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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 3, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PST

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good tuesday morning. here's what is coming up on "early today." new information about the ill fated commuter train traveling at almost three times the speed limit. later today president obama will launch a campaign for his affordable care act. when that new message is. vin diesel visits the site of close friend paul walker's horrific death. a big night in seattle on monday night football. and the angel of 9/11, the image causing quite a stir. "early today" starts right now. this is "early today" for tuesday, december 3. good morning, to you, i'm richard lui. we start with new information about the deadly train derailment in new york. the ntsb says the train was going 82 miles per hour.
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when it rounded a sharp curve and left the tracks. that's nearly triple the speed limit for that area. new video shows the moment after the accident. you can see the huge train cars flipped right on their side. >> this is raw data off of the event recorders, so it tells us what happened, doesn't tell us why it happened. >> when i heard about the speed i gulped. it sort of takes your breath away. there are two choices. one would be human error on behalf of the engineer and the other is mechanical error on the part of the locomotive. >> eyes are turning towards the engineer. william rockefeller told investigators that the brakes didn't work. but the train's black boxes reveal power was cut just seconds before that crash. four people died in the accident and dozens are injured. many victims remain in the area
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hospitals with broken bones and spinal cord injuries. now to washington. president obama will shift from damage control to sales pitch. it is part of the three-week effort to refocus the attention to positive aspects of the affordable care act. monday announced by the white house that 100,000 people signed up on the site. the trouble is not over. 37% of people under the age of 30 are familiar with the law. getting healthy young people to sign up for obama care is a key component of the law's success. though he's not under 30, president obama plans to buy health care through the online exchange. his policy will come with substantial out of pocket costs, because it will not be taxpayer-subsidi taxpayer-subsidized. in the investigation into actor paul walker's death officials say there is no evidence that drag racing played any part in the accident. >> reporter: investigators are looking at every possibility
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at every possibility as they try to figure out what happened after paul walker got into the passenger seat of this porsche. a law enforcement source tells nbc rules it did not involve drag racing. it was a single-car crash. the source says the car was driving 40 to 45 miles per hour when it came to a bend in the road. where the speed limit drops to 15. in that vicinity the driver apparently lost control. we spoke with paul walker's father. who told us what he'll miss most about his son. >> the way paul gave me a hug, he really -- he hugged me with like, a special special thing. >> reporter: walker was deeply involved in disaster relief efforts and right before the crash attended a fundraiser for his own organization, reach out world wide.
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the 40-year-old acted almost his entire life but found world fame with the fast and furious franchise. still the crews that worked with him said he remained down to earth. >> he would eat with his crew and joke around and be one of us. >> overnight fans gathered at a member yalg to pay tribute to the fallen "fast and furious" star. walker's co-star, vin diesel, speaking about it. >> i just wanted to say thank you, thank you for coming down here and showing the angel up in heaven how much you appreciated him. thank you. >> an autopsy results may come out today. another first from pope francis this time publicly addressing clergy sex abuse. he told the monday -- i ask you to continue to support them along the painful path of healing that they have undertaken with courage.
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hold on to your papal hats, we've learned that pope francis used to work as a night club as a bouncer way back in. catholic news service reports he revealed the odd job on sunday and used to sweep floors and run tests in a chemical laboratory. bill cairns, what else is new? he might have a rap out there, there's all sorts of things we're learning about the pope. let's talk about cyber monday. consumers showing all you need to shop is a mobile device or phone. he early results indicate online shopping was up 17% compared to last year. a research firm forecast sales of up to $2 billion, up from nearly $1.5 billion last year. more than 131 million americans were expected to celebrate cyber monday, first coined in 2005. online sales have made up 10% of holiday spending. we'll see if it turns out to be
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the same this year. construction workers at the national september 11 memorial and museum have dubbed a twisted steel girder the angel oft 9/11. from a certain angle one can make out eyes, nose and mouth. while the scientific explanation behind the visual, includes natural corrosion and air circulation. nevertheless, the appearance of that somber-looking face makes many stop to think. a monster storm is heading east. fargo, north dakota is no stranger to snow. the white stuff is causing slick roads. and several crashes. it's not over yet, the area is expecting six to 2 inches. there is a weather advisory in effect and a winter storm watch. bill cairns, when we talk about fargo, north dakota and six to 12 inches -- >> you think of the movie, right? >> yes, but it's kind of like, whatever, six to 12 inches. >> some of the cold air is going
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to spill down the west coast. usually a lot of cold air doesn't make it through the mountains, but this will because of the vigorous storm centered over the top of the rockies. the cold air is flowing down the back side of that. by the time we get into wednesday night to thursday, the cold air will make it down into southern areas of nevada and even into arizona. we're at 26 in boise. 13 in billings, a sign of things to come. and the cold air is going to spill in and leak all the way to seattle and portland, medford at 28 this morning. you can see the spin on the map north of boise, the center of the upper-level storm and the fast jet stream is roaring onshore through northern california. we're getting a little bit of snowshowers even into areas of the central sierra mountains. much of the heavier snow concentrated in the mountains of colorado and utah. the forecast today temperaturesing are aren't going to warm up much, highs in the
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mid 30s many areas in the northwest and even kind of to g natural stuff, it's cold enough to make a lot of the powder. so colder, but travel won't be too bad in the west. intermountain west, a different story. >> intermountain west has "empire strikes back" kind of weather. >> good reference. >> the battle over sales tax for internet purchases heats up, the most and least corrupt countries around the world. an eighth shark attack in hawaii this season. this one is fatal. the details coming up next.
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welcome back. the dark streets of boston were
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lit up this morning when an eight-alarm fire broke out on the south side. huge flames shooting from an abandoned building. there have been no reports of injuries. a man fishing from a kayak off the coast of maui was attacked by a shark. he died from his injuries on monday. the attack occurred in a popular diving spot. it's the eighth shark attack off the island just this year. about double the normal. a spectacular display by europe's most active volcano, italy's mount aetna shot lava into the night sky. the nonprofit group transparency international released the list of most kruptd countries. countries with the cleanest records include canada and germany. as for the united states and uruguay, they are tied for 19th cleanest. and these brown tree snakes are becoming a huge problem in guam.
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at the air force base. to combat the species, 2,000 mice stuffed with pain killers will be parachuted in. pain killers are deadly to the snakes which won't be able to resist the paratrooping rodents. stocks kick off with mixed results. the supreme court will not get involved with state sales taxes. and have been battling new york state for the past five years over state sales taxes. kentucky police are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the disappearance of 65 cases of 20-year-old pappy van winkle bourbon and nine cases of rye. the missing booze is worth about $26,000. . the famous suit worn by gene kelly in one of the most famous dance scenes in hollywood history goes up for auction on friday.
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the rain soaked suit is expected to fetch more than $20,000. hot male firefighter calendars have been around forever. in tampa they are giving the female paramedics an opportunity to raise money. for charities, including burn centers that are located in the area. and speaking of the sunshine state, an unclaimed megamoney lottery ticket worth $1.3 million is set to expire in less than two weeks. better check those tickets. the winning ticket was sold back in june in miami. just ahead, seattle takes on drew brees and the saints and the rest of your sports highlights. . but first, some celebrity trivia. according to bing trends, who's the most searched celebrity of 2013? madonna, kim kardashian, rihanna, beyonce or taylor swift. the answer when "early today" continues.
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before the break we asked you who's the most searched celebrity of 2013 according to bing trends? the answer queen b herself who knocked kim kardashian out of the top spot. rounding out the top five, rihanna, taylor swift and madonna. monday night football saints at seahawks. drew brees, bad night for him. early the ball knocked out of his hand. seattle returns it for the touchdown. it was a great night for seattle's russell wilson.
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he threw 310 yards. three touchdowns for a 34-7 win. seattle the first to clinch a spot in the nfc playoffs. and a new stadium noise record. 137 decibels. denver broncos head coach john fox is back after heart surgery saying this is the best he felt in 20 years. his team won 3 out of 4 games. tops the afc west division, that may be why he feels better. not sure if he will coach his first game from the sidelines or the booth. college basketball number 12 uconn in a buzzer beater as time runs out. the huskies beat number 15 florida 65-64. college football. meet the new coach of the university of california. coach steve sarkesian, from the washington huskies, where he was 34-29. he's not the sexy choice, some say, but he is a so-cal guy. he was the offensive coordinator at ufc before.
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the security guard in houston has been fired. patriots tom brady after sunday's game on right. it's against company policy. the policy says he can't do that. he took a photograph with the patriot's tom brady. employer saying this is against the policy so he lost his job. sailing around the world alone, using no fossil fuels and trying to do it in less than 150 days. oh, by the way, stanley paris is 76, and if successful, would be the oldest person ever to do this. good luck my friend. they haven't been to the playoffs in a decade, so this self-described angry browns fan sings a christmas class toik share his love for cleveland's qb. ♪ oh the players are there are frightful ♪ ♪ but that's snuck-in liquor is delightful ♪ ♪ and since we weeden can't throw ♪ ♪ let him go ♪ let him go ♪ let him go take look like this.
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miami dolphins quarterback ryan tannehill joins in this. then the white escalator rafting with the three-point shot into the basket. just make it up. except these guys -- they're a little bit better. just ahead, if "fifty shades of grey" came out with an nc 17 and an r rating which would you see?
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. welcome back on this tuesday morning, we're watching the cold air moving in, just inform lift in the central sierra, we're seeing snow breaking out. over the last couple hours, heading up here near colfax, truckee, light accumulation at the highest elevations, tahoe and the ski resorts getting a little bit. otherwise the storm will be moving out and the cold air will be moving in. the intermountain west will be getting the cold and temperatures will be struckling, 50 in san francisco and 30s in the northwest. >> truckee, california, great little town. >> never been there. a drive i need to do. >> worth your time. just in time for the holidays duck dynasty's performs. new christmas hit "hairy christmas" on the cma country christmas special last night. take a look. ♪ we got stuck behind these
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beards ♪ ♪ ♪ wishing you a hairy christmas and a happy, happy, happy new year ♪ >> that's a good rendition of that. speaking of "duck dynasty," the stars named one of barbara walters most fascinating people of 2013. joining them is robin roberts, jennifer lawrence, miley cyrus, swimmer diana nyad, kim-ye as one person. walters will reveal her number one choice during the special. her last special before retiring. there will be so many to pick from. it's been a sbis year. producers are considering making two versions of the flick, "fifty shades of grey," one nc-17 version and one r version.
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which one will you see? >> i don't know. >> staying away from that one. >> in an article joe jonas wrote about losing his virginity despite wearing a promise ring. playboy has released the cover for their 60th anniversary issue with kate moss. in traditional bunny garb. >> an old-time favorite. the "star wars" franchise has joined instagram and chose a photo of darth vader with a selfie. two fans had quite the passenger when they picked up christopher walken in new york city. the actor could not catch a cab, so they gave him a ride downtown, so they stayed with him and kept on chatting. stay with us, we hope this is just your first stop of the day on nbc.
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leading the news in the miami herlgd, facebook in the miami herald facebook suspect charged with first degree murder. derek medina is accused of fatally shooting his wife and facing a picture of her corpse on facebook. medina told detectives he was acting in self-defense, but the state attorney believes it was premeditated. and in the fort worth star telegram woman killed in johnson county home explosion. authorities in texas believe a propane leak may be to blame for the blast. in iceland armed police shoot and kill a suspect for the first time in that country's history. the suspect was firing a shotgun from inside his home monday. two unarmed police men were shot when they try ed to enter the man's apartment.
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iceland has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. gun violence is extremely rare. the regular police force doesn't carry firearms and handguns are banned. actor ryan o'neil is defending ownership of a painting depicting his ex girlfriend, the late farrah fawcett, he's locked in a legal feud with the university of texas. he says he has no intention of selling it. some estimates say it's as much as worth $30 million. they don't call him big z for nothing. strongman pulled 12 cars setting a new world record. sound tough? he pulled 20 cars last year weighing more than twice his recent tug, but guinness did not count it because he used a ladder to help him do that. lithuanian man, strong man. >> i'm not that impressed.
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>> you don't think 28,000 pounds? >> he didn't look like he was struggling. >> whatever they eat in lithuania, i want it time for a look ahead and a look back. a judge is expected to rule on detroit's bankruptcy today. if the city is able to file to get rid of debt it is the largest bankruptcy in history. on this day in 1989 two superpowers declare an end of the cold war. as reported in nbc. >> president bush is in brussels explaining what agreements he made and did not make. and tomorrow, soviet leader gorbachev will brief warsaw pact leaders. happy birthday to actress amanda sighfried who is 28, ozzy osbourne. here's what's coming up on "today" for you. go inside the teenage mind, as teens talk about everything from drugs and alcohol to sex and social media. keep it here for more weather, news and sports, i'm richard lui along with bill cairns, thanks for watching "early today." have a good one.
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breaking news this morning. crews on the scene at a massive fire in boston.r >> he made a distressñiçó call has not been heard from sense. the latest on a pilot and his  vanished in idaho. a transgender student involved in a fight is speaking out on how it could have been avoided. >> it is tuesday, december 3rd, this is "todayñi in the bay." >> thise1 is "today in the bay." good


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