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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 30, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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nbc bay area news starts now. good evening. and thanks for joining us. we are following a developing story tonight. new information is coming out about the 85-year-old man from palo alto who is detained in north korea. there's a report out that he served in a top secret u.s. army unit during the korean war. nbc bay area's kimberly terry is in palo alto. what else does this report have to say? >> reporter: well, it has a lot
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to say, and those new details are coming from the mercury news and reuters and it's information that may shed light on why she may have been detained by authorities. he reportedly served in a top secret army unit called the white tigers. the u.s. and north korea don't have formal diplomatic replaces. 60 years ago, an armistice agreement was signed to end the war, but there was never a peace treaty, meaning he could be held as a prisoner of war. north korea arrested him for "hostile acts against the state." his family talked about newman's visit with the swedish ambassador saying it's giving them hope he is in good health.
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according to a statement issued by the family, the 85-year-old reports he's "being treated well and that the food is good." officials have been detaining newman since october. he was on vacation there, getting ready to leave the country, when officials reportedly took him off the plane. just yesterday, video of the korean war veteran surfaced, shows him reading an apology. an expert says it's clear these were not his words. >> clearly a forced confession. the language is not the language that would be used by an american and some of the syntax and the grammar made no sense. >> reporter: in the video, he asks for forgiveness for allegedly killing north korean soldiers and civilians during the korean war. >> you can understand from looking at the way in which mr. newman was treated that for the north koreans, in some sense the
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war is not over. >> reporter: the video, released by north korea's state run media, shows newman stamping the statement with his thumb print. daniel schneider says it is important to remember that country has coerced confessions from detainees in the past. >> we have a very tense relationship between north korea and south korea and because of the nuclear buildup, and all those impact the situation. >> the state department is urging all americans to avoid travel to north korea. one of the questions that has come up repeatedly is why did newman return to north korea? according to reuters, this is his third trip to that country in the last decade. the reason is that it is likely something that will be of great interest in the days and weeks to come.
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>> thank you, kimberly. tonight, the white house is asking for the release of newman, as well. as another u.s. citizen detained in north korea. officials released a statement saying, we remain concerned about the welfare of the u.s. citizens held in custody in korea. kenneth bay has been in custody for over a year and we continue to urge the dprk authorities to grant immediate release. bay is a missionary and tour operator. authorities sometimes see missionary work as a threat to their government. >> my worst fear is they will ship him back to a labor camp. ultimately, we haven't given up on kenneth or the u.s. government. we place our hope and faith in them to bring kenneth home, and
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mr. newman, as well. >> since 2009, six u.s. citizens, including two journalists, have been detained. we're following the store on air and online. we have videos with newman's wife and son on it is our top story on the front page. police in campbell are investigating a murder/suicide involving an elderly couple. a family member had gone to check on the couple and found the 89-year-old husband and his 92-year-old wife dead from apparent gunshot wounds. police say they are investigating. >> any medical issues that were going on, but obviously we're looking at all possible angles and making sure we do a co comprehensive investigation. a follow-up now, a 2-year-old boy is hospitalized after he nearly drowned.
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it took authorities a few minutes to find the boy and pull him out of the water. they say his grandmother was with him at the time. >> reported a child approximately two years in age that was in the water. was fishing with his grandmother over hoo. the grandmother took her eyes off him for a short period of time and the 2-year-old fell in. >> the boy was rushed to kaiser, where doctors got a pulse and sent him to children's hospital. new video may show the face of a man who killed two cats in san francisco. police say they believe this is the man who threw two cats into the san francisco bay on monday. the map reportedly walked up to a woman carrying several items, including this cat carrier with two cats inside. he took all her items and threw them into the bay. both cats died.
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>> these are helpless beings, it looks very random. we don't know the relationship between the suspect and the victim. but it looks and appears to be extremely random, which makes it even scarier. >> san francisco animal control said they found the video of the suspect after collecting surveillance video there several nearby businesses. the suspect is described as homeless with shoulder length hair and 6'1". protesters will be at the opening of a new planned parenthood clinic in redwood city. there's a property management notice that the site of the old chevy's building in redwood city lists planned parenthood as the organization taking over the property. anti-abortion activists said they plan on holding rallies outside the clinic. they think it's opening on monday. they have circulated a petition claiming that residents and businesses may be negatively impacted by it and say in a week and a half they have collected
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more than 1500 signatures. planned parenthood operates more than 30 clinics in northern california. police are investigating a thanksgiving day burglary. they say thieves got away with tens of thousands worth of iphones. detectives say someone stole 62 iphones from the sprint store on christy street. they're worth about $42,000 retail. police are waiting for the iphones to be activated and hope it will lead them to the thieves. police are asking anyone with information to call the police department. today is called small business saturday. it's a marketing campaign by american express but it's caught on and caught the support of big names along the way. the day is aimed at helping independent stores compete with the big chain stores. the big passage bookstore had one well known supporter. there he is. >> and when i learned that the nation begins to celebrate the
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existence of small business, i wants to be part of it, and i wanted to be part of it in this big store. there are not too many free standing bookstores left in america, let alone in san francisco. >> former san francisco mayor willie brown isn't the only book lover. check it out. president obama and his daughters dropped by washington, d.c. stores to buy a long list of books, including "the kite runner." people spent more money this holiday weekend compared to last. shopper track is reporting that people spent more than $12 billion on thanksgiving and black friday. that's a 2% increase from last year. what's interesting, though, is that black friday numbers are down from last year because more stores were open on thanksgiving this year, so the two days combined do show an increase. new at 11:00, a tribute in san francisco to honor the people united in the fight against hiv. tomorrow is world aids day. tonight, a tribute of light at
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the national aids memorial grove in golden gate park. organizers say it honors loved ones lost to aids and reminds people that the fight against hiv and aids is not over. coming up next, hollywood is remembering the star of one of its most popular franchises. paul walker was killed after attending an event for his own charity tonight. what we know about the bizarre crash. a novel approach to bringing medical costs down. why more doctors make house calls once again. >> we're watching for patchy fog tonight. temperatures in the 40s and 50s and at least for one more day tomorrow, highs in the 70s before things cool off. plus, we're talking a chance of showers and low snow levels in the forecast.
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we want to clarify a story we reported earlier about the man detained in north korea. in a report, we said that this was his third trip to north korea. reuters is reporting that he visited south korea twice in the last decade, but this was his first trip to north korea, and it is legal to visit north korea with a tour group. paul walker, the actor best known for his role in the "fast and furious" film franchise, has died. walker was killed in a crash after attending a charity event for his organization called reach out worldwide. a post on his facebook page says he was a passenger in a friend's car. walker's rep confirmed the death
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tonight. the fire department arrived to find the vehicle in flames. the cause of the collision is under investigation. paul walker was best known as brian o'connor in the "fast and furious" films. paul walker was 40 years old. the obama administration's self-imposed deadline to fix the health care website has come and gone. they want to ensure it can handle 50,000 users at any given time. officials say they've made technical enhancements that will produce faster load times. the site has been plagued with problems since launching on october 1. with millions focused on health care and the government's new insurance program, we want to tell you tonight about a novel approach to bringing medical costs down. it involves a variation of what used to be a common practice in this country, the house call.
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dr. nancy snyderman has more. >> reporter: visits to the emergency room are skyrocketing. about 130 million a year. >> i'm just going to take a listen to you, okay? >> anybody can be seen. so i think in our country now, the big thing is that emergency rooms are facing people without insurance. >> reporter: it's a tremendous burden on torontos. >> -- burden on hospitals. that's why this is among the first in the country to test a new approach. they're sending paramedics on house calls to patients with chronic conditions like diabetes and asthma who might otherwise go to the e.r. >> you get to spend more time with them and find out what's going on. >> reporter: chris andersen is among the first group of paramedics trained to make the
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house calls. he checks in with patients, like victoria, helping her things she used to visit the emergency room for. the project started last october, after officials referred people who used the emergency room nine or more times a year. >> we've had some patients here 23 times in a month. >> reporter: sense then, paramedics made more than 1,000 home visits at a fraction of the cost for a trip to the e.r.. barb andrews runs the program. >> it gives us an opportunity to be proactive rather than reactive. >> reporter: and says it's a new way of thinking about the role of first responders in caring for patients. >> empower them to manage their own health better in the home. keep them out of the nursing home and out of the hospitals. >> reporter: north memorial doesn't have data on the cost
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savings, but believes this program will reduce admissions and give better care to the ill. that's better for everyone in the long run. dr. nancy snyderman, nbc new, new york. >> let's check in with rob mayeda. >> temperatures we're seeing right now in the low 50s. close to the daytime highs come wednesday and thursday, giving you a preview of how ghoul things get later on. middle part of next week, tonight, not much in the way of fog. but tomorrow morning, you may see patchy fog around san francisco and across the inner bay. 41 degrees in napa. 50 in san jose. 52 degrees in san francisco. as we take up tomorrow morn, patches of low clouds and high clouds during the middle part of the day. so the end of the weekend looks
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just fine. it's the bigger changes we're going to see evolve monday into tuesday. first, let's talk about the cold front that will bring us a chance of seeing rain. this is monday night into tuesday. you can see into tuesday morning around 4:30 or just before we get into the morning commute, we could see scattered showers. then cooler air will move on in. that's going to be relatively drier air. so not much in the way of rain. what it will bring is canadian air conditioning. we're talking high temperatures as we get towards wednesday and mid 50s. thursday and friday, highs near 50. overnight tempts in the 20s and 30s. it's going to be a windchilled afternoon. looking at some of our temperatures we expect by the time we get into thursday morning, it will look like this
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in the upper 20s, san jose by thursday morning, lows dipping into the low 30s. more 70s in the forecast again tomorrow. close to 70 in santa rosa and oakland. upper 60s, still looks good for the 49ers game. mid 60s around gametime. in the south bay, highs climbing for one more day, close to 70 degrees around willow glenn. pretty nice, 73 degrees to wrap up the weekend. 60s around the coast. 70 in santa cruz. all locations seeing temperatures 20 degrees cooler by wednesday. so that's not a typo in the seven-day forecast. highs close to 50 come thursday and friday. diane? >> it will be december starting tomorrow. seems reasonable. thank you, rob. henry wofford joins us now. some big games and a wild ending for one of those games. unbelievable. >> absolutely, diane.
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we'll begin with the sharks when we come back, sharks hosting their division rivals for supremacy in the pacific division. plus, as you mentioned, diane, how about a matchup between some tough schools today. it was rivalry week. notre dame and stanford. but also alabama and auburn. that's all coming up, next. people go to a mattress store and essentially they just get sold something.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. the ducks and sharks, tied for first place in the pacific division with 39 points each. but after tonight, only one team would be atop the standings. let's go out to the action. it's the final day of november. this makes it 3-1 team teal. however, third period, ducks down one. ben lovejoy, the wrister goes in, his first of the year. then second round of the shootout, joe pavelski scores with the wrister. sharks win 4-3. here's the captain after the game. >> we've been so good all night on face-offs. just unfortunate, but our last game at home for a while, coming out with the two points, a little disappointing that we
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gave a chance to come back and tie it up there. >> you want college football? number 8 stanford hosting number 25 notre dame. third quarter, stanford up eight. wilkerson gets the handoff and takes off. 20 yards into the end zone. fourth quarter, fighting irish down seven. tommy reed throws down the field. it's intercepted. stanford wins 27-20 is your time. michigan hosting number 3 ohio state. fourth quarter, 35 seconds on the clock. michigan down seven. devin gardner finds his man. touchdown, michigan down one. instead of going for the tie, they go for the win. not this time. picked off. ohio state wins 42-41. but the craziest gam of the game, 78th annual iron bowl. number one alabama against number 4 auburn.
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game tied at 28-28. bama trying to go with the 57-yard field goal. but it's short. chris davis picks it up. nothing but big men out there trying to run him down. it's not going to happen. auburn pulls off a huge upset, beating the number one team in the country, 34-28. that will do it for now. diane will be back with some more interesting stories right after the break. you know how much grandma
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wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii.
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but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas! tonight environmentalists are claiming a victory. the green sea turtle is returning to the florida coast in record numbers after it was replaced on the endangered species list 30 years ago.
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when they were put on the list, there were only 62 nests. this year, there are 35,000 of them. good night.
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>> all right, now, uh, give it to me straight. >> well, mr. president, uh, as your press secretary, i have to be honest. it has not been a good week. but on the plus side, you have a state dinner tonight, and all of your biggest supporters are going to be here. >> barack, i hope i'm not
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interrupting. >> ah, michelle, uh, you're never interrupting. >> good to see you, mrs. obama. i'll give you two a little privacy. >> all right. michelle, it's, uh, this is such a treat. i feel like, uh, i feel like it's been years since i've seen you. >> it may feel that way, but i'm always here for you, and i always will be here for you. >> i'm, um, i'm so sorry to interrupt, but oprah winfrey has arrived for the dinner, and she would love to pop in and say hello. >> well, uh, that's wonderful. >> what a nice surprise. >> isn't it? so, don't you think you should go and get changed? >> why? >> so that oprah can come in? >> oh, because of the whole -- >> yes, exactly. >> and kenan won't? >> nope. >> [ sighs ] well, in that case, i will leave, and in a few minutes, oprah will be here. >> thank you, mrs. obama. thank you. >> the producers at "saturday


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