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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 10, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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stunning allegations. a bay area golf pro accused of molesting his students. what we found when we went to his house. >> we begin with new details, a nationally acclaim youth golf course is not on the green but
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in a jail cell. he's been charged with 65 counts of child molestation. one student as young as 12. george kiriyama is live in livermore. >> reporter: this was the man who by all accounts was looked up to as a role model coach and now he's been accused of molesting some of his students. some of the incidents allegedly happening at this golf course. tonight neighbors are stunned and outraged. >> there will be some people freaking out. >> neighbors are concerned after property records show a 31-year-old andrew nisbet was arrested. this person has an 8-year-old boy who goes to the elementary school. >> it is horrifically scary. we know all of our neighbors up and down. we haven't met them.
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>> reporter: nisbet was arrested at the golf course where he was a golf pro and taught many children. as a nationally acclaimed golf coach, he has h access to hundred of children and used his position to sexually molest them. >> he victimized them in his car, at his house, and also, in the parking lot of the golf course. >> reporter: the neighbor saw them saturday. >> they were in there 45 minutes to an ur. all i saw was envelopes. >> reporter: court documents show, one of the parents said she is shocked by the accusations. she said she was an excellent coach. >> my kids haven't complained that he has done something to
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them. >> reporter: nisbet developed his junior golf program and was just honored as a northern california golf leader. neighbors say the 65 counts of child molestation may tarnish all of that. >> no. i don't want to see him again. he doesn't need to be around here. if he did what they're saying, 65 counts. we haven't heard the evidence yet but i'm sure they'll get into it in court. i don't think they'll let him anywhere near school or the court. >> reporter: the livermore police say the molestations happened between 2009 and 2012. he is being held without bail in jail. >> thank you. more details on andrew nisbet. in addition to coaching children in california he also coached golf in michigan, north carolina, mississippi and alabama. anyone with information about this case is encouraged to call the livermore police department. we have some news now. the richmond police department is for two sisters right now.
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13-year-old and 9-year-old heidi. they have been missing since 5:00 this evening. one was seen wearing a black tank top with skulls on it. police say there's a chance she could be in san francisco. her younger sister was wearing a beige jacket with a hood. if you have any information, call police. just in, we're learning the man shot by sheriff's deputies in the office park has died at the hospital. officers responded to a 911 call about a possible suicidal man inside an office near the corner of saratoga avenue around noon today. the sheriff's department said deputies opened fire after the man hit them with a blunt object. he was rushed to the hospital where he later died. the deputies were read the for minor injuries and then released. new video. an ugly scene. the protesters got out of control and broke a glass door.
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they're upset that the deputy is back on the job after shooting and killing andy lopez. he mistook his replica gun for a real one. children as young as 4 years old were in that crowd. one protester was arrested for assaulting a police officer. that alleged assault happen here when protesters scuffled with police earlier this evening while trying to get into city council's chambers. after some pushing and shoving between the two sides, the protesters made their way in to voice their concerns. to the weather in what has become an all too familiar feeling for lots of us across the bay area, cold. bone chilling cold. san jose is under a freeze warning for the seventh night in a row. but we're finally going to see some changes. for that we bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> you can see we're running 5 to 11 degrees warm he at this hour. one of the biggest differences is right here into napa's 7 degrees warmer at this hour compared to this time yesterday. let's get a look. yes, it is still cold out here.
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34 degrees in napa. instead of 20s it is warmer here even for the east bay. freeze warning in the north bay. the east bay for the extreme south bay valleys where temperatures range 21 to 34 degrees. and right around the bay, temperature from 33 to 39 degrees. coming up, we'll let you know who will be 10 to 15 degrees hotter as we head into parts of next week in that full forecast. >> flames shooting out of the street in oakland triggering evacuations and fear. quite an unusual sight. a leaking pg & e gas line feeling this fire. tonight the utility company is working to figure out what caused the league and how it ignited in the first place. nbc bay area's reporter is live with new information. >> reporter: pg & e says a four-inch gas line that runs
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south is the line that believes this is the intersection that caught on fire. take a look at the cracks in the pavement. they are blackened by the flames. the fire is out but people in the neighborhood are still uneasy. >> i would definitely like to know what happened here. because my family could have died this morning. >> reporter: shaken but safe, they return home to fontaine street. the street is lined with pg & e trucks and crews examining the gas lines involved with this gas fuel fire. a fire that sent flames shooting up through cracks of the pavement for more than three hours. i have my kids. >> reporter: the fire did not go out until crews dug down six feet and pinched off the flow of gas. >> fire burned for approximately three and a half hours. the reason for that is because if we had that, we would have
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lost several thousand customers who would have been without gas. >> reporter: the four-inch fuel pipe installed in 1946 is the line that leaked. it doesn't know yet what sparked the fire. it says gas lines passed the survey in april of 2012. up the hill on blandon, he said he has reported smelling gas several times over the past two years. >> they come out and drill holes and mark it but we've never seen anyone take up the pavement. >> reporter: with the cause of this fire still unknown, he is uneasy. >> i thought about san bruno. is it going to spread? is it going on blow up our whole block? >> reporter: the distribution lines are three and four-inch lines compared to the 36-inch transmission line that exploded in san bruno. the fire in oakland is a much smaller event but stirs up the same fears. pg & e brought in a natural gas
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container to connect to customers who cannot be connected to the main gas system. they say everyone here has heat. the investigation into the fire continues. reporting live in oakland. nbc bay area news. still ahead, snow survival. a family was found alive after being stranded in the freezing cold for days. the single move that may have saved their lives. >> reporter: honoring mandela and how a simple handshake may have stirred up controversy. and predicting natural disasters. the new technology that could make those predictions even more accurate.
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a live look in washington, d.c. warehouse and senate leaders announced an unexpected budget deal. no grand bargain but the compromises expected to keep the government funded for the next two years. and agreement in congress still bitterly divided is a big accomplishment. for republicans, it is control on spending. for democrats the relief of the worst sequester spending cuts. >> as a conservative, it is a step in the right direction. i'm getting more deficit reduction. >> our deals roll back sequestrations. infrastructure investments and defense jobs for the next two years. >> first in the house, some conservatives are holding out for deeper cuts than this budget provides. still the architects of the deal both say they're confident they will get votes and ignore another government shutdown. president obama is on his
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way to washington, d.c. after giving a passionate tribute to the late nelson mandela today. >> let me say to the young people of africa. and the young people around the world. you two can make his life -- >> he was one of many world leaders who attended. the form he south african president and anti-apartheid hero passed away last week at the age of 95. he will be buried in a small south african village where he grew up. one of the most talked about moments of the service was when president obama shook hands with cuban president raul castro. it is only the second time a u.s. president has shaken hands with a cuban communist leader. while some are criticizing it, others say it was no more than a polite gesture.
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president obama shook the hands of the other world leaders as he made his way on to the speaker's podium. and here's another talked about moment. his selfie picture. there will be two ceremony, one at 8:00 a.m. also one at oakland city hall tomorrow. that one begins at noon. we're considering cutting the number of marijuana clinics allowed or banning them all fet. as part of the process the public was invited. medical marijuana supporters say restrictions put in place in cement are already too tough. city leaders stay issue is up for debate again because the supreme court has affirmed cities do have the right to regulator ban dispensaries out
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right. >> investigative reporter steven stock is in washington, d.c. to cover the hearings and has this preview. >> reporter: early morning snow forced the federal government to shut down for the day in washington, d.c. and forced the potion opponentment of those two-day hearings the ntsb had scheduled into the crash ofationa flight 214. now the ntsb will start early tomorrow morning and try to cram two full days of testimony from experts and witnesses into one long day. the ntsb's hearings will focus on what exactly caused the crash of asiana flight 214 during its final approach to sfo on july 6th. the crash killed three people and injured more than 180. while investigators are not expected to issue a formal ruling on the cause of the crash, the meeting's agenda
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shows ntsb investigators will hear from faa safety experts, former pilots and boeing engineers, discussing asiana pilot training as well as the automated systems and auto pilot in the cockpit and how the pilots reacted or did not react to what was happening. david has already released the detailed time line taken from the plane's black box, showing it took the pilots 26 seconds to react after the 777 fell below the minimum speed and height needed to land safely. in august, our investigative team first explored the issue of what some call automation addiction among pilots in the industry. while automation has made flying safer than ever, overrelikes is a growing safety concern. among regulators and science.
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>> the pilot may have had. >> dr. thomas mock sell in, looking into the interaction between automation and pilots in the cockpit. >> are pilots becoming too overreliant in. >> i think it is state to state in the air force world. >> late last month the faa issued its report. stay with us for continuing coverage of the ntsb hearing. look for the report throughout the day beginning tomorrow morning with today in the bay. a tweak to an old system could help better predict natural disasters. scientists from nasa and the skrims institution in southern california added sensors. the sensors analyze the first
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moments of an earthquake and then show the more violent shaking that would follow. it would warn in seconds, maybe even minutes. it measures water in the atmosphere to forecast severe weather. >> now it is an extra piece that would indicate to issue a warning. jeff ranieri has some good news if you are tired of the cold weather. >> i can almost feel the warming on this map across the bay area. temperatures running between five to seven degrees warmer at this hour. we're getting this warm he air building in from the pacific it is and jumping up half moon bay. you will see the trend in the 20s is at the freezing mark. not quite as cold. averaging 39 in the east bay. in the south bay we have 40.
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and yes, i still do think by tomorrow morning, we'll get into the low to mid 30s. temperatures in the mid 50s. 34 again is cold. it will be below average in the south bay. and we'll still have to deal with the 20s. like in napa, also santa rosa. instead of the teens, 26 in napa and 27 in santa rosa will feel a little bit warmer. it is getting kicked off by this high pressure. what's happening is this cold dome air is starting to move off toward the east a few hundred miles. it will make a big difference. as that high pressure moves in. let's get a look at the morning time. temperature trenlds, you can see tomorrow morning. 24 expected parts of the north bay. as we head throughout saturday, 36 to start. might not need so many plants in napa. and then look at the hotter
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temperatures coming our way. as we head into parts of next week, we wanted to reinforce the fact that high pressure will be heating us up. a few little kinks. you can see the temperature in the upper 60s. we could have record setting temperatures on wednesday and possibly a few 70s for parts of the east bay. now let's look at the micro climate forecast. we have bumped up the temperatures. we think we'll get close to 60 tomorrow. san francisco, also expecting some low to mid 50s and those sunny skies. for the north bay and tri-valleys, let's get this working here. mid to upper 50s. oakland, 55. for the tri-valley. the one problem we'll run into for tomorrow in the north bay.
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the air quality. we'll have sunny skies up above in the atmosphere. high pressure will warm us up. it will trap in a lot of the polluteants. so we think we'll have the worst air in the north bay, spare the air day in that forecast. if it looks like weather we've had will be the coldest since 2009. we had 16 last week. and the last time we had temperatures that rifled that was on december 9. you see the cold weather go away. >> thank you very much. congratulations to create tv, san jose, and partnership with the universal foundation announced today the nonprofit organization is the grand prize winner of its 21st century solutions grant programs. it will receive $60,000.
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and the runners up will receive $25,000. for high impact initiatives. still to come, loved ones are calling it a miracle. a family that disappeared while on a trip to the snow is alive. s "are you okay mom?" "yes i am"
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(nervous) (screaming) "never again grace elizabeth" life insurance from new york life can help your family keep good going. . eight people injured this afternoon when a driver went crashing into a starbucks in solesome. a woman parked her suv but when she tried to adjust position, she hit the gas pedal in drive rather than reverse. her suv went over three concrete barriers and crashed right through side of the window of the starbucks shop. six people were injured and taken to the hospital. the driver and the passenger weren't injured. a missing teenager from washington state was found safe in mexico, ending an amber
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alert. the chp is not giving details on how they found the 14-year-old who was kidnapped by her boyfriend last wednesday. they did say that he is still on the run. he is scribbled as being 5'9", 200 pounds, last seen driving an older green ford escape with temporary washington plates. a happy ending for a nevada family missing for days in freezing temperatures. the couple and four young children were discovered in a place where cell phone coverage is sparse. about 20 miles from their home but never returned home $rescue crews spent the last two nights in sub zero temperatures searching for the family in the mountains of northern nevada. this morning a volunteer spotted the family's overturned jeep. >> they had a fire going. and jay was heating up rocks in the fire and at night he was putting them in the jeep with them. >> authorities say the fight did the right thing staying with
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their car until they were found. searchers say everyone is in fairly good shape. >> that is a relief. a standing ovation at tonight's shark game. ♪ [ male announcer ] this december, experience the gift of exacting precision and some of the best offers of the year [ ding! ] at the lexus december to remember sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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fans, shark fans are really happy tonight with the return of a star player. >> yeah, you know, when players return to the ice and return to a venue, people want to reward them and give them an ovation. in ten seasons with the sharks, nabokov became the all time leader in wins in shutouts. he rurnld to the tank for the first time. despite being out with a groin injury, an emotional return and a standing ovation. second period, the sharks on the man advantage. patrick marleau scores first. under two minutes left. now 2-1, sharks.
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kyle okposo scored to tie it. okposo with a chance to win it. and his back hand with antti niemi. 3-2, the final. cal trying to keep their undefeated record at home versus nevada. deck out bee deonte burton. moments later off the turnover. jabari bird with his own one-handed dunk. justin cobbs drains the three. he had 15 points, eight assists and cal is a winner. 92-84. meanwhile the a's have sent the pitcher to the rockies in exchange for the left-hander and minor league right-hand pitcher. colorado will also receive $2 million in the deal. that's a look at sports. also this weekend, the 49ers have two scenario that's would clinch them a playoff spot. both scenarios clinch it for
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them. >> we have a good feeling. thank you. to those who've waited... worried... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage.
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financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at
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300 pound guys rumbling at the stadium. we're not just talking about football players. they will host wrestle mania 13. the official announcement with me today. wrestle mania is expected to generate roughly $100 million for the local economy. levi stadium is also being considered to host college football's national championships in 2017. and it has already been picked to host super bowl 50 in 2016. >> it is going to be happening at the stadium. >> we're getting ready to rumble. not fumble. >> that will be wild.
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>> a lot of fun. very popular, right? so we are going to have some nice weather coming up. >> there is cold air and hot air coming our way and the hot air will win out. saturday and sunday it will get a lot warmer. >> thanks, jeff.
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and real christmas products. and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: hey! thank you very much! [ cheers and applause ] hi guys! welcome to "the tonight show." happy holidays, everybody. hey, you know what happened today? today was the nobel prize ceremony where they hand out the nobel prizes. and the victoria's secret


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