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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 6, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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blend of pepper jack cheese, roasted peppers and onions, on toasted sourdough for just $3.99. is that where you also got the idea for that clock bracelet you always wear? my watch? no...these were invented a long time ago. like in the 80's? . right now at 11:00, another blast of cold weather hitting the bay area as people deal with heavy rain and even snow in some places. much of the bay area tonight you should a winter weather advisory. the wet weather comes amid another dangerously cold night of temperatures that led to several deaths in the south bay. the weather making for extremely dangerous conditions on the
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roads. good evening. i'm jessica aguire. we begin with breaking news in the east bay where a water main broke in castro valley. a fire truck is stuck in the flooding as well as cars. the break happened before 7:00 at the top of seven hills road. you can see the water rushing down the street. one resident said the water came to her garage and flooded her back yard as well as inside her house. >> we were in the living room and heard this rushing and thought it was pouring rain or something was happening and looked up and the water was rushing. came out and it has been nonstop for at least a half hour. >> for has been a mess. fire crews have been trying to shut the water off. no word on what caused the water main to break and whether it's related to the frigid temperatures. we have coverage of the winter
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weather advisory jeff ranieri has the latest on the conditions. >> this cold rain continues to move across the bay area with heavy intensity at times. also reports of low snow that has been remarkable for bay area standards. into napa county is where we had snow that was slowing commuters down quite a bit likely potentially a half inch to over an inch. all that snow on the ground that could create icy and dangerous roads in the north bay. right now we have the heaviest zone across the trivalley and rainfall amounts to a tenth to a quarter inch per hour. san francisco getting nailed good down to about the airport producing delays there. back across the trivalley, this is where it is extremely dangerous. temperatures approaching the 30s and potentially icy spots on the
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roadwa roadways. highway 60 is the sore spot. you want to do not any early morning traveling as this rainfall will likely linger for the next two to hours. snow reports on highway 17, that is going to be extremely dangerous all the way through the mid-and late morning hours for tomorrow. that's where i am pinpointing the worst travel. the winter weather advisory and we want more from nbc bay area's cheryl hurd. i can see the traffic behind you. what are things like at this moment? >> it is wet and cold and dangerous because it is slick. it started raining really hard right now. i am live along highway 17 and as you can see, it is starting to come down. the temperatures are expected to drop which means there could be snow. if you are about to move about, please go slow. we saw tonight what can happen
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when it starts to rain. we got stuck behind a solo car spinout on highway 17 southbound before the summit. chp is plaming it on the slick roads. highway signs are warning that the highway can be dangerous. the rain is starting to come down hard around 9:00 tonight. people were out and about tonight enjoying the winter-like weather. >> i think the snow will be tough to come by tonight. good luck trying to find it. >> we are taking in the warmth of los gatos. the spirit of the christmas season. >> merry christmas. >> it's very cold. >> as you can see, this traffic is starting to head towards the summit. when you head towards the summit, these roads are slick. as you can see the temperatures are about to drop. you may not be able to see that,
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but i can tell it is getting cold. the tow trucks are out in force, but go slow. live in los gatos, nbc bay area news. >> a lot of rain and we have the situation on the roads and the reality is that people drive the way they do on a normal day without realizing they need to make adjustments to the way they drive. >> absolutely. that's a huge problem we see. people think that they can travel the way they normally travel when we have rain and especially right now with the cold temperatures. we start getting ice on the roadways. we see an increase in collisions and vehicle spinouts. >> you want people to go slow, but there is a danger in going too slow as well. what advice are you giving drivers? >> the best thing we can tell people and for this type of weather, slow down and allow yourself more time to get to the
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destination. the best thing is to be aware of your surroundings. not only the weather and what's going on, but the traffic around you. give yourself a bigger space just in case something bad does happen. watch for debris that may be washed out due to rain or mudslides and definitely watch for ices and slow down as safe as possible, but be safe. >> thank you, officer. be aware. that's the main thing. the cold snap is not just dangerous, but has proven to be deadly. four people died in the south bay and there is an added push to get more homeless people into shelters. nbc bay area joins us in sunnyvale with the story of what they are doing tonight. >> this is the sunnyvale place that fits up to 225 people. so the folks are hoping the word gets out that they have a lot of
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space still and the goal is to prevent anyone else from dying. >> it's better to be inside. >> a warm bed and hot food goes a long way. >> a major difference. if you have a warm meal in your belly, you can sleep better. >> with temperatures dropping and cold rain, many are heading to local shelters. four people have died in the past week, all victims of the freezing cold. >> this is very serious. we don't want to lose any more people in the cold snap. it has been an emotional day for those of us who do the work. >> many battle the elements under bridges or on benches. >> there is a bunch of people who are stubborn. a lot of homeless are stubborn. they want to do things the way they want to do them and not the way they should. >> county officials say there more than 7,000 homeless people on the streets in santa clara
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county on any given night. with only 650 beds, that challenge is to find for everyone. >> the mattress is not very comfortable. >> he is just happy he has a place to sleep inside and not not cold. >> i don't want to be wet and i don't want to be cold and frozen. >> again, there about 125 spaces yet to be filled at the armory. all of the shelters will remain open throughout weekend and they are asking for people to donate socks, blankets and jackets so no one else is cold this weekend. we are live in sunnyvale. george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >> county slow plows are trying to keep up with the snow dumping on sierra roads. you are looking at grass valley. towns in the foothills saw a decent snowfall between 2 thousa,000 to 3,000 feet.
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chains are required for placerville and el dorado. we want to see your weather photos. go to and click on accepted the picks button. that is i see@n brbcbayarea.cos. a palo alto man is safely out of the country. he arrived at the beijing airport and they did get a chance to talk to him after he arrived in china. >> he's in excellent spirits and eager to be reunited with his family. you can imagine it has been very difficult for the family and particularly for him. we want to thank everyone who made this possible.
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>> newman is making his way back to the u.s. right now and the korean war vet is expected to arrive at sfo tomorrow. jean ellie has more on his release. >> he lives here at the channing house retirement center with his wife, his friend put up this yellow ribbon and tonight it can come down. no one inside the retirement center is commenting, but they are all smiles. newman is coming home. the mayor landed safely at the airport in beijing, china. they released the 85-year-old korean war veteran after holding him for more than a month, accusing him of crimes against north korea. a relieved newman told us he is grateful to head home to the bay area. >> glad to be on my way home. >> he appeared on state television, reading an apology for wartime crimes. newman served three years in the
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korean war, trained guerillas were feared in the north. officials took newman off an airplane on october 26th as he was leaving the country after a-day visit. his wife expressed concerns about her husband's heart condition. >> you don't know where your husband of 56 years is, you don't know his health and when he will be home with us. it's not an easy situation. >> newman's worries will soon be over. her husband said he feels good and is eager to be reunited. >> what would you like to do? >> go home and see my wife. >> vice president bides en in south korea and he offered newman a ride back to the united states, but newman would rather take a direct flight from china. he is expected to arrive here tomorrow morning. nbc bay area news. >> still ahead at 11:00, are
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they out of touch? fast food workers barely make enough to pay their bills. why are they offering advice on how much to tip for cleaners and massage therapists. the tool that keeps you from getting lot of while shopping. he is about to take over for "the tonight show." jimmy fallon talks about his big transition. >> good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. we are pushing across the bay with heavy rainfall throughout the trivalley from pleasanton to livermore. how long the storm sticks around and low snow potential in a few minutes.
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late nights are about to get earlier for funny man turned talk show host jimmy fallon. the former nfl alum will take over one of the most famed and coveted shows on television. "the tonight show." nbc studios can talk about the bay area connection and why he is ready to head into tonight show territory. we have the interview with jimmy fallon. >> this is not a red carpet event, but a visit to the nbc bay area studios. for jimmy fallon, there is no such thing as simple. >> my dream job is to work at ibm. that was my actual dream job.
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that's the kind of job you could get. >> fallon is a rare breed of funny. this style behind the 16s translates into ratings gold. no back stabbing and crazy things. he called one night and said hey, this is the call. >> very close. >> i think after the whole thing went down and came back to the tonight show and i called him up and i want to let you know that i appreciate you and i have been friends with jay before i did the talk show. i am happy being here at 12:37 a.m. and whatever time slot i'm at. make sure it's not so late. it's going to be fine. when you are ready to step down, let's do it the right way. >> whether dancing with the first lady or egg smash with tom
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cruise, fallon has a way of getting people to do things they normally wouldn't do. >> that was surreal. surreal. we are doing a comedy sketch with the president called slow jam the news where we take serious stories and make them into an r&b slow jam. >> you should here one time. >> i will. at the end of the day, we tend to say that's how we slow jam the news. they go oh, yeah and so the president is there and we are rehearseing it and say that's how we slow jam the news. oh, yeah. do you want to? he said no. that secret service guy whisked me away. >> oh, yeah. >> give it up for president barack obama. >> your wife is from here in the
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bay area. >> kind of one of us right now. >> she loves you guys so much. any time we see anything on tv, ice is over here. we are in the academy high school. she loves you so much. any word that rhymes with marin. so many great memories. family friends in the bay area. >> in terms of sleep deprivation. a lot of botox. she is almost five months old. her name is winnie rose. we had her passport photo taken. >> passport? >> getting ready for russia. i don't want to leave this country. leave me alone. >> you are a proud dad and so much success is am coming your way.
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i know it's hard and you haven't been shy in terms of fertility issues. >> we were trying to have a baby for years, 5 1/2 years. it's just tough. not easy at all. there probably people who are still trying. to them i say have hope and hang in there. however it happens, it's so worth it. >> when you retire down the road, what will be be doing? >> i always wanted to be a mail man. you get to wear shorts and drive in the weird car that didn't have a door on one side and wheels on the other side. you think you are in england? they have no rules. it's just a rebellious job. that's where i would end up. >> mail man fallon. >> good to see you. thanks for having me. >> oh, yeah. look for jim tow slow jam "the tonight show" starting february
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17th after n brbc bay area news 11:00. we want to go shopping with you and help you maneuver the stores. the stores in the u.s. today, the technology uses the blue tooth to accepted messages about products and events and alerts that are tailored to where you are at the store. in order for it to work, you need ios 7 and permission to track your phone. weather is a big story of the day. getz go back to jeff ranieri. what are we looking at? >> a few showers and snow reports at very low elevations. los gatos with snow flurries and highway 17 as well. as we look at the radar, we will find the temperatures in the mid 40s. it's a low elevation and not cold enough to get widespread snow. what we are finding right now as
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that radar scans around, heavier pocks of rain and the south bay. let's take you into it. it is extremely dangerous. if you don't need to be out over the next couple of hours, stay at home. we have icy patchy that could develop. the areas of red and potentially a quarter inch of rain per hour. it's moving slowly and could see isolated flooding across 680 and 580. heavy rainfall in the east bay and the peninsula and across san jose. it has been intermittent, but the red will be here towards san jose over two to three hours as the storm pushes out. certainly the most dangerous spot as we head territories tomorrow morning will be highway 17. reports of rain-snow mix and it is windy and super slick. that's where that advisory is in place at 15 hundred feet. you will encounter the rain-snow mix. totals could range from to three inches. we are also highlighting the
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dangerous roads here across the bay area. you want to watch out if you are leaving early tomorrow. route 17 and skyline drive. route 84 and the pass as well. current temperatures are holding in the upper 40s to low 50s. why is it not colder? that cloud cover up ahead of the storm system helps to cap off the daytime heating. temperatures will be dropping quickly. we are seeing that wind at 12 miles per hour. gusts have been as high as 25 tonight. we will likely see the wind for the next to four hours. let's get you into the main forecast. that is the possibility of low snow flurries as we head throughout tomorrow and also the storm and the rainfall. what you will find here is the storm system is going to linger through about 2:00, 3:00, 5:00 in the morning. at this point in the morning hours, we will get sun up to the
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north bay and san francisco. down here towards san jose, if there is any residual moisture as cold as the temperatures will be, a slight chance of snow flurries at 6:00 in the morning. that's the time to have the cameras ready. let's get a look at the forecast as we head throughout the saturday forecast. after 7:00 in the morning, we will be here in the sunshine. 47 eected in san jose with sunny skies. it will be a cold day. in the afternoon, los gatos 46 and san francisco mid-4s if you get through the water. it will feel like the upper 30s with a slight wind chill. pleasanton in the mid 40s. going to tahoe, a word of warning. through tomorrow the snow totals will be about a foot at this point. again, tresh rus travel on skpakt highway 50. we will leave you with this one
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up into ukiah. look at the snow up off the ground. even enough to make a snowman back here. >> that are is startling. thank you very much. we'll be right back.
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mcdonald's executives not loving it after hosting holiday tipping advice for nannies and au pairs. the tipping recommendations come as fast food workers earn an average of $9 an hour went on strike, pushing for an increase in the minimum wage. in addition to the guide lines for gratuities, they saw pricey tip suggests for massage therapists, dog-walkers and personal trainers. choosing that veggie plate over the corn dog will inflate your budget. eating healthy does cost more. they crunched the numbers and found it costs $550 more every
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>> on the spores desk for us, tough night. >> tough night for the warriors. they staged one of the most epic come becomes on tuesday night. that was against the raptors. they proved they could do it, but shouldn't make a habit out of trying. it happened again. warriors at the rockets and he was good in this one. warriors were down 21 in the second. clay thompson turned it over and got down big and no come back this time. warriors lose, 105-83. how about the sharks? alive and well. the third period, tie game. on the selection and came to win
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5-3 and the grinch ruining the sharks road trip. the open division championship in the fourth quarter tied with tie no more. matthew is the quarter become and touchdown to win. it's the first open division championship in school history. the u.s. is hot. former giant carlos beltran agreed to a $45 million deal with the yankees. back to you. >> thank you very much. we'll be right back.
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winter weather advisories in effect for much of the bay area. we want to check in with jeff ranieri. >> tracking heavy rainfall and a few reports of snow across highway 17, but the heaviest rainfall at this hour across the peninsula from san mateo down to wood side. highway 101 is very dangerous.
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plenty of foot spots and icy patchy by the morning hours. getting nailed and not a good idea to do traveling back here. i think the worst corridor will be highway 17. if you don't need to travel, you want to avoid it. >> thank you, jeff. stay and dry. have a good weekend. bye-bye. bl [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow
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and find your career success in the bay area. omg, jack. have you ever checked out these new product ideas people posthey're kind of amaze. yeah - that's where i got the ideas for my new- fajita ranch melt. seasoned chicken with a gooey blend of pepper jack cheese, roasted peppers and onions, on toasted sourdough for just $3.99. is that where you also got the idea for that clock bracelet you always wear? my watch? no...these were invented a long time ago. like in the 80's? >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- president george w. bush, the music of ben harper with charlie musselwhite
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and "jaywalking." and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you very much! [ cheers and applause ] welcome to "the tonight show." oh, boy. getting ready for thanksgiving? [ cheers ] yeah, yeah. right around the corner. as you know, the tradition of thanksgiving began in 1621 when native americans sat down with a bunch of undocumented lg


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