has a heart condition which requires medication. it's unclear whether he received it through the embassy of sweden when was allowed access to him today. today the white house urged north korea to release newman. the statement reads in part, "given mr. newman's advanced age and health conditions, we urge
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the democratic peoples republic of career to release mr. newman to return home and reunite with his family." they urged authorities to release kenneth bayh held in that country more an year. it is our top story on the front page. this just in. a 2-year-old boy from vallejo is in the hospital after he nearly drowned. fire crews say the boy was fishing with his grandmother at the time. she turned away and he somehow fell into the water. fire crews say the boy has life-threatening injury. they rushed him to oakland's children's hospital tonight. now to an nbc bay area news follow-up we have new surveillance video of a possible suspect involved in an animal abuse case in san francisco. police say they believe this is the man who threw two cats into the san francisco bay on monday. the man reportedly walked up to a woman carrying several items,
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including a cat carrier with two cats inside. he took all her items and threw them into the bay. both cats die. witnesses had to hold the woman back from jumping into the water at pier 14. animal control found video after asking several businesses in the area if they had surveillance video. >> my office has been canvassing the area where this occurred and able to obtain several pieces of footage. able to put it all together and what he found was the gentleman leaving a building downtown and we actually have footage of his face. >> it's not clear if the man knew the woman, but officials believe it was a random act. new at 6:00, beware of anyone offering a great deal on a new iphone. someone stole dozens of phones from a fremont store on thanksgiving. 62 iphones were reported stolen
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from a sprint stone on christie street. so far the stolen cell phones have not been activated. they are asking anyone with information to call the fremont police department. first it was gray thursday, then black friday. today is small business saturday. the marketing hypend alive and well. american express started this three years ago. in san francisco, customers came into the store booked passage to show their support. the popular book store has one popular supporter. >> i learned that the nation has begun to celebrate the existence of small business i want to be a part of it and particularly in this book store. this book store, there are not too many free standing book stores in america, let alone in san francisco.
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>> critics of the marketing campaign support the idea of shopping at small businesses, but don't like a large business, american express, is benefitting from the campaign, as well. planned parenthood is getting ready to hope a new clinic in the bay area. it will hope monday on el camino real. a spokeswoman says they will be open about 20 hours a week at first. the clinic will offer primary health care as well as reproductive health services. we are told drug-induced aborgs will be performed there. a petition has been circulating. more now on that typhoon that devastated the philippines three weeks ago. a bay area nurse getting ready to help that number to help. the nurse is leaving from the san francisco international
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airport tonight. more than 5,500 people are dead with nearly 2,000 still missing. california law makers will see a bump up in their paychecks. their base pay is going up to $95,000 a year. california law makers are the highest paid in the nation, but unlike most other law makers, they do not receive pensions. governor jerry brown's yearly paycheck is going up $9,000, making $173,000 a year. below the high salary for california governor $212,000 back in 2008. next at 6:00, this holiday season, your donation can save someone's life. how a pint of your blood can affect so many people. bay area libraries are taking a lot more than cash for fines this month.
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why you can pay off overdue books going through your pantry. we'll explain it. right now seeing temperatures in the 50s across the bay area. one more nice day as you wrap up the weekend. approaching 70 tomorrow. a winter blast having a big impact on your seven-day forecast.
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folks who check out library books on the peninsula will pay fines with canned goods. it only goes on through december though. all the food collected will go to the second harvest food bank. last year the library collected more than 30,000 pounds of food and cleared fines for 4,400 library books. a gift that doesn't come wrapped in paper and tied in bow. when it comes to donating blood, a lot of people don't do it. cheryl herd takes a look why supplies are low this time of year. >> if you don't have enough good, it's not good. that's what happened to me. >> reporter: at 14 years old, that is what tyler remembers about being sick. her father frank's memory is
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better than hers. >> we learned at birth that tyra was ss. >> reporter: a form of the blood disease sickle cell anemia. >> she had a need for blood one year four times. >> reporter: for the first nine years, she was in and out of the hospital getting blood transfusions. jackson we weren't able to get the blood she needed four or five days. >> reporter: this family knows how important it is to donate blood during the holiday season. >> especially hard to fathom because people get together with their family and friends and don't always think about people sick with cancer or people with blood diseases. >> reporter: according to the american red cross, across the country only 38% of americans are eligible to give blood. just 8% actually donate.
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tyra's aunt wants to raise awareness to this problem. >> there should never be a time when the blood supply goes so low we don't have enough supply or somebody in another area of the country that might need it. >> reporter: for the family, it's a lesson learned. >> with one pint of blood, you can save three lives. >> it's different for me because i'm scared of needles. i've begin blood 11 times now. i'm proud of myself. i think i made a difference and impacted somebody's life. >> reporter: in american canyon, cheryl herd, nbc bay area news. next, the search for the perfect holiday gift might just lead you to san jose. we'll take you to the largest indoor arts and crafts show. high pressure about to give ground to big changes ahead.
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the san francisco fairmont is getting into the holiday spirit. here is a look at the hotel's annual holiday gingerbread house. the culinary team built the house. it measures 22 feet high by 23 feet wide. this year there's also a new gingerbread doghouse to go with the main house. it's all on display through january 1st. if you're looking for unique
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hand crafted holiday gifts, head over to the san jose harvest festival. it's one of the largest indoor/outdoor shows on the west coast. one artist said what makes her products so special. >> we make fresh batches of cream, coconut oil. all our inventory is fresh every week. orders are made custom made fresh. right now, meteorologist ryan is checking in the weather which is beautiful. >> 60s and low 70s for highs. right now you can see things cooled down into the mid to upper 50s around the bay area you'll see high temperatures for
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the second day of the forecast absolutely cooler than temperatures outside right now. the holiday weekend looking very nice. weather watcher terry mcsweeney from sausalito showing beautiful sunny skies. not much wind earlier today. gorgeous afternoon there. you can see wind speeds generally 5 to 10 miles per hour. not a lot of wind tonight. we'll have smoke particle pollution problems for the north bay valleys. we'll see less in the new week. patchy fog rolling in across the hill tops. 59 in san jose and gilroy. tomorrow morning, most waking up in the 40s. we'll likely have patchy fog for the morning. another band of high clouds passing by.
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what we'll see is a cold system taking shape in british columbia. that is going to dive to the south. unlike systems to come off the pacific that have a lot of moisture, this one will have a lot of cold air with it dropping snow levels down close to ,000 feet. the best chance of seeing measurable rain is going to come in on tuesday morning. as we go through the middle part of the week, not must moisture left behind with mainly clear skies but chilly temperatures ahead. what we'll be looking at in terms of high temperatures, highs dropping into the low 50s and winds as that cold front blasts by will be 15 to 25 miles per hour. the potential is there for some freezing temperatures. to give you an idea as we jump ahead to thursday morning, some of the expected lows around the bay area 27 in napa. even san jose should dip below freezing thursday into friday
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morning. temperatures upper 60s to 70s. tri-valley seeing 70s. mid 60s in the forecast there for the afternoon. there you see those 70s around the south bay. sunshine out on the coast for tomorrow. 50s in the sierra for now. i was checking some of the high temperatures for lake tahoe and truckee. thursday and friday, low 20s for highs. that means snow maybe as low as 2,000 feet in the sierra. >> that is great news for the ski resorts and skiers like us. >> indeed. today is the official end of the atlantic hurricane season. forecasters had originally predicted a busy year. 2013 saw the fewest hurricanes in 30 years. over 13 named storms, two of them were hurricanes. coming up next, a police helicopter crashed into a pub in
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scotland killing several people. the latest into the investigation and why authorities think that helicopter went down.
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we reported on so-called small business saturday around the bay area earlier in the newscast. nationally big names are supporting small businesses, as well. store owners say they can offer something those big box stores just can't. >> i'd like to talk to the owners. i like to see the uniqueness of the pieces. get a feel. get a feel of what the artisan or what the business owner is trying to do. that's really important. that's why we're out here. >> it can be tough to fight the big guys on the block, but at the end of the day, small businesses, you get better quality and better service. >> when our customers come in, many of us know their name.
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i don't know that ever happens with a big box. we have great service. >> as you can see, president obama got into the small business saturday action today dropping a couple of bucks at a local book store in washington, d.c. as for information about the holiday shopping so far, the company shopper track says sales at brick-and-mortar stores increase 3% this thursday and friday compared to the same time last year. we have new information tonight on that helicopter crash in scotland. police say eight people died when it crashed into a pub last night. more on the investigation and survivors. >> reporter: police describing a dangerous and complex site. five people inside the bar when the chopper landed on the roof
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died. >> three of the eight fatalities were found within the helicopter and were our colleagues in the helicopter crew. >> it's very popular. more than 100 people were in there. many describing thick clouds of dust as the roof collapsed. >> first i had thought the speakers were possibly blown. i looked around and a cloud of dust suddenly took over the whole pub. >> reporter: 14 people are treated in hospitals around this city this evening. some with very serious injuries. the rescue work is continuing. there is a likelihood the death toll could rise. >> the cathedral in glasgow plans to offer prayers for the victims in tomorrow's sunday service. brody brazil is live at the shark tank.
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it's a huge game for san jose as they try to complete the longest homestand. five games with a complete sweep. the shark facing their southern california rivals the anaheim ducks the first time this season.
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it will be a full house tonight. 17,562 as the san jose sharks face their california rivals the anaheim ducks.
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san jose will complete a stretch of three games in the last four nights. very busy. tonight will end the longest homestand of the season for san jose as they faced some of the boast opponents in the nhl in tampa, new jersey, los angeles and st. louis yesterday. it has been somewhat of a return to the way the sharks started this season with ten wins in their first 12 games. >> it's been a good homestand so far. been playing well. you want to cap it off at the end, play a really good team tonight. their top guys are gone. their other guys are contributing. >> getting our lineup settled a little bit. getting healthier. we had rest which is important. we had a tough road span for a while. with that being said, anaheim played probably the best road games of the league. we need to take advantage of that. the speed factor showing up in some of our games lately against
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teams that are normally hard to play against. we'll need it again tonight. judge, we played better lately. we are able to play the way we want to play. we had a good start last game second and third. it's going to be a big challenge tonight. >> sharks will have a little bit of recent momentum on their side coming into tonight's game. brent burns scored his first nhl hat trick with three goals. justin braun blocked eight shots in yesterday's game against the blues. the anaheim ducks struggled quite a bit in their last six road games. one win in that span. overall, they have won 3-4. then there is also this. the ducks played yesterday and traveled last night. here is sharks' head coach. >> i think there are a lot of similarities in the two clubs
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with the mentality of shooting and getting it back. even some of the power play attributes of the way it's run. will the statistics on paper dictate the outcome of the game? probably like you, you don't believe that will happen. it's still going to take 60 minutes of play. the odd break, the odd call go your way. >> now we set you up for the contest, watch sharks pregame live on comcast sports net california. at 11:00, we'll have complete highlights of this game, as well a college football surprise. highlights and complete update at 11:00. with the end of this month, a lot of people growing the november stash, i'll be shaving this beard tomorrow. >> unfortunately, yes. >> we'll miss it, brody.
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>> you're the first person. >> will you take photos? >> of the saving, if you like. >> it could be entertaining. >> that is what twitter is for. >> thanks. in southern california, santa ditched his sleigh and reindeer for this, a jet pack. santa looking good. he was sporting board shorts and flip flops. christmas california style. at least southern california style. go, santa. thanks for choosing bay area news at 6:00. see you at 11:00. >> tonight bay area proud. >> he may be small, but he's got big ideas.
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>> people walked by my house. i wanted to sell to them. >> a big heart that will give a lot of adults a big heart. >> what on paper looked like a bad business decision has begin this man some of his sweetest success. judge, therapy on a plane. setting my life free. >> it started with a free plane ticket. now delivering his message to the masses. >> a wonderful day for me. thank you very much indeed. >> a day decades in the making. a pastor makes a man's academic dream come true. >> we did it! >> here is garvin thomas. >> thank you for joining us. we begin with a topic that's normally complex and often controversial. this story is neither.


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