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tv   Today  NBC  December 6, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PST

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. it's thirsty thursday. it's december 5th. we are so happy you're here with us today. there's a lot going on. we've got our regular, you know, on thursdays, our ambush
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makeovers and a lot to choose from today because last night was the big -- >> the tree lighting. >> the christmas tree. a courageous woman, one everyone has a story winner we're going to sing a story with that. >> and gift guru robin, she has gifts for people impossible to buy for. she's going to hang around for a while after the show so you can go to our facebook page and ask her questions and maybe she can help you find out what the person that you want to buy a gift for and don't know what it should be -- >> which is kind of that fascinating psychologically since you know the person and she doesn't, she's going to be able to because that's her gift, to tell you what you should get them. >> the crowds are swelling around rockefeller center. behind us today, usually there's two people >> we have two people on. >> on a good day. but today the crowd out right now is beyond what we're used
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to. >> not that shot so much. >> the one behind us. >> it was rocking last night i guess. >> yeah. >> it was a big night when they finally lit the christmas tree and here we go. >> oh. >> it is a magical moment. >> it really is. >> especially for those who have never experienced that particular moment in their life, you know. they come here from all over the world this time of year and it looks like everybody from all over the world is here. >> yeah. >> it's tough to get around but worth it for those of us who make it through the crowds. >> tonight is a big night. >> i'm looking forward to this. >> this is a landmark new thing. >> i'm staying home. i think you all should. >> yep. tonight is the live performance of "the sound of music." we got a look at carrie underwood in rehearsals. >> this has to be nerve-racking, so many promos, you could forget, trip, forget your lives. every time i hear one of those interviews i get more nervous. >> she's not a theater pro but this is a woman singing all her life, still young in her 20s, but she's done hundreds, maybe thousands of shows. she knows what live performance
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is about. it's just a new venue for her. i am just pulling for her. i think she's going to be awesome. she's not trying to be julie andrews and this is not the movie version. >> this is important. a lot of us, me included, i'm going to sit here and watch the movie acted out live in front of me. it's not that. >> a lot don't realize the original maria von trapp was mary martin on broadway and not julie andrews. julie did the "the sound of music" movie. what you're going to see tonight is the actual musical, the book musical, that was from rogers and hammerstein. >> you may hear a song you don't know from the movie and may not hear some songs you heard in the movie on stage. anyway -- >> a lot of great broadway people that are also in the cast, so i'm reading some things that some of the broadway elitists are upset that carrie underwood is playing the role. first of all, this is not -- this is business and they needed a name and a great name and an extraordinary talent to front it. i just think she's sensational. she's going to be awesome. >> how well do you guys know the lyrics to "my favorite things." ♪ rain drops on roses and
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whiskers on kittens, bright copper petals and warm wool mittens packages tied up with strings these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes ♪ ♪ snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes ♪ ♪ silver white winters that melt into spring ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ >> all right. anyway, tonight you guys -- >> i like saying bites. >> we also like to say, what does the fox say? almost as good as that song. >> all right. >> anyway, we'll be glued. i think it's going to do huge number. >> yep. >> in the paper today, and yesterday really, it was breaking, nigella lawson, been
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in the news a lot lately because her two assistants were accused of stealing money basically from her and her husband. >> they said it wasn't stealing because they were allowed -- >> they say -- >> alleging they were allowed to use it. >> she says they were stealing. they go to court. >> to keep her cocaine habit quiet is what they allege. >> they're all alleging this stuff about cocaine. >> a lot of alleging going on. >> in court it was sort of surprising when you read some of the transcripts and things that when she admitted when nigella did admit she did have some cocaine use and -- >> it's quoted in the news as saying, i took cocaine seven times. >> yeah. >> i've never been a drug addict, never been a habitual user. >> she and the mayor of toronto
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have so much in common. >> the funny thing about this is, we've heard about her and i mean like funny, like peculiar, we heard about her and her husband. >> we saw those infamous pictures where he looked like he was trying to choke her and did something with her nose. >> she's, i guess, categorizing that photograph that we saw and she says, i said i'm so looking forward to having grandchildren and he grabbed me by the throat and said, i'm the only person you should be concerned with. >> yeah. >> i don't know what her life is like -- >> right now i would say it's hellish. >> not great. but when you think about someone who uses cocaine or other kinds of substances, and then you hear what their life is like, like it -- >> yeah. it doesn't matter if they're celebrities, make a lot of money. it's a very, very unhappy time. hard to know what the truth is. any time it's a he said/she said and you have three women saying something different. >> she's denying she habitually used drugs and she's accusing her ex of spreading that rumor. >> i'm sure it's a huge story to an awful lot of people. i had never heard of nigella until she came on our show to cook. i think you have to be a foodie and food network person.
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she could not have been more delightful. >> big overseas too. she's a big deal. >> she'll get through this. >> so "snl," there is a bug have you seen it? >> yes. >> it's more like a small bird. >> it is. >> anyway, paul rudd, you want to talk about. >> going to be on "snl" and they always do great pro mos. we haven't seen this one yet but let's take a listen. >> starring with one direction. >> i love the band one direction. >> wait a minute. the band, with the hot british guys, harry and liam? >> yes. >> ah! >> oh, my gosh! oh, my gosh! >> he's adorable. that will be fun. >> all right. so now is the time you've all been waiting for, because it's thursday and time for my -- >> means it's time to read our column, hoda. >> yes. >> maybe we'll run out of time for ihoda. >> good for two reasons. our column is in "the daily news" and it's ihoda. know how i tell you i like to
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mix oldies with a what, like an old song -- >> what that ruins it. >> this is an oldie but goodie, most of us know the words to and it's nelly with what with it. my song called "batter up." >> the jeffersons. >> now we're up in the big leagues. >> that was your what. >> that was my part? >> that was your part. >> there's your part again. the jeffersons.
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>> you know, i would rather fall on my face again than listen to that. i would rather fall on the other cheek bone and go through it again than listen to that. >> come on, that's nelly and the jeffersons. >> oh. >> here's the question. is it okay or not okay to call your child sexy? >> call that music. >> sorry. bruce jenner defended calling his daughter kendall sexy in some recent photos of her. billy ray cyrus supports miley cyrus' twerking and joe simpson same with jessica. here's what we have to say about it. >> no, i'm always uncomfortable when people sexualize their own children. >> i agree. no, it's not okay. i have one word for it, ew. >> do that again. >> ew. >> i like that hoda. >> by the way, we do want to say that all of the children are 18 or over.
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>> which is still a bit weird. >> okay. >> so shout out, new year's resolutions. we want you to videotape, right, your kids telling them -- telling you, telling us basically what their new year's resolutions are. >> go to and hit the connect button and send us videos and we may play it on the air. >> and also lou is coming in next week and we love to have your home repair questions in advance so we can answer your particular question. go to the connect button. >> we like our connect button. there's always one person on your christmas list who's hard to shop for. >> and we're going to show you gifts we guarantee they are going to love with a personalized touch. >> and they are without their makeup chairs, they're ready to see themselves in the mirror for the first time. >> big reveal of our ambush make-overs. please stick around for our "everyone has a story" today. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] if you can clear a crowd but not your nasal congestion,
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plaza and surprised with new head-to-toe looks. >> making these women look as gorgeous as ever. sing along, luis licari. and "today" contributing editor and author for "style watch" jill martin. >> what a crowd. the great news was were so many people wanting makeovers. the heartbreak for jill and myself, we have to say no. >> i know. bummer. >> you made two ladies very happy. >> the first one is laurie snider, 50 years old from indiana. she has had long hair for as long as she can remember because she doesn't know what else to do with it. she begged us to help her find a flattering new style. let's listen to her story. >> how adorable is this mommy/daughter combo. we're so excited. i love your sign, hey jill, my mom needs a make-over. she hasn't stopped bouncing. so tell me why. >> oh, my gosh.
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my mom is so excited. she has not done anything with her hair or makeup for the longest time and i cannot wait to see what you guys are going to do with her. >> we are going to chop off her hair and make it one color. are you ready? >> i think so. >> so that can be a traumatic change. >> this is big. >> this is going to be big. >> she's here with her husband rick and their daughter. guys, are you ready? keep your blindfolds on. here is laurie -- >> she can't tell if you're talking to them. >> here's laurie before. all right. laurie, let's see the new you. >> oh, my gosh! >> all right. all right, guys. all right take off your blindfolds. >> wow. >> did they do good? >> wow. >> that's sensational. >> are you ready to see? >> get ready. spin right here. here it comes. >> oh, my gosh. >> did you realize how beautiful you are?
2:20 am
>> no. >> wow. oh. >> you look gorgeous. we're going to need kleenex, people. >> try not to cry. >> all right. >> crying too, over here too. >> louis, tell us. >> obviously we made her from brunette to the warm blonde. >> more for the family. >> gave us this super great haircut, he always does. she wanted to keep her long hair. she's active, she's a runner. her husband is a triathlete and they do everything together. this is a versatile haircut that can be worn natural as well. >> let's talk to the family. >> dad is speechless. >> gorgeous. gorgeous. >> what do you think? >> oh, my goodness. you look amazing. >> incredible. >> jill, that dress is perfect. it really is. >> it hugs you perfectly. >> i can't believe how little
2:21 am
you are. >> that's very nice. very signed of you. >> we tried on so many dresses. they live in a farming community. she didn't have a little black dress. >> i didn't. i never owned one. >> new by shani. >> big round of applause. >> oh, my gosh. we need to talk about that. >> i am wearing the same designer and it has that spanx stuff inside it. it's fantastic. all righty. second lady. >> i got carried away. >> wanda davis is 53 years old, from huntington, west virginia. never colored her hair before. her daughters begged us to give her a glam new look. she's here with her daughter. let's listen to her story. >> this is how she got our attention. >> hoda on her kotb. >> it was better in the plaza. it was a little better. but we picked you and tell me why this is so important. >> i just never done anything for myself and my daughters asked me if i would come and do this because i'm a plain janar and they thought i needed a make-over. >> look at these random clips in
2:22 am
her hair. we're going to do something about that. what do you think? >> it's going to be so great. jamie and andrea, don't take them off until we tell you. one last picture of rhonda before and let's bring rhonda out now. ♪ light up my world like nobody el ♪ >> wow! >> wow. gorgeous. >> great. >> all right. ladies, go ahead, take them off. >> do you like it? >> i don't know who it's more fun for. >> rhonda, turn around please, sweetie. >> oh, my gosh! i love it! >> you look awesome. >> you look great. >> you look fantastic. >> spin right around. >> what's not to like? >> louis? >> you don't look different. you look beautiful. this is just with a little haircut, little bit of makeup. >> and the right outfit. >> and that's arson's magnificent magic fingers, knows what he's doing.
2:23 am
she has fine hair and he made it look like twice as much hair. if you only know the excitement the ladies have, they don't know what's going on back there. >> no mirrors, nothing. nothing. >> not a clue. >> yeah. what do you think? >> she looks gorgeous. >> you're gorgeous. >> hope my husband thinks so. >> i'm sure he will. >> and jill, the outfit. >> self-proclaimed plain jane. wanted to give her a sparkle for the holidays. this is london times. >> congratulations. louis and jill. >> hoda and i get ready to learn how to pack our bags. >> who really knows how to party with a "bold and beautiful" tv star and personalized gifts and "everyone has a story." big show. [ male announcer ] thiss mike.
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all right. imagine this, visiting gorgeous white beaches and exclusive resorts, riding camels and driving race cars that's in a
2:28 am
days work for jacqueline wood. >> the actress is taking viewers to some of the most exotic locations and a-list hot spots as host of "e's" travel series "party on." like a dream job. >> can i say. >>. ♪ the first don't fry in the kitchen ♪ ♪ everyone has a story >> where do you get to go? what sort of places? >> all around the mediterranean? i go to greece. amazing. spain. >> it goes both ways. >> i know. >> so does barcelona. >> barcelona. >> istanbul. >> you meet the people and put together a nice show. >> plop me down in each location for 48 hours. >> barely unpack your thong and you're on your way. >> i usual social media to reach out to people. >> look at this. >> yeah. >> how much fun. >> must have met cool, interesting people? >> i met some great people. it's about living in the moment.
2:29 am
when we travel we let our alter ego out. >> right. >> your favorite place was mikinos? >> i loved the vibe, i loved the people. >> laid back. >> packing is not something easy for all of us and especially if you're going somewhere and know you're going to go and there's a party you're going to attend. it's hard. i'm going away this weekend. it's hard to put all the important things, heels and stuff, in the bag and figure out how to put it in right. >> it is really tough. the main thing what i did learn from my mom, you can put things in your shoes. >> oh, i do that all the time. >> panties you can put in. socks. yep. >> oh. >> you have to figure out what you need. >> we need to start packing. they're giving us the -- >> we should do a packing challenge. >> all right. >> the best things you can put to go around the mediterranean. >> the mediterranean. >> let's go. okay. hat, san tropez. >> we're going to the mediterranean.
2:30 am
>> priority, people. wine. >> you can't. >> you can get it there. they've got great wine there. >> i would do -- you can wear the boa. >> hoda, you need this for your hair. >> good. hair. >> it's a shower cap. >> absolutely. >> a blow dryer. >> i only need hair products. i can buy everything else. >> you need hair -- >> that's for the beach. yep. >> hair spray. i'll tell you why. >> i let my hair go. >> frank's coming so we need a football. >> you need a hat. >> you don't need this. you got the beach. >> no. >> what happened? who won? >> hold on. >> hoda. >> why did you do a football? >> i'm going with my husband.
2:31 am
2:32 am
>> oh, my gosh. that's a mustache. >> a binky baby with facial hair. back with more of "today" on this thirsty thursday. driving yourself nuts trying to think of the perfect present for
2:33 am
the loved ones on your list you might want to consider something very personal. >> not that kind of personal. the monogrammed kind of personal. here with ideas you can order in time for christmas is robyn spizman, author of "make it memorable." >> hey, robyn. >> haven't seen you in a while. >> great to see you again. >> glad to see you again. >> you always bring great stuff. >> people always love to open something with their name in it. >> or years. >> looks like you've spent years thinking of this. >> and extra money. >> we're going to make it great. this is the gift from called freckle box and these are personalized gifts for kids on your list. >> oh, my gosh. >> from birth to teenagers.
2:34 am
>> oh. >> journals, coloring books. these are cute, boredom busters. >> emma. >> there you go. >> but that's all right. it's close. she can't read yet. >> there it is. yes. >> so cute from $4 up. super affordable. >> love that. >> fantastic. >> santa raised the bar on this one. my chronicle books. the poem "'twas the night before christmas" your child is center stage, your pets, the city, your child's photographs. >> that's cute. >> it will be a keepsake forever. here you have "night before christmas". >> a naughty and nice list. of course you will put your child on the nice list. >> it depends. >> you know how that goes. >> i love this gift for photo buffs, pads for $22.95 you can have pads with your favorite snapshots, pets, kids, yourself, and add a saying to it, so these are things like we have -- we have hoda's and kathie lee's to do "today" list. >> i need those. >> look at bambino. >> of course. >> those are so cute. >> i'm dying. >> and this is -- >> so cute. >> cards. >> so cute. >> oh, my gosh. >> adorable. >> stationary. >> yes. so you just -- it's a win/win and very affordable.
2:35 am
>> yeah. >> now we also have from lapuff studios, everything old is new again. this is the family tree for $45. classic silhouettes, they did silhouettes before photographs, it was a way to portray someone. your family tree for three generations. >> for only $40? >> 45. >> there you go. >> still a great deal. >> and then your jewelry, they'll take the same silhouette and put it on charles, necklaces, cuff links. super. >> and what does that cost? >> $59.50. >> there you go. >> okay. what can i say? it's all those elves working
2:36 am
hard. >> that's right. >> okay. so this is now purple mermaid designs from initial obsession. i love monograms and this is the new thing from $48. very affordable. >> for kid or everybody. >> teenagers are loving them but my 20 something year old had to have one. name necklaces and reasonable. initial obsession. the guy on your list. >> yes. >> say he's eco-friendly. >> pocket -- >> yes. >> handkerchiefs. >> very special, monogram is everything. and i love it on bumble bee linens. this is $15.99. >> wears those. a lot of people don't but it looks so -- >> snappy. >> as always we have to wrap it up a little bit. >> right. >> so custom labels for you. ho ho ho from hoda. and a gift from kathie lee. >> don't be offended. she has you and blake on "the tonight show". >> oh, my gosh. >> want to say i'm sorry. >> i'm sorry. >> terribly sorry. >> you can take your -- >> noncopyrighted photographs and make fantastic wrapping paper because when you give a gift in a little piece of yourself, it makes everything personalized, memorable, and fabulous. >> these are fantastic. >> you're welcome. >> merry christmas. >> happy holidays.
2:37 am
>> if you have a difficult person to buy for, robyn knows her stuff, sticking around to answer your questions. go to our kathie lee and hoda facebook page and post your question. >> and every day is a gift for a mother who survived two types of cancer. >> sure is. she's our "everyone has a story" winner. you're going to meet her right after this. check on a know, all with the ah, tap of my geico app. oh, that's so cool. well, i would disagree with you but, ah, that would make me a liar. no dude, you're on the jumbotron! whoa. ah...yeah, pretty much walked into that one. geico anywhere anytime. just a tap away on the geico app. prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out. i have a big meeting when we land, but i am so stuffed up, i can't rest. [ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't? alka seltzer plus night fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a decongestant. [ inhales deeply ]
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oh. what a relief it is.
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♪ everyone has a moment today meet our newest everyone has a story winner. >> we're going to meet ashley and her mom kathi in a moment. first, listen to kathi's inspiring story. >> my mother is a miracle. a survivor of two different types of cancer. she was told in the fall of 2007 that she had ovarian cancer. she underwent two surgeries and chemotherapy. she was very sick but always had a smile on her face. the next spring we were given the best news ever. my mom was in remission. we went on vacation to south carolina to celebrate. our vacation to an abrupt halt one day when my mom called me from across the beach house in a concerned voice. when i walked into the bathroom, i found my mom standing in the mirror where she was examining a lump on her neck.
2:42 am
after visiting three different hospitals, we were told that mom had leukemia. yet again, my mom stayed positive. she told everyone that she was an overachiever and got the leukemia after the ovarian cancer to get it over with and be done with it all. after several rounds of chemotherapy my mom went into remission but needed a bone marrow transplant. family wasn't a match and we turned to the register and hoped for a donor. fortunately, they found a perfect match. a complete stranger saved my mom
2:43 am
and we are forever grateful. my mom's main goal throughout all of her journey was to dance at my wedding and dance she did. there wasn't a dry eye in the place. >> i love that. and kathi and her daughter ashley are with us. you look so great. even battling the crowding at rockefeller center. >> i feel terrific. everything is wonderful. and so many people helped. >> now just looking at that image of you dancing at your daughter's wedding that must have been one of the most memorable moments of your life. >> i think every single person was the tears. >> you're a wild woman. >> my husband, maybe, but not me. >> we had several people join us. i mean it was like a group hug dance. it was wonderful. >> the idea that a perfect stranger stepped in and changed your life and i think a lot of people when it comes to bone marrow donors they don't realize that, you know, it's a stranger that can save a life at times. >> nobody matched me, so they put me on the international list. >> i didn't even realize there was one. >> there is. >> that's fantastic. >> international list and a woman from germany was a 10 out of 10. >> wow.
2:44 am
>> a perfect match. and it's not hard to be a bone marrow donor. you can ask ashley. you go. the test is a cheek swab with a q-tip. >> sure. >> that's it. >> to see if you're a match. and if you are a match. >> they're going to draw blood. >> ashley, when you heard there was a donor match for your mom, because sometimes i think what's harder than being the person who's ill, is the person whose and standing next to the person who's ill that can't do anything. >> you feel so hopeless and helpless. >> they said as a child you can't be a match because you're partially your mom, partially your dad. so when i knew i didn't have hope of saving her we had to reach out to a stranger and when we found out it was a perfect match the lady said her daughter said mom, i'm so scared and she said, you know what, i'm going to save someone else's mom and that's what she did. >> oh, come on. >> oh, my gosh. >> why didn't you write that in the letter so i could have put
2:45 am
it in the song? now you tell us. >> that is -- >> can you give me five minutes and we'll work on that lyric a little bit. >> boy, what was the reaction from your husband when the news came in? i can only imagine. >> it happened so quickly. they walk in and they go, we got a 10 out of 10. we're going to get this going right now and they did. >> how soon later did you actually have the operation? >> it was -- >> she was diagnosed in august and we had to undergo chemo and when she couldn't find a match they extended the chemo treatment and february 2009 was her transplant. >> looking at the photos with west virginia t-shirts the support must have been something. >> i thought my husband was trying to kill me. we were -- i was sitting in a hospital bed and this whole team came in and thank god for nine west of ruby memorial hospital and dr. michael greg. >> it takes all of those people. >> they came in and he said, i'm going to tell you this now. i don't know if i can say this on tv. >> say it with us. >> he said get the hell out if you're not in it to win it. well they left. they all left. ashley and i are there going oh, my gosh. they all came back with those wv t-shirts. >> oh. >> that's great. >> why didn't you put that in the letter? okay.
2:46 am
>> when we come back, we're going to have a very special song. i thought it was until now. to honor kathi and the stranger. remember that who saved her life. >> broadway's danielle williamson treats us to a live performance coming up right after this. ♪ alaska is a very extreme environment. >> 30 foot seas, hurricane force winds. >> you go in, in really pad situations and we always pull it off. >> when you hit the water, game on.
2:47 am
>> go on. >> on the water. go! >> my job is to save lives. >> a lot of the times the coast guard comes before the family. >> when he's out flying, i do pray. >> everything they throw at us. >> fall is finally here. >> and for every season there is a reason to watch. >> just right.
2:48 am
>> all your local weather, travel updates and the day's top stories. >> you just can't beat this kind of weather. >> everything you need to know, first thing. >> it is like a killer app in the morning. >> wake up with al with stephanie and al only on the weather channel. [ female announcer ] this is laura. laura's being healthy and chewing her multivitamin. with one-a-day vitacraves for women! it's a great-tasting gummy multivitamin designed for women with more calcium and vitamin d.
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♪ everyone has a moment that >> we're back with our "everyone has a story" winner, kathi hahn and her daughter ashley. >> it's time to hear the song that david friedman and i wrote to honor kathi and the brave stranger who donated the bone marrow that saved kathi's life. here's broadway's "scandalous" perform danielle williamson singing "you need a miracle." ♪ in a world where people come and people go barely a nod to the neighbor ♪
2:51 am
♪ ♪ in a world where people smile at those they know and certainly not to a stranger ♪ ♪ in a world where hope is to fade it's hard to hold on to your dream ♪ ♪ you need a miracle when nothing else will do ♪ ♪ you need a miracle someone to come through ♪ ♪ you need a miracle to happen just for you ♪ ♪ ♪ you need a miracle ♪ ♪ in a world where trouble comes out of blue and it seems like hope is dying ♪ ♪ in a world where things are
2:52 am
happening to you that you can't control by trying ♪ ♪ in a world where there is nothing you can do without someone to save the day ♪ ♪ in a world where it is not all up to you there's a moment you just got to pray ♪ ♪ you need a miracle when nothing else will do you need a miracle someone to come through ♪ ♪ you need a miracle to happen just for you ♪ ♪ you need a miracle ♪ sometimes you find those people out there who actually love, who actually care ♪ ♪ ♪ who give of themselves so others may live who know they receive the more that they give ♪ ♪ and when they give ♪ you got a miracle when nothing else would do ♪ ♪ you got a miracle because someone did come through ♪ ♪ you got a miracle it happens
2:53 am
just for you ♪ ♪ you got a miracle >> awesome! >> that was great. >> that's awesome, danielle. we'll be back in a moment. first this is "today" on nbc. >> that was awesome. ♪ ♪ you need a miracle ♪ you need a miracle when nothing else ♪
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♪ you need a miracle when nothing else ♪ >> that's danielle williamson, just performed "you need a miracle" for kathi hahn and her daughter ashley, with us composure david friedman and david wildman. >> what did you think of your song? >> it was wonderful. >> thank. >> sung beautifully. >> did a great job. >> arranged beautifully. and the words. >> if i had only known the real story, you know. golly day. >> it was one of the shorter letters we've received you said because you were afraid. >> i didn't know how much i should incorporate or not. i made it bare minimal. >> your mom was surprised you wrote a letter at all. >> a lot of people don't tell the person they're writing the letter for. they want to see what happens. >> this is the time in the program -- >> my favorite part. >> we get to give you something. are you excited? we have been in contact with your bone marrow donor. >> oh, no.
2:58 am
>> doris. we haven't been able to meet her. we reached out to the folks at united and lufthansa airlines and they would like to give you roundtrip tickets to you and your daughter. >> and i think we have a special message from her. >> we do? >> look right there, sweetheart. >> i'm so excited for you to come visit germany. me and my family can't wait to finally meet you. i think about you every day and i hope you are fine. >> oh. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, my gosh. >> so pack your thong. you are going to dusseldorf. >> pack your thong. >> oh, my gosh. >> what do you think? >> it's amazing. >> thank you. >> i don't know what to say.
2:59 am
i mean, the woman did it all. i wouldn't be here without her. >> wow. >> please let us know how that goes. >> we would love to know. >> everybody out there, get on the donor list. it's not hard and you can save somebody. >> oh. >> thank you. ashley, you're a courageous, wonderful girl. >> you really are. >> so beautiful and your love for your mom. >> i'm a wreck. >> we have an extra minute. ask your friends what they're up to. >> what are you guys up to? >> i'm working on a new musical. and i just finished my second book. it should be coming out. >> that's great, david. >> i have a show "dog with a blog" on disney xd and disney. >> he flies in from hollywood to do this every month. >> thank you, david. >> what about you? >> i start rehearsals for "rocky" on broadway this month. >> i hear great things about the show. so happy for you.
3:00 am
>> you've written an e-book about your mom. >> "my mom the miracle" one woman, two cancers, three years, forever grateful. >> that's grateful. >> what a day. >> great. great. >> thanks, everybo >> i'm here to help. you and i will get through this together. ♪


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