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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 9, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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this morning the deputy who shot and killed a 13-year-old boy is expected to be back on the job but he won't be out in the field. we'll explain coming up. >> what we're learning about top fire officials who responded to the deadly crash at sfo, the critical training course they never took. >> $400,000 for prime real estate in san jose. only one catch, it was nearly destroyed by fire two years ago. why realtors and potential buyers say it's such a steal. >> a live look outside right now. san bruno mountain i think is what we're looking from. >> that is correct. it's a beautiful day. very cold. it is monday, december 9th and this is "today in the bay."
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>> good morning everyone. it is 4:30. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> good to have you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. get ready for one of the colder mornings, waking up to freezing temperatures. this is a live look outside before you head out the door. we want to remind you certainly take it slow. there are reports of black ice especily in oakland near the caldecott tunnel. >> let's bring in meteorologist christina loren and much of the bay area under a freeze warning. i think it was 27 degrees when i got up at 3:00. >> goodness, that is a cold start to the day. but hey, petaluma is at 22 degrees so i can tell you right now it is cold out there. we picked up over an inch of rain over the weekend in parts of the bay area so there is plenty of moisture available to freeze this morning. you really wantto take it easy. we'll track the temperatures all morning long. into the next couple hours it's going to get colder as we
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transition closer to sunrise this morning. even cold enough in the city of san francisco for some of the frost this morning. let's check on your drive. mike has all of the particulars. good monday morning to you. >> good morning. we did have a lot going on oakland 880 past the coliseum. calm here but look at the map. we had a crash which just cleared from lanes but the barrels, they are cleaning that up. you see the slower drive north through downtown. talking about black ice, here as you head to the caldecott tunnel through on the orinda side, the vicinity of fish ranch road, a possibility of black ice reported earlier so be careful through this corridor. we'll continue to track spots like the durand bridge. more coming up. >> thanks. the cold proves costly for california's agriculture industry. in the central valley some farmers lost 20% to 30% of their harvest. in the bay area most of the
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wineries like in livermore have finished for the season. not threatened by the recent freeze. experts say freezing temperatures closer to spring are more dangerous for wineries when the vines are beginning to bud. >> the sierra saw its first major snow this weekend. there is ski run boulevard in south lake tahoe at the base of heavily valley. the roads are clear but the temperature minus 5 degrees. temperatures won't keep skiers from hitting the slopes. this is from kirkwood where officials reported three feet of fresh powder, the most of any resort. others need a little more snow. whoa, take it easy, to make it fully operational. >> the weather not just a big deal in the bay area. millions are dealing with what's called a historic ice event. the storm is bearing down on the northeast after spreading snow, sleet and ice across much of the midwest. more than 100,000 customers are
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without power and there concern tree limbs and power lines weighted down by ice could cause new outages for the next several days. the snow and ice, in wisconsin a pileup shut down a main freeway. >> the best of my knowledge there's probably in excess of seven semis, and 30-plus vehicles. >> you could barely see. >> across the country more than 3,000 flights have been canceled with more expected throughout the day. >> you can track the freeze warning and forecast on the website, click on the weather tab and there you can see temperature maps. you can even sign up to get your forecast e-mailed to you. again, that's, just search weather. >> new this morning, officials think two vehicles that crashed this morning in san jose may have been racing. it happened on 101 south of great america parkway. three lanes were closed about an hour. they are open now. two vehicles were speeding, maybe racing when they crashed into each other and the center divider. a third car crashed into the
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first two cars, at least one car burst into flames. everyone made it out. there are minor injuries. >> the 21-year-old accused of killing a man and stealing his play station 4 will be in court. investigators say that ronny collins made arrangements on line to meet up with 22-year-old itana in san francisco to buy his play station 4 earlier this month. when the two met up in the bay view district police say collins shot him. collins was in court last week but did not enter a plea. >> an update on the deputy who killed a santa rosa teen last month. the press democrat reports that deputy will return to work this week. he won't be in the field but on desk duty. he has been on leave. the deputy thought 13-year-old andy lopez was carrying an ak-47 when he shot him. the gun was a bb gun made to look real. in response the deputy's return the justice for andy lopez facebook page calls for a
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protest at the counsels tomorrow afternoon. >> deputies will continue their investigation into human remains found at shilo regional park. yesterday afternoon a father called the sheriff's office saying he and his two children spotted a human skull and a tennis shoe in a creek bed. deputies found other remains under leaves nearby. >> new details about the deadly asiana crash at sfo. the chronicle reports that three fire department commanders in charge of fire fighting and rescue efforts after the crash never took a required training course for aircraft disasters. the chief said it was not vital for commanders to take the course calling it very specialized training, meantime, tomorrow in washington, d.c. federal officials plan to hear from witnesses, the faa, boeing and others about the crash. the four pilots on board will not be attending the hearing. three teens were killed and 180 passengers hurt. nbc bay area's investigative
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unit is heading to washington, d.c. for the hearings. steven stock will have live reports on the investigation starting tomorrow morning. >> continuing coverage of the palo alto veteran released from north korea. some experts say the nation may have gained something from the case of mayorerrill newman. he was detained for more than a month accused of crimes dating back to the korean war. after being forced to publicly apologize, the government deported him on what it called humanitarian grounds. one expert says that apology may show how powerful the current government is to its own people. >> they can use that information to demonstrate to their population that they, the regime, is in control and it can extract confessions from americans. >> while merrill newman is a free man, north korea continues to hold another american citizen, kenneth bae.
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he has been sentenced to 15 years for hostile acts against the communist state. >> many world leaders head to south africa ahead after memorial to honor nelson mandela who died last week. officials expect thousands to fill a soccer stadium for tomorrow's memorial. the government says at least 53 dignitaries are expected including president obama and the first lady, presidents bush, clinton and carter, bonky moon and many more. president obama plans to speak. we are getting more information on mandela's final hours. a friend who saw him two hours before he died said he was sleeping peacefully, not on life support but clearly near the end. and i could see that he is different from the conditions i saw him earlier, that he is now giving up. >> hundreds of people attended a
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prayer service last night and there is another scheduled for tonight. >> it's 4:38. time to get a look at the faulk for this week. i was hoping for a warm-up. >> well, we've got one for you. it's just going to be very gradual. it's going to take a while before we return to the 60s. but they are on the seven-day forecast. and hey, we won't make you wait for it. it's scrolling at the bottom of the screen. temperatures this morning are very, very cold here. we're in the 20s again in most of our cities. negative 11 out in truckee. so it could be colder. hey, that means snow is going to stick around. parts of tahoe picked up 2 1/2 feet of the white stuff over the weekend. so widespread frost. i want to point out across the bay area except for right downtown san francisco is under this freeze warning through about 9:00 a.m. because we're starting in the 20s it is going to take a while for that frost is able to melt until about 9:00 a.m. our temperatures are going to be below the 32 degree mark.
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temperatures only climbing into the 50s, 50 in fremont, 47 degrees today in livermore. i will let you know when the 60s return, and we might see more rain here in the bay area. that's coming up in my next report. let's check your drive. good morning. >> good morning. we're looking here toward the chilly bay bridge toll plaza and not a lot of folks here. a smooth easy drive. reports of black ice but not across the major rivers. we're looking here to the maze. at the bottom as we talked about. all lanes of north 880 are open as you pass through downtown oakland. the northbound side does have the fifth avenue off ramp closed and that may be closed till about two hours from now. closer to 7:00, 6:30 we should say to clear up this sand that was a result of the big rig having busted the barrels at the off ramp. cleanup will continue. use your other off ramps. the benicia bring has a wind advisory. this is not a weather service
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advisory but chp said it was gusty. keep that in mind. the south bay, this is 680, 101 interchange. northbound 101 with the headlights and no problems for the south bay. >> thanks, mike. >> looking for a house? >> i don't know about this one. a fixer upper. >> say the least. prime real estate with a catch. still ahead on "today in the bay," take a look at a burned out home in downtown san jose on the market for about $500,000. we'll tell you why some potential buyers call it a steal. >> how handy are you? plus, bay area tech companies coming together to protect your privacy. their stern message for president obama coming up.
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welcome back everyone. 4:44. the end of the year quickly approaching and congress still has a lot of work to do. lawmakers say they are confident they will come to terms on a budget and other big items left on the table before another government shutdown. both sides want a budget but they have to agree on the fine prints. >> negotiations are making progress, moving in the right direction, they haven't closed the deal. >> the key swee not have another government shutdown, that we keep the spending caps in place,
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we don't raise taxes at a time when the economy is still weak. >> they have to agree on a defense spending bill and the farm bill which includes cuts to food stamp benefits. the timeline is get this done, just got shorter as some are traveling to nelson mandela's funeral this weekend. >> just when you thought the coined shopping days were behind us turns out today is green monday. that term was coined by silicon valley based ebay back in 2007, after the company saw a big increase in online shopping the second week of december which is where we are now. last year online shoppers spent more than a billion dollars on green monday and they could break that this year. analysts predict another round of discounts raging from 30% to 50%. this morning several bay area based tech giants like apple, google and facebook call on president obama and congress to overhaul surveillance laws. we turn to mary thompson live at
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cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning to you. we're taking a look at the futures, higher as the markets come off of friday's jobs report rally and following data released from china. on friday the dow jumping 200 points to close at 16,020. the nasdaq rising 30 at 4,063. despite friday's rally though, they snapped their winning streak with both closing slightly negative. investors willis tune comments from federal reserve officials speaking on the economy. u.s. airways and american airlines are closing their nearly $18 billion merger today, this will create the largest airline. on saturday supreme court justice ruth baders ginsburg. passengers will notice many visible changes to the jets or frequent flyer programs until next year.
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a group of tech companies calling on president obama and congress to impose strict limits on surveillance. the group which includes google, microsoft, yahoo! and twitter have written a letter calling for an end to mass collection of user information like e-mail and contact lists. the move comes in the wake of the leaks on u.s. spying programs by edward snowden. back to you. >> thanks very much. >> time to check the forecast right now. my mouth still frozen this morning. >> understandable. it's very cold out there. you know what, this has been a prolonged cold spell in the bay area. we're not going to get out of it for a couple days. keep those winter gloves, everything you need handy. 25 in fairfield, 22 very cold in petaluma, 23 to start the day in santa rosa. i want to take to you the city of san francisco. a lot of people here park outdoors and it's cold enough for frost just about everywhere. give yourself extra time.
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and yeah, you might be scraping frost off the windshield. warm up your vehicle as well. we hit the 20s, 29 in redwood city, 26 in atherton, to the south bay it's cold in places like campbell, 28 degrees. and los gatos is at 28 degrees as well. so you want to travel cautiously. there is a threat for black ice this morning. you want to go slow around the curves, slightly apply your brake if you get in a situation like that. it's called black ice because you can't see it but you'll see a sheen on the highway. if that's what you are starting to experience, travel cautiously. it's going to be cold about all day long. in the 50s but a warmer day ahead tomorrow and we're going to keep climbing it is a we head further into the week. >> 4:48. former mayor of san diego is set to be sentenced today on several sexual harassment charges. bob filner pleaded guilty in october. he is accused of placing a woman in a head lock, kissing another
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woman without her consent, and inappropriately touching another. the 71-year-old resigned in august after several women came forward with similar accusations. attorneys expect the judge to approve a plea bargain which would include no jail time. >> how much would you pay for a large victorian hope steps from san jose snat. >> $400,000. a little fire damage. it's 2100 square feet, at least it was, four-bedroom, now about 2 1/2, on seventh street on the market for $399,000. badly damaged in a fire back in june 2012. there have been several offers including one, all cash, why? there are not a lot of places on the market, demand is high so while some may see this home as a disaster, others see it as an opportunity. >> partly burned but a lot of opportunities to build it and make it a nice house. >> at first blush i wouldn't say
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it's worth 400,000 but i've been surprised over things that have gone on over the last few months, stuff that i didn't think was going to go for what it did, did. >> the home will likely have to be completely rebuilt. realtors say the home would likely still cost less than buying a move-in ready home in the same area. you have to be up for the challenge. >> there you go. prime land, i guess. still ahead on "today in the bay," a crucial victory at candlestick park, the niners keep their hopes of winning their division alive for another week. what the players say made a huge win sweeter. >> every win for the 9ers is crucial. we're looking toward the bay and a smooth drive over the san mateo bridge. some issues on the peninsula side and also the east bay.
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welcome back everybody. 4:53 is the time. we are looking out at emeryville twinkling in this chilly bay area. christina is going to tell us about how cold it is. we're at 22 somewhere. mike will have the traffic. 49ers and fans riding high after taking down the seahawks at the stick. the niners offense got off to a slow start. but with seconds left in the first half kaepernick connected
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for the score. the 9ers up by two. then with five minutes left in the game niners down by one, frank gore finds a hole. going 51 yards for the longest run of the season. that set up a short game winning field goal. dawson had four on the day. niners win 19-17. keep the seahawks from clinching the nfc west. >> win and go home. that's how we feel. we're going to come out and perform at our level. >> we had to win this game. we couldn't have it any other way. this is a team that you want to beat. they talk so much and you know, to me just -- you just have to beat them. >> the niners now gearing up for sunday's game against tampa bay. >> the 49ers had extra special help yesterday. look who it is. he was on the sidelines. took the day off from fighting
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crime. 5-year-old miles is recovering from leukemia and of course we all remember when he and the make-a-wish foundation and thousands of volunteers turned san francisco into gotham city to make his wish come true. miles and his family back in the city for a fundraising event. always good to see him. the crowd loves him. the raiders could have used help from bat kid. the 63-yard touchdown run was not enough to boost the silver and black over the jets. new york dominated for much of the game, went on to beat the raiders. the raiders fall to 4-9 on the season. >> at least one raider will be back on the field at at&t park. >> jones and joe montana and several olympians including kristi yamaguchi taking part in the holiday heroes event that benefits five bay area
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children's charities. kids to neat athletes, take part in several events like face painting, teddy bear stuffing and making smores. >> i'm a fan. >> light a fire to stay warm. we'll check the forecast coming up. what about that morning commute? >> heat seaters. looking to the san mateo bridge. an easy drive across 92. chilly there as well as around the bay. look at the map. the bridges are fine, the larger bridges, at the bottom, as we approach 92 crossing over the san mateo north of there an open roadway or elevated roadway c l called the durand bridge. we've seen reports of black ice. that's one spot to watch. on the east bay we do also have potential for black ice like on east 24, getting away from the maze. the the map shows north 880 slow
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past the fifth avenue off ramp. that will be closed a couple of hours, fixing the barrels cleaning up after an early morning crash. use 23rd avenue to get into downtown, then north on city streets. that's the best option. no problems at the toll plaza. easy drive down the east shore freeway. use the seat heaters. >> whatever you can do. 4:57. we continue to keep a close eye on the freezing temperatures across most of the country. >> we'll tell you how this arctic blast could impact flights in the bay area. >> in the meantime, while you are nestled warm in your house hopefully this morning, taking a live look outside from the south bay overlooking san jose. we'll keep tabs on your morning commute and the forecast.
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how some in silicon valley's biggest tech giants call on the national security agency to change its ways. that story coming up. >> a live look at johannesburg,
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south africa, the memorial for nelson mandela continues to grow. dignitaries from all over the world are arriving in the country to honor mandela including four presidents of the united states. >> and it's a freezing cold start to the work week. i'll let you know what's in store for the rest of the week. i can tell you change is ahead. you might like it if you're looking for warmer days. that's coming up in the full forecast. >> warmer. we like that. yes. oakland, an issue, three issues to report this early on a monday morning. we'll point them out coming up. >> a live look outside san francisco, that's the transamerica building. kind of hard to tell. needs a few lights. but it's cold in san francisco. i can tell you that. more coming up. it's monday, december 9, this is "today in the bay." good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsey


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