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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 12, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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she wanted to scream but she was like frozen. >> frozen with fear as an armed gunman storms into a bingo night filled with families to support a south bay high school. witnesses tell us how it went down. plus -- >> sparks fly and tires screech as a chase comes to a dramatic end in the east bay. >> how the families of young men missing from san francisco will renew their fight for answers. >> step outside, looking around at the bay bridge looking fantastic and much warmer. i didn't say warm. warmer. it's thursday, december 12th, this is "today in the bay."
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good morning. it's 4:30. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. not sweltering. >> but warmer. you can feel it. >> but i still have a hat and gloves on. let's check the forecast with rob who is in for christina. >> good morning. i don't know if it's warmer or getting used to it. it's about a week and we're seeing 30s outside. especially around the south bay and north bay locations. we do have 20s and 30s for the afternoon. highs climbing into the up arer 50s close to 60. clear skies to start. we are watching a chance of a few sprinkles in the far north bay later on this afternoon. we'll see the clouds on the increase. coming up we'll let you know if that means measurable rain coming up in the forecast. here's mike. >> good morning, rob. we had a busy thursday on the east shore freeway, had, things are calming down. the taillights away from the bay bridge on the maps.
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we had the first of the sigalerts at ashby avenue away from the berkeley curve in the eastbound direction. you see the circled area, that sigalert cleared about 4:00, then this one here just cleared in the last minutes. this is eastbound 80 approaching sunol valley road. they have just cleared the lanes. there is activity on the shoulder and mild slowdown. that should clear in the next few minutes. back to you. >> thanks, mike. new this morning several families want to hire security guards after a man with a gun crashed their bingo night. it happened at oak grove high school. a man wearing a ski mask walked into the gym, up to the people handling the money, said he had a gun, and took the cash. >> it happened really fast, and we heard gun and we looked and the guy took off. pushing the door and against the wall. >> no word how much money he got
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away with. the school hold as weekly bingo night to raise money for the band and color guard. >> also new this morning, san francisco police are looking for the gunman they say shot a man in the mission district. that shooting happened near mission and 26th streets around 8:00 last night. police say the victim was shot once in the chest and taken to sf general hospital with life threatening injuries. a motive is unknown. >> today, a south bay community will gather to remember a girl trampled to death in mexico. she was killed during a camping trip on november 29. a service for the elementary school first-grader is planned for 11:00 this morning at st. mary's church in los gatos. more than 400 people joined the facebook page in her name. >> family and friends of several young men missing from san francisco will come together tonight to raise awareness about their disappearances. lynn cheng spent the last seven
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months searching for her son. he is recovering from a traumatic brain injury last seen at international high school in may. now his mother is making posters with the faces of several other men who also disappeared from the city, hoping for answers. tonight the families will gather at city hall in memory of derek shaw found dead last month. >> to acknowledge the missing boys, also the memory of derek who was found deceased. and to raise public awareness, not only the fact that they are missing, but that it continues to happen. >> ching wonders if some or all of the cases are related. >> a wild chase came to a screeching end in the east bay overnight. sirens blaired and sparks flew as the suspect ran over a spike trip, blowing out a front tire in antioch. the fbi says the chase was connected to a joint operation
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targeting violent gangs in the city. the suspect led officers on a pursuit frommant wok to pittsburg, and bay point before ending back at antioch. he was reportedly driving 100 miles an hour. the suspect, a 36-year-old man from antioch was arrested, no one was hurt. >> it's 4:35. an underground vault fire shut down power to 500 customers. they arrived to find smoke pouring from the vault. crews had the fire under control in a couple hours. this morning power has been fully restored. the cause is under investigation. happening today, b.a.r.t. and its two biggest unions face-to-face at the bargaining table again trying to find common ground. the two will sit down with a federal mediator this morning. the latest dispute over a paid family leave provision that b.a.r.t. said was mistakenly put
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in the final package the unions ratified. b.a.r.t. says the provision could cost the agency more than $10 million per year. activists will gather outside a coastal commission meeting in san francisco today urging the commission to stop offshore fracking. members of the center for biological diversity will bring a letter signed by more than 100 health and environmental organizations in hopes of getting the commission to ban fracking off california's coast. the protest begins at noon. participants say they are going to carry surf boards and wearing hazmat suits. >> the ntsb analyzes evidence from the asiana plane crash. this is new video the ntsb released of the crash landing. you can see the passenger jet hit the sea wall, skid across the runway, eventually cartwheeled to a stop. it's hard to look at knowing all of the people on board. the hearing revealed two pilots
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at the controls each thought the other should take the lead in calling off the landing. the pilots were concerned about landing without help from the airport navigation system that was out of order. >> we identified vulnerabilities in that pilots sometimes rely too much on the automated system and may be reluctant to intervene. >> newly released documents reveal details about the teen girl who survived the crash, only to be fatally struck on the runway. we're now learning the girl was actually run over by two emergency response vehicles in the chaotic aftermath. she was hit once by a fire rig spraying foam and again less than 11 minutes later by a second truck. for much more on the hearing visit our website and search asiana. >> homeless advocates and city leaders try to find a way to protect homeless during cold weather. dozens gathered at a homeless encampment last night to
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remember four men who died last week sleeping in the freezing cold. more than 150 homeless people live in the communities of tents, shopping carts and underground bunkers. >> it's cold out here. i've been out here, i feel it. >> i believe in the silicon valley spirit, i really do. there are people that are angry because people shouldn't die in such a place. >> people passed out hot soup and warm clothes. officials promised more shelters. >> have to remember everyone this morning because as you head out that's the coldest. >> we'll see temperatures possibly dropping a few degrees, and we're in the upper 20s and low 30s around the north bay, san jose 34 degrees, so this is almost a week now. you'll see even our temperatures around the bay area, you can see how inland we're in the 20s and 30s, into san jose, 34 degrees now. you can see south of san jose again we're seeing low 30s to get your morning started around the peninsula. chilly, too.
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36 in san maelt. 31 in redwood city. east bay, 680 corridor you see the upper 20s around walnut creek and dublin. the north bay 26 around santa rosa. so chilly again this morning. we're going to see the temperatures climb i think more over the next few days as more marine air comes in and the marine air will come in courtesy of a system that will toss clouds our way, no showers so we're going to see a bit of the ocean influence on the weather tomorrow. 30s and 40s too. should turn warmer. so pretty nice finish to the afternoon. numbers mostly in the upper 50s, close to 60. upper 50s today, 56 in napa, pleasanton 58, for the weekend we should see temperatures climbing into the mid-60s as high pressure builds so as you move toward the weekend, afternoons getting warmer and morning temperatures should not be too chilly which is good news. hopefully not reports of black ice on the roadways out there,
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mike. >> we'll watch for those as more folks hit the roadway, we're looking here though. this is a roadway i'm focusing on, east shore freeway. look at that blob of headlights. we had from the top of the screen slow approaching university avenue, that's black line there, you see the flashing lights making their way to the bottom of the screen. there is a disabled big rig blocking part of the slow lane. they may have got it to the shoulder. there was a second that stopped to help. a very, very slow drive as we travel west on interstate 80 through the area toward ashby off of gilman so that's another slowdown. but the earlier crash is eastbound have cleared. we're watching this in the commute direction. things should start moving better in the next minutes. the drive over the bay, clear at 92 and 84 respectively, peninsula no problems even the east bay light volume over for the nimitz freeway. we'll look at the palo alto live camera and we see traffic with
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the taillights very light. southbound the headlights no problem. all the way to the south bay and tri-valley has no slowing. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. still ahead on "today in the bay," what we're learning about the man accused of using fake sign language at nelson mandela's funeral. >> saturday marks one year since the tragic school shooting in new town, connecticut. we'll show you how the victims are being honored. >> the critical vote expected that could clear the way for people to talk on cell phones while in the skies.
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welcome back everyone. a very good thursday morning to you. taking a live look outside. oakland this morning. warming temperatures which is good news to many who get up early in the morning out the door. still bundle the kids up. it's not like it's a big warming trend. it's 4:44. the bipartisan budget deal reached by lawmakers two days ago could get its first vote in the house today. both democrats and republicans have complaints with the deal. republicans say it spends too much, democrats are upset that the extension of the long term unemployment benefits was left out especially after republicans added an amendment extending an
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expiring medicare payment for doctors. >> too many people over a million people will not be getting their unemployment benefits. >> i think we're on a trajectory now that we will fiscally collapse. >> the deal eases the automatic spending cuts for defense, education and research programs. it also increases funds like raising airport security fees. it could pass the house sometime tonight but it would be sent to the senate for another vote. the senate might be busy pulling an all nighter. republicans upset by new rules that make it harder for the minority party to filibuster presidential nominees forcing an all-night session taking the maximum time before democrats get to clear a long list of nominees. harry reid says they will work until they are done even if that means working through christmas. >> this morning the federal communications commission is expected to vote whether to allow passengers to take phone
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calls on planes. if approved, passengers would be able to take phone calls, texts and use other mobile devices when flying above 10,000 feet. rules about turning off cell phones during take-off and landings would stay the same. some passengers are for the changes saying they could get more work done in the air but others say everyone talking in a tight space might get noisy. facebook and instagram making announcements about the future of both. for that and the rest of the news before the bell we turn to bertha coombs in new jersey. good morning. >> good morning. i think if they pass that rule i would pay a little extra to be on a quiet flight like the quiet car on the train. not a good idea. meantime t futures this morning are lower after stocks have their worst day in more than a month on wednesday on the heels of the budget news. next week we'll be watching to see what comes from federal reserve, a lot of folks starting to think whether the federal reserve might start to cut back
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on bond buying. investors get a lot of data, reports on unemployment, that's the usual on a thursday, retail sales, though, and import prices and business inventories, we'll have the dow at 15,844 after 129-point drop yesterday. the nasdaq at 4,004 after losing 56. facebook will join the s&p 500 index after next friday cementing the networking site's rise to one of the biggest most powerful companies. the folks got the thumbs up from standard & poor's after reporting their fourth straight profitable quarter in october. a criteria used to determine eligibility for the index. facebook jumped more than 4% last night on that news. and instagram, a little more facebook news, holding an event in new york city later this morning. speculation is the photo sharing
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app owned by facebook will introduce an instant messaging features. users could send photos and videos with the option of private messages which would help compete with rivals such as snap chat. i have to say i cut it off at twitter, facebook and instagram. i can't handle more than that. so i never even lood at snap chat. >> you're not going further. >> no. i think i'm too old to remember all of these different things. you got to get work done during the day. >> that's a good point. thank you, bertha. >> thanks so much. i want to check in with meteorologist christina loren rob mayeda. you're on a lot of social media. >> if you see me running to the set, probably i'm stuck on one of those apps. it's chilly again. i think this will be the last of the really chilly mornings the last week or so. around the south bay areas south of san jose dipping into the low 30s, so patchy frost possible. closer to 40s around the
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peninsula this morning around the tri-valley again you're seeing the temperatures in the 20s and 30s and the wind sheltered inland valleys. 20s and 30s around santa rosa. notice toward los angeles berg a little more mild as some of the bay air is starting to make a difference with the inland temperatures. not much wind right now. that's part of the problem. high pressure acting like a lid on the bay area so the air quality forecast again is the fifth consecutive spare the air night for a winter spare the air alert. no wood burning allowed. that's a record. typically we do not see it holding on this long. that is the problem the air quality. today we'll see increasing clouds during the afternoon, but the weak weather system going by. notice how it kind of falls apart as it crosses the bay area. may pop a few showers north of sonoma county. we expect it to sweep in the
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marine air which should lead to slightly warmer temperatures as we head toward tomorrow morning and set us up for a warmer weekend ahead. so high around the bay area upper 50s around san jose and san francisco. to the north bay chilly inland, fairfield in the 50s. a check of some of the seven-day forecasts, notice around san jose, numbers climbing up flew the weekend. mid-60s saturday and sunday. no signs of rain there. and also san francisco and out to the coast look at that, by tuesday and wednesday, upper 60s possible. we head toward the beginning of next week. you can see the temperatures climbing up. no signs of rain between now and likely through christmas day too. so the dry pattern is locked in. >> we do need the rain. thanks so much. new detail this is morning about the man accused of using fake sign interpretation at nelson mandela's memorial. the interpreter is defending himself. he told a newspaper that he heard voices in his head and
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hallucinated during the memorial and that's why his signs did not make sense. he apologized but told the newspaper there was nothing else he could do in that situation. he also said he is on medication for schizophrenia. >> in the meantime thousands continue to pay respects today t former south african president's body will lie in state at the union building in pretoria. thousands lined up to walk by his glass covered casket to say a final good-bye. the icon's body will be flown to his childhood home on saturday for a burial the next day. >> a vigil will be held at washington national cathedral two days before the one-year anniversary of the shooting at sandy hook elementary school. it will honor victims of the mass shooting that led to the deaths of 20 children and six educators. expected to draw more than 1,000 people including leaders from across the country concerned about gun violence. still ahead on "today in the bay" a curveball for major league baseball.
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how a violent collision involving buster poser, remember this, it's changing the game. >> your live look, the east shore freeway, you see the flares. we'll explain. the latest from chp on this major route.
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welcome back. the time is 4:54. and the lights of the bay bridge
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looking good. there they go, moving around a bit. that is something, it's only going to be here for a few year, i think they got to get the funding forever. working on that? >> completely. >> major news from baseball. mlb announced plans to ban home plate collisions as early as next season. officials talked about the ban a while but discussion was intensified in 2011, you probably remember. after this happened. hard to forget the collision between buster posey and scott cousins. it left posey's leg broken. under the new rule approved last night catchers would not be allow to block home plate and runners not target catchers. umpires will be allowed to immediately review plays at the plaxt violators subject to punishment perhaps fines, maybe suspension. the rule has to be approved by owners and the players union. >> interesting to see what happens with that.
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under an hour from now parks and recreation co-star will announce this year's golden globe nominees. >> they will be announced on the "today" show. the awards honor film, tv series and performances in 25 categories. the foreign press association will hand out the awards on january 13. and tina fey and amy po lard return as hosts. you can watch the ceremony here on nbc. >> time to check traffic. mike. >> excited, amy and tina. to the east shore freeway, this is not funny, the flares there laid out on the left side. see that curve line, they blocked the slow line. the big rig trailer that is protecting is blacked out there, it's separated from the rig at the bottom of the screen. losing one lane as you pass by golden gate field. a little slowing but the traffic moves here. on the speed sensors, a dip past
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the field down toward the berkeley curve. that will continue until they get that cleared. they need another tow truck. the tri-valley moves through livermore but out of the area eastbound at northland road we have a disabled big rig. another big rig tow truck heading to the altamont pass. back to you. >> still to come, two men behind bars accused of ripping off $500,000 of wine in seattle. the possible crime coming up. >> a woman escapes injury, maybe death when a power pole crashes through her front window. what she is saying about those terrifying moments.
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a frightening situation at a high school fund-raiser after a man claiming to have a gun orders attendees to hand over cash. >> two men arrested after allegedly stealing thousands of bottles of wine from a wine shop
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in seattle. why police think they may be linked to a similar heist here in the bay area. >> we're watching a chilly start to the morning. 30s and 40s right now. but our afternoon starting to turn warmer. we'll talk more about the changes in the forecast coming up. >> and two of your three big incidents already this morning cleared from the east shore freeway, that leaves one for the commute. we'll talk about the slowdown in the commute direction and what you can expect. >> a live look outside at san jose. chilly, not as chilly as it has been. a real nice warming trend on the way. it's thursday, december 12th, this is "today in the bay." good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> we're going to get details on an unsolved homicide more than a year ago. police will hold a news conference to provide an up


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