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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 11, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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sky-high flames jfovernight. at the scene attacking from above and on the grown. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. gk terry mcqueeny. out the fire. still burning as wñ(ok speak. people are on theok scene watchg it burn to the ground. it is happening right now on stanwell andt( concord and buchanon airport and golf course. that is wherefá "today in the b" christie smith joins us live. it has to bet( an emotional morning for the people that work therejf watching thosexdct(ok f. that's how we spotted them. here we have a four-alarmñr fir started at 12:30. here it is, 6:00 and it is still burning. what i can tell you isñr that i seeing more snoek than flame. it is under control is whatc
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firefighters are saying. they are still spraying water from the outside. what they are dealing with is a partial roof collapse of the building. beenfá any electrical work recently or anything like that spark a ñiqfire. from police and came down and this is whó4÷ok he saw. his business. the all phoneñr company. that's whatfá it is called on fe going up in flames chls. this is a 50,000 square foot building with plasticq material inside. there is aeitt plume ofw3 smoke up and out and plastic. this is on stanwell drive and çó 680 and 242. the highways are not impacted. 70 firefighters. the owner tells me heok reliesc a security system to alert him that something is wrong. >> i usually will say,c don't call the police until you have a second alarm. if somebodyw3 breaks in and wal in, there is at( second alarm.
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i went back to sleep. they come in. i couldn't believe this.xd i never seen a thing like that. it was completely gone. everything is gone.e1 >> again, there is a plastict( smell in the air from the plastic from the cone company that isñi÷ burning. what firefighters are saying is that if you arexd sensitive and you are in the area, you might want to close your vents. they are saying this plume seems to be going up and away. they don't yet know how it started. they say that may take a while to figure out. again, here we are still watching it as theyfá sprayqjf . firefighters tell us there are homeless sometimes in the rear believec thatp, this started ie the building. that's thet( latest from here christie smith,e1c "today in th bay." >> christie, thanks very much. now, to ac developing story in richmond where the search is on for two sisters missing.u
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police say 13-year-old xiomara zelaya and 9-year-old heidi moreno were lastjfçó seen at th home. xiomara was wearing black yoga pants and a2bnackñi tank top wi skulls. her younger sister wearing pink pants and a beige jacket with a hood. they could be in san francisco, ñ where they go to school. it was a moment of impact that changed hundreds of lives forever and brought the actions of pilots, airlines and first uders into sharp focus. today, we will have a clear understanding of how and why at sfo airport. >> yesterday's hearing was postpo)mçó due to snow in washi/=91"ei burlingame. let's start out withxd steven stock, liveok in washington, d., where the hearing is already underway. 'htj morning,
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laura. in fact, the hearing is going on about two stories right jfbelowe in a bunker type conference room about half full right now.ñrr chairman debrac herzman began te hearing. let's take a livet( look in as they begint( hearing temperatur they areokfá scheduled to have different panels, three ofq the the cockpitok design of the bq%g ì& that was taking placenbñi insie cockpit and the relationshipp, between the. what they did and didó[ not do. chairman herz man began this meeting byç"ñrsaying, quote, we meet to learn theñi lessonsñrfáe crash of aseana 214.çó they doñr not find fault. it is a t(fact-finding mission.
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here is what else she had took say. >> on behalf of my fellow board membersçólp and the entire ntsb to those that lost lovedjf ones andçó e textend our sincere wis for those who were injured to achieve a full recovery.ok >%.(eporter: the chairman also reached out to thoseñi watching live in san francisco and the entire bay area as well as folk1 around the world.ó[t( >> there are representatives from airlines from korea, china, the netherlands and france. this is getting worldwide attention. the purpose of this entirelpokc gather information and more what went onc in thet( cockpit when asiana 214 crash landedc on july 6th.
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three people were killed. month are than 180 people ini]ok total, morñ thanmyxd 20 were transported to area hospitals. sh he said, okwe, again,htw3ó[ here to find fault. we are here to make sure this tk(é$earing throu?h the entire 6y latest. for now, reporting live, from washington, d.c., i'm steven stock. terry, laura, back to you.çó let's go to chase cain live at the crown plaza hotel in burlinggame. the hearingçó for crashe1ñi sur. chase? >> reporter: apparently, everybody that has gathered so f1 just officials. we haveñi no friends or family that have gathered yet. only añi handfulçó ofjf them ha
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this is sort of a requiredok pa of thejf sort of investigations. they are required to hold live simulcast of the hearing within a certain radius of the crash site. that is the reason they have this here. it is also for the friends and family that may not be able to travel to washington, d.c. although, we have been toldlp tt many of those people thatc were truly interested in what the ntsb has to say today and what they are going to share, many of the people did make the tripxd washington, d.c. thatt( hearing just got okunder as steven just told youc about. oneok last thing i want to poin out that was in the early comments from the beginning of the hearing was that the director of flight operations, captain kent fromc asiana airlines made it true that he is deeply sorrysv4 for the loss of life. we will continue to be out here and bring you any updates as thc day goes on. for now, we'll send it back to
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you in thexd studio. chase, thanks very much. we are streaming the hearing live on ourxdçó website, nbc ba( now, to check the weather this morning. area as we gw6#t( you a live lo outside at san jose. actually, an increase in those  i want to check in with christina. >> i like it wheni] the car fí]ttmiistepped down the we arejfñi looking good. 40 degrees in san francisco. i had good inñi my warning. you have to put things in and san martin is waking up with 32 degrees. as we head throughout the day, we are starting out milderw3 byf 5-8 degrees in some cases.r nid as we head throughout thec remainder of the afternoon. 6 degrees milder in napa this morning. that brings you out of the 20s and back to the 30jfs. i'mxdxd sure you probably notic
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that difference if you work or wait outside where itçó is typically thexd coldest. 57 in san -9f2m=9ñ temperatures are going to feel force. it will be a little hazyfá out there. to the northt( bay. 57, santafáxd rosa. east bay looks good. 58 in livermore. remember, for your seven-day forecast, terry is doing the he knows we have a warmup just around the corner. all thosec numbers are right hee for you. what's going to contribute to thatcy:ñarmup is high pressure. it is going to build in strong as we get through the next couple of çódays. the oneçó caveat weym lphave, )ing warmer days but prettyd air quality. high pressure builds g we getko stagnant air mass c all that pollution just gets capped right over the bayu are. we head to the nextçó couple of days. mixing with an area of low pressure on the way.
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we aree1 looking at better airo quality friday, saturday, andxd sundaro cf1 o spare the air meansçó ifxd you try to carpool this morning. >> always tryñr to carpool. reduce the number of cars on the road. tr. because it is southbound xd101xd at hospital e heading around the bend with those tail lights getting over there. let me give you a look at the map, wheree1 i) san francisco ts is.ñ!(pr(t&háhp &htv9 we have a crash here getting off of the bay bridge. it is slow.çó jamming up as you approach hospitalok curve and caesar chavez. just slow lane is blockedx by a l,jree-vehicle crash there. injuries, noph)jt asfá dramatics wast( initially reported. it sounds likevp some were trapd in a vehicle. we have a slow drive around the bend and coming off of theok brl asfáçó well. chp says it will be at least an hour. if you are coming over, once you
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a=ai=t city on the westbound dirr3+ion, the upper begin to slow. prepare for that andxd1=] a little extra time if you are coming over from the east the lanes are backed )ha%9 anticipation of thefá slowing. the volume of traffic down the eastshore fr7e,ay. back to the maps. we wille1 show you there is nothing really unusual about thj rest of the bay wech. we have slowini( through the tri-valley. a stall reported around the 101 and 880 interchange at the off ramp. it is a big rig off to the shoulder. it is sticking very close to the slow lane. 4-ñ5jp)e concerned about that and 85 up towards the area ofzv blossom hill. an earlier crash and maybe some debris, guys. back to you. >> thanks a lot,ñi mike. timeqxd right now, 6:11. still ahead on "today in the bay," a local coach trusted with children, now under arrest. coming ñiup,çó we'll tell you we is behind bars and why his crime
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will extend beyond stateçó line. of the year? you willñr see the short list here. we will tell you who gets the all-time high. twitter hits an õs&-time high and the goldieblocks are back in the news.
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firefighters are struggle to gain the upper hand onfá a masse fire at the all phonew3 companyn stanwell drive next to theé@ buchanon field okairport. they are using two ladder trucks to pull water from above because the roof has partially collapsed. no reports of any injuries.ñr
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molestation. ?; coach. the alleged molestations happened between 2009 and last year. asiana airu crash is now underway. the pilot told investigators he was stressed about trying to land because the runway's automatic warning systems were out of service. wall street may set more records. >> 16,000. we set records monday. a bit of an ease tuesday and we are back onjf tracklp for yet m records. the dow at 15,995. yeah, sure. they are worried aboq the fed tapering. the budget news out of washington may counter that. it looks like a good day for investors. twitter has had an all-time high. that ipo a month ago november 7th.lp the stock in thatñi time has doubled. goldie blox is back in court
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67. the company is behind the viral video. the music is from the beastyw3 d boys.t( they didn't haveçó permission fm the beasty boys. they sued them not the other way around until this week when the it. they accused goldie blox oft( getting the publicity at the band's oçexpense. they areq taking goldie bloxfát court. the woman behind goldie blox is $u)u$ viral videos. she made the video "i want a goat" to%ápu attention to poverty in the third world. she alsoe1fá borrowed thatc tunc well, saturday night's live's i'm on a boat.lébr(t&háhp &hc council members discussqkzó installing smart streetlights this < afternoon. they are considering88áqpsr'g u with phillips in a
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private/public partnership. it would allowñi phillipsçóc to collectxd revenue through cellur site revenues. they want s-ñçó install city-wi by 2022. only about 5% have beenñi converted. v÷wq christina lmn is here as she was promising a warmup. as always,t( she has delivered.d >> if i don't deliver, you will see it all over my facebook page. this morning. it is still cold enough for black ice and frost formation. want to put that on your radar. happy to report running about w3 5-8 degrees milder than 24 hours ago. that means we are above freezind in the south bay. east bay. looking goodt( in san franciscot as w head throughout the day, temperatures are going to be comfortable. we are going to see a little bit of a building breeze, which is good news when it comes to our air quality. it has been foure1 consecutivef
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our air quality is starting to suffer. temperatures are going to end up in the 60qoks for todayokçóc in cities like gilroy. 56 in the out ter richmond district of san francisco. we are lookingé@ at 58, walnut creek. 58,jf pleasanton. no major microxd climateçó separation as we get into the day. i do want to talk about it is at(ñrátp)e the air day. we are likely going to continue that trend as we head throughout tomorrow. it gets a little bit worse. high pressure containslp and pu it traps in all that pollution right at the surface. the good news is, we shouldn't be staztzng the air ont( fridayr saturday as an area ofqq low pressure comes through. =xsá will mix up the atmosphere and make things a little bit better. about. the warmupxd in the 60xds. degrees as high pressure takes
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control. you can always find your seven-day forecast. coming up, i'm going tocokçóok about snow? a free even for you and your family.çó let's check your drive and say good morning to mike inouye. >> wejf love free but the tollc plaza, not free. christina showed you in the fb(& background, one of her shots, it on purpose. we had the bigkyp()u( and allc the cars ñiidling. no wood-burning fires unless it is absolutely necessary. a little source of heat. the backup at the toll plaza made worse because of the activity on the side. we havesñ] a crash southbound t around caesar chavez. 8period of time. off of van ness. a big gym coming off of the upper deck into san francisco. welyuz a slowdown because of this. anotherñ half hour until the right crews can get there and get through the backup and clear these cars from the roadway. no major injuries.
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things should start to moveq better after that. right now, look at this live shot. you see this drive coming around the bend. approach. now, your commute northbound 101 andok over toward the bay bridg just fine gettinw3 back over t the east bay.c we will look farther south ong 101. palo alto northbound. through sanñr mateo, easy drive freeway, 280. no problemse1 along the peninsu. bapd to the maps again, the south bay. you justñr saw the change from yellow to orange. the speed dipping doá$ into thr 50-mile-per-hour range. 87 just starting to show a little volumeok increase. 85 andxd 280. no surprises. the build is on for the south bay. a little slowing on 238 off of 880. your typical commute patterns here. a nice flow of traffic throughx livermore, dublin and pleasanton. good stuff for 580 and 680.
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the volume of traffic startsi t build. here is south 880xd past the trd scales. that fremont parkway signed. big localok landmarks and a nic easy drive. noñr delays for the nimitz and through the toll plaza. back to you. back atok 2013.taking a look é, e1 just after midnight, they released theirfá youtube rewind. >> rewind, me love rewind. ♪t(fác >> the annuallp video looks at e top music and viral videos of 2013. it features youtube stars that have received millions of mits. among the features in this year'sc cvideo, a spoof of mil= cyrus's wrecking ball video. for a few hours, it hasc alread received more than 17 million hits. >> lpwow. nice job, well done. 6:21. still ahead, lete1 the drum rol begin.óquz going to tell you wh influential figure was justé@ honored as "time" magazine's
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"ávqp). a live look outside looking out over sang short sleeves next week. that's the one that really stuck 70s next . morexd from christina and mike d everyone coming u
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welcome back, everyone.
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a very good morning to you. isn't it a beautiful shot.xd coming up over the hills of the you made it halfway through your work weekend. that warmup as promised is well on its way. >> we go over to the bay bridge toll plaza.fá you can see it is the usual problem t(th%";éc we've got the cash lanes causing slowdowns and people on either sidet( zipping along. mike inouye said it would happen. i guess we all kindxdé@ of kne would. "time" magazine revealed personús the >> that is pope francis, beating out edward snowden and eight other#wz çófinalists, including president obama anñçó mileyok c. the "time%1 managing editor saif theyfá picked the pope because focus of one of the world'sok largestt( entities in an extraordinary way.
6:26 am
scott mcgrewjfok was leaning to edward snowden. >> once again, good over bad.xdk the people that have wo one person won it three times, franklin roosevelt. i was reading that this morning. he won it three times. president obama picked itw3 up twice. 6:26 rightçó now. traveling during the holidays can sometimes bring out the grinch in all of us. holiday cheer. they installed a virtualc santa to ask the passengers what they wanted for christmas.ñrqtz(t&há& theyxd ranged from gadgets to n sockse1 and qunderwear. airline volunteers bought thejf for and handed them out at baggage claim. fo
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television, kind of large. keep warm with these. the time right xdnow, 6:27.çó still ahead, an update to breaking news.c firefightersó[ battled sky-hig flames at a cos (rp& building int( concord. we are live at the scene with new details paying theirok respects. thousands of south africans giving a final farewell to nelson, mandela. >> a live pi;izeáp' jose. you can see the sun thinking about coming on up. a slightly warmer day on the xd way. traffic moving smoothly in that shot. we'll be back in two minutes.
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ipsmoke filling east bayslp a fire rips throughn the east bay. dozens ofxd firefighters try to get a handle on tj flames. a final farewell. )aaa1ñ their respects to nelson xdmandela. >> a live look at thet( opening
6:30 am
bell. z ringing shortly. i told you. they do it just about the same time every day. let's get on overt(okq to the nd >>fáfá that's more of a party t the dow is having. today is december 11th. çó goodt( morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. dozens of+çv firefighters o the scene of an overnight fireñc that gutted a building, housing a phone ccompany. smoke can still be seen. crews tell us they do have those flamp contained now. this is videkc fromñi earlier. 5". the owner of that building is
6:31 am
watching his business burn down. he says, part ofñr the roof ofe 55,000 square foot building just collapsed. the building is near the buchanon airport and golf @ócou. a portion of the road has@senok blocked off. we have a live look at the scene right now this morning. you can see the flames have certainly died( down. you can still see the orange glo that hasxd such a tough time getting this one down. christie smith has beenxd out there as well. all morning longc this morning, she is talking to investigators. she will is a full report coming up in 15 minutes. >> happening right now, the ntsb hearing into the deadly asiana air crash is t(ñiunderway in washington, d.c. take a live look inside the hearing. this is expected tos la the all day long as they will try to cram twoxd days worth of information into one session. the line to get in to see this, u)ying to get in to see this,ñit(t( were veryt( lonr
6:32 am
hundreds waiting took get in. debra herz man hoped it up about an hour ago. >> we know nothing can replace the lost of#szour loved one or repair the trauma of a life-changing injury. w lessons of this event are well-learned and that the circumstances are not myok repeated. >> very interesting information. thexd pilot told investigators was stressed out atfá trying to land at san francisco because the qrunway automatic runway lights were out ofñi service. 6:32. good-bye to nelson mandela takes a sombre turn. today, thousands are getting to mandela's caskett( lies in state. tracie potts is live where the viewing is already well good morning, tracy.t(
6:33 am
. >> reporter: we are wondering if they are going to be able to wrap it up in timew3 inñi just r an hour. there are so many people in line 3 1/2v-!les worth oft(lp line a mid-afternoon. they are supposed to be shutting this down soon. p (t&háhp &hc& a processional throughxd pretor. his remains are kept in town. he made history when he was installed as the country'sjn1 d black president. rest of the ñrafternoon. then, the focus turns to thew3 small village of qunu. that's where he was born and raised. [)j final resting place onct(ó[my.
6:34 am
there is a funeral scheduled, a fairly large one. on monday, they are electing añ statue here in pretoria at theñ governmentb. building. that's part of another event lanned, laura. >> thank you very much. very moving outjf there. archbishop, desmond tutu was at nelson mandela'sxdxd memorialt( his home was attacked by burglars. police are not saying much about thee1 investigation other than arrests have been made. burglaries and home invasions frequently ![!ur in south cpvery sad to report that. >> absolutely. time to check out the weather. ár"e and show you what it is je right now over san jose. it is gáó+ing brighter by the moment as it tends to do at this time of day. >> when the sun comes up, christina loren, you have a beautiful shot to show you.ok san francisco, very pretty. not just because we arefá getti ì& through the haze butjf also because it isñ
6:35 am
in san francisco, we are not waking up with the 30s. that means we don't have any hr(t&háhp &hc plenty of haze tolp go around f the next few days. 34 right now in san jose. it is cold enough for some frost on your windshield. the sunrise here,e1 justxd spectacular. we are about 15t( minutes away from your official sunrise. highs are going to be comfortable. out of the 30s ande1 40s into t 50s. we want toxd thank youw3ok for up with us each andlpc every da. it was brutallp for a lot of people, specially if you workt( outdoors. we are goin[ú to keep the jtfá throughkox!% z7y andñr tuesday. temperatures shoot right up. we'll be at 68 degreest( on suny in san jose. up to 70 on monday. it looks like that climb will continue all the way through tuesday. we are looking really good for warmer days. i know a lot of you have been asking for that. we still want to see your pictures this morning. send them to us.
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put them on our facebook page. you can put it right on my facebook page and i might just q respond. he@p#u(váhlresponds, mike inouy. ,%çciçó is anw3ove overachiever. we see a little@!xd heavier volume for all lanes right here that may be slower metering lights alp@ujd bit. lookc)$u$e mapfá here.xd we have your volume toward the maze. a little bit lighter we have seen in previous weeks. this typically happens towards the end of the year. they may slow down because of all this backup. southbo/a 101 off of eastbound 80. upper deck off the willie brown bridge. a slower drive approaching caesarxd chavez. the earlier crash involving three vehicles has to clear the roadway. blocked for quite some time. they may be starting@uú move some cars as thexd tow trucks arrive. it has been ther[@qju half an hour, 30 minutes. that's when theye1 expect to se
6:37 am
somelp improvement. let's look over towards the san mateo bridge. theq tail lights heading to thed high-rise. i don't-9 see anything from th shot. commute coming off of thee1 hayward side. typical build there as well as theñixd tri-valley. now, 680, just a little slow.q back to you. fá 6:37. still ahead. miracle in the mountains. coming çóup, newp, detaip) abo couple and their four young children found alive after two days missing in the snow.xd a teenage girl found safe afterñi a state-wise alert. éuell you where she wasnb discov1 why the search is still on for her alleged abduct tore. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world
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welcome back. from washington stateé@ is fou safe. elizabeth romero in mexico. so far, they havee1 not release any detail how they located the girl who disappeared from southern washington last wednesday. authorities are still looking for thelp i]ó[suspect. her 19-year-old boyfriend, seen driving an older green ford roof jfrack, cust wheels and temporary washington plates an amazing storyok here. a nevada family missingé@ for s
6:41 am
inwo"uáupáures." dropping as l as 20 degrees below zero is safe this morning.t( the couple and their four young childr÷ were discovered inside theiri%yoverturned jeep yesterd. there it is. 4jgwñ an area where cell phone receptionist sparse. they went tow3 visit ajfçóçóok a on sunday 20 miles from their house. they never came back. he was able to start a fire and heated up rocks to keep inside the car to stay warm at night. >> i remained optimistic but due to the weather conditions, they were drastic.xdlpt(xd it is axd miracles7b it really is. to well, given thexdñit( ordeal. >> breaking news as dozens of firefighters attack a massive ejt48b@(t&háhp &hc& a massive q east bay. we are going to tell you of smoke affecting air quality in your neighborhood. >> we'll take a look at wall street coming up in business news taking3 a live look. a beautiful start to the day
6:42 am
it is a spare the air day. the air quality is goingñr to g ôs gets better. we'll tell you why and with just headed towards theok 70s. your full forecast when "today in the bay" comes right back.
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6:44 am
an update to breaking news we have been covering all morning long. a phone companylp guttedq by a ground. hours on stanwell drive right next to theçó buchanon field airport. christie smith, live in concord. we understand the fireçó is
6:45 am
we under&háhp &hc&fireçó is burning. >> that's right. it is kind of amazing. they are still spraying water on this fire more than sixlp hours after it was firsti] reported. but we are seeing more smoke÷ than fáflame#añ so that's certainly a good sign. it doesn't look like much is left of this building when you consided@rhat the entire roof has collapsed. the owner of the company was here. some of theñr workers also in tears as they came down to watch it burn.çó theok business is called all phe company. four-alarm. u:rñ-alarm. firefighters sayw3 when they go they had to basicallí stayout side in a defensive mode. square foot building.w3lp-9 firefighters basically spraying water on it from the outside. the business owner tells me he got a call from police that his business was on fire after the
6:46 am
alarm 'm;q off. >> how long have you had this business? >> on andñr off, about 19, 20 years. >> reporter: now, i askedu3wm there was anyq electric work y"ñ might spark a fire from the inside and he said, not that he can think of. what's burning is basically the material inside for the phone company, which is a lot of plastic. you can smell that inq the airj more and more. firefighters are suggesting that people might wantçó to take precautions if they are sensitive, lower their xdñiheat clo" any vents. they sayrf)u does seem to be gnkng up. one thing they are going to be looking intot( later is they sa back side of theñi building. oftentimes, the>yn they are still working onft"%jjt toxd ma sure thatjfj9 reporting live in concord, christie smith, "today in thexd
6:47 am
bay." christina loren talkingñrçó us about the forecast. we have to keep in mind air quality. we are going to have it bad over the next few days. that fire issing to the problem. >> itw3 is already a pretty bad problem. good morning, terry and laura. good morning at home.t( it is another spare the air day. likely the case tomorrow as well. high pressure gainst(ñr even mo strength. we are going to see a stagnantñ pattern. we get an area of lowt( pressur that will cross to the north. friday and saturday, you will likely be able toq burnfá that d with a clear conscious. we are going to see better airx quality inñr thec moderate rang. that's why we arelpó[ getting pretty sunrise this morning. it is spectacular out there. all the various microclimates you the same gorgeous sky with thee1 reds andc orange. this is going to be a problem for the next couple of days. keep in mind for the little óná if they havei] asthma. peninsula, 58. east bay,lp san francisco, righ
6:48 am
around 57. really, no majorok separation i your temperatures as we head throughout the day today. if you are looking for that warmup where you live, rememberi you can find your seven-day forecast scrolling here at theç bottom of the screen. a spectacular day toi] start th day. san jose. to 62, which is averag we get into this weekend. watch what happens.jf we keep that climb going on sunday, monday, ñituesday, finay reaching back into the 70s. mid-december in californksx we're talking 70s. it is going to feel a lot better around here, specially if you work outdoors or you are like me and youñi hit those malls prett hard this time of year. comfortable conditions. as we head through saturday and sunday, i wante1 took show you,r union square san franciscoxd seven-day forecast. there are freexd events for you and the family to take part in starting with a holiday concert on saturday. you are going to find two concerts out there for free at noon. 57 degrees. haze in franklin. that's where you want to head.
6:49 am
2:00 p.m.,fá you will find anotp concert out there. we love free events for you and your family this time of year. another one happening saturday andlr sunday. you can go sledding in san francisco. like i said before, absolutely free. at 1:00, around 64 degrees as you head down the slope. looking good, fun place to take the kids, huh, mike. >> snowing in san francisco.t( not snowing but snow in san francisco. folks getting into san francisco, a little bit slower. the metering lights slowed a bit. we had all that activity getting off of the bay 7çbridge. let me talk about that and look let me talk about that a(n slowl plaza. eastshore freeway. a smooth drive until you get to treasure island and you slow a toward the 'iju upper deck approach towards san francisco and vanñi nuys. the earlier crash has cleared all lanes. restoring itself past hospital curve.
6:50 am
the cross the bay, both are pretty smooth. the peninsula shows you no real problems. we have a little slowingñi comi off of ?;880, typical there as well as thecfá volume increaseñ 880 down towardjf hayward  city.xd a little slowing through palo alto. commute has cleared. noxdlp more problems. here is your south bay with your northbound routes starting to stack up. 101 from capital all the way up to 680 andfá theñr airport. speeds are gently dipping. 87 kickingfá in over the last 1 minutes. speeds down around 50 miles an capital expressway past kurt ner and into downtown. showing a build for theçó volum. nothing unexpected for this pattern. in the north bay, a lot ofi] no big deals. we do have the slowing. right here. the curves approaching north sa(
6:51 am
pedro road. that's the volume of traffic. no incidentseiiáz navado down to this area.xd >3 of impact that changed hundreds of lives forever and brought the actions of pilots, airlines and first responders into sharp focus. today, we will finally have a clear understanding of why and how asiana flight crashed yesterday's hearing was postponed because of snow in washington, d.c. we have team coverage.ko "today in the bay's" chase cain live in burlingame where crashq victimsxd areñrñi watching the hearings live. steven stock live in washington, d.c. with the hearings underway this morning. good morning, steven.q >> reporter: good morning, terry. we meet today to learn the lessons from the cra&# ofw3 çóa flight 214.ñi those were the exact words today
6:52 am
of ntsb board chairman, debra herzman as she begant( this session which is now currently taking place beuu me about two stories underground about an hour and ten minutes çóago. let's take a live look at the hearing which is going on even as we speak. we are hearing from panel one. one of four panels that we will hear through 8:00 qtonight. thisñrrq. panel ist( discussin design concepts and characteristics inside the boeing 777. we ar+p currently hearing from steven boyd from theó01 faa. captain john cashman, a retired boeing executive, and chief engineer of flight decke1 desig and sáengineering, robert myers from boeing, all discussing how the interactions betweeni] pilo and the automation in the cockpit aret(i] supposed to wor. before they began, chairman herzman began the hearing by outlining the five points ofi]
6:53 am
focus of this hearing.xd ill discuss today a boeing t(777 flight deckko des concept andt(c characteristics. two, asian. p (t&háhp &hc& apilot trainingw3 on boeing 777; approach fáprocedures, three, effects and influence of autoçó four, emergency response and crashworthiness and occupant r(r"e the pilot, not repla the pilot. >> reporter: boeing's john cashman, the retired boeing executive said, we designed the cockpit automation so that the pilot is, quote, the final authority. clearly, as we first reported 
6:54 am
issue in thisñr xdccrash, auto a automation and how it mayc have played a role on this crash that killed three and injured more than 180. this hearing is expected to last well into the evening here on the east coast. we will be monitoring it and covering it throughout the day and bring you the very ñrlatest. that is the latest from washington,ok d.c. i'mw3 steven stock. terry, ?;w3e1laura, back to yo. >> i very well remember that report you did.q chase cain live at the crown isñit(lpok live s+++ájj >> reporter: we are still waiting for some of the family aq52%tj of anyone on board the crash to showçó upçóc uher. there isñi?; a room fullçó ofo manyñi officialsçóçó frommy asó airlines.
6:55 am
6rarehhere.ju$e red cross once some of the family victims show up, they may need counseling support, child care support.x÷ r(t&háhp &hc it appears we are in a break at the moment. the folks inside have been sort of anxiously watching what has gone on today. as steven said, it is going to bew3 a very long day here.tnmk" been going on inside that room, is ajf)equirement on the part o federal law. they have to have a hearing within 80 miles of the crash site. that is thejf reason that folks have gathered here this morning at the grown plaza hotel in burlingame. that is the latest live from here. we will send it back to you guys and the studio. >> of course, we'll bring you live updates on today's hearing throughout the porng. we will be streamingxd the hearg live on ourxd website, jf the search is on for two sisters missing from okrichmondd police say 13-year-oldt( xiomar zelaya and 9-year-old heidi moreno were last seen at their hone on maine avenuelp friday
6:56 am
night. xiomara wasfáxd wearing black y ãwith and a black tank skulls one1t( it and heidi was wearing pink pants and a beige jacket with a hood. there is a chance they could be in san francisco,c because that is where they go to fáschool. >>cjtt int(e1 vallejot( investigating two separate homicides that happened hours apart. police found a man shot to death on fairgrounds drive justçó"n g 4:00 yesterday. at 9:30 la3wb night, someone w shot in a parking lot. at both locations they had to calltp"or backup after unruly crowds showed up. there have been 24 homicides in vallejo this year s7alone. four in the past six underground natural gas line fire in oakland. this morning,jf pg&e grecrews a expected ba 'ñ ected ba yesterday morning for more than three hours.ç$ r(t&háhp &hc what a bizarreç?$áráe.
6:57 am
installed back in 1946 leaked. the utility is still looking into the exact cause of the leak and what actually ignited the flames. wall street feeling positivr ab-m-"át budget deal in washington. >> scott mcgrew, a 10 for 1 stock split. >> this ist(ok a hugexd one.xd master card trades right now, $799 axdt( share. the company announcingjn1jf a 1 split. now, investors willfá own ten times as many sharesñr but they will be worth $79. it would make shares morec affordable. google has been talking about doing the same thing for quite some time. we just heard to the negative on the dow. as youçó said, feeling quite positive about thec deal in washington. laura andñr terry, i want you t take a look at this. can you tellw3 me? well, you can, because it says it across the top. can you tell me whatñr this is to symboliz%÷ this is the new symbol. >> no parking isxj( what it mea.
6:58 am
the russian, i didn't know they ruble. how can you not have a symbol for your currency? they are trying to make it a currency of record, somethingw3 people will use?; acrq3f the wd the way the?8 euro or the dollar as well. that is what it will costxd in rubles. >> they kept it simple. >>ñi reasonably simple.çó >> scott, thanks a lot. checking in with christina. >> not as cold this morning. we want to thank the fifthñi graders at bagby elementary for these awesome weather pictures.o as you are getting your little ones ready for school, bundle them up. it has been. those picturesñi certainlyxd wa my heart. 50s. 58 along the east m/vbay. san francisco, even getting the upper 50s thereok today. we have some changeses headed ound way. if you missed your seven-day
6:59 am
worries. we will have it for you all show. contmuqáháhe improvement off of the earlier crash cleared atq caesar chavez. slowñi near 280 and rippling do. a slower drive northboundlp roud through the south bay. 101, 87, 85 and 280. all starting to kick in. no surprises except açó slightl lighter commute. 880 as well as the tri-valley. send it back to you. >>lp 6:59. a final checkxd of the day's to( stories. that massive fire is burning in the east bay. firefighters have controlled that fire burning at a commercial building in concord. it broke out about 12:30 at the all phone company on stanwellw3 drive right next to the buchanon field airport. so far, no reports of injuries. thatko building badly damaged. >> that's what's happeningq "today in the bay."'c back at 7:25.t(ñ a live local news t(t(update.
7:00 am
back at 11:00 a.m. for a çó news#q& well.. for a have a great one. >> take care. # good morning, miracle in the mountains. new details this morning on how a family survived days in subzero temperatures. the way they kept warm and stayed alive. feeling the heat. president obama returns to the white house this morning facing his lowest approval numbers ever. while also coming under fire for this selfie at nelson mandela's memorial. first on "today," from presidents to pop stars, to the pope. who will be "time's" person of the year for 2013? we're revealing their choice, live. and all we want for christmas. mariah carey takes us home for the holidays. she welcomes us into her home


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