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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 11, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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marigujáqáárjz looking intoñrc the deadly asiana aircraft at sfo good morning. temperatures are chilly to i we are running 5-10 degrees milder than 24 hours ago and we are int(ko store for a+ decem warmup. you might be very surprised where we are headed. ñigoodness. we are looking over here on the roadways. you are headed through oakland. a smooth drive. we have the fire in concord. i will talk about how close that freeway drive. >> let's take a live look out from the south bay. that warmup. can you feel it? not really. çó it is wednesday, december 11th, this is "today in the bay." thanks for joining us.
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hours, possibly spending the night in the near freezing temperatures. 13-year-oldok xiomarajnk zelay heidi moreno di#y%ai last night. they were last seen wearing a brown pants and a shirt with -r'k pants and a graylp shirt. mourners are converging upod :m"aor&ive look at pretoria.nal you can see the people passing by his coffin. that's where his body is lying in state for the next three days. visit the state capital and say good-bye to the man they called mandiba. his casket received a full ini] south africa. many people in pretoria lined the streets and sangw3 tributeso mandela as the procession went by. during the bayt( area, there is memorials. san francisco is going to beqg
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holding a service at the rotunda at 8:00 and at noon. a celebration of mandela's life ci. >> it is 5:02. now that the snow is gone, the ntsb is ready to hold aa5ñr maó hearingxdñiñiñiçó9 on theq asi they will lookj8q= whether they were overly reliant on commuter systems. it came in too low and struck across the ñiu'way. three people on board died and hundreds offer others were injured.w3 "today in the bay'[dhase cain is live in burlingame where many of the people affected by the crash gatheredok today to watch those hearings. good morning, c3=r2fá well, good morning. lots of people who either were on board thatçó flight or simpl had family members on board or feel a strong connecáajz to what happened areoçadxd invited to t crown plaza here inçó burlingamk
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they are essentially going to be live streaming like a telecast of that ntsb hearing in washington, d.c. to this conference room here inside the crown plazae1 hotel. hr(t&háhp &c the room at this moment. we are still about half an hour away from the actual start ofw/ that hearing. also, family members and friends that are here are taken into a coupl+p of the members. about what they can expect over that is that we'rexd going to learn essentially everything that thexd ñi0lntsb knows abou happened on the day of that crash. plane is structured to the way ñ were trained to d to the way operate that plane. questions of automation were the primary questions. we will be out here all morning and hopefully hear from some of the folks that have shownñi upk here today to hear about the
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hearing. we'll be back with you in less than half an hour. for now, live in burlingame, n the bay."xd nbc bay area will stream the hearing live on our website, just search. the ntsb will also stream thei] hearingajeuz in three different languages. korean, mandarin and english.ñó he will have a live report starting at 6:00. today, the formerxdxd contr guilty of conspiracy andw3 extortion -7p find out how long he will have to stay behind bars. he was convicted of helping former private investigator, christopher cbutler, set up the arrestsok of three men in danvie in 2010 and 2011. they wereok husbands of hislr fe custody cases. friends of butler's reportedlyx got the men drunk at bars and convinced them to drive away.
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only toñi have him waitingfá to arjlqtz for dui. the maximum sentence would be 20 it islp 5:04. special prayerfálp service will &háhp &hc& they will host a prayerfát( ser in the lot. out blankets, jackets and other goods. the four men died during the recent cold snap. they are doing everythingçó t8e can to prevent more from happening hristina is here to 2!- to on. it is happening right now. >> for the people that work-out pit has been veryt(. we are starting out at normal in places likefá san francisco. a few degrees from normal lows. it has been so cold. the 20s, upper 20s, is up in theñi north
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bay. make sure you areñi ready for a cold start. nowhere near as cold as itñr ha been. good morning,fá sanjnkjf jose. look where you arexd headed, 59 57 in los altoes. here is where wexd arefá headed. want to show you where wecee1 going. conditions are going to continue to feel more comfortable outside. next week, temperatures are going to climb into the 70s. re this morning. not as cold as itok has been.jf still, though, watch out for black ice. let's find out about how we are doing on your drive. here is mike inouye. ouple of days. a couple ofxd degrees can make a little better for the peninsula. the duranlp bridge.lp
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we will track thatçóxdçó +ññiq. no problems down theçóñi eastsh freeway. comingñi from the caldecott toñ ñyr"ge. screen, smooth drive. cross over from or to the north bay san rafael. ju 101. we'll zoom inw3 over here. christie smith is on scene. there is a fire in concord.ok she will reference 242 and 680. you see the circle north of concord way. location. that is possibly visible from 242. 680 and 242 themselves, the no off or on ramps are closed. noc surprise. just down to 58. 57 at thexd worst. no cars on the roadway.
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we'll see how things are for the south bay. northbound ct(101, a br) perio of time, there x a crash reported it might have been mistaken. there was also a crash that was confirmed in san francisco. both of those are cleared now. you see how confusing it can be in the city. it is the bayfá area with so mu roadway to t(okxjjuy back to you. >> thanks a lot. a story for you. there will soon be a new ju driversht on highway 101 in san carlos. the mercury news reports the city council has approved plans for ag billboard a block from the freeway. the large sign is expected toht generate more than $5 million for theqt( city over the next 2 years. it comesñi with controversyko part of the deal, the billboard to come down. one council member says it is unfair to take financial profit away from private property ownekqz breaking news out of the east bay, crews are battling a four-alarm firee1 at a commerci building inñconcord. the fire has been burning for
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hours on stan well drive rightj next to thexd buchanon airport. "today in the bay's" christie smith, live in concord. pá'sw3 burning inside this building. it started at 12:30. i want to show you whatw3 it stl looks like this morning, smoke ands flames pooring from the they ha6"á two ladderútiucksxd k are pouring water from the we have aok partial roof collap. i did speak with the owner. he said he can't believe it. he said (rr'g fromc the outside with a couple of employees infá tears watching this business burn. it is called all phone company. that's what it is. they have a lot of plastic phone ñ this is a 50,000 square foot building here on stanwell drive at least 70 pfeiffer fighterser they are taking thisi] defensiv posture and have been doing that
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thelp ownerñi tells me he was asleep. police called him and told him the building he has had for five yearsfáñi was onfát(lpi]lpçóko. he also told us about a security system. i couldn't believe it. i had never seen anything like it was completely gone. everything is gone. >> reporter: again, there is that plastic smell in there. i spoke with firefighters. only now am i starting to smell they are saying for folks that are sensitive, you may want to close your windows. it is so cold most people would have their windows closed anyway. no injuriesokñi at thisokfájf p.
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firefighters said they don't know how it w3started. chance to go to thev(()hár"e ofc thet(ok building. that's the scene from here. reporting live in concord. it isxd 5:11. just out for a few hours andjt&& already youtube's latest video is a hit. we are going to take a lookxd a the 2013 rewind next. (muák a southern california offá revenge pornce1 images.
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early on this chilly just afterçó midnight, youte the commercial for girls toys, goaldy locks got millions of views.çó scott mcgrew over the song that
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she jfused. >> this is that video. here itxd cis. it's the version of the boyst( the words. itçóñi has lotsçó of newsp,xdjó it was such a great girls versus the beattya5t( boys were prote their right to use h: songs. this week, they are back and suing goldie blocks accusing the song as a publicity stunt. >> now, the woman behind goldiq blocks, pretty good at publicity before creating that, she want a goat using theñro$uu'e f the saturday nightlife video, i'm on axdxdçófájfçó beat. >> good morning, scott. we have the futuresjf pointing a flatc start.
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stocks pulling back for the &háhp &hc& tuesday as investors contemplate whether the fed may decide to start cutting its massive bondñ buying program at its meeting next week. the fact we have a budget deal takes away another sort ofw3 overhang on the economy. so that's one of the things that we are going to get data today on the federal budget. that will come out this afternoon. the dow willokc start shy ofñi . the nasdó1$ec 4060. i have been thinking about who might be the business person of the year. jeñ be janet yellen, the first woman who is going to beu confirmed as the new fed chair, marissa myer,çó ron johnson, bi jcpenney, so many to choose from? >> i was just talkiqt tkk herxd
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lastñiq night. what's your vote çóçóthere? >> i think yellen but maybe next year would be her big year obviously if she starts in january.ñri] >> i'm kind of e1torn. that went so;or spectacularly wrong. >> bertha coombs is in the top five. >> we are going to talkc about facebook coming up in just a bit. kind of backtracking on some of the ideas they have. we'll take a look in a minute. >> we'll lookçó forward to that. let's check the forecast. christina loren was talking about short sleeves. >> are you going to hawaii or something? have your tommyi] bahama gear ready to go, terry mcsweeney. nice and mild next week. you are up from the teens andok low 20s.
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east bay,ñi 38. we arejf headed toward thexd upc 50s finally after a week of very cold temperatures. we are going to climb closer to ourt( average. in san jose, our average this time of year is about 62 degrees. we will be at 59. we are going to bypass0ljut averages as we get into next week. fremont, walnut creek, 58 deíes. livermore, 58. outg tri-valley. this is where we arelpñi headed qualitywise. it is going to get worse before it gets better. this is a bigçó story in the weather department. i$ )m the air quality that's going to want to make you limit your outdoor activityt( today. if you suffer fromñi respirator issues or asthma,q if you arefá part of that sensitive group. that's going to be the case for tomorrow, not getting much bett#8é finally, somezv improvementñi y intoñiçóñiñr saturday. is talking about. temperatures are going to climb
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to aboutt(ñr 62ok by wednesday. as we get into theq end of the week, temperatures are nice and comfortable. comfortable numbers slowly throughout the next coupleñi of days. let's check on yourjfw3 drive. >> the speed limit is 65. we have a smooth drive around we have igurt(bay.rive around a slightly lighter volume. ÷ happens@oúw through january.t( >> long ago, there was some concrete damage. you might seet(xd a little bit debris. i have b just inçó case. palo alto shows you a smooth drive forxd 101.
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01 into san francisco. 280, aym similar situation. fremont moves nicely, no problems. southbound with the headñi ligh. northbound past the truck dealsd through fremont.3w connecting those two. look at this. the dumbarton bridge, highway 84. 92. westbound is your commute over to this side.c a smoothñiok drive. there is a crash on to the bayshore. a tad t)r of slowing on our we get a live look on the bay bridge toll plaza. there is no back hy no need to show you. i will watch for this. if there are any, içó will show them to y/áwñ >> a san diego mant( accused of posting revenge porn online and making woment(jf pay hundreds o dollars to have the pictures removed will makei] his first appearance in court today. in the first of its kind, a
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state attorney general has filed 31 counts of conspiracy,w3 identity theft and extortioni] against kevin bowl earth. cf1 o posted where heq posted sexuall photos of the women given to him by ex boyfriends and ep-[usbands. ked took the women's social mediañi accounts. he also rant( a sitelit(s&ed che my reputationtpiq)e hei] charge their pictures removed. $-%ayrrjeñ is 5:21.n shutfá dow. uruguayt( is about to become th first country to qlegalize the cultivation and sale of marijuana on a national scale. the president says heq-%11c ent the legislation in the coming days, to create aht state-run- stut to regulate and control the planting,q harvesting and sale r marijuana. they hope it will help decrease drug-related violence in the country.
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the us air force's attempt to spread holiday viral. we'll show you next.
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musicians came together for eye flash mob at the national air and space museum inñi washington, d.c. the viralxd videoxd has more th million hits on youtube far ceeding thq6h100,000 hits the band was hopingok to get. the us air force hopes to keep that momentum goim itlp released 15 new videos eve dayc from now untilok decembertf on its facebook page. >> i like it when people walking by looking up like, what in the heck is going on infá my area
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here? >> kind ofqok cool. >> an airline in canada known for its special stunts. this may take thet(xd xdcake. >> west jet installed a virtual ñ ou want for christmas? >> gadgets to new socks and r underwear. while thexd passengers were çó shopping. while theyçó arrived, they received their holiday surprise. éñg)çóxd just felt, that kid must feel when you are >> they have done holiday stunts before.ñrq!v cf1 o last year, a christmas elfñi fló mob surprised passengers. >> did you seeñr somebody hadt( android tablet? >> you have to be careful what you ask for. >> think big. >> there you go. >> want to check in now? we have meteorologist, christina loren. she has ai look at our forecas. how are we looking right now. >> pretty cold out xdjfthere. >> my mom still buys stocksok a
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underwear. >> santai] does xdthat. >> you are right, ie, santa. he knows she picks out the cute stuff too. the south bay, east bay, 38 degrees. 40 inok san francisco. we're about 5 degreese1 milder the çi hours ago.lébr(t&háhp &hc a pretty good-looking day shaping up.t(ok finally, a returnxd of the uppe 50s just a few degrees away from  across the bay area in thexd heat of t day. then, we keep on climbing. your full forecast in just a few moments. let'sxc- your drive.t( what di÷(xd santa get you last year? that's my question. >> what did santa get me? >> santa got me a really cool vest. i'm not sure. i've got took check. looking over here toward the bay bridge. we will talk about that. it's traumatic. an easy flow of traffic. no problems. we'renb building the volume jua bit. look at the map. a smooth flow through the entire east bay. we look at the maps, southbound
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to 238. reports of some sort ofó t(debñ there is a slowdown, theg mayñi be a trafficw3 raid going on unl they can clear that. we will follow that.ñr counter commute,t( meanwhile soh 880. moving to the shoulder, we will follow it as well. back to you. >> q5:27. still to come on "today in the bay," a nationallyc acclaimed youth golf coachq facing charge accused of molestingçó three children he waswc/x teaching at livermore golf course. then, policelp say therei may b moree1 victims.lp weñr continue to follow breaking news. firefighters still working on a four-alarm fireñr at a buildingn concord. when they will ,%tjr(áájju(.
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a live look ate1c washingto d.c. 16 degreesfá milder. da we'll tell you when. >>ñ rt is early but i'm going to give you updates on the two }u bay incidents as the south bay starts to build as well. let's take a live look outside on thise1 wednesday morning halfway through your j we take a distant ugh your look at the bay bridge, i believe. it is wednesday, december 11th. this is "today in the bay."kotr good morning. thanks for joining us. mcqueeny.xd the ntsb is getting readyfá crash at the sfo. our crew tells us hundreds of people actually lined up waiting
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/a]%q!lp what happened when th plane crashed in july killing three and injuring hundreds of others. pilots relied too much on automation and firstjf responde reacted appropriately at thexd some victims of the crash,w3 in area as well. "today in the bay's" chase cain is there as well. how many people have shown up so far? >> reporter: still not a very large crowd. he interested in hearing what they tripnb to washington,qg
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the hearing has gotten underway within the last couple of minutes or they aret( gearing u for it. you see a lot of people checking inñrqcxdçót( here.3w there areñi headsets passed out for those thatwm+ don't speak english asñr their first langua sook they can hear everything that's revealed today. we are not going to hear what caused this crash. they are goingxd to be laying o all the evidence and information. today. there are five different sessions. two of the five arew3 scheduledo focus on thei] issuet( of # that's what's been discussedxd to what played into what happened and took the lives. here at the crown plaza hotel, people are streaming in.
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this is añi very long day. some may not be showing up until later. we will be out here the rest of the morning. of course, continue to ke1ñ you updated and bring you any thoughts or comments from the people who haverçnç chosen to bt here this morning. for now, we wille1 sentjfxd it o you in the studio. >> our investigative unit is also in washington attending the hearing. they are getting into the building as we speak. we'll have a live update in our 6:00 hour.r we are also streaming the fire in concord. the fire has been burning for hours on stanwell drive next to theçó buchanon airport. "today in the bay's" christss smith is live in concord. the fire is contained but stillg >> reporter: i just got new
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m9ñ they say theyi] have 8o)áq" so much water on this fire. they have trucks sp@a[ing jfññr gallons a minute. they are having to trade out ones with morejf water. burning. it started at 12:30.q here it is p 5:30. he got a call from police and came here and watched it burn. some employees said he was in tears. this is all phoneñixd company. a commercial phonet(t( installa business.r a lot of plastic burning inside. firefighters tell mefá there is to takexab defensive mode. it may not look like it. it isçóokt(ok still burning. this is under control. they want to spray water through the roof.
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here is what he had to say. >> i don't know how to react on way or another. there is nothing you can do. had this business? >> reporter:%rq)e is a plume of smoke rather large going straight pmá9ñ it is near 242 and 680. "á freeways. rm2a5e be smelling thatxd plasd smell. i asked what you do withlp that? °e clothes youk window. going up and i askedw3q how long this might burn. at this point, they stillq don' even know. they are just trying to spray as 1u(r water on it as theyñi can. the owner says that sometimes back. jcsayçó they know that haven't had a chance to check that, because, again, they are not going inside the they are staying on the outside. still don't know what?; starte
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this. in concord, christie smith, "today in the bay." now, to a developing story at 5:36.t(t(i] two sisters are missingçó fm richmond, 13-year-old xiomara zelaya and 9-year-old heidi mord no werelp last seent( at their at 5:00. xiomara was wearing blackfá yog pants and acc blank tank top wi skulls. her younger sister was wearing pink pants and a beige jacketc with a i]xdhood. there is a chance they could be in san francisco, because that's where they go to[çm school. >> investigators anq trying to figure out if a nationally acclaimed youth golf coach has more victims. been charged with 65 counts of child molestation. to many children. he says his victims were his own students. one of them just 12 years old.
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on jackson avenue next to an elementary school. that has neighbors very concerned. that has neighbors very concerned. >> i don't want to see him he doesn't need to be around here. if he did whatlp theyok are say refute.ñror(t&háhp &hc you haven't heard the evidence yet. i'm sure they will get intoñi i in court. i don't think they will let him near the school o$ñko neighbor again. the alleged molestations happened betweenñi 2009 andq la year. he also coached in michigan, north carolinae1e1 and alabama. investigatorsfá are reaching ou in those states as well. crews areñi expected in a g fire in oakland. fire in p$e pavement yesterday morning. for more than threet(c hours. installed back inúñd1946ok leaked fueling fire. the utility is still looking into the exact cause of the leak and whatçót( ignited thexd flam
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happened here. my family could all die. >> they say gas lines passed leak testing in august ofokfá l year. let's check the traffic on this wednesday morning. mike, what's going on? >> we take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza wheret(xd we the backup starting to form. not a big deal. you have to show it to folks. they will know what to expect. the metering lights turn'
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south 880, we have seen that crash clearing as well. one liveçó look at the san mate bridge. it is a smooth drive. ìáhp & i can clearly see that high-rise. you can clearly see somefáxd hi temperatures or at least a little bit. right? >> we a4%e going to see a nice day because of that reason. good morning to you. temperatures are mostly above mountainview. 40 in san francisco and so we're seeing a milder start in theok cityxn the bay. what we're working with right in the city. mission. we have a pretty good day shaping up. temperatures are going to climb into the upper 50i]s. temperatures are going to climb into the upper 50i]s. it will feel a lott(ok more ár&der than at this time yesterday. up inxd napa. as we head tht)uá$u$is afternoon, we are going to climb in the5÷k upper 50s.
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krauz. 59, san jose. 58 degrees along theñrxdt(fáw3 . you don't have to waitñr for yo seven-day forecast. i want to show youok san francisco. we have a bigt( event. holiday snow festok civic cente #y-uieáu'day from 10:00 to nb4:3'íñ free ridesnb down a big mound snow on a sled. hey, if is it free, it is for me. back took you, terry and laura. 5:40 right now. saying good-bye to nelson mandela. the world continues to mourn the loss of the civil rights icon. we willu go live to south afric next. plus, possibly a done deal. the vote todayi] that could kee the+ federal governmentçó from shutting down for at least another two ye9å(t&háhp &hc& #
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today, around the world, people get to pay their respects to nelsonxd mandela. they will be able to pass by the casket and say good-bye to theç "át+h(p&led mandiba.ok tracie potts is live. >> reporter: they did this morning along with familyt( members. this afternoon has been for the public. take a look. i-jfry u can see that whitecñr k at the top, that's where we believe nelson mandela's casket has been placed. there a long lin.á that appears to be several blocks to get in there. we've seen that linexdt( all da long. likely thousands of people coming in and outct( today. we have been watching the buses. there was quite a bit ofht security here today. earlier, añr processional as th
5:44 am
brought this casket from the military hospital, which is only about tenc minutes away. it was a short right but a slow we have been watching the erection of a statue planned#wz before heokjf died. the 100th anniversary of this building is planned. they have been working on that asxd well. a prettyok busy day here in pretoria. a busyt( weekend.e1 the funeral andxd hisxdjf buria his finalñi resting place. a small village in the eastern cape. all of that happening on sunday. it is 5:44. members of congress say they have reached a bipartisan dealo on government spending levels. they still have to get it passed by friday. the deal is aimed less asñi chipping away at nation's $17 trillion national debt and more atok keepingt( washington from another government shutdown. hr(tc
5:45 am
extension of unemployment benefits that democrats have beençó hoping for. president obama called the deal a good firstt(lpoke1ñilpfá stepc >> theok budget will get its fit test this morning in afá meetin with republican house leadership. legislation bwó tomorrow. a nevada family missing for days in freezing temperatures is safe this morning.ñrt(xd the couple and their fourñi you children were discovered inside a jeep. they went to visit afá mining aa their house and never returned home. the father was able to start a fire and he heated up rocks to keep inside the car at night to stay warm. i remained optimistic,-$çó due to the weather conditions, they were drastic.çóc
5:46 am
it's a miracle. it really is. >> everyone seems to be doing well, all things çóconsidered.xx >> it was so cold out there asx well. >> well below zero.t( we want to check in with meteorologist, christina loren. trend in the sierra as well?  california. that's a really greatfá story. i can't believe none of them had to be treated, because it was so fridge it out there. good. temperatures are climbing above the freezing mark inxd most cits across the bayc lparea. not in the north bay. 28 degrees everywhere e1else. we are not expecting that widespread frost this morning. looking good. wantok to s,á you what san francisco is waking up with. mostly clear start. that's helpingok td keep your temperatures up. 16 degrees milder in napa. 57, foster city. pacific fáhe)"1ñ same for you.
5:47 am
no real micro climatexd separation. 57, santa rosa. 58, cfremont.jf 58 infát( pleasanton. téiood news, badxd news. bad newsu is our airmhyquality. we are going to see it get worse as we headfá through thursday, friday, into saturday. somepjutáu as an area of friday, into saturday. ixd north. that's the good news. 2f(rovement onko the way.ú twog hazy out there all afternoon.çó temperaturewise, hereñis73w i good news. this is our trend as we get into the end of the week. temperatures are going to start weekend. looking really good there. as we head through thec begin,ig of next week, mondayxd and tuesday, the d2÷s. we deserve that after the cold snap. it is overñrçó now.
5:48 am
mike.ñi we're looking over toward 4ne bay bridge and the cash d lanes. you will see the metering lights turned on over the next 10 minutes or so just like yesterday because of this volume. a smooth drive ont( our maps al nothing really unexpected as fac as thexd flow. we will get3 to this orange an yellow coming up in a second. wet( are showing this slower drive. no big accidents or crashes here or for 84 and 680, stillq at th limit down through sunol. we are in this area. fire that christie smith continues to tell us about, jusr north of concord ñravenue. there is local traffic controlment concord avenue sounds like it is clear. the off ramp is not a problem at 242. tzeñ issues you might jev able to see, the flashing lights and some activity fromc the fir. structured fire around buchanon( airport. visibility and more issues may st
5:49 am
eaó there. an easy drive around the bay ñ around the bay it happening today, san jose council members willw3 discuss installing smart streetw3 light. they are considering teaming up with phillips in a state-of-the-art street lights. they want to install led lights city-wide by 2022. only about ño% have been converted. the sport of archery appears to be growing in popularity thanks in part to the hunger gamesfá movies. center in southern california says it has seen a 105% increase in the r;s!er of people signing up for entry-level programs.
5:50 am
participation among women isx:á 130%. the national team managerfá say the lead role inxf"thelp[çm huc games" played by jennifer lawrence, is inspiíjt youngjf girls to take part in[çm the sp. >> it has been awesome for ourp& sport and it is great for the girls who arec coming out and learning and participating. >> lawrence was formerly trained at the chula vista center. anothewi personok with a bow. >> the movie "brave" ast( well. a ÷arrow. >> you said no. >> i don't know. i don't want to find out. 5:50. anr person of the year. we are going x tell you if edwardé@ snowden beat out pope francis. some things noté@g'ñh to p your resume. all ahead in business news.
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welcome back, everyone. we are giving you a live lookjf from washington, d.c. this morning whereñi the ntsb hearin on thet( asiana air crash. it isok 5:53 right now. new this morning, millions ofc you voted. ì& show, the managingjf editor fro "time" magazinejf announced the pick for the person of the year. he has edward snowden at number two and pope francislpw3 at num one. >> person of the year? >> the person of the year is pope francis? >> "time" selectedxd the pope fm
5:54 am
the short list because he has changed the perception and focus of one of the world's biggest way. you saw edwardt( snowden come i edith windsor, whoóñ lawsuit led to the repealc of theé@ó[ defens marriagenb act. :91%mqm1%uju)qq't obama, and iranian president,xd hassan ray any and secretary of health and humanñiclp services, kathleen sebelius and miley ñiçócyrus. miley second. you thought that edward snowden th. kind of puts you in a bit of an awkward position. >> youçó don't want to s%!ñ tpae pope. he has done incredible, amazing things. that oksaid, itqçó is a bit mysterious snowden didn't win. he has caused political riffs between the u.s. and germany,
5:55 am
hearings, protested in the street, caused google and yahoo! to fightçót( our own government. glen greenwaldçó said only 1% o the secrets have beenok spilled. is always next year. other news, new data show lots of people are quitting their jobs. becau other jobs. there are job openings to take. in fáfact, job openings now at p five-year high. people moving around the economy is good for all of us. it creates home purchases, jobs so they get biggerw3 salars and that means more spending.#;& in silicon vallcñ most, not some@cmt most job offers come through linked in. e is actually taking a lookfj$pá people's linked-infá resumes an say a vastlpc majority ofb.xdc ourselves responsible. it tops the link in list of overused words. strategic, creative, effective, o five. in a blog this morning, linked
5:56 am
in sugg$ms you separate yourself using different words. i never thought ofw3çó patient. it would be anu incredible in a resume. s not. i am noko the patient.ñi >> thank you, scott. >> i want to check in with meteorologist, christina loren. >> you should see terry when i'm doing the weather. he is checking his clock, < tu&. we are lucky to have you here, terry. vmrj lucky. morning. as you are getting your day going, maybe an extra cup of coffeet( as we still have black 34, san tvju 34, w3qsáu(r'v. although the temperature is not quitee1 asokxdok freezing, your windshield does get colder. sometimes we might see frost or black ice out there.c let's find out if that is the case. mike inouye is all over your té!lack icet( was all over the reports the last few days.
5:57 am
a little drive. the north bay, a smoothxd drives well. no reports of black ice. it is a potential there. we have aw3 cold morning back. francisco. caesar chavez, with he see the back to you. 5:57. the ntsbw3 hearing into thexd ad air crash underway. we continue to follow breaking news. firefighters have controlledxd e warehouse but have not been able to knock it down. that's actually an east bay warehouse. update coming up. in a perfect world every man would look like john stamos. wow! wow! and in a perfect world, what's delicious would be healthy too. wish granted. dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt. this really is too good to be true! dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt. ♪ dannon.
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5:59 am
i couldn't believe this. i never seen anything like that. i never seen. it isçó unbelievable. a phone company gutted by ok
6:00 am
sky-high flames jfovernight. at the scene attacking from above and on the grown. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. gk terry mcqueeny. out the fire. still burning as wñ(ok speak. people are on theok scene watchg it burn to the ground. it is happening right now on stanwell andt( concord and buchanon airport and golf course. that is wherefá "today in the b" christie smith joins us live. it has to bet( an emotional morning for the people that work therejf watching thosexdct(ok f. that's how we spotted them. here we have a four-alarmñr fir started at 12:30. here it is, 6:00 and it is still burning. what i can tell you isñr that i seeing more snoek than flame. it is under c


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