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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 5, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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san francisco at 36, 30 in the south bay. i'll let you know how much longer the cold snap will last and when we could see a dusting of snow at the low levels. >> while bob talks about the big rig crash i'm following an issue by the san francisco international airport, what's up for highway 1 coming up. >> a live look outside, look at the beautiful bay bridge illuminated. they are going to add more lights to that span. could it get better on this thursday, december 5th, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we have an update to breaking news we're following in san jose where a big rig has crashed and landed on construction equipment. it's happening on southbound interstate 880 at the stevens creek boulevard off ramp close to valley fair mall. bob is live at the scene.
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we understand you are hearing the driver fell asleep at the wheel? >> that's the bought. good morning. you can see southbound 880, the slow lane has been reopened. vehicles you see from caltrans, the wreckers and chp on the shoulder. all three lanes are back open. you can see here the damage done to the rail where the big rig clipped this, this is around 2:45 this morning, clipped this k-rail and went off here, veered right off the road into the construction area north of the stevens creek boulevard overpass. and ended up there as you can see where the people with the wrecking service are trying to remove the truck. couple of problems. some of the axles were torn off, that's going to make it most difficult. there is also a diesel spill so that's going to be needed to be cleaned up. this truck could be here for a while which could create a visual distraction during the
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morning commute. the eta is probably within 6:30, 6:45 of getting this out of here. chp told us that the driver is okay. they did speak with him after and this is what he had said happened. >> they went ahead and administered some field sobriety tests, did not find him to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, according to the driver of the big rig he may or may not have fallen asleep. >> reporter: so again, this is not actually on 880, it's off to the right side of 880 in the construction area. all lanes of 880 southbound at stevens creek are open. this is before the 280 interchange. again, this is more of a visual distraction than anything especially since it does normally back up here. their e.t. a., 6:30, 6:45 in that time frame to get this out of here.
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they are dealing with broken axles and a feesle leak. >> amazing to watch them try to move that out. thanks so much. >> we're talking about it this morning trying to warm up a. good part of the bay under -- bay area rather, my mouth is frozen. it's under that freeze warning this morning. >> here in the studio it's cold. one of our producers took this photo before he got out of the car. who wouldn't. >> right. >> 130 degrees. meteorologist christina loren tracking the cold snap. >> good morning to you, scott and laura. good morning to you at home. extra cup of coffee not necessary because that cold air will hit you in the face. 24 degrees in petaluma. in the san francisco area, an area that rarely sees frost but it's cold enough for that there this morning with temperatures in the 30s. just about everyone. 29 in atherton, san jose at 30.
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33 campbell and 27 degrees in morgan hill. highs are not going to warm up by much. end up in the 50s, upper 40s, 49 degrees. and that's where we have lows earlier this week. hate to say it but it's the truth. 49 is the high and 50 degrees in livermore. we have another winter storm system on the tail of the one that came through and brought us very cold temperatures. this one is going to bring a reinforcing shot of cold air. more precipitation. a potential for low snow. let's check your drive. actually back to scott. >> sounds good. i've got more weather warnings from the national weather service. if your morning commute takes you over a bridge or overpass do be aware of black ice. chase cain is live near the san mateo bridge. i understand that's one of the worst spots. >> reporter: yes. at least that's the warning is that this could be one of the worst spots. the best news so far is we haven't seen issues, we've
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driven across the entire length of this bridge. so far so good looking at the pavement. we'll show you pretty much dry. traffic is moving along. that is a good thing. that could change at any point with these temperatures near freezing mark. looking live at the bay bridge, pretty much the same story there. no icy patches but because we have so many bridges in the bay area, there is reason to have concern as you're driving to work or school this morning. the dumbarton bridge, san mateo bridge as we mentioned also the richmond bridge and overpasses in the north bay could be slippery and really any overpass, bridge in the bay area, could abpotential problem. bridges get cold first, they freeze before anything else will so. if there is any moisture on the road, those will be the places where it could happen. quick pieces of advice f. you
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hit a slick spot don't slam on your brakes, the best thing is let off the gas and hold tight to the steering wheels. odds are you'll regain control and continue along smoothly and safely to work, school, wherever you are headed. we'll monitor the conditions for you all morning long. live in hayward along 92, chase cain, "today in the bay." >> stay warm. thank you. >> as warm as you can out there. it's 5:06. san jose police on the look out for a badge stolen from an officer. the off duty officer was at alum rock park when someone broke into the officer's personal car and stole the badge. officers say no weapons were stolen. recovering the badge is top pry sort no one passes themselves off as a police officer. >> 5:06. the race to become the next mayor of san jose starts today. mayor chuck reed terms out leaving the field wide open.
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candidates to replace him get to start campaigning and raising money today, 180 days from the june primary. there are at least a half dozen politicians fighting for the job including supervisor dave kortasy, madison wynn and four other council members, sam licardio, pete conassistant and rose herrera. >> it will be a good one to watch. watching the temperatures this morning. >> she's back. >> meteorologist christina loren. she's busy. every time how cold it is. >> it is cold. you have to do what it takes to stay warm. and make sure you have pets you don't leave them outdoors for i would say longer than ten, maybe 15 minute you have a dog like mine who takes his sweet time. keep an eye on that because it's very, very cold. 32 degrees in the peninsula now, east bay 31. 31 san francisco and the north bay at 25 degrees. hate to say it but as we head
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through the next couple hours we're going to continue to drop off so it will get colder before we warm up. highs today only are going to end up in the 50s. we're going to see a round of damaging frost into tonight with another freeze warning in place through tomorrow morning. 21 to 30 degrees, dress in layers, protect your pets and sensitive plants. we're going to drop off. you have a couple of hours to bring those in. even colder this morning than it was yesterday. as we head through the second part of friday, showers move in saturday morning a low dusting of snow looking likely. i'll show you where in the bay area coming up. first, though, let's check your drive now, here he s mike inouye. >> good morning. we'll take you right out there. we have our live cameras around the bay showing the peninsula, right here we have a smooth flow also along the peninsula with our maps. the sensors not showing problems. we'll get back to that. to the south bay, we talked about bob had the issue of the
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off ramp. that's center in the screen. you see the south bay moves nicely but southbound 880 down toward stevens creek i was going to say you lost a lane but as we learned they have opened up that slow lane as you pass by that stevens creek off ramp. the curve there will be restricted as they try to move that big rig and possibly past 6:30 in the morning when traffic kicks in. that will be a problem as far as spectator slowing. we'll track this. bob is at the scene. if you get off toward the area around valley fair, over on the peninsula we're talking about the potential for ice. the only one we heard of yesterday and the only one from any major roadway is 280 over durand bridge. that's the only one i heard waive ice in the bay area at least in recent years. we have the traffic flow over the open air bridge, that's what causes that to be an issue. north past the airport we have a
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stall that cleared. here across the san mateo bridge there is a high rise that chase was talking about. watch it over the water. back to you. >> thank you. earlier this year the new lights on the bay brej debuted. caltrans ready to show off the lights on the eastern span. 7800 l.e.d. lights are along the bridge suspension according to the chronicle. most of them are in place and the rest will be ready at the end of the month. the display was designed by the same man who set up the lights for the statue of liberty. >> a new recall this morning involving a baby toy. >> plus, reports of a major deal that could send apple stock sky rocketing.
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welcome back a. good thursday morning to you. a major recall this morning involving baby rattles, recalling 12,000 rattles sold under the name quick cell. they pose a choking ris fk they break. the sliding beads can reportedly break into smaller parts. so far four people reported the rattles breaking. no reports of injuries. they were sold between september of 2011 and october of 2013 for about $15. check that out. >> threats of a major jump in the price of milk loom. a bill that department dairy prices stable since the 1940s is set to expire. if lawmakers do not act by the end of the year a gallon of milk could reach up to $8. right now the national average is around 3.$3.50.
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congress is working on a new farm bill but there is no vote scheduled on it. >> big deal for apple signed an agreement with the world's largest mobile phone carrier, more than 700 million subscribers. "the wall street journal" reports access to iphones. apple has not commented. the deal has been in the works for years, this is the first time we're hearing it's done. in july apple ceo tim cook met with the chair of china mobile possibly paving the way for that reported deal. the solar panel installer addressing one of the soler power drawbacks. the problem of course is that the sun doesn't always shine. now solar city will get big battery packs from tesla that would let customers use stored up power when they need to. organizers plan to release more information about the batteries later today.
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tesla ceo elon plussing is chairman of the board over at solar city. let's go to kayla tausche live at cnbc headquarters. good morning. >> good morning to you, scott. there are some key reports coming out. before the bell a report that tells us about discount shopping across the country as we head into the deeper part of the holiday season. after the bell it's ulta salon a look at the more expensive side of spending. investors get indicators today a gdp revision and jobless claims. always lisy here. for now back to you. >> a big day friday as well. >> new this morning, ford released images of its newest mustang. a 50th anniversary edition. ford motors debuting the model in a number of cities today. planners hope the model will appeal to traditionalists and still drawing new buyers.
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here the rev of the engine. >> if you are looking for something in red we got it. meteorologist christina loren this morning. >> me and santa, we have a lot of things in common. we both jiggle like a bowlful of jelly. 30 in san jose, do whatever it takes to stay warm out there this morning. because boy, it is so cold this thursday. coldest we've seen since last january. these are the highs where we start out in the 50s, this is where we're going to end. 51 in the south bay, east bay 52. 52 in san francisco and the north bay, 52 degrees for today so another freeze warning as we head through tonight as the sky stays mostly clear until we get into late friday night into saturday. let me show you what we're talking about. we've got an area of low pressure on the way and this is not only going to bring us showers, it's going to bring us low snow levels. we stop the clock at 6:00 p.m. showers still to the north at that point you might see a little action on the coastal side of the peninsula, continue this, stop it again for you into 4:00 a.m. and you can see here that's when the pink starts to
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move in. especially into the south bay. watch this. between 4:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. we get a window for low snow. the best chance now is looking like the east bay and the south bay. saturday at 7:00 a.m., a lot of us are going to be sleeping. very soundly in bed. however, if you're going to be out there, this morning send us your pictures of your frosty windshield. write us a note in the frost if you feel inclined. it will be a cold day. we love sharing that and making you part of it. i want to show your seven-day forecast. temperatures stay cold through sunday, saturday morning look at this, 34 is the low, showers coming through, when the low comes in, 6:00, 7:00 a.m., could see flurries in the tri-valley. monday into tuesday we start to warm up. that's when our lows will climb out of the 20s and back in the low 30s. so more like average for this time of year. right now let's take a look at the drive. good morning to mike inouye. >> good morning.
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we'll take you out to the south bay. we're looking at a gentle build. a few more cars on the roadway. a lot of folks taking a couple of extra seconds to warm the car up and the interior. folks like the crew southbound 880 around stevens creek boulevard hard at work in the cold weather and they also had a crash there. bob continues to follow this. he is tracking it live from southbound 880 at the stevens creek off ramp. it has activity at the edge of this. all lanes have opened including the slow lane but we're starting to see a little slowdown from time to time. all the activity, the lights. there is a big rig with a busted axle and a fuel leak. 6:30, 6:45 they hope to have it cleared. could see slowing through the south bay. the tri-valley no issues through the dublin interchange, pleasanton, slowing down toward livermore for 84, here coming out of the altamont pass a
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slower drive developing. that's typical. 580 smooth toward that san mateo bridge. a look at oakland north of there. sparsely populated nimitz freeway. that is the case. at the limit from the coliseum up into downtown without delays. the bay bridge sparsely populated. we seeing the volume build. 5 519, a good flow starting and the cash lanes will start to back up before 6:00. looking toward the north bay. southbound 101, down through central san rafael. no big issues but the smaller bridges over the rivers and stream, could be slippery. back to you. >> good to know. 5:19. new this morning a bomb exploded at yemen's defense ministry killing 15 soldiers and wounding at least 40. officials say it was a suicide bomber. as many as 12 gunmen reported
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killed in a fire fight between troops and a car load of attackers. the gunmen armed with rocket propelled grenades. no one claimed responsibility for the attack. >> federal agents have arrested a man in sacramento accused of killing eight city officials in mexico. one was deported to mexico after his arrest. police say 13 years ago he killed a commissioner and seven other city officials in mexico. federal investigators do not know much about the incident only that heavy weapons were used. >> the engineer of that new york commuter train that derailed has been suspended without pay. a spokesman for the veteran north said he is not being paid. the engineer's attorney said his client experienced a hypnosis like daze and by the time he
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caught himself it was too light. it was like road fatigue though there hasn't been an official decision what caused the derail am. the train was going three times the speed limit for the curve. four people were killed, dozens more injured. >> it's 5:21. cal is set to announce a 15-year naming right for the field at memorial stadium. there will be a news conference to allowance the long term field naming rights partnership. the firm that brokered the deal says the corporate sponsor with ties to the board so. far no official word on the name of the company or the financial terms of that deal. >> interesting. 5:21. boyz band one direction doing something in sings couldn't match. we'll tell you about it.
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♪ boy band one direction doing something no other boy band has done. land three number one albums on the billboard 200. new kids on the block, in sync, back street boys and the disbanded jonas brothers have all fallen short of the mark. one direction's newest album midnight memories entered the most recent billboard list at number one debuting in time for black friday. >> imagine that. get ready because tonight the remake of the classic will debut 50 years after, sound of music. ♪ raindrops on roses >> it's so tempting to sing along. carrie underwood reprising the role of maria made famous by julie andrews. tonight's performance will be live on the east coast and will be performed much like it was
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when it started out on broadway in the 1960s. the stars of the show say they are excited to star in such a classic film like this. >> i actually in the nerdiest way get goosebumps thinking about it. >> it feels like putting on another costume and it's part of who i was when i grew up. >> you can catch "the sound of music" at 8:00 here on nbc bay area. >> you sing beautifully. you do. >> don't know why i did that. >> it was great though. terrific. >> grew up watching it. >> i think a new generation will get to see it. maybe go back to the old. >>high on the hills a lonely goat. >> that a girl. >>i used to pretend i was lizel but no longer am i 17 going on 18. in the upper 20s in fairfield, we've got the low 20s in santa rosa. and even in san francisco the
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numbers are dropping. that will continue to be the case as we get into the coldest point of the day in about an hour 15 minutes from now. send us your pictures. send them there, always put them on our facebook page, laura's page, my page, we'll take them and share them. let's share mike inouye with the bay area. >> i keep those to myself. i hoard those. toward the bay bridge, these pictures i'll share because we like the light volume of traffic. starting to build. cash lanes from time to time, there you go a couple of cars. this is just the start as we look at the map a. smooth flow through here out of the caldecott tunnel. the orange there, you head through the area past the university of california berkeley. the arrows mark the commute direction for 24 and the east shore freeway. the north bay, down through central san rafael. we'll take to you the south bay where traffic flows smoothly.
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the construction crews are starting to clear. this one is there, automatic 880, this is also where we still have the big rig crash. i'm going to hand it off to you. you have more coming up on that. >> bob is going to be throughout on the scene of that crash you mentioned. talking to the chp now and have an update when they could clear that out of the way. >> police investigating after two separate women report run-ins with a suspicious man.
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a big rig runs off a major south bay freeway, spilling out fuel on a construction site. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. the big rig crash a few hours ago landing on construction equipment next to 880 at the stevens creek offramp close to valley fair mall. bob is on the scene. when do they think they will have it cleaned up?
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>> reporter: right now they are estimating time of having this cleaned up is around 6:45, 7:00. assuming they stay on schedule, perhaps that won't have a huge impact on the morning commute. the impact is not an actual traffic itself. this is to the right of southbound 880 before the stevens creek overpass. the issue is the fact this is a visual distraction. you could have looky whos slowing down. on southbound 880 before stevens creek not far from the 280 interchange where this backs up during the morning commute. it was around 2:45 that the driver of this big rig hauling pet food apparently fell asleep, was southbound on 880, hit the k-rail, veer off the road and ended up here, a construction site at the stevens creek interchange. what's going to take time for the wreckers that you can see here and caltrans as well, the fact some of the axles were torn off the rig.
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that's going to make it more difficult to remove it. they have it elevated, some workers trying to stabilize it. then they also have some fuel that spilled. some diesel so that needs to be cleaned up. maybe it's around 6:45, 7:00. that's an estimated time. could be sooner, could be later. if anything it's going to be a visual distraction. all lanes of southbound 880 are reopened. they tested the driver for -- a dui test, he had not been testing, they believe he fell asleep at the wheel. he is okay, by the way. reporting live here north of stevens creek on southbound 880 in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> let's ching in mike inouye how it's going to affect the commute. >> good morning. bob said if this lasts pass the 6:45, 7:00, it's going to be a good bulk. this is 280 toward us.
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across there with the few lights passing by left to right and right to left that's the 880-17 overcrossing south of where bob s. a lighter volume there but look at the maps. south bay, here is the construction zone. south 880 does slow. passing by the brightly lit sight of that with the tow truck on the scene. they have to clear that and that will cause slowing as we'll see. if you want to avoid that take winchester or bascom, jump on 280, then 880 soud or north to avoid that interchange as i said on the southbound side. the build starts for the tri-valley and we wend a peek at oakland. back to you. >> thanks, mike. our other story of course is weather. >> if you are still bundled up in bed stay there as long as you can. it is certainly cold outside.
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it's hard to get up. a little competition going on, though, in the newsroom. trying to get the lowest number on the temperature gauge. i pulled over on my way in. it was 26 degrees so i was feeling confident about the low. the parking lot, bob redell like what you zbhot i got 26. >> i didn't know this was a thing. 24. >> like take that, 24. >> i walk to work up hill both ways so i couldn't get a measurement for you. i'll do it tomorrow. meteorologist christina loren, how cold was it? >> it wasn't that cold. i was in campbell soy woke up in the 30s but look at the 20s that we're getting. up in the north bay, 21 degrees in nap a, 40 in san francisco and 48 in san mateo. it's colder than it was yesterday by a few degrees. when you adjust the thermostat it makes a difference by 1
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degree. make sure you're rode for frost, highs are going to end up in the 50s, a cool day across the board. 51 in palo alto, talking 49 in capa. 52 in oakland. 49 degrees in pleasanton. i hate to say it, love to tell you we've got a big ridge of high pressure. not until after sunday. between now and then another system comes through, this could bring a dusting of snow. i'll tell you what i'm talking about in my next report. >> thanks, christina. it is a warning to tell you about before i get in your car. be aware of black ice. chase cain live in hayward at the san mateo bridge this morning. one of the worst spots in the bay area. >> reporter: it certainly has the potential to be one of the worst spots because this is a very long bridge. as we know, bridges will freeze sooner than regular roads.
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here on highway -- on the hayward side pretty good so far, traffic is moving. you look at the pavement, pretty dry. we drove the length of the bridge and did not find problems but that does not mean there won't necessarily be problems. there are a few spots to watch for if you travel across the dumbarton bridge. notice 92, san mateo bridge, richmond or any over passes that you want to use some extra caution. use caution on any bridge. let's check in live on the bay bring. that is a popular spot for people commuting into the city this morning. that's another place you need watch out for. say you do run into one of these isolated icy watches. never slam on your brake, never jerk the steering wheel. those can make you lose control and make the situation worse. the best thing keep your foot
5:36 am
off the grap, firm grip on the steering wheel and hopefully just a couple of seconds before you can keep moving along your way. i know you were talking about those temperatures inside your car earlier. i got to tell you, it's one thing to led to number from inside the car, it's a whole other thing do get out. make sure you put on gloves. or if you're standing outside. >> i know you want to say you kushi anchors in there. thanks. >> 5:36. sentencing for a san jose man convicted of a violent crime spree. he is expected to spend the rest of his life in prison. wilban wilban wilbanks pleaded guilty.
5:37 am
during the spree wilbanks and accomplice killed a 22-year-old campbell man during a carjacking. they wounded a police officer and robbed four businesses. >> los gatos police are checking surveillance video after two women reported frightening encounters with a suspicious man. the first happened on roberts road near highway 17, a woman said a strange man approached her car, opened her driver's side door and asked if she knew how to get to bay bridge. she closed her door and drove off. >> it's not fun when somebody approaches you like that. luckily she came out okay. >> 24 hourses later a waitress from the restaurant in the downtown area was held up at knife point in a back parking lot. she screamed and the would-be thief took off with nothing. investigators are trying to see if there is a connection. >> a search for a san jose pilot
5:38 am
and his family will resume. yesterday search and rescue cues scoured landscape in central idaho looking for signs of dale smith's small plane. they were traveling when he reported engine failure over the radio. earlier this week authorities picked up the plane as's emergency beacon or snols but no sign of the plain. >> police are looking for the man and woman involved in the dramatic scuffle caught on camera. >> hard to watch. you want to help her. a bus recorded the encounter around 6:00 on tuesday night. police say the driver had just pulled over for a stop. the driver said she saw the man drag the woman into the bushes. by the time police arrived two minutes later both the man and
5:39 am
the woman were gone. if you recognize this man in this video, police want to hear from you. they are searching for a man caught on camera burglarizing a home. it happened near fremont boulevard. as you can see he goes from room to room. searching for valuables. police say the man made off with clothes, electronics worth about $2,000. you can kind of make him out. 5:39. fast food workers walking off the job demanding better pay. >> plus, paul walker remembered not just for his acting but for is kind heart. the new report his yen rossty to a random couple. >> a live look at san jose, most people in the bay area waking up to freezing temperatures.
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welcome back. fast food workers walking off the job demanding better pay. 100 cities expected to participate in today's strike including oakland. tracie potts is live in washington where corporations like mcdonald's say higher pay could put the workers' jobs at risk. good morning. >> reporter: they do, good morning in fact, the mcdonald's on jackson in oakland is going to see one of the protests today where workers in california are averaging about $9 an hour. organizers say many of them need public assistance like food stamps just to make ends meet. that's what this is about. they want the minimum wage raised to $15 an hour in their industry, but fast food chains, the national restaurant association say that could mean jobs could go away. the $15 jobs require different skills nan the lower paid jobs
5:43 am
and so these workers, they argue, may actually be pricing themselves out of work. we expect some of the protests here in washington as well. federally contracted fast food workers say the president could end this by issue an executive order saying federal contractors have to provide a minimum wage, a living wage. it's still up in the air here on capitol hill where minimum wage has yet to be raised. the president agreed to more than $10 an hour but it's not something that the democrats and republicans have come to agreement on. >> tracie potts, thank you. while california has one of the highest minimum wages in the country they are talking about a $15 per hour wage that would make an impact even here on california. we should point out that san jose and san francisco has a $10 an hour citywide minimum wage. california's is $8 thanks to a recent bill signed by governor brown. it will go up to $9 an hour next
5:44 am
year. rise to $10 to match san francisco and san jose by 2016. in the bay area oakland pays the state limb wage 8 bucks an hour so it will increase when the state does. san francisco, i mentioned that already above the minimum. it will raise to 10 pds. and san whocy minimum wage, $10.15 january 1. >> 5:44. a sad and tragic story. karen johnson lives near vancouver, washington and often listens to scanners and tweets out to helpzv others to avoid hazards on the road. yesterday she tweeted about a deadly car crash on 205 in vancouver. she updated her followers, then soon realized her husband was late coming home. she urgently tweeted a trooper on the scene who realized something horrible happened. >> you started to realize she may know someone in the crash.
5:45 am
>> yes. then i went and started reading what she was posting, can't find my husband, not answering his phone, that's when i realized that this might be something that we want to deal with now. >> very sad. the trooper rushed investigators to her house to tell her in person. at 3:50 she tweeted it's him, he died. her husband has epilepsy. the car collided with a pickup truck. the driver survived but was injured. last night she was updating her followers. she has many of them tweeting my boys are finally asleep. i feel like a block of cement fell on me. my mom and mother-in-law left. tomorrow i'll have family over. i'll hear from the medical examiner. then a thought went through my mind. my hubby was wearing holy undies. how awful. a little sense of humor there. >> he is known for his action packed filmsany remembering paul walker for generosity. a jewelry store associate says several years ago the actor was
5:46 am
in the -- shopping in the store at the same time as a couple. the man was in the mill area. he was about to leave on his second tour of duty so the women fell in love westbound a nearly $10,000 set but couldn't afford it. we see walker. they left. later that day the worker says walker called the store manager, bought the bring for the couple. he made employees promise not to tell the couple where the ring came from. the sales associate came through two days after walker died. >> he was so modest about it too. not trying to do it to gain publicity. >> christina loren joins us with a cold morning. >> good morning to you. temperatures now mostly in the upper 20s, low 30s. we'll start in the south bay and up the peninsula. 26 for morgan hill. we're at 33 in campbell, take you up the peninsula and look at
5:47 am
this. rarely does it hit 28 in foster city. 22 degrees down in woodside so make sure you bundle up there. in the soma district, some krost even in the city by the bay. you want to make sure you wake up. a lot of people wark on the street in san francisco. get that krost off the windshield. maybe you can write us a note in the frost. take you up north, temperatures are chilly, this is the coldest region. 23 degrees in petaluma. livermore at 28. the last time it was this cold, january 15 of this year so about a years since we had readings like this. we expect the frost to start to really lift. we're talking about temperatures
5:48 am
cold even in this afternoon. 52, about 330, 4:00. 51 degrees in the south bay. so looking ahead in the weathers department. next a chance of low level snow. we'll see frost, then the next couple of days an area of low pressure comes in. we meet back here another round of 20s and 30s. dress in layers again. then here it comes. if you want to find your temperatures check out our seven-day forecast at the bottom of your skren. 4:00 on friday, that's when the system -- then through 4:00 a.m. to about 7:00 a.m. we could see a very light dusting of snow at the low levels. we're not expecting a lot to stick except for on top of mount hamilton. that will be pretty to check out on sunday. actually over to mike inouye.
5:49 am
my companion tracker. >> if we do see snow on the peak of mt. hamilton you may be tempted to thread, can't get to the tip because it will be icy and sliply. they don't want to, again with the snow on mt. hamilton, don't plan on going up there. we have a smooth drive around the bay. the volume starting to increase. northbound 101 with a low around capitol expressway. also a car fire reported north 101, no injuries reported. still more details as they arrive. here we have south 880. you see the slowing in the upper 50s as folks head south past the big rig crash that bob continues to be there. he's at the scene. they have opened all lanes as he told us but still that big rig off the shoulder for the next 45 minutes to an hour on the
5:50 am
southbound side. make the interchange at the larger loop which is completely open. to the tri-valley, tip kald build. 84 slowing and 680 not a problem as things build out of san ramon and dublin. a smooth drive across the bay for the dumbarton bridge. the peninsula we'll talk about that in a second. a look here at foster city. that two 90 over crystal brings. it's colder add. watch for that span. no problems for the bay bridge. an easy drive. the cash lanes starting to stack up. >> thanks so much. the board of directors will meet to talk about a plan to bring train service to livermorement it would develop from dublin to reach liver moore. the board will receive an
5:51 am
environmental impact of the project. b.a.r.t. estimates the extension would transport 21 thousand dollars new riders taly. the meeting will clus a closed session. bart may ask them to reach into their pockets to help replace aging trains. the emergency brake stopped the train. cell phone videos show people helping out each other. a passenger was patting out. everyone sprang into action. answer foration dollars will cover some costs. >> time now 5:51. helping you get ready for the holidays. the ride sharing company that
5:52 am
will help you deliver christmas trees to the door. ♪ yeah her gift
5:53 am
5:54 am
♪ i picked it out in a snap ♪ what made it genius ♪ was my camouflage wrap ♪ that's my kind of holiday welcome back. it's 5:54. the first nba game set to be played in mexico since 1997 will be made up in minnesota. spurs and;h8 the timberwolves about 45 minutes away from tip-off in mexico city last night when smoke started pouring into the arena through the vents. both teams left the court and the arena was evacuated. players were seen leaving on buses. officials say a generator malfunctioned causing all the smoke. the game was part of an international hoops fest.
5:55 am
>> carl icahn is seeking support from apple shareholders trying to pressure apple spending more cash stockpile to buy back the company stock. he announced on twitter he will submit a proposal to shareholders for a $50 billion buy-back program that's significantly less than the $150 billion program he was previously pushing for. >> getting a christmas tree can be fun. a family experience but sometimes it's stressful getting it home. today uber is offering to do the heavy lifting in san francisco. so a christmas tree on demand, today only, the ride sharing service teaming up with home depot to deliver trees throughout the city between 11:00 and 8:00 tonight you can use the uber app to order a 7 to 8-foot tree brought to your door. $135, a tree, a stand and a gift as well. >> maybe uber ornament.
5:56 am
>> perhaps. somebody -- they are making a ton. >> that's a nice service. >> hey. remember they delivered kittens at one point. >> yeah, you know, they are doing some helpful things for the community. if you go by a christmas tree lot you see a lot of miniature trees because the space is not ample in the san francisco area. i can tell you it's cold out. 30 degrees in san jose. it's so cold that we just received word one of my producers told me, dan, good man, that they are de-icing all of the planes so you want to check ahead for all flights this morning. that's in san jose. not so much in san francisco, make sure you bundle up. let's check on that drive. here is mike inouye. >> good morning. we're looking toward the bay bridge. we have the backup. looks like the metering lights are on. the bay bridge metering lights
5:57 am
are confirmed on. watching for the cash lanes to follow. that means the volume through the maze should build. not a major problem but as we show you traffic toward 580, an issue in the south bay. back to you. >> there is a slowdown on a major south bay freeway. bob redell is live out at the scene getting the latest information about when it will be cleared out. >> plus, big names south bay politicians coming out swinging as they vie to volume chuck reed as the mayor of san jose. >> getting a new name. the home of the cal golden bears about to announce a new deal.
5:58 am
5:59 am
breaking news in the south bay. a big rig crashes into a construction site. was the driver asleep at wheel?
6:00 am
we have new details on the investigation ahead in a live report. >> and the coldest morning since january. look at these numbers. 28 in atherton, 29 degrees in la honda. how much longer this will last and when we could see low level snow. >> extremely cold out there. we also have the backup at the bay bridge. the metering lights are on. we'll show you what's going on. >> a live look outside at a cold morning and the bay bridge, it is thursday, december 5th, this is "today in the bay." a very good cold morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. updating our breaking news a big rig goes off a major south bay freeway spilling fuel on a construction site. the rig crashed a few hours ago


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