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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 2, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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3:30 yesterday. police say the killer took the video console and repeatedly shot the victim. while police won't confirm what system it was, there are multiple reports that it is a playstation 4. a new system that's been flying off store shelves. >> [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: police are not saying much more. his with his girlfriend when the transaction turned deadly. she was not injured and was able to call 911. police are confirming for us tonight that it was a playstation 4. his family is from nigeria. he was studying economics in los angeles. we'll have much more on this story tonight at 6:00. nbc bay area news. we're also following another
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developing story at this hour. the search is on for a missing plane that's registered to a south bay pilot. the plane was headed from oregon to montana yesterday afternoon at around 3:30. five people were on board the single engine plane. is not clear if the opener was on board. rescue crews are currently searching the area. it's back to school for the agender teenager set on fire whileriding an ac transit bus. >> reporter: one of sasha's classmates tells me students were very surprised to see sasha walk through the front doors of this school this afternoon.
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despite some severe injuries, sasha came back to class today. something the teenager has been dreaming of doing now for weeks. >> i've missed school and i miss going to class and i miss being with my friends every day. >> reporter: sasha says that's been one of the toughest parts of the deal they've endured. the agender 18-year-old, who prefers to be referred to as they or them has returned to school. >> we are thrilled to have sasha back at the high school. and we are hoping that we will give sasha the space to get back into the academic groove of things. >> we had to wait a long time at the hospital for this.
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for the appointment. >> reporter: sasha got the green light from doctors to return to school. >> stamina wise, he's been through a tremendous, horrific thing. the healing is still going to be going on for months. >> reporter: as for getting back on the bus, sasha's mom says it won't happen right away. >> because they're really getting their legs back in terms of being able to walk. it doesn't make sense to be doing the bus right now. >> reporter: sasha will return to most of the old routine, but won't be riding the bus alone. >> eventually they want to do it, but they want to do it with friends. >> reporter: sasha doesn't appear to have missed a beat. he actively participated in physics class this afternoon and
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danced a waltz at the ballroom club's meeting this afternoon. nbc bay area news. thank you. our weather will be changing dramatically in the next 48 hours. here comes the cold. >> and the wind. >> that storm system is just off to the north, etven producing a few showers. we're not worried about the rainfall from this, but it's all about the cold air. the next biggest forecasting issue that we have to deal with is wednesday. most of the bay area will be under this freeze watch as we head throughout wednesday morning with temperatures right around the freezing mark. not only dropping the morning lows, but the daytime highs. 66 also in san jose down to 55
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as well. we'll track some sierra snow. i'll let you know how much snow they can get in 15 minutes or so. the homeless will be flocking indoors. we want to bring you a live picture of the national guard armory. this is one of several santa clara county shelters opening their doors tonight. 125 beds are available at this location. the reception center in san jose will have 50 beds open. these shelters will stay open every night from now until the end of march. you can track the weather on our bay area website. we have a follow up on that pgne gas line in san carlos. they're pumping gas through
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their controversial line against the wishes of city officials. the utility was forced to shut down the line after the discovery of records showing potential flaws. the judge ordered them to temporarily shut the pipe down now says it's okay. >> we know from the experience in san bruno what can happen if something terribly goes wrong, and we're going to make sure we hold them accountable for that not happening in our community. >> that pipeline 147 goes right through the middle of san car s carlos. dozens of protesters came out today to voice their concerns about a new planned parenthood. it is set to open tomorrow. protesters say they have
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collected more than 1600 signatures in 11 days from people who share their concerns about this opening. they're worried some women may not get adequate medical care at the clinic. >> we're very concerned about these three issues. the lowering of our property values, our children being such a young age and losing their parents' consent. >> the protesters say they received support from pro-life and pro-choice neighbors. tonight a family is holding out hope that a vice presidential trip could be the key to getting their loved one released from north korea. joe biden arrived in japan today. he will also visit china and
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south korea. it is expected he will discuss the detainment of a korean war veteran. over the weekend, north korean television aired an apology from the veteran. we believe it is coerced. is about 90% opti operational. is it fixed enough? >> well, it depends on who you ask. the officials bragged today as of about three hours ago 750,000 americans have visited
5:09 pm and there were no major outages. websites like that one have a front and a back. take for the system to work, the back end of this system has to send you a lightbulb. the website has problems front and back. >> reporter: at a coffee shop, he tried to get on it didn't crash or freeze, but there was this note. the site still cannot handle a surge of users. the white house says today 375,000 logged on between midnight and noon. >> we want to make sure their experience is vastly improved. >> reporter: they got people logged in and signed up. >> this is my third time on the websi website. the first time i couldn't get through. the second time i didn't know how to navigate it correctly and
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this time they were able to help me. >> reporter: starting january 1st, americans who think they have lost coverage could get a surprise. is still sending out unusable sign up files to insurance companies. >> consumers may not be enrolled and therefore their coverage wouldn't begin on january 1st. >> reporter: the white house says preventing that is a top priority with less than a month to get the system right. sources tell cnbc a major bug has been found on that so-called back end problem. officials say now they know what the bug is. they think they can rapidly fix it and they better. january 1st is pretty close.
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just ahead, honoring a 13-year-old shot and killed by a deputy in sonoma county is proposing to memorialize him. the new clues investigatoriinvestigator is are using to catch the suspect. barry bonds pays up ten years after lying to a grand jury. we go shopping the mobile way. stay tuned. [ male announcer ] some things are simply better at home.
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conscious when he was rushed to the hospital. discounts and tons of shoppers, it is cyber monday. >> the late thanks giving means the mad rush for christmas. >> reporter: good evening. cyber monday is almost symbolic now. yes, there are big discounts and they start today. the shipping is getting less and less costly. it's getting to the point where you almost need to get flying drones to get our attention. ladies and gentlemen, start your laptops. huge price cuts greeted shoppers this cyber monday. everything from travel, to books, and food deliveries to keep you in front of the screen an around the mall. >> around the holidays, the lines and the crowds and the time. when you're at home and you're online, you feel like you have
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more time to actually make better decisions. >> reporter: we went to paypal headquarters were the data was crunched. online shoppers spent big. up more than 20% from last year and they clicked more than ever on their mobile devices. >> we're seeing a growing trend of consumers who are wanting to shop more from their mobile devices in their own home. >> reporter: how is this for special deliveries? amazon releasing this video of how it someday plans to deliver goods to your door by drone. from a click to the air, another way to save time with technology. >> paypal predicts in five years time we're going to eliminate the need to stand in lines completely. >> reporter: and do more shopping at your leisure. >> paypal says the number of items bought on mobile devices
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doubled this year. when online deals are all over the web, the fbi and the justice department are warning consumers to be careful of fraud. use trusted websites and be leery of ones that provide one day only deals. keep an eye out for phishing e-mails as well. a jury ruled the giants legend was criminally evasive during his testimony regarding the use of steroids. it has two years of probation
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and a lot of community service. he has not yet started serving that part of the sentence. the rush is on for families to get their christmas trees. that's because there are fewer days between thanksgiving and christmas this year. this christmas tree has been in business for more than 50 years. three days of sales are enough to dictate how they'll do the rest of this month. >> gee, this is really going good. then you try to stock more and sales turn down. so we'll have a better grasp on it in another week. it's a little early, but the early business has been very good. very brisk. >> so far sales seem to be similar to what it was last year. >> i went by christmas tree farms in half moon bay
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yesterday, packed. it's perfect. with this kind of weather, it really is perfect. we have a colder storm system arriving here in the bay area. we want to focus in on that main concern, that is our freeze watch for the entire bay area, except san francisco for wednesday morning where temperatures in the morning hours will range from 25 to 32 degrees. again, make sure to protect those pets and bring those pets inside with that chilly weather coming our way. we do have that cloud cover on the increase with plenty of 50s in the area. a beautiful shot as that sunsets right here throughout the bay. through tomorrow, we will see some clearing skies. temperatures in the mid 50s and also that wind beginning to increase. for the south bay, we want to
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bring you this. we are going to see temperatures drop for tomorrow. at 5:00 a.m., 51 degrees. by 2:00 p.m. tomorrow, just a four degree warmup. it is going the stay cool even for sections of the south bay. a lot of changes coming for us. the cold front is starting to move across right now and the arctic air is back behind it. tomorrow morning we'll see a chilly start. 36 in santa rosa. walnut creek 42. san jose 45. then the wind will ramp up making it blustery here for us. by tuesday afternoon, we could be looking at winds at the coastline and throughout the south bay that may gust up to 20 to 30 miles per hour. you can see those reds and oranges correlating with the key down there at the bottom of the screen.
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the worst of the chill this week as we head throughout wednesday and thursday morning with temperatures that range 25 to 32 degrees for the north and the east bay. remember to dress in layers. the hat, the gloves and the scarf. they trap some of that heat right next to your body. you can see our numbers dropping from 10 to 15 degrees. san jose with 58. redwood city 58. san francisco temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. plenty of sunshine tomorrow, it is just going to be cooler for us. north bay 5 8 for you. upper 50s to about 60 degrees for the trivalley. one more thing here. with that colder weather
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arriving, we're looking at some snow. a winter weather advisory where we'll see 3 to 6 inches of snow at about 4500 feet. >> good news for those ski resorts. we want to update you on our bay area food drive. at last count, almost 81,000 bags of food have been donated. 81,000, pretty impressive. there's still time to give. it goes until december 25th at any local safeway. you can visit our website for locations., just search holiday food drives. still to come, silicon valley is not just a hot spot for technology. >> the industry that's bringing millions to the south bay.
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we have new details tonight in the case of those two cats thrown into the bay. this weekend this surveillance video was released. it shows a man accused of taking a homeless women's cat carrier and throwing it into the water. the video will not be made public until he's arrested. police officers were out canvassing the waterfront for the suspect. supervisors are considering building a memorial park for the teenager killed by a sheriff's deputy. andy lopez was killed back in october. the deputy ordered lopez to drop his weapon, which looked like an
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assault rifle, but was actually an air soft bb gun. time is up. thousands of high-tech parking meters in san francisco are being replaced just a few years after they were installed. the 6500 meters are being pulled out as part of a city wide upgrade. they were installed just three years ago. the city will recoop some of those costs. the contractor will give san francisco 650,000 for the old new meters. the new meters will have bigger display screens and a pay by phone option. living in the bay area has its perks. the increasing value of your home is at the top of the list. a real estate blog analyzed the most popular cities in the u.s. ranked the top three places in the country to sell a home right
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now. san francisco is in the top three. crime rates, school quality, and unemployment rates were also a factor. shopping with the 49ers all for a good cause. the story is next.
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i now present -- >> the first same sex couples in hawaii said i do at the stroke of midnight tonight. dozens walked down the aisles on the 30th floor of the sheraton
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waikiki. each player pairs up with a child from a low income family and the game plan is to finish a shopping spree. all the niners were out in full force. each child gets $300, a gift card to spend. >> for the players to share something they've been blessed with these people brings a smile to their faces. >> it is a great program and a heart warming program. every year the kids come armed with shopping lists not necessarily for them, but for their family members. often they buy as many as kitchen and household items as they do toys.
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>> a lot of families in need this holiday. >> we hope to see you back here at 6:00 for more local news. ng say a new york commuter train was doing over 80 miles an hour into a turn right before the fatal derailment. tonight the latest on the victims, the investigation, and safety. the weight debate. is it really possible to be heavy and healthy? tonight's health news challenges what a lot of people think. mourning a star. what we are learning about the car crash that killed a movie actor best known for his work in the "fast and furious" franchise. tonight his father speaks out. special delivery. keep an eye on the sky. if amazon gets its way, will drones be used to bring us stuff? "nightly news" begins now.


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