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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 9, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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south africa, the memorial for nelson mandela continues to grow. dignitaries from all over the world are arriving in the country to honor mandela including four presidents of the united states. >> and it's a freezing cold start to the work week. i'll let you know what's in store for the rest of the week. i can tell you change is ahead. you might like it if you're looking for warmer days. that's coming up in the full forecast. >> warmer. we like that. yes. oakland, an issue, three issues to report this early on a monday morning. we'll point them out coming up. >> a live look outside san francisco, that's the transamerica building. kind of hard to tell. needs a few lights. but it's cold in san francisco. i can tell you that. more coming up. it's monday, december 9, this is "today in the bay." good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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we have a live look outside at san jose this morning. it's in the low 30s this morning. cold weather sticking around. time to check in with meteorologist christina loren. also sticking around and we're glad, we need you. >> it is cold. you know what, it has been over the past few days, a lot of us getting used to this. i can tell you we're going to hit our standards for this time of year what we usually see the end of the week so there is change ahead but 25 degrees, really cold way to kick off the day in fairfield. 22 degrees this morning in petaluma and even in san francisco it is cold enough for frost all across the board. just 2 away from the freezing mark. so it's very cold out there. throughout the day your temperatures are going to slowly climb above freezing. not until about 9:00 a.m. so i want to make sure you're ready for that. san jose has fallen out of the low 30s and into the 20s and we're going to keep dropping off as we head throughout the next couple hours so i want to make sure you're ready for that. bundle up the little ones.
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widespread frost likely this morning if you did park outside. i'll take you through the warm-up and we'll talk about when we could get a round of rain. that's coming up in my next report. back to you, terry and laura. >> the weather not just a big deal in the bay area. millions nationwide dealing with what's called an historic ice event causing canceled flights across the country. christie smith is live at san francisco international airport with more on the impact. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. they say this may be the coldest one yet. i have to tell you it certainly feels like it. my car read 26 degrees when i left from the east bay to come in to work. certainly cold. of course this is having an effect in the northeast, also dallas where we're hearing that four flights between sfo and dallas-fort worth are chanceled between 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. on american and the number may be higher than that. of course this is due to weather today or lingering effects from
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yesterday. one flight canceled from san jose to dallas. in dallas, airport crews worked on cleaning up those runways. two of them remain open but they were trying to clear them out, more than 400 flights were canceled there on saturday. and thousands of passengers stranded. 3300 passengers actually had to be housed in the terminals while they waited to get out. that arctic blast affecting people across the country and into the northeast. i'm also told from sfo you can expect delays out of washington and jfk in and out on the morning flights, so certainly something to keep in mind as you head out this morning. reporting live at sfo, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> you look bundled and warm. thanks so much. 5:03. for the latest forecast check out our website,, click on the weather tab. we'll also have live updates throughout the morning, during the today show. >> east palo alto police
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investigate after a strange shooting. police say shots spotter activated near the internext of pollgus and runny meade street. no one was there. about the same time they received a call from a 21-year-old man who returned home after he was shot in the leg. he is expected to survive and there are no reports of arrests. menlo park police investigate a drive-by shooting that injured a 14-year-old girl sitting in her home. happened about 7:30 near the intersection of madera and ivy drive. the girl was hit in the hand. the other people in the home were not injured and police say at least two people opened fire from a light colored four-door sedan. >> a bay area man already convicted of second-degree murder will be back in court to face new charges. 23-year-old robert joseph yim is one of six alleged gang members police say shot and killed 14-year-old vernon edins in december of 2007. he will be in court today for a
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preliminary hearing. earlier this month yim was convicted of second-degree murder in the shooting death of samuel nava iii. police say yim got into a staredown when yim opened fire, killing nava. he is set to be sentenced next year for that killing. >> new this morning some of the biggest tech companies put competition aside to take on the nsa. they want to protect user privacy and are going to great lengths. bob redell is live near google headquarters and what have you learned? >> reporter: good morning to you. giants like google, linkedin, and six other big names in the valley are calling on the national security agency to change its ways. this sin response to the revelations by the edward snowden leaks that the nsa has
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been collecting user data from the companies, reportedly without the companies knowing or giving their permission. so what is seen as attempt to reassure customers that data is safe t eight are putting their names on an open letter to the president printed in major newspapers, calling for reform of the nsa. first off those are aol, apple, facebook, google, linksedin, microso microsoft, twitter, all here in the bay orare with major ties to the region. on a new website reform government surveillance.komt they established five principles to adopt in attempt to rein in. would like to stop the bulk collection of web data, like them to have more oversight and accountability, and when the nsa legally requests user data the companies would like to be able to publicize that. the fact the companies have come together on this illustrates how
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concerned they are about the nsa surveillance, when you consider the fact that many of these companies are competitors if not arch rivals. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks very much. leaders from around the world on the way to south africa for the public memorial for nelson mandela. >> we have a live picture to show you this morning where a memorial to mandela is growing. look at all of the people. yesterday was the national day of prayer for the anti-apartheid leader. very few details about his death have been released. he was surrounded by family including his wife and former wife winnie as well as several of his grandchildren. >> four dignitaries are arriving. president obama and michelle obama will board air force one to travel to south africa, joined by george w. bush and laura, presidents bill clinton and jimmy carter plan to travel for the memorial.
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george h.w. bush the only living president who will not be there. >> doctors say the 89-year-old is no longer able to travel long distances. you see they are getting air force one ready. if you want to share condolences with the mandela family, several funeral homes have memorial books you can sign that will be sent to his family and constituents. sign one of the books at the sky lawn funeral home and memorial park, chapel of the chimes in oakland, or chapel of the chimes in hayward. the books will be available for signing until the end of the month. >> around these parts meteorologist christina loren is telling us the big story is chill. chill. >> you don't even need to have sound up. the volume could be all the way down and these numbers do the talking. 21 degrees, it is really cold up in the north bay. expecting them to fall into the teens again. and this may very well be the coldest morning from the entire snap that we've had so far. throughout the day today
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temperatures are only going to climb near the 50s and upper 40s, want to make sure you're ready. it's going to be cold all day long. your city by city microclimate forecast works like this. south bay pretty good. this is one of the warmer regions. 50 all across san francisco. 47 for livermore. walnut creek 47 and santa rosa 51. the good news is we will get out of the cold. it's going to take a while. i want to give you an idea of the san jose trend throughout the next couple days. climbing into the upper 50s for tuesday and wednesday so it's going to feel more comfortable starting tomorrow afternoon. by thursday, the low 60s return. so looking good there. mike, i know a lot of people are excited to hit the 60s again. it's not very high. >> south bay the warmest. we'll take a look. oakland, all relative. 880 moves past the coliseum. we look at the live shot. northbound with the taillights away from us. as you travel farther north on
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the maps we'll show you what's going on down there at the bottom of the screen. as you're approaching fifth avenue there is a distraction t flashing lights t the off ramp is closed. it will remain closed possibly until 6:30 because they have to clean up after an early morning crash. there's an option, 23rd avenue out into downtown, that's a good one, not a lot of traffic, lighter flow through that area right now. the benicia bridge light at southbound 680 out of the north bay but a wind advisory issued for both directions across the water so hold on there and also through the diablo range, across the hills. the san mateo bridge moves smoothly. the reports of possibility for black ice over on the durand bridge north of 92 for 280 and here is 101 look how warm it looks here, no. like i said it's all relative. >> back to you. >> the headlights are sparkling. seasonal shot. thanks, mike. president obama honors a bay area legend. >> the demolition of houston's astrodome gets under way.
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>> consummating a merger. the new american airlines.
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in a december is supposed to be good for the markets. it's been as chilly as the weather. things may be thawing. >> the dow rose 200 points friday t only rise we've gotten throughout december. that was thanks to the jobs report. let me take you back before the weekend. the labor department released the november jobs report. it was much better than expected. more than 200,000 jobs added in the month that pushes the unemployment rate down to 7% t lowest it's been in five years. when you break down the data construction jobs are solid as are retail and manufacturing. government particularly the federal government actually fell, so still layoffs in government. let's check in this morning with mary thompson with cnbc with a look ahead. good morning. >> good morning to you, scott.
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looking ahead to the open on wall street futures now higher as the markets come off that post-jobs report rally that we saw on friday. also following positive economic data from china. on friday the dow jumping 200 points to finish at 16,020. nasdaq to close at 4,063. despite friday's rally the dow and s&p still snapped an eight-week win streak with both indices closing negative for the week. today no economic data but investors willis tune comments from a trio of federal reserve officials speaking on the economy. back to you. >> thank you. it's new american airlines is also official today. the merger between it and u.s. airways will be finished as of this morning. four airlines now control 80% of the u.s. market. as you know that was a huge concern for the government which forced american and u.s. airways and terry, to give up certain
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routes. but everything official as of today. >> fly to maui today. wouldn't that be nice. >> it's a 9:00 plane. >> even better. we need a warm-up although the rain, snow that we've gotten over the weekend, that's great news. >> it really is especially a lot of that is going to stick around in tahoe, up to 2 1/2 feet there in the highest peaks. throughout day today, it's going to be cold out there to start. but we're still going to end up a few degrees milder than where we hit yesterday. 37 degrees in san francisco, we're at 23 degrees in the north bay. expecting to fall into the teens in the coldest cities in the north bay throughout the next couple hours. looking pretty good for the second half of the day. temperatures are going to climb after we get through with this widespread frost. so by about 9:00 a.m., when the freeze warning is expected to expire, most temperatures across the bay area will be above 32. and then we're slowly going to
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climb into the upper 40s and low 50s. remember to dress in layers and keep an eye on pets. it would be a terrible morning to forget about sparky outside. 52 degrees in san jose. 49 foster city, 50 in richmond, throughout the next couple days temperatures are going to slowly climb out of the 40s and 50s back into the low 60s so that's the good news. if you want to find out when that's expected for where you live your seven-day forecast scrolling here at the bottom of your screen. good morning to mike inouye. >> and good morning. we'll take you out and look at the maps. i got the wrong map. let's see if i can get back to the top of the show. we start talking here. we're looking toward the peninsula. i'll talk about the snow or not snow. the ice that could be across the durand bridge. first over to the look. the bay is looking smooth. we're looking at the bay. the commute is light in volume right now. the south bay sees activity. a concern of mine but so the
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initial reports from chp here. 85, south bound 17 at the connector have reports of a crash here. around the area of los gatos creek. no people reported there, the door of the car is reported open. they are checking the area. a big concern because water as well as maybe a crash involved so we're watching that. there is the durand bridge to get you related to the rest of the commute. an easy drive now and no problems for the ice so far. bottom of the screen, fifth avenue off ramp north 880 is closed because of a crash. cleanup until possibly 6:30. reports of maybe black ice east 24, first reported and now westbound as well, likely the slow lane in either direction. east of the caldecott tunnel. a word of caution. and the bay bridge toll plaza, here it is, a light flow, a couple cars at the toll plaza. end with this shot and a chilly but smooth drive down the east shore freeway. >> thank you very much.
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5:17. want to give you a live look this morning. air force one, the president and first lady have just boarded air force one. they will be taking off in a short time for south africa to attend the funeral for nelson mandela that is happening this weekend. something we're keeping an eye on. also new this morning defense secretary chuck hagel is in pakistan meeting with senior officials. haguele is meeting with the new army chief. relations between washington and islamab islamabad, they are improving. a few months ago pakistan's prime minister met with president obama and defense secretary hagel in washington. >> a sea of fans in southern california to remember paul walker. and an estimated 5,000 people met at the site where the star died in a car crash. the memorial was planned through social media.
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it was mainly a peaceful gathering police arrested one man after officials spotted him carrying a partly concealed loaded gun. police issued 40 citations for illegal parking. >> all of those candles. part of houston's astrodome came crumbling down. construction crews took down three of the towers. the four were constructed in 1968 to accommodate additionnal seating. the fourth will be brought down with demolition equipment. voters rejected a bond to save the astrodome. others are trying to make it, they were, a historical landmark. >> in a few hours we'll find huet the next inductees in the baseball hall of fame will be and three have ties to the oakland a's. the picks will be announced at 7:00. expansion era recognizes player, managers and long retired players who had a lasting impact. on the short list, former a's
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skipper tony la russa. he won with the cardinals and managed the a's in a win and led oakland to three american league pennants in ten seasons. also on the short list, nominees tommy john, former a's manager billy martin, george steinbrenner and joe torre who led the team to four world series wins. the non-expansion era hall of fame inductees could include barry bonds will be announced next month. >> president obama is honoring a bay area celebrity. carlos santana was one of five people at the annual kennedy center honors gala. santana was an immigrant from mexico who moved to san francisco as a child. he says it was an honor to accept the award calling president obama, quote, the embodiment of our dreams and aspirations. singer billy joel, shirley mcclain, and jazz musician
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herbie hancock were also honored. >> time now 5:20. college bowl snub, the decision that has some football fans upset.
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welcome back. taking a live look outside this morning. yes, air force one now down the runway. aboard president obama and his wife michelle headed to south africa to attend the funeral for nelson mandela like so many from across the world. 5:23. rankings are in when it comes to florida state will play auburn to decide who will be the national champ. >> seminoles on top of the standings for the first time since 1999 playing the tigers january 6 in pasadena. >> for stanford they finished fifth in the standing and will
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play michigan state on new year's day. it will be the second straight trip to the rose bowl for the cardinal who beat wisconsin last season. >> the talk this morning in the bay area is not who won a bowl bid but who did not. san jose state was bowl eligible after upsetting fresno state in the final game of the season but at 6-6 for the season, the spartans were a bubble team, and the bubble has burst. with other big name teams to be had san jose state was left off the bowl list and that means quarterback time as a spartan is over. what an incredible job. a school record holder for the most touchdowns and yards in a season and a lot of people saying he's going to be drafted. we'll see him again. >> no doubt. 5:24. will we see the sun again? >> we will see the sun. it will be throughout but it's
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still going to be very cold. good morning to you. temperature this is morning mostly in the 20s now and your outlying valleys. about 34 in livermore, 29 in san jose, colder in san jose than livermore. 22 for santa rosa and 37 in san francisco so. this is actually the coldest morning we've seen over the past seven days in the city. and keep in mind you might find frost on the windshield. if you live in the north bay and it has been brutal up there, i'm happy to report your overnight lows are going to come up, 19 degrees for this morning, 23 by tomorrow, 28 for wednesday, and then finally getting into the thursday-friday area, talking about average for this time of year so we'll climb out of this. let's check the drive. good morning to mike inouye. >> by thursday up almost near freezing. good. i wanted to show you the commute since this is your driving part of the show. a nice easy drive. no problems for the speeds.
5:26 am
101 through san rafael. look at the map on the left, top of the screenut of novato. easy drive across the bridge. the arrows mark the direction for the east bay toward the bay bridge. 24 at the bottom, the only issue t orinda side reports black ice so be careful. here a wind advisory as well. that means gusts across the benicia bridge. across the diablo range could be gusty for 680 at times. here the easy drive, starts to slow 580 into livermore out of the altamont pass. typical pattern. and looking toward fremont on the map it was fine, here the live shot shows 880 fine. getting a little company but no slowing south of the dumbarton bridge into the south bay. >> thanks, mike. >> 5:26. an alleged street race in the south bay ends in a car fire on the freeway. details coming up. >> a sheriff's deputy accused of killing a north bay teen
5:27 am
prepares to return to work. >> and the new details we're learning about the first responder to the deadly asiana air crash at sfo. move the tv out here?you the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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>> reporter: silicon valley calling on the president of the united states to reform one of this country's top spy agencies. that story coming up. >> new video in a big rig crash causing a mess on highway 880 this morning. the latest on the cleanup next. >> and brand new work week, brand new forecast. temperatures are going to climb out of the 20s and 30s into the 40s and 50s for today. but we do have a return of the 60s. i'll let you know when that comes in the full forecast. >> we can't wait. we're looking over toward oakland. a warning because of that big rig crash, cold conditions in the east bay, we'll give you those details. >> a live look outside for this monday morning. beautiful bay bridge. gliftenning in the distance. monday, december 9, this is
5:30 am
"today in the bay." >> a very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> that was a great description on that live picture. yes, it was. i'm terry mcsweeney. some of silicon valley's big tech companies are putting competition aside to take on the nsa. they are issuing a stern warning to congress and the president about protecting their users' privacy. bob redell is live outside google headquarters and bob, what have you got? >> reporter: good morning. you've got eight tech giants calling on the president of the united states to reform the national security agency. this includes google, linkedin, also aol, apple, facebook, microsoft, twitter, yahoo! very big names there. the fact that these companies have come together illustrates how concerned they are about the nsa surveillance issue. when you consider that many of
5:31 am
these are competitors if not arch rivals. in an open let tear the president published in major newspapers and also on a new website, this group is suggesting five ways the spy agency can be reined in. the group would like the nsa to stop bulk collection of data, like there to be more oversight and account built. when the nsa requests legal data they would like to be able to publicize it. this is all in response to revelations this past summer by the edward snowden leaks that the n 60s a collected data from the companies reportedly without the companies knowing or giving permission. they are trying to reassure customers that data is safe and they are sensitive to what is stine as a government intrusion into privacy.
5:32 am
>> thanks very much. >> new this morning, all lanes in 880 in oakland are open after a big rig crashed into barrels sending sand into the two right lanes. it happened in the northbound lanes south of fifth avenue. all lanes reopened about 4:30 but the fifth avenue off ramp has been shut down. they expect it to be up and ready by 7:00. >> officials think two vehicles that crashed in san jose may have been racing. it happened about midnight on northbound 101 south of great america parkway. three lanes were closed for about an hour. they are open now. the chp says two vehicles were speeding, maybe racing when they crashed into each other and the center divide a. third car hit the cars. everyone made it out. there are minor injuries. >> the 21-year-old accused of killing a man and stealing his
5:33 am
play station 4 will be in court. he made arrangements to met up with a 22-year-old in san francisco to buy his play station 4 earlier this month. and the two met up, police say collins shot him. collins was in court last week. >> we have an update on the deputy who shot and killed a santa rosa teen. that deputy will return to work. he won't be out in the field but on desk duty. he has been on leave since october 22. the deputy says he thought 13-year-old andy lopez was carrying an ak-47 when he shot him. the gun was an air bb gun made to look real. the justice for andy lopez facebook page is calling for a protest at a santa rosa city council tomorrow. >> new details about the deadly asiana crash at sfo. the chronicle is reporting three fire department commanders in
5:34 am
charge after the crash never took a required training course for aircraft disasters. the chief says it was not vital for commanders to take the course calling it very specialized training. tomorrow in washington, d.c., federal officials plan to hear from witnesses, the faa, boeing and others about that crash. the four pilots on board will not be attending. three teens were killed and 180 passengers hurt. nbc's unit is heading to the hearings. steven will have live reports on the investigations starting tomorrow morning here on "today in the bay." >> millions nation wide are dealing with what's called an historic ice event. the blast is causing canceled flights and delays here at home. christie smith live at san francisco international airport with more on the local impact. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. just had a chance to go inside the terminal. i have to tell you a lot of folks dressed like they are heading to the snow. they walked right over to
5:35 am
arrival and departure board to see if the flight is on time. i did have a chance to check. we have new numbers on cancellations for you. all of them due to the weather. not necessarily here but in other parts of the country. six arrivals, five departures from dallas/ft. worth canceled. most between 6:00 and 11:00. one departure from philly and three arrivals from washington-dulles all canceled. de-icing across the east coast. we caught some folks sleeping at sfo waiting for word. also long lines at the ticket counters. over the weekend in dallas more than 400 flights were canceled as they tried to clear the runways of ice. an arctic blast having an impact on millions across the country as the storm pushes through the northeast, new england, all of these icy conditions. there may be delays this morning starting to pile up from jfk and philly as well. so we'll keep an eye on it and
5:36 am
bring you an update. that's the latest reporting live at sfo, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> good idea to call ahead. >> talking about cold weather, let's talk about cold weather here. what's going on? >> it's cold enough to have to have the de-icing here in san jose. 29 degrees, that was the case thursday morning when it was this cold. we'll keep you updated after all, we've got christie smith at the airport. 25 in sacramento. this cold blast extends into tahoe, negative 17 in truckee, that's the coldest i've seen truckee at this time of the morning. the city of san francisco has not fallen to levels this cold throughout this spell. i can tell you make sure you're ready for frost on your windshield in the city. we only hit the 40s and mid-30s, now the low 30s even in san francisco. count on widespread frost. by about 9:00 a.m. it's going to be above 32 degrees so that's where we're counting a lot of
5:37 am
the frost to melt. that's when the freeze warning should expire. we might have another one tonight. it has not yet been issued. we'll keep tabs on that. it's looking just about as cold into tomorrow morning. and we'll let you know as soon as that is issued. throughout this afternoon highs only from the 30s and 20s into the 40s and 50s so it's going to be an unseasonably cold day. the 60s are around the corner. if you stick around i'll show you exactly what we are expecting as high pressure starts to build in. let's check your drive. good morning to mike. >> reminder, christina's icon means it will be clear to see the sun, not necessarily warm. a live look at the bay bridge, the cash lanes are starting to back up. fast track advantage and no carpool problems. only 5:37. another 20 minutes for those to turn on.
5:38 am
we look at the map and the sensor showing no problem. north 880, talking about the crash there, the big rig. that cleared from 880 northbound but the fifth avenue off ramp is closed, possibly nm 27. take surface streets north if you have to. 24, both directions report some black ice. all of those areas so be careful. watch the slow lanes through the areas. starting to see a build, highway 4 continues a gradual slowing in toward pittsburgh and bay point. this area that is great for the morning commute. and the try valley moves. a shot of 880 southbound and the headlights no problem into the south bay. >> 5:38. >> remembering nelson mandela. we'll take to you soulive.
5:39 am
>> the bay area man held in north korea waking up in his own bed this morning. what he was saying.
5:40 am
5:41 am
a live look at johannesburg where people continue to place flowers. country getting ready for a memorial to honor the former leader of south africa. tracie potts is live in soweto a ways from where that memorial will be held. good morning, tracie. >> reporter: hi, laura. good morning. actually we were there earlier this morning, it's a few miles from here and a lot of the people you see behind me this is mandela house where he lived for many years, a lot of these people are planning to attend trying to get into that memorial
5:42 am
tomorrow. among the dignitaries congresswoman barbara lee for the public ceremony tomorrow morning. >> this morning roads are open around soccer city, where thousands are expected for tomorrow's public memorial. the south african government says 53 dignitaries confirmed including president and mrs. obama, he is expected to speak. presidents bush, clinton and carter, united nations secretary ban ki-moon, canada's prime minister. nelson mandela was made an honorary canadian citizen years after his imprisonment on robben island. >> he was in robben island, not happy to be there but made the best of it. ♪ >> reporter: people continue to bring flowers to the gate outside mandela's home and now we're getting more insight on his final hours inside. a friend who saw mandela two
5:43 am
hours before he dies says he was sleeping peacefully, not on life support but clearly near the end. >> when i arrived i was taken to his bedroom and i saw him, and i could see that he's different from the conditions i saw him earlier on. i could sense that he is -- he is now giving up. >> reporter: after a day of prayer sunday this nation is coming together to say good-bye to the man they call madiba, father and friend. >> thousands of princeton students have the option to get a meningitis vaccine though it's not licensed for use in the united states. the ivy league school experienced an outbreak of type bt vaccine is only available for use in europe and australia.
5:44 am
but the fda is allowing it to be administered at princeton. students and one visiting student have contracted it since march. >> the end of the year quickly approaching and congress still has a lot of work to do. lawmakers say they are confident they will come to terms on a budget and other big items left on the table before another government shutdown. both sides want a budget but they have to agree on the fine print. >> negotiations are making progress, moving in the right direction, they haven't closed the deal. >> the key is we not have another government shutdown, that we keep the spending caps in place, we don't raise taxes when the economy is weak. >> they also have to agree on a massive defense spending bill and the farm bill which includes cuts to food stamps. the time to get it done got shorter as some lawmakers are traveling to nelson mandela's funeral. >> chilly, make it cold, in the 20s in places. low 20s in some. frigid is right.
5:45 am
>> let's see other words. >> frosty, i don't know. it will get you out of bed. what i can tell enthusiasm is about as cold as it gets around the bay area. 23 is cold even in the north bay, 37 in san francisco. east bay at 31, and here in the south bay we're starting out at 29. the good news it's all uphill from here as we head throughout the next couple days. this is the coldest it's going to be for a morning expected this week. that's the good news. want to take you through what we are on the way toward. it's going to be cold until about 11:00 a.m. then temperatures are going to climb out of the 20s and 30s into the 40s and 50s. look at these numbers. 22 in petaluma. the city has fallen to levels we have not seen, 35 and you're at 34 now forest hills and west portal so make sure you give yourself extra time if you parked on the street as many do in the city by the day, to get the frost off your windshield.
5:46 am
i want to take you now along the peninsula where temperatures are cold, foster city, 29 in san jose. and it is cold enough for black ice this morning. out in los gatos at 28 degrees so you want to travel cautiously. especially over 17. the pavement will look wet if you see that you really want to start to slow down, take it easy, that's what causes that loss of traction. throughout the day today your temperatures are going to climb into the upper 40s, low 50s. we're going to build your temperatures up as we head throughout the week. this is what we are expecting. warm-up for tuesday into wednesday, into the upper 50s and the 60s on the way. for your thursday. it's going to feel more comfortable. we could be looking at showers friday into the weekend. we'll talk about that in my next report. >> good morning. stay bundled up. watch our reports, then zip out to the car and get the heater going. it's cold. look at the green sensors around
5:47 am
the bay. no major drama. unusual spots we'll point out. northbound 101 you see your typical slowing starting to creep in. a typical flow of traffic. also talking about la honda. icy patches likely even after the sunrise. no reports officially right now. we talk about well, the durand bridge, the elevated roadway by the reservoir. you see it on the map. that's where we see black ice. we saw it a couple times last week. we may see it again. 280 north of 92, no problems reported now. use caution in the area. we're talking about the east bay, give you some live shots. we're looking here, the san mateo bridge from the peninsula an easy drive eastbound with these headlights. westbound, no problems getting company, here is 880 through oakland. we get back to the map, the fifth avenue off ramp is closed because of repairs.
5:48 am
an easy drive down the east shore freeway, black ice on 24 down past st. stevens, watch that. there is the north bay, a new black ice spin-out, again patches out there. back to you. >> thanks. the former mayor of san diego was set to be sentenced on several sexual harassment charges. bob filner pleaded guilty back in october. he is accused of placing a woman in a head lock, kissing a woman without consent and inappropriately touching another. the 71-year-old resigned in august after several women came forward with similar accusati s accusations. >> the palo alto veteran held in north korea is home. merrill newman returned to the bay area over the weekend. his wife tells nbc bay area her husband is resting and they would like privacy. newman was detained for more than a month in north korea
5:49 am
accused of crimes dating back to the korean war. after being forced to publicly apologize they deported him. north korea is holding another american, kenneth bae, he was sentenced earlier to 15 years of hard labor. >> the oakland raiders try to figure out what to do after another tough loss, 4-9 on the season. losing to the jets of all people, who is to say their playoff hopes are gone. 49ers high after a win over seattle seahawks. >> there was a big stop in the fourth quarter. then frank gore made the play of the game. taking the ball for his longest run of the season. a field goal sealed the win. 19-17. >> makes monday so much nicer. >> doesn't it though. >> coming up, a fixer upper but
5:50 am
one realtor hopes you'll see potential in this to want to pay about $400,000 for it. >> needs a little paint. spies figure out how to make bosses let them play video games. >> let's take a look outside this morning. a clear morning, another cold start. barely make out the top, to let us know things are alive and well.
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
how much would you pay for a large victorian home just steps away from san jose state university? how about $400,000? there is a problem here. a little fire damage. take a look. it makes it more air-conditioned. 2100 square foot four bedroom home on the market for $399,000. it was badly damaged in a fire back in june of 2012. but there have been several offers including one all cash. why they are not a lot of places on the market. the demand is high. while some may see this as a disaster, others see it as an opportunity. >> probably a lot of opportunities to make it a nice house. >> at first blush i wouldn't say it's worth $400,000, but i've been really surprised over things that have gone on over the last few months, stuff that i didn't think was going to go for what it did, did.
5:54 am
>> maybe without having to say this t home's going to have to be rebuilt. you -- it's up to you. realtors say the home would likely still cost less than buying a move-in ready home in the same area. you have to be up for the challenge and patient. >> look at that. the housing market certainly is hot but mortgage rates may cool down things. scott mcgrew, they are on the rise. >> on the rise and accelerating. one of the biggest jumps in mortgage rates. they are still low. a 30 year fixed mortgage jumped to 4.46% last year up from 4.29% in a couple of days. this on worries that the fed will stop pumping money in the economy sooner rather than later. it affects bond rates, stock indices, they are also reacting to friday's unexpected unemployment news. it was biggy, 203,000 jobs added
5:55 am
in november. the dow soared nearly 200 points. bob redell is going to give us a report about how several high tech companies are banding together to demand an end to the whole sale spying on american citizens. this comes as yet another report breaks that the nsa may have infiltrated video games. the guardian reports secret memos unearthed by edward snowden shows u.s. spies played world of war craft in order to recruit tech friendly players. the idea perhaps being these tech friendly players would help the nsa crack into their own company. the memo says the nsa was looking to see if al qaeda, seriously, was using online games to communicate. they did not find any al qaeda members in world of war. >> interesting. >> my son may be eligible for a summer job with these people. >> look at the requirements. >> time to check the forecast
5:56 am
now with meteorologist christina loren. what is this monday morning going to bring us? >> it's cold out there. you want to keep on eye on your pets. you have time to bring in sensitive plants if you have not done so. i can tell you throughout the end of the week you'll likely be able to leave those plants outdoors again. 34 degrees in livermore. 27 in san jose. 20 degrees straight up in santa rosa, getting ready to fall into the teens out in the north bay as we get into the coldest point of the day. make sure you're ready for that. show you the trend in foster city. throughout the morning it's going to be cold out there. mid-20s, 29 tomorrow, up to 34 by wednesday. then thursday night into friday at least along the peninsula you can finally leave the plants outdoors. good news for people bringing in the muddy plants. >> we're talking about frozen plants here as well. if you save the receipts you might be able to take them back. talk to them.
5:57 am
spread all of that information. a backup because the metering lights turned on, back up building. we'll wend this shot and talk about the north bay. >> isn't that crazy. take back a dead plant. shows you don't have a green thumb. >> the reason it's dead you didn't think to water it or bring it in. i'm astonished. 5:57. crashes tying up traffic. one could affect your drive. >> plus, desperate for help. more than a month after the typhoon in the philippines people still waiting for aid. good morning nelly! woah.
5:58 am
5:59 am
hey! have you ever tried honey nut cheerios? love 'em. neat! now you on the other hand... you need some help. why? look atchya. what is that? you mean my honey wand? [ shouting ] [ splat ] come on. matter of fact. [ rustling ] shirt. shoes. shades. ah! wow! now that voice... my voice? [ auto-tuned ] what's wrong with my voice? yeah man, bee got swag! be happy! be healthy! that's gotta go too. ♪ hey! must be the honey! [ sparkle ] sweet. >> a big rig plows into barrels overnight sending sand all over bay area freeway overnight. we're going to tell you when you can get the all clear for your morning commute. >> an arctic blast in the
6:00 am
northeast. now delaying flights up and down the west coast. we'll tell you how it's impacting our local airports. >> make sure you give yourself time to reach your destination safely as you can see it is really cold out there. we'll tell you where you might find black ice this morning and finally when we gradually start to warm up around the bay area. >> update that situation. laura told you about the crash off 880. i'll talk about crashes as well as a result coming up. >> ready for the sun's arrival over san francisco and the entire bay area this morning. a warm-up would be nice too. it's monday, december 9th, this is "today in the bay." >> a very good monday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. i'm terry mcsweeney. it's expected to be an hour before crews leave the scene of a crash in


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