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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 13, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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why firefighters say it's totally possible scenario. >> plus, a cal student slammed and robbed. one of the suspects is just 14 years old. we'll tell you what they stole and how police are trying to track them down. >> and a deal is a deal, or is it. we're going to tell you what is dragging out the latest b.a.r.t. round or the latest round of b.a.r.t. negotiations. >> it's a chilly start to the morning with 30s and 40s outside now afternoon temperatures close to the 60s. 70s in the seven-day forecast. >> a couple of sellouts for the nimitz, one in the south bay, one in the east bay. how that's interrupting your commute. >> a live look outside right now. that is san jose on this friday, december 13th, be careful today. this is "today in the bay." a very good morning to you.
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thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. bizarre story breaking news out of the east bay, investigators say this fire at an oakland home started on a stove. now the man who lives there says a rodent may have spread the flames. here's how he says it may have happened. wakes up this morning, turns on his gas stove, there's a mouse in that gas stove. the mouse catches on fire and starts running around the house, catching the house on fire. you're looking at the result of -- not positive it was the mouse but it's something that is put out there. fire officials say that's plausible. it's possible that might have happened bought mouse catching on fire on a stove. started near the corner of 90th avenue and a street, not far from international boulevard. and that fire spread to two other homes. christie smith is at the scene and is going to join us with more on that in a little bit. i have never heard that as a
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possible explanation of a house fire. a mouse catching on fire in the stove running around catching things on fire and look at the results. >> the fire station closest to the fire was open overnight but as christie mentioned, one of the engine companies that works in that station was temporarily shut down because of a brownout. that company that works at a fire station 20 would have been the closest to the scene. a brownsouth a tragedy due to cost cutting to balance the 2011-2013 budget two fire companies are temporarily closed on a rotating basis, all fire stations in the city participate, except for the one at oakland international airport. the city says the brownouts saved $4 million for the 2012-2013 fiscal year. >> with this morning police are searching for two suspects who attacked and rob add female student on the 2500 block just a
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few blocks from the uc-berkeley campus. chase cain live in berkeley this morning. one of the robbers could be as young as 14? >> reporter: 14 years old and the second robber wasn't even much older. we are about four blocks south of the berkeley campus, that attack happened about a block or two away from where we are. this was tuesday evening around 8:30, a female student, 21, she was walking away from campus when she says these two robbers approached her, pushed her up against the wall and sort of physically attacked her, taking her cell phone and her wallet. now, fortunately she only had minor injuries but the two robbers got away. here is a description she was able to give police. the first suspect is a black male, about 14 years old, only 5'4" with a thin build, he had a shaved head wearing a maroon headed sweatshirt with black pants. the second a black female, slightly older and taller, had her hair in a ponytail wearing a
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black jacket and jeans. the two got away in a beige 2000 jeep and the victim believes it was a cherokee and it has been news to students here on the campus. >> that's just the way it is. around berkeley it's not safest area. it's part of the experience. >> what do you do to stay safe? >> night safety shuttles are pretty great. unfortunately they end at 5:30 which is why we're walking home. stuff like that. >> one of the things they said don't hold your cell phone out. >> probably shouldn't do that. >> reporter: the second student laughing because she was holding her cell phone when we asked her about this. that's one of the things, do not hold these devices out because that's essentially an invitation to these thieves. they say to make sure you are not walking alone and avoid dark or sort of vacant areas. live in berkeley, chase cain,
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"today in the bay." >> thanks very much. new this morning all lanes of interstate 280 are back open after a deadly crash. a car veered off the freeway into bushes near the northbound detector ramp to 85 north. this happened around midnight and the ramp was closed several hours. right now it's unclear if the person died in the crash or maybe from a medical condition suffered before the crash. >> day two of bargaining as b.a.r.t. in its two largest unions meet with a federal mediator to avoid another strike. at issue a family leave proposal accidentally left in the contract signed by both sides. b.a.r.t. says it was a mistake and should be removed. the union says a deal is a deal. in the meantime we're just over a week away from a possible ac transit strike. the court ordered 60-day cooling off period ends december 22. until now, talks have been put on hold but street resume today. among tissues, the use of a
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computerized scheduling program. >> let's check the forecast. forming news from rob mayeda. i think a lot of people are saying very good. >> it's been a week now we're seeing the 30s and at times 20s. but around the inner bay, san francisco, oakland, seeing temperatures in the low 40s now. you can see at the bottom of the screen starting to warm things up into the beginning of next week. high pressure in control the bay area, the 6th spare the air day 18 row. enough wind to push the smoke out of the bay area a sign of high pressure around. not much wind this morning. a little more marine air into oakland keeping our temperatures up in the 40s there. look at santa rosa and napa in the 20s and 30s and upper 20s down toward gilroy so the inland valley pretty city. another thing we'll see as it
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strengthens into the weekend is give us a slight offshore push. temperatures close to 61 in san jose. 58 in palo alto. san francisco 58 degrees, something to do this weekend and you haven't had enough of the cold, why not head out to the holiday fest and saturday we'll see temperatures close to 60 as they change over the streets into some ski runs. you can see to the north bay close to 60 in santa rosa. next week we're talking 60s to near 70s you see there in the seven-day forecast. hopefully a light commute. >> it is a lighter volume. in fact, we've seen a lighter flow overall to thanksgiving, seeing a typical friday now but looking at 880 southbound with taillights. my concern south of the coliseum away from us toward 98. stalled van reported in lanes. look on the maps, arrows in the same direction we see a lot of
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slowing outside of our camera range. the reports are that the van stalled. another came up and helping push it off. hopefully there will be no crash. a smooth drive off the castro valley, and a little build through hayward toward the san mateo bridge. the tri-valley a typical flow around the dublin interchange. we'll give you a look at the south bay with traffic through 101 northbound no problems, the earlier stall, the second for the nimitz, that has cleared. >> thanks very much. back to the breaking news. a fire in an oakland home, you can see it started, a rodent helped spread the flames.
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christie smith is live in the neighborhood. what's going on? >> reporter: good morning to you, terry. it does sound odd but i spoke with firefighters after the man told that story and said that is something that can happen. they have seen it before. i spoke with a man in the home, he and his dpoyf and their baby were asleep when his girlfriend heard something scurrying around, they woke up and the house was on fire. they only had time to run out, smoke detector desire not go off even though they had batteries. video i got from a neighbor who heard banging, people knocking, yelling get out. this is a modular home completely in flames. it started to spread to the two adjacent homes. these are really close together. maybe four to five feet. so that was their main concern. making sure it didn't spread to
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those two other homes. there is a little bit of singing out the homes are vacant. back to the owner, he says they were using a stove, a burner on the zov to keep warm. the laeter in the house wasn't working. firefighters believe that's how it started and the resident believes a mouse may have helped spread this. >> we were using the stove and we turned on one of the fires, just like because we already had it warm. we were trying to keep it warm. turned on one tfr fires and i woke up. >> she thinks it may have been a mouse? >> we believe it may be the mouse that caught on fire, yes, and maybe caught something else on fire. >> reporter: he, his girlfriend and hir baby were able to get out. the red cross was out here helping them and at this point firefighters are saying that the
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home is a total loss. that's the latest from here. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> the family is lucky to have escaped that. >> the baby there and everything. >> still ahead on "today in the bay," a bombing suspect on the run for 10 years now. coming up how how the fbi is upping the ante to bring the animal rights activist to justice. >> yahoo! says it's almost solved its mail problem that made customers almost happy. >> plus thursday night football. details about the four people stabbed.
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here are today's top stories. one of the people in an oakland home gutted by an overnight fire
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says a mouse living in the kitchen stove may be to blame. the man says he thinks the mouse caught fire while the stove was on, then ran through the house spreading the flames. the three people inside made it out. >> police searching for two teen suspects who assaulted and robbed a cal student. it happened near campus tuesday night. police say the suspect slam add 21-year-old woman against a wall before taking off with her cell phone and wallet. she suffered minor injuries. >> a man is in critical condition following a quadruple stabbing outside sports authority field in denver. police say they responded to a large fight in one of the stadium parking lots as fans were leaving the broncos/chargers game. three suspects in custody. >> this morning the fbi is stepping up its search for berkeley man who was also a terror suspect, has been on the run more than a decade. peggy bunker joins us with new information. >> this is one of those stories he has been on the fbi's most
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wanted terrorist list since 2009, he also is the first domestic terrorist fugitive to be added to the list. daniel san diego is suspected of two bombings. both of those companies have ties to animal research. 35-year-old san diego is allegedly an animal rights extremist, apparently a strict vegan, does not wear any animal products in his clothing, he was born in berkeley, attended san rafael. these are the photos released by the fbi. you can see how differently he can look with glasses, bleached hair. these pictures along with the $250,000 reward for lis arrest what they hope will bring in this fugitive. also according to police san diego had several tattoos on his abdomen, a burning building and flames, violent images also on his chest a round tattoo, saying it only takes a spark, under the
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scene of a building hillside. also a chance to look at new photos they might have. it's interesting apparently at one point he had a start-up business developing vegan marshmallows. quite a turn. >> i would say. interesting. thank you. >> we should point out the site of one of the bombings t shackly corporation is still in business. the other bombing, no longer in operation in emeryville. the company was sold and became part of another company. >> world leaders continue to remember nelson mandela this morning and they did it on line. >> scott mcgrew, unusual collection on google. >> good morning. really interesting group had a google hangout a few minutes ago. archbishop desmond tutu t daily llama and others all talking about president mandela. it's a sign of how technology has brought us together and how
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google can attract world leaders. yahoo! says this morning 97% of its customers are getting 80% of their e-mail. yahoo! mail has been down for or at least erratic for the work week. there is growing criticism from bloggers and pundits that yahoo! has not been forthcoming about the problems, not as much as it should be. it has been making more statements more often in the past few hours. wall street looking to snap a losing streak. adoby said its push to move customers away from box software toward subscription is going well. adobe stock one to watch. you may have heard the fcc voted to clear the way to allow phone calls during flights. but then the department of transportation quickly stepped in yesterday saying it disapproved. for now no calling aunt marge
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from the middle seat. lots of people including politicians have been critical. but point out the positive. the fcc said it made the ruling because there was no technical rein, no safety reason to forgid calls. which is the way the laws ought to be made. >> a lot of people talking about that. >> i don't want cell phone calls on airplanes either but at least they are making the decisions based on facts. and not my opinion. not sociology. right. >> we do have breaking news, firefighters on the scene of a house fire in hayward. the dispatcher telling us the house is near lone tree cemetery but they can't tell us how many alarms or if anyone was home. >> we have a crew on the scene. >> i want to check in with rob mayeda in for christina. a look at our temperatures. >> the temperatures an interesting mix we're seeing 40s
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in san francisco but look at the north bay dropping to 28 degrees. 34 closer to san jose. you heard the story earlier about house fire in oakland. with not much wind and temperature inversion acting like a dealisealing to the room quality, today and tomorrow into sunday, and now into monday so today is the sixth spare the air alert we've seen, this would be 7, 8, 9, into next week, the reason why there is not changing much. our pattern includes a strong ridge of high pressure which is going to send temperatures up and you're seeing some of that on the seven-day forecast. not much wind so these fires, the smoke will pool around the locations around hayward. notice the temperatures again cold, 26 in santa rosa. the air very dry inland. 45 in san francisco, 42 in
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oakland. more of the marine air. the inland quite dry and chilly. we've been seeing watchy fog, earlier around the north bay, visibility down to less than a mile. more moisture could give you issues maybe for the north bay commute. no chance of rain in the forecast. likely not going to see much ahead. moving through the weekend this is going to clear out the northeastern pacific, storm track way off to the north. under that ridge we see sinking warming air aloft that's going to head offshore and our temperatures are going to climb up. you can see it on the seven-day forecast on the bottom of the screen. 70s showing up early next week, because of this pattern you're seeing and you'll notice, no signs of rain if you want to find the rain head up to seattle and portland. that's about as far south as it's going to get between now and wednesday. things stay quite dry. warmer around the bay area.
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around the peninsula, 58 degrees, san francisco 58 as well. heading out to the sierra. closer to ground level temperatures around the bay area, low 60s around parts of the tri-valley. for a check of your friday commute here's mike. >> might as well head out for the snow. get the satisfaction of that. looking here toward the rest of the bay. traffic is moving smoothly. i'm going to point out some of the stuff rob is pointing out. right here northbound 101, your typical slowdown on a friday a litter build for the south bay. we'll see a lot of probably slowing for 101, 87. a little later and shorter as far as big backups. southbound 880 does show slowing below. 60 miles per hour, the upper 50s as you travel south. coming off of the castro valley
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y, and here the wood debris at the interchange have all cleared. the earlier slowing has consolidated again down toward hayward and a street. smoother north through the area. here is northbound 880 up toward the coliseum. just a bit as you approach the coliseum and toward the high street high rise. the southbound side i'm watching because we saw that a few minutes ago. it has moved south past 98. here the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights. some of the cash lanes, the left lanes starting to build. fast track a big advantage toward san francisco. and the north bay, the chance of fog, here are lower clouds that may be an issue as we travel through the morning. we'll track that. 101 slowing a bit. >> thanks a lot. the time 6:22. sometime ahead on "today in the bay" more fallout from the devastating typhoon.
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details about the dramatic increase in the death toll. ♪ yeah her gift ♪ i picked it out in a snap ♪ what made it genius ♪ was my camouflage wrap ♪ that's my kind of holiday
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mourning in south africa continues as thousands wait to say their final farewell to nelson mandela. a live look at pretoria where you can see the guards standing there at the site of mandela's casket. early this morning there was a line miles long of people
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waiting to say good-bye. among the people jesse jackson. this is the final day his casket will be on display at the government buildings. after today his body will be flown to his childhood village for a burial service. >> 6:26, a new update from the philippines more than a month after typhoon haiyan devastated the country. the number killed is still rising. the government now saying more than 6,000 people have been confirmed dead. among 1800 others still unaccounted for. a spokesman for the government says at least 20 bodies are still being found daily in the hardest hit areas. the homes of more than 16 million people either flattened or damaged by haiyan. >> time now is 6:26. still ahead attitudes about gun control taking a dive. we prepare for the one-year anniversary of the mass shooting at sandy hook, why public opinion has changed so much and you may be surprised. >> an update, several bay area
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homes catch fire in a flaming mouse may be to blame. we'll tell you why firefighters had to get up on the roof with chain saws. >> step out live, a look at san francisco, what we can see of it. tough to stay in the dark. seems they have clouds. we'll check with rob for the official word on that. we have more news and much more after the break. >> including this live look from the south bay this morning. we wait for the sun's arrival. as you mentioned much more ahead including the opening bell.
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breaking news. a fierce fire on a freezing cold night. why a homeowner says a flaming mouse may have sparked a fire that spread to at least three homes. >> attitudes about gun control taking an abrupt turn nearly one year after the shooting tragedy at sandy hook. a live report from capitol hill just ahead. >> and we take you out to wall
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street. a live look at the opening bell. you can hear it there being cheered. on the nasdaq they are also going to be celebrating. they are already. a christmas story. looks like a cast of characters there. this is friday, december 13th, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. breaking news we first hold you about at 4:30, a man living in a burned out home in oakland says the fire may have been started by a mouse. he was using a stovetop burner as a heater while he was sleeping, he says a mouse ran across, caught fire and spread the flames. two other homes caught fire but everyone made it out okay. it all happened near 90th avenue and not far from international boulevard.
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christie smith has been in oakland all morning collecting information from firefighters and the homeowner. she vale a live report. >> tomorrow marks the one-year since the tragedy in newtown, connecticut. when 20 children and six school staffers were killed in their classrooms at sandy hook elementary school. the town plans to remember that day privately without the media. but family of the victims say their public fight for gun control is far from over. danielle lee joins us. the families are determine tlad a new poll shows support for gun control going the opposite direction than they would like. >> that's right. in fact, the latest poll shows the support is at the lowest level since those shootings almost one year ago. 52% of americans want to see stricter gun laws, 38% would like them to stay the same and 8% would like them to be less strict. this is down from january, just
6:32 am
after those shootings when support was at 56% and down from a high in february at 61%. the tragedy did prompt members of congress to try to get new measures on the books, expanding background checks. by the time they got around to debating that in april support had fallen to 55%. ultimately they failed to get anything passed. now we see support falling even further. i should point out even though this support has continued to decline this year t majority of americans still do want to see these stricter gun laws, and it's very much divided on party lines. democrats more heavily supporting the measure than republicans. as it looks from here on capitol hill does not look like legislators try to get anything new, try to revive this debate any time soon. back to you. >> thanks very much. >> tragically, since the shootings in newtown at least 173 children under the age of 12 have died from gun shots nationwide. that number includes at least
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two children in the bay area. the 8-year-old shot and killed when she answered the door at a sleep over in oakland and 16-month-old shot along with his father as they slept in a bedroom also in oakland. two suspected gang members have been arrested in the deaths and they will be in court. so far no arrests in the death of jackson and his father. >> nbc news has a section on its home page dedicated to the issue of gun control including complete coverage of the new gun control poll just released. visit >> it's 6:33. that means it's time to check the weather. we give you a live look touds, folks moving out and about in the south bay. i want to check in with rob, a look at our temperatures creeping up. >> we're watching the temperatures closely this morning, still chilly, 30s and 40s but 28 degrees in the north bay. still very chilly for you this
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morning. and with the calm wind conditions we're seeing outside, spare the air day again. this is day 6. around the south bay this will likely continue as we head into the weekend. not a lot of wind. a slight push of a sea breeze brought up the temperatures in the 40s right now but our inland valleys plenty cold, 20s and 30s. so hour by hour we'll see patchy low clouds around san francisco wurn r turning to clearing skies. tomorrow morning our skies clear out. this is going to lead to some warming. you're starting to see some of that. today near 61 in san jose, 58 palo alto, san francisco 58 degrees, you're 60 in the north bay, 60 in oakland and you can see the try valley into the low 60s. as minneapolis builds in 70-degree temperatures in reach especially by tuesday or
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wednesday. now for a check of your commute here is mike. >> it may not look like it but it's better news. up until the last minutes i saw flashing lights over on the left side. that's west 80. it was around the bend approaching university avenue. they reported a stalled big. it's out of our screen shot there. it looks like they cleared that as the volume continues to build. >> the toll plaza, where we have the metering lights turned ond and the backup for the fast track, this is typical on a friday. we see the fast track building up as a majority into the city have that so they are backed up. you get cash lanes, an advantage to you. the earlier stalls reported. no big problems up from oakland or the caldecott tunnel. the the tri-valley with steady build out of the altamont pass.
6:36 am
speeds in the upper 50s, approach that bub lin intersection. just below 60 miles per hour. and slow as you merge onto 101. the orange stretch. >> earlier debris sounds like it's still there. in the north bay low clouds hovering around. south 101, talking about the low clouds drifting around so there is an issue there. visibility reported fine for chp so far. >> 6:36. still ahead a spate of meningitis creeps closer to california. which campus. >> we're going to tell what you led up to the violent outburst next.
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this morning a man is in critical condition following a quadruple stabbing outside sports authority field in denver. police say they responded to a large fight at one of the parking lots as the fans were leaving last night's game. they found three men with stab wounds. there was another victim who left the scene. one man is in critical, the others expected to be okay. three suspects are in custody. >> another california university on alert after a student
6:40 am
contracted meningitis. cal poly in san luis owill you notifying other student who is may have been infected but say it appears to be an isolated case. earlier this week a uc riverside staffer contacted the virus. one had to have both feet amputated. >> a possible end to a nearly 22-year court battle over a war memorial cross in san diego. a u.s. strict judge ordered the 43-foot tall cross on the mount tan be taken down. 2011 the circuit court of appeals rule that the cross violated separation of church and state. the u.s. supreme court refused to hear the case, leaving it to the district durt make a ruling and it has saying the cross has to be removed immediately unless there is another appeal. >> it's 6:40.
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a cal student attacked near campus. why police say a 14-year-old may be one of the suspects. in an update to break news, did a mouse catch fire and spread flames to three houses? i'm going to tell you what a homeowner is telling us ahead in a live report. >> and solving a christmas headache.
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investigators say this fire at an oakland home could have started on a stove. and a man living inside says a rodent may be to blame for spreading the flames. it started at a home on 90th avenue not far from international boulevard.
6:44 am
it spread to two other homes. christie smith is live in oakland. it's on ordinary story but it's possible. >> reporter: it is very odd but i did ask the firefighter before he left and he said it is possible, in fact, they heard of it before. i spoke with a family inside the home and it's a total loss. what the man of the home is telling me is that they had to use the burners for heat and that's because the heater in the house wasn't working. he says that they think a mouse ran across the stove and that's how the fire spread. i wanted to show you some video that a neighbor shared with what he saw at around 2:40 this morning. flames pouring from the roof of a home on 90th avenue. this is a modular home. very close to the two homes next to. three people inside at the time. a man, his girlfriend and their baby. what he's telling me is that they were sleeping and that the girlfriend heard something moving in the kitchen. they went in and that's when
6:45 am
they saw that the house was burning. they got out, it spread to the walls of the two other homes fortunately vacant at the time. the man inside said they have little time to get out. >> decided everything was on fire, the roof was starting to catch on fire, i tried to find the fire extinguisher. it blanked out of my mind. and i tried to throw water on it but it was too hectic. everything was all over my face. you could see like where all of the fire, like all that was all over my head at the time. >> reporter: firefighters do tell me they think that the burners on the stove were to blame for the fire. it's the resident who thinks that a mouse may have run by and caught fire. at this point again, they are saying it's a total loss but the resident here is getting help from the red cross and trying to account for their dog. they had two dogs here that had just had puppies so they had 16
6:46 am
in all so they are still trying to figure out what happened with them. i did speak with the firefighters and he said when they first arrived there were a number of dogs running up and down the street, so they actually had to call animal control out here to get a hold of some of the dogs. that's the latest from here reporting live in oakland. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thanks for the update. the fire station closest to the fire was open overnight but the engine company that works within that station was temporarily shut down due to a brown-out. that company that works out of station 20 would have been closest to the scene of the fire, the company located about a half mile from the scene. what is a brown-out? it's a strategy due to cost cutting to balance the 2011-2013 budget. two fire companies closed on an equal rotating basis. all fire stations in the city participate except the station at the oakland airport. the city says the brown-outs saved $4 million for the 2012-13
6:47 am
fiscal year alone. >> check the forecast, we'll get to rob. let's step out and take a look at very interesting shot, that's san jose. you got -- beginning to get light out and you've got clouds out there. i think rob predicted all of this moments ago. you were right all along. >> the marine air has come in which is good. that's a little bit of a thin blanket this morning. keeping temperatures up in spots. san jose, chilly, mid-30s there. san francisco, watching some of the low clouds come in and at times obscuring the upper tops of the buildings, cannot see the top of the transamerica tower now due to the low clouds and temperatures running warmer but high pressure sitting on top of us like a lid. giving us another spare the air day today. it continues to saturday, sunday into monday now. this is day six today and day seven, eight and nine with light winds, high pressure lowering the ceiling down in the bay area, keeping our temperatures again in the chilly conditions and some ever our inland
6:48 am
valleys, also poor air quality due to the smoke particle pollution. not enough twind blow the smoke away from the bay area. you notice the temperatures inland still dry air, so 20s and 30s, 34 in san jose, 45 though in san francisco. we're seeing a little bit of that fog. which at times dropped to 5 miles or less. and 9 miles in santa rosa. the temperatures continue to drop off in the 20s with the drier air. a little further inland so. as high pressure locks in on top of us one of the changes this weekend as this high begins to build in, is that our temperatures are going to warm on up. and this is going to act like a wall to our west, keeping that storm track way off to the north. warming temperatures around the bay area. clearly no rain in the forecast. staying way off to the north saturday into sunday into monday through wednesday next to week. these are high clouds coming in from the south and west at times. dry weather between now and wednesday and take a look at the seven-day forecast. second half of it really
6:49 am
starting to warm up. some of the warmest places could get close to 70, by the middle part of next week. from record breaking cold to record breaking warm temperatures by next tuesday and wednesday so. today, san jose near 61, upper 50s around the peninsula, patchy low clouds, some of that around san francisco. into the north bay temperatures close to 60 in santa rosa, oakland 60 degrees, a big game on sunday with kansas city chiefs in town. mid-60s and sunshine for the game. at the oakland coliseum, low to mid-60s around the tri-valley and the weekend get away forecast does show warming for saturday, upper 60s around santa cruz saturday, then 70s in reach next week so. the weather looking good but with high pressure comes patchy fog and we'll find out if that's slowing the morning commute. >> so far we see some of that drift through the cameras in the north bay in san rafael, camera there, no major issues as far as slowing or speeds or incidents and that's the better use. the rest of the bay showing the
6:50 am
typical friday, so now starting to kick in in spots for san jose. northbound 101, 87, 85, and 280, typical pattern. lighter than might see. but will kick in and get slowing around the 8:00 hour will kick in here. the peninsula, let's get a live look at 101 freeway, the bay shore freeway through palo alto, easy flow, a look at the camera, palo alto things are moving nicely. maybe we won't do that today. over to the bridges as we travel over. the dumbarton to the area, as well as 92 heading to 101, a smooth flow of traffic. along removal equipment from yesterday that they had the sand drift across. here toward the east bay, southbound 880 slow as you approach the 92 interchange. moving the car to the shoulder. no major issues. we're looking at the san mateo bridge and palo alto side. there we go. a nice easy drive. heading north all the way to the
6:51 am
san mateo bridge over eastbound direction. low clouds, maybe haze but no big deal. not a problem for visibility and the westbound commute picking up the company. back to the maps, a smooth flow. the bay bridge, a backup at the bay bridge, just the fast track lanes, the cash lanes shows a lighter build. this is typical on a friday. as the lights are turned off the fast track lanes back up. you can pay and you will get faster. better news. back to you. >> thank you. it is 6:51. a hayward police officer accused of sexually abusing girls at an after school program he coordinated is expected in court today. police say richard scott mccloud abused the girls before he became an officer between 1998 and 2007, when he ran the kid zone program with girls 12-14 years old. police say one ever the victims now an adult recently came forward. mccloud pleaded not guilty. he remains in jail on paid leave from the department. >> a sonoma county supervisor
6:52 am
accused of trying to break into a home is street enter a plea. he is charged with one misdemeanor count of peeking, accused of prowling and attempting to pry open a woman's window wearing his underwear and socks, while police were on the way, the woman said he knocked on the door, identified as a neighbor, then ran away. the alleged incident happened in july. >> almost two weeks and still no sign of a missing san jose family and their plane. the search in idaho for dale smith and his family has been suspended. the family members and volunteers are doing what they can to find him. the ground search has been suspended indefinitely. the family hired a plane to scour from above. >> the hardest is the unknown factor and that's what we're dealing with and their family has got to deal with now. and with the cold, everything, i just hope something turns out
6:53 am
for the better. >> he was flying the plane when he made a distress call for possible engine failure 150 miles north of boise back on december 1. >> a follow-up now, four suspects facing murder and robbery charges in connection with a shooting death of a 7-eleven clerk last year. the investigators say the surveillance photos were key in breaking the case. they say the photos show three men shooting and robbing the 67-year-old employee in september 2012. police say the fourth suspect is a woman. >> new details this morning on a fiery crash in the east bay. the coroner identified the man who died in yesterday's crash as 29-year-old reed whitaker from livermore. another man of livermore as well is behind bars accused of driving drunk and causing the crash on 580. investigators say he crashed his hummer into whitaker's jeep.
6:54 am
the crash caused a chain reaction with two other cars. >> students at san rafael elementary school are being told to stay home. a car crashed into the side of laurel dell elementary school yesterday, it hit gas and electric meter lines. right now the school is without electricity and gas, and as a result all classes are canceled for today. the school says everything should be back to normal by monday morning. the two people in the car suffered excuse me that was for the last story. >> 6:54. police getting ready to hold their first gun buy-back event in more than a decade. tomorrow from 9:00 to 1:00 p.m. police collect guns. they hand out $100 gift cards for handguns, rifles and shot guns and $200 gift cards for assault rifles. this will be the first gun buy-back host bid san jose police since 2001, it was funded through sourcing which raised more than $18,000.
6:55 am
6:54. let's check the top local stories. >> chase cain live near uc-berkeley where a safety alert is out after an attack on a student. good morning. >> good morning. and the two attackers were rather young, the youngest being 14 years old and the second not much older than that. we are about four blocks from campus. watt a couple blocks away tuesday evening around 8:30 when a 21-year-old berkeley student says she was walking and these people forced her up against the wall, roughed her up, took her cell phone, her wallet, and ran off. berkeley police were not able to catch the two, the victim gave them a description of the two suspects. a black male, around 14 years old, just 5'4" with thin build, shaved head. wearing a maroon hooded sweatshirt and black pants. the second a black female only slidely older and taller, she
6:56 am
had her hair in a ponytail, wearing a black leather jacket, black jeans. the two got in a beige jeep. the victim believed it was a cherokee. be careful, they say don't walk alone, don't walk through dark areas and if you have a cell phone, try and keep this in your pocket, because when you're holding this out they say that is an invitation to these criminals. live in berkeley, chase cain, "today in the bay." >> let's check in with peggy bunker. the fbi not offering a cash reward for a terror suspect accused of bombing two east bay businesses. >> that's right. $250,000 reward. he's the first domestic terrorism fugitive added to the most wanted terrorist list, also berkeley born and attended high school in san rafael. daniel san diego is suspected of two bombings. both companies have ties to
6:57 am
animal research and 35-year-old san diego is allegedly an animal rights extremist, a strict vegan, does not wear animal products in his clothing. some of the different photos released by the fbi, you see how different his look can change. these pictures along with the $250,000 reward for his arrest what are the fbi is hoping will bring him in. also look at these tattoos on his abdomen. depicting burning buildings and flames. another has the words it only takes a spark, under a scene of a burning hillside. so today at 10:30 we'll get an update on this case from the fbi. also possibly new photos of san diego to get to you. >> we'll look forward to that. >> 6:57. the final headline, one of the pex living in an oakland home gutted by a fire says a mouse living in the kitchen stove may be to blame. the the man says he thinks the
6:58 am
mouse caught fire when they turned the stove on and ran through the house spreading the flames. >> b.a.r.t. and its two largest unions meet this morning with a mediator to try to avoid another strike. b.a.r.t. says the costly family leave proposal was rejected twice and withdrawn but a temporary worker misunderstood the markings on the document and rather than deleting it kept it. union leaders say a deal's a deal. >> the jackpot for tonight's drawing around $400 million. the fifth largest lottery jackpot in u.s. history so your chances of winning, 1 in 259 million. this morning scott has a very festive gadget friday. >> a christmas tree that makes seat up easier. >> plenty of reasons to like artificial including safety but they are difficult. these come out of a box. this is from balsam hill.
6:59 am
it's prelit but look at this. the electronics are inside the strunk so when you put it together the legs come together, you stick the parts together. very clever. this company was created by a stanford grad and they are expensive, about $500 for this one. they go well above $1,000. but they do come in white lights and colored lights and laura, i know you have a story about colored lights and white lights. we'll have to tell it on the 11 this morning. i'm going to tell the christmas story. >> are you. >> awesome. 11:00 a.m. >> we gather round. >> all about making marriages work. that's a cool looking tree. looks very real. >> christmas tree. what happened to them. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." we're back live 7:25 with a local news update.
7:00 am
an american that vanished in iran nearly seven years ago was actually working for the cia and now his family is demanding the government do more to secure his release. bearing down, the fifth snowstorm in five weeks set to batter the east cot this weekend. al has the latest on this new round of snow and ice. feeling lucky? there's $400 million up for grabs tonight in the second largest mega millions jackpot ever as ticket buyers line up coast-to-coast. and beyonce's bold move. she releases a new album overnight with no advanced warning. how she is shaking up the music world today, friday, december


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