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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 13, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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it's 4:30. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> the breaking news in the east bay now where firefighters are battling a house fire in oakland. it's happening near the corner of 90th avenue and a street not far from international boulevard. >> christie smith just arrived at the scene. what's it look like? >> reporter: good morning. at this point firefighters have this knock eed down but what is unusual firefighters are not working on the home that burned itself, they are working on the one that was next to it because these homes were so close together that it actually kind of spread to two homes around it. this is what we're talking about. firefighters are actually on the
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roof of a home right now kind of doing overhaul on it. again, this is not the home that actually caught fire first. that's the one next to it. this started overnight about 2:40 a.m. i had a chance to speak with one of the firefighters. when they got here there was heavy smoke and flames from a modular home here on 98th avenue near international. there was a family inside. they didn't hear smoke detectors, they smelled smoke, they got out, two adults and a child. this fire was spreading very quickly, and the homes are extremely close, so what firefighters are telling me is that it spread to two adjacent homes, kind of on the outside, didn't really do damage to the inside. but that was a concern. making sure that this didn't keep spreading. they were able to knock it down in about 30 minutes. the two adjacent homes were unoccupied. i asked firefighters does this have anything to do with space
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heaters or christmas lights? they said it's just too soon to tell. they just got the fire knocked down. they are venting the roof and making sure everything is out. that will be the next thing that they look at. but that's the latest from here live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> hear them actively trying to work on that. >> let's bring in rob mayeda. more bad news for air quality. >> adding to the situation as we show you the temperatures, 30s and 40s, in oakland the hazy skies. and the wind speeds very light. so unfortunately once you get any of these home fires that we're seeing this morning, the smoke kind of sitting in place and on top of it you've got high pressure acting like a lid dropping the ceiling down over the bay overnight which trapped the smoke in a smaller space. this is the reason why for six days and likely now through the weekend and beyond we have another spare the air day t
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worst of the smoke particle pollution in the south bay but locally in the east bay. you'll see some of that smoke being a problem. our temperatures today not too bad. close to 61 in san jose. 58 in san francisco. close to 60 in napa today. for the weekend looks like we'll see highs in the mid-60s. for a check of the commute here is mike. >> good morning, rob. an easy light drive for the south bay. the volume of traffic as we look at the live shot not a problem. 101, you see how sparsely populated this is. we'll look at the map and a nice easy drive, no problems, yellow toward 59, 60 miles per hour. here north 101 approaching matilda you may see activity. earlier a car went off and into the bushes. trying to check the situation to make sure there is no one there. sounds like the vehicle was abandoned. a smooth drive past moffitt air field. >> thank you. new this morning all lanes of
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interstate 280 in sunnyvale open after a deadly crash. the chp says a car veered off the freeway into bushes near the northbound 280 connector ramp to highway 85 north. it happened around midnight and the ramp was closed for several hours. right now it's unclear if the person died in the crash itself or from a medical condition suffered before the crash. >> the fbi will hold a news conference today to talk about the berkeley fugitive wanted for blowing up two bay area buildings a decade ago. investigators released photos what if he might look like now. they also released computer drawings of notable tattoos. one on the chest, several around his waist. yesterday the fbi announced it was offering a quarter million dollars reward. the fbi think he bombed a biotech building and a building in 2003. he is a vegan and ties to animal rights extremist groups,
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sightings in novato, santa cruz, even massachusetts. >> a hayward plfr accused of sexually abusing girls at a program he coordinated is expected in court. richard scott mccloud abused the girls before he became an officer between 1998 and 2007 when he ran the program. police say one of the victims now an adult came forward. he has pleaded not guilty. he remains in jail and also on paid leave from the department. the supervisor accused of trying to break into a home is set to enter a plea in court. 32-year-old efren is charged with one misdemeanor count of peeking. he is accused of prowling and attempting to pry open a woman's window wearing underwear and socks. police say he knocked at the door and identified himself as a neighbor and ran away. the alleged incident happened in
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july. >> almost two weeks and still no sign of a missing family and their plane. the search in idaho for dale smith and his family has been suspended indefinitely. but other family members and volunteers continue to do their own search. the family hired a private plane to scour the terrain from above. >> hardest part is the unknown factor. that's what we're -- everybody's dealing with and their family has got to deal with now. and with the cold t combination of everything, i just hope something turns out for the better. >> smith was flying the plane when he made a distress call about 150 miles north of boise back on december 1. >> a follow-up now, four suspects facing murder and robbery charges in connection with a shooting death of a 7-eleven clerk last year. investigators say the photos were key in breaking the case. they say the photos show three men shooting and robbing the
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67-year-old employee in 2012. the fourth suspect is a woman but they would not say what her role was in the shooting. >> new details on a fiery crash in the east bay. the alameda county coroner identified the man who died yesterday as 29-year-old reed whitaker. another man also of livermore is behind bars accused of driving drunk and causing the crash. investigators say he crashed his hummer into the jeep which burst into flames that caused a chain reaction crash. >> this morning students at a san rafael elementary school are told to stay home. a car crashed into the side of laurel dell elementary school yesterday, hitting gas and electric meter lines. right now the school is still without a electricity and gas service, as a result all classes are canceled today. everything will be back to normal monday morning. the two people in the car suffered minor injuries.
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>> san jose police ready to hold their first gun buy-back in more than a decade. tomorrow 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. police collect guns at our lady of guadeloupe church, they hand out $100 gift cards and $200 for assault rifles. this will be the first buy-back by police since 2001. it was funded through crowd sourcing which raised more than $18,000. >> several san francisco leaders will gather to honor the victims of the sandy hook elementary school shooting. tomorrow marks one year since the gunman stormed in the school in newtown, connecticut and killed 20 first-graders and six teachers. the san francisco committee to end gun violence along with others will hold a vigil this afternoon in their honor starting at noon at city hall. >> the national center for missing and exploited children opening an office.
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the space was donated and also donated software changing how quickly the center can respond when a child is missing or in trouble. the software lets the center search multiple data bases. the nonprofit ceo says the elaborate searches you see in crime shows are now a reality. >> when i start working with talent here and google and facebook, it's not fiction. what's shown on tv they haven't caught up. that's the truth. >> the center is hoping its new office in the silicon valley will lead to relationships with other companies developing tools that can help reunite families. >> each morning over the fwooft or three you really noticed it slightly warmer this time of the day. >> today i did. i really noticed. >> how long is it going to last? >> looks like we're going to see the trend continue into the weekend. we have extra moisture to the air and that may impact your
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drive especially in the north bay. mike is always watching that changing visibility around parts of the north bay. pretty chilly around napa, you're seeing 20s there. upper 30s to mid-30s around the rest of the bay area so temperatures are starting to come up a bit but things are a little bit warmer around the inner bay as we've had low clouds spread in so. take a look at the forecast into the afternoon. close to 61 in san jose, 58 in palo alto, san francisco also 58 degrees, close to 60 in napa, but right now visibility in parts of the north bay dropping down to a quarter mile at times. >> we are watching that, i'll show a live shot in a second. i wanted to show you oakland camera. we'll look at it now. northbound headlights coming toward us. i could not see flames or activity past the coliseum, that's on the map. where we're talking about the fire christie smith continues to report. that is the oakland coliseum, nothing going on now.
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circled there that's the location of the fire, just off international boulevard. it's open and clearly this is far enough away from 880 and 580 it's not affecting your drive. christie continues to follow this. we're looking at a smooth drive through oakland toward the bay bridge. we'll also look at the tri-valley with no slowing, no problems, yesterday you talked about a deadly crash. we have a smooth drive but we'll probably see folks heading to tahoe to the right side of the screen. and the north bay we'll look at that, chances of fog through the area. a clear shot at san rafael, approaching san pedro road. few cars but we'll track this and see if the fog as well. >> thanks so much, mike. 4:41. still ahead, a night of fun for some football fans takes a violent turn. several people are stabbed during a fight outside the
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broncos/chargers game. >> a rare meeting between the state's top leaders in education. taking center stage in the bay area. what's bringing them all together.
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silicon valley's newest community center opens today and comes with a curious twist. the 5,000 square foot exhibit is located on state street in downtown los altos, part of san francisco's exploratorium. these are pictures of the website. organizers describe it as part community center. the goal is to get local schools and groups. it's paid for by a one-year grant. >> the three leaders of california's university, state and city college systems all together today for a panel discussion in san francisco. the new uc president janet napolitano joined the chancellors and the three will discuss reinvestment in higher
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education. it marks the first joint appearance for all three leaders. >> the bipartisan budget bill is one step closer to becoming law after passing the house last night. the 2-year agreement reduces the deficit by up to $23 billion and reverses some of the automatic spending cuts from earlier this year. now its passage depends on the senate but a power struggle over the president's nominee has forced the senate into a marathon session that will likely occupy them into saturday. >> i can't wave a wand and heal hurt feelings. >> the bill is expected to pass the senate next week but the vote will be closer than it was in the house. >> outrage from twitter users has a san francisco-based company backtracking. for that and the rest of the news before the bell we turn to bertha coombs live at cnbc in new jersey. good morning. >> good morning, terry. first let's look at how the
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futures are looking. looks like we might have a higher start after stocks have fallen for three straight days, investors nervously looking to next week when the federal reserve meets and whether the fed will cut back on bond buying. the s&p 500 its worst losing streak in four months and the dow its first triple digit decline in two months. we'll get the dow dropping 105 to 15,739, the nasdaq starts at 3998 after losing 6, but you know what, friday the 13th is usually a positive one on the markets so. we'll see if we have the luck of friday the 13th. meantime, twitter is backtracking on a new blocking feature that introduced yesterday after users protested loudly. the change had been that blocked user could continue to view or tweet the person who blocked them, but that activity would be
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invisible to the victim. now, the rationale behind that from twitter they were trying to protect harassment victims who wanted to filter out abusive tweets but were worried perhaps blocking the person would lead to some sort of retaliation and make them more angry. but twitter users didn't like it. the reinstated policy lets users prevent harassers and notifies them when they have been blocked. amazon is working on a new consumer goods business called pantry looking to take on costco and sam's club. amazon is set to launch the service next year targeted at existing prime customers. pantry will have about 2,000 items like cleaning supply, canned good, and shoppers will be able to put them in a set size box up to a specific weight limit f. they fit and don't exceed the maximum weight amazon will ship them for a small fee.
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and i have true confession, i'm an amazon prime person. they have me for life and i ordered my kitchen sink from them. free shipping. when i redid my kitchen. they had the best price. >> i never ordered such a large item. >> everything including the kitchen sink w. bertha coombs. >> thanks a lot. >> thanks so much. i want to check in with rob. is it a spare the air weekend as well? >> it does look that way. the pattern that kept us in the spare the air day, now our sixth day 18 row as the same thing we're going to see through the weekend into next week. this morning 30s and 40s outside and on the topic of air quality, as you look at the spare the air alerts, you'll notice that today, friday, a spare the air alert. saturday, sunday and now into monday we're looking at at least the next four days of unhealthy for folks that have respiratory
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issues, smoke pollution problem, air quality is not very good. we need more wind to mix the smoke particles out of the bay area. not seeing it with the light winds and high pressure on top of us acting like a lid over the bay. chilly in the north bay. drier around napa and fairfield. upper 20s and low 30s. mild around the inner bay. unfortunately that could mean patchy fog along the coast across the bay up to napa and santa rosa. visibility down to less than a mile in santa rocca with some of that fog. high pressure will stay on top of us the next few days. this is as this high builds in is going to lead to warming right now we're seeing the poor air quality but our temperatures by the end of the week and they are going to start to warm up. notice that storm track, several days of dry weather that's going to take us through the weekend. you can see all of the rain. even into the middle of next week things will continue to
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stay dry around the bay area. high clouds at times passing on by. our temperatures around the bay area looks pretty good, close to 60 in san jose, if you want to stay cool this weekend in san francisco, we got the holiday snow fest at the civic center plaza. should be close to 60 for saturday. and another view around the bay area, oakland close to 60 today, napa 59. oakland on sunday t chiefs coming in. you'll see the temperatures in the mid-60s so. the weather looking good and the weekend forecast is actually going to turn a little warmer. you notice santa cruz close to 70 perhaps on sunday. upper 60s, lake tahoe fine with temperatures there in the 50s early next week, though, santa cruz. back to you. >> rob, thanks a lot. this morning a man is in critical condition following a quadruple stabbing outside sports authority field in
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denver. police responded to a large fight in one of the parking lots as fans were leaving the broncos/chargers game. they found three with stab wounds and there was another victim who left the scene. three suspects are in custody. >> still ahead on "today in the bay," friday the 13th is typically considered unlucky to many but today could be life changing for someone out there. >> my watch is running slow. smooth drive. the san mateo bridge no problem. we'll show you the east bay coming up.
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welcome back everybody. the time is 4:55. we have a shot from our emeryville camera looking at the bay bridge. gorgeous shot. you see the lights reflecting off the water. we have a warming trend on the way. you start talking about maybe a high of 70 this weekend in the bay area. >> heat wave. >> it's a heat wave. got to be happy about that. after weeks of collecting toys for kids this season a great cause is wrapping up with the elk executive challenge. >> 25 teams in silicon valley ceos and executives compete or not compete, i don't know if they wrap presents fast. >> competitive by nature. >> aren't they. they are all taking part in the family giving tree, a gift wrapping competition. our mike inouye -- amazing, he
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always contributes time. he is going to emcee. it's what, 9:45 this morning. the competition stops -- starts at 10:30. it's at the family giving tree warehouse in menlo park, set to distribute 67,000 gifts to low income children this holiday season. >> let's bring on the man, the main man mr. mike inouye. >> i got to be honest the reason i went there was because they showed me a pile of gifts and said did you want to come? i said yes! that's okay. it's a great cause. started by jennifer cohen, you know her. that's great stuff. we'll give you more on that. toward the bay bridge toll plaza, easy breezy and this is a friday as we look at the maps we should see a lighter volume throughout the east bay. that's what we see now. it's only 4:50 -- 4:57.
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rob's talking about the chance of fog there and the orange does highlight that possibility but the earlier shot showed you clear. >> it's friday the 13th. while today may be considered unlucky to many it could be very fortuito fortuitous. >> the mega millions for tonight is an estimated $400 million. the second largest mega millions jackpot, the fifth largest lottery jackpot in the united states. the current rolled over 20 times without a winner. what are your chances of winning? about 1 in 259 million. >> wow. 4:57. a lot more ahead. to those who've waited... worried... poked and prodded...
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good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we begin with breaking news in the east bay. this video just in of a two-alarm fire that spread to two homes in oakland.
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it happened near the corner of 90th and a street not far from international boulevard. >> christie smith is in oakland. firefighters knocked this fire down? >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you. firefighters do have this knocked down but that certainly doesn't mean that their work is not done. they are working still on the home that burned and also the two homes on both sides. that's because they are so close together, maybe four to five feet, that when firefighters arrived they tell us that this home was fully involved and the fire was starting to spread to the two adjacent homes. fortunately, no one inside those. i wanted to show you cell phone video that i got from a neighbor who says he heard banging and cracking sounds, he got up and the home next door to his was on fire. this started around 2:40 in a modular home here on 90th avenue in oakland. three people were inside, two adults and


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