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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 13, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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two homes in oakland. it happened near the corner of 90th and a street not far from international boulevard. >> christie smith is in oakland. firefighters knocked this fire down? >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you. firefighters do have this knocked down but that certainly doesn't mean that their work is not done. they are working still on the home that burned and also the two homes on both sides. that's because they are so close together, maybe four to five feet, that when firefighters arrived they tell us that this home was fully involved and the fire was starting to spread to the two adjacent homes. fortunately, no one inside those. i wanted to show you cell phone video that i got from a neighbor who says he heard banging and cracking sounds, he got up and the home next door to his was on fire. this started around 2:40 in a modular home here on 90th avenue in oakland. three people were inside, two adults and a child.
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they made it out. i'm told that they smelled fire and didn't hear smoke detectors but they got up, they were able to get out. when firefighters arrived they are telling us this was fully involved. so they had to hurry up, get in and spray water on it and start working on the two adjacent homes. i did just speak with a fire investigator and i said have you had a chance to look inside that modular home, what did you see? he said that they are looking at a stove inside as a possible cause. it looks like they may have had the burners on using that to help heat the home. still looking into that this morning. he's still on scene and good news in this, no one was hurt but what they tell us is that the home itself is a total loss. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you. it's 5:01. this morning the fbi will be releasing more details about a berkeley man want forward domestic terrorism suspected of bombing two bay area buildings a decade ago.
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peggy bunker joins us with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. he is the first domestic terrorism fugitive to be added to the fbi's most wanted terrorist list. he has not been seen for about 10 years. he is suspected of two bombings in the east bay in 2003, one at the shackly corporation. both companies have ties to animal research. the 35-year-old allegedly is an animal rights extremist, hetions any animal products used in food or clothing. several pictures released by the fbi shows his different looks with hopes of getting more information about him. look at some of these. you see how different he looks with a change of hair or his glasses or perhaps his buzz cut. also distinguishing, san diego has several tattoos on his abdomen, they are of burning buildings and flames, one tattoo has the words it only takes a
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spark on a burning hillside. we'll get a chance to look at new photos released of san diego. we'll look at the pet conference today by the fbi about 10:30 this morning. the fbi is offering a $250,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. back to you, laura. >> thank you, peggy. it's 5:03. there will be a special hearing to determine how much joseph nasowill have to pay for the use of counsel during his trial. nasoelected to represent himself but the court provide add lawyer to help him prepare his defense. the attorney's office claims nasohas $1 million in liquid assets. the hearing starts at 10:30. >> day two of bargaining as b.a.r.t. and its two largest unions meet to try to avoid another strike. at issue a family leave proposal accidentally left in the photo.
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b.a.r.t. says it was a mistake and should be removed. we're just over a week from a possible ac transit strike. the court ordered a 60-day cooling off period ends december 22, until now talks have been on hold but street resume today. among the issued the transit agency's use of computer scheduling programs. >> rob is in for christina this morning. how are we looking? >> starting to see a few changes with patchy low clouds, 30s and 40s. about 43 in san francisco. but on the topic of the low clouds let's zoom you cane. santa rosa. 2 1/2 mile visibility. that has been dropping off. we'll see patchy low clouds early, then into the afternoon clearing skies should take us into tomorrow morning. temperatures around the bay area warmer, closer to 61 degrees in san jose. still upper 50s closer to san
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francisco and into the north bay we'll see highs near 60. low 60s in pleasanton, climbing into the mid to upper 60s this weekend. a spare the air day today. that you'll notice. but patchy fog, in a north bay could slow things down. 2 1/2 miles visibility. we'll watch those conditions as they do change over the morning. a smooth drive through fremont into the south bay. we're seeing more cars, double the volume but that's sparsely dop you lated. as you look at the map you're at the limit. we're going to zoom in around matilda. a crash happened there, a car went into the bushes. there is activity but most of the squad cars left. no injuries, i don't think they found who was driving the car. doesn't sound like it happened the last couple hours.
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a smooth drive past moffitt. north 101 away from us with the taillights, a smooth easy drive for 101, 280 the same shut down possibly sand. we're looking toward the east bay northbound with the headlights. and not far from here is the fire where christie continues to report off international boulevard but international itself is open. back to you. >> thanks so much. >> six minutes after 5:00 on this friday the 13th. >> would you like stock with that popcorn? the interesting opera one chain made to its customers.
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a very good friday morning to you. a live look outside from the east coast this morning. rockefeller center, look at the
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tree. that's one of the most beautiful trees they had in some time. nice day there in new york city. 5:09. amc movie theater gives perks to members of its loyalty program. popcorn, sometimes tickets. it offered something different. it asked if members if they wanted to buy shares of the company at the ipo price. they were told they could buy up to $2500 of shares without fees. it will go public on tuesday at about 8 to $20 a share. >> yahoo! says most of their customers are getting most of their e-mail. scott, that's not what yahoo! mail users wanted to hear. >> no, the figures are 97% of people are getting 80% of their e-mail. the number i think they are looking for which satisfies most would be everybody getting all of their e-mail. yahoo! mail has been down, it's erratic for the week.
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there is growing criticism that yahoo! has not been as forth coming about the problems as it should be though it's making more statements more often in the past few hours. yahoo! stock was up by at the end of trading thursday, partly on the misleading head lines that the outages had been solved. this is easily the biggest crisis that marissa mire faced but hardly yahoo!'s biggest. a promotion for michelle lee, from being the head of silicon valley's patent office to deputy director of the entire u.s. patent and trademark office. when you consider the president hasn't confirmed a director, she's now the top patent attorney in the world. >> bertha coombs is live at cnbc headquarters. good morning. >> good morning, mark. we have the futures pointing to a higher start.
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the stocks have fallen three straight days. investors are nervous about next week's federal reserve meeting whether fed will cut back on bond buying. again the so-called taper. the s&p 500 posted its worst losing streak. the dow had its first triple digit decline. it's friday the 13th. some fear it. some think it's unlucky but historically it tends to be slightly positive for the markets. this morning we're going to get data on producer price or whole sale inflation, 15739 after dropping 105 on the dow, the nasdaq starts at 3998, dipped back below 4k. i'm waiting to see whether that nasdaq can get back to 5k.
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>> have a great weekend. and yeah, friday the 13th, somebody possibly hoping that -- >> did you buy some? >> i do buy a dollar's worth when you guys talk about it on the news. scientists like rob will tell you f you by $2 worth double your chances is stupid. statistically. >> same advice rob gave me. >> good. >> don't play you can't win. >> thanks, guys. >> we'll check win the doctor himself. >> i look at as you're giving somebody else more of your money. >> you can't win if you don't play. one, the tickets, let's look at the temperatures, thirds and 40s. look at the temperatures in the north bay.
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down to 25 in napa. san francisco, oakland and novato a warmer start to the morning. temperatures in the 40s so that's something we're seeing, a little more moisture helping to keep our temperatures around the inner bay. with the extra moisture comes issues but a little bit of toug. visibility improved up to seven miles. patchy around napa. air quality and it's the fog which will be the big issue i think for this morning and more spare the air days follow. it's the south bay, santa clara valley, it does appear we're going to see these continue into next week as the same pattern which is keeping us dry is setting us up. super sized ridge of high pressure which you typically do not see this time of year, the northeast pacific is occupied by a trough of lop but this is the weekend. high pressure strengthening, warming in the way area. not just a dry day today put
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notice the time stamp. high clouds going by. enough to block the sun at times. dry weather set to continue through the weekend. despite cool start, pretty mice finish. close to 61 in san jose. seeing the temperatures in the upper 50s into the north bay, notice oakland 60 degrees for today and the weekend sunday. kansas city versus oakland. a big game sunday afternoon. should be a warmer day by sunday. close to 70 in santa cruz i think by sunday, even saturday the temperatures warming up on the coast and 50s. still watching for low clouds. >> yeah, the chance we're talking about the readings. overall the bay looking good, it's a light volume and a friday so we're not seeing flowing.
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let's zoom in. we have orange painted out. the traffic and the weather is similar so i can pull off of problems and reports of fog through the area. low clouds are what trigger this original hayes. we have a crash. deputies are heading out since it was on this map in the -- off san pedro road you can see across the top you'll see a glow from clouds drifting through. watch the hills, you might ride into the car when it becomes fog. the east shore off the carquinez bridge. looking at 24 t caldecott. traditional you have twoing the high tuck stuff. we're looking here west 580 and
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84 starting to show a build out of the altamont pass. across the carquinez bridge. looking at get away traffic so keep that in mind. maybe 3:00. we see a smooth drive. the flat section moves. and the bay bridge has no backup. >> thanks a lot. the morning in south africa continues as they wait to say farewell. a look at pretoria where mandela's body lies in state. there was a line miles long, people waiting to say good-bye. among the people reverend jesse jackson. this is the final day mandela's casket is going to be on display. his body will be throne for a state funeral and perburial.
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>> a number of people killed sadly still rising. the government is now saying more than 6,000 people are confirmed dead. almost 1800 mothers unaccounted for a. smoke can for the little peens say mountains are still being found daily. the >> north korea executed the uncle of kim jong-un calling him a traitor scheming to seize power. he was considered the second most powerful and the official news agency now says that king's uncle saw the death to challenge his nephew and take power himself. >> process of settling hundreds that caused cars to accelebrate
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and trash. lost a trial after a jury found the electronic, it awarded the families $3 million and toyota paces more than 300 lawsuits in state and questioned ral courts. many of those are expected to be settled without a trial. >> an end to a 22-year court battle over a war memorial cross. it ordered it be taken down. in 2011 the circuit court of appeals ruled that the violated separation of church and state because it was on federal property. the district saying the cross must be removed immediately unless there is another appeal. >> a student contracted meningitis. the student who lives off campus was diagnosed yesterday and is
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receiving treatment. the school's health accident notifying other students who say it appears to be an isolated case. a uc river side staffer contracted the virus and four students at uc santa barbara. >> a follow-up, four suspects face murder and robbery charges in connection with the shooting of a clerk last year. investigators say these photos were key in breaking that case. they say they show three men shooting and roping the 67-year-old employ on september 2012. police say the fourth suspect is a woman but would not say what her role was. >> new details on a fiery crash in the east bay. the coroner identify 2d men who died in yesterday's class as reid whitaker.
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another man is behind bars accused of driving drunk. investigators say he crashed his vehicle into the jeep which burst into flames. >> the national centers for missing and exemployeded children. a high tech company donated the space in alto. it donated software which is changing how a chile is missing or in trouble. the software lets it search multiple data bases at once. the nonprofit ceo says the crime shows now a reality. >> when i started working, google and facebook, it's not fiction. what they are showing on tv they haven't caught up. that's the truth. >> the center is hoping its new offices will help lead to relationships with other high
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tech companies developing tools that can reunite family. >> thank you. so nice. making my friday the 13th better. it hasn't been good to this point. why seattle seahawks, colin kaepernick.
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5:23 on a friday morning. look at that, a live picture of san jose. crystal clear out there. we're going to have a nice one. warming. heading up into the 60s to come. it's going to be you say it's hot? >> gorgeous. >> warm. nice. >> i'm excited. >> love football. >> seahawks fans are crying foul after -- they are crying foul after a commercial starring colin kaepernick debuted this
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past week. >> in the commercial she on a team boss around an opposing team throwing things at the bus so he puts on his head phones to drown them out. the ad does not reference the seahawks directly, those fans appear to be wearing the seahawks team colors. seattle fans express outrage posting things like offensive commercial about seattle fans and congrats, that alienated the 12th man, the fans of the seattle seahawks who are extremely loud. >> speaking of the seahawks, russell wilson has a new job offer. rangers have drafted him away from the colorado rockies where he played minor league ball in 2011. the rangers don't want to interrupt his success but they would like to see what he can do. they would sign him to the aaa affiliate just in case f. he decided to do the two sports he
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wouldn't be the first this is who i thought of. bo jackson played football and baseball so did deion sanders. >> let's check in with rob mayeda and see what's going on. the 9ers are in tampa this week. i guess it doesn't matter to them what the weather is like here. what the heck. >> back home seeing the temperatures generally this weekend will be turning warmer. i don't think tampa warm but warmer through the weekend. the raiders will see temperatures in the 60s. right now 30s and 50s outside. 20s in the north bay where cold air is trapped but by the afternoon, gorgeous in the north bay, close to 60 in san jose. there you see the temperatures in the north bay. 60 santa rosa with patchy fog. we'll be watching that, may be slowing parts of the north bay commute. >> you have me on alert there. we don't see major problems but we're tracking that for you. i turned our camera to the toll plaza.
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you see the taillights. fast tracking through, 25, as fast as you're supposed to go. a crash was reported in the area. no lanes are blocked. easy flow down the east shore from the top of the screen, from oakland, 580, same situation in northbound 880 approach twog 38. there may be a traffic break, reports of one or two four by fours, lumber, not big trucks, keep that in mind we have a low visibility. watch the slow lane. across the bay for the san made. no delays along the peninsula drive. fremont, 880 southbound with ted lights past the truck scales, getting more company but no problems on the south bay. back to you. >> thanks a lot. it's 5:26. bay area county supervisor accused of breaking into a home prepared to answer to charges.
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a house fire in oakland quickly spreads to nearby homes. firefighters doing what they can to contain the damage. >> good morning. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. that fire started near nene 0th avenue and a street not far from international boulevard. that is where christie smith joins us live now. what are firefighters telling you now? >> reporter: good morning to you. firefighters do have this knocked down but they are still working here just to make sure that this thing is completely out. one word they say they do not want to hear, that is rekindle. when they got here they say this one home, it's a modular home, was completely involved and the homes next to so it close it started to spread to two others. now, i wanted to show you home video from a neighbor here on
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90th avenue. he woke up around 2:40 and heard banging on doors to make sure everyone was out. he saw huge flames pouring from the roof. in the center a modular home with three people inside, two adults and a child. we're told that they smelled smoke, they got out. the fire kept progressing through their home. firefighters tell me once they got inside they found a stove was being used for heat and they think that's what may have started it. >> people have to use their stoves and turn on the stovs and ovens and things. that's something we do not recommend. but it's not uncommon. coast to coast. cold weather comes in, you know, not everybody is as fortunate to have a working heater or have a heater at all. they are trying to figure out how to stay warm. and these are one of those unfortunate incidents.
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>> the battalion chief tells me one engine company at station 20, nine blocks away, on 98th and international was browned out so response possibly impacted, how much he said was hard to say so. that engine company was out but truck 7 did respond from there. they should be here on scene for maybe another hour or so, and they tell me the center home is a total loss. that's the latest from here. live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." new this morning, all lanes of interstate 280 in sunnyvale are back open after a deadly crash overnight. the chp says a car veered off the freeway into bushes near the northbound connector ramp to 85 north. it happened about midnight. authorities say right now it's unclear if the person died in the crash or because of a medical condition. >> a police officer accused of
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sexually abusing girls is expected in court. police say richard mccloud abused the girls before he became an officer between 1998 and 2007 when he ran the kids zone program where the girls 12-14 years old. police say one of the victims now an adult recently came forward. mccloud has pleaded not guilty. he remains in jail and on paid leave from the department. the supervisor accused of trying to break into a home is set to enter a plea in court. the 32-year-old is accused of prowling and attempting to pry open a woman's window. while police were on the way the woman said he knocked at the door and identified himself as a neighbor, then ran away. the alleged incident happened in cull. >> police are searching for two suspects who attack ed and robbed a student. chase cain is live in berkeley.
5:33 am
when we say young one of these could be very young. >> reporter: yes. 14 years old in fact. that's the description. we're here on telegraph avenue about four blocks south of campus and the attack happened about two blocks to the side of us. it was on sort of a side street, a dark street. not a lot of people out here near the berkeley campus. the 21-year-old female said she was walking around 8:30 tuesday evening when the suspects approached her, shoved her up against the wall and sort of physically assaulted her and took her cell phone and wallet. they got into a car and drove away. here is the description that the victim gave. the first is a black male around 14 years old she said. also only about 5'4" with a thin build, shaved head and she says he was wearing a maroon hooded sweatshirt. the second was a black female, slightly older, maybe 15, 16, a
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little taller than the male. she had her hair 18 ponytail wear iring a black leather jacket and black jeans. the vehicle that they drove away was a beige 2000 jeep. they believe it may have been a jeep cherokee. police were called out quickly, they were not able to find either of the suspects or that vehicle. what is why they want us to get the word out if 90 sees, let police know. they ask students to be on alert. don't walk around holding your cell phone out. live near the berkeley campus, chase cain. >> police are get ready to hold their first gun buy-back in more than a decade. tomorrow police will collect guns at our lady of guadeloupe church, handing out $100 gift cards for handguns and shot guns and $200 for assault rifles.
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this will be the first gun buy-back since 2001. it was funded through crowd sourcing. >> an unplans day off for students at one school. the car hit gas and electric meter lines. people in the car suffered minor injuries. school was out ot the time. because there is no electricity or gas, class has been canceled for the day. >> 5:35. i want to check the forecast. rob mayeda is in for christina. warmer out there. >> it is starting to turn warmer around at least the inner bay. and around san francisco and oakland in the 40s. still chilly temperatures in some of our like to say inland valley. you can see out toward the try valley, san jose about 35, 45 in
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san francisco. you can see how temperatures continue to be quite cool around our inland valleys. across the inner bay not too bad. as we jump to the afternoon you'll see temperatures climbing nicely. patchy fog, things have improved. with some low clouds out there this morning, a sign we have low pressure acting like a lid on top. it's a fair the air day. this pa thern is going to continue. we're going to see high pressure keeping things dry and not allowing the lower levels of the atmosphere to mix. we need wind. not the case this weekend. you can see the dry pattern is going to stick around, friday, saturday, into sunday. storm track to the north. other than the low clouds and high clouds at times now through wednesday looking very dry around the bay area. temperaturewise, a little warmer close to 61 in san jose. upper 50s around the peninsula
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toward san francisco. 60 in santa rosa, oakland at 60 and in the try value today. by tend of the weekend we should see the upper 60s. if we can manage that could break some records but this morning mike we don't have to worry about rain. still low clouds near the coast. >> so we'll keep our eyes on things, rob. the conditions continue to change. we're looking to the south, they can't keep this traffic, it's moving though, that's the good news. 101, no slowing. the map will show you the major freeways, a little yellow where i showed you the camera. nothing unusual about that. we do have a crash highway money at pierce road. off your main commute. the deputies are doing traffic control. we'll jump over toward the try
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valley. eastbound will be the commute out of the area starting early afternoon, 2:30 or 3:00 you'll see slowing over toward tracy and stockton. friday we see this slowdown kicking in. where you see the read out of antioch. clearing up by pittsburgh and bay point. on the approach, no drama here. tell show you the gaye bridge. we looked at our crams. and the cash lanes starting to stack up. >> new details after a quadruple stabbing in denver. police say they responded to a large fight in one of the parking lots as fans were leaving. they found three men with stab woonts. there was another women who theft seen. the others were expected, three are in custody. >> tomorrow marks one year since the shooting at sandyhook.
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we'll have details 18 live report. >> if you haven't noticed today is no friday the 13th. going to show you how one local land mark is marking the day.
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tomorrow marks one year since the tragedy in newtown, connecticut when 20 children and six school staffers were killed in their classrooms at sandy hook elementary school. this year newtown plans to remember that day privately without the glare of the media. the families of the victims say the public fight for gun control is far from over. danielle leigh joins us live on capitol hill. the families are determined but a new poll shows public support for gun control has taken a deep drop. >> reporter: it's true and support for new gun laws has fallen to its lowest level since those tragic shootings at sandy
5:42 am
hook elementary one year ago tomorrow. the latest nbc "wall street journal" poll shows that 52% of americans support stricter gun laws, 38% think it should stay the same and 8% want to see the laws get less strict. that's down from 56% in january just after those tragic shootings, and a high that was reached in february of 61%. because of the tragedy president obama and also many members of congress tried to get stricter measures on the books. they tried to pass things like expanding background checks, but they were unsuccessful. by the time they began debating that support dropped to 55%, now we see it dropping more. you know, i should add that even though it's dropped down to 52% this poll also shows that most americans still want these stricter laws. but right now on capitol hill there is no sign that lawmakers are going to revive that effort any time soon. live in washington, danielle leigh, terry, back to you. >> thanks very much. >> 52% support stricter laws
5:43 am
covering the sale of the firearms, 38% think gun laws should remain the same, 8% say they should be less strict. >> several san francisco leaders will gather today to honor the victims of the sandy hook elementary school shooting. the san francisco committee to end gun violence along with mayor ed lee, senatorsee and leno and others will hold a vigil this afternoon in their honor that starts at noon at city hall. >> this morning the fbi will reveal more details about a berkeley man want forward domestic terrorism accused of bombing two buildings a decade ago. peggy bunker joins us with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. you know he has been on the fbi's most wanted terrorist list since 2009. he's also the first domestic terrorism fugitive to be added to the list though he's not been seen for about 10 years. she suspected of two bombings in the east bay in 2003, one at the
5:44 am
shackley corporation, both of those companies have ties to animal research. 35-year-old san diego is allegedly an animal rights extremist, apparently strict vegan. he does not wear animal products in his clothing. he attended terra linda high school in san raefrl. look at some of the photos released by the fbi. they want to show all of the types of looks he can have. here he has the bleached hair, shaved on the right. hopes of getting more information if they release these different looks you see him with glasses also distinguishing according to police san diego has several tattoos on his abdomen, pretty violent, burning buildings and flames. in fact, one on his chest has the words it only takes a spark under a scene of a burning hillside. today we'll get an update on the case. also a chance to look at new photos of san diego. right now the fbi has a $250,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. >> very interesting. thanks so much. >> almost two weeks of searching
5:45 am
and still no sign of a missing san jose family and their plane. the ground search in idaho has been suspended but other family members and volunteers continue to do their own search. the family has hired a private plane to scour the rugged snowy terrain from above. >> unknown factor. and that's what everybody's dealing with and their family is got to deal with and with the cold, combination of everything, i just hope something turns out for the better. >> smith was flying the plane when he made a distress call about 150 miles north of boise on december 1. it's 5:45. i want to check in with meteorologist rob mayeda got up early with us. how we looking? >> the man they call the professor. >> dark and early. a few hours before sunrise. you notice our temperatures this morning if you are around the inner bay it's a little more mild. how about 40s around oakland and san francisco. san jose, around the peninsula into the north bay still pretty
5:46 am
chilly. in addition to the cold temperatures, air quality is an issue again. another spare the air day. today, especially in the south bay small particle pollution, we'll see similar conditions with the air quality, sunday and it does appear into monday now this would be nine spare the air days in a row t problem is high pressure acting like a lid on the bay area so. not good if you have respiratory problems. may want to cut back on outdoor exercise. the weather will be pleasant. not much wind, that's the other component. light winds. a strong ridge of high pressure and cold air trapped. 25 in napa, 30s into livermore. oakland 45 around san francisco and a little patchy fog. around the north bay seeing at times down to a mile or two. that seems to have improved. high pressure has built in over the west coast and the bay area
5:47 am
which is keeping us dry and it is giving us these very stagnant conditions in terms of the lack of wind. we had this weak system go by. this high is actually going to turn stronger as we go through the weekend so you notice the storm track way off to the north into next week at best seeing high clouds. typically this is one of the wettest times of the year. the afternoons will be pleasant around the bay area. san jose near 61, 58 palo alto, upper 50s in san francisco, should see close to 60 in napa, oakland 60, tri-valley today low 60s and the weekend get away forecast for the coast, tomorrow mid to upper 60s in santa cruz and we could see those as warm as the 70s in spots into early next week so the weather looking good. let's check the morning commute with mike. >> seems like the 70s since we've seen the 70s so welcome back. not a big deal, 5:47, it's a
5:48 am
friday and it's after thanksgiving. we typically see a lighter flow. we may see that again today. that's what its shaping up. a couple days this week. right now no problems for west 580, a smooth easy drive building for 84 through livermore and pleasanton no. problems out of the pleasanton area. northbound as you approach reports of two trucks pulled over so i'm watching that. lanes are clear. you don't see slowing but again we'll track that and let you know. looking here across from the bay. both move nicely toward the peninsula side. as we take a live look at palo alto and our camera, getting through san francisco, sounds like they have sand so traditional. no big deal. a smooth drive toward the bay bridge toll plaza.
5:49 am
now around the berkeley curve you don't have issues until here as you approach to the right t cash lanes are backing up. that is it. the rest of the maze at the limit. smooth into san francisco. >> it's friday the 13th and the famous winchester mystery house in san jose is observing what many consider an unlucky day. for whom the bells toll. at 1:00 this afternoon or 1300 hours the tower bell will be rung 13 times. 13 being such an unlucky number of course. this is the traditional ceremony every friday the 13th in honor of sarah winchester who believed in the unluckiness of the number 13. flashlight tours from sirs 30 clock until midnight. >> you better stay away from there. >> the 5,000 square foot exhibit called helix is on state street in downtown los altos part of
5:50 am
san francisco's exploratorium and opens today. there are pictures. organizers describe it part science, retail, part community center. the goal is to get local schools and neighbors into groups to create programs that will benefit cities. it was paid for by a one-year grant. >> 5:50. the mega millions jack spot the second largest in the game's history. we'll explain. >> we'll have your christmasy gadget friday.
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welcome back everyone. to get you into the holiday spirit, how can you not love the rockefeller tree in new york city this morning. no snow on the ground there.
5:53 am
we'll check our local temperatures coming up. it's 5:52. >> in over 12 hours from now numbers will be drawn for one of the largest mega millions jackpot in history. the estimated $400 million. it's rolled over 20 times without a winner. people are flocking to the stores hoping to prevent it from going to 21. trouble is the odds are not in your favor. october 22 the people who won changed the game which changed the odds. and not in your favor. all 6 numbers used to be picked from a pool of 1 through 56. now the first five from a pool of 1 through 75. and that sixth number, the mega number s picked from a pool of 1 through 15. may seem like that would balance things but really it changed the odds of winning from 1 in 176 million to 1 in 259 million. put that in context, your odds of getting struck by lightning are 1 in a million.
5:54 am
trying to keep up with the powerball thing. >> i'm going to bring you more fun news. >> that was fun. >> no, it wasn't. >> i'm a dreamer. >> scott seems to have gotten festive. >> gadget friday is not under the tree, gadget friday is the tree. i know you've seen christmas trees before and artificial trees for that matter. we're going to make this our gadget friday. first, this is a local company that makes it, it's redwood city balance som. i like doing local companies, created by a stanford grad so opportunities in fake christmas trees. the second reason it's gadget friday is this. not only is it prelit but prewired in segments so when you put it together there's actually a socket in there, inside the trunk so. you are just hooking it up by sticking it together. you can put up this tree in a few minutes because everything is wired inside. take that away, put it back in the socket, i'll have to be able to see it.
5:55 am
and boom, everything works. and it has memory wire so you don't spend all of your time doing this. you can swish it in a box and it will come out. >> really? >> that's the best part. this one is a small one, it's north of 500 bucks, you can go well over $1,000 with these but they look good, they are fun and not locally made tech lickly but a local company. >> right now do you order them on line? >> you can order them, balansam hill. out of redwood city. >> the $1,000 the more expensive one is big center. >> much bigger. up to nine feet so in your case i know terry, you have that big entryw entryway. so in that one i know you do several but the soaring entryway. >> you have to decide which wing. >> mcsweeney woods on christmas.
5:56 am
>> cool. >> good request gadgets. >> let's check the forecast now. i think we have mr. rob mayeda. >> and the forecast festive at least if you like slightly warmer temperatures around the inner bay. the valley still chilly. it's a lot of blue on the map. 29 santa rosa, 35 san jose. san francisco, 45 degrees this morning. 40 in oakland. so hour by hour as we approach lunch time you'll see the temperatures getting close to 60 in the south bay. peninsula looking at numbers in the mid-50s around noon, in the 50s through the afternoon. north bay around 2:00 close to 60 cooling with clear skies in the 50s by 5:00. >> looking toward the east shore freeway, though it's friday. lighter traffic we have all of these lights because that's where it is. smooth drive, close to the limit under that university avenue. and the map will show you the same. green on sensors, the orange that's ashby avenue we see this start to build toward the university about this time.
5:57 am
no other problems out of the caldecott tunnel or the carquinez bridge. in antioch, even on a friday we have slowing there. back to you. >> 5:57. a possible b.a.r.t. strike is not the only thing you need worry about. the other transit agency whose workers may walk off the job. >> we continue to follow breaking news a. fire damages a couple's home and now the man who lives in the home an animal may be responsible for spreading the flames. >> more than a month after typhoon haiyan devastated the philippines crews continue to recover bodies.
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now at 6:00, breaking news, is a flaming mouse to blame for a fire that ripped through a home and spread next door? we're going to tell what you a homeowner told us overnight and
6:00 am
why firefighters say it's totally possible scenario. >> plus, a cal student slammed and robbed. one of the suspects is just 14 years old. we'll tell you what they stole and how police are trying to track them down. >> and a deal is a deal, or is it. we're going to tell you what is dragging out the latest b.a.r.t. round or the latest round of b.a.r.t. negotiations. >> it's a chilly start to the morning with 30s and 40s outside now afternoon temperatures close to the 60s. 70s in the seven-day forecast. >> a couple of sellouts for the nimitz, one in the south bay, one in the east bay. how that's interrupting your commute. >> a live look outside right now. that is san jose on this friday, december 13th, be careful today. this is "today in the bay." a very good morning


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