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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 12, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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in seattle. why police think they may be linked to a similar heist here in the bay area. >> we're watching a chilly start to the morning. 30s and 40s right now. but our afternoon starting to turn warmer. we'll talk more about the changes in the forecast coming up. >> and two of your three big incidents already this morning cleared from the east shore freeway, that leaves one for the commute. we'll talk about the slowdown in the commute direction and what you can expect. >> a live look outside at san jose. chilly, not as chilly as it has been. a real nice warming trend on the way. it's thursday, december 12th, this is "today in the bay." good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> we're going to get details on an unsolved homicide more than a year ago. police will hold a news conference to provide an update on the murder of a clerk on
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september 8 of 2012. resa was shot and killed during an early morning robbery. police increased the reward for information leading to atrooes $20,000. an update will be at 3:00. >> a couple on the lam for 17 years now back in the u.s. and will soon be headed to prison. the two were indicted by a federal grand jury in 1996, both fled to pakistan before they could be arrested. they scam add bank out of $430,000 falsifying loan documents to sell their home. the couple recently returned to the u.s. and pleaded guilty after working out a deal with prosecutors. they will be sentenced in march and face 30 years in prison. >> investigators look into whether two men arrested for a high end wine heist in seattle may have ties to the bay area. chase cain is live in san francisco with the details.
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chase. >> reporter: terry, san francisco police here are working with police in seattle trying to see if these two crimes are linked because we're talking about wines stolen from these two businesses totaling three quarters of a million dollars so the theft in seattle they got away with 2500 bottles of wine, and there were actually two break-ins at the store. first at these, then broke in a second time on thanksgiving cutting holes in the walls, stealing the wine, then as they left they punctured a gas line and ignited it trying to create an explosion. that did not work but they did get away with wine at $648,000. so then one of the suspects tries to sell that to a broker for a fraction of the price. the broker calls police, and then that broker says that he realized he bought some wine from the same man earlier in the year and police figured out that wine happened or that sale happened just days after a wine
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store here near bernell heights was broken into called fine wines international so. is broker who helped police crack this case said quote i'm not able to comment on any of this at this point, unfortunately i've been advised not to speak. the owner of the seattle store responded to a report that police may have found most of his stolen wine. that store owner said quote, while we are still doing an inventory to make sure it is all there, the volume recovered makes us eager with anticipation and we can't wait to share the good news with our customers. >> so the two suspects are in custody charged with burglary, theft and even arson. and police again are still working to see if the crime in seattle is linked to the crime in san francisco but one interesting point is that one of the suspect when's they were arrested police found an article on them titled "how to commit the perfect crime" but terry, i have to say they got arrested, maybe it wasn't the perfect
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crime. >> they should have read the whole thing. read the cliff notes. >> thanks a lot. >> it's 5:04. special ceremony tonight at san jose's christmas in the park. organizers will place an ornament on the tree for 10-year-old michael feeney of ridgewood, new jersey he was named the honorary chief weeks before he died of cancer. he was laid to rest with full police honors earlier this month. >> san jose is starting to enforce strict laws against medical marijuana shops. the council approved regulations allowing it to shut down pot shops next to to homes, schools and drug rehab centers. the shops would only be allowed to operate in 1% of the city. the rules could take effect as soon as next spring. letters are already going out. during the meeting there was an attempt to ban pot shops outright but that failed.
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>> new this morning san jose police are looking for brazen robber who stole a jackpot of a bingo fund-raiser during the tournament. it happened last night at oak grove high school. peggy is live there with reaction from meem saw the masked robber take off. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. this is probably the last thing that people were thinking about when they came to play bingo. a regular event, happens every wednesday night here. there are about 100 people in the gym, when a man came in about 9:00 last night according to eyewitnesss, with a gun, wearing a ski mask, looking for money. he went straight to the money table where people pay to enter, pay to play and demanded all of the cash. witnesses say it happened really fast. here's john who saw the whole thing. >> it happened really fast. and we heard gun and we looked and the guy took off. pushing the door and slamming against the wall. >> reporter: of course t motive
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would be the $5,000 they advertise $5,000 is the pot you can win so of course a lot of money there for folks looking for a quick little robbery and indeed that's what happened so. still looking for a tall, 185 pound man with a ski mask and gun. more details to come. >> sounds good. we'll look forward to it. welcome to the team as well. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> we have peggy bundle up. nice initiation. >> she is blaming rob mayeda already. >> memo. she was dressed up nicely for the morning. it's chilly. in the south bay 33 degrees in san jose. and in the north bay 34. let's show you some of the coldest temperatures we're seeing. freeze warnings are up around the north bay valleys, you'll see those temperatures staying near freezing, perhaps through about 9:00. look at san jose south. again, in the low 30s this morning around the tri-valley, inland east bay in the 20s and 30s.
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the air still very dry. mostly clear skies. i let our mike inouye know we have patchy fog in santa rosa. 26 degrees so watch out for frost or ice maybe on some of the roadways there in the north bay with those chilly temperatures. we're going to see increasing clouds later on but notice we're really not seeing raindrops. this is the futurecast, clouds and precipitation. nothing really showing up. it should push in marine air tomorrow which will lead to slightly warmer mornings, as high pressure builds in warmer afternoons. 59 degrees today in san jose, los alts about 57, closer to san francisco in toward napa and further inland around fairfield into the delta, mid-50s for highs, oakland 59, pleasanton 58. your seven-day forecast for the south bay, silicon valley, looking nice, mid-60s as we head through the weekend and san francisco should see numbers possibly getting to record breaking levels. upper 60s possible early next week. we could use the rain.
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no signs of it in the seven-day forecast. >> rob, good heads up about that. a little fog. 3/4 mile. with the temperatures and the moisture in the air as rob said we're watching for reports of black ice. none there and not that problem here. the flares they have. there is fire on the roadway to block the slow lane. i saw two sets of lights arrive. one is hopefully the tow truck. the trailer detached from the rig. this is your slow lane as you drive past golden gate field or approaching university avenue. this is where it is. the earlier slowdown as they laid the flares moved out. with one lane down on the east shore freeway, this is a problem if it lasts more than the next 20 minutes. so far i think i saw the crews arri arrive. it's still dark. here the earlier big rig fire eastbound, that slowdown has cleared. everything recovered now heading up to the carquinez bridge. west 80 also smooth through
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hercules and pinole. the start of your slowdown for the westbound highway 4 and it's typical. antioch, slowing speeds, no accident in this area. a live look at fremont. no problem with the headlights and down into the south bay. back to you. >> happening today, b.a.r.t. and its two biggest unions be face-to-face at the bargaining table trying to find common ground. they will sit down with a federal mediator at 9:00 this morning. the dispute is over a paid family leave provision that b.a.r.t. management says was mistakenly put in the final package the unions ratified. b.a.r.t. says it could cost the agency more than $10 million per year. >> 5:09. an accidental explosion outside the u.s. embassy in afghanistan. what the government is saying next. >> amazing video a woman nearly
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electrocuted. what she is saying about the near-death experience. >> we'll go behind the scenes of cnbc and a new way to deal with the crush at the mall ahead.
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step outside in new york city, rockefeller center you can see, we took this picture t snow was coming down. looks like windy and lights aren't twinkling as they were. a beautiful shot though. >> coming soon, no more dragging heavy packages around the mall. scott mcgrew, a service called ta live. >> west field will start the service at its malls in san jose
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and san francisco. the idea is simple. you buy something at the mall, leave it, the service will bring it and your other purchases home for you. if you are loaded down, lucille ball style with hat boxes and bags you can unload and do more shopping. speaking of deliverance, twitter a record high on wednesday t second time it's peaked this week. the stock more than doubled since its ipo. it's a good year for katy perry. she gained the most followers in 2013. 15 million added. bertha coombs who has fewer followers than katy perry tweeted throughout on wednesday. women newscasters don't have belts. they got to figure out where to put their microphone pack. she found a place on her boots. let's check in.
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>> a lot easier when you're sitting down. futures are pointing to a lower start following on yesterday's decline. the worst day in the market in more than a month on the heels of the u.s. budget deal announced. and also now investors looking to next week's federal reserve meeting and whether or not the federal reserve will announce it's going to cut back on bond buying program. investors are going to have to sit through economic data. the unemployment numbers in a few minutes, retail sales, import prices and business inventory. the dow starts as 15,844 after falling 129 t nasdaq at 4004 after losing 56, a couple other headlines, facebook is going to be added to the s&p 500 the end of trade a week from tomorrow. and lululemon this morning shares are doing the corpse pose. they were below par because of
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execution issues. shares down about 10%. >> thank you much. 5:14. yahoo! says it's working on days long outages taking out its e-mail. still working on. the latest update says most should be able to access e-mail on mobile device not on the web or through e-mail programs starting today. but it's still not entirely fixed. we are now days into this outage. >> that's affecting a lot of people that have businesses. >> yes. you cease to exist if you don't have e-mail in your business. >> thanks so much. >> let's check in with rob now, see what's going on. i think he's got some warmer news. >> yes. head toward the weekend we're seal warming but again this morning in the north bay freeze warnings still up through about 9:00 this morning and around the rest of the bay area, the south bay and east bay it's cold again. it has been this way for a week as we take you into san jose. 33 degrees, near freezing south
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of san jose down into morgan hill. currently temperatures near 31 and sunnyvale and around the peninsula we're seeing 30s and 40s this morning. and some chilly temperatures in the east bay. 27 in danville, dublin 29, 32 in livermore and same temperatures in the north bay. colder in santa rosa down to 26 degrees. 31 in petaluma, 31 in fairfield. so we have the combination of light winds, high pressure on top, dry air below. temperature actsing like a lid. air fault in addition to the freezing temperatures is bad. fair the air alert. worst in the south bay as the winds turn onshore later we hope this will improve our quality and the winds turning onshore courtesy of a system that will not bring us rain but it's a slight marine air influence on the morning temperatures tomorrow. we should see temperatures not quite as cold here as we get into the start of the weekend. notice the system not really going to bring us rain here.
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or much in the way of snow as it falls apart. it will bring high clouds and you'll see some of that as we go through the second half of the afternoon. highs around the bay area should be climbing up into the upper 50s near 60 in some of the warmer spots. despite the chilly start upper 50s around san francisco, mid-60s in napa, close to 60 in oakland. from here as terry hinted at the seven day forecast is going to warm up. mid-60s inland around the silicon valley, santa clara early next week, upper 60s possible in spots, tri-valley seeing the same trend. the weather looking pretty good. look out for some of the patchy frost at times for the morning commute. >> rob, you and i were talking about that for the north bay. enough humidity you might get black ice on the smaller bridges and the roadways so we'll watch for reports, so far none. we have this report, though. the east shore freeway, down to the area look at these flares
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blocking the slow lane. we saw this rig arrive. this is the third rig i've seen over the last few minutes arrive and two of them left. looks like a second one is hooking up. that's the trailer that got detached so that's the reason why the slow lane is blocked. if that is the case we hope we'll have this cleared by the next 20 minutes. if it lasts past 5:45 this could be a problem. so far we don't see major delays and major slowings. we have a smooth drive down the east shore freeway. oyts and the approach to university avenue. here the earlier slowdown has cleared after the big rig fire but we have westbound starting to have around the curve in pinole down into san pablo and richmond. we have antioch, speeds coming down into the 20s. but through pittsburg, the bay point, slowing out of the altamont pass but nothing unusual so a nice easy drive at
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the dublin interchange. we'll check the north bay. there are no problems for san jose or the vicinity. a light easy drive, possibility for a little slippery conditions in santa rosa. >> thanks so much, mike. it's 5:19. we have new video of an accidental explosion outside the u.s. embassy in afghanistan. afghani officials say an electrical issue ignited the explosions. in a facility next door to the u.s. embassy in kabul. the blast set off a brief panic. the explosion comes a day after a suicide bomber attack add german convoy near kabul's international airport. >> the world continues to pay final respects to nelson mandela. his body is lying in state for a second day in south africa. already this morning world leaders filed by including cuba's president raul castro. people waiting for hours to say
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good-bye. people lined the streets to sing and pray as the casket passed by. his body will lie in state for one more day before it's flown to his childhood home. >> houston woman says she is grateful to be alive after an electrified utility pole snapped and smashed through her windshield. that pole landing a few feet away from bridget butler. she was in the passenger seat. she was stunned and trying to get out when a woman who third commotion ran onto her porch. >> i didn't realize it was a pole until the lady was screaming, do not get out of your car. >> firefighters say the wire was still live and someone could have been electrocuted. frightening.
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>> >> happening now, the nominations for the 71st annual golden globe awards being announced. >> best mini-series or motion picture for television, american horror story, fx networks, behind the candle la bra, hbo, dancing on the edge, stars, top of the lake, sun dance channel, white queen, stars. next category is best performance by an actress. zoe dechanel, lee dunham. edie falco, amy pollard, parks and recreation. next is best screen play, motion picture.
5:24 am
spike jonze, her, bob nelson, nebraska, jeff pope, steve coogan, john ridley. >> we have been listening to a feed from nbc's parks and rec. >> nominations will continue. >> you've been nominated again. congratulations. >> i don't know what i'm going to wear. coming up general 12. i have until then to decide. it will be here on nbc bay area. >> i think our feed came back. let's check in. >> rob lowe, behind the candlelabra. eric hole, corey staal, house of cards, jon voight, ray donovan, best performance by an actor 18 television series, comedy or musical. chasten baitman, arrested development, don cheatle, house of lies, michael j. fox, the
5:25 am
michael j. fox show, jim parsons, the big bang theory, andy sandberg, brooklyn 99. best foreign language film. blue is the warmest color, france. the great beauty, italy, the hunt, denmark, the past, iran, the wind rises, japan. best animated feature film. the crude, despicable me 2, frozen, thank you. >> there are still 13 very important nominations to be announced. it will take place in exactry 5:38 a.m. and we will be joined live by the morning show. >> i see. they are going to take an east coast feed. we'll try to dip into that as well. >> interesting stuff.
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again they are here on nbc on january 12. >> right. tune in early as well. >> we'll be up. >> want to check in with rob up early this morning as well. we appreciate it. >> good to be here this morning. it's nice to be indoors. outside right now 30s and some 20s around the north bay. we still have the freeze warning for the north bay valleys through about 9:00 this morning. you will see high clouds coming in this afternoon and the clouds part of a weather system not bringing rain but a little more of a sea breeze which will bring up the morning temperatures more noticeably come tomorrow. highs upper 50s, near 60 in san jose. mid-50s closer to napa. >> the east shore freeway, the flares, look at this. the section that's flared off is filled in with vehicles as we arrive, looks like two flatbed tow trucks and hopefully another rig to hook up the trailer stuck there and they should hopefully have that cleared the next 15 to 20 minutes. i have no update.
5:27 am
i'm going on what we see and all of the activity. you can use the frontage road at some locals know, from golden gate field down to the berkeley curve. we have the slowing because the commute build flew the area. the rest of the approach not a problem. smooth drive here and the other bridges across the bay. >> 5:27. coming up, sparks flying and sirens blaring during a police chase. >> new details about that massive fire at a concord warehouse. what investigators are saying about the cause.
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to those who've waited... worried... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"...
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welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at she wanted to scream but she was like frozen. >> frozen with fear as an armed gunman storms into -- bingo night filled with families to support a south bay high school. witnesses tell us how it all went down. >> new video this morning as smoke comes out from under a san
5:30 am
francisco street. what we're learning about the fire, next. >> parts of the bay area again for almost seven days running now waking up near freezing. afternoon temperatures starting to show signs of warmer changes ahe ahead. a look at that in the forecast coming up. >> we're showing signs of more traffic at the bay bridge. the big concern is getting here. the east shore freeway the issue going on lanes blocked. we'll give you the progress report and what happened there coming up. >> let's take a live look outside this morning. beautiful glistening shot waiting for the sun's arrival. it's thursday, december 12, this is "today in the bay." a very good thursday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. new this morning a san jose community is calling for security guards at a bingo fund-raiser after a robber stole cash during a tournament. peggy bunker is live at san
5:31 am
jose's oak grove high school. peggy. >> reporter: good morning to you, terry. wednesday nights are popular here at oak grove high school because of these bingo games that has a $5,000 jackpot. a robber stormed into the gym last night about 9:00, now that's where he was wearing a ski mask, also carrying a gun and robbed the cash handlers at the bingo game. there were about 100 people inside playing bingo, many of which had no idea that a robbery was actually taking place. in fact, one witness says it might be time to have security guards at these games. >> i guess this time of year, last year we were at another bingo hall and the same thing happened. so, we're just saying that maybe they need to start getting security guards. >> reporter: now, those at the game closer to the front of the gym and actually witnessed the robbery say that several people ran after the robber but were unable to catch him.
5:32 am
we have call this is morning into the san jose police to try to find out if we can get a better description and how much money was stolen from the game last night. peggy bunker. back to you. >> thanks very much. >> family and friends of several young men missing from san francisco will come together tonight to raise awareness about their disappearances. lin ching spent seven months searching for her missing son, 19-year-old sean. he's recovering from a traumatic brain injury, was last seen at international high school in may. now his mother is making posters with the faces of several other men who also disappeared from the city, hoping for answers. tonight the families will gather at city hall in memory of derek shaw found dead last month. >> acknowledge these missing boys, also in memory of derek who was found deceased. and to raise public awareness, not only the fact that they are missing, but that it continues
5:33 am
to happen. >> ching wonders if some or all of the cases are related. >> a wild police chase came to a screeching end in the east bay overnight. sirens blaring, sparks flying as the suspect runs over a spike strip, blowing out a front tire. the fbi says the chase was connected to a joint operation targeting violent gangs in the city. the suspect led officers on a pursuit from antioch to pittsburg, concord and bay point before ending up back at anti h antioch. at one point he was driving 100 miles an hour. the man was arrested, no one was injured. >> investigators are looking into whether two men arrested for a wine heist in seattle may have ties to the area. chase cain live in san francisco with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. if these two crimes are in fact linked we're talking about near ly three quarters of a million
5:34 am
dollars. in that seattle heist that alone was 2500 bottles of wine that thieves stole. they broke in again on thanksgiving, stole the wine, they cut a hole in the wine, then cut a gas line and ignited it trying to set off an explosion. that did not work, but they were able to get away with the wine. that wine was valued at $648,000. they tried to sell it to a broker. the broker gets suspicious, calls police, they start having a conversation and the broker realized that he bought wine from the same man earlier this year and police figured out that sale happened just a few days after wine was stolen from a store near burrnell heights. the wine dealer got involved, he released a statement saying quote i'm not able to comment on
5:35 am
any of this at this point. unfortunately i've been adviced not to speak. the owner of that seattle wine store heard that police may have recovered most of the wine that was stolen from him so he also released a statement. while we're doing an inventory the volume recovered makes us eager with anticipation and we can't wait to share the good news with our customers. so again, seattle police arrested two people responsible for the crime in seattle, those two charged with burglary, theft and arson. the question for san francisco police are the two responsible for the crime here as well. chase cain, "today in the bay." >> interesting to find out. thanks, chase. >> an underground vault fire shut down power to some customers in san francisco. crews were called to the tenderloin district and arrived to signed smoke pouring out of the vault.
5:36 am
crews had to fire under control in a couple of hours. power has been restored and the cause of that under investigation. >> rob mayeda sin for christina. a look at how we're looking. >> right now quite frosty in the north bay and the south bay. low 30s, that's the story of the morning, at least this morning. come tomorrow we should see changes as a system tosses high clouds throughout afternoon. more after see breeze tomorrow and see our temperatures climbing up. near 60 in san jose, upper 50s in san francisco, and the seven-day forecast will show you that temperatures will be climbing into the 60s as we move through the weekend for san francisco. mike. >> the bay bridge toll plaza, going to get more folks here because what if we see on the east shore freeway. a live look and we see that the flares are gone, they burned out and all roadways open. we're going to the maps and end with our maps we show you the
5:37 am
speeds, they start to improve as you head toward the area out of richmond. the crowd's building. >> coming up, pulling an all nighter on capitol hill, the showdown between democrats and republicans. >> beverly hills we're about to find out who are the nominees for the golden globes. we'll take you there live again next.
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happening now, the nominations for the golden globe awards, check it out. >> walking phoenix, her. best performance by an actor in a supporting role in a motion picture. captain phillips. daniel brule, rush. bradley cooper, american hustle.
5:40 am
michael factbender, 12 years of slaves. jared ledo, dallas fires club. best performance by an actress in a motion picture drama. cate blanchett, blue jasmine, sandra bullock, gravity. judi dench, fill a me that. emma thompson, saving mr. banks. kate winslet, labor day. thank you. >> olivia wilder making some of the announcements. let's hear more. >> best performance by an actor in a mini-series or motion picture made for television. matt damon, behind the c candelab candelabra. michael douglas, behind the candle la bra. dancing on the edge, address
5:41 am
eldra, al pacino. best television series drama, breaking bad, amc. "downton abbey," pbs, the good wife, cbs. house of cards, netflix, mattress of sex, show time. best performance by an actress in a supporting role in a motion picture. sale hawkins, blue jasmine. jennifer lawns, american hustle. la pita youngo, 12 years a slave. julia roberts, august osage county. jude squid, nebraska. best performance by an actress in a motion picture, comedy or musical. amy adams, american hustle. julie dellpy, before midnight. francis hawk, julie lieuy
5:42 am
dreyfuss, meryl streep, august, osage county. >> best motion picture, comedy or musical. american hustle, her, inside lou davis, nebraska, and the wolf of wall street. thank you. >> good morning. best performance by an actress in a mini-series or motion picture made for television. helena bottom carter, burton and taylor, rebecca ferguson, white queen, jessica lang, american more or story coven. helen mirren, phil spector, elizabeth mall, top of the lake. best performance by an actor 18 motion picture drama.
5:43 am
12 years of slave. mon della, long twuk freedom. tom hanks, captain phillips. matthew mcconaughey, dallas buyers club. robert redford, all is lost. >> all right. they will keep going on this morning. the golden globe nominations announced in beverly hills. we'll continue to follow what's going on and probably post a link. tina fey and amy poehler, they are going to make a return appearance to the 2014 golden globes. the two had rave reviews to the hosting job. a lot of fun to watch. >> i'm watching now and it's still funny. they are funny. golden globes going to air on nbc bay area on sunday, january 12, starts at 5:00 p.m. tune in early for all of the red carpet appearances. >> pretty fun to watch, what
5:44 am
everyone's wearing. let's check in with rob mayeda. >> good morning. we're seeing chilly temperatures, 30s around the north bay, actually 20s in spots in the north bay and east bay. 33 right now in san jose. and you can see our temperatures down to zero again this morning in truckee. 33 in the south bay. into areas south of san jose, numbers in the low 30s. around the peninsula, you're also waking up to some numbers that are cold enough for patchy frost again this morning. and look at the 680 corridor down to danville and dublin, upper 20s to low 30s toward livermore and pleasanton. the north bay, santa rosa 26 degrees, 30 in petaluma. we'll see temperatures come up as we start to see more of a sea breeze later on tonight. so right now winds slightly offshore, not a lot of wind. high pressure on top of the bay area acting like a lid so that's not good news again for air quality. fair the air day. the worst of the pollution for
5:45 am
the south bay. not much in the way of clouds but by sundown you'll see high clouds going by, increasing coastal low clouds which should mean tomorrow morning shouldn't be as cold as we're seeing so far this morning and the last few days. the system coming in not going to bring us showers, it should fall apart. just bring in a stronger sea breeze. near 60 today in san jose, upper 50s in san francisco, napa 56, a sample, climbing through the 60s this weekend, upper 60s toward tuesday and wednesday. tri-valley temperatures also climbing. morning temperatures coming up as you get into the weekend and in san jose, same trend continues, mid-60s in the warmer spots into the weekend now for a check of your morning commute here's mike. >> temperatures, that's a good trend. also good trend, we have a nice
5:46 am
trend because all lanes have opened so it's an opening for the east shore freeway. but the trebd also as the volume kicks in so they cleared it in time to see this filling in all of the lanes. moving down toward the bay bridge. the bay bridge toll plaza, the backup starting to form for the cash lanes, over on the right shoulder off the berkeley choyv where you see the cash lanes slow down. these lanes off to the left a few cars building up. no problems into san francisco. we look at the maps, we show the slowdown but the maze, the commute direction doing nicely at speed. slowing through the dublin interchange. a few more cars. 680 south through pleasanton no delays through sunol into the south bay, the northbound routes through san jose, 101 traditional, 680 to 880. 87, 280 not a problem. we'll see that build over the next hour or two. and a quick look at the
5:47 am
northbound direction, through palo alto. back to you. >> thank you very much. bart in its two biggest unions will be back. the two will immediate with a federal mediator. christie smith is live in san francisco. what can we expect from this meeting? >> reporter: hard to believe after all of the talking going on that a deal isn't completely done, but the truth is it isn't. both sides are going to be sitting down today to hash out a clause that b.a.r.t. says was left in the contract and was a mistake. that if left there it would cost them millions of dollars. it has to do with paid family leave. 6 weeks per year. what happened recently is that the board authoritied use. the union turned around and sued so today and tomorrow both sides plan to sit down with a federal mediator to try and end the
5:48 am
dispute with seiu and atu which includes station agents and train operators. b.a.r.t.'s union leaders haven't talked about the dreaded s word, strike, but riders are watching. this has shut down trains leaving thousands tranlded looking for other ways to get to work. because of the strikes. this mediator has had success before, it's the same person who reached a tentative agreement in october and that's the latest from here. live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> on capitol hill the round-the-clock session continues and the democrats and republicans are fighting over president obama's nominees. republicans are refusing to give up debate time over the 11 nominations, so majority leader harry reid decided to keep the session going through saturday or until the republicans relent. >> it's 5:48. investigators say they need more time to figure out what started a fire at a phone company in concord.
5:49 am
fire burned for hours yet, continued to smolder even after crews put it touxt warehouse is owned by all tone company. the building was damaged. no one was inside. the fire marshal said it's too early to call the fire suspicious. because of the size and extent it could take days to determine the cause. major news from baseball. major league baseball announced plans to ban home plate collisions. discussion was intensified back in 2011 after this happened. it is so hard to look at and forget. the collision between buster posey and scott cousins. it left posey's leg broken and three ligaments in his ankle torn. under the new rule approved by major league baseball's rule committee catchers would not be allowed to block home plate and runners would not be allowed to target catchers. umpires will be allowed to
5:50 am
immediately review plays at the plate and violators will be subject to a variety of punishments including fines or suspension. the rules still have to be approved by team owners and the players union. >> the time is 5:50. the faa considering a plan to allow people to use cell phones on planes. not all are thrilled with that idea. the the new poll that may have regulators thinking twice. >> the fellow that wants to be a college football coach.
5:51 am
to those who've waited... worried... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at
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this morning the federal communications commission is expected to vote on whether to allow passengers to take phone
5:53 am
calls on planes, if approved passengers would be able to take phone calls and texts and use other mobile devices above 10,000 feet. rules about turning off cell phones during take-offs and landings would stay the same. most are not excited about the plan. not excited a. new poll finds 59% of passengers who have flown at least once in the past year are against lifting the in-flight cell phone ban. 78% of people who have flown four or more times in the past year against that plan. >> you don't want to sit by me. so then my aunt said. well, in the meantime cell phones are getting cheaper. scott mcgrew, the iphone 5 c for less than the -- where are we going. >> with a two-year contract. walmart will reportedly put the 5 c on sale for $27 starting this friday. this according to the "los angeles times." two takeaways. one, the 5c has seen several
5:54 am
price drops. it's not apparently selling well. number 2, black friday sales are okay after black friday sales are even better. facebook will join the s&p 500 index, still trade on the nasdaq. that's the marketplace but it will be measured both on the nasdaq index and the s&p. facebook shares jumped on the news because some investment plans are forced by their rules to buy shares of companies on the s&p 500. the university of north dakota is looking for a new football coach, one candidate getting a lot of attention on the internet because he admits his only experience was calling plays is from playing madden football on the xbox. christopher who works as a consultant says he is so good at madden football he can win games playing as the buffalo bills. he then provides a power point of his coaching philosophy to the college. top priority, chuck the pigskin.
5:55 am
pass it he says. fourth down, chuck the pigskin. never punt, always onside kick, then across the bottom you see the three plays he likes to rely on. the hail mary, the hail mary, and the hail mary. it worked in madden all the time. why not try it in real college football. >> i thought that was my trick for the game. >> with that many hail marys should be applying at notre dame. >> might be. thanks a lot. >> check in with how about rob mayeda. see what's going on weather wise. >> a chilly start to the morning. you want your winter coat again as we're seeing the 30s and 40s right now. eventually as we go into the afternoon, some clouds coming in during the day and those clouds part of a system that's not going to bring us rain but more of a sea breeze which will set us up for a slightly warmer day tomorrow. so highs close to 60 in san jose. upper 50s in san francisco. mid-50s in napa and around the north bay and a check of the seven-day forecast shows a warmer weekend ahead. look at this.
5:56 am
in the 60s, san francisco mid to upper 60s early next week. >> we like that. we love the temperatures coming up just a tad bit. that's where i like it. toward the bay bridge, we have a backup for the cash lanes, look at these to the right and left. here coming off the berkeley curve where you see the most activity. that's at the bottom of the screen around where it says nbc bay area around the bend there, no major issues but a burst of traffic as they cleared the crash at gilman that has sorted out to a typical flow in all directions in this area. back to the bay bridge toll plaza. the lanes off to the right and left, the fast track lanes t cash, they have to wait a bit. fast track not a problem. easy drive into or out of san francisco across the span. 880 moves. south of the dumbarton bridge speeds dip from time to time. no big deal when you have a lot more company down to mission boulevard and getting to the south bay. northbound 101 has the most volume increase, just from 680
5:57 am
all the way up to 880, speeds down in the 50s. other than that the rest of the south bay building. peninsula, no problem. >> good news. the new details we're learning about the asiana aircraft and the new video unveiled at the ntsb hearing in washington. it's all next. >> plus, a ripple effect is across california. restaurants find themselves without a key ingredient. it's leaving a lot of owners looking for a fix. >> the golden globe nominees announced. we'll break down the nominees coming up next.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> right now at 6:00 a man in a ski mask busts into a south bay bingo night and makes off with most of the winnings. we'll tell you how a few victims nearly nabbed the armed suspect themselves. >> plus, thieves break through
6:00 am
metal doors to get their hands on pricey wine. what police are saying about a west coast wine heist and included a stop in san francisco. >> b.a.r.t. goes back to the bargaining table. >> we're tracking another round of chilly temperatures around the bay area this morning in san jose you are noticing numbers below 32 degrees again this morning. more on a chilly start to your morning coming up. >> chilly but folks huddled on the east shore freeway, we have now all lanes reopened. that's the good news. a new crash in the tri-valley. we'll show you for 680 coming up. >> a live look outside at the fantastic bay bridge, the lights doing their thing. you can see a crystal clear and yet chilly morning. it's thursday, december 12, and this is "today in the bay." >> a very good thursday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >>


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