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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 9, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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northeast. now delaying flights up and down the west coast. we'll tell you how it's impacting our local airports. >> make sure you give yourself time to reach your destination safely as you can see it is really cold out there. we'll tell you where you might find black ice this morning and finally when we gradually start to warm up around the bay area. >> update that situation. laura told you about the crash off 880. i'll talk about crashes as well as a result coming up. >> ready for the sun's arrival over san francisco and the entire bay area this morning. a warm-up would be nice too. it's monday, december 9th, this is "today in the bay." >> a very good monday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. i'm terry mcsweeney. it's expected to be an hour before crews leave the scene of a crash in oakland.
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new video in, you can see the rig crashed into retaining wall barriers sending sand on the two right lanes of northbound 880. it happened south of fifth avenue. all lanes reopened about 4:30, but the fifth avenue off ramp has been shut for repairs. officials expect it to be ready by about an hour from now. >> also new, officials think two vehicles that crashed in san jose may have been racing. it happened about midnight on northbound 101 just south of great america parkway. three lanes were closed for about an hour. they are open now. the chp says two vehicles were speeding, maybe racing when they crashed into each other and the center divide a. third car crashed into the first two. at least one car burst into flames. everyone made it out. the chp says there are minor injuries. >> the bay area is outdoing itself when it comes to cold weather. at oakland and san jose, right now both of those spots freezing
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temperatures. they are all over the area. overnight we've seen temperatures in the 30s and the 20s with north winds up to 15 miles per hour. wow. >> the winter chill will be obvious to people traveling to and from the bay area as we give you a live look outside. >> it's so cold our camera's not working well. >> everything needs to warm up. that's not the only issue they have at airports. right now nasty weather in the northeast canceling and delaying flhts nation wide including some right here in the bay area. >> this morning we have team coverage on the weather, we'll check in with christina loren and mike inouye in moments, let's start with christie smith. live at sfo. certainly a chill in the air this morning. christie. >> reporter: good morning to you, terry. the cancellations and delays certainly starting to stack up here at sfo. i had a chance to go in and look at the board. what i saw were a number of people in 49ers gear, fan who is
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flew out from dallas and tried to get home this morning and they are saying that they are stuck, their flights are canceled. they are trying to get rebooked. here's what the board is showing. six arrivals, five departures into and out of dallas/ft. worth canceled. one departure from philly, two arrivals from washington dull es canceled. we saw people sleeping in the terminal this morning at sfo, others waiting to see if they can get the flight hope hoping the de-icing on the other end works out. we caught up with one couple who flew out to see the niners defeat the seahawks. they wanted to see candle stick before the team moved into a new stadium. now their flight home to dallas is dancanceled. >> because there is ice and snow that have fallen in dallas/ft. worth so we've just been waiting for the two storms to pass through. so now i think the second one hit so there's more delays coming on. >> what time was your flight? >> 6:05.
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>> what time now? >> it's going to be about 7:30, maybe 7:55. >> so they are going to play games on the ipad and the phone until they can get on another flight. on the other end at dallas/ft. worth 400 flights canceled as crews work to clear ice from the runways. about 3300 passengers were stranded there over the weekend. we're also hearing of course this due to the arctic blast affecting people across the northeast and new england and in the bay area. also hearing delays picking up out of jfk so best to call ahead. very cold again this morning. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, christie. the weekend storm is dropping several inches of snow in the foothills. 2 to 4 inches in auburn and there are no active chain requirements in place for interstate 80 up in the sierra and the same for highway sfoft
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it's clear going i guess. >> they had a lot of snow over the weekend. earlier it was minus 11 in truckee. >> that's a little chilly. >> that's a lot of snow to shovel. >> yeah. you're right about that. as we head throughout the morning hours you might be not necessarily shoveling but certainly scraping some pretty thick frost off your windshield. we picked upwards of an inch of rain in parts of the bay area. there is a lot of moisture available to freeze so count on giving yourself extra time if you did park on the street. 31 in calistoga, 21 at petaluma, 20 degrees in san francisco. and it is cold out there this morning, the coldest morning we've had since this cold snap began in the city of san francisco. 34 degrees forest hills. 36 in presidio. it's very cold. cold enough for frost. you do want to keep that in mind.
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along the peninsula we're in the 20s and 30s, 27 degrees redwood city, foster city at 31 degrees, and as i always point out a lot of you know this by now, coldest point of the day is around sun rise so we're still going to drop off. 28 in los gatos. cold enough for black ice. throughout the morning hours you do want to travel cautiously. actually looks like wet pavement causes that ibs assistant loss of traction. really take it easy. the guy who knows about this, mike inouye, what are we watching out there? >> we're watching for exactly that. let's point out a few things. first of all the bay bridge backup because the metering lights are on. they approach out of the maze smooth but this formed quickly, holding about with west grand avenue. it's starting to build. we'll look at the maps and show you the vicinity on the approach a smooth drive, northbound 880 at fifth we have the closure still because of that big rig crash. fifth avenue closed until
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possibly 7:00 a.m. they are working hard to clear that. right here we're talking about the black ice, the chp gives an update, they have the warning for the orinda side of the caldecott tunnel, even fish ranch road, slick conditions and reports of black ice. and we'll show you a smoother drive but a new crash out of the altamont pass into livermore. things lighter at least for the short-term. westbound 580. we'll show you a live look here and we have the north bay as well. this is southbound 101 starting to build around north san pedro road. 116, we have reports of a motorcycle having hit what they report as black ice up there. and more slick conditions. watch the bridges as well as the rivers. watch the durand bridge for 280. back to you. >> time 6:07. still ahead on "today in the bay."
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tech rivals teaming up. why google, apple, microsoft and others are building one website as a team. >> wall street loved the latest jobs report. good news about the economy. we'll take a look coming up. >> and a fixer upper. definitely an understatement. we'll tell you why a burned out home is selling for nearly $400,000 in the south bay. >> where it is cold this morning. you can't tell from that picture but believe me it's cold. this is san jose. lights twinkling and mighty cold. 22 degrees in parts of the bay area. much more on that and your news coming up after the break. [ female announcer ] for those who love sweets
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here are today's top
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stories. crews are washingtoning to clear sand from northbound 880 through oakland, the fiflt avenue off ramp is expected to be shutd for an hour or so after a big rig crash overnight. >> millions across half of the country dealing with what's called a historic ice event. more than 3,000 flights canceled with more expected. >> the chronicle reports that three fire department commanders in charge of fire fighting after the deadly asiana crash never took a required training course for aircraft disasters. the fire chief says it was not vital for commanders to take the course calling it very specialized training, tomorrow in washington, d.c. federal officials plan to hear from witnesses, the faa, boeing and others about that crash. >> new this morning some of silicon valley's big tech companies taking on the nsa. they want congress and the opportunity protect their users' privacy and are going to great lengths to get it done. bob redell is live near google
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headquarters. what you have learned? >> reporter: good morning. tech companies like google, linkedin down the street from google headquarters in mountain view and six other big names are calling on the government to reform the way the national security agency does business. this is in response to revelations that this past summer that the nsa collected data from the companies, reported by without the companies knowing or giving permission. in what is seen as an attempt to reassure customers that data is safe the eight companies put their name on an open let tear the president printed in major newspapers calling for reform of the nsa. those are aol, apple, facebook, google, linkedin, microsoft, twitter and yahoo! action all companies either head quart erd here in the bay area or major ties to our region. in a new web side, reform government, the companies established five principles they would like the
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government to adopt in attempt to rein the spy agency. the group would like the nsa to stop bulk collection of web data, see it have more oversight and accountability, and when the nsa legally requests user data, these companies would like to be able to let people know what the nsa is asking of them. the fact the companies have come together illustrates how important a problem they believe this is because a lot of these companies, most of them, are competitors if not arch rivals. >> thanks, bob. >> continue our coverage with business and tech reporter scott mcgrew. this government spying is giving tech a black eye. >> it has. we have the ad here, they are putting the government on notice they are going to start encrypting data so the government can't look inside. your data is supposed to be safe with google or microsoft or other companies. they are pushing the cloud but it's the cloud that makes it easier for the nrs to root
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around in there. they are looking at everybody's data while looking for bad guys. there is concern also this morning that local police departments are taking a cue from the nsa, a congressional investigation found a number of city police agencies around the united states engage in the kind of data requests for cell phone records which leave them with enormous amounts of data about people not under suspicion. in stead of asking tell me where this person was when they made a call, they are asking all call data from the cell phone tower a data dump. other news, very solid news about the u.s. economy on friday, the labor department said 203,000 new jobs were created in the month of november, far more than economists expected. that pushes the unemployment rate to 7%, california as a state still lagging behind thanks to high unemployment in
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the central part of the state. but you look locally things are bright. the latest numbers which measure santa clara county with an unemployment rate of 6.4 and san francisco all the way down to 5.3%. you get that low and you begin to talk about too many jobs, now you starting to chase workers. you see salaries rise. >> us. >> who is complaining. maybe buy a new house. wonder what $400,000 will buy you? take a look at this one. 2100 square foot four bedroom house. $399,000. it was badly damaged in a fire in june 2012 but there have been several offers including all cash. why? not a lot of places on the market but demand is high. so while some see this home as a disaster, others see it as an
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opportunity. >> partly burned but it has probably a lot of opportunities to build it and make at nice house. >> at first blush i wouldn't say it's worth $400,000. but i've been really surprised over things that have gone on over the last few months, stuff that i didn't think was going to go for what it did, did. >> well, the home not surprisingly will likely have to be completely rebuilt. the realtors say after renovation the home would still likely cost less than a move-in ready home in the same area. >> can we think like a realtor. you can say there is a fireplace in every room. it exudes warmth. >> look at you. >> air-conditioned. >> definitely so. hope you're handy. >> let's check in with christina loren, see what's going on. we know right now but when is it going to end? >> this week, terry. good morning to you. good morning to everybody at
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home. 21 degrees right now in the north bay. it is frigid out there. make sure you're ready for a cold start to the day. it's colder in san francisco than it has been any single day. i want to make sure you're ready for that. east bay at 36, we're at 27 degrees. in the south bay so bundle yourself up and the little ones. it's going to be cold all day long. we do have a freeze warning in place until 9:00 a.m. i want to make sure you have that on your back burner as well. temperatures are 32 degrees or below 32, that's cold enough for frost. give yourself time to warm up your vehicle and yeah, you might have to scrape frost off the windshield. people out in the parking lot dealing with that. 46 in walnut creek. oakland about 48 for you. so a cold day today but temperatures steadily increasing as we head throughout this week. that's good news. count on the widespread cost until about 9:00 a.m.
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i want to talk about the freeze warning. as of now we don't have one for tonight but everything i'm looking at leads me to believe it's going to be about as cold. we'll see another freeze warning for tomorrow morning and that should be the last day. finally starting to get out of the 20s and 30s. here's what we're working with. ridge of high pressure moves in. this is going to boost the storm track to our north. it's going to bring about a little warming trend so that's looking good for us. tuesday a round of morning frost, mild finish. temperatures in the upper 50s from the low 50s today. not as frigid into your wednesday. a nice warmer finish, then by thursday peak warmth on the way. the return of the 60s. temperatures closer to average for this time of year. we have to wait until the end of the week. there is light at the end of the tunnel. it's not going to be as cold which is good for holiday travelers and shoppers. a lot of people not great news for them. >> not good news if you're a
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blanket sales person. have to make up time. an easy drive, no problem for delays along the peninsula or the south bay. look the red and orange t colors here reporting the slower drives in the east bay. we have now volume building out of richmond to the east shore freeway into the 50s, black ice here for 24 through lafayette. watch the slow rains. chp hasn't given more reports of problems. slower drive out of antioch, a crash on the shoulder but this is a bigger issue, west 4, reports of either a semitruck or a number of sedans or a combination from the reports, west 4 at bailey. you have two or three lengths blocked. this is a big problem for folks head into concord. here we had crashes. those should be over to the
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shoulder. we see the volume and slowing, west 58 o. 84 through livermore and look at that. pleasanton. the southbound side shows the slowdown. a smoother drive to the south bay, no major problems, the slowing sort out north of 680 for 101. that will build. we see slowing for 87, a crash off the shoulder, a breakdown at the 280 interchange. that should be a smoother drive. no big delays. we have a live look and see the volume for 101, talking about and we should see slowing as this continues to increase. the peninsula drive nice a smooth drive for 101, this is palo alto, up into san francisco. watch 280 over crystal brings road. we've seen black ice. might see it again today. and the north bay icy patches. >> mike, thanks very much. >> still ahead on "today in the
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bay," how shipping companies including fedex as we give you a peek behind their facilities. how they are handling the busiest season on record. >> san francisco's big story is chill. looking at the embarcadero there in san francisco, a live picture, in the 30s there, 20s elsewhere and we heard from christina loren, it's going to be slowly warming up. throughout the week. more coming up after the break.
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just when you thought all the coined shopping days were behind us today is green monday. yes, a term coined by silicon valley based ebay in 2007 after the company saw a huge increase in online shopping the second week of december. last year online shoppers set a record spending more than $1 billion on green monday and they could break that this year. analysts predict another round of storewide discounts from 30% up to 50%. >> you know terry, this holiday shopping season is breaking records. what is it like to get the packages to the door. >> chase cain live at a fedex facility in san jose with the holiday shipping crunch happening right now. chase. >> reporter: yes. i'm doing the typical reporter
6:25 am
pushing their finger in their ear thing because it's so loud here because this is the biggest and busiest fedex shipping sorting center in all of northern california, look at the packages rolling down that conveyor belt. joining me live is randy, you are the operations manager here. give us perspective how busy is today? >> today is one of the busiest days of our whole year. we're close to 20 million packages system wide. >> that's just today. >> just today. >> so is a lot of that because of the cyber monday sales? so many buying things on cyber monday? >> exactly. yes. we had over last monday 22 million packages system wide. >> so what we're looking at is packages coming into the south bay that go out to homes and businesses from this point. >> correct. >> so what is the work flow
6:26 am
like? it seems maybe much busier than a normal day in the summertime. >> absolutely. most of our employees are working longer days, we do have employees that we hired, you know, for strictly for the seasonal anticipation, planning for this. busy december. >> randy, thank you for joining us. we're going to come back out here and a few minutes we're going to tell you more things you need to know if you are still planning on buying something and shipping it for the holiday season. there are some deadlines to meet. we'll tell you about that coming up in our next half hour. we're live in san jose, chains cane, "today in the bay." >> thanks a lot. >> after a holiday crunch time is over several shipping companies will increase their rate. fedex is set to increase its rates for ground and home delivery by 4.9%. it will also raise its express shipping rates. ups says it's raising its rates by the same percentage for
6:27 am
ground, air and international parcels. ups will put rates in effect. now is the time to mail. >> yeah. wait until after the holidays. >> a little gift. >> 6:27. still ahead, were first responders ready for the disaster at sfo. >> coming up the new report about the required course that some firefighters never took. >> plus, honoring the life of a man who changed the world. we'll tell you how south africa is preparing to welcome the world to a memorial for nelson mandela.
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did first responders have enough training before the deadly asiana crash? the new report that some commanders may have missed a require training session. >> the world comes together to remember the life of nelson mandela. we'll tell you about the preparations under way for tomorrow's public memorial. >> and on this monday morning a live look at the opening bell,
6:30 am
there you hear it. they are off. it's monday, december 9th, looks like american airlines remotely from the nasdaq this monday morning. this is "today in the bay." good morning everybody. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. people in johannesburg continue to place flowers outside the home of nelson mandela. the country now getting ready for a memorial to honor the former leader of south africa. we have new video to show you of president obama and the first lady getting on air force one headed for the memorial. also on the plane, george h. bush and his wife laura. let's go live to tracie potts this morning. a few miles from where the memorial will take place. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. so quickly before we show you what's happening around the
6:31 am
country here in soweto i show you what you can probably hear across from the mandela house, again there is singing and dancing in the streets. sort of an impromptu celebration. yesterday we saw a big anc rally. looks like they are setting up the stage for another. people here very sorrowful about nelson mandela but also very happy to celebrate what he did here in his life. >> this morning roads are still open around soccer city, the stadium where thousands are expected for tomorrow's public memorial. the government says 53 dignitaries have confirmed so far including president and mrs. obama, he is expected to speak, presidents bush, clinton and carter, ban ki-moon, south korea's prime minister, and canada's prime minister.
6:32 am
nelson mandela was made an honorary canadian citizen years after his imprisonment on robben island. >> he was on robben island. he was not happy to be there but made the best of it. >> reporter: people continue to bring flowers and mementos to the gate and now we're getting more insight on his final hours inside. a friend who saw mandela two hours before he died says he was sleeping peacefully, not on life support but clearly near the end. >> when i arrived i was taken to his bedroom and i saw him, and i could see that he is different from the conditions i saw him earlier on. i could sense that he is now giving up. >> reporter: after a day of prayer sunday this nation is coming together to say good-bye
6:33 am
to the statesman they called pla deba, father and friend. back live now, they are doing it in style, you can see and hear this behind me, the second day of celebrations that we've seen and heard here at mandela house in soweta. they are going to try to get to the public memorial tomorrow a few miles from here. we're live. tracie potts. back to you. >> amazing. thank you so much. >> new details about the deadly asiana airlines crash. the chronicle reports that three fire department commanders in charge of fire fighting and rescue efforts after the crash never did take a requiring training course. the chief says it was not vital. tomorrow in washington, d.c. federal officials plan to hear from witnesses t faa, boeing and others about that crash. the four pilots on board will
6:34 am
not be attending the hearing. three teenagers were killed and more than 180 passengers were injured. nbc bay area's investigative unit is heading to washington, d.c. for the hearings, steven stock will have live reports starting tomorrow morning here on "today in the bay." >> we're bringing you breaking news that is coming out of east palo alto this morning. we have a live look to show you this morning where firefighters you can see from a distance there, they are battling a two-alarm fire near the intersection of capital avenue and bell street a few blocks from the university avenue exit of highway 101. so certainly you can see it from the freeway there, you see the smoke in the air. reports are the building is under construction, that caught fire. we have a crew headed to the scene. we'll have a live report coming up as soon as we can get it. >> chilly start to the morning for sure. >> temperatures were at the lowest point we've seen during this entire cold snap. a live look outside from the
6:35 am
south bay. >> the cars seem to be going fast. >> better slow it on down. get to where they are going. >> get the heater going. >> whatever you can do to keep warm. >> yeah, it is frigid out there. what a pretty sunrise we're getting here in oakland, the red, the oranges, and this is not the only place across the bay area. you'll find these colors this morning. it is a spare the air day, so winter spare the air day so illegal to burn fire wood unless it's your only source of heat. if that is the case burn that fire wood because it's really cold out there. cold enough for hypothermia for anybody out for longer than five hours. it's really frigid. 36 degrees, in san francisco yeah, we were talking earlier about the potential for a freeze warning going into place one more night. that will be the case. we'll have another freeze warning tonight until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning so one more round of the 20s an 30s, then hopefully that will transition from a freeze warning to a frost advisory. 47 degrees in san francisco,
6:36 am
about 4:00 p.m., it's still going to be cold. you can see from our sfo camera, it's getting a little bit breezy out there in san francisco. so you have a windchill factor as well. san jose is looking pretty good. chilly all day long, deceptive sunshine, you look out the window, it will look sunny and warm. not going to be the case. holding on to the 40s as highs as we get into the day. winter spare the air day, the unhealthiest levels of pollution in the north bay. looking at your air quality and the weather pattern we're getting into, we could see multiple days where we're sparing the air tomorrow into wednesday and thursday as well. so we're going to be watching that. count on a gradual warm-up. throughout this week, temperatures climbing back in the 60s. as we get into your thursday. we'll talk more about this. let's check your drive. >> good morning. we're looking here toward bay bridge. we have things lightening up in the lanes to the left. now they are filling in again. we had an earlier crash at the
6:37 am
maze. so let's talk about first of all the overall look, the east bay improvement. the fifth avenue off ramp is reopened in the last few minutes. north 880 in downtown oakland. no more problems after the big rig clash and cleanup. they had to repair the sand barrels. that reopened. chp says they cleared that. a crash here, 580 at 24 caused a bit of a slowdown. that's easing things up at the toll plaza but then it started again as the crash cleared. slower down through berkeley. reports of black ice for 24 as well. take you to the peninsula, this is east palo alto. you notice it's off university avenue. highway 84, the dumbarton bridge to the area and also toward 101. a live look again from the camera showing us the vicinity. the headlights coming toward us on the left, that's university avenue. and the smoke and the flashing lights to the right. that's where bell is and capitol behind the ikea shop there. and the ravenswood shopping center. as far as i understand chp, they
6:38 am
are not aware of traffic control assistance that they are doing but watch that off 101 and university avenue. we'll track that. back to the maps, we see again the vicinity, 101 is not showing slowdown, the peninsula is fine across the dumbarton and the san mateo bridges. >> thanks so much.
6:39 am
6:40 am
breaking news to tell you about out of east palo alto. a two-alarm fire going on now burning at the intersection of
6:41 am
capital avenue and bell street. that is not far from the university avenue exit of highway 101. we took a live picture a few minutes ago. you could see the smoke better than you can now. congratulations to the fire department dealing with that fire. reports it's a building under construction. we have a crew headed to the scene. >> it's been more than a month since the typhoon in the philippines and there are reports that aid still has not reached some of the most remote parts. the u.n. humanitarian chef says she is investigating reports many she heard t storm left more than 5700 people dead, more than 1700 are still missing. and millions lost their homes and belongings. >> time now 6:41. coming up, a big rig plows into sand barrels. we'll tell you about the wreck that shut a busy stretch of a bay area freeway. >> an arctic blast in the northeast now delaying flights up and down the west coast. how it's impactsing our local
6:42 am
airports. >> the markets, the nasdaq hit a 13-year high, we'll take a look at some of the numbers. [ wind howling ] [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
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getting back to breaking news. we're talking about the two-alarm fire in east palo alto. a live picture. firefighters have apparently knocked it down. the smoke not at all what it was a few minutes ago. we have video of what that was like as you could see the smoke billowing up not far from 101 near the university avenue exit. the fire burning at the intersection of capital and bell street. we are told it was a building under construction. we have a live crew on the way. looks like firefighters have taken care of that situation.
6:45 am
>> this morning the bay area outdoing itself when it comes to the cold weather. take a live look outside. a beautiful sun rise. you can see it over oakland. right now freezing temperatures across the bay area. in fact, overnight we've seen temperatures in the 30s, the north winds up to 15 miles an hour. >> the chill will be obvious to people traveling to and from the bay area, give you a live look at sfo. no adjustment of your set necessary. may be too cold for it. >> maybe so. >> issues at the airports. nasty weather in the northeast canceling and delaying flights. >> we have team coverage in place on the weather, we're going to check in with christina loren and mike inouye in moments but let's start with christie smith this morning. she joins us live at san francisco international airport all bundled up. a chill in the air this morning. >> reporter: yes. good morning. no matter what you put on it's not going to feel like enough. when i stepped out this morning in the east bay got in the car,
6:46 am
it read 26 degrees. it's the weather back east causing travel problems here at sfo. i ran into a couple of texas-based 49ers fans who came out for the game this weekend and now they are having trouble getting back home. here is what the boards look like. 11 arrivals and departures from dallas/ft. worth canceled this morning. most of the cancellations between 6:00 and 11:00. one departure from philly, three arrivals from washington, d.c. all canceled due to weather. some travelers at sfo decided just what the heck, they are going to roll out the sleeping bags and sleep it off while they waited. all of this due to icy conditions back east. one couple told us they flew out to see the niners/seahawks game and wanted to see candlestick park. >> we have to wait. if not we're going to stay and
6:47 am
see when we can get out. >> a lot of the businesses and schools are closed so a bit of ice out there. >> reporter: they said what the heck, at least they were happy about the outcome of the game. 400 to 500 flights canceled at dallas/ft. worth over this weekend. thousands of people stranded there, crews struggle to clean the runways of all of the ice and snow there. a mess out in the northeast and we're also hearing about delays possibly coming out of the new york area this morning. so certainly something to keep in mind. reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thanks, christie. the winter wonder land after the first major snow of the year, got to wipe off the lens. higher elevations saw three feet of fresh powder, a look at 50 near meyers, not far from south lake tahoe. the roads are pretty clear, no chains required for 50 or 80.
6:48 am
>> and no one's there. >> maybe they are in nestled snug in their beds. get this. you know why? it's the minus 10 degrees now. they are waiting until things warm up. they had to come back to the bay area to work. >> christina loren is here. we know she is here to work. >> yeah, it's really cold out there. the coldest it has been in san francisco where temperatures where fallen. we'll show you where in the city we're tracking those. i wanted to start with this pretty live picture coming in, a clear sky, that's making way to really cold temperatures this morning. that's the basic sky all day long. hazy sunshine and nonetheless temperatures really cold even with full sunshine about all day long. it's cold in the south bay, 27 degrees, 36 degrees in san francisco. break this down for you, city by city, via your microclimate forecast. we're in the 20s now, 21 degrees in petaluma, santa rosa is holding strong at 20, expecting to fall to 19, 18, up there so
6:49 am
it's cold. you want to travel cautiously. in san francisco, look at this, forest hills 33 degrees, 33 west portal, 36 in the presidio, and 48 degrees in potrero hills. in the city of san francisco, almost crazy to think that one mile is a separation in temperature by about 10 degrees. so take you to the south bay. one of the coldest spots, 31 now, redwood city, the peninsula cold, down in the south bay 26 for santa teresa and 28 degrees in los gatos. that's cold enough for black ice so travel cautiously or you could lose traction. very dangerous. you are watching for a sheen on the road, you see that you want to slow it down. temperatures today are going to climb into the 40s and 50s. no major microclimate operation. 50 in mill valley, 50 in fremont today. and out in the tri-valley, san
6:50 am
ramon about 45 so chilly conditions. into the end of the week a little warm-up. tomorrow morning a round of frost, a mild finish. we'll jump in the afternoon hours by 3 to 5 degrees into wednesday even warmer and then we'll peak on thursday, increasing clouds, a return of the 60s finally getting back toward average for this time of year. let's check the drive and say good morning to mike inouye. >> good morning. chilly, watch for the patches of black ice. chp warns of them. we see a lot of red in the east bay. the bigger issue is local traffic between the dumbarton bridge and highway 101. as you cut down university avenue here, told you about this fire. the live shot again we'll talk through what i see. this is university avenue off the dumbarton bridge here, past facebook, 101. traffic is okay but it slows, heading away from the area we had traffic control blocking two
6:51 am
lanes. looks like it's isolated toward bell and cap tam. 101 flows on the map past this area. back to the area you see slowing as the smoke started to clear. things look smooth off of that dumbarton bridge, san mateo bridge a smooth drive. no problems through the hills. watch for pieses of ice as well through the colder areas, though. here an earlier crash at 24 that cleared. now things are flowing toward the bay bridge. we'll talk about that but i want to show you a big crash affecting highway 4 westbound and bay point. a sigalert that continues, a major disruption to flow of traffic. that's a slow drive, three lanes continue to be blocked by a big rig or sedans. we have slowing there. no major injuries. a slow drive here, smoother past
6:52 am
680, we'll take a live look and we have the backup all the way back, slow off the curve but no problems except for the build. back to you. >> it was a problem earlier but crews have cleared the scene of a messy crash in oakland. this new video just in, you can see the big rig crashed into several retaining wall barrels sending a span off to the two right lanes. happened about 2:45 this morning south of fifth avenue. all lanes are reopened. they opened about 430 block. the fifth avenue off ramp was shut for repairs. >> new this morning officials think two vehicles that crashed in san jose may have been racing. happened about midnight on 101 south of great america parkway. they are open now. two vehicles were speeding and they speculate racing when they crashed into each other and the
6:53 am
divider. at least one car burst into flames. >> 6:53. the 21-year-old accused of killing a man and stealing his play station 4 will be in court today. ronny collins made arrangements on line to meet up with 22-year-old icana to buy his play station 4. when the two met up in the district police say collins shot him. he was in court but did not enter a plea. >> an update on the deputy who shot and killed a teen last in the. the press democrat reports that deputy will return to work. he won't be out on the field. he has been on leave since october 22. the deputy says he thought 13-year-old ante was carrying a real ak-47. the gun was made to look real. in response to the deputy's return the justice for andy lopez facebook page is calling
6:54 am
for a protest tomorrow afternoon. >> also deputies will continue their investigation into human remains at shiloh regional park. yesterday a father called the sheriff's office saying he and his children spotted a human skull and a tennis shoe in a creek bed. they also found other remains near leaves nearby. >> tech companies teaming up today. >> scott, they are angry at the u.s. government this morning. >> they are. good morning to you. for spying on customers. i think everybody understands that there is a need to find bad guys but it's become more apparent this morning that the government is sifting through our data too. a coalition of tech companies think you're seeing the nasdaq open there, microsoft, twitter, aol, all demanding new restrictions on the nsa and
6:55 am
warning the government in the ad silicon valley companies are encrypting da to to keep it out of spies' hands. we are deploying the latest enskription. let's talk about that nasdaq. you're seeing american airlines, this will be the largest airline in america now that u.s. airways has been folded in. it's all official so the nasdaq traveling out to miami for that. then you've got the nasdaq at its highest level in 13 years. all that good unemployment data pushing the markets higher. >> see if it holds. >> maybe sing ""happy days" are here again." >> let's go to chase cain live at a facility in san jose where the holiday crunch is under way. chase. >> reporter: it's on.
6:56 am
this is they say one of the maybe two or three busiest days of the entire year. randy is with fedex is joining me. for the procrastinator what is is the absolute deadline they have to ship? >> monday, december 23. you get -- you can ship the package on that day and we'll get it there the next day on tuesday. right before christmas. >> probably going to be expensive f. they want to save a few dollar what is is the earlier deadline? >> december 17, if you wanted to ship to the our ground network that would be the last day. it would get before christmas. >> the clock is ticking and the volume here is pretty high. this is one of the busiyest days. >> absolutely. one of the busiest days of the year. we forecast around 20 million packages move through the system. >> that's just today. you were telling me that's about maybe twice as busy as a normal day. >> yes. roughly. it's from 20 to 30, 40% more
6:57 am
than we typically ship out. >> randy, thank you so much. the fedex workers working to get those packages to you on time. this is the busiest fedex sorting center in all of northern california. if the you are getting something odds are it might be rolling down this conveyor belt. back to you guys in the studio. thanks so much, chase. now to breaking news we're following in east palo alto. bob redell arrived on the scene of that two-alarm fire. how is it looking? >> that fire is out and unfortunately the home is destroyed. this was being renovated here at capital and bell. the call came in about 45 minutes ago. he tells me when they arrived this far was actually involved. so they took a defensive posture. you can see the white house in the back, there is scorching t main goal was to protect that.
6:58 am
there is also a garage that is part of this property beyond the purn part. they were not home at the time but they were able to save the garage. the chief was commenting to me the fact this is a well involved area. it's a big neighborhood. he was surprised that it got that involved before the first 911 call aim in. as far as the cause not sure if it was related to the fact it was being reason rate issed. no one was inside the house. and the person renovating it lives in the garage but they weren't home as well. so two alarm fire, reporting live, bob redell. >> thanks so much. no one was hurt. final check of the other top stories. the big rig crashed into retaining wall barrels sending sand into the two right lanes. it happened south of fifth avenue, all lanes reopened but
6:59 am
the fifth avenue off ramp was shut for repairs. >> millions across the country are dealing with what's called an historic ice event. more than 3,000 flights canceled with more expected. >> the chronicle is reporting that three fire department commanders in charge of fire fighting and rescue efforts after the deadly crash never took a required training course. tomorrow in washington, d.c. federal officials plan to hear from witnesses, the faa, boeing and others about the crash. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." we're back at 7:25 with a live local update. >> join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00 a.m. as well.
7:00 am
good morning, coast-to-coast good morning, coast-to-coast chaos. a brutal blast of ice and snow, accidents, power outages and airport delays adding up and even more snow is on the way. paying respects, president obama leaving washington this morning to attend a massive memorial for nelson mandela along side three other former u.s. presidents. are we there yet? an airline passenger falls asleep and wakes to find he is alone and locked inside the plane. >> you think somebody would have pushed me or rubbed me and said we're here. >> what happened when someone


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