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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 12, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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on the fbi's wanted list for a year now. in fact, today marks the one-year anniversary we're told of when his alleged crime spree began. tonight, a law enforcement source confirms that crime spree's over. >> the teller that i just talked to, karen, said they literally saw him walk nonchalantly to his car, get into his car, and drive away. >> reporter: it may be that very observation that's led investigators to arrest the man they believe may be the notorious cotton ball bandit. tonight, a law enforcement source tells nbc bay area the suspect investigators say robbed a norato bank of the west yesterday before leading officers on a high-speed chase is, indeed, the hat wearing serial bank robber they've been looking for. >> thankful. thankful that they got him. >> reporter: while the fbi wouldn't go on record that they positively i.d.'d the suspect as their man, they acknowledge the
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similarities between the two are striking. >> a hat, or a beanie of some sort was worn in yesterday's robbery. >> reporter: in addition to the note being passed. >> in addition to the note being passed. that is correct. again, the motive of the cotton ball bandit is a person who walks into a bank, passes note to a teller and demand note, and leaves the bank. >> reporter: tonight, those in the north bay are feeling relie relieved. yesterday's heist may be the end of the cotton ball bandit's bad deeds. >> i'm glad, you know, they were finally able to track him down and got him. it's great. it's really great. great police work. >> happy holidays to him, and he'll be going away for a long, long time. >> reporter: nine law enforcement agencies have been hot on the trail of the cotton ball bandit and are involved in the investigation. again, a law enforcement source telling us tonight that the serial bank robber is in
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custody. an official announcement is expexed to come tomorrow. reporting live in san francisco, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. a follow-up now on the child sex abus case involving a livermore golf coach. police have a third victim and the number could grow higher. investigators are getting calls about possible victims and reaching out to hem. they arrested andrew nesbit saturday at the las positas golf course in livermore, facie inin counts of child molestation involving two students. nesbit's bail was denied and remains behind bars. more than a year after a 7-eleven clerk was gunned down, a major break in the case. marianne favro is at the milpitas police department with the new developments. >> reporter: hi, diane. milpitsa police arrested one man
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and wone woman for the death ofa 7-eleven clerk. not only was it the only homicide here in milpitas in the year 2012, but it happened a few blocks from the police department. on september 8th, 2012, sadeghzadeh was working at this 7-eleven when three people entered the store and shot him to death, the stis only homicide in 2012. >> for us in a small community like milpitas where it is safe and we have very few homicides, this hit the core of the community and resonated in a very negative way where it was a who done it homicide, when it initially came into us. so we put forth untold hours over the last 15 months. >> reporter: that diligence, hours of surveillance and help from other bay area police departments led to a break in the case. today milpita is, police announced the arrest of three men and one woman.
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the suspects, 19-year-old jerry corneal. delmon arm stead, and bianca bar barro. today, a statement from mo's wife. >> though i'll be missing mo every day, it gives me comfort knows the criminals responsible for his loss are off the streets. i am very thankful for the hard work that the police and all other individuals involved put in to making this happen. >> reporter: police say this surveillance video helped them solve the case. initially, they were looking for three armed men. detectives are not saying the role the lone female suspect arrested played in the homicide. they say it does not appear the suspects knew mo. they got away with just $200. but forever changed one family's life. mo's sons describe him as a wonderful father and friend who loved indiana jones movies. a dad they will always miss. two of the suspects were just 17
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years old at the time of the crime. police say they will be charged as adults. reporting live in milpitas, marianne favro. a livermore man is behind bars accused of causing a deadly crash. police say garcia was driving drunk in his hummer and crashed into a jeep cherokee which then caused both suvs to smash into two more cars. the jeep burst into flames, killing the driver inside. that person's name has not been released yet. garcia, meanwhile, booked on dui, vehicular manslaughter and gross negligence. police in san rafael re-opened civic center drive after a pedestrian was killed there today. investigators say the elderly victim was crossing the intersection when a work van hit him. police say the driver of the van is cooperating. his employer says the driver is devastated by the accident. a weekly farmer's market was
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under way nearby when the crash happened. police have not released the identity of the victim. what went wrong? that's what b.a.r.t., two unions and federal mediators are trying to figure out to avoid b.a.r.t.'s third strike this year. today we learned more about how a six week paid family medical leave provision ended up in a contract in the first place. nbc bay area's stephanie chuang is live at b.a.r.t. headquarters in oakland with more for us. stephanie? >> reporter: good evening, janelle. we actually obtained a copy of the document that b.a.r.t. says explains how the mixup happened. this is the union's proposal for the six weeks of paid family medical leave. you an see the markings on it are by management. there's a yellow strikethrough that was supposed to indicate a rejection of the language that ended up in the agreement for the unions. it's the tail of two again. two sides. two stories. >> the tentative agreement was mistakenly created and put in a
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pile. >> reporter: and frustrated riders. >> and all those people documene other thing pass need to be fired. >> reporter: what went wrong? according to b.a.r.t.'s timeline, the first mention of the provision at the table began two weeks after bargaining began and in june the unions withdrew it before the district formally rejected the position twice. b.a.r.t. said the last ever mention of it was on june 24th when the chief negotiator reaffirmed getting rid of it. good news came four months later when both sides reached a tentative agreement. two weeks later, b.a.r.t. membered caught what they considered, a big mistake. >> we don't characterize that as a mistake as all. for them to represent it as a clerical area is a misrepresentation of the act. >> reporter: the b.a.r.t.'s spokespers spokesperson says they can't take on the cost of the leave, which could range to $44. million for the 4-year duration of the contract. >> people can agree six years of paid leave is not reasonable,
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that's very generous and it's not affordable to b.a.r.t. >> reporter: daily b.a.r.t. riders we spoke with agreed it's too costly. >> no, i don't think they zefsh deserve it at all. do we get that as people who work out there? no, we don't. >> reporter: they also said those in management who let the mistake happen need to pay a price. >> somebody should proofread this stuff and the professionals are in charge so blame it on a poor temp is a sorry excuse in my opinion. >> i feel all those people, all the way down, need to go. >> reporter: now, i spoke with one of the union leaders a few minutes ago and she says it could be a couple more hours. one or two hours while they're here tonight trying to negotiate something. if there is no breakthrough, the talks are set to resume tomorrow morning here at b.a.r.t. headquarters. live in oakland, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, stephanie. we're learning the official cause of the airplane crash at sfo will take months to determine. federal officials are still analyzes the data presented in yesterday's hears in washington,
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d.c. flight 214 crashed at sfo in july killing three teenagers and injuring dozens of others. a final report is expexed in the summer. authorities in idaho today conducted what could be their last search for a missing san jose family. if they return empty handed, they say they will suspend the search. officials haven't been able to locate any sign of the plane or the family. dale smith and four of his family members disappeared december 1st while flying from oregon to montana. he reported engine trouble over central idaho and have not been heard from since. san francisco police are asking for the public's help tonight to find a mising person. this is a picture of the woman. her name is coming up, anyway, is jenna belew. she went missing in september. this week, san francisco police opened a missing persons case on her. she lived in san francisco and spent time in the south and market area. she's 41 years old, a transgender woman who's 5'7", with auburn colored hair. police are asking anyone with
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information about her to contact the san francisco police department. the record streak continues. tomorrow will be the sixth consecutive spare the air day. this is a live picture of san jose, where some of the dirtiest air is right now in the bay area. the spare the air day means no burns is allowed indoor or outdoor. not in your fireplace or outside fire pit. you can't burn manufactured fire logs, either. if you do, you may be fined. and still ahead at 6:00, a masked gunman robbed a school fund-raiser. and parents tonight are holding an emergency meeting. i'm scott budman. new products and billion-dollar valuations. you can all this texting 2.0. but is it still safe to send that photo? also, radiation under bay area homes. we investigate claims that the navy is concealing the real expense of the contamination. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri. from record-setting heat this
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week to record-setting high temperatures. we'll let you know who could have 70 degrees by next tuesday. coming up in that full forecast.
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so why are people still living over contaminated soil on pressure island? that's the question asked by a expert hired to survey the island. he's speaking out for the first time. nbc bay area investigative unit uncovered new evidence about the radiation on treasure island. investigative reporter has this report. >> reporter: we're hearing firsthand from don wadsworth, never spoken publicly before. his company was hired on a multimillion dollar contract to conduct routine tests for radiation on treasure island. he says the navy told him it didn't expect he'd find anything. as you'll hear tonight, that one the case. when you first arrived in 2007, the navy said there was no radioactive material on treasure island. >> correct.
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>> reporter: what did you find? >> radioactivewadsworth is a radiation expert, his company worked on many radioactive cleanups, including hunters point and navy yard on the island. in 2007, wadsworth and his team at new world environmental were hired to work at treasure island. where they are still working today. when you first got to the island, what was your job? >> perform surveys of areas that were being excavated for treatment for chemical contamination. >> reporter: wadsworth says his surveys found significant amounts of radiation throughout the island. in your professional opinion, should people be living the at treasure island? >> no. >> reporter: can you explain why? >> well, just from these pictures that you've shown me here, you've got a significant contamination levels. >> reporter: he's referring to his picture obtained by the investigative unit from a navy
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report released to regulators last month. shows radiation levels taken on big low court, a building never released to managements because it's a known former solid waste disposal site. this year the navy identified it on this map as being radiologically impacted. wadsworth says it's an example of the navy's reluctance to reveal the nature and extent of radiation on treasure island. do you feel the navy has acti actively tried to cover up this information? >> i really don't have a way of knowing what they're doing, but certainly it does appear that way. >> the information that we get from the navy is all denial saying everything is fine and nothing to worry about. and we haven't found anything that is of alarming at this point. >> reporter: paris and cindy hayes have lived on the island for 111 years, among the two dozen families abruptly informed last month they have to move in
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april. >> they told us our relocation was based on the fact the navy needed to do more surveillance on the property, but it was not related to any radioactive material findings. >> reporter: but in this map, the hayes building and five other residential buildings were recently identified as on or near areas of radiological impact and like bigalow court now need to be surveyed for radiation. >> there isn't evidence of radiological materials being buried where people are currently living. >> reporter: treasure island director, bob beck. how would you characterize how straightforward the navy has been with residents in informing them about the radiation here on treasure island? >> i think they've been extremely straightforward in informing both tida and the residents. >> reporter: is there any radiation near the buildings where the folks are being asked to move out? >> forward your question to me and i'll be happy to answer your questions but not right now. >> reporter: we requested an interview with a navy corpsman,
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but his office said he wasn't available. >> you're interrupting the introduction of the meeting. >> reporter: the meeting doesn't start for another 15 minutes, sir. >> that's not true. the official part of the agenda starts at 7:00. >> reporter: uh-huh. >> we have a holiday session here with a potluck and you're interrupting that. please refrain from interrupting that. >> reporter: you're not able to answer any questions during the pot luck, sir? >> i said thank you. >> 1,000 people's lives out here. >> reporter: it's been a frustrating ordeal for the 2,800 people who live and work on treasure island. whose voices have grown louder as more information surfaces contradicting the navy's claims about the contamination. >> so you come here and tell us what you want us to hear. but i think you need to go back to whoever it was and let them know that treasure island is no longer buying it. >> reporter: contractor don wadsworth says six years into his work at treasure island, he has this assessment. >> my job is to protect people from the environment.
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and so it's just not getting done. >> reporter: the navy provided a statement today reaffirming it is working with regulators to, quote, investigate and clean up contaminated areas on treasure island and that the state, city and navy do not have any data indicating a risk to human health to current ten thats. in the meantime, a $1.5 billion development plan from the land is on hold until the island is cleaned up. in the newsroom, nbc bay area news. and if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to some vacant lots in san bruno will soon become homes again. it's one of the final steps in rebuilding the neighborhood devastated by the huge pipeline explosion three years ago. the explosion killed eight people and completely destroyed 38 homes. since then, san bruno city leaders have worked with pg&e to slowly restore the neighborhood. this week the city council voted to allow a developer to build homes on ten vacant lots all at
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once. if negotiations with the developer go smoothly, construction on the homes should begin in about six months. the enforcement on a law making it illegal for people to eat, sleep, rest in their cars if palo alto could be delayed a year. a city manager said it should be shelved for the one-year time period or until a court ruling is made on the constitutionality of a similar law in los angeles. a lawyer representing the people who live in their cars says that is great news for people terrified of possibly having to sleep outdoors in the cold. the city council is scheduled to vote monday on whether to delay enforcement of that law. appears we're finally out of the freezing temperatures. let's check in with jeff ranieri. >> yes, much better news especially across the north bay. right now, temperatures averaging at 49 degrees. instead of low 30s like earlier this week, again, a lot better for you. also averaging 48 in the east bay. in the south bay, right now, 49 degrees. it's going to drop for tonight.
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but certainly not as cold as we've had over the past 72 hours. wind speed, light at 5 miles per hour. that's unfortunately going to keep the air quality at unhealthy levels. let's get to the 24-hour forecast. 7:00 a.m., upper 40s. cloud cover hanging on. noon hour, temperatures in the mid 50s. warmer on the peninsula. little built of an onshore wind, temperatures above wa you had in the south bay. 55 by the noon hour. temperatures even in the low 60s by the afternoon. san francisco, starting off with 41. and also sunny skies for you. for the north bay, east bay and tri valley, the biggest difference is the tri valley will not be starting off at 7:00 a.m. with 30s. 41 for you. and instead of 20s in the north bay, we'll go with 32 degrees at this point. we are also pushing ahead toward that air quality. let's go ahead and get a look. friday, saturday, sunday and monday. and what you're going to find here at poor levels not only for friday, but saturday. sunday as well.
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even into monday. we may not actually get a large shift in this until about wednesday of next week. so with that said, we are now looking ahead toward record-s s record-setting warmth. old record, 70 set in 1998. of course, that is just after some record-setting cold this week with the coldest low on monday morning at 25 degrees. with all this cold air, you guys might be thinking about the holidays. i was in san francisco earlier running errands today. i saw the palace hotel. i thought, well, let me go in and take a look at the tree and look at what i found. it is incredible this year. >> beautiful. >> my favorite spot. >> yes. it must stand at least 30 feet tall and, of course, the bev thing, it's absolutely free. walk in and check it out. i want to be clear. it says jeff's christmas photo because i took it. this is not my christmas tree at home. is california the best place to live? up next, you might be surprised what the majority of californians really think about living here. and cracking down on medical
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marijuana. the new steps san jose is taking to control dispensaries. don't pull out your phone just yet. we're standing in the way of airline passengers talking on their cell phones.
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in case you haven't noticed, california is getting more and more crowded with new population numbers showing more than 38 million people living here. this past year, california's population grew by just about 1% and that is the highest growth rate in a decade. experts say the increase is driven mostly by the job market. alameda and santa clara counties saw the largest percentage increases and state officials use the annual population data to determine how distribute social welfare programs and spend state money. the golden state may not be so golden according to a new field poll. back in the late '60s, 70% of californians ranked the state as one of the best places to live. now only 43% do.
6:25 pm
26% say california living is nice, but not outstanding. and 21% say it's about average. and here are some more interesting tidtidbits. 53% of democrats say california is the best compared to 29% of republicans. 53% of bay area residents say california is best. and the central valley, that number drops to 33% which is in line with the political makeup of this state. and still ahead at 6:00, an environmental battle that goes beyond the grade. the change activists want and are going to court for all in the name of clean air. i'm kimberly terry live in san jose, where police say an armed robber got away with some cash from a school fund-raiser meant to benefit band students. the details and also what organizers are trying to do to prevent this from happening in the future. and did he have a mental breakdown? the sign language interpreter being called a fake speaks out about what he did at nelson mandela's memorial service.
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san jose police are looking for a masked gunman in south san jose. police say the man walked into a high school fund-raiser last night, showed a gun and demanded money and then took off with the cash. the money was for the oak grove high school band. nbc bay area's kimberly terry is in san jose with more on what happened and how it might affect the program. kimberly? >> reporter: diane, for 30
6:29 pm
years, this bingo program has funded the high school band. this is a huge mustn't draw. and you can see, there's an advertised $5,000 payout at every game every wednesday. police are still looking for the robbery suspect. the band's director says he's grayful no one was hurt last night, but the financial lot, he says, is devastating. despite massive school budget cuts the oak grove school band continued to play on thanks to a weekly fund-raising bingo game. >> bingo brings in 80% of our budget. >> reporter: last night, someone walked into the gym wearing a ski mask demanding from an organiz organizer. >> they did hand over a large amount of cash. he fled on foot. >> half of the people in the front knew what was going on but i think they were in shock. the people who sat in the back didn't know what was going on because we were in the middle of the game and the bingo caller just stopped and we're going like, what's going on? you know? what's the next number?
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>> reporter: the school's band director said the amount of cash taken is 10% of their annual budget. >> ultimately they're stealing from kids doing their absolute best to be as good as they can possibly be, compete around the state. travel to europe. >> reporter: over 100 students are part of the oak grove high school band. the award-winning group has a storied history. over the last 20 years, it has been part of international parades and the inaugural parade for president clinton. >> the bingo program keeps the costs way down for the kids. keeps it down to in the neighborhood of $250 to $350 depending on what trip we're going to take per year. >> reporter: that's compared to $2,400 parents have to pay out of pocket at other local schools for band participation. >> we're not going to die, we're not going to roll over. we're going to continue. >> reporter: the band director and the boosters club are meeting tonight to discuss possible ways to step up security and also to make up for those lost funds.
6:31 pm
live in san jose, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> thank, kimberly. clubs in san jose are on notice. san jose city council ordered city staff to send letters to existing pot clubs informing them they're illegal and need to shut down. pot shops will be shut down next to homes, schools and drug rehab centers and also only be able to operate in about 1% of the city. pot proponents argue the industry generates over $5 million a year in city tax revenue. they're threatening to fwather signatures to overturn the new rules scheduled to take effect early next year. an environmental watchdog group filed a lawsuit against the city of oakland over plans for controversial crematorium close to international airport. nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. shows us what led to this legal battle. >> reporter: this empty industrial building near the oakland international airport is at the center of this fight.
6:32 pm
in 2012, oakland's planning department approved the neptune society's plans to turn it into the west coast's largest crematorium incinerating 3,600 bodies a year. the oakland city council got wind of the idea and tried to pass an emergency ordinance requiring all new crematoriums to go through an environmental review. a judge ruled it was too late to stop the project. >> should have required a use permit which would have been an opportunity to address the environmental impacts but also give a answer fchance for the c to hear about the project. >> reporter: this week environmental watchdog communities for a better environment filed a lawsuit against the city trying to norse it to reconsider. >> we felt like the city made an error and feel like they tried to correct that error and we feel like it's still an error that the community still wants to fix. >> reporter: the oakland city attorney's office said it hadn't yet seen the suit and couldn't comment. the neptune society issued a statement says it believes the oakland planning department acted appropriately initialling
6:33 pm
the permit. dustin clark who manages a coffee delivery company just across the street from the proposed site thinks differently. >> there's always a concern of mercury being released into the air. you know, and there's some of my co-workers have also expressed if that's the case, they may have to either telecommute or find some other way to do their work. >> reporter: clark says the city never notified businesses in the industrial neighborhood beforehand about the project. >> if this goes across the street, that's something that obviously our competitors can come and say that this is damaging to our product. >> reporter: environmentalists say the crematorium would add pollution to nearby east oakland neighborhoods already impacted by freeway traffic and industrial factories. but whether groups can stop the project from going forward now may already be a dead issue. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. hundreds of people gathered at the national cathedral in washington, d.c., today to remember victims of gun violence. saturday marks one year since
6:34 pm
the massacre at sandy hook elementary school that killed 20 students and 6 faculty members. as they have throughout the year, families from newtown, connecticut, gathered in the nation's capital zee mademandin stricter gun laws. >> it's hard for me to be here today to talk about my deceased son. i have to. i'm a voice. >> in an instant, any mother in america could be in my shoes. and no one should ever have to feel that pain. >> sandy hook families joined vice president biden at the white house this week. he announced $100 million in new funding for mental health services. house speaker john boehner lashed out against extreme part of his party today as the house debated a budget deal. the house ended up passing the deal three hours ago sending it to the senate. if signed into law, it will avoid another government shutdown for at least two years. tea party republicans said they opposed the compromised deal
6:35 pm
before looking at the details. the house speaker today sharply criticized members of the extreme right and their influence on fellow republicans. >> i think they're pushing our members in places where they don't want to be and frankly, i just think that they've lost all credibility. >> despite ongoing opposition from the tea party, the budget deal is expected to pass the senate and be signed into law. a public apology today from the sign language interpreter at nelson mandela's memorial in johannesburg. he told nbc news while he was signing he heard voices and hallucinated and said he currently gets treated for schizophrenia and had episodes in the past. >> when i was busy interpreting, i saw angels on the stadium, from the skies, coming on the stadium. then i felt being scared.
6:36 pm
and that moment, i tried to control myself. >> the owners of the company that provided the sign language interpreter have disappeared. that's according to the south african government. an investigation is ongoing. coming up, a pill to lower your risk of breast cancer? drug that could cut the risk by half for certain group of women. and a high-class heist. millions of dollars in wine swiped and why the trail may lead through the bay area. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri. sunny and also warmer temperatures for today. but we're also tracking that poor air quality. we'll let you know how long this could last coming up in that full forecast.
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in health matters tonight, could a pill help prevent breast cancer? new information out tonight shows that might be the case. it's called an after zul for women at high risk of breast cancer. this pill apparently lowered the risk by more than 50%. researchers from queen mary university of london say that's a little better than the other drugs now being used to prevent breast cancer. and one more benefit. it reportedly has fewer side effects. so driving with a hangover could be just as dangerous as driving drunk. researchers in europe discovered that after testing people who had ten drinks the night before, the next morning, no alcohol was present in their blood, but the drivers reportedly weaved in traffic, had delayed reaction times, and paid less attention to the road. well, investigators are
6:40 pm
trying to determine if two men arrested in an elaborate high-end wine hive in seattle are tied to a similar crime here in the bay area. seattle police have recovered most of the 2,500 bottles values at nearly three quarters of a million dollars stolen on thanksgiving day. now they're talks with san francisco police to see if the two suspects might also be behind a high-end wine store theft last spring where about $100,000 worth of wine was stolen. let's go to jeff right now. and i could see all the sun warming on my skin. i actually -- for the first time in, like, two weeks i actually sweated a bit. >> no way. >> today i had to take of my lawyers. >> i didn't get that close. >> i was going to say yourself really going to be sweating by monday. >> oh, good. >> temperatures going up. we're going to get close to 7 0 degrees in a few locations and have more on the record-setting heat and the latest on the air quality in a few minutes.
6:41 pm
all right. swref. co jeff. coming in sports, 49ers heading east to take on tampa. why rest is a necessity. plus, san francisco giants look to add much-needed pop in left field. next from the xfinity sports desk.
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not a lot of jingle in the closing bell on wall street today. for eight out of the last ten days, the dow has dropped. the market closed down 104 points today ending at 15,739. the nasdaq also dipped by 5 points ending just under 4,000. the debate over allowing airline passengers to talk on their cell phones got a bit more controversial tonight. the fcc today approved a proposal to consider lifting the band, but the department of
6:44 pm
transportation jumped in says it will take up the issue as well. california senator dianne feinstein does not support the idea either. today, she co-introduced a measure that would limit cell phone use on flights to texting and e-mailing in the event the fcc rules are changed. they are temporary, but they're likely here to stay. text messages that get to your friends' mobile device and then disappear. our business and tech reporter scott budman takes a look at the new way to communicate. >> reporter: it's the new style. when it comes to texting. companies like instagram and snapchat and frankly let you deliver the message and have that message disappear. because you never know. >> there's always that one instance. >> reporter: that one instance is why frankly, a san francisco startup, lets you send text messages and photos that will go away after ten seconds. they say it makes mobile communication more personal. >> i think when people are realizing is that, you know,
6:45 pm
they've been living in an environment are facebook and instagram and twitter where you broadcast out and everything is out there for everybody. all the time. and everybody's critical in the world. and you're losing that sense of self. >> they're social networks in and of themselves. >> reporter: social in you can reach out to your friends instantly with your mobile device. but because the messages go away, you can be a little more free with what you show and tell. >> that i think sort of is the different lure of what was happening with social media, especially the way younger people are using social media where they're broadcasting everything and obviously parents and others, job, people in the job market said maybe that's not a good idea. these are those types of things born from them. >> reporter: it's still about sharing, but now with fewer people at a time. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> yeah, my whole theory is that stuff sticks around forever. >> it will never disappear forever. it's somewhere there in the cloud. >> somebody will get it. >> somewhere out there in the
6:46 pm
cloud. let's talk to jeff. not a lot of cloud cover here. >> we are starting to clear out. that's right, diane. we've got junior meteorologists at the anchor desk. we do have haze tonight with the poor air quality. more on the air quality coming up. we are tracking rainfall to the north. see this thing is beginning to break up so there's no hope of getting any rainfall from that for us tonight. let's take a look outside at the sky camera network. what you're going to notice is temperatures a lot more milder than we had on monday. in fact, we struggled to get to 50 for that daytime high on monday. and right now, we have that at 6:45 averaging low 40s in the north bay and for the south bay, 49 degrees. that's where tomorrow morning could be the first morning in about ten days where we'll average at 7:00 a.m. numbers in the low 40s. then as we head throughout 1:00 p.m., 56 degrees. and hold on, it's going to get even a little bit warmer as we push through that afternoon for san jose. take a look at our microclimate forecast for friday. see we're going to top out at 62 degrees. feel like the mid 60s if you're out in the sun. we do have clouds on here.
6:47 pm
that's mainly to calculate for a little bit of that morning cloud cover by the afternoon. we should have those sunny skies. palo alto at 60. throughout san francisco, temperatures hovering in the upper 50s. north bay, east bay and tri valley, let's not forget about you and get your temperatures in here. we'll have 62 in santa rosa. 35 59, mill valley. 57 in fremont. pleasanton, 60. also livermore, 62. overall pattern, poor air quality staying in the forecast throughout tomorrow. i do think at this point according to our air quality website, we're fwoingoing to se at the poor levels throughout the next three days without any kind of major improvements in the forecast. the main reason why you're going to be able to see here. not the cold front. just wasn't strong enough to stir up the atmosphere. it's all about high pressure building in off the pacific. that's going to keep somewhat of a lid across the bay area. so all those pollutants will just stay trapped at the lower
6:48 pm
atmosphere. the other thing high pressure is going to do is warm temperatures up. let's go ahead and take a look at the portable record-setting trend as we head throughout next week. see by saturday, not too warm. low 60s. sunday, there we go, we start to get it on simmer here with 69 degrees and potentially by monday, low 70s coming back into the mix. in fact, 70 degrees on monday for parts of the bay area. could even bring us some record-setting temperatures. as you're going to be able to see here in san jose and also livermore, right at about 70 degrees. the old record, 72 set back in 1958. so 40-plus years sin it will have, this warm for this time of the year. and we're going to wind things up here with a look at the saturday forecast. sunny skies, temperatures in the low 60s here. napa, 63. livermore, 63. sunday, that looks like the best day of the weekend. san jose, 67 degrees. even at lake tahoe, recent snow up there. temperatures will be in the mid
6:49 pm
50s. they call that, what is it, ski bunny weather? folks who love to wear the great outfits and ski in the sun. >> we don't want the snow to melt. >> well, we've got colder weather next week. we're kind of riding that fine line. >> okay. thanks so much, jeff. all right. let's check in with sports. and the one, the only, the fabulous jim kozimor. >> you're too kind. >> so good to see you again, jim. >> great to see you guys. let's get it rolling with sports. baseball off season busy with activity. while the a's have had most of the headlines the giants have been filling areas of need. they added one more piece today. insider reporting the giants have agreed to terms with former mariner national and oriole michael morse. he's going to play left field next year. the 32-year-old power hitter will join the club in a one-year deal pending a physical. morse coming off a down year, struggled with a wrist injury. hit .215 with 13 home runs. football we go. fresh off their biggest win of the season, 49ers heading east to take on the buccaneers.
6:50 pm
tampa won four of the last five games, one of the most talented defenses in the league. good news for san francisco, 8-1 under jim harbaugh playing on the east coast. erin, give me more. >> reporter: 49ers are coming off one of the most physical games of the season against the seahawks and expect even more physical punishment when they enter a sold out raymond james stadium. >> tampa is playing extremely good football right now. been following them the last month. playing good ball. >> they had great defense. real physical. both of the safeties come out. the linebacker, real fast. d linemen real fast. >> reporter: with setbacks in their passing game, frank gore football has been the core of the 49ers offense for most of the season. rushing for almost 1,000 yards so far. and to know no one's surprise,
6:51 pm
49ers lessened the load at practice to keep gore and his banged up team fresh on sunday. >> we sawed off a little bit of the time spent on the practice field and in the meeting rooms. >> have to, especially when you're in the run to get in the playoffs. you know, you got to try to keep fresh and i'm happy our coach is doing it with us and, you know, that's why we still -- >> reporter: in santa clara, nbc bay area. let's hit the ice. sharks hosting minnesota tonight at the s.a.p. center. san jose lost four straight. their longest skid of the steen. having been outscored 16-7 over the period of time. the wild coming in lost four straight road games. there's one sure fire way for team teal to have better outcomes. >> score a few more times. you know? that's the biggest thing i think
6:52 pm
the power play obviously needs to be a little more dangerous than those times. all our chances came five-on-five. didn't have a lot with the power play. if we throw that in there, we get the win. >> it's one of the things where you have to stick with it, can't get discouraged. fight for those chances and work for them. as long as they're coming, keep believing the next chance is going to go in. all right. to hoops. last night steph curry, game winner. seal an 18-point comeback win against the dallas mavericks. heroics not going unnoticed. curry ranked third among all western conference guards in nba all-star voting behind chris paul and kobe bryant. curry, noticeable snub from last year's all-star game. plus, warriors center jermaine o'neal is going to undergo arth skopic surgery on friday on a torn ligament in his right wrist. a timetable for his return is going to be determined following the procedure. that's going to do it for sports.
6:53 pm
sharks highlights tonight at 11:00. hoping the sharks get a win tonight. >> fingers crossed. thanks so much, jim. >> all right, guys. >> for a full half hour of coverage, watch sportsnet central on comcast sportsnet bay area tonight at 10:30. >> we'll be right back.
6:54 pm
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an 8-year-old boy from the east bay helped governor jerry brown light the capitol christmas tree in sacramento tonight. want to bring you a look at the 55 tall red fur on the capitol steps now lit with 10,000 l.e.d. lights. helping to light it, valencia saha of vallejo who suffers from
6:56 pm
congenital heart disease, chosen to represent the 260,000 people with developmental disabilities receiving state services and support. some of them made the 500 hand crafted ornaments on the holiday tree. it is beautiful. >> absolutely. very nice. it is actually, well, sort of warming up. a little colder now. warming up in general. >> yeah, if you guys are clicking on the tv, we don't know why you'd mix our 6:00 show, but we'll give you an update for tomorrow morning. certainly quite a bit warmer than most of this week at 7:00. san jose, 40 degrees. 1:00 p.m., temperatures in the mid 50s and sunny skies. we have high pressure that's going to be sitting out here across the pacific. as we head throughout this upcoming weekend. and by sunday, it is going to start to kick those temperatures up into high gear. 64 expected in livermore. san jose, 63. santo rosa at 65. as we head throughout our monday forecast, what you're going to notice here is temperatures are going to go warmer with an expected 70 degrees in livermore. that could be one of the warmest
6:57 pm
temperatures here as we head throughout early next week and potentially record setting by monday. not only in livermore, but also for portions of san jose as well. napa, 67. santa rosa, 69. san francisco could get close to records with an anticipated 68. again, from the record-setting lows, temperatures in the teens on monday, to some big-time heat coming our way as we head throughout early next week. of course, we do have this poor air quality to be concerned about. not only a spare the air alert in effect for our friday forecast, but likely see these levels stay like this as we head throughout saturday and also sunday's forecast. of course, we'll have more on all this and a breakdown coming up at 11:00 p.m. ladies? >> looks nice. got to get through the dirty air. thanks, jeff. >> sure. >> thanks for watching nbc bay area news at 6:00. see you back here at 11:00. >> have a good night, folks. >> good night.
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oprah snubbed by the golden globes, now on "extra." ♪ extra extra >> oprah out. michael, sandra, julia and meryl in. >> somehow people are not sick of me yet. >> one of the most star-packed golden globes ever. >> yeah, baby. >> we're coast to coast with the nominees. what bradley cooper is promising to do on the red carpet. >> we said it here. >> tv chef rachael ray's ugly family feud. how it was sparked by the death of her aunt. >> two star breakups. madonna and her boy toy brahim split and taye diggs ten-year marriage s


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