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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 11, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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. good çómorning, it's 4:30. i'm carrie mcqueeny. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. breaking news in the east bay where fireçó crews are battling massive fire at a commercial building. it iscfá happeningfá on stanwel drive next to the buchanon field airpj. >> christie smith just arrived on the t(scene. tell us? >> reporter: good morning. 70 firefighters are out hereq still fighting thisnb fire tha started atnb 12:30. here it is 4:30. you can see what's going on here. it is still burning from this two-storyçó building. four-alarm fire. we haveñi two ladderxd trucks spraying water from the outside.
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we have a partial roof collapse on this 50,000 square foot it is sort of a+ commercial industrial area. firefighters tell me flames were already moving through the corner of thet( building. they tellçó me thisçó is actual commercial telephone installation business called all phone company. no one inside at the time. because ofñi the nature of what burning, there may be sort of a plastic smell in the air.ñr firefighters say it shouldn't bother people unlessñthey areñi sensitive. q i. close your windows. at this point, it is so cold. people are already doing that sort of thing.fá sort of thing.fá before. i'm telling you, within the last couple of minutes, wet( sawi] t ñ of fire pour out of the roof here. they don't know exactly how it they haven't even gone okinside.
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sort of a defensive posturexd because of that partial roofw3 collapse. isçó usuay homeless people sleeping on the they haven't had ai]fá chance t there yet and take a look. that's one offá the things they will be looking at later. quite a scene outfá here. we will keep an eye on it. reporting live in concord, christieçót( smith,ñi "today in bay." >>lp let's bring in meteorologi, christina loren.t( today is thec fourth straight spare the air day for the bay and this fire is not helping. not helping at aum. good morning, terry and kolaur. we will likelyñr continue to spe the air. our air quality is going tohfot worse between today and tomorrow. getting into thursday and friday, looking better asi] we have pressure thatxd will pass our north. there will be some improvement ézápquality.s to your air one morez] dayçó forñr people te
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sensitive to theçó3w pollutant. someñr improvement in the temperature department. look at these numbers. finally, above freezing to kick off the day in the south bay. along the peninsula in the east bay. san francisco, 40 degrees. the only place with thvá 20s is ÷!ay. p (t&háhp &hc& we are going to keep ozi climbing. the 70s areçó on the map. we'll talk about that. let's say good morningñi to mik inouye. we are looking over towards sançó jose. a light volume of traffic for as i show you the whole bay are traffic. we don't see a lot ofe1 slowing. we do have two lanes blocking northbound 85 at blossom hill. at q3:30, there was a crash,jf couple of overturned cars. minor injuries, some t(damage, some concrete. a crew headingxd over there to take a look at things. in hal47 an build through the area, let youo know whether or not you are
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going to see some slowing now, to a developing story.  missing from i]richmond.p$o cfo 13-year-old and the 9-year-old lastt( night. and a shirt with skulls on it  pink pants and a black jacket. they could be int( san francisc school. q investigators are trying t claimed youth golf coach, 3wq 31-year-old andrew nisbet has child molestation. he was arrested saturday at the golf coach where he was a golf pro and coach to many children. hisñi victims were his own students. one of them was 12 years old. property records show he lives
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on jackson avenue next to an elementary school and that hasñ !zqyrñ don't want to see him sñ again. if he did whatçó they are sayin. 65 counts,ñi that's tough to refute. wefá haven't heard the evidence yet but i'm sure they will get into it in court. i don't think they will letçó h anywhere near this school or neighborhood. >> theçó alleged molestations happened betweent( 2009 and las year. he also coached in michigan, alabama. investigators are reaching out to law enforcement in those states as well. happening today, in lessñi begin its hearing into the asiana crash. the hearing was postponed snowstorm. they are trying to get it all done in one day. the chief pilot and training manager is scheduled to testify along withxd representatives fr francisco fireçó department. . three teenagea=ñ died after the c&8u and nearly 200 people were
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hurt. our investigative unit isçó inç washington, d.c. investigative reporter,xd steve to expect in a live report coming up att( 6:00. at 4:36, new this morning, police in vallejo are investigating twoxd separate homicides thatçó happened hours apart. police found a man shot to death in the parkingxd lot of kings market on fairgrounds live just before 4:00 yesterday. then, at about 9:30 last ñinigh someone was shot in a parking lpxdlocations, police ho call for backup w&rer unruly crowds showed up.t( tcujut have been 24 homicides i vallejo this year, four in the past sixt( days. vallejo isçó about eight times smaller than san jose but has only 2088pquh$omicides a man shot byjf sheriff's deputies in the south bayfá has died. about a possibly suicidal man insidet( an officec near mcfarl and saratoga avenue. ì&
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hit them with a bluntfá object. the suspect was rushed to the hospital where he later died. the deputies werelp treated for minor injuries and release zd they came to blows ousidelp the rosa cityts in light of a recent shootin death of a teen. about 150 protesters were trying to get inside the already full chambers with signs and a bullhorn. when police told them they couldn'tjf enter, one man hit a another threw a punch at him. one of those men were arrested. another threw a punch at him pr jailhouse and broke aq+idñ glas door. they are upset theñr deputy tha shot and killed andy lopez is back on the job. for a real one. >> from south afriníq to the ba, people around the globe continue toxd celebrate the peacemaker, nelson mandela.
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this is a live look. his body is lying in state. the last picture there, you can see what's going on. earlier, hundreds of peopleçó lined the streetsq as his body was driven in açó flag-draped casket to the union building. mourners will be allowed to file past the casket tow3 pay their respects. officials expectt( 2000 people each hour. to make sure they only visit once, their fingers are going to be marked with the same kind of voters in south african elections. he will be honored at thec national cathedral inc washingtn today. a voice choir fromlpfá oakland be there to perf/jf at !y event and in oakland officials will hold at( tribute to mandel today at noon. it will be held att( city hall d at attendees will have the .(jjáq't to the family.
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francisco city hall at 8:00. pg&e crews are expected back tural g. flames shot out oft( payment fo a four-inch steel gas line pcrtalled back in 1946 leaked fueling that fire. the utilities are still lookingc into the exact cause of the leak and what actually ignited the flames.çóçó neighbors who weree1+ evacuate know what happened here, because myqñi family could all die. >> çólppg&e says gas lines pass f last pg&e says gas lines pass year. >> christina was saying there is going to be a slow, gradual vsu(.sá >> itq was 10 degrees warmer ths morning. >> did you notice xdit? >> no, i was still cold. you know, i notice it, becausejf when i adjust the makes a big difference. there is açó big difference
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between 19 degrees and 27, which is where we are starting out this morning inc santa rosa. yeah. syo&'y still need tofá bundle u. sleeves. we will get to that in just a minute. we have a nice warmup headed our way. 32 at freezing in livermore. jose. mountain v.]+ to kick off a it is our÷d fourth consecutive spare the air day. keep that in mind.c zxd the firewood unless it is your only source of heat. it feels more comfortable in campbell,ñiñi 34. 32, sunnyvale. you might wake up to someçó fro on your windshieldt] we are going to continue the warmup as we head throughout the next few days. into the upperfá 50çós. 59,okçó sanq3w jose. 58, palo ñialto. 57, santa rosa. 58,t( fremont and down in pleasanton. about 58e1 degrees. living up to thename.
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even more so as wexd progressc :uq"át week. we will take you through the forecast coming up right3w now. it is always a good morning when you get to wake u with mike inouye onçóçóñi theñr tv. >> ask my wife. we are looking over toward the south bay. the map, a smooth flow of traffic. i have good news for the south bay. we did have a crashxd blocking your twojfñi lanes, north 85 at blossom hill. those lanes have just cleared after my last report. we don't see any slowing. there may still be somefá activy on the right-handñi shoulder. activity arec removed from the center divide as well. that's good news. the bay area shows pretty much greenokfá krcensors. it sounds like all on and offfá ramps are open. you may see some of the flashing
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lights. we don't see any major slowing. that yellow,t( speeds down belo the limit. not a problem there. the bay bridge toll plaza, an easy flow of traffic. north jf110q caesar chavez, reports of a crash there. i will get more detailsxd and ge that to you in the next report. 4:42. still çóahead, congress says it has reached a budget deal. it is not a sure thing just yet. the hurdle still has to clear before the end of the week. a family found alive after being stranded in subzero temperatures for days. the single move that may have saved their lives.
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have reached a bipartisan deal oncitjuááu spending levels. they still have to get it passed by friday. the deal is aimed less as chipping away at the ñination's7 trillion dollarhn=u)ñi debt from another government shutdown. the deal doesok not include an extension of unemployment benefits that democrats had been hoping for but president obama cz%q" the deal a goodçó first this agreement makes sure we don't have ac government shutdon scenario in january. >> because of this deal, the6z budget process can now stop
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lurching from crisis took crisi. >> the budget willçó get its fit test this morning in a meeting with republican house leadership. they couldñi vote by tomorrow farm billxd negotiators say they will not finish their work before congress goes home for the holidays. what does that mean for american people? at cnbcw3 world headquarters. >> the futuresçóñi right now ar flat. stocks pulled backi] for the fit time in three days on tuesday as investors contemplate whether the fed mayñi decide to start cutting itsw3 massive bond buyi program at its meeting next week now that we dor8rp+e a budget aq@ár)eat for us anymore.  budget this afternoon. close to 16 "k" after falling 39 points. the nasdaq losing 9 will start at 4060. congressional leaders say they will not complete work on a new
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farm bill until january. itt(fá is already one year behi. they are at odds on how muchw3 money to cut from foodé@ stamp which is part of the bill. they could extend the current law until they pass the new ñijf bill. he could doublexd milk to $8t(lp ac the senq(v will likely vote to replace benw3 bernanke as chairn last week.ñi last month, they approved yellen's nomination. he is set to stepçó down at the end of janud yellen, whoqñilp is currently f vice chairman, wasñr previously president of the san francisco fed. it is kind of weird, guys, that they are actually getting something done in washington. it. >> okay, i won't. it is welcome. welcome. >> exactly. thanks so much, bertha. i am still frozen on the $8
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he milk. >> i think it will be cheaper ir i get a cow. like it all that much. >> christina loren with a check of the forecast and maybe some of hert( own opinions on milk prices. >> i will hire laura as a milk f ma ma maid any day of the week. >> i won a contest. >> that's right. >> this is agriculturalc area. beforeçó the silicon valley, it was one big piece of agricultural land. we do have better temperatures this morning. good news for the;or farmers. we are seeing a lot of cities above freezing. hillsboro, 36.c san mateow3 35. you do t/9q to travel cautiously. we have a chance for black ice. ìáhp&
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widespread as it has been. remaó#ber of the day, temperatures arex8:uájjt to cli towards comfortable levels. upper 50s headed our fáway. 57 in thefá north kobay. san francisco, abq%u 57 degrees for youp,ok today and 58 degre enter the east ñiw3ñibay. it is another spare the air day. keep that in mind. these temperatures are going to ì& couple of days. we have a warmup headed our way. i am going to let you know about snow in san francisco and sledding as we get into this weekend. stick around. coming up.çó back to you, terry and laura. ìáhp && it ismn(v two for the trial a montana newlywed accused of murdering her husband by pushing friends say she showed very little emotion when shew3ok loc his body days after hisz] appearance. his brother took the stand testifying against his own odd when they went tocnp the pa
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to look for graham's husband, cody johnson. she isjf accused of pushing him off the cliff backc in july jus days after their wedding a nevada family missing for daysfá in freezing temperaturess safe this morning. the couple and four young children were discovered inside their overturned jeep infá an aa whe¡r cell phone receptionist sparse. they went to visit a miningçó aa their house but never returned home. the father was able to start a fire and heated upok rocks to kp inside the cart( at nightnb to warm. >> i remained optimistic but due to the weather conditions, they it is a miracle. it really is. >> everybody is said to be doing preá;v innovative of that father. >> he have, very. nice job. "time" magazine just releasing its person of the year. >> an unexpected christmas surprise. how an airline managed to make one flight ñiunforgettable for ]
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tháru reasons. >> we are looking over here. in the right conditions for you to drive along the peninsula. we are going to talk about a crash up in san francisco and let you know about anyñi slowin. i'll show it to you coming up.
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welcome back, happylp wednesday. 4:53. hxjñ of the bay
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bridgo and the lights doing their thing. speaking just for myself and manyb. others, it never gets o. >> not at all. a very chillyq morning. warmerw3w3 but still chilly. >> this is just into our jf newsroom.çó "time" magazine just revealed their 2013 person of the year. it isñr pope francis. >> he beat out a number ofçó ve well-known people, president obama and edward snowden. he also beat out miley e1cyrus, which was maybeq not enough sai. snowden camefáxd in second plac. second tedlp cruz andx+oç bashad placing in the top five. it appears to be growing from popularity, thanks in part to the movie "the hungerr ñgame" they say they have seen a ok105 increase in the number of people programs. gone upxdokc 130%. the lead role in "the hunger
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>>çó girlsok are seeing?; thesg female characters taking ch+;uz and they want to come out and do the same xdthing. it is awesome for our sport and great for theñi girls coming ou and learning and participating. >> lawrence was formerly trained at the chula vista okcenter. an apple on their head for." me to aimw. >> mike is. >>w%]pc looking over here toware traffic flow. a goodok < idea. we will try theçó newsroom game. outhbound 101, smooth flow, ame. traffic, a good number of head e1 . typical volume, no slowing. all the way down to the san rafael bridge. a similar approach toward the maze. moving nicely. ijf did tell you about a crash, north 110 just past 280 right around caesar chavez.
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even though there were a couple of lanes blocked and two or three vehicles involved,xdñ)qv cleared that very quicklyfá because of thejf lighter volumef traffic and no ppñm throughçó san francisco. no delays through the south. a new one reported around the 101/680 interchange.xdt( traveling during the holidays can sometimes bring out the grinch in all of us. one low cost airline handed out holiday cheer to make one flight unforgettable. >> west jet is operating from toronto tot( calgary. it installed a virtual santa to ask passengers what they wanted forúññristmas as theyc scanned their boardingfá passes. >> wish lists ranged from gadgets to new sockst(lp and ñi underwear. >> airlinefá volunteers bought c
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im asked fo. i would ask for a diamond ring. xok crews on thet( massive fire at a commercial building in concord a live update after the break. the ntsb hearing on the deadly plane crash at sfo is about to get underway in washington, d.c. bay area to make sure the victims know the very latest on that investigation.okok we've got someñixd beautifu you can seeok how clear it is. it is a sparqi the airxd dex-y it is chilly out there, warmer but, still, bundle up.
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pre-existing condition. enroll now at breaking news we are covering right now. m working to knock down a fire in the east t(bay. christie smith is talking to crews about when things will be under control. >> a live update next.
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the ruáh gettino ready fora marigujáqáárjz looking intoñrc the deadly asiana aircraft at sfo good morning. temperatures are chilly to i we are running 5-10 degrees milder than 24 hours ago and we are int(ko store for a+ decem warmup. you might be very surprised where we are headed. ñigoodness. we are looking over here on the roadways. you are headed through oakland. a smooth drive. we have the fire in concord. i will talk about how close that freeway drive. >> let's take a live look out from the south bay. that warmup. can you feel it? not really. çó it is wednesday, december 11th, this is "today in the bay." thanks for joining us.


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