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tv   Today  NBC  December 3, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PST

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make breakfast pop! from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hi, everybody. glad you're with us on this fun day monday, december 2nd. if you haven't frozen the thanksgiving leftovers, tossed them, today's the day to get rid of them. >> any leftovers? >> no. clean as a whistle at our house, boy. liked it -- liked the last bit of stuffing. >> look at you. you want to see our thanksgiving table? look at it. look at us. look what we're drinking out of.
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red solo cups. i know. that was our thanksgiving table. >> you had a ball. doesn't matter what you're drinking out of. >> we did. we had fun. how was your thanksgiving? >> my thanksgiving -- thank you -- was excellent. the kids were looking forward to it because it was the first time ever that we didn't have guests of some sort. >> yeah. >> and we invited a couple of strays, but everybody had a place to be. >> right. >> then andy and elvia, the wonderful couple with us for over 20 years, and their -- their daughters are like my grand -- eight of us. and frank's son, kyle. >> nice. >> everything was great until i was in the gym friday morning trying to work off my stuffing because may mother's stuffing is the best in the whole world. the phone rang, nobody's answering. i go and answer the phone -- [ mumbling ] >> okay. i press the button because we have a gate, let the gentleman up the driveway. calls back right after that. [ mumbling ] >> i said, "i can't hear you."
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all right, "it's not working. let me throw some boots on, i'll come right down and let you out." i took off my sneakers, put my uggs boots on, went tearing, tearing to the front gate. in the meantime, hit something in the pavement on asphalt, and went flying. i mean, i must have been going the fattest speed i can go, i knew i was in deep -- it's not funny actually. i knew i was going to go face first into it. at the last second, i go, okay, nose, yeah, that could use be fixed. my teeth are the most expensive part of my body. if i had to get my teeth redone by dr. rosenthal, fortune, bankrupt. so -- right at the last minute, i went like that. and slid on my -- my right side, my right hip, my right -- >> what mary did -- you had to see kath when she walked in. you have a shiner.
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a whole black eye -- >> the face is -- like her whole cheek is one big bruise. there's a cut, huge cut up there. >> we'll reveal the photo tomorrow because we forgot to take it before the makeup got put on. >> it was unbelievable. when something like that happens -- first of all, there were terrible things that happened in new york this weekend. so everything you keep in perspective when people lose their loved ones and they're in terrible accidents. shows how one moment changes everything. and i was so grateful -- i didn't great my cheekbone, my wrist or knee. that's why i'm wearing slacks today. i want to thank sunny. remember matinee sunny? used to go to broadway with us. she moved to marco island. she sent me this in the mail because she works at a shop called patchington in marco island. and i put it on this morning to come in. i said maybe somebody will look at my cute outfit and not my face. it's a sierra sun -- >> i like it. cozy. i like it. >> it's cozy. >> i want to show one little video.
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i had my nieces and brother and his wife, my mom, everybody for thanksgiving. we all spent most of the time on my bed. the kids and me and my mom and blake. here's a little taste. >> someone's going to fall off the bed -- >> here it comes. turn around, ella. help -- ooh. [ laughter ] >> look at blake -- he must be so happy they're gone. >> look at this. it just -- party kept going. my mom almost went with her. >> it must be culture shock for him now to be back in his little cage. >> i tell you, every little kid who walks by us, he wants to get on them and play with them. and that bed, by the way, was a magic carpet. it was a big boat that was going through the thing. >> ship, yeah -- >> it was everything. it was really fun. i miss them already. >> i told you that was one of the first things i fell in love with you about is how much you love your family because i feel the same about mine. you know who's here? my friend from third grade, jill strickland is here with her daughter, erin, celebrating --
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do i say it? no, she's my age, put it that way, okay. >> hi to them. >> she stayed here for the weekend -- >> behind them is a kid named ben. standing outside since 6:30 in the morning holding a sign. >> with his mom. welcome to everybody. >> welcome. we have big shave today. >> big shave. i like the results. i'm digging it. >> what happened was today was the big shaveoff. time to shave off the beards. and the viewers got to vote on leaving a goatee, mustache, mutton chops, or something called a chin curtain, whatever that is. >> chin -- that's like the amish wear with -- clean face, but a lot -- >> yeah. anyway, everybody got goatees except willie. willie, they voted to have a mustache. here are their before and afters. let's see how they ended up looking. >> that's willie before -- i'm confused. >> that was willie before we started. then during is on the right. then down is today -- >> yeah.
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he looks great. willie's got a baby face. >> look at matt. oh. which is the goatee? the bottom? >> he kept the beard. >> he kept the beard -- >> just trimmed it a little bit. okay. and al, al's got a goatee. he looks good. >> he does look good. good for them. >> i'm hot for jerry today, i got to say. do you know what the fedex guy had at the bottom -- >> what? what was it? >> by the way, i look like the walking dead. i was covered in blood apparently. he looks at me, i put out my hands for my package. >> still wanted it -- what was it? >> it was my christmas card done by my dear friend, anne nielsen. look at her painting i had made into the christmas card. >> wow. >> anne h. mills. you're getting one. isn't that beautiful? that made me happy. i was looking at my christmas card. >> gorgeous. >> we're having dinner at my house and the tv was on in the background. and in the background was the
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game, the alabama/auburn game. my brother and my friend were there with us. their eyes were glued on the tv. when you are eating and somebody looks around you? we looked at the screen, one second left. >> 28-28. >> tied 28-28. alabama was about to kick the field goal, and we unmuted the tv. we got to live one of the spectacular moments in sports history. we unmuted the tv. the alabama guy kicked the field goal, as you saw. he missed the field goal. but there was an auburn guy waiting to catch it like, oh, hey, then ran it all the way back. he ran it all the way back. and in this moment, even if you hate football, who cares? look at this. >> and you told me he's like some red shirt. looked lake she went out of bounds. did he? >> no. they -- >> looked at it. okay. >> oh, my gosh. now, the whole entire stadium emptied out. my brother was crying. the guy i was with was crying. >> he was rooting for the guy
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who -- >> didn't matter. nobody of rooting for anybody. it was football -- >> the guy that missed the field goal was having the worst day of his life. >> missed it so bad crew didn't even go near the goal -- badly, it didn't even go near the goal. it was a moment in sports history never to be forgotten. can we do "favorite things"? >> we have to. >> a big day for your friend. >> this is so big. ♪ >> you guys have heard me talk -- >> wow. >> you guys have heard me talk about karen. i have a picture. i wanted to remind you who she is. >> so beautiful. your best friend. >> there's karen. karen has -- you know the "life is good" logos on t-shirts -- >> "life is great" -- >> "life is good." she decided to do one called "life about change." the delta symbol is the sign for mathematics. i learned that. she is making t-shirts and has a whole website, the t-shirts are -- >> adorable. >> they are. >> can you guys go closer in?
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>> they feel like pajamas. so adorable. life's about change, make it happen. she's got her little -- >> look at this one. this is so cute. life's about change. we're expecting. >> wait a second. hold on. >> yeah. >> life's about change, what does it say? >> single again. she's drinking. >> the money, the proceeds, profits go to -- part of the profits go to cancer research. if you can go to goes to research or the production company making them. she's not making money. she's a sweetheart. okay. mine is a wonderful idea. if your children are learning a second language of spanish in their schools. a gentleman named ernesto pino wrote this. i met him in seattle. you know, a good guy, a chef. he wrote this book, "i'm cooking with mom."
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>> cute. >> adorable. at the ballpark it's -- at the back, it's got recipes and an english glossary. combines sweetly the idea of cooking and making something and the pride you feel when you make it. it's very, very sweet. okay. do you know who we have on the line? >> who? ♪ everyone has a moment that changes their life ♪ >> two's singing? >> you know what? it ain't linda edder. i've spent saturdays talking to linda edder and -- and tim conway from my podcast. what a voice she's got. mine is okay. all right. for everyone who has a story, we have kathy hahn from morgantown, west virginia. and her daughter, ashley. they're going to be united at our show on thursday. cathy was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2007. after treatment she was told she was in remission. while she was on a celebration trip, she found a lump on her
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neck and it turns out she was diagnosed with leukemia. this is a story -- this daughter wrote in about this magnificent mom of hers and said that kathy maintained an incredible attitude saying she was an overachiever and got the lieu keekia -- leukemia after the ovarian. we have them on the line. how are you? >> i am great. am a lucky mother. >> is your daughter on the line with you? >> hello? >> hi, how are you? >> doing well. >> by the way, we're looking at beautiful pictures of you and your family decked out in your wvu sweatshirts and stuff in the hospital. we can't wait to see you guys on thursday. >> excited. >> thank you very much. >> all righty. we'll catch up with you then. thank you very much. >> thank you. what were your favorite celebs up to this holiday weekend? >> we'll find out, hoda woman. the buzz. and do you know who's the
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wizard of the big screen? sir ian mckellan. >> such a pleasure to have him. >> and the latest installment of "the hobbit" trilogy. another ka-ching after this.
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he's starred in more than 40 movies, is no stranger to broadway, has racked up numerous awards, and has hosted "saturday night live." >> wow. >> what ian mckellan fans are most excited about is his return to the big screen in the second installment of "the hobbit" trilogy, "the hobbit: the decimation of smoug," playing gandolf the great. take a look. >> i found something in the tombs. >> found what? what did you find? >> my courage. >> good. that's good.
2:20 am
you'll need it. >> oh, it's such an honor that you are with us -- >> one of the quiet moments in the movie which is full of action and tumbling and escaping and running -- >> and you did your own stunts? >> i'm not the only person to play gandolf. there's a stunt team double, rioting double, and cgi, the pretend -- all in the computer gandolf, as well. >> was a lot of this shot on cgi, or were you actually atop a mountain? >> if you see gandalf on top of a mountain, i was there. there were two months, we drove around new zealand going to amazing places. we were lifted to helicopter to places where people have never been before. when we get back into the studio and do a pickup shot, closeup, they put green screen behind. >> the whole process is so
2:21 am
changed from when you first did your first film, i'm sure. >> if you look at gollum, that horrible creecher in the first movie, he looks like something worse than the muppets. >> my first prom date looked a lot like him. >> where is he now? >> prison. he's in prison! ugly story. there's nothing to talk about. how does it feel to be part of something that's such a juggernaut at the box office? fans have just gobbled this series up. >> it is fun to see. we knew from the word go because people had read the books, they were very excited about the idea of a movie. and once the first movies came out -- >> huge. >> we knew whether we were doing "the hobbit" that there were millions, particularly young people, waiting to see it. they would see it for the first time on the big screen. after that, they would be watching at home on tv. now they could go to the cinema and see the big 3d stuff. >> hopefully it opens a world of reading to them, as well.
2:22 am
so many times that's a lost art in our world. reading the classics -- >> reading, sales have gone through the roof. perfect christmas present. >> can we talk about your bromance? >> people are talking. they're talking a lot. >> you heard that i married patrick stewart? >> we did hear that. >> you just got married and officiated it. we thought it was kinky that you married him, too. we don't judge. >> it's a modern world, yes. >> he is such a lovely man. you've been friends with him for -- 30 years? >> 30 years. i went to hear him sing last night in a bar in new york. it was wonderful at the end of our day -- there he is. sweet. what are we doing? >> look at you two. >> who's in the middle? >> i'd be careful of him. >> he's not on the stage with you on broadway. i know that. >> patrick's on stage. >> not elmo. >> elmo -- >> you are doing "beckett" and -- >> "beckett," and so we don't get bored, we're doing a wonderful thriller/comedy.
2:23 am
and we sort of alternate. then on wednesdays, you can see them both. and on saturdays, the same. so it's a great big theater fest. you know, people on broadway, they love their theater and come along. we spend the whole day in the theater. >> what's the story about you losing your pants? did you lose them somewhere? >> i didn't lose them. i took them off. oh, stop it. oh! >> no, no. there's -- >> it says "thou shall not part." >> it went viral -- >> we have something for you. we don't want you to be like that again. you have an adorable hiney, but instead of briefs, open them up, they're boxers with kathie lee and hoda on your bottom. >> look at that -- i shall wear them on stage. no one will ever see them. they'll be under my costume. >> you are such a delight. we're so delighted you could be
2:24 am
with us. god bless you. >> thank you for coming in. thank you. >> have a lovely holiday season. if you want to see "the hobbit" it opens december 13th at a theater near you. >> we'll have the scoop you missed over the weekend. >> what theater can they see you at? >> the court. >> the court theater. and is your face going here -- where? >> here. fan of the week, baby. next after this. >> there. okay. right after this. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth. [ sniffles, coughs ] shhhh! shhhh. [ coughs ] i have a cold with this annoying runny nose. [ sniffles ] i better take something. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil cold and flu doesn't treat all that. it doesn't? [ male announcer ] nope. [ sniffles ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast acting antihistamine to relieve your runny nose. oh, what a relief it is! [ man ] shhhh! for fast cold and flu relief, day or night, try alka-seltzer plus day and night liquid gels. prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated
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it is fun day monday. that means it's time to surprise our fan of the week. >> where are we going? >> the winner is sarah altenberg from denver, colorado. i love her. >> wow! look at her! >> she watches us on denver kusa, channel 9. she's joining us by skype. hi, sarah. >> hi, sarah! >> hi! >> are you excited, hon? >> oh, my god. i'm so excited. >> look at her dog. her dog is in the picture. we're going to tell you what you won. first we're going to tell the audience why you've been named the lucky winner. >> sarah's been a loyal fan and viewer for the past five years
2:29 am
and watches every day as a form of stress relief from her busy medical school schedule. wow. >> she's a newlywed who watches so often that her wedding -- on her wedding website, her husband listed her first hobby as a kathie lee and hoda. she loves snowboarding and the great outdoors. >> guess where you're going, sweetie -- >> where? >> we'll tell you. you and your friend will be heading to puerto rico to stay at the international san juan for four days, three nights at this resort hotel located on the beautiful beach of isla verde. >> enjoy water sports, fine dining. hotel accommodations and air fare furnished by intercontinental san juan. sarah, are you excited, and who are you going to take? >> i am so excited! i'll take my husband, nick. >> that's a good idea. >> thank you, sweetie. have fun. >> have a great trip. >> thank you! >> all right, sweetheart. if you think you should be named our "fan of the week," prove it. >> prove it.
2:30 am
how to get the best deals today on cyber monday. and from legal woes to sharon osbourne's biggest mistake of her life, all "the buzz" after this.
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2:32 am
we're back on a fun day monday with "today's buzz" you that may have missed over the weekend. >> with us is brian balthazar editor of >> you've become a star. >> talk about ron burgundy made his local tv debut. >> right. if you were in bismarck, north dakota this weekend and turned on the news, look who shows up but ron burgundy. not will ferrell but will ferrell as ron burgundy. did the whole newscast. let's take a brief moment. >> amber, you look lovely tonight. >> thank you, ron, you, too. >> are you married? >> no. >> well, i am, so don't get any ideas. i've never seen fighting in a
2:33 am
hockey match before. >> no, me neither -- >> thank you. >> he did the whole newscast, 28 minutes, in character, doing actual news stories. >> how were the anchors? were they having fun? >> trying to keep it together. she actually looked really nervous. they weren't trying to be as funny as he was. it was great. >> how does the station feel? >> obviously they've gone viral. it remains to be seen what the viewers thought. >> right. by the way, the promotion for this movie is off the chain. >> he's smart. he knows what it takes to sell movies. >> he breathes funny. >> tell us about nigella lawson. i was reading bits and pieces. >> there's scandalous news about her. as you remember, in june there were the photographs taken where she and her husband were at a cafe and he looked like he was strangling her. then they got a divorce. now there's stories of her assistants accusing her of letting them spend money recklessly.
2:34 am
>> with his credit cards. >> over $1 million so they wouldn't talk about her drug problem. now they are suing the two assistants. basically saying, you know, that this money wasn't authorized. they're saying, no, we were kept quiet. you're spending money because we were basically keeping quiet for nigella. she may be going to oprah to open up about the whole thing, to talk about the whole story. they aren't commenting now because they're obviously involved in litigation happening. >> he's saying he's devastated over the whole thing, devastated, and he misses her. >> right. he said he was reaching to grab her new york -- grabbing her neck to make her focus. >> make her focus? okay. >> this is sad. paul walker, if you're a fan of "fast & furious," died in a car crash. 40 years old. >> very sad. saturday, he and a colleague who also happened to have a performance car shop, they were taking a run down the street, speed was apparently a factor. they hit a utility pole. the car burst into flames, and unfortunately they were not able to get the two of them out.
2:35 am
you know, his co-stars are devastated. vin diesel, one of them, saying it was like he lost a brother. his father just spoke and said -- this is a message for all of us. every time he saw him he told him he loved him and he returned it. that's where it hits home. devastating for the family and fans devastated. they were in production and were supposed to film today. but it's on hold. >> did this happen late at night? >> it actually happened at 3:30 in the afternoon. the porsche carerra g2 is a high-speed car and reportedly very difficult to control. it's light, and you can go very quickly very fast. it can be hard to control. it was a 45-mile-an-hour speed limit in this area. the car was pretty much totalled when it hit the pole. >> we teased sharon osbourne. what did she reveal? >> two things. transitional moment.
2:36 am
she said that being on "the osbornes," the reality show, was probably one of the worst decisions she ever made. granted, a lot of opportunities, all of them happened because of the show. she said that ozzie and her didn't get enough time with the kids as a result of the traveling involved. i feel like they were on the show a lot together. i'm a big believer you don't begrudge your past because it got you where you are. there's another big thing she revealed. graham norton asked what the painful surgery she ever had was -- >> and? >> and it's a medical term. i can say she rejuvenated a part of herself that was below the waist. >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. >> i didn't know she did that -- >> vagina. >> she said that was quite painful -- >> you shouldn't have said the word. you should not have said it, we should have said it. >> we talked to legal. i can say it, it's a medical term. there's no shame in it. but it's still weird. >> go to break. >> thanks, honey. the scams to watch out for today on cyber monday. >> how to find the best deals coming up after this.
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it is time for money saving monday. ready to shop till you drop on your laptop? >> i like that. we have help to keep your credit cards safe and wallets full. and we've got quite the musical going on -- ♪ >> who's here -- kurt knutsen, better known as kurt the cyberguy, here to steer you to safety and savings on this cyber monday. >> so much sexier in person. both of you. >> so are you. >> bring it on. come on, bring on more. >> one of the things when you're shopping on line, i think one of the things people worry about is, like, is this a legit site, or am at a hoax? how do you know? >> let me show you something. today's cyber monday. tons of people shopping on line.
2:42 am
about $2.7 billion worth this holiday. >> amazing. >> even if you're very experienced or just learning, here what you got to know. take a look at this. when you're at a website, and you'll see http at the top or just the website address, see that up -- at the top of that website right up there. you want to look. see it has http? that is not secure. >> what? >> what is secure is when you're shopping at bloomingdales and you get to the cart part where you have to put it -- there it is. that little "s" after http, make sure that you see an "s." >> for security. >> for security, safety, for shopping time. it is all about really taking a quick glance, and that subtle thing means your information is encrypted and secure. >> what if the "s" isn't there? >> don't shop. don't put in your credit card. >> is cyber monday really -- >> this is made up by the
2:43 am
national retail federation. >> genius. >> they made it up. it was -- hey, black friday, why don't we do monday. they did. that was in 2005. >> the world's changed so much since then. people do online all the time. is it still such a big deal, this day? >> it's bigger. it's only growing. this whole thing is now where this -- this is a big clearing house they put up. you have 800 merchants here. this is this is a fabulous website, only that it's -- look, it's all their merchants putting all these deals here. there's one after another. and you can click, say, for example, the kohl's one that i did. it's going to tell you what is their cyber monday deal. it comes up, boom, there it is. for this cyber week, an extra 20% off. each of the merchants have this kind of thing going on. >> that's just -- that said coupon. if you want a coupon -- i always see those things. do you have to do anything special? is that safe, too? >> do you have to print it? >> good question.
2:44 am
sometimes you print it, sometimes you don't. it's more often than not you no longer need to carry a coupon into a store. when you shop on line, you don't need to print it. look at this. this is dealio. another great site. there it is. you're talking about where you put in your e-mail address hare to get coupons sent to you. it's okay if you don't mind getting a ton of coupons way after the fact because they're going to keep on sending you this stuff whether you want it or not later. so a great idea would be to set up a bogus e-mail account or another e-mail account if you have an alternate and call it your name and coupon. any of those are free to do like gmail or yahoo!. >> i shop on amazon. it's easy, i buy a lot of stuff. i keep my stuff stored. in other words, whenever i hit "buy," i don't have to re-enter all the stuff in there. >> i know where you're going with this. is it safe to keep your credit card data and personal stuff -- >> yeah, i don't -- >> it's a tradeoff. the pros, convenient, you don't have to enter it again. in, out. suddenly it's at your door, right? the downside of that is your information is being stored at their computer, and indeed it
2:45 am
could one day perhaps be stolen. it's happened. is it likely to happen? no. but if it does, your credit card is still going to protect you. don't use your debit card, use your credit card. you'll never be responsible for anything more than $50. federal law. >> i love it when i call and order chinese food. they already have my information. that's on the phone. this is cyber monday! >> i call. >> no, we're not talking about that -- >> do you have a special on egg rolls? >> oh, my god. okay. >> frugal -- it's google site for shopping, if you put in frugal spelled like google, you'll get this. what it is, it's a great way to price compare. so let's search for two things. i've searched it up so we go through this quickly. an example of a plasma tv from panasonic. it shows all the places i can get it, not only on line but also nearby. i can sort by the total price. i can put in my own zip code so
2:46 am
it knows what i'm going to pay for tax and shipping. then it will show the rating -- they have no rating at the top four. do i want to use them? i want something more reliable even though it's a few more dollars more. and search for, say, a barbie dreamhouse play set. $128 on line is the best price. $159 nearby. and it shows you all the different options. >> right. >> will they include shipping? >> all right. hold on -- >> yeah, all the shipping prices are here as well as the tax. then they total it for you. they bottom line it. >> you are a delight. >> thank you. >> you are a delight. thanks for having me. >> and we don't use that word lightly. do you know who we delight? we adore this lady. best-selling author from hollywood. she is big-time. she finishes off her trilogy coming up after this.
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so many decorations, we
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don't know where the wine is. >> we'll get it. >> we're spanning three generations from the street of greenwich village to the coast, best-selling author adriana trigiani -- >> and great person. >> we love this woman! >> here today, girl, all blue today. >> she tackles the challenges of a new marriage, new baby and life's biggest surprises. >> the final novel of her popular valentine trilogy called "the supreme macaroni company." >> yes. >> you have to have a little macaroni. >> you guys don't know the love. you don't -- one of our favorite people on the planet. forget the fact that you're a great writer and spin a great yarn. nobody's more fun than you. >> good. now the bar's high. >> you can tell us about this in a minute. first of all, we want to know what it was like to be directing your first feature film. >> it was great. it was great. it was a lot. >> we should point out that "the big stone gap" is being turned into a movie. >> 15 years to make it -- >> tell people who some of the actors are.
2:52 am
>> ashley judd plays ave maria, patrick wilson, thin john benjamin hickey is theodore. whoopee goldberg is fleeta, jenna elfman, and jane krakowski, judy ivy -- >> love her. >> she played patrick's mother. the cast is incredible. don't let me leave anybody out. did i get everybody? >> i think you did. >> the wilson family, paul wilson played lyle may con. >> when will it come out? >> probably a year from now we think. it was wonderful. the whole thing was great. >> when you were writing this, the third in the trilogy, is it sad writing the last -- >> very sad. >> it is? >> there's something sad that happens. we don't want to -- we're not going to -- it's sad at the end. but then it redeems itself. >> it does? >> yeah. but you know, this goes where it's going to go. i don't really figure it out until -- in fact, i thought
2:53 am
somebody else was going to go and then another character went. i was crying my eyes out. >> a lot of people have a bulletin board and you -- you say what's going to happen. you map it out. >> i do, but then -- i ignore it. i have it there -- i don't care. i love that it starts on the feast of the seven fishes on christmas eve. it's southern italian, a big disaster happens. then it's kind of this family has to reinvent themselves as a new unit. >> based on some of your own family? like you usually do? >> yeah. there's a lot of my family in here. there always is, you know. very personal. i can't do it any other way. it feels like family to me. even making the movie felt like an extended family. >> tell us about being home, big stone gap with your mother -- >> my beautiful mother. oh, my god. she's -- my mother's hilarious.
2:54 am
every night i would come home and she's like, how mess eye car? i was using her car and living with her. it was like i was 12 again. she didn't hours of it. it felt like i was gone all the time because i was. she said to my sister, "adriana used to tell me where she went" when she was in high school. she doesn't tell me where she goes. i was like three blocks away in the freezing cold. she came a little bit to watch. but she found it very chaotic and confusing. >> right. if it's not your world, it is -- >> she thought it was a mess all the time. she goes, "why are these people running? where are they going? why are they screaming?" she didn't get it. >> you are so happy with the end result? >> the end result, "the big stone gap" is romantic, it's hilarious, you're going to cry. everything i dreamed it would be. i had a world-class cinematographer, that's the big thing. >> we adore you. >> love you. >> love you.
2:55 am
>> i'm going to talk about it on the podcast. honey, love you. we're back with a special guest and more of "today" on nbc. >> you're the best.
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♪ the holidays are a very special time here because we get to do something wonderful to make the holidays brighter for underprivileged kids and teens. >> one of our valued partners is is catherine, vice president of marketing for home goods. carrying something very nice -- >> what have you got there?
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>> so we are bringing today along with our donation to the toy drive, which we'll talk about in a minute, our special st. jude's snow globe. >> beautiful. >> it is a limited edition that we are selling at our home goods stores nationwide. it's for $14.99. 50% of the purchase price goes to st. jude's. >> boy, that adds up. >> sure does. >> tell us about your donation. >> our donation is very special. this is our fifth year, it's becoming a wonderful home goosd holiday tradition. we're donating $25,000 because we believe the best gift is to spread happiness to those in need. we hope it will help the toy drive do that for kids across the country. >> thank you for your generosity. we appreciate it. >> everybody at home appreciates it. >> thank you, happy holidays. >> our toy drive continues through december 20th. you can donate in person on the plaza or at the nbc store. >> or on line like hoda likes to. go to and we'll help you keep the
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pounds from creeping up this holiday season -- >> stop! >> yeah. >> allegedly. have an awesome day, everybody. >> i'm here to help. you and i will get through this together. [applause] ♪


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