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tv   Today  NBC  December 9, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PST

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good morning, coast-to-coast good morning, coast-to-coast chaos. a brutal blast of ice and snow, accidents, power outages and airport delays adding up and even more snow is on the way. paying respects, president obama leaving washington this morning to attend a massive memorial for nelson mandela along side three other former u.s. presidents. are we there yet? an airline passenger falls asleep and wakes to find he is alone and locked inside the plane. >> you think somebody would have pushed me or rubbed me and said we're here. >> what happened when someone
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finally found him. and ready for sochi. lindsey vonn declares herself ready to go after getting back on the slopes this weekend. we'll hear from her today, monday, december 9th, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> good morning. i'm savannah guthrie along side al roker and natalie morales. don't you love the guy that got stuck on the plane. do you think he's a deep sleeper? >> it's your turn to check the back of the plane. >> if you're going to get stranded, could you wake up in the caribbean. is that so much to ask? >> you would think the cleaning crew at least would wake you up. >> not a good day for him. anyway, right to our top story this morning. we have the icy conditions making it a real mess this morning for millions of people.
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we have been following this storm since late last week. so far at least 11 deaths are blamed on the weather. 3,500 flights have been canceled since sunday. 100,000 people are dealing with power outages. 30,000 people are dealing with power outages. many in hard-hit texas. dylan dreyer is tracking it all. she is about 80 miles to our north in poughkeepsie, new york. dylan, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. this is the same storm system that was in california on saturday. in two days, it has wreaked havoc across the country. it is responsible for at least 11 deaths. several multicar pile ups and thousands of flight cancellations showing us that this early blast of winter is still going strong. >> reporter: frozen in place. on the roads and at the airports. the bitter blast of snow, ice, and rain leaving millions of americans stranded. >> it is crazy. this whole corner is full of piled up cars.
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>> reporter: the roads so dangerous, more than 50 vehicles were involved in a chain reaction crash that killed a man and shut down the pennsylvania turnpike. similar stories south of milwaukee where at least one person was killed in a pile up involving nearly 40 vehicles. >> next thing i knew i looked up and just swerving through cars and dodging cars and we ended up in the ditch. >> reporter: parts of texas are reeling four days after the storm with ice causing problems on the ground and from above. >> we are stuck at the moment. >> reporter: a good samaritan came to the rescue of a news crew with our dallas-ft. worth station towing them out after they got stuck. in kentucky, the cars were encased in ice. >> i can deal with snow all day long but freezing rain, i don't even want to touch it. >> reporter: the weather channel's jim cantore tweeting i can't remember the last day i
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have seen so many interstates gridlocked from one storm. gridlock hit air travelers with flights canceled or delayed across the country. in philadelphia fans and players braved the elements for a rough and tumble game in the snow between the eagles and the lions. >> he's got it. williams on the coverage with a face full of snow. >> reporter: "today" show viewers tweeting us their pictures of the wintry weather. iced over cotton in missouri. a roadway in washington, d.c., and baby's first snowfall. here in the northeast, the storm weakened by the time it got here, but we have snow extending up into new england, but it is still making roads very slippery. that makes a mess of a monday morning commute. matt. dylan dreyer, thank you very much. >> can we just agree that ice is the worst. it's so difficult. >> nothing goes on ice and we have another day of this at
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last. let's take a look washington, d.c., pretty shot of the capitol. federal employees are being told to come to work two hours late because of the icy conditions in and around washington. and, in fact, as we look and show you what we've got as far as winter weather advisories and freezing rain advisories all the way down into north carolina. winter storm warnings as well. you can see the purple/pinkish area. that's the freezing rain. snow to the north. rain down to the south. so we're going to see, at least as far as snow is concerned, a tenth of an inch to half an inch of ice from roanoke all the way to washington, d.c. more snow as you get north into northern new england. another quick system comes through tomorrow and look at this, by tomorrow afternoon, we're looking at 3 to 6 inches from charleston, west virginia up into new england including new york city and more icing going to be a problem as we make our way down through the mid-atlantic states.
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so, again, one-two punch. this is a third punch. this one is an uppercut. >> this is insult to injury right now. al, thank you very much. i want to turn now to south africa. a week of events celebrating the life of nelson mandela getting underway now. president obama and the first lady are heading there this morning to attend a memorial service tomorrow. they'll be joined by jimmy carter, bill clinton, and george w. bush. nbc's lester holt is in soweto with more on this. lester, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. what an emotional few days it's been. we're outside the mandela house. it's the house he came home to after his release from prison in 1990. a lot of folks will be lining up tonight for the privilege to be at the stadium and at the memorial service but like the 50 or 60 some odd world leaders coming, none of them were invited. this is going to be an event on a scale rarely seen in any country and it shows how beloved
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and respected nelson mandela was across this planet. this morning they are hard at work preparing johannesburg's 90,000 seat fnb stadium for tomorrow's public memorial. a potential security and logistics nightmare as scores of world leaders and luminaries ranging from heads of states to rock stars to business tycoons gather to pay their respects to nelson mandela. ♪ since news of his death broke on thursday, south africans have engaged in a virtual nonstop salute and celebration of his life. >> to revive and recommit ourselves to the principles that madiba espoused and embodied. >> reporter: on sunday a national day of prayer and reflection brought thousands of people, including second wife winnie to houses of worship and other gathering spots to focus on the new south africa mandela
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helped build. >> just being here together and forgetting our differences. forgetting where we come from and celebrating one common goal. >> reporter: on the streets of soweto, ishmael and peggy both came of age under apartheid rule, spent part of the day showing their 6-year-old daughter where mandela once lived. >> and about our history and what has happened before. >> reporter: mandela's death presents a teachable moment for parents of south africa's so-called born free. those born post-apartheid. in terms of the day-to-day reality of living under apartheid, what things couldn't you do that she can? >> oh, like go to the school of my choice. go play in a park if i wanted to. >> reporter: meantime, also over the weekend, details of mandela's final hours began to emerge. johannesburg's sunday times weekly reporting mandela's last
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breath was his own. for now, however, it is his life, not his death, that the people of south africa choose to remember. >> i am judged by the content of my character and not by the color of my skin. >> reporter: president obama expected to arrive here early tuesday south african time. he will speak at the memorial. we don't know what his remarks will be. we're a few days away from summer here so the kids are out for the next couple of months. >> lester, thank you very much. brian williams will be anchoring "nbc nightly news" from south africa. that begins tonight. >> let's go to natalie. you have important talks in pakistan this morning. that's right. good morning. there's a key meeting between the u.s. and pakistan amid rising tensions over drone strikes. defense secretary chuck hagel is in islamabad for meetings with the prime minister and pakistan's new army chief. there's been growing protests over drone strikes on suspected militants in pakistan.
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they're likely to be a key topic in these talks. anti-government protests are boiling over in ukraine. on sunday demonstrators toppled a landmark statue of lenin dragging it down and pounding on it with hammers. hundreds and thousands of protesters are demanding he leave. one week after the deadly derailment in new york a new call to beef up safety on the rails. four died and dozens injured when the train went off the tracks in the bronx. now two senators want cameras installed on trains nationwide to watch both the tracks and the engineers. no remorse from bernie madoff who is speaking out from prison where he is serving 100 years for defrauding investors. he tells "the wall street journal" the decades long scheme was not his fault. he calls his investors sophisticated people that should have known better.
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he also said he is glad to be at a federal prison in north carolina calling it very laid back. sort of like a camp. pretty unbelievable. well, today former san diego mayor bob filner will be sentenced for a felony and two misdemeanors after pleading guilty to putting a woman in a headlock. filner resigned as mayor following widespread allegations of harassment. >> a court appearance today for the hiker who once cut off his own forearm after it was pinned under a boulder. aron ralston was arrested this past weekend on domestic violence charges. the woman listed as the owner of the home was also charged. ralston's story of desperation and survival inspired the film "127 hours." disturbing imagines from a soccer riot in brazil on sunday. this left at least three fans seriously injured. one fan had to be air lifted by helicopter. police fired tear gas and rubber bullets to restore order and
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millions watched the free-for-all unfold on live television. brazil is hosting the 2014 world cup next summer. an amazing finish sunday in golf's world challenge, zach johnson trailed tiger woods by four shots with eight holes left to play. well, he rallied and boy did he rally when he hit this incredible shot on the 18th hole. hole in one to save par and force a playoff which he won along with $1 million. some are calling it a hail mary par. you should see the look on tiger woods' face as well. >> as long as they didn't read his lips. >> exactly. congratulations to zach johnson. >> that's an amazing shot. mr. roker has more of the weather forecast. >> that's right. this freezing rain is causing more problems. we're seeing an update as far as people without power, now it's close to 100,000 as freezing rain bringing down more branches, more power lines. difference between this year and last year, the arctic air.
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we have had this arctic air come in and just sit so that we're looking at temperatures that are anywhere 10 to 50 degrees below average. the jet stream has taken a big dip to the south and it is just staying there. so we're not really seeing much in the way of changes. in fact, to give you an idea of how bad this is, anchorage, alaska, a high today, 29 degrees. let's see, anchorage versus chicago, 22, partly sunny and breezy. anchorage versus kansas city, 21 degrees today. anchorage versus oklahoma city. 26. >> anchorage is 3-0. 3-0, ladies and gentlemen. oh, yeah. decision, anchorage. we'll have your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. [ whistling wind ] don't worry, santa will find us.
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♪ [ female announcer ] this christmas, light santa's way with the hallmark santa signal ornament. only available at hallmark gold crown stores. 7:14. happy monday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. clear sky over san francisco and a little windchill factor with breezy conditions. wind out of the north is going to make it feel colder but i want to show you it's the coldest morning of the entire cold snap so far out in san francisco, 1 degree away from freezing in forest hills and temperatures are going to continue to drop as we head through the next hour. bundle up. your seven-day forecast in a moment. your latest weather. guys. >> all right, al, thank you very much. nine days after the tragic death of actor paul walker the tributes are still pouring in. quite a special one yesterday. >> that's right. this is the largest tribute yet
7:15 am
for the actor. friends and families gathered for a memorial. >> reporter: thousands of fans lined the streets of los angeles near where the actor died over a week ago. >> i felt inspired by him. i felt like hi to come and pay my respects. >> reporter: fans watched as a parade of cars reved their engines in his memory. >> he had a big impact on the scar scene. him and the whole crew. without them the car scene wouldn't be what it is today. >> reporter: the sidewalks were covered with flowers, stuffed animals. paris hilton sent her well wishes by air and one of paul walker's cast mates showed up to remember his friend. >> i wish we could just remember what a great guy he was and celebrate his life. >> reporter: the event organized by fans and promoted on facebook drew so many spectators that the
7:16 am
county sheriff's department issued a advisory. more than 1,000 cars cruised the streets in his memory where the latest fast and furious was filming. his tragic death has shaken his fans and car enthusiasts. a tribute video released last week by universal studios has been viewed almost 24 million times on youtube and a chilling new detail revealed in an interview with the actor's father about their final conversation. >> i said promise me no more daredevil stuff. i said if in your heart you can do this, then do it. if your heart says maybe not, then don't. >> fast and furious six comes out on dvd this week and a percentage will be donated to his charity. >> a fitting tribute, thanks.
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lindsey vonn is declaring herself ready for sochi. she fights back from major knee surgery. nbc's joe fryer. >> reporter: in canada the weather heats up. lind sid vonn returned to competition for the first time in a year and improved in every race. >> today was another step in the right direction and now i have the confidence that i know that i can do it and that's all i can hope for. >> reporter: ten months ago vonn's olympic hopes were stopped by a massive spill. she broke her leg and needed surgery and while practicing lost month injured her knee again. her return came at a place so familiar to vonn she's on the first name basis with the local kids. she even wore one girl's bracelet. >> i'm going to wear it tomorrow, too. >> reporter: with the wind chill it felt like 50 below zero air
7:18 am
was biting at the racers faces. vonn skied conservatively friday placing 40th out of 60. >> there was a couple of nerves in there. it's been awhile since i have raced. >> reporter: by saturday she improved to 11th place and on sunday during the super g, the same event she crashed in 10 months ago, vonn finished 5. >> every day i felt better and better and today was a great ending to the weekend. >> reporter: she has six or seven weeks to prepare for sochi at this point and the goal for her has to be peak at sochi. >> with her first competition out of the way, she's not sure which races she will do next on her road to the olympics. >> my goal is to go into sochi confident. we'll backtrack and say what races make the most sense for you to race and are the least risky downhills to run. >> reporter: by the olympics she hopes to be racing to the podium. today, joe fryer, alberta
7:19 am
canada. >> she is phenomenal. ten months off the slopes, major surgery, another injury and comes back and goes 40th, 11th, 5th. >> and was taking it easy. >> are there any more races between now and sochi? >> i think there are. they're right in the heat of it. >> well, let's head to tamron in the orange room this morning. what's shaking over there. >> good morning, guys. they say it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt or pretty mad, that's what happened at the university of oregon this weekend. it was supposed to be fun. a free for all fight until -- take a look at the video -- this retired professors car gets assailed. this was posted by the university student newspaper. 2 million hits over the weekend. this was all supposed to be fun until this guy got out of the car. we just got word, though, that he's not planning to press charges but you see he is not happy. reportedly some of the people involved were football players
7:20 am
and that prompted a tweet from one of the players on the team. he said embarrassed by the video i just watched. that's not all of us, sending the sincerest apologies. but the universities dean of students put out a statement saying this is under investigation. so it's all fun and games until that happens to your car. >> until there's an independent investigation. >> i'm on my way to investigate. >> tamron, thank you so much. coming up, a man fall as sleep on a plane packed with passengers. when he wakes up, he finds he's alone and locked inside that plane. how did no one notice him? >> then, later on, a rossen reports consumer alert, a used car scam. a new reason not to trust that
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hat w
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coffee-mate natural bliss. coffee's perfect mate. naturally. nestle. good food, good life. a very good morning to you. 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. crews in east palo alto have to put outtwo alarm fire at a home under construction. it broke out around 6:30 this morning. a few blocks from the university avenue exit off 101. the home is destroyed. there is minor damage to the neighboring home but luckily no one was hurt. we have an update on the deputy who shot and killed a teenager last month. the press democrat reports that deputy will return to work this week. he won't be on the field but on desk duty. he has been on leave since october 22. the deputy says he thought 13-year-old andy lopez was carrying an ak-47 when he shot
7:27 am
him. the gun was an air bb gun made to look real. in response the justice for andy lopez facebook page is calling for a protest at the city council tomorrow afternoon. let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> it's so cold out there. good morning to you. temperatures are frigid. 24 degrees, that's one of the cold spots. that's out in the sacramento valley. for us in the bay area even colder at 21 degrees in santa rosa. so cold conditions out there. 37 in san francisco, i want to make sure you travel cautiously. highs are going to remain cool and it is a winter spare the air day. with the unhealthiest air quality in the north bay. black ice is possible. 49 degrees is the forecasted high for redwood city. temperatures are going to be chilly. expecting the mid-40s in walnut creek and livermore at 47. gradual warming headed our way.
7:28 am
here's mike inouye and your drive. >> getting crowded out here. we expect after the bay bridge. oakland north 880 a big slowing past the coliseum starting to move better as the map will show. we had a crash north at 23rd and has cleared but it blocked enough to kick off the slow drive. the east shore pretty predictable. the maze a clear drive. slowing for 4 westbound out of antioch. the lanes cleared at bailey. >> thank you very much.
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7:30 on this monday morning. the 9th of december, 2013. pretty shot of washington, d.c. if you're a federal worker, stay watching. you don't have to be in until two hours late this morning because of the weather in the nation's capitol. i'm savannah guthrie along side matt lauer, al roker and natalie morales. they have power outages. >> the latest numbers are close to 100,000. >> more than 1,000 flights cancelled as the powerful storm spreads it's icy mix from the mid-atlantic to new england. preparations made in south africa for tomorrow morning's memorial service for nelson mandela.
7:31 am
president obama and the first lady are making the trip along with george w. bush and jimmy carter will also attend. bernie madolf blasts investors in his scheme. he says they were sophisticated and should have known better. >> that makes you shake your head. if you're in the market for a used car, it's the first question you tend to ask, how many miles? but can you trust the odometer. a rossen reports investigation exposes a growing scam. who should be the person of the year? our friends with "time" are out with the short list including everybody from presidents to pop stars. even some names we didn't know about. >> please no. >> if everybody else died they would be on the list. >> exactly. first, how about this one. have you ever fallen asleep and wake up confused about where you are? wait until you hear what happened to one guy that fell asleep in houston.
7:32 am
nbc's janet shamlian picks up the story from bush international airport. good morning to you. >> reporter: yeah, this one, matt, is hard to believe. we're all familiar with the pitfalls of air travel. everything from long security lines, delayed flights, lost luggage, but this is hard to top. talk about the worst lay over area. this man is on his connecting city, houston. but when he wakes up on the plane, it's dark, he's alone and the plane is locked. it wasn't what tom wagner was wagner, a louisiana boat captain boarded a united express flight to houston friday on his way to los angeles. wagner says he took his seat and fell asleep. he woke up in houston to an unusual sight. >> i woke up and i looked up at the ceiling and lights were out and looked down the aisle and nobody was home. >> reporter: wagner tried the plane's door to find it locked and then used his cell phone to call his girlfriend who thought
7:33 am
he was joking. >> she started laughing. i said you have to call united and get me off the plane. >> reporter: his girlfriend called the airline. >> she says my boyfriend is on the airplane and you have to get somebody to get him off. and they said there's no way he's on the plane. >> reporter: after a half hour, wagner says maintenance workers opened the door and were shocked to find him inside. >> they said where is your badge? i said i don't work here. i'm a passenger on this airplane. and he said holdn. hold on. he didn't believe it. >> reporter: they offered him a $250 voucher and hotel room in houston for the night. the company, express jet issued a statement saying express jet is investigating to determine how this occurred. we apologize for the inconvenience this caused for the passenger. >> it's obvious in this case that the crew exiting the airplane didn't do a sweep.
7:34 am
you can't miss this. >> i don't know how it happened. i don't. you would think somebody would have rubbed me or pushed me and said, hey, we're here. >> reporter: yeah, you have to wonder why none of his fellow passengers gave this guy a little nudge. but wagner says he will be returning to louisiana soon on united express connecting here in houston and just as a precaution, he's going to be well rested this time. >> that's a good idea. janet, thank you very much. pretty understanding girlfriend if she fell for the old i fell asleep and got locked on the plane -- >> get in a little trouble there. problems in paradise. >> she probably knows he's tough to wake up i would imagine. >> although the voucher for the hotel room was a waste. he already got a good night's sleep. >> natalie said i'll have what he's having. >> let's get a check of the weather mr. roker. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by dsw. it's where shoe lovers score those killer deals. and of course we are looking
7:35 am
at still an icy mix here in the northeast. it is continuing. in fact, we have got freezing rain in poughkeepsie right now and that's going to continue right into the afternoon hours when we see a chance of a wintry mix. in fact, we're looking for another 10th of an inch of ice to a half an inch of ice down between washington and roanoke. generally heavy snowfall amounts up into northern new england. and then we also have santa ana winds getting ready to set up out west. we're looking at strong high pressure system building. we will look at the winds coming on in. sustained winds today 20 to 40 miles per hour between san diego and los angeles. gusts of 65 miles per hour. with winds like that, fire dangers are elevating. probably cause airport delays as well. >> it is a really cold start to the work week. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. look at truckee, negative 20 degrees right now. at 28 degrees in san jose.
7:36 am
37 in mountain view. that goes for san francisco as well. highs today are going to be on the cool side. only registering in the 40s and 50s as we get into the day. highs 49 on the way to the east bay, san francisco 52 degrees, happy to report though there are warmer dares ahead. gradual warm-up starting tomorrow lasting through thursday. don't forget, any time you need that weather go to the weather channel on cable. online. >> thank you very much. coming up in trending, is your office about to throw a holiday party? why that maybe a very bad idea. >> coming up next, the rossen reports undercover investigation, scam artists caught rolling back the mileage on used cars in a whole new way. but first, these messages. [ female announcer ] you get sick, you can't breathe through your nose... suddenly you're a mouth breather. a mouth breather! how do you sleep like that? you dry up, your cold feels even worse. well, put on a breathe right strip and shut your mouth.
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7:41 am
scam taking consumers for a ride. they have figured out an easy way to rip you off. jeff rossen is here to expose how they do it. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. when you go to buy a used car you look for the price and the condition. you want a car with lower miles. it's more reliable and lasts longer. criminals have been tricking people for years rolling back the mileage and then selling you the car for more money. now police say the scam is growing. according to a new report nearly 200,000 car odometers are rolled back every year milking americans out of 7$760 million. we're under cover watching this car sell from across the street. the ad says it's a great luxury sedan with 85,000 miles and that's what the odometer shows too. but this car has a secret.
7:42 am
>> it has 250,000 miles. >> this is online and somebody could buy it. >> reporter: that's right. 250 thousands. nearly triple what the odometer says. so investigators from california's dmv set up this sting posing as a buyer. as the seller shows off the honda, he has no idea he's about to be arrested. we're there as police move in. authorities say he has been part of a major odometer roll back ring. >> jeff rossen from nbc news. state records show this car has 250,000 miles on it but yet you're selling it with 85,000 miles. how did that happen. >> this is when i bought it, how many miles on it. >> you didn't roll that odometer back? >> no. >> reporter: but this isn't the first time he has been arrested for rolling back odometers. convicted just months ago of felony theft. >> you have already been convicted of a similar crime
7:43 am
once. is that what's happening again here. >> can you close the door? >> reporter: he pled not guilty to the new charges. >> this is a safety concern for everyone because people are buying vehicles with 300,000 miles on them and believing they have 75,000 miles on them. >> anything can go wrong. >> anything can fail and they won't find out until it's too late. >> now investigators say it's easier than ever for crooks to do it. why? most newer cars have digital displays. simple to hack with little devices like this. widely available online. >> you plug it into the car, select the vehicle make and model, and then change the odometer to whatever you want. >> reporter: watch this youtube video, just the click of the device and this car goes from over 200,000 miles to 37,000. >> you type in whatever you want and it pops up there. >> that's right. it overrides the entire computer. >> reporter: it's effecting families nationwide. >> what has this turned into for
7:44 am
you? >> a real nightmare. >> reporter: that's ryan barber. when he turned 16 his dad went online and bought him this honda civic showing 42,000 miles but they later found out through service records it really has closer to 140,000 miles. >> do you feel ripped off? >> ripped off. lied to, betrayed. >> reporter: they had to shell out hundreds for expensive repairs all for a car worth half what they paid for it. >> what do you make of this practice of what they're doing? >> they're thieves and it's not fair. >> reporter: so how do you avoid becoming a victim? here's the takeaway. before you buy, always ask for the car's service records. also have a certified mechanic inspect the car. they can even check the internal computer to see if the odometer has been tampered with and there's a way to check the odometer history for free on car fax. all you need is the car's vin
7:45 am
number. we have a link on our website so you can do it right now at hope it helps. back to you guys. >> jeff, good advice. thank you. coming up, a surprising revelation making headlines around the world this morning. and from the orange room we will reveal the finalists for time magazine's person of the year. right after this. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "fumbling around with rotating categories" card. it's not the "getting blindsided by limits" card. it's the no-game-playing, no-earning-limit-having, deep-bomb-throwing, give-me-the-ball-and-i'll-take- it-to-the-house, cash back card. this is the quicksilver cash card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere, every single day. so let me ask you... what's in your wallet? ♪ i picked it out in a snap
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7:50 am
a debate over who the person of the year is. before we get to -- this is the first time we'll reveal the top ten. the ten finalists for lack of a better description. what's the criteria? >> the person that's had the most impact for better or worse. >> it's interesting i said to you nelson mandela but you don't put someone on the cover that passed away and it has to be within this one year range. >> that's right. we have a special issue on nelson mandela out right now. for person of the year it has to be someone whose impact is on the news. >> i think it's intriguing for better or for worse we talked about right after 9/11 and there was a huge battle over whether osama bin laden would be on the list. >> and hitler was. this is devicive people. >> let's get to the top ten. bashar assad, ted cruz, miley cyr cyrus. how do you put her on a list with ted cruz and pope francis.
7:51 am
how does she factor in? >> power is not political. it can be cultural or political. she came in like a wrecking ball. literally. and at a time when we're living with an explosion of exhibitionism because we all now carry cameras with us at all time. >> so there's a little of miley in all of us? >> i worry. but barrack obama on the list for obvious reasons but he was "time" person of the year last year. >> partly because of the way he used technology to win a second term and now he finds himself having technology trip him up and it seems to have surprised even him. >> we'll see what happens. this is the top 10. go to and let us know who you think and on wednesday nancy and her team will reveal the person of the year 2013. >> i'll vote right now for pope francis. >> yeah. wow. okay. going right out there on a limb. >> why not. make the call. >> tamron, thank you very much. coming up, more on the winter
7:52 am
storm and the power and travel problems being caused by it this morning. >> then on trending, a cheerleader that thinks she is messing up the routine and then gets a pretty heartwarming surprise. >> what new twists await fans of downton abbey. a look coming up. season four coming up. all coming up after your local news and weather. hi! where did you come from? oh... sorry. welcome to petsmart! aren't you kris...? christmas shopping? uh... yes. i have a list of... good girls and boys? good treats and toys. okay... (announcer) at petsmart, we care as much about your pet's happiness as you do. that's why we offer a wide variety of unique toys and tasty treats - they make perfect holiday gifts. celebrate your pet, celebrate the season! at petsmart®.
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a very good monday morning to you. 7:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. new details about the deadly airlines crash at sfo. the chronicle reports that three fire department commanders in charge of fire fighting and rescue efforts after the crash never took a required training course for aircraft disasters. the fire chief said it was not vital for commanders calling it specialized training. in the meantime tomorrow in washington, d.c. federal officials plan to hear from witnesses, the faa, boeing and others about the crash. the four pilots on board will not be attending. three teens were killed and more than 180 passengers were hurt. >> want to check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. warming up? >> not by much. not yet. good morning to you. 7:56. i can tell you as we get into the next couple hours you'll start to notice a bit of a
7:57 am
warm-up. we're at 29 degrees in san jose. good monday morning to you. happy to report each day this week we'll bring about a warming trend. we're looking good for that all week long. it's going to be cold all day long. 49 is the high in the east bay, san francisco, 52 degrees for you and 51 degrees out in the north bay. traffic is picking up. we'll check on the drive. i want to draw your attention to the warming trend. really looking good by thursday. peak warmth at 61 degrees in san jose. as promised here is mike inouye and the morning drive. >> 61 looks so much warmer because you made it yellow. here we're looking at the yellow speed on the map. slow here, the east shore freeway. typical volume out of richmond. nice sunshine but it's crisp. a slower drive, red, orange, yellow. 880 as well. the earlier crash cleared. a slow drive from the coliseum north. peninsula side slow as you get there on the san mateo. and south through san mateo into
7:58 am
palo alto gumming up around university. back toward the "today" show.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it is 8:00 now on today. it is 8:00 now on "today." and coming up, a brutal storm leads to accidents, thousands of flight cancellations and massive power outages. we've got the latest. plus, an exclusive visit behind the scenes of "downton abbey." >> welcome. >> a sneak peek inside the long-awaited new season. and she's back. tyler perry on madea's very special holiday live in studio. today, monday, december 9th, 2013. ♪ >> in the big apple from ohio! >> so happy to be here in the pouring rain. >> from washington! >> we love al!
8:01 am
♪ >> my brother's back from afghanistan! >> happy holidays from omaha, nebraska! whoo! ♪ ♪ take it nice and slow, slow and we're back now on a monday morning. kind of a nasty weather monday morning here in the northeast and a lot of parts of the country. we've got rain and maybe even a little sleet in the air right now. i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie, al roker and tamron hall. >> busy time for you this holiday season. >> that's right. the big difference is this cold, arctic air. we didn't get really' of this last year but now we've gotten it with a vengeance. >> we go inside to natalie. she's got the top stories of the morning. >> good morning to you all. we are starting with the weather. the snow and the ice storm that has moved into the northeast is growing deadlier by the day. at least 11 people have died on icy roads including one victim in this huge pileup sunday on the pennsylvania turnpike. air travel, as you can imagine,
8:02 am
is a mess with already more than 1,000 flights canceled today and power outages are also widespread. nbc's dylan drier joins us with poughkeepsie with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is the same system that was out in california on sunday. and in just two days, it raced across the country leaving misery. it brought several inches of snow and a half inch of ice throughout parts of the plains into the midwest and a lot of snow even in the mid-atlantic region. in delaware, we picked up about a foot of snow. so we were seeing a mess on the roadways. we saw several multicar pileups, 40 to 50 cars involved in some of these accidents, shutting down some of the major roadways in wisconsin and in pennsylvania. and for the football games, you had cold weather teams, detroit and philadelphia, you had minnesota in baltimore. i'm sure they were not expecting to see as much snow as they did
8:03 am
at those games yesterday. we are seeing most of the hardest-hit areas changing over to rain. in the northeast from poughkeepsie to the north and east up into new england, we are seeing some light freezing rain and some light snow. it's not nearly as bad as what the mid-atlantic saw, but it is still making for very slippery roadways, and it is just a slow go for a monday morning commute. the last thing people want. natalie? >> absolutely. go get yourself a hot chocolate, dylan. thank you. president and mrs. obama are traveling to south africa today to attend tuesday's public memorial service for nelson mandela. the anti-apartheid icon died thursday at the age of 95. former president george w. bush and his wife were invited to join the obamas aboard air force one. president obama's expected to speak at the service which is being held at a 90,000-seat sports stadium in johannesburg. some of the nation's top reformers of all time were honored last night in washington. piano man billy joel, opera star martina arroyo, herbie hancock,
8:04 am
shirley maclaine and carlos santana received kennedy center honors. the president was among those paying tribute. prince harry's trek to the south pole with the teams of wounded service members including one from the u.s. is no longer a race. nbc's ayman mohyeldin tells us why it's been turned into an exercise of survival and cooperation. >> reporter: it began as a race to the south pole. wounded soldiers, hollywood actors and a prince. three teams all racing for a good cause. but this amazing race was taking a dangerous toll on the teams. >> we've had a couple rough days. last week was pretty intense. we had a couple of incidents, a couple of frostbites, a couple of people passing out, because of the altitude and exhaustion. >> reporter: brutal conditions, harsh winds and bone-chilling temperatures. just some of the challenges that led organizers to suspend this 200-mile competition to the south pole. but while the race is off, there is now a new goal, not to
8:05 am
compete as teams but to finish the trek as one group. >> it doesn't mean that the expedition is over, far from it. we proceed on from here to the last checkpoint. >> reporter: for the teams of wounded soldiers, all who have suffered life-changing injuries, it may now be a new mission. but with the same message that made prince harry join the expedition in the first place. >> if i'm given the opportunity, it means i can actually help these guys out, whether it's creating more awareness for them or whatever, then, you know, so what it's minus 50? so what it's 90-mile-an-hour winds? orr ayman mohyeldin, nbc news, london. >> we wish them all good luck. it's 9:05. you're up to date and time for the weather with al. >> today's weather is brought to you by the new windows. one experience for everything in your life. >> inc. thises still a mess here in the northeast with temperatures that are taking a little bit of a dip. we're looking at these afternoon highs into the single digits, below zero up to the north and
8:06 am
west. look for 70s and 80s down through southern florida. jet stream hasn't quite made it down there that far jet. we've got wet weather making its way from new england all the way down to the gulf. some snow left over in northern maine today. 19 in caribou. we've got some light snow in the southwest. 36 degrees in dallas today. 22 up in billings, montana. it's going to be windy. some santa ana winds possibly starting to work their way into southern california today. look at the high in seattle. 36 degrees. that's what's going on around 8:06. good monday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. it is still really cold out there. look at these numbers. 21 degrees in santa rosa. you're at 29 in san jose. meanwhi meanwhile, we are climbing a little into the upper 30s at san francisco. 38 degrees there. highs will be cool all day long. only warming into the upper 40s,
8:07 am
low 50s. temperatures will gradually climb tomorrow. overall, another round of the 50s. her. guys? >> all right, al, thank you very much. coming up on "trending," what you were talking about most on facebook in 2013. all right. and then a surprise revelation from susan boyle. what she said she just learned about herself. and brace yourself, savan h savannah. guess what? we've got an exclusive look at the next season of "downton abbey" right after this. tell me you can't wait for christmas. and you appreciate the things i do.
8:08 am
tell me you love me. even if you say it every day. just tell me. [ female announcer ] everyone you love has something they need to hear this holiday. tell them with a hallmark card.
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8:11 am
we are back at 8:11. here's what's trending today. >> here is a provocative question for this time of year. is the holiday office party a good or bad idea? before you answer, remember we've got ours this week. >> i like it. >> good. i love it, yes. >> i'm on the fence, i have to say. >> really? why? what's the down side? >> i think, you know, sometimes it looks like you're splurging. and i think people see that as maybe the resources could be used differently. and i think it also makes it tough scheduling wise. listen, i'm no party pooper. >> all right. that's one way to look at it. the question comes from "the new york times." now, the popular line is that the office holiday party helps people blow off a little steam, and it builds team morale. but is it worth the potential pitfalls like alcohol-fueled
8:12 am
outbursts, office hookups and worst of all, those awful dance moves. >> oh, don't look at me. ♪ [ laughter ] >> now, you're laughing, but we've all seen that. >> they cut it out right before. >> moses. exactly. >> if that's wrong, we don't want to be right. >> i'm in favor of the party if i can see people dance like that. >> well, we're getting an exclusive look at facebook's most talked-about topics of the year. these are the stories we could not stop sharing. here's the top five. number five, the harlem shake. the syrian crisis came in at number four. number three, the boston marathon. just behind the government shutdown, which is second. and the most talked-about topic of the year, guys, it's the super bowl.
8:13 am
but in just the last week, of course. >> that surprises me. i would have thought it would have been the boston marathon bombing. >> well, this is facebook. the passing of nelson mandela made it into the top ten. >> you'll notice something different when you logon to facebook, speaking of. you'll be able to look at your own personalized year in review. you'll see the biggest 20 moments of your life on facebook. and savannah, take a look. we actually took your page and made a year in review, special for you. so these are some of the big moments in your life, 2013 -- i feel like this is -- what's the show, al? >> your life. >> learn how you can get your own personalized year in review. for more, head over to our website, so there you are. >> i don't know. that should have been the number one. >> you and i and the puppy is there. anyway, it's cool. speaking of. you didn't make her facebook,
8:14 am
sorry. speaking of big rings, we've all seen guys proposing to their girlfriends on those kiss cams at sporting events. one guy in chicago took it a step further. his girlfriend is a cheerleader for the chicago bulls. here she is, arianna, in the middle of a routine during a game last week. and suddenly the music changes, and she realizes all the other cheerleaders are doing completely different moves. she tries to walk off. quickly realizes this is not your ordinary cheer. and when the team's popular mascot benny the bull appears, i think it all becomes very clear. take a look. ♪ the look in your eyes. >> aww. >> she said yes! congratulations! >> very sweet. totally caught her off guard. well, it is arianna's first season on the squad. certainly a cheer i don't think she'll ever forget. i thought he was actually going to be in the benny the bull costume.
8:15 am
>> once she got the horror -- wait a minute. >> yeah, looks like he took some kind of a head off of him. he was disguised at least. this weekend paul rudd was the host on "saturday night live" with musical guest one direction. paul bringing out his "anchorman" posse to stage a little sing-off with the pop stars. ♪ the night is always going to be ♪ >> do i love one direction? is your favorite color purple? ♪ dance all night to the best song ever ♪ who's your favorite? >> i like nile because he has blond hair. >> that's funny because nile is a natural brunette. he dyes his hair. ♪ oh oh oh ♪ you don't know your basic facts ♪ >> that's a little disturbing there. >> you've got to love paul rudd. he's so great. >> he is terrific.
8:16 am
>> and that is "what's trending" today. and now to something that's getting a lot of attention this morning. a surprising revelation from singing sensation susan boyle. and tamron has more on that. >> yeah. susan boyle is opening up about her recent diagnosis of asperger's syndrome, and she says she's actually relieved to know it. ♪ i dreamed a dream of time gone by ♪ >> reporter: susan boyle took the world by surprise when she stole the show at "britain's got talent" in 2009. now the 52-year-old singer is stunning fans with a revelation that she as has asperger's syndrome. >> it's a collection of mostly social symptoms, difficulty social communicating, difficulty with eye contact and body gestures. often a habit of repetitive behaviors of some sort. >> reporter: in an interview with "the observer," boyle says that as a child, she was told
8:17 am
she had brain damage. but last year she sought out a specialist, telling the paper, quote, i always knew it was an unfair label. now i have a clearer understanding of what's wrong and i feel relieved and a bit more relaxed about myself. ♪ i'll be home for christmas >> reporter: the top-selling artist admits she was bullied as a child, and as an adult, had a hard time adjusting to her sudden fame. something she expressed to "today" two years ago. >> it was obvious that i lacked confidence. >> it's a relief for her that people will now know these are the reasons why i do the things i do. >> reporter: boyle isn't the only celebrity diagnosed with the disorder. earlier this year actress darryl hannah opened up about her struggles with autism. and dan aykroyd went public with his diagnosis ten years ago. >> when celebrities come out with these sort of diagnoses in a public way, it obviously raises awareness but also increases a comfort level not only for the celebrity but also for the public.
8:18 am
>> reporter: boyle tells "the observer" she hopes going public will help her treatment saying, quote, i am not strong on my own. when i have the support of people around me, i am fine. well, before her diagnosis, susan boyle said she worried she might have more serious illness. and after being tested, she found out her i.q. was actually above average. so this, you know, sparks a conversation. i was surprised, i didn't realize darryl hannah, dan aykroyd as well. >> speaking out, though, raises a lot of awareness, which is really important. >> it takes braveness because you're worried again that people will judge you. let's stay across the pond for a moment. the wildly popular british drama "downton abbey" returns next month. hold me, al and matt. but if you can't wait, relax. our andrea canning traveled to england for a peek at the new season. >> welcome to downton abbey. >> reporter: thank you. always on duty. mr. carson, downton's cool-headed butler, never tires of welcoming guests.
8:19 am
>> don't worry about that, me lady. i get to know all the secrets. >> reporter: and the gossip, too. carson hears it all. upstairs and downstairs at downton. >> and action. >> reporter: we traveled to england to peek in on season four. >> let me raise a glass to my extraordinary wife. >> reporter: anxious to find out what we can look forward to. what can we expect for season four? we know that things ended on an absolutely terrible note. you had a bad year. >> for my character, she's a woman who suffered the most unimaginably horrible thing one could possibly suffer, which is the death of a child. followed by the death of a beloved son-in-law. >> reporter: matthew's sudden death in a car accident left the family in despair. baby george, his son, born the day matthew died, is now the heir to the downton dynasty. does mary find a new love? >> let's just see. >> reporter: when the new series opens, the family is in mourning.
8:20 am
>> poor little orphan. >> reporter: lady mary, matthew's wife and now widow, is inconsolable. >> cry, me lady. >> reporter: julian fellows, the creator of "downton abbey," was forced to kill matthew quickly when actor dan stevens wanted out of the show. >> i think his departure gave us something very interesting for mary to do. we are allowed to accompany her on her road out of the grief. >> action. >> reporter: we wanted to find out more. any secrets you can give us or any hint? >> matthew, we believe, died without a will. and that's a major problem. >> reporter: but not the only problem. conflict is brewing this new season. it's the roaring '20s, and downton is trying to modernize. but not without resistance from veteran actress maggie smith playing the stern countess. >> how you hate to be wrong. >> i wouldn't know. i'm not familiar with the
8:21 am
satisfaction. >> reporter: more romance and fabulous clothes and new suitors for lady mary. >> he's not bad looking, and he's still alive. >> reporter: rumors of a rape, even a murder. >> every time i remember what you've been through, i want to murder. >> reporter: i heard a rumor that made me a little unhappy, that you're going to become somewhat bad? >> we can't give anything away, but there's a very, very dark and serious, dramatic twist. >> reporter: uh-oh. not the butler causing trouble again. >> there are many good butlers in the past in films and literature, and it's nice to be one. >> reporter: my great-grandfather was a butler for eight british prime ministers. >> really? >> reporter: including churchill. so should i be proud of the fact that my great-grandfather was a butler? >> you should get one of these dresses and come and work for us is what you should do. >> reporter: celebrities stepping in like legendary opera singer. ♪ and more americans, gary carr
8:22 am
plays jack ross, a charming jazz musician and dangerous ladies' man. as the american presence grows on the show, one of the cast members have created wish lists of who they'd like to see drop in on downton. >> p. diddy. george clooney, matt damon, they're pretty cool. >> oh, my goodness, meryl, of course, meryl streep. >> reporter: where do you think matt lauer and al roker would fit in? >> i would like to think they would be very high up in the servant hierarchy. >> reporter: what? matt and al polishing the silver? well, we'll just have to wait. here at downton, they're keeping us guessing. for "today," andrea canning at the real downton abbey in new bu newbury, england. >> do you like polishing silver? >> i could do that. if you had only seen the reaction. love him! oh, she's my favorite! >> you're still on season one, right? >> yes. >> i've seen four or five
8:23 am
episodes of season one, so don't give anything away to me. >> there are those who have actually gotten some -- >> inside info. >> dvds across the pond. >> if you have friends across the pond. >> if you're truly a fan, sometimes you can get a little sneak peek. >> you forget i spend a lot of time across the pond. >> natalie and i have already seen season four. >> it's about to start? >> i haven't seen the christmas episode. >> we haven't because it hasn't aired yet. >> i'm just going to say it's very good. >> so now we're talking about it, we can't let on that we know what happens. >> i know. >> but you can't share now as your friends see it for the first time. >> i know. i know. >> that's okay. we can still commiserate. >> do you think your friend, deep throat, would give us season two? okay, good, because i need that. >> download it now. coming up, tyler perry and larry the cable guy on their new holiday movie. look at them in the orange room. hey, guys. good morning.
8:24 am
nice to see you. >> good morning. >> how you doing? >> we're going to chat with them in just a couple of minutes. but first, let's take a look at these messages. i don't know, some kind of signal.
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning. it is 8:26. i'm terry mcsweeny. crews in east palo alto have put out a fire at a home under construction just a few blocks from the university avenue exit off highway 101. the home is destroyed, and there is some minor damage to a neighboring home, but no one was hurt. let's check traffic right now. here's mike. >> terry, that caused disruption for traffic flow on university avenue as well, but that has cleared from the area. we're looking over to the south bay. 101 moves smoothly here at 680. it's slow getting here. 87 actually great improvement over the last hour. the first burst hit the south bay, now things are easing up. south 880 still slow.
8:27 am
580, that shows you a similar slowdown for westbound. just company there. nothing unexpected. a smooth drive over the bay bridge in towards san francisco. a slower drive through san mateo toward palo alto things are finally recovering for antioch. >> thanks, mike. another local news update in half an hour.
8:28 am
middle-earth is back at denny's with the build your own hobbit slam. twenty delicious options, like sweet potato pecan pancakes, hearty breakfast sausage and honey cake french toast. a meal to satisfy the hungriest of hobbits. see "the hobbit: the desolation of smaug."
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8:30 now on this monday morning. the 9th of december, 2013. kind of a yucky day out there but there's a sight that will cheer everybody up. people bringing gifts for our 20th annual toy drive. two pretty funny guys, tyler perry and larry the cable guy. >> that's madea and she looks good as a guy. >> she does. >> you can get involved with
8:31 am
this toy drive. just check us out at >> first, though, we do have a new 12 days of christmas deal to make your holiday easy and economical. >> we are up to number three now. >> number three. >> so basically over the next -- actually the next couple of weeks we are doing a deal a day almost and the deal is this. today show viewers are going to get -- they're going to get 50% or more off on everything that i show. so today, i know tweeting and social media is big but i believe in thank you cards too. one of the things you can get are 50% off from i'm calling it minted monday. everyone needs stationary so you can go to and you can get that special discount code which will get you the discount and then last up you can also get 50% on their special art. so they've got a limited edition art and you can get that as well. i hope you guys all take part in
8:32 am
that. >> this is really good. >> perfect timing for the holidays. >> throw some numbers at us. >> so numbers are -- it starts at usually 20 and up but you're getting it at 50% off. you can personalize the stationary and i've got personal stationary here for you guys as well. >> and elizabeth, budget cuts, did we do away with the ornaments? >> i have the ornaments but the other ones are outside in the rain. it's day number three so i'm going to put it on the tree to symbolize and i'll be back tomorrow with another great deal. maybe two deals even. >> oh. >> coming up with 4 and 5. >> i'm just saying it might be. >> doubling up on the days. >> it might be a daily double. >> all right. look forward to tomorrow. >> how about a daily double for the forecast. >> we don't want to double the weather we have been having lately. let's show you what we have going on now. an icy mix out there. leesburg, virginia has seen a
8:33 am
lot of icy conditions. they're looking at icy conditions continuing for today. look at more rain in the mid-atlantic states today. snow through the plains and another system comes across. we'll expect another little bit of activity coming across the plains. in the northeast 3 to 6 inches. new york may get involved in that as well. sunny and mild through the southwest on into texas. 8:33 now. freeze warning in place for one more half hour. you can see why. temperatures are still very cold in san jose. 29 degrees. 21 in santa rosa. this number will pop out at you. negative 17 right now in t truckey. another freeze warn tomorrow night into tomorrow morning. that should be the last of it. today's highs are going to be cool though. only up into the low 50s. throughout the end of the week, that's when it's going to start to feel a lot more comfortable around here with a gradual
8:34 am
warmup. and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. brace yourself, madea is back and this time the no nonsense smack down loving character is taking on the holidays. >> i got to get away from your momma. i go to hell and back just to get away from her. can i go with y'all? >> maybe you can keep an eye on my class while i go into the meeting. >> i'm sorry? watch your class? she want mess to watch her class. children? me and children don't get along. let me see, ankle biting, disease carrying little children of god, or your momma? satanic loud mouth woman from hell. i'll go with the children. praise god. >> larry the cable guy is one of the costars as well. good morning, happy holidays. >> good morning. >> we have it's a wonderful life and we have this.
8:35 am
>> miracle on 34th street and madea. >> exactly right. >> when you started this series tyler, did you know you would touch on the holidays? >> no, timing was right. it all fell together. he was available. it worked out. >> i came in and classed it up. now we're working on a madea easter and christopher columbus day and thanksgiving. >> the truth of the matter is you always wanted to work with this guy. >> i did. ever since i was a kid. >> nice. really nice. and you simply couldn't avoid working with him. >> no, could not avoid working with him. but the two of us together in this movie, the ad libs are hysterical. >> you're known for that. you love to encourage ad libbing during the shooting of scenes. that's not the way a lot of directors work. why you? >> a 90 page script is just a pattern to get to the end. >> that's a guide? >> that's a guide. it's our gps but let's have fun.
8:36 am
>> it was great. the cool thing is i wrote a couple of jokes and i said, i said tyler -- i had never worked with him before, and i said tyler, can i do a couple of these. he said you do what you want to do. let's have a good time and it was probably one of the funnest things i've done as far as performing in front of a camera. >> why don't you think more productions go that way? why don't you think more directors take that chance? >> control. it's all about control. i like to have fun. i'm an actor/director. i want to see the artist and comedian all have fun together. >> is it weird, larry, when you're one of the co-stars in a movie like this and you're sitting on set and you're taking directions from a big guy dressed as a woman? >> at first i heard him going now what we're going to do -- and i went in the other room because i look and he's in his outfit. >> we're moving over here and moving over here. >> do you do it in your voice or
8:37 am
madea's voice. >> my voice. >> i got used to it. he was a lot of fun. >> it was really bad. really bad. >> good, i'm going to let that go. >> i need this job. without giving away the plot, you guys go on a bit of a road trip because your niece's daughter decided she's not coming home for the holidays without telling me why, what happens? >> she has a secret to hide and she is trying to keep it from the family and madea goes down and she gets them to remember what christmas is all about in her own way. >> it's interesting because they describe your character as a southern hill billy but i want to say that if -- your character is actually surprisingly evolved in this movie. >> you know what, buddy is a great character. buddy is actually the only guy, him and his wife and his son and his new wife, they're the only
8:38 am
four that are actually the stable ones. >> they are the stable ones. >> there's the problem right there. he joked and said we're going to do easter and 4th of july. where is it going? >> as long as people want to see it, she'll be around but the minute they start coming, that broad is going to die quick. it's all about the people. the power is in the hands of the people. >> if you decide to -- have you thought about how you might kill her off? >> yes, madea's funeral. welcome. but for now as long as people want to see it, she'll be around. >> what do you have planned for the holidays? >> i'll just be home with the kids. >> where is home? >> lincoln, nebraska. >> i'll be home with the kids. >> do you spoil the kids? >> yeah. >> quite reflection. i'll be in atlanta relaxing and
8:39 am
reflecting. >> making another movie soon? >> well, television with the have and have notes and the things on the oprah network buchlt that's where my focus is right now. >> pleasure. larry always nice to see you. >> thank you. >> a madea christmas opens nationwide on friday. >> friday. december 13th. >> say it like that. >> friday, december 13th. up next, the new toys that are changing the way girls play. we'll meet the women behind them and the ideal -- you should come in for a cooking segment. the ideal meatball recipe. go crash
8:40 am
8:41 am
back at 8:41 with something to think about before you reach for a doll or dress up kit for the girls on your holiday list.
8:42 am
kristen dahlgren is here with more. >> if you notice the girl's aisle it's all pink. but on youtube there's a series of viral videos featuring girls taking over the toy aisle. >> when you think girls for toys, something like this probably comes to mind. >> she looks good with make up on. >> reporter: but the way girls play is getting a make over. >> girls are capable of so much more than the box that they're being put into in the toy aisle. >> reporter: 30-year-old debbie sterling is behind these viral videos. ads for a toy she invented called goldiblocks. an engineering set for girls. >> i felt it was important to give girls more purpose. ignite a new passion or interest and show that girls belong in engineering too. >> reporter: she was told it would never sell but now it's
8:43 am
playing with the big boys. it's one of the top ten building sets on amazon for girls or boys. it comes with a series of adventure books about goldie, an inspiring engineer. >> it gives them the about to put together the story. >> reporter: but there's a big gender gap in science, technology, engineering and math. women make up almost half the work force but fill less than a quarter of jobs in those fields. goldieblocks isn't the only company giving girls serious play things. >> lego friends. >> reporter: lego has gotten in on the game. barbie is a computer engineer, and roominate, a doll house construction set that comes we electric electrical s electrical curcuits.
8:44 am
talk about girl power. >> reporter: a future where girls can dream big. >> girls are out there making a difference in the world too. >> now you promise notice there is pink in goldieblocks. pink and purple are the most popular girl colors. it's not about that but giving them toys that use their brain. >> gift ideas for my nieces. >> it's great. thank you so much. coming up next, we heard of therapy dogs but how about therapy chickens? one family is fighting to keep their young son's beloved animal. it helps this little boy. we have the story coming up. but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] for those who love sweets
8:45 am
8:46 am
your season is here. let's just call it the baking time of year. you need special ingredients. you need the staples for homemade. you need safeway sugar for just a buck eighty-eight. and that magic thing that makes everyone want another only two ninety-nine for challenge butter. and when hands get messy, que surely they'll say, yum! wow! yay! what a sweeter holiday. safeway. ingredients for life. >> there's the problem. ice coating the branches of trees in leesburg, voir diirgin.
8:47 am
more to come over the next 24 hours. we're back with the young boy with autism, the unusual therapy helping him, and his parents struggle to keep him. here's kerry sanders. >> reporter: meet 3-year-old j.j.hart. he loves to run around the backyard. but something that sets him apart is he has autism. he used to stare off into space, barely speak, and have temper tantrums. >> he has been in therapy from the age of 14 months up until six months ago. he was getting physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. >> with all limited success. they wanted to find something more natural for j.j. they brought home chickens hoping their eggs would help. that's when something remarkable happened. j.j. connected with the chickens and a whole new boy emerged.
8:48 am
>> as unconventional as that sounds and i know it does because we're not chicken people. it worked for him. >> reporter: but now they're facing a terrible dilemma. the city where they live says they have to get rid of the chickens. city ordinances don't allow them. it's a small residential security about a half hours drive from orlando. it's website says it's known for its warm and friendly hometown atmosphere. a community that emphasizes quality of life. a year ago the harts went to the city council and asked to be able to keep their chickens and they were encouraged when the council said yes. sort of adopting a year one pilot project. >> the motion on the floor is to extend the pilot program for two years. >> reporter: but last week that program came up for another vote. >> i support this 110% and i support j.j. 100%. >> this is not about j.j.
8:49 am
this is about chickens. >> reporter: the proposal failed. >> no longer are you allowed to have chickens in the city of debary. >> reporter: they're devastated but they will continue to fight so that j.j. can keep his beloved birds. >> he has a great personality and now he has a personality we never thought we would see. people can support us or they can criticize. that's fine. but we know that we're doing what's best for our son and we're going to fight for him. >> reporter: for today, kerry sanders, nbc news, miami. >> what do you think is going to happen there. >> come on town, please let them keep the chickens. >> it's not like they fly around. >> they're no danger. >> they're no danger to anyone. >> you get eggs for breakfast. >> there you go. >> maybe if they supply eggs to the town council they'll turn it over. >> perfect solution. up next, there's meatballs and then there's the
8:50 am
8:51 am
today's kitchen is brought to you by macy's. >> we're back at 8:51 and this morning on today's holiday kitchen, we're warming things up with classic meatballs. here to share a family recipe is the executive chef in park city
8:52 am
utah. good morning. it's good to see you. >> thanks for having me today. >> so you're spilling family secrets. >> this is from grandma's recipe book. i took this recipe and kept going. so a great swedish meatball. >> first let's do the traditional swedish. >> we'll do traditional. so pork and veal. we'll add our onions. >> okay. >> and we'll add a little bread crumb. very simple. you'll add parsely for me. >> the whole thing? >> the whole thing. >> a little bit of egg and honey. if you'll grab that little plate of seasoning, salt, pepper, nutmeg and all spice. we have it all measured out. this is the fun part. we'll give it a little bit of a mix. you don't want to overdo the meatballs. >> don't want to overmix them? >> why? >> they'll get a little tough and they won't be fluffy. now we mixed our meatballs and you're a little messy. great for the kids. you can use the fun scooper and
8:53 am
you make your meatballs. >> let's discuss technique. you don't have to use the scooper. >> you don't. you can go all free style and go by hand and scoop your meatballs. >> what about that recipe makes it swedish? >> well, when we get to this bit. so we have a little reduced beef stock or veal stalk here and we add a little cream. and we'll add a little cornstarch. so cornstarch, water, and this is going to give us that gravy texture. so you have to have that going. >> don't you feel like meatballs are having a resurgence? it's the trendy thing? >> they are a little bit in fad. we add our cornstarch and this is the key. this is what really gives it the swedish bit. >> is that sweet? >> it's sweet and tart. you add your linyn lindenberry.
8:54 am
>> is it hard to find? >> sometimes it's in the jam section and sometimes it's in the specialty section. aisle 7. now once you're coming up to a boil here, we'll add our meatballs to our sauce. we cook them in the oven and finish them here in the sauce. >> you browned those in the oven. >> we did. >> tell me about this. the potatoes? >> so we made a swedish style potatoes. a little cream and butter of course and these are great for, you know, super bowl holiday parties. >> it looks delicious. and garnished on the side. >> what's this? >> lamb meatballs with cho chow chow.
8:55 am
oregeno. i use pretzels. this is a greek style dry cheese. >> that's a new one. >> and then the same thing, you're making the meatballs with the kids. these are going to go in the oven for 12 to 15 minutes. >> why the oven instead of the pan? >> you don't make a mess. and easy. now i have my meatballs. >> here's our meatballs coming in right now. >> when you're done -- >> yeah. >> we finish with chow chow. who here heard of chow chow? >> it's a southern thing. >> you have to have it. >> it's a cabbage -- >> it's a pickled vegetable. it's beautiful with sausages and grilled meat. >> you want those. >> it's good. >> once you get these going, you
8:56 am
can put these on a hoagie. >> got the party going. >> you have super bowl food. >> most importantly, how's the snow? >> the snow is good morning. it is 8:56. i'm terry mcsweeny. a unique way for the students at university of san diego to take a break from the books. usf will allow students to spend time with therapy dogs. they can play, cuddle, just relax with the dogs, whatever they want. organizers hope it'll help relieve stress during final exams. another way to relieve stress is
8:57 am
to have an accurate forecast. here's christina loren. >> good morning to you. accuracy proves we broke a record this morning in the south bay. yeah, we hit 25 degrees. that's why we're still in the low 30s here. 34 degrees. later on today, jumping into the 50s and 60s. then changes ahead. each day this week, slowly warming you up. finally into the 60s toward the end of the week. from nbc news, this is
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
today's take with al roker, natalie morales, and willie geist. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to today on this monday morning, december 9th, 2013. the precipitation let up at least for the moment. i'll willie geist with al roker and natalie morales. >> it's blustery out there. >> super windy. >> yeah. >> wintry mix. >> yeah it's really cold as you get in the mid-section of the country. but this thing has been a monster. they named the storms -- winter storms. but at least today 1200 flights cancelled. >> wow. >> d.c., philly, chicago.
9:01 am
now upwards of almost 100,000 people without power. it started out at about 30,000 early this morning. but as freezing rain has continued, trees have come down, taken down power lines as well. it's been rough. 11 deaths out of this thing. >> it's not over. we have more to come. >> right. we have another shot coming tomorrow. >> but this is crazy footage, i think, what we have seen. we have seen all the pilots of course out there. there's a 50 car pile up on the pennsylvania turnpike over the weekend. >> sadly, accelerated -- there was a minor accident. a woman got out of her car. she was struck and killed. and that precipitated like a 36 car pile up. >> oh, no. >> and officials tell you, if you do get out of your car, you have to get away from the road. get off of the right of way. get away from the right of way and get as far from your vehicle as possible. but if you can manage to stay in the vehicle, stay in the vehicle. >> in milwaukee as well,
9:02 am
interstate 94 there was the horrible accident there. also a 30 car pile up there. >> westchester had a rough one. >> all you had to do was turn on the tv and watch football. >> at least four games affected. >> philadelphia the most affected. >> when they're taking the snow blower out to clear the yard line. >> look at that. look at that. that's the eagles, lions. >> there's the snow blower. >> you would have thought that the lions might have had the advantage being the colder or the two teams, the cold weather teams. >> that's crazy. they had to create the yard line with the nonsnow parts of the field there. what was incredible too was dallas we don't -- they get cold weather but you don't see a lot of street hockey on ice on the street. >> look at this. >> look at this. >> this is crazy. >> the skill too. >> dallas, people.
9:03 am
>> more impressive his father took a toyota minivan and turned it into a zamboni. >> that's a good hockey player there for you. >> it continues today. earlier on the show, we got the list of the ten potential time persons of the year. revealed the ten finalists. it's an incredible list as it always is. the range of this thing is incredible. they say, i guess the theme is you're a straight up hero or you're a straight up villain. >> where does miley cyrus fall? >> president obama is on the list. edward snowden another interesting one. the pope. and as you said, miley cyrus. >> the pope to miley cyrus. the contrast there. >> the thing about snowden, depending on how you feel about it, he could be a hero or ha villain. >> yeah and made us value
9:04 am
privacy. >> he would be an interesting choice. the pope has to be the favorite going in but maybe that's too obvious and they don't do it. >> i don't know. >> we'll see. here's a travel nightmare beyond any i ever heard of. flying from louisiana to california, he had a lay over in houston. he said he fell asleep on the plane and ended up locked inside. tom wagner is his name. he was on his way to see his sister, i guess. he took off his hat and took a snap. slept through the landing and the whole thing. the plane clears out and he continued to sleep. >> how. >> the lights were out on the plane. he thought it was the layover. >> he had a layover for sure. he was layed over. >> he describes what happened when he woke up on the locked plane. >> she srted laughing. i said you have to call united and get me off this plane. she says my boyfriend is on the airplane. you have to get somebody to get him off. they said ma'am we sweep those planes. there's no way he's on the plane. he said where's your badge?
9:05 am
i said dude, i don't work here. i'm a passenger on this airplane and he says hold on. hold on. and he didn't believe it. >> wow. he was on the plane so long he started with a crew cut and he ended with a mullet. >> that's amazing. >> that is a nice mullet. >> the question is how do do it? >> you would think the cleaning crew or somebody would see him. >> i don't think the cleaning crew did their job. >> clearly. >> there's a pattern there in houston, every other plane maybe. >> the airline is investigating to determine how this happened and apologizing for the inconvenience. >> they did give him a voucher for a one night stay at a nearby hotel. >> he already had one. >> slept like a baby. >> i had a passenger once on a flight and he fell asleep and could not be woken up to the point where the flight attendant had to get a cold wash cloth and put it on his forehead and he still wouldn't wake up and she was shaking him.
9:06 am
>> how many jack daniels bottles. >> i didn't see any but maybe he popped an ambien or something before the flight but he was out. >> it's amazing the amount of drinks people have. >> it's like, where are you going? >> all hour of the day too. it's a 6:00 a.m. flight. where are you going? >> it's noon somewhere. >> that's incredible. >> this video caught our eye. >> amazing campaign. >> this is a belgian charity. told 20 cancer patients they would give them makeovers. all they to do was keep their eyes close sod the reveal would be more exciting. so inspired by a patient's statement that before cancer she used to be much more carefree they decided to take a different approach to this makeover. >> they all think they're getting this huge ambush treatment. but take a look. they experience something completely different.
9:07 am
>> so cool. >> there was a photographer on the other side of the mirror so he caught that expression and their carefree moment of just living in that moment. >> so they actually took all of those photographs and made it into a book that you can buy as part of this charitable campaign and that's the theme. if only for a second. for one second they were shocked and surprised and happy. >> they probably forgot about everything else. >> you have to go online and watch it. >> well done. >> let's talk about the weather. >> more stuff going on. it's going to be interesting over the next 24 hours. advisories from pennsylvania up into maine and much of new
9:08 am
england as we. we have an icy mix making its way through new england. temperatures warming up nicely. here's what we expect as far as snowfall and ice. for today, we have another -- i would say a tenth of an inch of ice to about a half an inch of ice between roanoke to washington. to the north, heavier snow, especially lake enhanced snow through central new york. that's the good news. then tomorrow, another quick system moving across. it may drop about three to six inches of snow. right now it looks like the heavier snow will be just to the north of new york city. also more lake enhanced snow in the central parts just 9:08. good monday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures have climbed above freezing just about everywhere. san jose is at 41. the only place we're just a little below that freezing mark
9:09 am
is santa rosa, 28 degrees. that's also the worst air quality for today. a spare the air alert has been issued for the bay area. this will likely be the case tomorrow and wednesday as well. stay nice and warm out there. and that's your latest weather. >> christmas sweaters everybody. >> santa falling out of the sleigh. >> oh, no. >> we have a whole crew over here. look, the elves are here apparently. >> mine's not that ugly. mine's pretty cute. they just picked it out for me. the reason that i guess this sparked the ugly sweater thing was a missed a moment here. >> yeah, this is fantastic. check it out. i was on the plaza friday when i came across the most amazingly ugly holiday sweater but creative ever. >> look at that. that my friends is -- what's your name.
9:10 am
>> cindy. >> cindy. this is spectacular. oh my -- did you buy this or make this? >> no, i made it. >> oh, man. >> i hadn't seen the back part. >> we need to have an ugly sweater contest. >> that's amazing. >> send us your pictures. #orangeroom. pictures or video. we'll let you vote on the ugliest sweater and we're going to bring you to new york. >> cindy set a high bar, though. >> that thing out the back. you kept checking under the tail. what were you looking for? >> i had never seen anything like that. >> sadly, though, they got it on i-95 on the side of the road. just kidding. it's just a joke. >> i loved her name.
9:11 am
weatherby. >> just ruined chris mass. coming up next, nominations and snubs and all the stories that have you on google this weekend. right after this. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "fumbling around with rotating categories" card. it's not the "getting blindsided by limits" card. it's the no-game-playing, no-earning-limit-having, deep-bomb-throwing, give-me-the-ball-and-i'll-take- it-to-the-house, cash back card. this is the quicksilver cash card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere, every single day. so let me ask you... what's in your wallet? bill: boy, oh, boy.s penguin! so let me ask you... ja: yay! now what do you think he's got in that gift box, bill? bill: hopefully a present for my wife! jane: oh, no... bill: yea... catch the great ritz holiday parade across the web, for deals, recipes, and festive fun. it all starts at
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♪ that it won't be the same without me. tell me you love me. even if you say it every day. just tell me. [ female announcer ] everyone you love has something they need to hear this holiday. tell them with a hallmark card. at the risk of sounding creepy, we know what you were looking at on google over the weekend. >> from a celebrity feud to the video with more than 8 million youtube hits in just two days, daniel is here with the scoop. good morning. >> good morning. >> we should remind people. these aren't necessarily the most searched topics on google but they're ones you saw spike.
9:15 am
>> trending searches. the pulse of the internet. >> let's talk about grammy nominations and big news for new artists. >> an event over the weekend revealed the nominations. there were performances as well. jay-z with nine nominations. that's predictable. macklemore and ryan lewis with seven nominations. so that's great for them. but a couple of notable snubs, lo lorde left out of best new artist. very catchy songs but left out. people comparing her to the rise of katy perry if you will. >> she is nominated for a lot of other categories and justin timberlake with 20/20 left out of album of the year. >> that's surprising. >> some surprised by that as well. >> good selection though if you look at the nominees. >> yeah. >> explain this to me. leah remini and kirstie alley in
9:16 am
a fight. >> yeah, they actually called her a bigot. >> will you block her on twitter. >> how do you get kicked out of your religion. >> i have blocked her on twitter. she is a bigot. >> she was sharing negative things and her friends alienated her because she left the church of scientology. however, she came back and said we're going to try to put this behind her and leah said i just wish the best for kirsti so maybe we're past this. >> okay. rebecca black has a new one out. remind people who rebecca black is. friday. >> if you get it in your head again, don't blame us. but she came out with this song a couple of years ago, friday. it became very popular. 61 million views on youtube. so over the weekend, the sequel,
9:17 am
i guess, if you came out called saturday. she has more than 8 million views for this song. it has a bit of a similar sound to it. the song was quite devicive. there's people that felt it was catchy. >> others that felt like it was -- >> the worst song ever. >> some people were rather vocal about it. so she is capitalizing on this. could be another viral hit for her. >> a good parody. >> the next one is bcs or the bowl projections. we now have the national championship game. auburn, florida state. >> it is. january 6th is the big bcs game. championship game, florida state and auburn. a lot of people trying to figure out what the other projections will be. it was a big game, ohio state losing to michigan state over the weekend. so that kind of changed how things were going to line-up. clearly -- and i am not an expert in college football. i'm not going to pretend to be.
9:18 am
but there's so much interest around who is going to play who. the bowls, fiesta, sugar, orange bowl. it's a big time of year. it was a dramatic end. a lot of these games, the auburn, alabama games, a lot of attention this time of year. >> all of the focus is on the bbva bowl with the commodores going to birmingham to take down the cougars. people are looking at their games to where they were going to travel. >> when is your bowl? >> january 4th. i expect you to be watching. >> okay. just for you. daniel, thank you so much. coming up next, we'll get you caught up on all the news you need before you leave the house this morning. >> and fantasy gift ideas within reach of your budget. >> and fantasy gift ideas within reach of your budget. the rejector. the nooo thank you. nobody knows picky eaters better than tyson. that's why we make tyson fun nuggets. kids love that they're crispy on the outside,
9:19 am
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9:22 am
jim changed his routine. ask your doctor about xarelto®. once a day xarelto® means no regular blood monitoring -- no known dietary restrictions. for more information and savings options, call 1-888-xarelto or visit >> taking a look at your headlines, today is what retailers call green monday. another key day in the holiday shopping season. they're predicting another round of big discounts today ranging from 50% off to some products. online shoppers set a december cord last year spending more than $1 billion on green monday
9:23 am
and may top that record today. >> well, if you have teenagers on your shopping list, who most infl influences what they want? almost 40% of teenagers say celebrities influence their holiday list with taylor swift at the top of the list. she is followed by one direction, katy perry and selena gomez. american airlines and u.s. airways completed their merger today. the $11 billion deal creates the world's largest airline and it leaves four carriers controlling 80% of the u.s. travel market. groups fear it could lead to higher prices. a new study finds a fwroeing number of children getting injured in high chairs. researchers say that high chair injuries were up more than 20% during the 8 year study. almost 10,000 children are injured in high chair accidents every year. often because they are not properly strapped in. be sure to buckle your kids up.
9:24 am
>> "frozen" took over the top spot over the weekend taking in $31 million. the hunger games catching fire was second. out of the furnace came in third. well, into the freezer maybe the answer if you're dealing with, get this, sounds gross, bed bugs. researchers found an effective way to kill bed bugs is by freezing them at least 3 degrees for at least 80 hours. a study in a journal says if you have the freezer space put items in there in plastic bags for four days and that should solve the problem, they say. i guess you pick them off and put them into the freezer. >> if you have them off, you don't have to worry about them, you're done. >> i don't know. anyway, leave that. he may have been vile mean and folwell but that was before his change of heart. the grinch posed for holiday
9:25 am
pictures with pets in kentucky. he is seen there with a dog rescued through the charity group. very cu ♪ [ male announcer ] this holiday, don't get stuck at the corner of "oh! you got me something" and "oh...this is awkward." remember, walgreens has a great assortment of little somethings, and we're always nearby, so it's easy to get in and out. see you on your lunch break. swing by walgreens for lindt lindor truffles, hallmark cards, and more. plus, get up to 20 dollars in jingle cash on next week's purchase of 30 dollars or more. here at the corner of happy and healthy. [ coughs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] you can't let a cold keep you up tonight. vicks nyquil -- powerful nighttime 6-symptom cold & flu relief. ♪ ♪ hark how the bells, sweet silver bells ♪ ♪ all seem to say throw care away ♪ ♪ from everywhere, filling the air ♪ [ female announcer ] chex party mix.
9:26 am
easy 15-minute homemade recipes you just pop in a microwave. like caramel chocolate drizzles. happier holidays. chex party mix. a very good morning to you. 9:26 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the 21-year-old accused of killing a man and stealing his playstation 4 will be in court today. investigators say ronnie collins made arrangements online to meet up with 22-year-old in san francisco to buy his playstation 4 earlier this month. when the two met up in the bay view district, police say collins shot the victim. collins was in court last week but did not enter a plea. we have an update now on the deputy who shot and killed a santa rosa teenager last month. the press democrat is reporting that deputy will return to work this week. he won't be out in the field but rather on desk duty. he has been on leave since october 22nd. the deputy says he thought
9:27 am
13-year-old andy lopez was carrying an ak-47 when he shot him. that gun was in fact an airsoft bb gun made to look real. in response to the dep i did's return, the justice for andy lopez facebook page is calling for a protest at the city council tomorrow afternoon. we'll have a look at weather and traffic after this break. we all have our little tricks. mom swaps one of my snacks for a yoplait. i don't mind, i mean it's orange crème. and when mom said bobby was too edgy... 'sup girl. i just swapped him out for tyler.
9:28 am
'sup girl. mom never questioned bobby again. two can play at this game. [ female announcer ] swap one snack a week for a yoplait. and everybody wins. yoplait. it is so good. welcome back now. the time is 9:28. temperatures are still very cold out there, but that freeze warning was able to expire right on time. look at truckey, negative 9 degrees out there. it is really cold. but temperatures are warming above the freezing level just about everywhere except santa rosa. it is a winter spare the air day, as we have unhealthy levels of pollutants in the north bay in particular. keep that in mind. illegal to burn that firewood tonight, unless, of course, it is your only source of heat. it is going to be another cold night. freeze warning in place. temperatures today are only going to climb to the upper 40s to low 50s. remember, your seven-day forecast is scrolling at the
9:29 am
bottom of your screen. let's check your drive. here's mike. >> we're looking at traffic, which is barely scrolling across the screen here. this is southbound 101 through palo alto. very slow all the way toward university. oregon expressway, an earlier crash there. there's more. look at the maps. we have another slow drive, a crash at marsh as you come out of redwood city. over in san mateo, another car fire northbound at hillsdale. ties things up. fortunately the volume coming over starting to lighten up. still 880 through fremont, laura. back to you. >> thank you very much. another local news update in half an hour. hope to see you then.
9:30 am
welcome back to today on this monday morning, december 9th, 2013. i'm willie along with al and natalie. >> we all know you guys have a lot of fans, right? >> that's right. in fact, mel b. will be here later. >> our good friend mel b. will perform. >> it's like a wind tunnel. >> it makes you hair big. >> it's a news story. >> in the news this morning, in north korea -- >> i think it lends a little more gravity to the newscast. >> fantastic. >> what just happened? it was like a wind storm passed through here. >> all of that to tell you that our new friend mel b. is in the
9:31 am
house and will be performing for us live. >> we just saw the rehearsal. you're in a treat guys. >> and the fan is still on. >> we got the fog machine and everything. >> snl, paul rudd. >> great. >> one direction was there. they did a great bit with the anchorman cast. kristen wig. >> everybody was back. >> this is kristen wig during the parody of the sound of music. >> children. >> fredrick. >> louisa. >> kirk.
9:32 am
>> gretel. >> a female deer. ray -- >> the guy in the bar that tries to land me. >> that's so wrong. how wrong that bit is. >> then they come back as lawrence welk with the bubbles. >> by the way, sound of music did great on nbc. >> huge number. >> 19 million. >> keyed up by the christmas tree lighting on nbc. >> naturally. >> and then launched right into -- >> glad about that. >> all right. check of the weather? >> well, we had rough stuff to talk about as we mentioned to you. let's look at what's going on right now. out west, it's a bit of a mess too. los angeles, you can see plenty of sunshine. but by later this afternoon, it is going to be much windier. so as high pressure builds in, we'll be looking at those, return flow around that high. going to be bringing those winds in. so we expect to see sustained
9:33 am
winds 20 to 40 miles per hour. wind gusts of 50 to 65 miles per hour and an elevated fire danger. so we're going to be 9:33 on a monday morning. as you can see, lots of sunshine over san francisco. temperatures are downright cold. still, we're in the 30s and 40s across the board. 41 degrees in san francisco. 34 now in the north bay. the south bay is registering 34 degrees at this hour. still cold enough for frost out there, even though the freeze warning was able to expire. we have a gradual warmup headed our way. temperatures are going to slowly climb into the 60s thursday into friday. >> that's your latest weather. >> well, do you perhaps have a 50 shades of grey fan in your house? maybe a friend that would like to go rock climbing? >> if you're looking for a unique gift for those hard to shop for people in your life, we
9:34 am
have ideas that will blow your mind. >> she is a lifestyle expert. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> a lot of this stuff is affordable. >> we all love to talk about sharkna sharknado. it made waves. the tv movie. this is an inspired gift for $39. this is the air shark, okay? basically -- >> there's helium in it. >> let's make him come down here. >> it's a little stuck. >> there's a little feedback from the studio. normally he swims through the air. we did actually test this 30 seconds ago and it worked. >> it worked. >> and it's $39. >> exactly. >> now, here if you're looking for the experience of a lifetime. >> correct. >> this is extreme, right? >> sure. or even just fun things like you want to send somebody rock climbing or hiking.
9:35 am
>> cool. >> i think we have video of that. but to fly a plane or go nascar, this is xperience it's all over the u.s. >> something great for kids. >> yes, kids that need constant stimulation, this is the happy for $20 a month they get these cool arts and crafts and science kits sent right to their house. >> now, this is an idea i think a lot of guys love. you don't want to invest a lot of money in ties. there's a netflix for ties? >> this is like the netflix for ties and around $20 a month they can switch them out, wear as many as they want, and then send them back whenever they're done with them. they have cuff links, pocket squares too. so for the dapper dude in your life. >> i'm into this next one. musical wine glasses. how does this work? >> $65 for the set.
9:36 am
they have different lines you can fill for different musical notes. just dip your finger in like so and then you run it around the rim. >> so that would be like if you have a real -- >> did you wash your hands first? >> al, you're going to drink this one later. do you hear that? hopefully everybody can hear that, right? really neat. fun for entertaining at a party. who doesn't want this kind of thing, right? >> now the 50 shades experience. >> yes. this needs some explaining. you have to know the person really well? >> well, everybody is talking about the upcoming movie, right? so for a new couple you give them a romantic 50 shades night in. this comes with all the fixings that you need. the handcuffs, masks, lots of fun things all inspired by the book. >> well, merry christmas. >> this is from super affordable and then the 50 shades of grey board game -- >> i have a feeling they'll have a few of these left over. >> keep you warm on a cold night
9:37 am
and this is also from >> going to be overstocked all right. why is willie sitting here. >> willie is in the hot seat. >> we have the ultimate lie detector test. >> this is the lie detector kit for $22. what you're going to do is press down, okay. >> how do you know if he is lying. >> press down and we'll ask you the question, after you answer you'll lift your fingers up, okay. >> okay. >> so i guess what we'll ask you is -- >> is that a true question first. >> do you regift, willie geist? >> yes. >> have you ever? >> lift up. now the little flashing lights go and you are busted. four lights mean you're lying. >> why would i lie about that? >> i don't know. but it's like law and order. >> thank you so much. up next,
9:38 am
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but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. ... through yonder window breaks ... it is the east ... and juliet is the sun good night! good night...
9:41 am
parting is such sweet sorrow... that i shall say good night 'til it be morrow. >> announcer: today's holiday kitchen is brought to you by hershey's kisses chocolates. delightfully delicious kisses. >> doesn't matter if you make a holiday or special weekend meal, you can never go wrong. >> here is our executive chef and author of the new cookbook. good to see you. >> good to see you as well.
9:42 am
>> one of the great things is that you can do it. it's very simple. we during the season usually do bone in roasts and things like that. it can be intimidating. you can utilize everything. it's a little bit more expensive but there's no waste whatsoever. we'll season this and do the procedures real quick. we can tie this like i did on this one right here. we are going to go right into the sauté pan. we'll mark these off. this is a great way to do this for two or three people. we're going to mark these off. >> what do you mean by marking them? >> you have a really nice crust. we're going to sere them well. very easy to keep in mind. >> how long? >> about six or seven minutes. this is going to be about 350 degrees in the oven. medium rare. should be about six to seven minutes. so we have this sauté pan. we have taken out the meat. we'll deglaze. we put shallots and butter in the pan. this is a quick sauce so we're going to deglaze very quickly. bring that up to temperature.
9:43 am
and now we have a little bit of beef sauce that you can purchase at the grocery store or make your own. we'll go right inside of the sauté pan. this is what is going to make our sauce. the real nice part about it, fillet, this one we're cooking in little pieces. about six to seven ounces. we're going to make a crust. we're going to put some bread crumbs and herbs. we'll stir this together. >> right in with the butter? >> right in with the soft butter and then we're going to roll this in between two sheets of paper, kitchen paper. we put this on top. we roll it. >> you make little disks. >> little disks like this. now we see the sauce going. we're going to turn this down. coming to the back, we have taken this. now that we have the disks down, we put them in the oven and crust them. this takes about two minutes. melt it. and now we have this pan sauce right here and we'll drizzle
9:44 am
this around. >> there it is. >> the outside. >> this is something that -- i tell you what, you look really good when you do something this easy. >> looks like a restaurant. >> all right. thank you so much. >> thank you very much. >> on >> coming up next, want to get up and dance to this one. our buddy mel b. is in the building [ laughter ] smoke? nah, i'm good. [ male announcer ] celebrate every win with nicoderm cq, the unique patch with time release smartcontrol technology
9:45 am
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9:48 am
>> announcer: the toyota concert series on today brought to you by toyota. >> mel b. shot to super stardom as scary spice in spice girls. >> she's not so scary. >> most recently you have seen her on america's got talent. >> she dropped by to perform her newest single for once in my life. >> we have missed you. >> you too. >> what have you been doing all of this time? >> recording a singing and touring and number one being a mom and a wife. >> yeah. >> that's number one. >> first time in a decade you're doing this. what does it feel like being back. >> nerve racking. i'm shaking on the inside right now. i want to get into it. stop talking to me. >> wow. >> focus. >> just cut the interview just like that. >> i need the fan. >> mel b. take it away. >> you stay there and sing. we'll look over here.
9:49 am
♪ i've been gone in the dark in the shadows ♪ ♪ been afraid to throw my heart in the battle ♪ ♪ yesterday felt the weight of the shackles ♪ ♪ not anymore, not anymore ♪ turn the light turn the lights turn the lights on want to rise feel the rush, feel the free fall ♪ ♪ through the night cause tonight i'm unstoppable unstoppable ♪ ♪ i wanna feel ♪ i wanna feel ♪ for once in my life i'm go to let go ♪ ♪ for once in my life i'm going to do it for me ♪ ♪ this is the time i've been waiting for ♪ ♪ strip it all away. i'm on a crave ♪
9:50 am
♪ for once in my life. for once in my life ♪ ♪ here i am, thinking oh what i came for ♪ ♪ thinking loud as the world is my dance floor ♪ ♪ standing strong and it feels so incredible ♪ ♪ gimme some more, gimme some more ♪ ♪ turn the lights, turn the lights on. wanna rise feels the rush, want to free fall ♪ ♪ through the night cause tonight i want it all. i want it all. i wa i wanna feel ♪ ♪ i wanna feel ♪ for once in my life i'm going to let go ♪ ♪ for once in my life i'm going to do it for me ♪
9:51 am
♪ this is time i've been waiting for ♪ ♪ strip it all away ♪ i'm on a crave ♪ for once in my life ♪ for once in my life ♪ for once in my life ♪ for once in my life ♪ i wanna feel ♪ for once in my life i'm going to let go ♪ ♪ for once in my life i'm going to do it for me ♪ ♪ this is the time i've been waiting for ♪ ♪ stripping it all away i'm on a crave ♪ ♪ for once in my life i'm going to let it go ♪ ♪ for once in my life i'm going
9:52 am
to do it for me ♪ ♪ this is the time i've been waiting for ♪ ♪ stripping it all away ♪ i'm on a crave ♪ for once in my life ♪ for once my life ♪ for once in my life ♪ for once in my life ♪ now or never >> yeah. mel b. >> oh my gosh. >> wow. >> fantastic. >> fantastic. >> you nailed it. >> better that you got all of that out of there. >> i could have done it better. >> al wants a red card from the naughty referees. >> oh. >> just saying. >> mel b. we're back in a moment. but first this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
$10 million in gifts have been donated in our toy drive so far this year. >> ivory hall and britney victory are sisters that own and run initials inc. it's good to see you. >> good morning. >> it's your second year here and you brought another great donation. >> absolutely. we're delighted. it's because of all of our consultants across america that we're supporting and running phenomenal homemade businesses that we're back with an even bigger donation this year. >> what have you brought this year? >> a number of items. we specialized in products that speak to fashion and function for women. we certainly don't want to leave them out in the toy drive. >> that's right. a lot of women could use products like that. your message with your company is there's only one. >> most of our products are personalized which speaks to the heart of the person and we do that
9:56 am
a very good monday morning to you. 9:56. new details to tell you about this morning about the deadly crash at sfo. three fire department commanders in charge of rescue efforts after the crash never took a
9:57 am
required training course for aircraft disasters. the fire chief said it was not vital for command ers to take the disaster course, calling it a very specialized training. in the meantime, tomorrow in washington, d.c., federal officials plan to hear from witnesses, the faa, boeing, and others, about the crash. the four pilots on board will not be attending the hearing. four passengers were killed, teenager, and more than 180 others were hurt. a quick check of the forecast now with christina. >> hey, it's cold out there. good morning to you. finally we're getting above that freezing mark all across the bay area. about 35 degrees in santa roe that. not out of the woods just yet. there's a winter spare the air in effect for today. this is likely going to be the case for tomorrow as well. i do want to remind you that freeze warning goes into place at 9:00 p.m. tonight. it will last until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. so another round of freezing cold temperatures for the bay area. nonetheless, today's not going to be that bad. we'll see a lot of sunshine. 39 degrees in the south bay right now.
9:58 am
headed towards the upper 50s in some cities. 52 degrees here in the south bay. 51 for the peninsula. 51 in the north bay. we'll look at your seven-day forecast coming up in a little bit. right now, here's mike. >> all right. look at this live look here. the oakland camera. the northbound side going to the top of your screen. it's a little slow, but starting to recover quite a bit after earlier slowdowns and a number of crashes. camera shaking a tad bit. gusty winds at times. a smooth drive in the north. 880 south towards the bottom of your screen, we have a crash there. sounds like only one lane is open right now by this crash. that's causing a big slowdown anywhere south of 92 toward union city. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. another local news update coming up in half an hour. we hope to see you then. [ female announcer ] for those who love sweets
9:59 am
your season is here. let's just call it the baking time of year. you need special ingredients. you need the staples for homemade. you need safeway sugar for just a buck eighty-eight. and that magic thing that makes everyone want another only two ninety-nine for challenge butter. and when hands get messy, quite surely they'll say, yum! wow! yay!
10:00 am
what a sweeter holiday. safeway. ingredients for life. from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> wow. >> nice crowd out there for fun day monday, december 9th, everybody. so glad you're with us. hope you all had a fabulous weekend. i bet it wasn't as good as hodie's. you win. >> i went to miami for a birthday party. had a great time. the weather was nice. sun splashed. it was gorgeous. i wasn't planning on doing this so early, but because i have to bring out my ferret thing at this moment, because this was
10:01 am
the gift they gave at the birthday party. it's upside down, hoda. coconut patties from the drugstore. i was like, oh, that's a nice gift, thank you ever so much. and then -- you're going to just -- please, take a teeny -- you're going to die. >> it smells already. i love coconut. >> you can get them online or at the drugstore. they're $6 for the whole -- >> oh, my gosh. you got to finish for me later, okay. >> $6. anastasia i just thought it was great. >> i'm trying to stop the crud. what is it -- >> the creep. the creep and crud. >> how was your weekend? >> it was nice. we were on our way to florida too but then all the airports got socked in. sometimes, you know, you say to yourself, wasn't meant to be. so we ended up staying at home. it was a nasty weekend. >> yeah, it was. >> i realize if you just light enough fires and open a few bottles of wine, it seems like a lovely weekend. frank and i went -- now our kids
10:02 am
are gone. they'll be coming back. but we went to get our christmas tree. usually we do it the day after thanksgiving. since i fell last week -- anyway, so we went to do it. here i april, black and blue, because i didn't -- frank and i standing there. we go to the same place every year to get our christmas tree. all of a sudden, i start bawling like a baby. >> why? >> because everything's changed. my kids are gone. they're big. they're not home. it's me and frank getting our christmas tree. it just was sad. it was sad. i looked at him, he goes, what's wrong? i go, our kids, they're gone! it's just you and me! i was ridiculous. you know, i mean, it should be a beautiful thing. you come back, you got the tree on the top. once i got home and i put on my linda cd and my kathie lee cd -- christmas. wonderful time. you know, one of them is
10:03 am
"beginning to look a lot like christmas." there's cody, little. i hear cody going, i want, i want a baby sister. which is, you know, not the way cody talks now. oh, here it is. ♪ anyway, so then i got into the holiday mood. >> did you decorate the tree? >> of course did i. you know what i do now. i can't take all the stuff. white lights. wreaths, couple of poinsettias. >> what about when the kids come home? >> that's the one thing i do like about college, they get a month off. a month. >> so last year, if you remember, there was a hit song out, and it was called -- >> are you trying to sneak in an i-hoda on a monday? >> no, it was called "friday," by rebecca black. the worst song ever that everyone loved. it had 62 million hits on youtube. it was crazy. >> it was quite the phenom. >> guess which song she came out with this year?
10:04 am
"saturday." take a look. >> she's brilliant. >> i love her. ♪ trying to get friday out of my head ♪ ♪ it's all so hazy ♪ got a little too crazy ♪ you know i'd do it all again ♪ it's saturday ♪ we gonna party all night ♪ one we will remember for the rest of our lives ♪ ♪ it's saturday ♪ we're going to do it ♪ this saturday night >> she has another big hit with this, is that what you're telling me? >> do they make money off you tube hits? >> you know what, if she found a way to have a musical career without going the old-fashioned way, getting a -- >> i know. >> a label, all you have to go through, good for her. >> those are her only song, right, friday and saturday? >> there's still many days left in the week. she still has sunday through thursday. she could have a nice long career. >> the promos are out.
10:05 am
the golden globes. people are waiting to see how amy poehler and tina fey will be together. the promos rolled out. let's take a look at their musical one. >> tina and i are back to host. >> just to get you excited, here's a preview of the opening song we wrote. my note, please. >> a little low, right here. ♪ you're up here. >> i got it. >> no you don't. >> thank you. >> no, you don't, the note's up here. >> yes, i have it. >> no, you don't, it's right here. >> we got a perfect host for the party of the year, the golden globe awards, live, sunday, january 12th, on abc. >> they're no doni and marie, that's for sure. >> everything must be ad libbed. they must have a blast. >> you know who i saw in that promo, i saw hugh jack man. he's going to do my podcast next week. >> what, you scored hugh jackman? >> i scored him. you know what i'm going to do, i'm going to put my t-shirt on.
10:06 am
>> the one that's been in the zip lock? >> no, it's not, i've been hanging it out. it's in my closet. so all my clothes will smell like it. it smells with a ting of wolverine. you know what's funny, his sweaty shirt didn't stink. it smelled great. >> remember, we smelled it, wep wep wep opened the bag up and we liked it. unusual babyames of 2013. >> came up with thlist of the strangest names in the year. three baby boys were named cheese. cheese. >> please, not chse. >> chse. that's when they call roll call in second grade, cheese, the whole class laughing. >> i know. i feel for him. you know how stinky chee can be be? there's going to be a lot -- >> oh, stinky cheese. >> some of the girls names were kiwi. other boys names wererocket, jax, cub, panda, hurricane, jag,
10:07 am
legend stetson and dani. >> what about combining thetwo, yove got panda cub. sewhat i'm saying? >> i like it. what about girl'snas? >> bp is my persol favorite. rigley chevy. credence. green. flower. fairy. don't do at. >> no, n fairy. >> eternity,ippen and tup. i like chrysanthemu or rodeo dendrum. 1 in 5 parents regrethe na theyhoose for their child. especially if it's spelled in an uncommon way which for the rest of your life -- >> most people are doing that. karen, c-a-r-y-n, cody. >> know, i know, i know. >> so the hot topics of the lt
10:08 am
year. sometimes you think, ts is such an important thing. we were looking back at some of e most buzzed about topics from 2013. the most buzzed about topic was super bowl of 2013 and we couldn't even remember who won it. you guys remember? who won it? >>- baltimore, the brothers -- >> he said baltimore was playing san francisco, thebrothers, the quarterbacks >> no, coaches. >> coaches, tha what wesaid. all right. so the top public figure, peyton manning. >> that surprised me. i love him. he's the quartback for t denver broncos. >> top tv showas "scandal." the top song was "g lucky." i don't even kw it. >> i played it for my i-hoda. >> like i said okay. and the top viral momt was? the harlem shake. remember that one, everyone was just shaking . >> no. >>ave i lived this past year? was i actually on this plane
10:09 am
living and breathing, enjoying life actively involved how did i miss all this stuff, hoda? there's a newoll out that say a quartf wom -- i think it mit be me -- hate their partner's friends. think abo your huhuand, boyfriend, think aut their friends and how you feel about them. they say, number one, it affec the way obviously you feel about the friends and sometimes it affecs your own relationship with your spouse. do you like frank's friends? >> i've been bssed that w for th mostpart. i like frank's friends. they're allolder, of course. and you know the sadar abo all this, i'm going to burst into tears again, we used to go to a lot of bar mivahs, a lot of weings. now we go to a lot nels. we do! it's just the facts! >> all right, theyay -- i've disled some friends -- >> yes, oome significant others. >> significant others, yes.
10:10 am
it is a weird awkward thing because you have t spend time. you paint on a happy face. >> the whole time, you're not enjoying it. >> , i goto the point there was one person frank was close fries with. i sa, you go, have a nice time, go hav dinner. i can'tpretend, stuff like that. >> all right, so here's feel-good photo for you or pictures. do you rememr bo and theo, his little puppy brother? these are brand-new ones. and ey dressed them in sweats. lookt the puppy wearinghe sweahirt. okay. >> oh, they've got to do a calendar or something. >> i love when he sleeps -- staged.know these are not you cannot get babies to act that well or dogs. look at that. >> oh, indeed. >> they're going to be bties foreve so sweet. >> my favorite thi is so cute -- i'm not used to that. this is called a leash pod. look at how cute this is. this has got the leash -- it
10:11 am
hooked on herer to your leash here. then it's got this thing -- it's got a poer scooper. this is where the bags comeout. i should have taken this thing f. this is ere the bag starts. you pull tm out. so a little bag. then, hoda, the other end,here. then you press this. , that's it. i had a pink one that was working fine. you press that and you put your little poop in there in your tt plastic thing and you keep walking. dot give me that face. it's so much nicer than leaving it for -- >> put it in a garbage can. i got up to do my devotions yestery morning. >> what happened? >> nothingike stepping in a fresh -- >> anyway, you did? >> uie. you stepped in a pile >> louie, who shall remain nameless, yes. >> all right, we've got new music comg . new music, new movies. >> jordin arks. >> indeed, a special holiday
10:12 am
performance. >> indeed, a special holiday performance. >> all th[ babcrying ]z you [ mom ] be right there, baby. [ muffled noises ] oops. ow. sorry. [ baby crying ] ♪ [ female announcer ] new pampers. uike ordiry diapers with 2 layers, pampers have 3 absorbent layers, to stay up to 3 tis drier, so babies can sleep sodly all night. ♪ wishig you love, sleep a play. pampe. yep. got all the cozies. [ grandma ] withew fedex one rate, i coulll a box and sp it r one flat rat so i knit unt it was full. you'd be crazy not to. is that nana? [ male announc ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate spping with the reliability of fed. cow: (tearing up) go get em' gracie! girl: bye! w: theow up fast baby: (giggles) cow: my bad. girl: would you like some tea? w: yes please. girl: o.k.
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10:15 am
tylenol®. it woun't be fun day monday if we didn't getou caught up with all the buzz. >>ost of "the dish." >> thank you, i try, this hold thing, i found it in my clos. >> susan boyle, it was revealed she had as burgers. >> she told the observer this weekend she had asbergers. she always knew somhing was wrong, she didn't know wha it was. as child, she had a learning disability and she told she suffered a brain - a situation om childbirth, from a lack of oxygen. brain damage. bushe's actually -- this is a great beginning for her. she can have closure.
10:16 am
sh saidan purchasinrs doesn'spgersoesn't define me. >> we've noticed a lot of her behavior. it makes sense. >> she really is a sweetheart though in a celebrity ro. we love her. >> she says, i feel relieved. relaxed about myself. >> oe you know what was wro with you all this time. >> could not have h a happy or easy childhood with that. >> not at all. >> this is something other stars have as well, righ >> definitely. we know they battle with autism and forms of s perger's. ryl hannah. this is great, she's bringing attention a cause that's not usually talked about. >> all rit, somebody had black e eyes, what happened? >> raylemoyne, raynd lindsay
10:17 am
lohan were all at a party over the ekend. friday, baron hilton put up photo of his face, saying h was punched by ray, whoas hosting this party. people say lindsay wanted ray to punch baron hilton. saying, they both will pay f whatheydid, no one messes with my family. we reached out to publicist, haven't heard a word back. the story'saught a lot of steam. >> okay, all right. why would she wan him beaten up? >> they think baron was talng smack about lindsay lohan's boyfriend. >> smack, not nice. >> yeah, not nice stuff about her boyfriend. >> and the grammy nonations. >> jay z has taken the ad. juin mbla and mclemore.
10:18 am
al, lourdes had a nati she's 17 years old. she stl has a lg way to go in the business. >> but she is a very dominant brand-new artist. seems t me -- >> -- and kanye west,e only got two nominationings. enrtainment weekly a spin said he had thelbum of t the year. >> nomated for album of the year, i'm so excited, sara bares. >>hat's realsi please. >> "brave" i love thatong. and the newfilm. >> i've seen it, it's amazing. right now, it's gting more buzz than ever because of the death of nson ndel plays him to a tee. debuted in london last week. the royals were there. it's getting gre reviews. right now, it's only in two theaters in new york. they're not planning on rolling out to bigger thters. you would think they wou do -- not before christmas day. peop are craving this film
10:19 am
righnow. ey want to pay tribute to nelson mandela. >> well, the more they crave it, the t more they'll enjoy it whent comes out. >> jt real quick, "frozen" beat "thhunger games" at the box office. >> "hunger games" still,t has 36 million total. nnifer lrence has another film comg out called "american hustle on friday. >> nobody's hurting over that. >> not at all. >> thank you. >> you ner want to show up empty-haed. >> great hoste gifts to guare you're invited back. >> just as holiday delicacies are being passed around, we're changing up joy f t hp you keep off the pounds. >> don't walk away becse maybe, just maybe, it could be you. >> probably not, not likely. >> nah. >> after this.
10:20 am
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10:23 am
we. we spin the globe to see where it will land to we are in spring lake, michigan. she watchess on grand rapids tv. how excited are you? >> so excited. >> most exced winner ever. >> before we tell youhat you won, we want ttell our viewers why we chose you. she's a retired school teacher. she appreciates our humor. says it targets wen of a certain age. she plans her entire morning routine around us. inuding sxe ining exercise. shs in great shape. once the show is over, she meets us with her husband f lunch. >> like her life. >> metoo. >> she doesn't go a day without our show. >> look at how cute he is. >> is he a fan too, jenny? jenny? all righ we're going toell jenny where she'going. you and i friend or your husband, whoer you want, you're going toead to ft. lauderdale, florida, stay at
10:24 am
the pelican grandeach resort for four da. >> you'll enjoy ocean front accommodation, time onhe beach, float in the pool and lazy river, take a paddle boarding adventure and explore. it's a beautiful city. the triplso includes dinner for two for tt. lauderdale's oy ue ocean frodining. >> jenny, what do you think? >> oh, i'm thrilled, it wille so fun. >> send us some pictures. >> that is so, so -- i cou use that right now. >> oh, good, we're glad. >> iidn't hear what s said but we love her. love you, jenny. take care. >> coming up, we have liv performance by jordin sparks to get you inhe holidaymood. love her. >> the joy fit club is going to help you from gaining weight over the holidays. did you get chips for the party? nope.
10:25 am
[ ding cheese plate? cheese ple. no, i made something bett. you used the oven? boom. [ me announr ] pillsburyrescents. make the holidays pop. ♪ make the holidays pop. one square inch of deciously smooth chocolate in creamy milk... ich dark. incredible indulgence. one square inch of bliss. hershey's bliss. actually save withody family mobile? walmart's lowest priced unlimited plan? it's only $388 for unlimited talk, text and web.
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10:27 am
bell. the home is gone. it is destroyed. there's some minor damage to a neighboring home. no one was hurt. the sonoma county deputy who shot and killed a teenager in october will return to work this week, not in the field but on desk duty. he's been on leave since the shooting. the deputy says he thought 13-year-old andy lopez was carrying an ak-47 when he shot him. that gun was, in fact, an airsoft bb gun made to look real. we'll have a look at weather and traffic after this break.
10:28 am
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welcome back now. nice and clear. a little hazy for most of the bay area. this is san francisco. temperatures are still going to be very cold today, even with that full sunshine overhead. only ramping up into the 50s and upper 40s. around 52 degrees in san francisco today. 49 in the east bay. 51 degrees out in the south bay for today. so staying nice and cool. happy to report, though, if you're looking for warmer days, that comes into the mix as we head through tomorrow. it is a spare the air day. that will likely be the case for tomorrow as well. overall, though, we have a gradual warming trend getting into this week. up to the 60s by thursday. let's check your drive. here's mike. >> all right. we still have a little slow back-up here at the bay bridge toll plaza. nothing dramatic. just a tough drive all morning. a look at the map, and we have a smoother drive now south on 880. still very slow from hayward all the way down to alvarado. the crash has cleared from
10:30 am
lanes. easy drive down the peninsula. still slow out of redwood city. the earlier crash has cleared. there's your peninsula. back to the "today" show and news at 11:00. we're back. that's music, hoda. we're back on this fun day monday. do you know what's making it even more fun for us? jordin sparks. >> the youngest winner ever of "american idol" is here with the young people's chorus of new york city. hi, jordin. welcome. >> so glad you're here, honey. >> do you still believe everything that's happened in your life sense then? >> it's still one of those things where i wake up and i'm just like, i cannot believe that
10:31 am
i get to sing for my job and act for my job and get to do that on a daily basis. it's amazing. then i get to work with amazing kids like this. >> these kids are outstanding. >> so talented. >> new music in the next year? >> yes, "left behind" which featured nicolas cage and then there's another film where i play a preacher's daughter. >> imagine that. >> jason is so adorable. >> look at that face. >> that's all you need to know about the love life. >> when you say his name. now, what's going on there? >> we're good. we're in a really good place. i actually freaked out yesterday because it's been 2 1/2 years now this month. so yeah, i'm like, wow, okay. time is really flying. >> are you going to be together for the holidays? >> yes, he's coming to spend it with my family this year. >> oh! >> well, well, well. >> we'll be back with breaking news later. >> we're not saying anything. >> such great joy in your life. >> we do. >> one of our favorites. >> we heard a snippet of this song. this also plays i guess in a glade commercial which you're a paid spokesperson for. so tell us about this. >> i partnered with glade.
10:32 am
they already did a 30-second holiday song with these amazing kids. they said, we want to do a full length feature of the song. i love christmas. my birthday is on the 22nd. i was born with the love of christmas. and so i was all for it. it's free on also, glade is partnering with toys for tots. so anything i can do to make kids happy. >> ready to sing for us? >> i'm ready. >> take it away, guys. >> take it away. ♪ this this is my wish ♪ my wish for the world that peace would find its way to every boy and girl ♪ ♪ this is the time the time for harmony let love be the song that everybody sings ♪
10:33 am
♪ fill the air with joyful noise ring the bells and raise your voice let there be peace on earth let there be peace on earth ♪ ♪ lift your light let it shine shine shine shine let there be peace on earth let there be peace on earth ♪ ♪ i hear the sweetest sound the sound of hope together we can bring goodwill to everyone ♪ ♪ let it start with you let it start with me let every nation rise to sing this melody ♪ ♪ fill the air with joyful noise ring the bells and raise your voice let there be peace on earth
10:34 am
let there be peace on earth ♪ ♪ lift your light let it shine shine shine shine ♪ ♪ let there be peace on earth let there be peace on earth ♪ ♪ oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ fill the air with joyful noise ring the bells and raise your voice let there be peace on earth
10:35 am
let there be peace on earth ♪ ♪ lift your light let it shine shine shine shine ♪ ♪ let there be peace on earth let there be peace on earth let there be peace on earth ♪ >> whoo! >> beautiful! >> oh, my gosh! >> thank you, kids. >> chills, chill, chills, chills. >> merry christmas, sweetheart. >> that was awesome. awesome. okay, that put us in the holiday spirit. so now we're going to show you some great hostess gifts for your next party. >> but first these messages. [ female announcer ] ffs knows winter is hard on . [ snees [ femalennouncer ] the start of sneeze season. the nd-blown wery eyes. [ sniffling ] the sniffling guy on the bus. and, of course, the snow angels with your little angels. that's why puffs plus loon is soft. puffs plus are dermatologist tested
10:36 am
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until you know how rica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may me lily to misuse lyrica. with less fibromyalgia pain, i'feeling better with lyrica. asyour dtor about lyrica today. all right, between now a new year's you probably make an appearance at a few holiday gatherings or maybe even the boss. you know the rule. >> neverhow up pty-handed. >> here to guarantee you'l make aood impression isamantha yanks. she's the editor in chief of "hamptons" magazine. you alwa come up with a bote of wine or something. >> wine, candles are really nice, buthese are a bit more creative. the first one is an amazin garland. which we have across the front. these ar mogramm ornaments. totally adorabldorable.
10:40 am
they're $6. whenou're thinking aboutoing to someons home and they have children, you want to bring something th wl enterta them. this is one st of traditional old school idea. >> can you imagine if they old maid? >> these card games are great. >> exactly. it's 16 bucks. >> okay, this would a hit, i can already see. >> this my favorite. >> oh, this is darling. >> instead of bake, because it crtehuge mess and you already have so many pple, these are pre-made cookies. they come in atin. the kidsan decorate tm and draw on them. th're edible and nut free. i know a lot of families pay attention to that. >> that's important. >> so this is a company i'm completely obsessed with. it'salle kika's treat, from san ancisco. they're divine. they come in these gift boxes. short breads, graham crackers, salted caramels. what's that one? >> that is ghamcracker. they come inheseorous
10:41 am
gift baggings with wrapping paper, so pretty. now wee going to go into if you are e person who can make ho me cakes or treats, this is the way to go. instead of bring something with a tossaway treat, bring something th can make afrwards. there's a salad server. you get to keep that afterwar. another idea like that, this is a company called accompanyus.m. everything on the cpany is fair trade. you bring a snack and leave the bowl behind. >> that's a good idea. >> this may be one of my favorites. >> and i use this pancake mixer. if you're invited by a generous person to ben overnight guest, spend the weekend you need to bring something a little more. so this a built-in breakfast set. the hostess doesn't need to think about anything whenhey wake up in the moing. pancake mix, syrup, jam. >> ever. >> if you'r not into buying this prade, you can find all local items and make it
10:42 am
yourself. >> how much is this one? >> this one is $29.95. >> vy reasonable. >> i really love thes from ll bean,hey're box wood wrehs. you can send it to your hostess before. it's alrdy there when you arrive. relypretty. $49. exactly. this idea i absolutely love. so it's really festive, it looks like a tree but it's actually a ro rosemarylant. it's for a cook. you leave it behind. they can trim from it forever. >> that's what $49.99. >>beautiful. >> andur last one, which is my vorite because thth holidays are all out memories. thiss really my favorite i dedicat ts toou o. so they're booknds fm poer barn. they're$49. you bring them to your htess with memorie've hadf them. there you go. >> great, great. thank you. >> tha you smuch, happy
10:43 am
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10:45 am
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10:46 am
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and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at we're backith a very special edition of "look at me now," t joy fit club. not one, not two, but three peop into the club. >> they decidedo get healthy and combined they've lost more than 50 pounds. and here t introduce us and tell us -- tell you h they did it is th leader of joint fit club, joy bower. >> this i reay exciting. thre people that are gng to blow your mind. >> tl us about pete >> this i pete. he's 51. he's from michigan. heeall didn't start gaining weight uilater in le when he had his ki. it got to the point heas on medication for high chesterol, high blood pressure and for diabes and the real turning point aside from feeli awful was christmas
10:48 am
two years ago, his family was waiting downstairs. he was getting ready and he couldn't fit into his size 48 pants. he was tally depressed. at thatoment said enough is enou. in january,e joined a corpe wellness program a his workplace. . i love letting viewers kno that because january i right around thecorner. >> more and meompanies are doing th >> 152 pounds. >> stop it. >>tep on t, let's s how u look there, sweetie. >> oh, my d. >> isn't that unbelievable? >> are you serious? >> yeah, that's me. >> wow. >> doesn't look like you. >> this is rlly cool, his motivate, hisaughter page, wrote m a letr saying how prd she wasf him and he hangs it on his bathroom mirror and looks at it every single day. >> and no more medical issues? >> all medications are gone. >> this is grea >> his motto is youave one platof everything that you love but instead of putting on
10:49 am
continents, he now puts on little isnds. two years ago at thanksgiving this was his meal, right, 1,600 calories. this year at thanksgiving, he still enjoyed everything, ashed it in half. >>ll right, congratulations. go for u. >> okay. sabrina's our second. >> this gorgeous lad her name sabrina, she's 39 yea old, she's from grayn, georgia. she was a super athlete. she came fro a sthern traditional familyith lots o fattening food when she was growing up, she was eating a gillion calories. she was burning a gazillion calories. she's in her 20s. she had a desk job. she didn't have time to exercise. she gained an ex-orb tentunt of weight. today, she's down 141 pounds and she's a personal trner. she plays full-on women's tackle
10:50 am
football. and she's getting married next year. >> comon, sabrina. ohmy go that is crazy! >> oh, my god. >> youook amazing. >> thank you. >>seriously, standing there -- what? how long did it take you to lose all that weight? >> it took about a year and a half to lose the weight. so about ten pounds a month. took itff slowly. >> are your friends and family freaking n when they s you? >> they're rlly morurprised about this. >> peopl don't eve recognize you? >> no, no. sometimes i don't rognize myself. >> good for you. >> she's getting rried. >> bless your heart. >> in may, may of next year. >> congratutions. >> the big diet tip is she uses a food sle as a major reality chk. in the past, she was ovpour things like cereal. this i 2 1/4 cup, 400 calories now, one cup, 200 calories it
10:51 am
she likes the densercereal. it all adds up. >> ngratulations. >> all right, give us just ten seconds on dean's before. >> dean main's 30 years old from louisiana. when he graduated college, he was over 0 pounds. ll, dean today is dn 225 pounds. >> what? dean, ste out. >> step on out. >> oh, my god. >> such an attitude. >> oh, my god. >> believable. >> he's doing things he never dreamed about. >> you don't even look like the same person. >> i don't know that guy. >> wow. >> and for father's day, he surpsed his dad with a trip to alaska. he was always afraid fly. he lived le on the sidelis. took hisad to aska. they hiked, theyfished, they rafted. >> ah sweetie. how doou feel, hon? >> feel eat,eel great. >> you look great. congrats. you did areat job.
10:52 am
unbelievable that was awesome. >> merry christmas. theye going to have a great christmas. we're gog to be back with a very special guest.
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
christmas eves getting closer. for 20 years now, t goal of our toy drives to get kid in rserve communities. >> a jning us, t executive vice president of corporate affairs at korder mifflin. thank you for being here. >> we're goi to donate about 15,000 books to the drive which is worth about $160,000 and every year, w try t donate about 3. million books to kid who, you know, just dot have access. >> with everything going on in technology, i'mooking at that
10:56 am
book, it' "curious geor." do youin t kids are still devouring those kinds of books? >> it's interesting, you still see kids an paren sitting down with their kids and reading. yet you also see kids getting excited about our "cious george" apps. >> as longs they're reading. >>t's important at the end the day, we want kids to be curious. >> the key isome of the undersved commities, kids who don't have books, how do you find out where to target? >> w work csely with local communits around thenited states and globally where we haveoffices. we have community iestment councils that help thoseids and we get i in there. >> thank you, we reay appreciate everything you do. our toy drive continues until decemb 20th. you canon'tat in person or online. >> tomorrow, darling aress miranda cgre is ck with us. >> also, toys that teach, and have y thought about your new year's plans? >> something else to worry
10:57 am
about. >> have a great monday everybody. >> tomorrow will be booze day tuesda we'll see you then. [ female announcer ] i like to mix things up a bit
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hi there. good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. >> starting to get old for some, but we're talking about the cold. meteorologist christina loren, you're saying one more night of freezing temperatures this week. >> one more night of temperatures, yeah, in the 20s and low 30s. of course, the usual suspects like the north bay will still hit lows in the freezing range, but most cities that don't traditionally get this cold this early in the season. for instance, here in san jose, we're going to fall back to the 40s as lows, trading out the 20s and 30s. it has been brutal. and as we head throughout the night tonight, do want to put this on your map. it's 40s degrees in santa rosa. temperat a


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