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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 10, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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>> world leaders and south africans brave rain to honor area civil rights icon. we'll go live for nelson mandela's memorial service. >> a stubborn fight. crews try to keep a trash fire under control. >> just in the ntsb postpones its hearing on the asiana air crash. >> a look outside. a bunch of bridges, the bay bridge there and it's clear and crisp. or cold you could call it. it's tuesday, december 10, this is "today in the bay." good morning everyone. good morning, laura. >> good morning, terry. >> he came back again. >> you let me in. >> despite the cold out there, kind of getting to the habit of grabbing the scarf and the
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gloves. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> hey, good morning to you. glad to have you with us, terry. 4:30, a live look at temperatures right now it is chilly out there. south bay at 29 degrees, 35 in san francisco right now. we're at 27 degrees in the north bay. so, if you're sick of the frigid temperatures and i did a little poll on facebook yesterday, most of you are, good news. we're going to start to warm up gradually as we climb into the mid-50s. the rest of the week we have some changes ahead. our air quality is going to worsen as our temperatures improve. we'll get to the forecast. first your drive and good morning to mike inouye. >> good morning. we're looking toward oakland a few cars starting to hit the road. we'll look at the map through the same area. 880 where we're looking with the live camera. 580, closer up there, and we're looking at smooth drive for both of those freeways. here as you approach that split for 13, the warren freeway, a deer was hit and killed a few
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minutes ago and they have one or two lanes needing a crew to clear, well, part of the deer to be honest. a smooth drive so far. we'll watch for the activity to continue. slow down as you come off the castro valley yrkz. >> crews on the scene of a smoky fire in san francisco, this broke out 9:00 last night in a warehouse in san francisco. that's on tunnel avenue across 101 from candlestick park. chase, i'm thinking you can smell smoke. am i right? >> reporter: that's a good guess. we can smell smoke. the fire is still smoldering. the good news there was no one hurt despite the size of this fire. it broke out in a trash pile that is as long as a football field, and about eight feet deep. that's how big this pile of trash was that was in one of these warehouses. as you mentioned the fire broke
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out around 9:00 last night and crews expected it to burn many hours because the trash pile was so dense and thick it was difficult for them to get inside it and put out the flames. the trash is mostly discarded building material, lumber and sheetrock, stuff left from construction sites, that's what's piled up inside. but again, because it was so thick, the fire was so strong and the smoke was so thick, san francisco firefighters had to rotate in and out to battle this fire. >> i was advised by the company there should be no hazardous material in this pile but with a concern to our members in there the smoke. that's why we're wearing our svba's and rotating so many in and out of this building. >> and that fire is still smoldering this morning because we've been able to see a little smoke still pouring out from sort of the center of this facility. you may be able to hear the
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noise of trucks because the facility is back open for business and last night no one had to be evacuated from homes because firefighters did not believe that the smoke posed a danger to nearby homes. the latest live in san francisco. chase cain, "today in the bay." >> thanks a lot. >> at 4:34 questions remain this morning after a family discovered human remains including a skull while on a hike in the north bay. the remains were found at shilo ranch park north of santa rosa. we'll warn you, you may find the images disturbing. chris cane was walking with his children when he saw a skull and a shoe off the trail. king says he hopes the discovery will give some people's family a sense of relief. >> whether they find who did this or not is one thing but i hope that the families can be like okay, now at least we know where they are. you know. the circumstances are terrible, but at least they'll have some
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kind of closure on where their family member is. >> the sheriff investigators say there is nothing so far to indicate a gender or how the person died. >> benicia police ask for help finding a burglar who broke into cars and stole christmas gifts for children at a local hospital. police say the man shown here on video broke into three cars early yesterday morning, described as an african american between 20 and 30, dread locks or long braids. took about $1,000 in one car. when the departments heard about what happened they replaced the stolen presents. >> breaking news to tell you about, in the last hour the ntsb announced it has postponed its hearing into the asiana crash in washington, d.c. this morning the ntsb tweeted today's hearing will be delayed because the government is closed with the snowstorm headed for the capital. the training manager was
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scheduled to testify along with representatives from boeing, the faa and the san francisco fire department. asiana flight 214 crashed in july. three passengers were killed and nearly 200 people were injured. the hearing will focus on the role that cockpit automation may have played and now sfo responded to the air disaster. our investigative unit is in washington, d.c. this morning for the hearing. steven stock will tell us what is next for the hearings in a live report coming up at 6:00 this morning. right now remembering nelson mandela. thousands of people including four u.s. presidents filled the soccer stadium in south africa the honor the life of nelson mandela. this is a live look at the stadium right now where speakers continue to go up and remember him. tens of thousands were singing and dancing in the rain.
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♪ nelson mandela ♪ nelson mandela >> the atmosphere was celebratory among most people. the crowd cheered as they spoke of mandela's accomplishments. the majority were there to honor mandela, family members it was a funeral for a loved one, a husband, father, grandfather and friend. his widow and ex-wife shared hugs amid the happy cheering and president obama spoke of his appreciation for nelson mandela and his struggle. >> the questions we face today, how to promote equality and justice, how to uphold freedom and human rights, how to end conflict and sectarian war, these things do not have easy answers. but there were no easy answers
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in front of that child born in world war i, nelson mandela reminds us that it always seems impossible until it is done. >> it poured rain during the entire ceremony, rain which in south africa is considered good luck. it appears the rain kept the crowds smaller. the stadium holds 95,000 people. it was about two-thirds full. >> for three days nelson mandela's body will lie in state at the union building in pretoria where he was sworn in as president in 1994. each morning his coffin will be carry fluid the streets to give as many as possible to pay final respects. a funeral willen sunday at his childhood village. head to and search nelson mandela. >> if you are up early with us this morning, may want to think
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about what you're going to wear. dress in layers, i would think. >> brilliant idea as it is very cold out there. good morning to you. yeah, temperatures are downright frigid. pull out the gloves, all of your winter gear. as we tell you when we hit the 20 this is is about as cold as it gets around the bay area and this is the last night of the mid to upper 20s. we're going to see temperatures climb. 29 in livermore. 29 in san jose. 39 degrees to start the day in monterey. temperatures at the coast are milder as we kick off your tuesday. ukiah at 22 degrees. so i want to take you down to the south bay, give you an idea of what we're working with as we head throughout the morning hours we're going to continue to drop off at the next couple hours so watch out, you might find black ice on the roadways, also sometimes sprinklers get left on and that moisture can freeze on the sidewalks so you want to take it easy and watch
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for that sheen wherever you're going to be headed. throughout the morning hours we should see the frost advisory and friz warning expire on time. then as we head through tonight we're looking much better. we'll see clouds roll in and help to keep us more mild. as we wake up and meet back here on wednesday morning temperatures are going to be in the 50s, 52 for san jose, the peninsula about 54, and palo alto, mid market looking good in san francisco, a cold day there, 52 degrees for you. 52 in fremont and 52 degrees down in pleasanton. the seven-day forecast, got your eyes on the weekend, find that at the bottom of the screen. we'll talk about some of the events across the bay area this weekend. coming up let's check your drive and good morning to mike inouye. >> good morning. hey, we're looking toward the bay bridge which has an easy light drive. we're showing a smooth flow of traffic on the maze as well, for maps and the sensors not a problem, out of the caldecott tunnel or 580 or 880.
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over toward san francisco an easy drive. over toward interstate 80 east off -- sorry, on the lower deck, there may be debris, tire reported in the road. we see slowing around octavia so that may be the issue going on. there may be a fender-bender. i say maybe because crews have to arrive to confirm. we don't go with the initial report. we have to wait until authorities get there to tell us what the effect is on lanes. daly city, brisbane, smooth. b.a.r.t. toward the dublin line is delayed because of mechanical issues. those trains specifically the rest of the b.a.r.t. system is on time. toward the san mateo bridge, a live look you see traffic westbound with taillights, easy light drive from hayward to the peninsula. peninsula no delays into the south bay and the east bay moves down through fremont for 880. back to you. >> still ahead on "today in the bay," air pollution taking center stage in the supreme
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court pitting states against each other. >> new video out of australia, the way officials are scaring away tens of thousands of bats and why some are not happy about it.
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welcome back everyone. a very good tuesday morning to you. what a treat, take a look at that shot this morning. crystal clear out there, the lights illuminated along the bay bridge. a beautiful picture post card look. it's early, 4:45. california wants boeing to set up shop in the state. california will submit a bid to the company in an effort to land a production facility for the newest jetliner. according to the "sacramento bee" the governor will submit the proposal to host production of the 777 x airliner. boeing spokesperson says the company expects to make a decision by early next year. >> at the supreme court state goes head-to-head over a vool intended to reduce air pollution that travels from one state to another. the epa issued the good neighbor rule in 2011 but it was struck down by a federal appeals court. the supreme court could reverse that decision.
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the rule would require 28 upwind states to reduce the pollution carried to other states. now eight states are asking the epa to make the rules stricter but others say back off. >> the states that are opposing the epa are saying no, you can only regulate as needed to neat air quality standards. >> at least 15 other states like kentucky and west virginia are arguing that the standards prevent states from creating their own solutions to pollution. u.s. regulators are expected to vote on a new rule restricting banks from certain risky activities. for that and the rest of the news before the bell we turn to hampton pearson. good morning. >> good morning to you. first of all looking at the markets we do have futures higher after stocks posted small gains on monday. the s&p 500 closing at a record high, although the markets did pull back on comments from several federal reserve officials who signaled they could discuss cutting the fed's
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massive bond buying program at next week's meeting. that program helped to keep interest rates low and boost the stock market. now we get data later today on whole sale trade t dow closing up 6 points to 16,026 t nasdaq up to close at 4069. as you mentioned u.s. regulators are expected to adopt a measure to rein in risky activities by wall street banks. the rule named after paul volker would prohibit banks from making bets on the market with their own money. it would limit their investments in private equity and hedge funds. banks worry it will eat into their profit a. household wealth hit a new high. americans have now regained all of the wealth lost due to the recession while the surge is encouraging the economists warn
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not to read too much into the data as it benefits only part of the population that has access to stocks and own their own homes. back to you guys. have a great day. >> a good idea. >> thanks a lot. >> always good to hear from hampton. always important to hear from meteorologist christina loren. >> always. >> that's right. i can tell you the future. the future. temperatures are looking good. this is the future you're not putting your money on like hampton's future. the peninsula 31 degrees, but if you were putting your money on better weather, boy, do we have a winning forecast for you. temperatures are going to feel a lot more comfortable this afternoon. finally climbing back into the mid to upper 50s, out of the 30s but a very cold start to the day. we've got this really dry stagnant air mass overhead. as a result our temperatures are downright frigid to start. but this is the last morning that we're expecting a freeze
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warning. throughout the day we'll see high pressure start to take control of our forecast. but this is going to lead to the stagnant air mass over the bay area so no wind to mix things up. we're going to see our air quality suffer as we head throughout the next couple days. it's looking very bad on wednesday and thursday. i can tell you that. high pressure comes in and compresses, we don't get mixing in the atmosphere. so then we get that thick layer of smoke capping the bay area. that will be the case as we head through the next few days so keep that in mind. if you have a child or you suffer from respiratory issues limit your outdoor activity as it's going to be pretty bad. the worst air quality today is in the north bay. we'll see ever where suffer. in the next couple days and high pressure starts to gain a little energy. so here's where we're headed. 57 degrees for tuesday, wednesday 59 degrees up to 61 degrees by thursday. then friday and saturday comfortable conditions for the weekend. i want to give you a preview of where we are going to be over
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the course of the weekend. 62 on saturday in san francisco, oakland back in the 60s and that goes for livermore and san jose, mid-60s in fact. warmer days are around the corner now. back to you, terry and laura. >> "happy days" are here again. officials in australia started trying to scare a swarm of 80,000 bats out of the city park. >> officials usering horns, helicopters and gun blasts to scare them away. they have taken up a park and surrounding neighborhoodings and to be honest noise is not the only problem. >> feces raining in the yards on the cars. >> it stinks. some days it's unbearable. you can't open your doors. >> enjoy your breakfast. conservationists tried to stop the program saying babies could be left to die. officials say they will continue the program for the next ten days at least. >> shake that one off.
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first the super bowl, now a big sporting event coming to levi stadium. we'll tell you about it after the break. >> a smooth drive for 880, folks on 580, the earlier car fire looks like it's got a little deja vu going on.
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welcome back everybody. 4:53 on a tuesday morning. we're looking out from our camera perched atop san bruno
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mountain. crystal clear shot, lights twinkling. cold. but christina saying this is it for the really cold temperatures. >> for now. >> tomorrow is just kind of cold. music fans will soon have another option in the quest to see their favorite band live. >> tonight the city of concord expected to consider a 10-year contract with live nation. live nation would have to bring 15 live concerts per year and help renovate the 38-year-old amphitheater. concord will make at least $800,000 a year and bonuses it will use to pay back bond debt. the deal will be discussed tonight. >> football not the only thing coming to levi stadium. it will also host wrestle mania. >> it was selected for the spring of 2015. >> you like saying that.
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>> i do. santa clara mayor and the 49ers ceo will make that announcement later this morning. wrestle mania expected to generate $100 million for the local economy. levi stadium also considered to host college football's national championship game in 2017, and of course it's hosting super bowl 50. >> cane and his wife pledged a $50,000 matching grant and challenge to the make-a-wish foundation, the foundation transformed san francisco into gotham city last month. helping make 5-year-old miles scott's wish come true. cane will give the money once its bay area executive director raises that amount. >> let's see how they do. not bad. great. >> i want to check the commute. not so great. >> folks riding b.a.r.t., big
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note out from the system, over from san francisco over to dublin there is no direct service. there is service but not direct service, you'll have to transfer trains to do some mechanical issues at daly city so things are disjointed as far as reports but i can tell you barlt says no direct service so heed that barning. we're looking here toward 880 and the drive you saw from the live look. flb not a problem from the coliseum in toward downtown oakland. traveling away from the area this is eastbound 580. the earlier car fire, actually the u-haul truck fire at 164th, the fire had been put out. then the fire department got called back and said more smoke and fire so no injuries but this is flaring up again right around the castro valley y in toward castro valley. watching for slowing on 238 which is what we've seen because the volume starts to increase there as well as highway 4. look at that, pittsburg and bay point not a problem. reports of three pickup trucks
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in a crash. another westbound in the commute direction there at lone tree way we have your middle lane blocked. folks getting by on both sides. tow trucks arrived. a lot more slowing and then it should clear. back to you. >> thanks so much. we're following breaking news, the ntsb hearing on the asiana crash is postponed. we'll tell you the the reason. >> emotional day in south africa. live pictures of what's going on in johannesburg as the ceremony honoring the life of nelson mandela continues. president obama spoke earlier honoring the leader of south africa.
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a planned hearing on the asiana aircraft postponed because of snow. the winter weather on the east coast leaving people here with unanswered questions. what we have learned coming up next. >> hours later and firefighters still battling a fire at a san francisco waste warehouse. the smoke so thick this morning
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firefighters forced to take turns as they fight the flames. chase cain on the scene talking to the fire chief. >> it's another freezing cold start to the day with temperatures in the 20s and 30s. we'll let you know how you're keeping warm could actually be contributing to bad air quality. your full forecast in a few moments. >> plus, looking over the bay, the bay bridge moves smoothly. problems getting to the east bay from san francisco for the b.a.r.t. line as well as a car fire for 580. we'll show you the update for that as well. >> a beautiful shot of the bridge there, mike. another shot, not as beautiful but it does tell you something, traffic is flowing on this chilly tuesday morning. it is december 10th and this is "today in the bay." a very good tuesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. breaking news now, the ntsb has postponed this


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