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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 13, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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we believe it may have been a mouse that caught on fire, yes, and maybe ran around and caught something else on fire. >> right now at 11:00 a rodent being blamed for turning a stove fire into something much, much worse. good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. the fire started early this morning at the corner of 90th avenue and a street in oakland not far from international boulevard. >> nbc bay area's christie smith has more on this bizarre story. i have, to christie. >> it is very odd. the family says they can't say for sure that they saw anything, but they did think they heard something skurrying in the kitchen. they think that one of those myself may have ran across a hot
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stove. here's what firefighters are saying. what they know for sure is that the burners were left on a stove inside of a small prefab home, and the family says that they were doing this because the heater didn't work. well, somehow it caught fire. one family has no home, and their pets, well, they died too in this fire. this is cell phone video shot by a neighbor on 90th avenue overnight here in oakland. it started around 2:40 this morning. a two-alarm fire started. three people were actually sleeping inside. a young man, his girlfriend, and their small child. that man tells us that the smoke detectors didn't make a sound. they heard noise in the kitchen, but by that time when he got up and checked, he said it was going fast. they say they got out quickly. firefighters arrived. they called a second alarm to try to keep it prosecute spreading to two homes on each side that were just four to five feet away. they were vacant, but damaged in all this, but it looks like the stove started it all. >> the heater don't work in
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here, so we were using the stove, and we turned on one of the fires just like -- because we already had it going. we were just trying to keep it warm. we started one of the fires, and i woke up, and it was -- >> she thinks it may have been a mouse? >> we believe it may have been a mouse that caught on fire, yes, and maybe ran around and caught something else on fire. >> the saddest part is some people have to use, you know, their stoves and turn on the stove and ovens and things like that to keep warm, and that's something that we do not recommend, but it's not uncommon coast-to-coast. you know, cold weather comes in, and, you know, not everybody is as fortunate to have a working heater or have a heater at all. they're just trying to figure out how to stay warm. these are one of those unfortunate ens dents. >> now, again, firefighters say they would have no way of really knowing whether it was a mouse. that is something that the family was saying. those other homes were damaged. the family very grateful to be
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alive, but they have suffered not just the loss of a house, but they said that they had two large dogs. animal control is here. those dogs are deceased. the family is saying that the dogs had recently had puppies, so they had 16 puppies as well that are unaccounted for. i just asked the gentleman with animal control if he knew anything about it. he said he hadn't seen any signs of those puppies at all. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> sad news there. thank you. sdmrimplts he is the first nestic terrorism fugitive to be added to the fbi's most wanted terrorist list. he is also berkeley born and attended high school in san rafael. daniel andreas san diego is suspected in 2003. one of the shackly corporation and the other at the kyron corporation. 35-year-old san diego is allegedly an animal rights extremist. apparently a strict vegan. doesn't wear any kind of animal products in his clothing. here are different pictures of san diego released by the fbi. you can see how different he
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looks with glasses or bleached hair or a shaved head. now, along with these pictures, they have a $250,000 reward for san diego's arrest. this is what the fbi is hoping will bring him in. they also released these pictures. very -- you could say graphic pictures of these tattoos he has on his abdomen and chest. the burning flames, and the one on his chest reads it only takes a spark on the skin of a burning hellside. a news conference is underway where the fbi is releasing the latest information about san diego. we'll have more on nbc bay area news at 5:00. this morning police are searching for two young suspects who attacked and robbed a female student. it happened on the 2500 block of benzavu avenue. chase kane live in berkeley, and one of the robbers could be as young as 14. >> reporter: that's what the victim told police, terry. she thought the younger of the two, a male, 14, and that the female who also attacked her was a couple of years older than
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that. we thought -- they told us that, unfortunately, this sort of thing is happening just all too often. four blocks from berkeley's campus along a rather dark neighborhood street female student told police two teenagers approached her and attacked her stealing her cell phone and wallet. >> she got grabbed in the head. knocked against the wall. >> it's a route we take almost every day. >> they say they know the dangers of walking alone, even at 8:30 in the evening, so they take precautions. >> this walk was -- make sure that try not to, like, be concentrate odd your phone and be aware of your surroundings. >> berkeley police say the victim in this robbery likely hadn't followed that advice. the 21-year-old was walking alone down benzanu avenue. >> oftentimes when i'm walking
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back from classes after, like, 6:00 p.m. when it's already dusk, it tends to -- there aren't that many lights on campus, and it tends to be dark and quiet. sometimes that's a little bit like scary. >> it's pretty sketchy. that's just the way it is around berkeley. it's not -- it's part of the experience. it's fine. >> reporter: now, the best description that police got of the two suspects was that they drove off in a beige jeep, possibly a year 2000 jeep cherokee, and the big warning from berkeley police is they say never walk by yourself. also avoid any dark or vacant areas, and if you do have a cell phone or ipad on you, don't hold these things out in the open because they say that just makes you a target for robbers. live near the berkeley campus, chase kane, nbc bay area news. a follow-up. four suspects are facing murder and robbery harjz in connection with the shooting death of a 7-eleven clerk clast year. these ser values photos were key in breaking the case. they say the photos show three
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men shooting and robbing the 67-year-old employee in september of 2012. police say the fourth suspect is a woman, but they would not say what her role was in the shooting. new details this morning on a fiery crash in the east bay. the alameda county coroner identified the man who died in that crash yesterday morning as 29-year-old reid whitaker of livermore. another man primo garcia is behind bars accused of driving drunk and causing that crash. he is also from livermore. investigators say the crash on 580 near north livermore avenue happened when garcia smashed into the hummer. whitaker's jeep cherokee which burst into flames caused a chain reaction crash with two other cars. this morning students at a san rafael elementary school are being told just stay home. that car crashed into the side of laurel dell elementary school yesterday hitting some gas and electric meter lines. right now the school is still without electricity and gas service. as a result, all classes are canceled for today so crews can work, and the school says everything will be back to normal by monday morning. two people inside that car
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suffered minor injuries. a hayward police officer accused of sexually abusing girls at an after school program he coordinated is expected in court today. police say that richard scott mcleod abused the girls before he became an officer between 1998 and 2007 when he ran the kids zone program for girls 12 to 14 years old. police say one of the victims, now an adult, recently came forward. mcleod has pleaded not guilty. he remains in jail and remains on paid leave from the department. the sonoma county supervisor accused of trying to break into a santa rosa home is set to enter a plea in court today. 32-year-old ekron is charged with peeking. he is accused of prowling and attempting to pry open a woman's window, wearing only his underwear and socks. the woman said that he knocked at the front door, identified himself as a neighbor, and then ran away. the alleged incident happened in july. almost two weeks of searching and still no sign of a missing san jose family and their plane. the ground search in central idaho for dale smith and his
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family has been suspended indefinitely. the family members and volunteers continue to do their own search. the family has hired a private plane to scour the rugged snowy terrain from above. >> hardest part is the unknown factor, and that's what we're -- everybody is dealing with and their family has got to deal with now, and the cold, combination of everything, i just hope something turns out for the better. >> smith was flying the plane when he made a distress call for possible engine failure about 150 miles north of boise back on december 1st. san jose police are getting ready to hold their first gun buy back event in more than a decade. tomorrow from 9:00 to 1:00 p.m. police will collect guns at our lady of guatalupe church. they will hand out gift cards for handguns, rifles, and shotguns and $200 gift cards for assault rifles. this will be the first gun buyback hosted by san jose police since 2001. it was funded through crowd sourcing which raised more than
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$18,000. nelson hand della's body will be transported to his foam e home for burial sunday. richard engel has more on the final good-byes for the civil rights icon. >> this is the village -- it's actually pronounced hulu with a click xshgs this is where nelson mandela grew up. mandela wrote that this is where he spent his happiest days, his happiest childhood memories were here. he grew up quite poor in a small house with mud walls and a that much roof. they cooked on an open fire, and he spent his days hunting birds with a slingshot and stick fighting with the other boys. he decided whe he died, he wanted to return here to be buried. the problem is there is not a lot of infrastructure here. not much has changed since mandela lived here, and the south african government is encouraging world leaders not to come here because there aren't many hotels or toilets or roads to support them. still, on sunday several thousand people are expected to
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come to watch south africa's most famous son return to the village he loved for the last time. how do i pronounce -- is that correct? there it is. what do you think of mandela? what do you think of madiba? >> anything bad, he fight for us. >> he fight for you? >> he fight for us. long walk to freedom. >> long walk to freedom. >> richardening ill, nbc news, south africa. well, meningitis creeps closer to northern california. coming up, we'll tell you which central coast college is urging students to come in for a checkup. plus, gone with the wind. not the movie, but a reality for people in norway right now. look at that. sfwroo thankfully nothing like that in the bay area right now. as we're seeing our skies begin to clear. 40s and 50s outside right now. this afternoon highs near 60. the seven-day forecast could be
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pushing it closer to 70 degrees. we'll let you know where and just around when we'll see those possibly record breaking temperatures in the forecast when we come back.
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day two of bargaining is underway as bart and its two largest unions meet with a mediator to try to avoid another strike. they have a copy released to nbc bay area of the contract. barlt says that the costly family leave proposal was formally rejected twice and withdrawn from the contract, but a temporary worker misunderstood the markings on the document and rather than deleting it, left it in. bart union leaders say a deal is a deal. now, we are just over a week away from a possible ac transet strike. the court-ordered 60-day cooling off period ends on december 22nd. until now talks have been hold, but they are set to resume today.
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among the disputed issues, the transit agency's use of a computerized scheduling program. a possible end to a nearly 22-year court battle over a war memorial cross in san diego. the u.s. district judge has ordered the 43-foot tall cross on top of mount soledad to be taken down. in 2011 the ninth u.s. circuit court of appeals ruled that the cross -- the u.s. supreme court refused to hear the case leaving it to the district court to make the ruling. it has said it must be immediately removed unless there is another appeal. sgrimplgts another california university on alert after a student contracted meningitis. it says the student who lives off campus was diagnosed yesterday and is receiving treatment. the health department is noifk other students who may have been infected, but they say it appears to be an isolated case. earlier this week a uc riverside staffer contracted the virus, and last month forced four
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students were diagnosed with meningitis. one had both feet amputated. there are hundreds of lawsuits stemming from the defect that causes cars to accelerate and causes them to kel people. they lost after an oklahoma jury found electronics that caused the crash that killed one woman and seriously injured another. it aawarded the families $3 million. toyota faces more than 300 lawsuits in state and federal court. most of those cases are expected to be settled without a trial. the anc movie theater chain gives a lot of perks through its loyalty program, popcorn, soda, and sometimes even movie tickets. recently it offered something a little different. it asked its members if it wanted to buy shares. they were told they could buy up to $2,500 worth of shares no, fees attempt. amc will be gun pub on tuesday at somewhere around $18 to $20 a share. scott mcgrew has been
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feeling festive, as we have been noticing here. he shoetd us a tree as part of his gadgets friday. >> with that you promised a story. >> good morning. i did promise a story. it's about laura, and i know a lot of people tweeted us wanting to hear it early on. let's talk about the tree, first and we'll get to laura. i thought this was really interesting. this is the world's top seller of quality artificial trees, and it's based right here in redwood city. it's run by a young stanford grad. the company is called balsom hill. all the electricity runs through the trurpg ichts. you pop another branch in there, and are you good to go. you can just, for instance, when are you putting it away, you just lift this out. out it comes. electricity turns off. put it in, electricity turns back on. the we ran out of time to tell it on the morning show. laura likes white lights on her christmas tree. her husband brent grew up with colored lights, so early on in their marriage they decided to
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put both on the tree and then they had this little switch. when laura is in the room, reis all white, and when brent is in the room earning gets to have his colored lights. guys, that's how you keep a marriage as fresh as an art feshl tree. >> that's the secret, huh? >> yeah. >> write that down. a storm with powerful winds made it difficult to cross the street on a city in western norway. just unbelievable. people strug lingto stand upright and walk across the street. look at the signs there in the background just whipping around. police in some cases had to help these pedestrians. one man blew off the sidewalk into an intersection. about 20,000 people lost power there. also bus and boat service in some areas suspended. boy -- >> kind of makes it feel -- >> after that when you try to  compare the two, we're getting off pretty easy there. >> let's go to rob and see what we do have as far as the weather goes. >> a whopping 5-mile-per-hour breeze. that's it in the east bay. the wind direction is important
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this morning. we're still seeing hints of low clouds right around san francisco. san jose, seeing the hazy sunshine. there you see san francisco, 49 degrees and patchy low clouds still across the bay right now. the flag really not moving at all across do you want san francisco, so the dryer air continues to mix on down. we will see those skies clear around san francisco moving into the afternoon. now, unfortunately, high pressure on top acting like a lid over the bay area. we have a spare the air day today. also tomorrow. you notice the trend here sunday on into monday. no change. unfortunately, not enough wind to clear out the smoke in the bay area, that's the one problem that the forecast will see over the next couple of days. cloudy skies at times. we will see the sky start to clear with the low clouds going away as we pass lunchtime, and then high clouds into the afternoon as the weather system passes by to the north, and the storm track will continue to
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stay well off to the north over the next few days. the high builds in, and it will act like a wall for incoming weather systems. storms staying way off to the north and temperatures over the bay area continue to climb on up. today near 60 in san jose. upper 50s around san francisco. oakland near 60, but you can see in the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, inland valleys tuesday and wednesday climbing to near 70. a bit warmer for the weekend, ut about the real warming begins next week. >> thanks very much. well, friday the 13th is typically considered to be kind of an unlucky day. >> today could be different. it could be life-changing for someone out there. we'll explain after the break.
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well, seattle seahawks fans are crying foul after a recent commercial starting the 49ers colin kaepernick debuted this
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past week. >> in the beats by dr. dre, kaepernick is on a team bus surrounded by fans of an opposing team, and they're throwing things at the bus and yelling things at him wresh puts on the headphones to drown them out. the ad does not reference the seahawks directly, but those fans do appear to be wearing seahawks colors. seattle fans are expressing their outrage on twitter posting things like offensive commercial about seattle fans and congrats, beats by dre, that commercial just alienated the 12th man, which is the code word for the seattle seahawks fan. >> they conglomerated there. it is friday the 13th, and the world famous winchester mystery house in san jose is observing what is considered an unlucky day. >> at 1:00 this afternoon or 1300 hours, as it is, the tower bell will be rung 13 times. this is the traditional ceremony taking place every friday the 13th in honor of sarah winchester, who believed in the
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unluckiness of the number 13. evening tours will also be held from 6:30 to midnight. well, today may be considered unlake-effecty to many. it could turn out to be very lucky for one person. >> mega e-mail yonz jackpots for tonight's drawing an estimated $425 million, they're saying now. that's the second largest mega millions jackpot ever. it's the fifth largest lottery jackpot of any kind in the united states history. current jackpot has rolled over 20 times without a winner, so what are your chances of winning? about one in 259 million. >> that's all? >> not good. >> well, good luck to you if are you buying those tickets out there today. >> a present just in time tore the holidays. a military homecoming that is gift wrapped tore for a family during a hockey game. >> that's after the break.
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to those who've waited... worried... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 1-800-752-6631. real nice story here. christmas came early for one family in philadelphia. they were surprised by their
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loved ones at a philadelphia flyers. >> just in time for the holiday. gio action figure. that's right. >> look at that. the family was called down to ice level during an intermission of last night's game. they were told they were receiving a life-sized action figure. not quite. when they unwrapped that box there, out stepped the surprise of their lives. their family member, private first class matthew lyndon. he just firsted his tour of duty overseas. his parents were not expecting him for another three weeks. love that story. >> they opened it up, and there's -- they see the fatigues, and they figure, well, maybe it is. then they look up, and he is walking at them. that is fantastic. >> welcome home. >> well done, philadelphia nighers. >> yeah. really nice. >> the fans in philadelphia did not boo. they boo everything else. >> thank you for joining us. >> all to get the latest information all day at nbc bay have a great weekend. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world
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