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tv   Today  NBC  December 3, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PST

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police say she was trying to jump from the roof of one building to the owe when he fell in. a florida woman is recovering this morning after he was attacked by a bear. she managed to break free and ran to a nearby home and called 911. fish and wildlife are hoping to catch the bear. bear calls have more than doubled in that area in the past
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five years there in florida. and they're calling it the bourbon heist of the decade and now police are hoping that a big reward will lead them to a suspect. 65 cases of 20-year-old rare bourbon and rye were stolen from a kuk distillery over a month ago. it is worth about $26,000. authorities think it's probably an inside job. they are offering a big reward, $10,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction. >> you're looking for a suspect passed out on the sidewalk. >> probably. >> well there's a photo features tom bradley creating quite a stirred around the nfl. security guard said she and a fellow security guard were fired because of taking that picture with bradley. williams said he's surprised
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because this isn't the first time he's posed with a famous person at the stadium >> i wasn't threatening anybody. the sideline experience was over, the game was over. i was really congratulating the winning team. >> the security company is standing by its policy that says it has a strict policy against employees requesting photos from the players. and a curious poppy learns the hard way, a squirrel always wins. the jack terrier got its nose stuck in the pipe chasing a squirrel. his owners tried to free him using greece so they took the dog and a pipe to an animal clinic where the veterinarians were able to sedate the dog and safely remove his head from the pipe. >> do you think he's going to be chasing squirrels at that?
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>> no, not at all. y >> i thought you wering to say they were safely able to remove the dog's head from the dog's body. oh my gosh i would never think that. >> mr. roker has a check of the weather and it's a little busy for you, pal. >> yeah. let's show you what's happening with our friends in san francisco bay area nbc. the transamerica tower, clouds and showers this morning. plenty of sunshine as we make ar way during the day.
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then's your latest weather. >> thank you very much. there is new video this morning showing that fiery crash that killed actor paul walker as investigators work to piece together a cause. joe friar has the latest. joe, good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning. a law enforcement source tell nbc that according to the prelim investigation drag racing was not a factor. so the investigation continues as walkers costar make as surprising public appearance right here at the scene. new security camera video shows the moment of impact in the crash that killed paul walker and his friend. that spot was cleared last night and draped with a tent to make room for a private memorial. >> thank you for coming down here and showing that angel up in heaven how much you appreciated him. thank you. >> reporter: earlier his father opened up about the loss. >> when you look at paul, just his eyes, that's who he was.
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he couldn't hide what he has. >> reporter: movie fans will soon see a new side of walker in the mury "hours." he plays a father trying to keep his daughter alive after the hurricane katrina. some say it could have been a breakout performance. >> ultimately they can sided to stick with their original plan and the movie is going to koum out which is what they said they thought paul wanted. >> reporter: as for the future of the "fast and furious" franchise, filming of the next installment was under way when walker died leaving the studio scrambling. while heath ledger died, the destructor used other actors including johnny deposit to play the role. when coas for walker's "fast an
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furious" character, a car crash may seem inappropriate. >> you don't necessarily want to run away from this but you don't want to exemployed it. >> reporter: we should note the "fast and furious" franchise is produced by nbc universal. at this point there's no word on whether the next movie will still premier in july of 2014. that is what's scheduled right now. tamara and matt. >> his fans are hurting but to see his dad there break down an daughter as well. >> and some might say why do we put the father on. but the father said it seems to me really wanted to talk about his son to help him try and come to terms with his death. we move now to an incredible rescue that was caught on tape. natalie is going to tell us about it. >> three days after a ship overturned of the coast of nigeria, divers, in the middle of what they thought was a
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recovery mission but what happened next took everybody by surprise. >> a recuse diver looks for bodies three days after the both collapsed. >> have you come into the next deck? >> as he cautiously makes his way through his erie surroundings. >> he's alive. >> a hand appears reaching out to him. >> all right, just reassure him. >> the face behind is hand is revealed, a survivor, the ship's cook, 29-year-old harrison. when the both flipped, he found himself in a four-foot air pocket where he remained for the next three days surviving only on coca-cola. he was eventually fitted wita scuba mask and brought to the surface. of the 12-man crew, he was the only survivor.
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he has a photograph to treasure with the team that saved him. >> well apparently he was underwater for such a long time that they actually had to put him in a decompression chamber where he sent 60 hours readjusting. >> a four foot air pocket you can breathe in for days. >> he doesn't know why the air pocket didn't fill with water but it's a miracle of god. >> thanks to humanity, you didn't think about race, gender, you see a hand and you reach for that hand back. it's beautiful story. >> willie is in the orange room with a piece of debris fra the world trade center that's been getting a lot of attention online. >> the mu sum at the national september 11th memorial here in new york will open some time next year but it's causing a stir today with a photo of what some interpret as a spiritual image in that twisted steel.
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>> you may not spot it at first balance but take a closer look. >> we have some construction workers who view this as as they duped it the angel of 9/11. >> you can make out what looks like eyes and a nose, the mouth is open as if calling out. for some the reports are similar of other sightings, a spirit cloud over south florida. but this so-called angel is set among many other powerful september 11th art facts, the survivors staircase within an escape route for as many as people during the impacts. >> we're talking about an object that was pulled from rubble from a disaster that is unimaginable. for someone to find this particular meaning, something that's special to them, i think that's okay.
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>> while the image may be real for some, one person posting on facebook, i see the face, amazing. for others it can be explained away. i see it, just an optical illusion. it's an exhibit that's sure to stir emotions. >> experts say it's likely corrosion own the last dozen years sore so. but a lot of people drawing inspiration from it. and i will say i got an exclusive tour of this museum. whether or not you mooef you seeing? there,'s a place you just can't miss. >> thank you very much. ryan o'neal gets emotional testifying about who is the rightful owner of a air andy warhol portrait. what's quickly becoming a national problem and what to look for as you head out to pick a tree for the holiday season. nbc.
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♪ (v morning to qyou, 7:26. the search for a missing san jose family is resuming this morning. the small plane they were over idaho after the father, who was also the çópilot, made a distress qcall. they willxd useñi atvs and snowmobiles on the groundñiq an helicopters from above to look for them. today it will be decided if there should be a memorial park& for andyfá lopez. he was shot be a deputy sheriffr he wasjfçó told to drop his rep
7:27 am
rifle before he was shot. >>íb7here are nolp laws in richmond about where you can or cannot use e e1çócigarettes. they willñr conclude in the ;ors smoking regulations. some of the toughest smoking laws already exist.jf let's check that photographic >> a pretty sunrise in qoakland but it is very cold out there.ñi make sure you bring that heavy coat with you. this is your micro climate forecast for this tuesday, 455 in san jose, that is your high, 59 in santa rosa. and that cold snap really settles in asxd we get intoq tonight. temperatures dropping into the 30sq and 20s. dress inxd players and bring in those sensitive pets andjf plan. this camera should have
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beened to you and worn a jacket, it is slivering a little in the breeze. the drive southbound 66, a report ofq slowing, they may hae to close thatñi over the next f. let's get to the ñrmaps, the ea shore freeway way, not a surprise there is a back up at the bridge iffám4t the commute direction not the direction for the arrows. so çóslowing, ki big rig distraction and qslowing. back to you. thank you very much and thank you for joins us.e1 i'll be back with another local news update in a half hour or so. see you then. ♪ hello ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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♪ 7:30 now on a tuesday morning. it's the 3rd day of december, 2013. that is the iconic rockefeller center christmas tree and she is basically ready. the lights are in place and this year, we will help flip the switch! so join me and al and savannah and natalie tomorrow night as we light that tree. the festivities starting at 7:00 eastern time right here, as i mentioned, on nbc. >> i like the hat to the side. >> we're hoping savannah is feeling better by that time. she is a little under the weather. i'm matt lauer along with tamron hall who is in while savannah is out today. mr. roker joins as does natalie morales. speaking of christmas trees, there's a problem tied to the weather that's threatening the nation's most popular type and
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more on that in a moment. plus, what to look for when you pick out your perfect tree. i'm jumping in and going to get rid of my fake tree and get a real one. my '70s pink tree. >> welcome to the party. meantime, here's a look at what's making headlines today, a powerful winter storm moving across much of the western and northern united states. some areas could see snow measured in feet and a drastic drop in temperatures. the ntsb now says the new york commuter train that derailed was traveling 82 miles per hour as it approached a curb with a speed limit of just 30. data show the brakes were applied, but too late. the fatal shark attack investigated in hawaii. the victim, a 57-year-old man from washington. this is the 13th shark attack in hawaii this year. we will have more on that coming up. but let's begin with new developments in the legal battle over an andy warhol painting of farrah faucet. her long time partner ryan
7:32 am
o'neal has taken the witness stand saying he is the rightful owner. here's jason kennedy. >> reporter: ryan o'neal testified after faucet's death in 2009, he removed the warhol from her home. the painting is mine he said. testifying in 1980, he requested two versions of the portrait. one for him and one for farrah. the 72-year-old star of "love story" was frequently emotional on the stand when talking about his long time love. >> ryan o'neal was not an actor on the stand today and everybody that saw that, that was pure emotion and he was telling the truth. >> reporter: o'neal is being sued by the university of texas austin which owns the other painting. >> the best evidence of what farrah wanted was is her living trust and what she clearly said in her living trust was number one, ryan o'neal gets nothing. >> farrah fawcett, who went to
7:33 am
university of texas three years, talks about the warhol's in her 2006 reality show "chasing farrah. >> how many did he make of you? >> two. >> two, wow. >> well, probably three. well, i don't know. i have two. >> o'neal says the portrait hung in his home for years until an old girlfriend objected and he gave it to faucett for keeping. lawyers for the university said he had no right to remove it. >> we had to concede that he went into her condominium within days after she died and physically took one of those portraits out and left the condominium without telling anybody what he had done. >> reporter: for his part, o'neal says removing the picture wasn't a secret. the portrait seen here in o'neal's own reality show could be worth tens of millions. but he said he would never sell it saying it would go to her son, our son.
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for "today," jason kennedy, nbc news, los angeles. >> that's going to get messy. let's get a chick -- a quick check of the weather -- >> a chick. >> from mr. roker. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by the salvation army. your 25 dollar donation this giving tuesday could help feed a hungry family tonight. give today at >> a chick. well, we've got some showers and fog making its way through atlanta. look at how warm it is. you know how foggy it is there. wxia with our #sunrise today. rain this morning and cloudy and mild. 60 degrees. so we have been talking about all of that heat or the cold air making its way into the north. making its way into the north but we have much warmer than usual temperatures in the southeast. jackson, 73. that's 11 degrees above normal. panama city 75. st. louis, 60. that's 12 degrees above normal. for tomorrow, cleveland gets in on the action. 55 degrees. 54 chicago.
7:35 am
atlanta will be 14 degrees warmer than usual at 72. boston on thursday, 54 degrees. philly 63. apalachicola at 76. the cold air gets here in the weekend but until then enjoy the warmth. that's what's going on around the country. heres what's h very light showers on the radar thi!qmorning. a lot of this is evaporating before it hits the surface. what is happening is a cold front is coming through and that is leadingñrçó all of the micro climates -- our camera is shaking. it will bexdi] windy out there cold today with highs onlyçó reaching into the upper 50s, so we will only climb by three to five degrees as we head throughout thexíe9ñ that's your latest weather. >> all right, mr. roker. coming up could there be a christmas tree crisis.
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the threat for the popular frazier furs and what to lk for when you pick out a tree. >> some of the most hilariously awkward family photos ever taken. you're going to love this. >> oh. >> what was [ male announcer ] here's a question for you. if every u.s. home replaced one light bulb with a compact fluorescent bulb, the energy saved could light how many homes? 1 million? 2 million? 3 million? the answer is...
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back now at 7:40. many families are searching for the perfect tree but this year the most popular type, frazier furs are facing what is described as a national problem. nbc's gabe gutierrez explains. >> reporter: on this tree farm in north carolina, it has not been the most wonderful time of year. >> didn't expect it to be quite this severe this fast. >> reporter: jeff pollard has been growing frazier furs for four decades but this christmas a water mold which has flourished due to heavy rains in
7:41 am
the state is crippling his business. >> this one right here, see how it's green right here but already turning brown down here? that's a gone tree. >> reporter: he fear ace quarter of his trees are gone. >> it kills the root system on the trees and they can't take up water. >> reporter: in north carolina, the problem has cost the industry an estimated 6 to $8 million a year. in oregon, 300 million. and experts say this could effect how much you pay for a tree. maybe not this year, but down the line. >> look at how nice these trees are. >> joann and her daughter are shopping for their christmas tree. >> this one is frazier and has a nice smell to it. >> reporter: they're in luck. the mold threat hasn't effected the supply of this seller in georgia. still they're trying to genetically modify the furs to with stand the mold and some are planting other more resistent
7:42 am
species. >> they lose money on the trees that become sick and die, those costs in some way are pasted on to the consumers. >> it's gone. it's gone. >> jeff pollard just hopes his trees, is most popular kind in america make a come back before it's too late. >> to be a christmas tree grower, you have to be an optimist. >> reporter: nbc news, atlanta. >> for more on trees, let's head outside to matt standing by with advice for us. >> thank you very much. what do you look for when you're picking out a tree? i have jason cameron here, he is the host of the diy network's desperate landscapes and man caves. frazier furs, that's where the problem is. but you have other very popular kind of christmas trees. this one is very popular. it's a douglas fur. >> and this is the most popular christmas tree in america. i love the tree.
7:43 am
the great thing about this tree, an interesting fact, it's not truly a douglas fur. it can live to 1,000 years and grow up to 250 feet tall. amazing tree but it's well-known for its shape and it's needles. >> when you're picking a tree like this you don't want brown spots. >> you don't want brutal branches or brown spots. >> next tree here, what is this? >> the colorado blue spruce. this is my personal favorite. the color of this is amazing. you can see the contrast, the blue, silver. when it's young it has a very nice shape. great for christmas trees and it's good needle retention on this one. >> over here, back to the furs. >> yes, noble fur. name says it all. >> but this has got some heft to it. this is bulky. >> i'm glad you said that. heavy ornaments, feel how stout these branches are. this will hold a lot of weight. >> if you do your part and you keep water in the base, how long
7:44 am
should a tree like this last in your house? >> longer than you need. >> past new years? >> past new years. >> or some people keep it into easter and things like that. >> yeah. >> now this one here? >> this is the balsom fur. i love the smell. you get a great fragrance. i tell people to sniff the branches and it helps to bring out the fragrance. >> i know it's different in all parts of the country. give me a ballpark figure we should be playing for christmas trees. is it $5 a foot? >> you'll be around $5 to $7 a foot. you can expect to pay 45 to $100, somewhere in that range. >> great information. good to see you. thank you very much. happy holidays. we have much more ahead including on trending who is oscar winner george clooney's ideal woman? you may be surprised. but first, willie is in the orange room with another type of holiday tradition. that's right after this. ♪ i love it!
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back now at 7:49 with another check of what's buzzing in the orange room. >> you gave in, will. you gave in. >> i did. i got rid of the tashe. from the show i went to the art of shaving. the same guy that did my beard on the air took care of the rest of it for me. >> we nominate him for the nobel prize. >> my wife agrees with you by the way. i walked in the door and she went oh, thank god. you did the right thing. >> got to please the wife. >> as you know, christmas three weeks from tomorrow and we have
7:50 am
a special visitor from our studio. santa sent down one of his elves. he's with us in the orange room today but each night he goes back up to the north poll and gives the list of who is being naughty and nice. and then returns to the studio. so if you're watching at home over the course of the next few weeks, send us your photographs if you happen to see on tear where the elf is hiding in our studio. we don't know where he's going to come back day-to-day. send us those photographs #orangeroom and we need a name for this guy. we're looking for a name for the goldfish. don't have that yet. but we also want a name for our elf on the shelf and guys, he is watching all of you as well. >> i thought elf on the shelf was a name. >> no, we have elfie. >> i like elroy the elf. >> that's cute. >> elroy. >> we'll keep that on file. >> all right, willie. >> thank you very much.
7:51 am
coming up, another deadly shark attack in hawaii. that's being done to figure out why they're on the rise. >> then jenna bush-hager's raw and honest conversation with teens. she'll be talking about pressure, parents, and cheating. >> and mark walhberg in the cast of the real lif my asthma's under control. i don't miss out... you sat out most of our game yesterday! asthma doesn't affect my job... you were out sick last week. my asthma doesn't bother my family... you coughed all through our date night! i hardly use my rescue inhaler at all. what did you say? how about - every day? coping with asthma isn't controlling it. test your level of control at, then talk to your doctor. there may be more you could do for your asthma.
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this is a breaking newsñi update. good morning, the breakingñ news, barts two largest unions a lawsuit over theok disputed n contract with bart. representatives for thejf agenc say they are upset about the barts board of directors recent vote to remove the family medical leave provision from the agreed upon contract. bart says the provision was accidentally included in a signed agreement and could cost the agency as much as $10.5 million a year. unions have the option of striking for the third time this year. let's check weather. ñ taking a live look to the start of the day. the camera is smaking a bit, the wind is picking up and it will continue to throughout the day. temperatures in the low 50s asc we head throughout the
7:57 am
afternoon. that's where they'll stay. look at the numbers, mid 50qe1s6 in theq east bay. make sure you're ready for a very chilly day. nojf micro climate separation. temperatures are going to drop off o to the low 30s and mi, 20s. so if you have the sprinklers, for the next few m$knings. >> we had a couple things going on on the southbound side, debris reported, just a really good period of time, that's i] recovered. look at the northbound side away from us, reports of a dump truck through thexd area. we see slowing there, i'll let you know if anything else is going on, so far just your typical drive. a slower drive in toward union
7:58 am
city, and look at 84 getting over, back to you. >> more news in half an hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on today, coming up, shark attack. a fisherman killed off the coast of maui. the 13th such incident in hawaii this year. now scientists are trying to figure out what's behind the outbreak. then what it's really like to be a teenager today. >> i put so much pressure on myself. >> it's not okay to fail. jenna bush-hager goes inside this teenage mind. a report every parent needs to hear. why mark walhberg says it's the most important movie he's ever made. we have the cast of lone survivor here tuesday, december 3rd, 2013. >> good morning, baltimore.
8:01 am
good morning, fort worth, texas, hi mom. >> wishing my niece a wonderful 21st birthday. >> happy birthday, mom in california. >> happy birthday, mom. happy birthday. 50 years and i'm finally here. we're back now, 8:00 on this tuesday morning. 3rd day of december. i'm matt lauer along with tamron hall who is in while savannah is under the weather for a second day. get well quick livan van. we miss you around here. joined also by al roker and mr. willie fwoo willie geist. lone survivor, it's intense. it's truly intense. we've had marcus latrell on the show in the past who is who the movie is based on and they do a great job bringing it to the big
8:02 am
screen. >> and a lot of great people in this movie. all right. we have a lot to get to. we should go inside right now. natalie has a check of all the top stories. the headlines of the day. good morning to you guys once again. well, the ntsb says there's no evidence at this time that the brakes on a new york commuter train failed before it derailed and crashed sunday killing four people and injuring dozens. official sas the train was speeding at 82 miles per hour as it headed into a sharp 30 miles per hour curve and the breaks were not applied until just seconds before the accident. investigators plan to examine the driver's cell phone to see if he was distracted. >> newly released security video shows the fiery aftermath of the car crash that killed paul walker on saturday. a friend driving the porsche also died. the car was traveling alone at a high rate of speed. walker's costar vin diesel visited the crash site last night and used a police radio to
8:03 am
thank fans that came by to pay their respects. a massive 8 alarm fire snarled rush hour traffic in boston this morning. it broke out in a south boston building under renovation. firefighters were able to keep the flames from jumping to other buildings. there were no reports of any injuries. with the enrollment deadline three weeks away president obama is launching a new push to get americans to sign up for affordable care health coverage. the improved obama care was website was able to handle at least 750,000 visitors monday although they did not say how many actually signed up. there's been another alarming shark attack off of hawaii's coast. a man bitten monday while fishing died from his injuries. mara has more. >> officials say a shark attacked a man on a small island off of the southwest coast of
8:04 am
maui. a popular spot for diving and snorkeling. they identified the victim as a 57-year-old from washington. he was kayaking with a friend when he began screaming for help. his friend paddled toward him and found his bleeding severely from his right leg. his friend tried to put a tourniquet on him and reach a boat but he died upon reaching the shore. this is the 8th attack near maui this year. the 13th statewide. prompting a major study of shark behavior in the region. the area where the latest attack took place remains closed this morning. >> we're closing the beach and monitoring and make sure that everybody stays out of the water. that will remain in effect until tomorrow 12:00 p.m. considering that there's no other sharks sited. >> reporter: for today, nbc news, new york. pope francis known for his humble manner and gentle approach has confirmed reports
8:05 am
that he worked once as a bouncer in his native argentina when he was a student. he told an audience of working class italians that he onced manned the door at a night club. however he said it was his later work as a literature and psychology teacher that prepared him for his higher calling. can you imagine the pope as a bouncer? it's 8:05. let's get a check of the weather with al. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by the salvation army. your $25 donation this giving tuesday can help feed a hungry family tonight. give today at salvation army >> a little brisk out here. but everybody is enjoying themselves. you guys are from california. any place in general? or the whole state? >> just the whole state. >> the whole state. just roaming from town to town. very nice. let's check your weather. pick city of the day, it happens to be bluefield, west virginia. wvva nbc.
8:06 am
showers by thursday. going to be milder. temperatures into the mid 60s. on satellite, you can see icy conditions making their way through the dakotas. wet weather in northern california. showers down through the southeast. that will be pushing through pretty rapidly. icy conditions through the up of michigan, central wisconsin. heavier snow back through the plains. windy conditions in central californ 8:06. good tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. plenty of high and midlevel clouds overhead in san jose. we hey few showers earlier. those have for the most part cleared up. now the cold air is on the way. now, temperatures right now are in the 50s, but that's kind of where we're going to stay as we get into this afternoon. only reaching the mid 50s. 56 degrees there. inner richmond, 55. 57 in salsalito. 56 in pleasanton. we'll show you how much colder your sechd forecast in just a few minutes.
8:07 am
that's your latest weather. >> coming up in trending, can you say awkward? family holiday photos? you'll never forget it. >> that hurts. >> never get up from that one. jenna bush-hager sits down with teens for a frank and eye opening conversation. all parents need to listen to this one. mark walhberg calls it the most important movie he ever made. we'll catch up with the cast of loan survivor right after this. la's known definitely for its traffic,
8:08 am
congestion, for the smog. but there are a lot people that do ride the bus. and now that the buses are running on natural gas, they don't throw out as much pollution into the air. so i feel good. i feel like i'm doing my part to help out the environment. so you think santa will like these... red and green m&m's? i don't know! i never met the guy! whaaaaa! he does exist! they do exist! uhm... santa?
8:09 am
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ho, ho, ho, ho... (female announcer) celebrate the joy in giving! save 20% on hundreds of items and save up to $30 on select specialty pet habitats. plus, select mollies, guppies and platy fish are just $1 each! at petsmart®. hey, jan. i love the tundra i got last year. i'm here to get the new one. the new redesign is pretty tough. tundra's the toughest truck i've ever had. my son's getting my old one. sweet. am i getting the boat, too? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] right now during toyotathon, get 0% apr financing on the new redesigned 2014 tundra. for more great deals, visit toyotathon is on! ♪ toyota. let's go places. we're back now at 8:10 with what's trending today. here's one that's been in the headlines over the last year. have you guys heard the theory called healthy obesity?
8:11 am
yes it's possible for someone to be significantly overweight but in otherwise good health. the theory gained traction in recent years and some people even called themselves fat but thin. now scientists are weighing in with their verdict. they say it is false. there's so much thing as being healthy obese. in a new study researchers found it takes about 10 years for common health risks like heart disease and diabetes to appear. i think they want to kind of put an end to this about people saying i'm obese but in other ways i'm healthy. >> they say but my cholesterol is down. >> right. i also had major joint problems and it was only a matter of time. >> when you're huffing and puffing going up the stairs, you're not healthy and fit. >> on a different note, have you guys seen george clooney in the latest issue of w magazine? >> you obviously have. >> i don't like the outfit but whatever. inside, george reveals his ideal
8:12 am
women, their names and wait for it, are tamron and natalie. >> yeah. >> george says that after watching the classic movie, and that's my favorite movie as well. he fell madly in love with audrey hepburn and to catch a thief had him convinced grace kelly was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. when they say what's the perfect woman now, he says he hasn't met her yet. >> that's a diss to his exs. >> he said he's never going to get remarried. >> meanwhile, with audrey hepburn and grace kelly he's not going out on a limb there. pretty amazing women. >> good audition for the position, though. we like the same movie. >> george, call me. >> wow.
8:13 am
>> wow. >> all right. well, from blurred lines to get lucky to wrecking ball and the royals song, they are the songs we have all been hearing one yearlong but one musician brought them together in a amazing song. take a look ♪ ♪ and we'll never be royals. radio active ♪ >> he sings 20 of the years most overplayed songs in just a minute. i think he is genius. >> that's pretty cool. >> absolutely. >> good for him. >> that would drive you nuts. to listen to that over and over again. >> he has a lot of talent. >> well, it's that time of year. families get dressed up to take their holiday pictures. i assume you all do the holiday picture thing. >> you do the matching pajamas? this is right up your alley. our friends at awkward family gathering some of the most unusual holiday pictures. these kids not so joyful. >> no.
8:14 am
>> i love it. >> so good. >> this is the natalie morales. the matching outfits. >> one young lady, this is how she felt about being left out. that's going to leave a mark. and don't take this personally santa, kids not really too happy. and matt, this is the pose you have done many times. >> oh. >> yeah. >> we thought this was as good a time as any to reveal our today holiday card. take a look. >> oh, no. >> take a look. there it is. >> very nice. >> wow. wasn't quite worth the wait. >> went a long way for that one. >> yes, we did. that was awkward. >> we look like apples. >> we were ornaments. >> and that's what's trending today. now to a special series we're calling inside the teenage mind. we all certainly remember our
8:15 am
formative years but today's teens face a host of issues that previous generations didn't have to deal with. today jenna bush-hager has more. good morning. >> good morning. that's right. i spent the day getting to know ten teenagers ranging from 13 to 17. it's a raw look at the lives of modern day teens as they navigate peer pressure, drugs, alcohol and sex. >> reporter: with no parents and no adults, a real and raw look into a candid teen tell all. >> schools are so obsessed with the grade and not what kids are learning. >> people feel so much pressure to cheat these days. >> reporter: we assembled ten teenagers. all growing, changing and adapting. >> i was just cracking. >> reporter: a new generation facing a whole new set of challenges and at first, we left them all alone and watched as they opened up to each other. >> does anyone have the parents that get like social media accounts just to watch yours? >> yeah. >> i'm on twitter all the time.
8:16 am
like a little too much. >> i know the time i spend on social media is a huge amount. i have been trying to cut back. >> when you think about it miley cyrus is the most stupid thing but everybody is talking about her. >> and people think they portray the way teenagers act. they think we're doing that also which is not true. >> i join the group to understand some of the challenges. we started with pressure which is coming at them from every which way. >> peer pressure is literally like everywhere around you. if you see someone wearing like a certain brand of clothing and they're like oh yeah i'm the stuff because i'm wearing these shoes or this shirt or whatever you feel compelled to go out and buy the same stuff. >> or all your friends think this way about a certain topic or a certain person, you feel compelled to go along with what they think. >> what about the pressure to feel a certain way? >> be super skinny and have big bobs or have this and that or wear ugg boots and skinny jeans.
8:17 am
>> some of it revolves around the media and magazine covers. >> girls are supposed to have a thigh gap. >> everyone is obsessed with thigh gap. >> do you feel a lot of pressure to do well academically? >> yes. i put so much pressure on myself. >> i feel a lot of pressure to get good grades. >> a lot of my friends parents want them to go to certain high schools. >> we put a lot of pressure on ourselves too but there's the fact that our parents are saying to us and just people in general are saying it's not okay to fail. >> there's also peer pressure when it comes to drugs and alcohol. raise your hand if somebody offered you drugs. >> people smoke up during lunch. people post pictures on instagram of them smoking weed. it's going to come back to you. >> i have heard of people taking painkillers and turning to heroin. >> one drug new and becoming more popular and in the headlines is molly. do you know people that do it? >> oh, yeah.
8:18 am
especially at concerts. people do it. they don't know much about it or what's in it and they'll tell me it's a pure form of ecstasy, mdma. it's safe. it's safer for you than advil. >> it's just not worth it. you have so much ahead of you and you throw it all away with one drug or one bad trip. >> reporter: then there's dating and dealing with sex and sexuality. >> is there pressure when you're in high school to have sex. >> oh, yeah. >> yeah. >> especially like prom night is known as, oh, lose your virginity or something. it's sort of like a stereo type. >> is there pressure to have a boyfriend or girlfriend or to date. >> yes. you're the odd person out if you don't have a girlfriend or a boyfriend. >> the pressures in high school to date are really because fear of being judged if you're not because that's where the name calling comes in if you're not active or doing anything and people say oh he's gay or
8:19 am
someone is a lesbian because they're not in a relationship with someone. >> reporter: they're the most outspoken when it comes to bullying and it's not the same old problem now that it's online and anonymous. >> cyber bullying is a huge problem. people go home from school and you continue to get bullied. >> 24/7. >> you get it on your phone when you're at school. you get it when you're at home. >> what goes through your mind or friend's minds when this happens? how does it feel to get a message like that? >> awful. >> you can't stop looking at it. you can read it over and over. if someone said go kill yourself you can just read those words over and over. >> reporter: for this group they say life is made up of highs and lows but being a teen is a constant balancing act. >> teens face issues a lot different from 20 or 30 years ago and our lives are a lot different from our parents. >> it's scary being in the teen area because you're in between -- you're going to college and you're trying to dictate your future. >> we're in between having the
8:20 am
responsibilities of an adult and wanting the responsibilities of a kid. >> jenna, this is unbelievable but it sounds like social media is the game changer for these kids. things we didn't have to go through. >> none of them have been asked out in person. it's all over facebook, on text. and they also say that everything is public. you know everything about drugs are public, sex is public. it's all over the internet and bullying. like what we talked about. it's totally different. >> eye opening. >> it is. >> today with kids it's like you worry about the pressures and they're talking about molly and comparing it to advil. >> or heroin. now that people in the suburbs are doing heroin. everything has escalated. i have 15 years to get ready for it but i'm scared. >> who knows what it's going to be in 15 years. >> and it will be a whole new thing but this is an incredible series. thank you so much and by the way we'll have more of this tomorrow on today and some of the parents
8:21 am
of those teenagers will join us live. it's fantastic. great stuff. thank you. matt over to you. thank you very much. now to a new movie getting a lot of attention. lone survivor based on a mission by seal team 10 to capture a leader in afghanistan but when the group is discovered by three goat herders they face a difficult decision. >> rules of engagement says we cannot touch them. >> i understand. but i don't care. >> they are unarmed prisoners. >> this is not a vote. this is what we're going to do. this op is compromised. we're going to cut them loose and we're going to make this peak. when we make this peak, you're going to get coms up and we're going to call for extract and we're going home. >> roger that, sir. >> roger that. >> they're three of the movies stars. good to have you here. good morning. >> good morning. >> i'm paraphrasing here but you basically said this is about the best movie making experience you
8:22 am
ever had and you're proud of this or as proud of this as an actor of anything you have ever done. >> you think about the bond formed not only us but everybody in front of and behind the camera trying to bring the story to light it was a very special experience. >> i got to see the screener last night and i mean, you could have gone out and made another battle movie about the ri gors of war but it's clear you guys wanted to go deeper here and try to answer the question of why. why do these guy dos what they do? why do they form the bonds they do? why do they take the risks for not only their country but each other? how do you answer that question? >> these guys are a special breed of people and, you know, early on in the process, i was trying to figure out, well, what's my character, what's he like and his father, dan, who he also sat peter down and had a similar experience with him, he read me danny's autopsy report. >> about the wounds that he suffered. >> about the wounds that he
8:23 am
suffered and different hits different parts of his body and he goes danny kept on fighting to the very end after he had already had these wounds. he kept on fighting. that's the kind of person that all of these guys were. >> so when you learn things like that about these character who is were real guys, taylor, there's an enormous amount of pressure to get it right when it heads to film. >> there is and at the beginning that's what brings us together. it's rare to be a part of something that's bigger than all of us. so from day one we're up in the mountain training with the seals and a lot of them served with them or went through training with them or whatever it is and it's from day one. so that's what helps so much. >> it's really the story of marcus latrell that's been on the story a couple of times. >> first time i saw marcus was on youtube being interviewed by you. >> yeah. >> as an actor you think i get to play this guy who went through this horrific experience, what a great opportunity as an actor. that's your first selfish
8:24 am
thought and then you realize this is real and then it doesn't become about you any more. every time i have seen the movie since and we have been doing q and as and watch the movie and all i can think about is what he and the guys experienced. i can't think about what i experienced as an actor. >> you bring up a q and a and you were doing a screening of the film and the topic turned as you were discussing with marcus right there that somebody raised to you that some actors compared making a movie to going to war and you had a very emotional and blunt reaction. obscenities in that reaction. take me through what you were thinking and why you reacted that way. >> first of all, what i experienced watching the movie with marcus i was overwhelmed we motion to think about what he experienced and what the guys that never came off the mountain experienced and to have somebody whisper in my ear somebody said it's like going to war and i was guilty of it too. i sat here talking about i trained for 4 1/2 years to become a fighter.
8:25 am
it's nothing like what these guys do. we have the luxury of going home, having a shower. having a meal. sleeping in our warm bed. we do it again and it's difficult for us but it doesn't measure up to what those guys do. >> it's amazing how, you know, i see a lot of movies like this but it's amazing how the emotions you're talking about do come across. there's a lot of very quite moments in this movie and it's in the quite moments that you learn the most about what drives these guys. congratulations guys. it's a powerful film. always good to see you. >> you too. >> happy holidays to all of you. lone survivor opens christmas day in new york and los angeles and nationwide on january 10th. just ahead, iconic piece of music history going up for auction. including elvis's actual blue suede shoes. mark, get your checkbook out. but first, your local news.
8:26 am
>> i'm laura garcia cannon. >> the company's new headquarters, which is under construction. saturday night apple security guards noticed an open gate on the cupertino property. when they searched the grounds, they say they found cartwright heegd in the bushes. he refused to come out until officers arrived, and a police dog bit him. want to check the morning commute with mike. how is it looking? >> we're looking over here to the peninsula. very crowded. the southbound side coming to the bottom of the screen, that was really jammed up. started to move much more smoothly. that's better. look at the map. both directions very slow.
8:27 am
orange and red. slow off through san mateo. driving across the bridges right now, but on the east bay side, slowing from 580 and 808. let's get a live look at the coliseum. the northbound side heading away from us. we had reports of ae dump truck that was spilling debris through the area. i din see that, but i see the backup and flashing lights as they have to clear those lanes as you head past high street. back to you. >> all right. a lot of people out there already. we're going to have another local news update for you in half hour. in that we'll also include a look at the forecast. meteorologist christina loren, going to get cold around here. have a great morning.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
it is 8:30 on a tuesday morning, 3rd of day of december, 2013. your heard screaming in the background. that's because these guys, the stars of lone survivor is doing a little collecting of toys as part of our 20th annual holiday toy drive. and we thank them for being our rather distinguished elves this morning. that's cool stuff. >> that is awesome. they're not the only stars in the house. susan boyle will perform live coming up. but first, kelly rowland is here to tell us about giving tuesday. how are you? >> how are you. you look so nice and cozy. >> well, for me it's all about the salvation army today and it's basically the salvation army is doing a live concert this saturday if you're in the l.a. hour. you have to be there. it's going to be amazing. austin mahone.
8:32 am
emblem three discovered on the x factor will be performing. it will be streamed live. and you don't want to miss it. >> we have all seen the red kettles on the streets for so long that it's good news, bad news. we need to stop and pay attention to those people. >> we have to stop and pay attention because the red kettle is not just about the holidays. you see santa there. it's more. so i have gotten a chance to see it firsthand and actually going to visit with disd, playing with them and seeing what they do in the community is so much from providing meals, after school programs. it's so much and i appreciate the salvation army so much myself. >> absolutely. >> so if you are around, and you see the red kettles, don't afraid. put everything in there. >> yeah. >> car keys, whatever you like. >> whatever you like. put everything in there. definitely feels like the holiday season when you see that red kettle. so know that it's the season for giving and it's that time.
8:33 am
>> you've been very busy lately. what do you have planned for the holidays? >> i plan on eating. i love to eat. i love to be with family. that's what i'll do on the holidays. >> i have a confession. my favorite holiday gift to give. i'll tell you guys this now, kelly's ab workout tape. i hate the gym but i do it every single day and i'm giving it out as a holiday gift. >> thank you. >> it is ridiculous. >> you look great on the cover of self-magazine. >> thank you so much. >> this is a love fest. >> we all want your abs. >> she made that outfit. it's fantastic. >> willie wants your abs too. >> the red kettles and the abs. happy holidays. great to see you. >> thank you. >> we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> of course meantime we're kicking off something new this morning. it's our 12 days of christmas, big bargains just for you to some of the hottest holiday gifts and life style expert and today contributor is here with
8:34 am
us as well. >> okay. so how does this work? >> well, i'm kicking off 12 days of christmas. basically we have 12 great gifts. they'll be 50% off for today show or more -- some days are 70% off. for today show viewers only. the deal could last 24 hours. our very first deal. >> something that natalie would love. >> yeah. >> okay. so pajamas for the whole family. you go to you can find out. you go click through and you go right to the site and you're going to get that code and, again, it will last only 24 hours. i'll be back throughout the next three weeks with more gifts. >> what's the discount on this one? >> 50% off. >> usually they retail from 19.99 to 79.99. you'll get them from 9.99 to 39.99 instead. >> it's a fun holiday tradition. you take a picture around the
8:35 am
tree in matching pajamas. >> 15 different sets you can choose from. >> thank you. >> we'll see you in the next few weeks with more deals. now a check of the >> already. let's do that. show you what's happening. today we're looking at a rough day. minneapolis going to be looking at some rough weather. in fact, we have really foggy conditions. that is fog out there from our good friends at our nbc station. look for showers later today. then it turns to snow and ice. so is it's going to be a real mess. looking at windy conditions in northern california. and then for tomorrow, we lost all of our monitors so i can't see what's happening for tomorrow. oh, there we are. icy conditions up through northern minnesota. snow through the plains. and we're looking at wet weather getting down into the southw an honest man.
8:36 am
mostly cloudy conditions. that wind is going to increase. the cold front is now coming through the bay area. we're going to drop off suddenly the next few hours. then we'll warm up into the upper 50s. not much of a temperature spread today. >> so let's say hello to olympic weight lifter, holley mangold. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> it's been pretty amazing. you went from 351 pounds to 250 pounds in seven weeks. you worked really hard at this. >> it was a lot of hard work, not a lot of food. it was a lot of fun. >> you were eliminated last week. it seemed like it was really emotional. >> it was it was extremely emotional. you bond with those people. you become a big family.
8:37 am
it was hard to leave. >> you scale said you lost three pounds. you were running, doing all this activity. were you really surprised it was only three? >> i think my body might be allergic to running. so i stopped that. you never know what's going to happen on the scale. as long as you put in the work you will see the results. >> you're living proof of that. >> thank you. >> you can watch the biggest loser tonight 8:00, 7:00 central. matt? our studio will be alive with the sound of music but we need your help. >> this morning we have more singing so you can decide with us in studio 1a. ♪ >> will it be the lovely lloyds from south carolina?
8:38 am
>> the angelic boyds from new jersey? >> or the willis clan from tennessee? ♪ >> to cast your vote and help us choose the "today" show sound of music family, logon >> all fantastic stories. it's going to be a tough decision. we need your help. of course it's all tied to a live broadcast of carrie underwood in the sound of music, thursday night, 8:00, 7:00 central here on nbc. speaking of music. up next, from elvis's shoes to cher's iconic bonnet.
8:39 am
how you can own rare pieces of history. and a holiday song from susan boyle. but first this is td on nbc.
8:40 am
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we're back at 8:41. kelly rowland is meeting and greeting the crowd out there. ever wanted to dance in elvis's blue suede shoes or wear michael jackson's glove? you know you want to. those are up for auction starting this friday in beverly hills. he is the president of julian's auctions and martin noland is the executive director. good morning, gentlemen. >> good morning. >> this is so awesome. darren, let's start off with michael jackson. some items from him. starting off with the bills tie jean gloves. >> there's hundreds of them,
8:42 am
right? >> no, there's very few of them. he gave this to his long time photographer. >> there's a limited number of them. this one was in rehearsal. >> that's right in the late 80s. >> and this life magazine with michael jackson, there's two of them here. >> you can see him wearing this jacket on the cover. that was in 1997 and you can see here he is holding his son prince. so we estimate this jacket 50 to 80,000 and again we sold comparable jackets up to 2 and $300,000. >> moving on here, elvis, blue suede shoes. are they really elvis's shoes? >> they are. they're the only pair he owned. >> what size? >> i would 9 or 10? >> but they were on display at the elvis museum in las vegas for many years. this is the first time they have come up for auction. this is the holy grail. >> can i just touch them? >> you can. >> i just touched them.
8:43 am
some of the items you have here. >> we have the jacket worn on the album cover elvis is back 1960. it was his 5th in studio album. >> we also have the ukulele from blue hawaii. >> well, he didn't use it. he gifted it after the filming. >> whitney houston. she wore this dress in saving all my love for you. >> yes, she was 23. the start of the launch of whitney houston. she won the award for pop vocal artist. three nominations and of course she went on to great things. estimated 3 to 5,000. very iconic. >> wow, this is amazing. moving on, this is back in a big way. >> takes over the whole show. >> tell me about this. >> this is when he would relax, this is something for his casual. >> this is his pajamas? >> silver threading, gold threading.
8:44 am
8 to 1200 on this. sold at original auction in 1988. he passed away in '87 of course and behind the chandeleer. >> this is fabulous. >> this is estimated 1 to 2,000. >> wow. >> he gifted this to vince cardell. it was in the mansion in vegas. really important. >> it's such great timing because liberace is back. >> yeah. now, cher was recently on today. >> we all love cher. >> this is the head dress. >> fantastic design by bob mackey. they worked together since the 1960. and in 1975 she wore this to the rock music awards. >> now you guys told me i can wear this. can i put it on? >> absolutely. >> when i was 7, it was my theme
8:45 am
song. so this was cher and i can't afford it on auction but at least i can live vicariously. savannah, see what you miss being sick at home. half bred. the auction is friday and saturday. you have made my life. >> yes, we have that as well. >> up next a special holiday performance, not from cher but susan boyle which is great too. high susan. >> it's so you.
8:46 am
in a perfect world every man would look like john stamos. wow! wow! and in a perfect world, what's delicious would be healthy too. wish granted. dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt. this really is too good to be true!
8:47 am
dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt. ♪ dannon. >> announcer: the toyota concert series on today, brought to you by toyota. >> back in 2009 this lady next to me stood in front of simon cowell and stunned the world on britain's got talent. fast forward to today and susan boyle now sold more than 20
8:48 am
million albums worldwide. her latest is called home for christmas. nice to see you. happy holidays. >> lovely to see you too. >> have you always been a big fan of christmas music. >> always. it's a love for me. >> what were you foundest memories of your childhood and christmas? >> my fondest memories was going to church and coming home and having a nice christmas evening with the family. >> it's always such a great occasion. you're going to sing what song for us this morning? >> have yourself a merry little christmas. >> thank you, we will. ladies and gentlemen, susan boyle. [ music playing ] ♪ have yourself aerry little
8:49 am
christmas ♪ ♪ let your heart be light ♪ next year all our troubles will be out of sight ♪ ♪ have yourself a merry little christmas ♪ ♪ make the yuletide gay ♪ next year all our troubles will be miles away ♪ ♪ once again as in olden days happy golden days of yore ♪
8:50 am
♪ faithful friends who are dear to us will be near to us once more ♪ ♪ some day soon we all will be together if the fates allow ♪ ♪ until then we'll to -- somehow ♪ ♪ and have yourself a merry little christmas now ♪
8:51 am
merry christmas susan. thank you very much. we'll be back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
8:53 am
well, all those gifts you bought on cyber monday are being packed up and shipped out and kevin tibbles found a delivery person who is the ironman of his profession. >> reporter: the holidays are coming to michigan where they have a tradition all their own. for the last 51 years, tom camp has been delivering christmas gifts and everything else for ups in this detroit suburb. as the company's longest serving driver he has driven upward of 1 million miles, delivered almost 5 million packages and has become more than a familiar face to his customers. >> miss johnson. my favorite people. always in a very pleasant mood. >> thank you. >> reporter: there is one area, though, where he comes up a big fat zero.
8:54 am
tom has never had an accident. but now he is facing the biggest challenge of his career, me. >> come on in. >> i'm your christmas help, tom. >> i was expecting a much younger man. >> reporter: his doubts were well founded. >> this isn't working out. >> reporter: i suited up to help out with the run up to christmas which can mean up to 32 million packages a day for big brown and tom camp who took me on his route where he is the safest driving on a precautious road. >> what do you think when you see people texting and talking those things. >> they'll pull up to a red light and they'll sit there and you can see their head down and it just urks the living hell out of you. come on, drive, you know? can't you wait until you get home? >> reporter: for the people here it's not his safely record or
8:55 am
the years or the mileage, it's his humanity. so close to the michigan campus, customers raz him about his allegiance to notre dame. >> notre dame won saturday. >> it's about time. >> reporter: at 72, tom has no plans to retire. >> so what time is coffee break. >> yeah, right. >> reporter: but my performance with ups just can't deliver. i can't do it. >> we got to get this guy some glasses. >> reporter: for today, nbc news, michigan. >> this guy probably didn't want kevin talking to him while he was driving. >> yeah. >> lots of packages to deliver. >> and by the way, tom has never missed a day of work. >> that's cool. >> incredible. >> very good. >> meantime, we have breaking news, our elf on the shelf now has a name. >> oh, he does? >> we asked the viewers to write in and give us suggestions.
8:56 am
holly, clementine and cringel mcjingle. we figured out it is a female. so the winner is, how about naming the elf sunny for the sunrise on the "today" show logo. >> i love that. >> sunny it >> 8:56. i'm scott mcgrew. today helping anxious fliers. they're implementing a yearly program called the wag brigade. volunteers and their certified therapy dogs will start regularly visiting sfo terminals to provide stress relief for flyers. as far as your travel getaway forecast, let's go to christina. good morning.
8:57 am
>> good morning. looking pretty good for getting out of town, scott, and it is going to be cold around here, but no flight delays. no fog to report. in fact, we have mostly cloudy conditions, and these are midlevel and high clouds. all courtesy of a cold front that's coming through. you can see the clouds moving with the naked eye because that front is coming in quickly. as it does so, our temperatures are going to remain cool today. only reaching into the mid to upper --
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: this is today's take with al roker, natalie morales and willie geist. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to today on this tuesday morning, december 3rd, 2013. you saw the rockefeller christmas tree in the shot there. we're now one day away from lighting that thing up. >> tomorrow, starting 7:00 at local stations, nationally at 8:00 eastern. and natalie, savannah, myself -- >> yeah. >> it's going to be a great show. a lot of incredible musical acts, mariah carey, leona lewis. jewel. >> i get to watch it at home on tv. >> the tashe is gone. >> your wife is the most happy.
9:01 am
>> the happiest of them all. >> you can kind of see behind me jose from the art of shaving. and i asked him to stop by and take care of the rest of the thing. i went to the upper east side. they took care of me. i just wanted him to hack it off. they said we're going to do this right. straight razor. >> it's a fantastic experience. it is. >> it is. >> i have gone to the art of shaving and i have to tell you, it's relaxing -- it's a nice experience. >> it is. it's an experience. >> like getting a facial massage. >> did you fall asleep? >> almost. they put you horizontal and they put the towel on your face. >> he actually hangs me upside down. >> that's another place you go. >> by the way -- >> don't say it. >> i just found something out, did you know we have a trending group of -- >> yeah. >> of people that take care of our trending. >> whatever is trending. >> our today's take and then the
9:02 am
talk with -- >> it's the brilliant trending minds of the "today" show. >> it's a group. >> it is. >> we have a group. they're over there. standing over there. adam miller is in the orange room and there they are. >> matt over there. >> yeah. >> allie. >> trying to figure out what we need to talk about. it's really amazing. >> they're down in a bunker beneath 30 rock coming up with these ideas. >> monitors and feeds coming in constantly. >> they're always looking through the papers trying to find the latest and greatest. >> yeah. >> all harvey levin wannabes. shutting at the pulse of what's going on. >> speaking of, one of the big stories we have been talking about that they found, this trending group, we reported this earlier, the pope at one point in his life was a bouncer. >> how great is this? >> can you imagine him saying you get out of here? >> it's amazing. >> one thing after another.
9:03 am
he told parishioners in a church outside rome he had been a bouncer in his past li. he had other jobs, sweeping floors, running chemical lab tests but the one jumping out is that he stood at the door of a bar and said you can come in, you can't come in. >> that's amazing. >> the kind of guy he is, he was like everybody come in. the gates are wide open. >> exactly. >> come in. >> not so much. >> if he sensed the devil in you. >> the drinks are on me. >> the patron in the black suit with the ear piece. >> made me think of some of our first jobs. what were some of your big jobs. >> pizza delivery and landscaping were my big ones. >> what did it teach you delivering pizza? >> that i needed a better car than an old jeep that was bouncing up and down. >> yeah. >> what about you. >> i was a pooper-scooper. >> hello. is that a whole job? >> i worked at a pet store.
9:04 am
>> you got paid? >> i cleaned out cages for the most part. you could learn a lot about the health of a puppy just by it's poop. >> please, tell us more. >> how's your cheerios right now? >> and i also, i worked as a make up counter girl so i did make overs. what else did i do? different odd jobs. what about you al? >> my first job i was at a store in queens bagging chickens, you know? wrapping up chickens. and they were dead at the time. >> i thought that was a euphemism for something. >> i was back there bagging chickens. do you know what i mean? >> how you doing? >> what did you learn about yourself? >> i learned that they're very cold and i don't want to ever do this. and then i got a job when i was in high school working for a to z vending. this was the greatest high school job ever. i finished school at xavier high school and literally walked across the street and i boxed up
9:05 am
candy that then guys took to vending machines. so it was one for the box one for me. i don't know if they're still alive. they were wonderful guys and morris came up with the great idea, this is going to change the future of vending, corn nuts. corn nuts. they'll last forever. push the corn nuts. >> it's true. they do last forever. >> and we were getting sued because people were breaking their teeth. push the corn nuts. and morris's son-in-law. >> how much did you sell? >> i didn't. i kept pushing the oreos. >> but you learned about your business savvy? >> no, i just learned that this is the greatest job. on the f train coming home hi the best job because i had a book bag full of stuff. >> you were a hero. >> yeah. >> you were a hero. >> snacks for everybody.
9:06 am
and then i learned that i wanted to be part of the trending group. >> well. >> i still think all the jobs including trending group, character building. >> you just reminded me in holiday they used to have focus groups in a town nearby where they had a new pastry from pills bury or whatever it was and you could go eat pastries and they would give you $20 and that was lunch money or not beer money because you don't drink in high school. that's crazy. money to do other things. >> unless you're running for governor in maryland. >> how many times did you sign up nar? >> we were there a lot. and we told them it was fantastic. now can we have our $20. >> and the pastries, please. >> yes. let's talk about this tree making a difference. it is ine for the look.
9:07 am
>> is their last name scrooge. >> i guess people on their facebook page have expressed their displeasure in the lack of real tradition in having a real tree in the middle of silver springs, maryland. i think it's fantastic. this is for charity. it's original. it looks like art. >> so they're against giving toys to needy kids? is that their position? that's a bold position, guys. >> taking that jump. >> screw those kids. >> you shave the face and you get mean. >> am i wrong? >> when you had the mustache and looked like evil willie you were calm. >> now i have to overcome the boyish face. >> it's the dark side of willie. >> you're right. >> thank you. >> dark natalie and evil willie. >> good team.
9:08 am
>> a lot of people asking this question because of a new study. is chivalry dead? the new study finds men are unlikely to offer women seats or help with bags not because they're not good guys but they don't want to offend women. they're worried of being patronizing to women? >> do you? >> i've never had a woman say how dare you? >> there's some women i've seen that are like you don't need to hold the door open for me. i can get it myself. >> then i tripped her. >> civil hivalry is still alive >> only one in seven men offer their seat to a woman on a train or won't help the mother with a heavy stroller. >> i will always take the help. i don't care. i believe in equality of the sexes and everything and i will certainly say thank you and appreciate it. >> let's say a full elevator.
9:09 am
do you like it when the guys lay back and even if you're in the back of the elevator step to the side and let you step out first. >> they move to let you over. >> yeah. >> because they could get off first. >> you like that. >> yeah, absolutely. >> that's one of my pet peeves is that you hold the door open -- man or woman and they don't say thank you. come on. >> i agree. >> common curtesy. >> absolutely. bring back chivalry. >> yeah. >> so do we have time? >> what does the trending group say? >> time? >> they revealed the biggest songs and artists in 2013. macklemore and ryan lewis are the most streamed artists. >> christine down in the control room said yeah, sure, listen to them and not me. >> there's a power struggle now between the control room and our floor. oh, i like it. >> wow. >> producer smack down. >> this is the most streamed
9:10 am
song of the year right here. >> i like it. >> it's a great song. >> the most viral track of 2013, get lucky. >> your favorite song. >> i don't know. >> one of your favorites. >> blurred lines too. that's close. >> yeah. >> so control room or trending group, do i do weather now or what? >> yes, weather. >> power struggle. >> i have a billboard, though, right? >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by the salvation army. your $25 donation this giving tuesday can help feed a hungry family tonight. give today at salvation army >> should i do this now? okay. i'm going. i'm going. top weather, this big storm we're calling it high plains drifter. it's bringing in winter weather in a big way.
9:11 am
from california all the way to wisconsin. we are talking about heavy snow. it is going to be a rough one out here. and, in fact, look at the -- look at what's happening with this storm system. you aren't seeing a lot of snow now but in the next couple of hours this thing is going to get cranked up. it's basically a double barrel low. energy from this system will transfer up into the upper midwest to look at the heavy snow from denver all the way to minneapolis. just west of denver, some areas going to be picking up two feet of snow. also on into other parts of the rockies and then in the midwest, the upper midwest, minneapolis, you're under a winter storm warning. up to nine inches of snow for you in >> 9:11 on a tuesday morning. temperatures are not going to climb throughout the day. the reason why is there is a cold front on the way. that's what's bringing all the loudz to most of the bay area. this is san francisco.
9:12 am
you can see we're getting quite a pickup. old glory blowing in that breeze, which is rather strong right now, and it will continue to pick up as we head throughout the day today. these are your current wind speeds sustained at 21 miles per hour in san francisco with wind picking up in the south bay. it's going to be cold and breezy all day long. that's your latest weather. >> thank you. up next, what should you do if somebody gives you a gift and you have nothing to get them in return. >> how do you make a better burger? pile on the arugula
9:13 am
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[ female announcer ] let betty do the measuring and get a head start on delicious homemade cookies. visit for fun holiday ideas. betty crocker cookie mix. just pour, ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] kleenex tissues help stop moisture better than the leading competitor. save yourself from an awkward situation. don't get caught without kleenex tissues. and now try our new lotion tissues. they're more soothing than ever. bill: boy, oh, boy.s penguin! ja: yay! now what do you think he's got in that gift box, bill? bill: hopefully a present for my wife! jane: oh, no... bill: yea... catch the great ritz holiday parade across the web, for deals, recipes, and festive fun. it all starts at
9:15 am
what should you do if your coworker gets your a holiday gift and you're left empty handed or you run into somebody at a holiday party whose e-mails and phone calls you have been ignoring? >> these are the social situations that make us cringe. >> what should we do? here to help us recover is our
9:16 am
psychiatrist. >> emotions are running high and everybody wants to do things rightment it's a stressful time. >> let's get to it. >> first question, you have a neighbor, a colleague. brings you an unexpected christmas gift. you don't have one in return. what do you say in that moment? >> i say thank you very much. it's awfully nice. merry christmas. >> or you have been busy and you're going to run out and you're doing your gifts very soon. you should keep eyes peeled for your gifts. >> i usually have a stock at home or campbells or something. >> very smart. >> here. >> that's a smart way to do it. the neighborly thing to do is give a gift of equal value or sentiment in return and that's the perfect thing to do. have something in stock and lay it on them. >> natalie won that one. >> we like competition. >> in case you haven't noticed. >> willie is very competitive. >> what's the next one? >> next one, you run into a colleague, someone you have been ignoring, their text message or
9:17 am
e-mail or phone calls for whatever reason. it's an awkward moment. when you see them, what do you say? >> find the nearest bathroom? >> you just walk away. >> dodge them again. >> no. >> duck for cover. >> that's fantastic. >> i think you're very polite. you talk to them and you don't bring it up unless they do. >> i think it gets to be a really busy time of year. i'm sorry. >> that's the polite thing to do. or if it's a bigger reason why you have been ignoring them, now is a good time to bring it up. you can say listen -- >> remember that time when you insulted mine. >> you did this and i felt this way and now you have a per faekt chance to talk about it? >> at the party? >> you could break out in the fistfight. >> stuff happening. >> what happens you're doing secret santa and you notice that the gift you brought is getting regifted. do you say anything? >> no. that's part of it. well, there's different kinds of
9:18 am
secret santas but that's the fun of it. >> that's the rule. secret santa so you keep it secret. if you want to say next year i'm going to bring something better. doesn't necessarily have to be more expensive. >> what about a socket wrench. >> not this year again. >> but something fun or funny always adds something to the party. >> it does. next scenario, you're hosting a holiday dinner, family or friends, someone offers to bring a dish that you know is plain bad. what do you say? what do you do? do you tell them to bring it? do you tell them not to bring it? what do you do? >> let them bring it. put it on the table. >> terrific. so if they show up with a dish in hand, already too late. like you said, willie, you have to serve it. >> if you could do a little preventive medicine and called beforehand and say gosh, you already have tons of food. >> what would really help -- >> tell them to bring something ice, paper products, things like
9:19 am
that. >> wine. >> bring ice or wine i always say. i think do we -- we ran out of time. >> what does the trending group say. >> we ran out of time. >> we're done. >> all right, thank you. great to have you. >> happy holidays. >> up next the headlines you need before you leave the house. >> plus it's not too late for a christmas time ♪ [ male announcer ] your eyes. even at a distance of 10 miles... the length of 146 football fields... they can see the light of a single candle. your eyes are amazing. look after them with centrum silver. multivitamins with lutein and vitamins a, c, and e to support healthy eyes and packed with key nutrients to support your heart and brain, too. centrum silver. for the most amazing parts of you. centrum silver. from the innovators in dark spot correction... garnier introduces dark spot treatment mask. our 1st tissue mask concentrated with half a bottle of serum
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9:23 am
headlines, if you enjoyed shopping on cyber monday without the pesky online sales tax, maybe you don't want to get too used to that. the supreme court refused to intervene over state sales taxes for purchases on it is likely to prompt more states to collect taxes on internet sales. >> meantime the numbers are in and cyber monday was a huge success for retailers. sales were up nearly 20% for last year. don't worry if you missed out. there's plenty of time to score dealers. they have extended their deals for what they're calling cyber week. >> if you haven't booked the holiday flights, here's what you can expect. a airfares are up slightly from last week. a cross country weekday flight should you run about $560 and $670 on the weekend. a shorter weekday flight averages about 350 or $520 friday through sunday. >> we've got news this morning
9:24 am
on a possible christmas tree crisis. a root root targeting the popular frazier fur species has farmers scrambling to come up with a plan b. that could cost farmers hundreds of millions of dollars if it's n not contained. some were like turkish furs more resistant to the rot. >> it is the season of giving and according to the latest numbers the united states is the most generous nation in the world. according global index of giving more americans reached out to help than any others in the world. it is made up of monetary giving, volunteering and helping strangers. >> check out this amazing reaction when something startled hundreds of gooes hanging out on a baseball diamond in british columbia. the result was awesome and terrifying. especially for the man taking that video. not sure what made the birds take off so suddenly there. maybe somebody invoked the
9:25 am
infield fly rule. just saying. >> hey. >> bang. >> coming up, 70 years in the there are seniors who have left hundreds of dollars of savings on the table by not choosing the right medicare d plan. no one could have left this much money here. whoo-hoo-hoo! yet many seniors who compare medicare d plans realize they can save hundreds of dollars. cvs/pharmacy wants to help you save on medicare expenses. talk to your cvs phaacist, call, or go to to get your free, personalized plan comparison today. call, go online, or visit your local store today. bill: boy, oh, boy.s penguin! ja: yay! now what do you think he's got in that gift box, bill? bill: hopefully a present for my wife! jane: oh, no... bill: yea... catch the great ritz holiday parade across the web, for deals, recipes, and festive fun. it all starts at we'll take something tasty and healthy. ♪ must be the honey! ♪ there's a party going on in your cereal bowl ♪
9:26 am
♪ o's can help lower cholesterol ♪ ♪ oh why does it taste so great? ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! the search for a missing san jose family is resuming this morning. the small plane they were traveling in suddenly vanished over idaho after the father, who was also the pilot, made a distress call. search and rescue crews will be using atv's and snowmobiles on the ground and helicopters will scour the rugged landscape from above. today sonoma county supervisors expected to decide whether to build a memorial. lopez was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy in october. the deputy says it was the replica rifle -- cigarettes wherever smoking is already
9:27 am
banned. right now there are no laws in richmond about where you can or cannot use e-cigarettes. today councilmembers will consider an ordinance to include electronic cigarettes in the city's smoking regulation. a similar proposal is being considered in new york city where some of the country's toughest smoking laws actually already exist. we'll have a look at weather and traffic right after this. good morning nelly! woah. hey! have you ever tried honey nut cheerios? love 'em. neat! now you on the other hand... you need some help. why? look atchya.
9:28 am
what is that? you mean my honey wand? [ shouting ] [ splat ] come on. matter of fact. [ rustling ] shirt. shoes. shades. ah! wow! now that voice... my voice? [ auto-tuned ] what's wrong with my voice? yeah man, bee got swag! be happy! be healthy! that's gotta go too. ♪ hey! must be the honey! [ sparkle ] sweet. it's going to be cold just about all day long. even in the heat of the day. only ramping these numbers up into the upper 50s. make sure you're ready for that. as you can see, we've got mostly cloudy skies across the greater bay area. as we fwet into this afternoon, highs work like this. widespread 50s for today. no major microclimate separation. 58 degrees. that's it today in fremont. changes arrive tonight. cold snap really high here, and that means our lows are going to
9:29 am
be in the 20s and 30s. we'll check your drive. here's mike. >> there's a slow drive here southbound. i turn the camera facing south. you can see the ikea. as you head south away from us, there's pressure where both sides of 101 jam us up. there's a crash reported there. real trouble moving the car. it's a jam for the peninsula. approaching mission, there's a crash clearing as you head out of hayward and a similar slowdown past the coliseum. >> thank you very much, mike. thank you for joining us as well. another local news update coming up in half hour.
9:30 am
welcome back to today on this tuesday morning, december 3rd, 2013. hello. there we go. >> hi guys. >> they're outside there. i'm willie along with al and natalie. >> breaking news before we do that, matt greenfield, a member of our trending group got engaged. >> over the weekend. >> over the weekend. congratulations, matt. >> thank you. >> that's why i don't tell you anything. >> what's your fiancee's name? >> emily. >> have you set a date yet? >> june of 2015. >> time for her to back out, okay. >> just another reason i don't tell you anything. >> he got engaged two weekends ago and didn't tell us until yesterday because he was worried about just this reaction. >> isn't there video and everything of it. >> there is. but i'm not showing you that. >> oh, come on.
9:31 am
go to #orangeroom if you'd like to see matt greenfield's proposal video. >> there's nothing off video here. >> i've seen it. you should show it. >> i think we should see it. #orangeroom, matt greenfield's proposal video. >> nobody wants to see it. >> yes, we want to see it. >> we all love a good proposal. >> aren't you glad you told me yesterday. >> yeah, so glad. >> nothing is sacred with this group. >> so christmas shopping, al, you're a month out. >> i'm a little behind this year because christmas is really early. >> do you just get online and click away? >> a lot of online. during the year i see stuff and then i have a secret place in the house that i put the stuff. >> here's the question s getting a gift card too much the easy way out? >> for teenagers, and even, nikki at 11 loves like a game stop gift card. >> right. >> they have said if any aunt, uncle asks, gift cards.
9:32 am
>> gift cards. >> because then they can make the right choice instead of you buying them the wrong game or whatever it is. >> gwyneth paltrow says she starts holiday shopping two months earlier. >> good for her. >> she also likes to do things personalized. last year she did the handmade cutting boards that were engraved. she does everything just perfect. >> oh. what was that? >> she's perfect? she's pretty perfect. >> here's the survey, two months out, 32%. >> with gwyneth. >> i think you can't take advantage of all the cyber monday deals and all of that if you stop so early. >> you can't put a price on peace of mind. you're done. out. >> if you go out on the 22nd or the 23rd like i do, there's nothing left. >> you can do great holiday shopping at 7-11. >> and i do.
9:33 am
>> wow, slim gjims. >> what's going on with the weather? >> we have a big storm. let's check it out for you. our friends in phoenix not doing too badly. #sunrise today. sunny and mild into the 60s today. we have wet weather through the southeast. big storm making its way across the plain states. icy conditions as you get into the upper midwest. tomorrow the ridged air continues. more wet 9:33. good tuesday morning to you. while your satellite imagery tells the story, you can clearly see that cold front moving into the bay area. most of the shower activity has subsided, but it's going to clear out and behind it is the coldest air of the season. that's going to move in as we head throughout the day today. highs aren't going to climb by up. mostly in the 50s right now, and that's where we are going to remain. just want to show you mostly cloudy skies in san francisco. not expecting clearing for the next couple of hours. then we're going to see that
9:34 am
deceptive sunshine. temperatures climbing from the low 50s into the noticed 50s by the end of the day. that's your latest weather. >> thanks. looking for a great place to celebrate the holidays? even though travel prices do go up you can still find great bargains at great spots that know how to celebrate. >> that's right and here with five holiday travel deals is jackie gifford. good morning. >> good morning. >> great spots. let's start off with the resort in idaho. here you get all of that winter magic, right? >> if you want that winter wonder land feeling this is a 33 room property along the shores of the lake and they're famous for their holiday light display. over 1.5 million shimmering lights. kids will love the boat ride. a 40 minute cruise along the lake to santa's workshop. you get to see santa as well as one of the world's tallest chris mass trees. for new years eve they're doing two fireworks displays. one at 9:00 p.m. and one at midnight. skiing is a short ride away.
9:35 am
they're $139 a night. you cannot believe that price. >> that's a great price. >> we were just talking about another spot. i was there a couple of weeks ago. the food, obviously the wine, it's just a beautiful part of the country. >> who doesn't love good food and wine? it's french inspired rooms with three vine covered stone buildings. $150 a night. that actually indiana stacludest and a wine hour every day. they will have lights and decorating in the hobby and a special craft. you can walk to any of the restaurants as well as tour all the wineries. >> all wineries nearby which we love. let's go to the great city of chicago. this is more for the urban holiday. somebody wants to shop too. >> we love it. $169 a night. it's one of the most popular
9:36 am
hotels. 687 modern guest rooms. for the holidays they'll be doing a brunch with santa. great for the kids as well as a new years eve dinner and christmas eve dinner. you'll be able to walk along the magnificent mile. the famous shopping street which will be decorated with a million lights as well as the ice skating rink. >> one of my favorite cities. >> one of the best. nantucket is a place a lot of people think about summertime off the coast of massachusetts but a good place for the holidays too? >> yeah, definitely. you'll get better deals. we really love 76 main. it's on main street. a cheerful modern hotel. 20 rooms. recently renovated. for the holidays they'll be covering and doing fun mixers and eggnog and cider and be giving their guests a special stocking stuffer treat and this coming weekend is the 40th annual christmas stroll in nantucket. santa arriving by boat and carolling and more. rates start at $139 a night as
9:37 am
well. >> it's a special place. >> beautiful. savannah georgia as we head south a little bit, you have a historic elegant hotel there. very reasonable for the holidays. >> yes, we really love the planters. this is on reynolds square. they're going to be serving fresh baked cookies in the lobby as well as cider and doing a special turn down and christmas tree ornaments. you can take a carriage ride through the town. explore 275 years of savannah's history as well as the festival lights. rates start at $159 a night. >> i've never been. it's on my list. savannah. >> those are five of the best places in the country. >> good job. thank you. coming up next, a wedding dress dream come true. coming up next, a wedding dress dream come true. 70 years in the ma you may know i'm a cancer survivor but did you knowkotb. that one in three people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime? yeah, that's one in three.
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9:42 am
evening. stayed in a hotel and we thought we were being so cool. >> ruth never wore a dress fit for a princess and nearly 70 years later it's still something she dreams of. >> think this is your dress? >> yes. >> when i saw this on television i thought oh i would love to do that. i don't have a husband anymore. but i still would like to tryon a wedding dress. >> truth's fairy tale was about to become her reality all thanks to an organization called second wind dreams. they have been involved in over 400 elder care communities. it teamed one david's bridal to outfit this blushing bride. >> i just want to put it on and see that i'm pretty. >> i'd like something with a full skirt. >> yeah, i like glamour. >> reporter: what ruth doesn't realize is her friends and family are here to take part in the celebration.
9:43 am
>> oh my gosh. >> oh. >> oh my. >> there i am. >> i feel wonderful. and people i'm cheating up here. >> reporter: like any bride, ruth's decision isn't an easy one. >> try that one. >> it's beautiful. >> reporter: but a true princess knows when her dress is fit for a prince. >> come on up here groom. i can't have your dad here but i got you. >> when you found the gown that you want to wear, you ring a bell. >> you ring a bell. [ bell ringing ] >> i'd like to make a toast to my mother, the most beautiful bride of all today. >> when i saw myself in the
9:44 am
mirror i didn't hardly believe that that could be me. i just feel overwhelmed. it feels like a fairy tale. i never thought it would happen. it's really a great dream come true. >> so sweet. well, ruth's special day didn't end there. family and friends threw her a full wedding reception with live music, festive decor and cake. >> she looks beautiful. >> it was spectacular. >> every girl dreams of being in that beautiful dress so day. >> no matter how old that girl is. that's pretty cool. >> up next, healthy swaps. one of these brownies was made without butter. we'll tell you the surprising substitute. liver -- >> no. liver -- >> noif you're seeing spots before your eyes... it's time... for aveeno® positively radiant face moisturizer. [ female announcer ] only aveeno® has an active naturals total soy formula that instantly brightens skin. and helps reduce the look of brown spots in just 4 weeks.
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hopile on the arugula better burger? and load it up with italian prosciutto and fresh mozzarella. you haven't had a burger until you've had the new italiano burger. at olive garden! and explore 40 lunch combinations starting at $6.99.
9:48 am
okay, if you're like a lot of folks you're trying to cut down on the fat and calories. food swapping could be just the thing you're looking for. >> registered dietitian has prepared four easy food swaps for us to taste test this morning. >> happy holidays. >> you're going to fool us. these are swaps i would never think to do but yet are really, really great. >> nutrition is not just about counting calories. this is really my favorite topic. swi simple swaps without compromising tastes. >> brownies here. >> made traditionally with butter and then avocaddo.
9:49 am
>> dive in. >> so it's good fat. >> it's high in healthy fats. it also has fiber and heart protective and important for women in their prenatal years. avocado is a high water volume food so it helps browny ies be chewy and soft. >> i am thinking these are the avocado ones. >> you are correct. these are those. do you think your kids would eat them? >> would not be able to tell the difference? >> wouldn't know the difference. >> now that we had dessert, let's move on to dinner. >> flip flopping. >> so we have a beef stir fry here. one with traditional vegetable oil and most made with coconut oil. most people think of it as not being healthy because of the saturated fat but the type of fat has been linked to burning fat. it's also more easily digested and used for fuel and it's also actually been linked to increasing your good cholesterol
9:50 am
and also has a higher smoking point. so it's a really good oil. >> i had it on toast this morning. >> this is the coconut oil one. >> correct. >> and vegetable highly processed and less nutritious. >> okay. >> huere's one people may not g for. >> i can't trick you with this one. >> this is your typical tortilla wrap with whole wheat and then the nori. >> first of all, 10 calories versus about 150. even the whole wheat wraps have added ingredients. nori, seaweed, loaded with vitamins and minerals. it has calcium and iron. >> it tastes fishy. >> just a little salty. >> it does. exactly. >> i like it. >> but my husband does not like fishy tasting things. he may not like it. >> i just wrap up turkey.
9:51 am
you can even sprinkle it on a salad. >> it's good. >> all right. popcorn covered with parmesan or with yeast? >> yes, new transitional yeast. don't afraid. if you're the type of person that likes to sprinkle cheese on everything from vegetables to salads to popcorn it's the way to go. three grams of fiber, six grams of protein and no saturated fat and no sodium. a quarter cup of apartmeparmesa cheese. >> that's interesting. >> what else can you put nutritional yeast in. >> you can put it on salad or vegetables. >> i like my yeast in bread. >> i like it. >> and it's also vegan. >> i think it's very good. i'm going back for more. >> thank you. >> all right. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. >> where are those brownie
9:52 am
[ wind howling ]
9:53 am
[ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
9:54 am
our toy drive is off and running. it's 20 years and counting. kids love legos. >> yes they do. our friends at lego are going to help families in need. michael is here to tell us about another donation. good morning and thank you for what you do for our toy drive. >> good morning. thank you for what you do as well. >> we're doing $1.2 million worth of lego sets this year. >> that's a lot of he legos. >> it s. it's a mix of a couple of different sets. some of our galaxy squad and chima sets. kids will have a great time building and exploring. >> you do this globally too. >> we're based in denmark and sold in 130 countries around the world. we have charitable initiatives all around the world. >> we're seeing some of the hottest legos out now. what are some of the bigger sellers this year?
9:55 am
>> well, we have lego friends which has been a really strong seller for us and also -- >> star wars i know. >> lego city actually. >> lego city. >> i was in a toy store with my 4-year-old son yesterday and he was sweeping telling me to tell santa. you'll be in good shape in our house anyway. >> i get the catalog and luke is writing lots of letters to santa. lego this and lego that. >> and a lego movie next year. >> yes, february. >> thank you so much. what a generous donation. don't forget our toy drive needs your help. come to the plaza with a toy or donate online. >> good news, you asked for it. >> a number of you tweeted you want to see matt greenfield. our producers wedding proposal is going to be on the air tomorrow. >> we can't wait to see it. >> meanwhile, coming up, mind
9:56 am
the rest of the 21-year-old young man selling a video game console.
9:57 am
to buy a playstation 4, but instead police say he robbed and shot awaka multiple times. he died at the hospital. the two had arranged to meet up on-line. we have new video this morning of a coast guard rescue near marin. a kayaker called for the rescue after suffering dehydration and having stomach pain while out on the bay yesterday. a coast guard helicopter, as you can see, dropped in and pulled the man to safety. let's check our weather with christina. >> hey, good morning to you, scott. good morning to you at home. mostly cloudy over the greater bay area. this is san bruno, but you're basically going to find the same sky across all the different microclimates in the bay area. 53 degrees in san terrific right now. on the way to gilroy and foster city, 56. walnut creek, around 55 degrees, and livermore, 57.
9:58 am
the real cold sets in as we get into tonight. this is what we're looking towards. lows falling into the 30s and 20s as we get into this evening. let's check your drive. here's mike. >> we're looking at palo alto where there's good recovery here. just at university. look at the map coming down into the area. still out of redwood city. the crash on the northbound side is cleared. expressway took quite a distraction. the south bay things start to clear up, except for this spot southbound. the foot hill expressway still closed, ands you approach stevens creek boulevard. look at this video. this is why it was closed. the dump truck went into this garage. no word on any serious injuries. again, it closes southbound at the expressway as you approach steven increase creek boulevard. never put your dump truck in the garage. >> we'll have another local news update for you in a half hour. did you get chips for the party? nope.
9:59 am
[ ding ] cheese plate? cheese plate. no, i made something better. you used the oven? boom. [ male announcer ] pillsbury crescents. make the holidays pop. ♪ make t♪ holidays pop. hey, that's the last crescent! oh, did you want it? yeah. we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light, buttery and flakey. that's half. that's not half! guys, i have more. thanks, mom. [ female announcer ] do you have enough pillsbury crescents?
10:00 am
♪ >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody! what day is it today. >>? booze day tuesday, december 3rd, 2013. >> and we're excited about it, because we have the salvation army band here. some of them. susan boyle to sing in the christmas classic. >> and bell ringers. >> cheyenne jackson is here. we're going to find out if these women trying to not gain weight over the holidays, we're going to find out if that worked. a lot of people saw you
10:01 am
yesterday. you talked about falling an an injury. everybody said, i can't see it it. even our executive producer leaned into the screen and couldn't see it. >> that's testimony to how fantastic mario is. >> this is a picture four days after. >> that looks like -- >> yesterday, by the way, it was a huge shiner. >> nobody cares, let's move on. the synthetics man thought he was in a scene from the "walking dead." >> we told you about the auburn and alabama game and how auburn pulled it out in the last second, literally. the alabama kicker is apparently getting attacked. not the kicker that got that one. but there was another kicker that missed every single one. so this guy on his twitter account is getting so many -- >> vile is the only -- >> vulgar, disgusting tweets
10:02 am
that we can't read. none that we could show on the air were acceptable. people get so crazy when their team loses. >> chris davis, the one who did make the touchdown he got a standing ovation in geology class. he's probably getting a standing ovation everywhere he goes. >> but what about the young man who missed the field goals. he's get something but not as vile. >> people get lathered up when their team loses. and videos of people in their own homes. remember when they showed those, people screaming and crying. >> it's emotional. >> but you done threaten somebody's life. that's shameful behavior. >> yes. >> you're very disappointed. guess what there's going to be another game next year. every time you're disappointed in life, you're going to act that way? >> unfortunately, people are. >> the major from the salvation army -- he's looking at me.
10:03 am
>> don't look at kathie anymore. george clooney is still looking for the love of his life. >> he did an interview with "w" magazine, he said in it he has not met the love of his life. >> well, he better change his wardrobe. >> and stacy keibler. >> and elisabetta canalis. >> he hasn't met the person who is his soul mate. we want to nominate somebody, though. >> we do, we have the perfect match. >> but this is big. we think if these two people would get together. >> stop fighting and give into it. >> and her name is sandra bullock. >> we want those two kids to be happy. >> my god, look at them.
10:04 am
they look perfect. they're both hysterical. she said he's like her brother. no, he's not. >> in some parts of the world, that doesn't matter. >> oh, keep quiet. all we're says one weekend on an island. >> that's what you're saying, hoda. >> we're both saying. you take one weekend and let us know how it works out. >> america would be very happy. >> they both epitomize so many great things. he was also asked, this is interesting, how he would want to die which is a strange question. he said, before my friends. i thought that was interesting. i was thinking about it, and i thought, i want to die before my children. i think that's one of the saddest things in the world when parents have to bury their own. but he doesn't are children. >> how would you want to die? >> in my sleep. >> me, too. >> i'd want to be totally asleep and then that's the end of it. >> after a day where i learn something brand new. >> oh -- >> you know what, that's a good day. you keep learning.
10:05 am
>> what would be your last meal? what would you eat? >> i think it would have to be either a big crab feast which i love. >> yes, yes. >> or eggplant parmesan. >> oh! >> sorry. what would yours be? >> i might do a big pile of steaming butty mashed potatoes. > >> uh-huh. >> i'd probably do the best mashed potatoes. >> you know we're doing cut the creep today. >> and a bunch of desserts. well, one couple that is happy, seems to be, john mayer, he's released a duet with new life love katy perry. >> do you think that's going to go the distance? john mayer and katy perry. >> they both came with some baggage. not that i didn't with frank, let's be honest. or frank with me. sometimes, it can last which makes it harder. he has a long list of very public breakups with ladies.
10:06 am
>> and he talks about that. >> and she had a very public breakup with russell brand. they did a duet of songs together called "who you love." let's listen. ♪ who you love who you love >> feel a little vibe to it. ♪ who you love ♪ ♪ who you love >> so far, i love the lyrics. ♪ who you love who you love >> it's who you love? in case you're forgetting, it's who you love. we take a portion of it, and it's not fair. >> that was a good song. by the way, you guys, if you were watching the cmas last night, there's some kind of a christmas special. >> they're on every night now. i can't keep track. >> i can't believe it's already
10:07 am
december. i'm panicking a little. >> you should. >> luke bryan was going to send a duet with a member of "duck dynasty" willie robinson. let's listen. >> oh, dear. ♪ red neck family and watch rudolph the red nosed reindeer ♪ ♪ like jesus and santa claus we got nothing hoisting you up ♪ ♪ merry christmas and a happy happy new year ♪ . >> i don't believe he was -- i think he sang it. >> now, they're going to do cds. >> they are. >> lordie. >> we liked them when they were here. >> we liked them when they were here. they were very entertaining. >> they were entertaining. so if you're wondering what the most popular baby names of 2013, the list is revealed. the lop three boys names.
10:08 am
number three is liam. number two, aiden. brand new one this year, number one is jackson. >> number two last year. >> cheyenne jackson on. girls, olivia, number two, emma, and number one, sophia. and kathryn, my real name -- it went down the toy toy. hoda, great news, rose 15% in popularity this year. >> the immigrants from egypt are moving here. thank you for coming. we really appreciate it. >> another name that made it korey with a "k." that is from "duck dynasty." korey with a "k." we have the salvation army bell ringers with us. with us, captain's been
10:09 am
distracted through the show. >> this is army major. when i did my podcast on saturday, i interviewed him for a good 10 or 15 minutes of the work of the salvation army. you never let on that you were going to comend be on with us. >> i'm so excited to come talk to you then and now be with you today. >> it's a shortened time between thanksgiving and christmas because thanksgiving came so late. we're reading you that guys are in the hole. >> five days short. $22.5 million. today is giving tuesday, really what we're doing is getting the message out. we're so thankful for getting the message out. >> we have some of your band members here. we can't wait. are you guys going to come out ♪ >> oh. ♪ [ laughter ] >> oh, my goodness. >> that's called frick and frac. ♪ [ laughter ] ♪
10:10 am
[ applause ] >> whoo! >> by the way, you bell ringers very creative. they don't just stand out there and -- >> they get aerobic exercise. they get involved. >> it's not like the old days where you rang a bell. now you have to catch people's attention. with the days, there's 5 million children we're going to be helping. >> major, we so appreciate it. >> working with the salvation army, literally, you don't know who to give to, you guys, because there are scams throughout. i've been working probably 25 years with the salvation army. the money goes to families that are needy all year. go to >> you guys are going to play? >> yes. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] tide pods does the job of three things. it cleans, fights stains and brightens your clothes.
10:11 am
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10:13 am
you may know i'm a cancer survivor but did you knowkotb. that one in three people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime? yeah, that's one in three. and to me, that's one too many. so let's help the american cancer society create a world with less cancer and more birthdays. i for one know how important a birthday can be. today is giving tuesday so text "gift" to 41518 to donate $10 to the american cancer society. let's finish the fight.
10:14 am
♪ i came in like a wrecking ball ♪ >> parenting has never been easy but in today's world of technology things have gotten a little harder. in the simpler days of yes, ma'am, pardon me have fall bin the side. >> take a look at parental guidance where billy crystal's grandson has fun with his grandpa's name. >> instead of calling me grandpa, why don't you call me artie. >> can i call you fartie? >> that was kind of cute. >> i didn't know which one they were going to use. >> here is the author of "if i
10:15 am
have to tell you one more time." >> hi, ladies. >> the problem that we're talking about all the time. we're not having face-to-face directions. we're not existing in irl, in real life. we're constantly here. it's really impacting how polite we are, how kind we are. >> does that change the rules when it comes to in restaurants, out with your kids with all the devices? >> it's changed the way we operate. this is the first time that kids have grown up on devices. what that means they're spending so much time on texting and social media, they don't have much time practicing in real life so they're not getting much training. >> it's critical to having a successful life. >> it really is. >> and the fact is they're missing out on it and what's also happening is, parents are buying into it also. you see families at the table, everybody's on their gadgets and
10:16 am
devices. >> i was in a restaurant all the little kids had their headphones on, and their tablets. when the food came, they just kept eating. no interaction with anybody. it made me sad. >> it is sad. >> they're not learning thousand carry on a conversation or maintain eye contact or engage people. and they need those skills. >> let's talk about age appropriate. some parents don't know at what age should my kid be doing "x" and "y." what should kids be doing at age 3 to 6? >> please and thank you. they can have general graces. they can say may i have this? they can share appropriately. they can tolerate being told no. i think at the end of the day, that's where the problem lies, right? we aren't telling kids no. what happens is, they think it's okay. anywhere where they want. >> isn't it by the time of 6, 51 taught your kids the basics,
10:17 am
it's almost too late? >> yes, by the time it's 7 to 10, they should be doing more sophisticated etiquette. good phone skills. engaging in conversation. helping others. they were have practice and role play at home so they're prepared in real life. >> some parents say if you do "x," i'll give you a cookie, for you do your homework, is there anything wrong with rewards or bribes, anything you want to call them? >> we'll go with rewards. the fact is reinforcement teaches new behavior. it just does. the more you reinforce the behaviors you want, the more likely you are to see them in the long run. bribery is a short-term thing. on occasion it might have a place. if you want to build something for the long term, you got to do it consistently. >> it works with dog training, hoda.
10:18 am
>> yes, it does. >> i wouldn't know, but it does. >> we can talk about this forever. it is getting worse. we have nobody to blame but ourselves as parents. thanks, you guys. stick around, susan boyle is thanks, you guys. stick around, susan boyle is going to this holiday we're and putting down phones. we're raising our glasses and lifting our spirits. here, the hottest gift is a fresh baked breadstick. heartwarming new recipes are coming right out of the oven and we're touring the classics of italy without leaving the table. at olive garden, the best holiday gift is being together. so join us! cause we're all family here. get together for unlimited soup, salad & breadsticks lunch just $6.99. you can fill that box and pay one flat rate. i didn't know the coal thing was real. it's very real... david rivera. rivera, david. [ male announcer ] fedex one rate.
10:19 am
simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] kleenex tissues help stop moisture better than the leading competitor. save yourself from an awkward situation. don't get caught without kleenex tissues. and now try our new lotion tissues. they're more soothing than ever.
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our new lotion tissues. what does that first spoonful taste likok. honey bunches of oats. ching! mmmm! mmmm! mmmm! wow! it's the oats. honey. yeah. honey bunches of oats. this is a great cereal.
10:21 am
all right. he's appeared in count it's tv series from "ugly betty" to "30 rock" to "glee." >> and the best on broadway. >> now singer and actor cheyenne jackson is out with this first original album. it is called "i'm blue sky." i love the title. so great to see you. >> hi. >> this one, you wrote the material. >> i did. >> so that's like your baby. > >> as you know, you're giving birth to your own ideas and
10:22 am
thoughts. it's exciting. >> can we hear a little bit? >> okay. ♪ i'm alive patiently waiting for love to arrive i'm blue sky ♪ ♪ i'm blue sky >> okay so. ♪ i'm blue sky i'm blue sky >> i saw that video. you know, i think i saw it like where they posted it, they said great video. that's got to be fun, too. >> so fun. >> you sent me this video about two months ago. it was fantastic. tell us about the title "i'm blue, skies." >> it's two fold. i went through a lot of transition this year. and a lot of wonderful changes in my life. >> tough changes. >> tough changes, yeah, but you
10:23 am
grow from that. and you learn from it. i'm blue, a little melancholy but also i'm skies. >> yeah. >> to me, it's a personal thing. there was a lot of conversation about the comma. >> you went through a painful divorce. >> yeah. >> and you went through -- you got sober. >> i did get sober. >> how is that affecting your life now? >> it's affecting me in every way possible. i'm working six more hours in the day. how do you get up at 6:00 a.m.? now, it's amazing. life has opened up in a whole new way. >> talk about how busy you are. >> six movies in one year. tell us about them. >> there was a movie called "the song." i filmed it in texas. it's about a songwriter struggling to find out who he really is. and his daughter enters him into a reality show contest. christopher lloyd played my dad.
10:24 am
a movie "love is strange" with john lithgow. >> that's a great one. >> and pictures, it's so cute. >> cartoons, apropos. >> like debbie and veronica, the archie comics. >> you're coming back to broadway in the spring? >> encores. yeah. >> and sound of music. >> what do you do when you're not working, by the way, cheyenne? >> i rest. i just went to the other coast to be with my mom and dad who just moved down there after 40 years in idaho. >> in idaho. >> still, northwest. just enjoying my time. >> we know we've always loved you. >> you've always been supportive. and i love you girls. >> the cd is really great. >> "i'm blue, skies." >> talking about music, hoda.
10:25 am
>> we're going check in with the girls to see if they've had any luck. cutting the creep, plus the man who put the there are seniors who have left hundreds of dollars of savings on the table by not choosing the right medicare d plan. no one could have left this much money here. whoo-hoo-hoo! yet many seniors who compare medicare d plans realize they can save hundreds of dollars. cvs/pharmacy wants to help you save on medicare expenses. talk to your cvs pharmacist, call, or go to to get your free, personalized plan comparison today. call, go online, or visit your local store today. yeah, he's a liquid gold digger. babe how about you make me some of that velveeta cheesy broccoli soup i love so much? oh and you're so pretty. [ cries ] [ male announcer ] liquid gold diggers love liquid gold. ♪ [ male announcer ] liquidhey,d diggers that's the last crescent! oh, did you want it? yeah. we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light,
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10:27 am
>> the richmond skons will consider banning the use of e-cigarettes wherever smoking is already banned. there are no laws in richmond where you can or cannot use e-cigarettes. today conditions members will consider an ordinance to include electronic cigarettes in the city's smoking regulations. we're going to have a look at weather and traffic right after this break.
10:28 am
10:29 am
>> typically at this hour we are in the low 60s, but the 50s continue. it is cold out there, and as we head throughout the day today, we're not going to climb all that much. san francisco right now tells the weather story of the day. cold front is coming through. camera is shaking. those winds are going to pick up as we head throughout the next few hours. then they'll start to drop off as we get into tonight. overall temperatures are running chilly out there. they're going to remain chilly as we head throughout the day. only climbing into the upper 50s. wait until i show you your lows today at 11:00. first let's check your drive. >> there's a recovery for 101. let's look at the map. redwood city, palo alto, you're looking good. in the south bay we still have this issue. southbound foot hills, the foot hill expressway is closed. look at this. back by popular demand. this is the dump truck into that garage. no injuries. they still have the roadway closed. word of advice, don't do that. back to you. >> can you imagine calling your insurance agent on that one?
10:30 am
all right. we'll have another local news -- actually, we're not going another local news update. i'm back at 11:00 for a full look at the news. join me then. and we're back on this tuesday with more of "today." get out those art supplies, everybody. for over a decade now, robert sabuda's incredibly popular childhood pop-up books have brought to life. >> and robert is here with the little mermaid not just to show off his work, he's here to show you how you can make pop-up art with us. >> can you download it if you haven't already. >> we should point out this is the book, "the little mermaid." i can only imagine a kid unwrapping this for christmas. here's the first page.
10:31 am
ready. >> whoa! >> whoa! >> it's so cool. >> under the sea. >> i grew up as a diver and fisherman, so i spent a lot of time under the seas. it's a little bit of a calling. >> so this is such a completely different medium, though. this, i would think you probably didn't get it right about a thousand times and then you got it right. am i right? >> that's part of the process. save time and money and make mistakes. you get better at it. >> where can people get this? >> anywhere, a bookstore. anywhere they like to get a book for christmas. >> i can't imagine creating a pop-up. >> we're going to do it. kathie said you can check the website. you can print these out and pop them out. >> and you painted everything for us. >> if you don't have paper like this, this shiny beautiful paper like this, you can have the kids
10:32 am
color them an do whatever you want. >> what are you making? >> a sea horse. we're going to start. i did a little folding and cutting for both of you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> we're going to take this center piece, this is the body. you see the red dot. >> how will everyone at home know how to do it? >> we jumped ahead with the instructions for you because of time. all the instructions are on the website. at home, you'lle know how to do it. >> by the way, how do you -- >> you can use construction paper. you have a red dot on the piece. i want you to just lay down -- >> this is for dummies. >> as you put it in position. yes, very good. very good. everybody's got it. >> this is so much fun. >> now, i want you to close the card. it's got sticky glue on both sides. when i do this with kids, i call it mashing. then you open it slowly and see if the body twists --
10:33 am
associatiso -- there you go. this is the body. if you open it up, you see a little bit of the body of the sea horse there. >> okay. >> great, now. we're going to put the body on. i want you to take your head and pull off your piece of paper here. i got the pieces for you. >> moving ahead. >> and you're going to put it on the left-hand ride here. ri right behind it. if you look if back, there's a white spot right there. lay the head in. >> like that. >> you people are moving too slow for me. >> i tried it -- >> this one goes actually -- right -- right there. now, let's take the tail. >> i like the tail. >> of course, do you. >> beautiful. we're going to put the tail right here on the bottom, right underneath. right there, right here. there you go. there's your tail. >> where? >> here. >> right there. excellent. >> he said excellent. right there. >> beautiful.
10:34 am
how about an eyeball. take an eye out here. >> ooh, the eyeball. >> large, small, medium, stick it wherever you want. >> i got it. >> that's too big for him. >> no. take a fin. >> take a fin. >> stick your fin right here in the middle of the body. you there go right there. hoda's got the fin. yep, got it right there. >> okay. >> and now a holiday scarf. a beautiful holiday scarf for your sea horse. any color you want. >> i'm going gold. >> and put it on the head part right there. great, great. there you put two on. >> you there go. >> she's never happy with anything. >> is that itty. >> that's it. >> look at that. >> yeah! >> hey! okay. that's shocking. >> give one to ella and one to -- oh, thank you.
10:35 am
>> and one for your mother. >> if you didn't print it yet, and you want instructions on how to make the pop-up cards go to and have they've been able to c catch the butterfly effect. l'oreal introduces new voluminous butterfly mascara. spread your lashes. l'oreal's revolutionary asymmetric brush instantly volumizes from the root and stretches lashes
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[ female announcer ] let betty do the measuring and get a head start on delicious homemade cookies. visit for fun holiday ideas. betty crocker cookie mix. just pour, ♪ we're back with help so you can cut the creep! >> and not let those holiday
10:39 am
pounds pack on between now and new year's. >> that's right. i know it's hard to say no to all those delicious delicacies this time of year without paying for it later. two viewers, melvina and kathy rizzo have enlisted the help of madelyn fernstrom. today, we're going to learn if they were successful at cutting the thanksgiving creep. first of all, how has it been four. look, it was thanksgiving. >> were you both cooking? >> were you careful, were you thinking about everythingy. >> yes, it was tough. i have to say. i had seconds -- i did have seconds. >> for thanksgiving. >> yeah, it was tough. i love food. and the smell of the food cooking. >> and your husband is no help. >> oh, he's a food devil. >> bernie -- bennie. >> bennie. >> part of the issue was not to be deprived. it wasn't all or nothing saying
10:40 am
i'm not going to have all my favorites. to pick and choose, to use real ingredients for the things you love. and be mindful. it just means making a better choice. >> were you able to make better choices? >> absolutely. >> it should show up. melvina, we saw in the tease, you covered your eyes. do you think you're up weight, down or the same? take a guess. >> maybe a half a pound or a pound. >> up or down? >> up. >> madelyn, we'd like you to reveal the results? >> melvina is up two pounds but before we think that's the end of the world -- >> melvina's depressed. >> that's why it's called the creep. it creeps up. >> part of this is going to be fluid retention. it's not absolute weight. >> did you do on your own scale?
10:41 am
>> no, i didn't. >> if you make friends with the scale going this is a wake-up call. before you got on, you go, oh, i know i'm up. there were some things going on you want to learn from. all this is an indicator for next week, you want to double up your efforts and look at the things where you can improve. it's not really a bummer. you would have liked to have stayed the same. that's where we cut the creep. >> i went to the gym today, i didn't want to get on the scale. i always weigh the same like 146, i was 149. >> so don't -- >> that's rude. what was just terrible. >> what scale? >> don't feel bad. >> okay. let's move on. kathie. now knowing what we know, be careful? >> i made a lot of sacrifices so i hope it's less. i don't want to know, though. >> your clothes can fit a little differently. >> yes. >> tell us, madelyn, the reveal.
10:42 am
>> okay. >> down 1.2 pounds. >> oh! >> melvina now feels worse. >> i made you feel better, melvina, you're not alone. >> this may not be real weight. it could be fluid shift. you were paying a lot of tension. melvina this is for you to learn, i'm got to wake up, i'm not putting on stretch pants. and you wore something with a belt which means i'm paying attention. it's not because you had a weight change. it's a wake-up call. >> eggnog is one of the favorites. >> i love that. >> was there another alternative. i know we have drinks here. >> you like it with the works, rum, right? >> i did have almond milk. >> there are two ways to do things there are people that go i want a small amount of the real thing. if that's you, have a teeny,
10:43 am
three or four ounces of real eggnog. that's not melvina because she goes, i like to have several. >> well, okay -- usually, then, you dilute it and water it down with something that's not water. almond milk. some viewers wrote in and had skim milk with it. cut down on the booze a little bit. >> did you like how it tasted when you watered it down? >> no i think it tastes great. i didn't feel deprived at all. >> what about working out, exercising? >> i just couple up on exercising all weekend. >> that's a great way to barter. we always think about food. if you walk about 20 minutes, that's about 100 calories. >> that's all? >> it takes five minutes s to eat -- >> five minutes to eat 500 calories, two hours to burn it off. someone like you, hoda, you're
10:44 am
at the gym, you can use that to barter for food. the rest of us have to be mindful, we have for you, melvina and kathy, we have two pedometers. these are oldies but goodies. >> take the stairs instead of the escalators. >> all of these activities of daily live will go burn calories. >> don't be discouraged. >> melvina, off them this week. >> i know. >> you're with us, you're going to do great. >> she is. >> yeah. >> we want to hear from all of you, share your healthy food recipes by going to susan boyle is going to bring it h google nexus. samsung galaxy tab 3. nabi 2. great choices, guys! pretty high tech, huh? and buying these tablets with your walmart credit card is faster than warp speed. you guys are gonna be like the family of the future. man the future's gonna be so cool. everybody has jet pack tennis shoes.
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10:46 am
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movie "the christmas candle" grammy nominated and golden globe sensation susan boyle is out with a new album of holiday classic. it's called "home for christmas." >> singing the heartfelt song "i'll be home for christmas" susan boyle. ♪ i'll be home for christmas you can plan on me ♪ ♪ please have snow and mistletoe
10:50 am
and presents under the tree ♪ ♪ ♪ christmas eve will find me where the lovelight gleams ♪ ♪ i'll be home for christmas if only in my dreams ♪ ♪
10:51 am
♪ please have snow and mistletoe and presents on the tree ♪ ♪ for me for me ♪ christmas eve will find me where the lovelight gleams ♪ ♪ i'll be home for christmas if only in my dreams ♪
10:52 am
>> and we'll be back with the special guest and more of "today" on nbc. ♪ i'll be
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
it is one of our proudest traditions. this year, the troy drive is celebrating its 20th anniversary helping families. >> what a better gift than tapping into a child's creativity. hey, sarah, how are you? >> you guys have donated for quite a few years. >> nine. this is our nine years. we're excited to donate paper crafting products. >> and you helped your mom found this company, right? >> i've been more involved in the last years and it's great.
10:56 am
>> i'm not great with crafts. but this looks like something i'd be able to do. tell us about these. >> this is a sampling of a kit we're donating. it's good for kids and families to capture the holiday memories. all the pieces are together. they're, as you said, dummy proof. >> careful, sarah. >> i say nothing. >> and it's easy to do, and creativity is forgiving. >> and it gets your kids off their electrons, you're right. >> this is a high-tech world. this is a low-tech product. >> tell us how much you're donating? >> $650,000 worth of paper craft supplies. >> oh, my gosh. >> a fun thing to be creative with. >> thank you to your mom and the company. >> thank you. >> our toy drive continues through december 20th you can donate in person or on the
10:57 am
plaza. go to klg >> and gifts
10:58 am
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good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia cannon. there are man's to name a park after a 13-year-old was killed by a deputy in sonoma county. christie smith is life in santa rosa with more on the efforts to honor the teen. good morning. >> supervisors are talking about a number of steps they can take in the wake of the shooting. one of them being renaming or naming a park after andy lopez, a memorial park. the supervisors will vote on it a little later this morn


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