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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 13, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> reporter: that's exactly what neighbors say as they surveyed the damage today. jessica, we're about six houses from where that explosion happened. neighbors say they heard and felt it and as i just mentioned, once they surveyed the damage in the daylight, they say they are amazed the man who was inside is not only alive, but relatively unharmed. this used to be the front door of this home. an explosion just before 5:00 this morning sent it flying over a bronco and on to the lawn. 70 feet from the house on fairview avenue in hayward. >> i don't know, i've never seen nothing like this. i only seen it in the movies. >> reporter: the man who lives inside was thrown across the room he was in, but firefighters say he managed to walk out on his own. and ended up with only minor scrapes and cuts. >> lucky. very lucky. >> that's a big explosion for you to walk out of there with a couple staples on your head, you're pretty lucky. someone's watching over him is
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all i can say. >> reporter: residents as far as three miles away reported feeling the explosion. the blast knocked the home off its foundation. roof shingles, tar and splintered wood are strewn across the lawn. firefighters say the debris field is 200 yards. the length of two football fields. >> it was a pretty big impact. >> reporter: a dozen windows in neighboring homes were blown out. firefighters say a gas leak in the dryer is what likely caused the explosion and subsequent fire and that natural gas also fueled the flames. investigators estimate the home is a total loss, with more than $225,000 in damages. although firefighters say they are confident what caused this explosion was that natural gas leak, they did bring in atf officials today just to do a thorough investigation. live in hayward, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, kimberly. new details tonight on a patient who was found dead in a
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hospital stairwell. today, officials released the cause of death for 57-year-old lynne spaulding, the patient whose body was found 17 days after she disappeared from her hospital room at sf general. the chief medical examiner says she died from an electrolyte imbalance or delirium, severe dehydration and possible liver failure in lay terms. the medical report says complications from chronic alcoholism corrected to her death. spalding disappeared in late october after undergoing surgery for a urinary tract infection and found three weeks later in a rarery used hospital stairwell. developing news now. investigators are on the scene of a school shooting that left two students injured and a gunman dead at a colorado miles from where the columbine shooting took place years ago. here's a live look at arapahoe high. the student arrived with a gun in search of a specific teacher. the teen injured two fellow students before taking his own
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life. s.w.a.t. teams marched the kids out of the building. each one having to be searched before they were turned over to their parents. we're told the suspect did shoot one student and somehow injured anoth another, but that part still unclear. the student shot remains in critical condition. tonight, officials say the other injured student could be released from the hospital even before tonight ends. many say today's shooting is all the more troubles becauing beca happened eight miles from the 1999 come pine shootings and 1 day before the first anniversary of the sandy hook school massacre. we have much more on today's school shooting and the battle over gun control in the years since sandy hook at 6:30. tonight, the city of millbrae is trying to clean up after six separate water main breaks in less than ten hours. at the height of the water outage, 1,000 homes were without water. that's a quarter of the city's residences. nbc bay area's stephanie chuan fwrks is li is live in millbrae.
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the mayor has a theory and if it's true, the problems could return at any time. >> reporter: what the city is trying to avoid at this point. we have crews wrapping up work on the final repair site in a neighborhood behind me. the mayor said the cost of today's pop replacement, more than a $1 million. they're 65 years old, only meant to last 50 years. the price tag for that project, well more than $100 million. waking up to no water from the city's line meant peter buick had to go to the store twice in the morning. and spend 25 bucks to get -- >> about 20 gallons of water at $1.29 a gallon to flush toilets throughout the morning. >> reporter: six water main breaks stretched overnight throughout the morning, cutting off water to one-quarter of the people in millbrae. each of the breaks happening along the same distribution line seen here on this map in purple. >> it's just phenomenal for one system to fail like that in one
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city. >> reporter: while the city is trying to pin down the cause, mayor juan lacey said the same thing that led to a water line rupture. >> i believe aging pipes. >> reporter: he says it's time to upgrade the entire water line system throughout the city, he estimates would cost more than $100 million. >> i think residents, i'm one of them, we're all pretty stretched. if we want to keep our streets safe and roads good and our waters running, we all have to pitch in. >> reporter: after six water main breaks in less than 12 hours, it's a price people we spoke to said they're willing to help pay. >> it's very important to get it done, and to get to the bot tom of it see how bad it really is. >> if they have water main breaks going on regularly, we have to take a hard consideration how long we're going to stay in the neighborhood. >> reporter: now, the water main breaks and the fixes caused a lack of pressure here in the city for the water. so the city actually reached out to the sfpuc which lended some water tenders in case of a fire.
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so they were prepping for some emergencies. now, as we approach the 20th hour, there are still about 20 homes without water. the city says everyone should have water back. their homes by 8:00 tonight. live in millbrae, stephanie chuang. >> that should be a rerelief. new at 6:00, a shock for oakland police when the carjacking suspect they were chasing turned out to be 13 years old. the driver of a honda was carjacked near 9 th and alice street before noon and police spotted the car a few blocks away and chased the driver nearly two hours to adelin street and used a patrol car to nudge the speeding driver forcing the driver to lose control. the car crashed into a parked car then rolled over. and then a young driver was then rushed to children's hospital where his injuries are believed to be non life threatening. an oakland family says a bizarre chain of events is to blame for their home burning overnight. the fire started early this morning at a home on 9 0th
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avenue near international boulevard. one resident says the family was using a stove to heat up the home because the heater did not work. they told investigators they believe a mouse ran across that stove, caught on fire then spread the flames across the house. they got out safely but several of their dogs died. investigators believe the fire started near the stove but haven't identified a specific cause yet. no word on any progress on those ongoing negotiations between b.a.r.t. and its two biggest unions. two sides still at odds over a provision in the tentative contract. that provision would give employees six weeks of family paid leave. union leaders say it's part of a deal that b.a.r.t. already agreed to and its members ratified. b.a.r.t. maintains it was included in the final contract by mistake. meanwhile, a new poll appears to show support for unions, but wavering in several traditionally democratic states including in california. the poll, the field poll, shows a 10% increase in the number of respondents who belief unions do more harm than they do good.
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today's poll comes as labor groups nationwide are facing a drop in membership. slowly improving. a live look at the san mateo bridge. traffic is moving again after several lanes of the bridge were blocked by a bizarre accident earlier this afternoon. it happened on the eastbound side. that's on the right side of your screen. according to the chp, the lanes were blocked after a collision led to an argument and ended with a person going into the water. details are limited, but officers say two relatives in one of the cars got into a fight and one of those relatives ended up falling off the bridge. the person was eventually pulled out of the water and the bridge was re-opened around 4:00 this afternoon. now to an nbc bay area follow-up. after a robbery at a bingo fund-raiser a san jose marching band is spending much for extra security. an off-duty police officer and surveillance videocameras will soon watch over the weekly bingo fund-raiser at oak grove high school marching band. at oak grove high school.
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marching band parents told nbc bay area bingo games have gone on for 25 years without a problem until wednesday night. that's when they say a man in a ski mask who claimed to be armed busted through the doors and stole cash. school hopes the changes will be in place by next week's game. well, still ahead at 6:00, he's dangerous and he is on the loose and hasn't been seen in a decade. the criminal that brought the fbi to the bay area. and i'm sam brock. a judge ruled the high-speed rail authority is violating the law you approved back in 2008. so can the project still survive? the agency says absolutely and with better directions than ever. is that true? "reality check" is coming up next. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri. after record-setting cold this week, we are tracking record-setting warmth. we'll let you know when we could hit close to 7 0 degrees coming up in that full forecast.
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it's moving forward, it's not. a lot of this back and forth has
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california bs unsure where high speed rail is going. >> tonight we learned yet another hiccup. now a sacramento judge found the agency running the project is violating the voter-approved law leading many to speculate the project is all but dead. in tonight's "reality check" sam brock looks at the claims that high-speed rail has been dealt a dead deadly blow by the court. sam? >> jessica, good evening. there's no question if the high speed rail authority doesn't beef up its plan for funding the project, they'll lose almost all of the taxpayer money, around $8.5 billion. now, despite what's been widely reported, this ruling does not signal the end of high-speed rail. it just means the agency has to now show its hand and there better be something good. will the heartbeat of california's transportation future, a high-speed rail system that could counteract clogged roads and catastrophic airfare, lose its flood supply before coming of age? high-speed rail authority ceo jeff morales says despite recent court developments that could
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snatch away billions in taxpayer approved funds, high-speed rail he says is here to stay. >> we're in compliance with 1 sw1a, will be in compliance and will get the bonds. we're going to go through whatever processes we have to in order to access them. >> reporter: the 1a is short for prop 1a, the megameasure passed by voters in 2008 that delivered $10 billion in bonds for high-speed rail, pending small print, like this one asks for a detail funding plan that identifies, quote, the sources of all funds to be invested in the corridor or usable segment thereof. what does that mean? well, the rail authority demonstrated in court it can pay for this first construction segment. 120 miles from madero to bakersfield that costs about $6 billion. a judge ruled 9 law requires proof of funding for the entire 300 mile usable segment. merced in the north to the san fernando valley in the south and an estimated cost of $31
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billion, meaning the high-speed rail authority is $25 billion short. >> it's not going to be possible. where are they going to find $28 billion in new money? the state doesn't have it. the federal government has cut them off. >> reporter: michael brady is a redwood city attorney representing three plaintiffs suing the rail authority for violating the terms of prop 1a, but he says the judge has already ruled in his clients favor. some respects he's right. judge michael kenny writes in a reebt ruling, quote, ta funding plan did not comply with the requirements of the law, specifically the identification of the sources of all funds to be invested in the initial operates segment, and necessary environmental clearances. but this isn't the whole story, either. >> the opponents of the project specifically asked the court to stop the project, asked the court to invalidate the appropriation, to invalidate the contracts that we have entered
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into as a result of the appropriation. all of those were denied. >> reporter: put more simply, the youjudge said work on the ft segment can still begin using federal bucks. despite taxpayers being at a bit of a limbo right now, some of their money approved by the legislature is still in play, the court says. the california state legislature authorized the use of about half of those taxpayer bond funds. it's been done. they've authorized it. green lighting the project in california. the problem that the high speed rail authority has to figure out what legal requirements it needs to meet to be able to actually sell those bonds and then use the proceeds. can that be done? >> the governing administration, high-speed rail would have to come back as i foresee it to the legislature for additional appropriations. and i don't see it when i look at our budget. we're doing much better but have a lot of needs. >> reporter: this state senator spores high-speed rail in theory but flips his votes when asked where will the authority come up
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with the extra money in ? he say the not from state coffers. he says they need opportunistic investors already lined up ready to make a splash in sacramento politics. >> developers, operators, manufacturers. we get visits regularly from foreign governments. we had a high-level meeting yesterday with representatives from japan. >> reporter: skeptics say you might as well stay in your car. there's no way private investors and asian entrepreneurs are going to save high-speed rail. but the reality is, we'll know soon enough. the judge has ordered the rail authority to submit a new funding plan. and that should reveal if the light has really gone out on high-speed rail or if things are just getting started. and you won't have to wait too long too find out. mr. morales tells me the rail authority adopted a policy for evaluating and accepting outside bids and is busy crafting a new funding plan to be submitted in a few months.
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then we'll know what cards the agency is really holding. high-speed rail lives another day for now. i'm sam brock. that's today's "reality check." we also have more details in the growing central valley dispute over high-speed rail. approved using imminent domain to seize a piece of fresno's property in the train's path. they naught to seize the property after fail to reach an agreement to buy the $2 million parcel. the land is currently lease to the state department of corrections. the state will pay the owner fair market value. a watchdog group is asking why the property for a project with so many setbacks? the fbi is on the hunt for a bay area terrorist suspect considered armed and dangerous. federal agents revealed details about daniel andreas santiego today, put on the fbi's most wanted terrorist list. wanted for allegedly setting off two bombs in emeryville and pleasanton in 2003. one of the explosions targeted
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first responders. the feds haven't seen him since he got away days after the explosions. the fbi is offering an award of a quarter of a million dollars for his arrest and conviction. president obama has declared a major federal disaster in the area affected by the rim fire in yosemite valley, clearing the way for federal aid. damage from the fire which burned for more than two months, $ 54 million. fema originally denied mayor brown's disaster aid request in november but the governor appealed. he made the wall. pictures of san francisco's movers and shakers adorn the walls of john's grill. find photos of mayors and police chiefs and journalists and detectives lining the walls. today san francisco mayor ed eee joined the ranks. the tradition has been ongoing dating back 40 years. it is friday. a lot to celebrate including the weather. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> yes. finally. i've been looking over the
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numbers. we could have one of the warmest nights in ten nights across the bay area after starting off with the 16 degrees in napa earlier this week. right now the north bay averaging 50 degrees. probably feels a little bit like the heater is on outside to you right now. san francisco, 52. east bay, also at 51. the thing we're noting across the bay is the continued poor air quality. light winds right now. see some of that haze visible on our sky camera network. no fog in place right now. so, again, a sign of generally some great weather for tomorrow's forecast. for the south bay, the 24-hour forecast, you can see we'll start off with upper 30s for tomorrow. by the noon hour, though, we are going to see that haze increase across the bay. not an overly hot day in the forecast. again, that air quality certainly could be causing you some problems here across the bay with that 55 degrees. see we have a spare the air alert in effect with the worst air quality expected in the south bay. a slight northerly winds. it's going to funnel all of the poor air quality to the santa clara valley. it will be at moderate levels in
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the peninsula, east bay and expected for the north bay as well. let's get a look across the rest of the bay for the peninsula, starting off warmer with 40 degrees. mid 50s by lunchtime. then for san francisco, also not too bad of a start. little bit brisk out there. 44. morning hours, light jacket. 59 as we head throughout 1:00 p.m. north bay, east bay and tri valley, temperatures starting in the mid to upper 30s to about 41 there in the east bay. the thing you want to notice is in the north bay, while we'll start off cold and have temperatures at about near our seasonal averages as we head throughout the noon hour for the north bay and tri valley, we are pushing ahead toward the potential of some record-setting heat as we head into monday's forecast, upper 60s in the forecast for napa. not extremely hot but unusually warm. the old record set back in 2001. record heat potential as we head throughout monday. doing any traveling to the east coast, wanted to give you this on a friday here, with many of
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you traveling out. we could see anywhere between 2 to 6 inches of snowfall here for parts of the northeast. as we head throughout this saturday. so a little bit of a travel warning for folks if you're h headed to the airports. >> thanks so much, jeff. coming up, a late-night visitor caught on camera. the new warning for this peninsula neighborhood. plus -- >> reporter: i'm scott budman with an entire silicon valley tech company canceling their christmas party and instead coming out to rebuild a south bay school.
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san jose's bid to relocate the oakland a's could be eventually heading to the supreme court. federal judge hearing in the case today rule that san jose can take its appeal to the next step which is now the ninth circuit court. once the attorneys representing the city expect justices with the circuit court will refer the case to the highest court in the land. the issue is a major league baseball's refusing to allow l a's to move to san jose over territorial rights.
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today's ruling says san jose can pursue its case on the grounds that baseball should be subject to the same laws as every other sport. a silicon valley tech giant says no to the holiday party choosing instead to help rebuild a south bay middle school. our business and tech reporter scott budman visited the site today. it's not where you would usually see techies. >> reporter: you're right, janelle. not every day. the holiday season brings out new skills. today 1,000 techies left the office to pick up tools and help the next generation. with saws instead of laptops, and on a field instead of at a desk, a thousand invidia employees replace this year's christmas party with a day of building, painting and planting at san jose's ocala middle school. >> the project behind us, we're going to build an outdoor classroom and some community gardens and picnic area. >> reporter: because who needs a party when you could deliver a present like this?
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>> i know that the students here are going to be very surprised when they come in on monday and see the brand new transformation of ocala middle school. >> reporter: invidia, a very successful chip maker, came to east san jose with a mission, bridge the gap, tleefat least a little between the high-tech haves and have nots. >> we know how fortunate we are to be employed and have place to go in the morning and food on the table. you know, kids getting a good education. that's not true everywhere. understand this neighborhood in san jose is about half -- about 50% of the median income of silicon valley. these folks could use some help. >> in an area so much needed, like alan rock and specifically here, it's just heartwarming for me to know there are people out there doing exactly that. rolling up their sleeves and giving back to the community. >> reporter: giving something
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back by getting a little outside your comfort zone. and the building will continue tomorrow at ocala middle school in east san jose. more than 500 additional volunteers are expected it help on site. back to you. >> okay. >> exciting. >> thank you, scott. still ahead at 6:00, a teenager with a grudge and a shotgun. students and teachers forced to barricade themselves in their classrooms. another school shooting, and the quick-thinking action that helped isolate the gunman. live in san francisco where people paused today to remember the victims of the newtown massacre. i'll show you how some people are choosing to honor those victims, coming up. plus, the new federal benefits for same-sex couples just announced today.
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i thought it was just a drill until we heard the gunshots. >> we heard two very, very loud gunshots. >> that's the description of today's colorado high school shooting that left students running for cover. the story is still developing tonight in the town of centennial, colorado, just eight miles away from columbine high school where two teens killed 12 lass mates in 199 9. this time authorities say a student shot one classmate and injured another before turning the gun on himself. nbc bay area's leann gregg is live outside of arapahoe high school. >> reporter: investigators say the probable motive is revenge. an argument between a teacher and a student.
6:30 pm
tonight they're trying to piece together any clues that might lead them to what caused this event. lines of students, hands in the air, streamed out of arapahoe high school in centennial, colorado, after midday as police responded to reports of a shooting. >> the gunman came into the school and immediately asked for the location of a very specific teacher and he named that teacher by name. >> reporter: arapahoe county sheriff grayson robinson says the teacher in question fled the school. >> he knew he was the target. and he left that school in an effort to try to encourage the shooter to also leave the school. >> reporter: but the gunman opened fire, wounding two students. one was transported to an area hospital in serious condition. >> we heard two very, very loud gunshots, and immediately closed the door. she closed the door. we ran into the corner, dove on top of each other, tried to get behind the desk. >> reporter: police discovered the second student who's being
6:31 pm
treated with what are described as minor injuries. >> within 20 minutes of the time of the report of the shooting, our deputies found the suspect dead inside the school. >> reporter: as evacuated students assembled on the school's track, authorities patted eve one down checking for weapons. early indications are no other students were involved in the shooting. >> we continue our coverage there. today's shooting ironically comes as the nation begins marking the one-year anniversary of the sandy hook massacre in connecticut. it was a year ago tomorrow that a young gunman killed to children and 6 educators in newtown. today, dozens of people here in the bay area gathered to honor those victims and look back on the fight for stronger federal gun control laws. nbc bay area's monty francis is live outside of san francisco city hall with today's sandy hook vigil took place. people asking, how many more times are we going do have this happen? >> reporter: jessica, that's right. california is one of the few states that has passed
6:32 pm
significant gun control legislation since the tragedy. word of another shooting, gun control advocates say they want change on a federal level. glenda grisham lost her son to gun violence years ago. she arrived home at the oakland airport today after lobbying members of congress in washington, d.c., for stricter gun legislation. >> it is what it is, senseless. what we're trying to do is bring awareness to the fact that it's something that can be done because a lot of people think there's nothing you can do. >> we're on no norring our loved ones with action. that's the thing. to honor with action. do something with what's going on in our city. >> reporter: in addition to pushing members of congress to support a bill requiring universal background checks, the women also met other mothers, grieving children from cities across the country. >> it touched my heart to see it's not just happening here in
6:33 pm
oakland. it's happening all over the world. >> reporter: across the bay in san francisco, gun control advocates gathered to remember the victims of newtown and to reflect on what's changed since the tragedy. >> we're always fighting that tide. i think substantively, we have passed significant pieces of legislation and that's what matters. >> reporter: in california, almost a dozen new laws passed to restrict gun access since the sandy hook shooting in newtown a year ago tomorrow. but nationally, of the 109 laws passed by states, 70 or 2/3 actually loosen restrictions on gun ownership. while 39 make owning a gun more difficult. san francisco district attorney george gascon who attended today's vigil said it's not a problem for states to solve on their own. >> california is certainly crying, this is a national problem and we need national
6:34 pm
solutions. >> reporter: and he did not say specifically what law he would like congress to pass, but bills on background checks and assault weapons ban both failed to pass in congress this year. experts say it is not likely congress will pass any kind of gun legislation in the near future. live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. tomorrow, to mark the sandy hook shootings, three bay area cities will be holding gun buyback events. san jose, san francisco and oakland will offer cash for gun, no questions asked. oakland's byeback is the second held there for four months. police will trade $100 gift cards for handguns, rifles, shotguns and 200 bucks for assault weapons at the youth uprising headquarters on macarthur boulevard starting at 9:00 a.m. organizers raised the much for the buyback program online using a crowd funding website. the one in san jose is at our lady of guadeloupe church on
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east san antonio street. it's happening from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. tonight we're learning more about the victim of a deadly car crash and suspect as well. police releasing this mugshot of garcia. he's charged with driving under the influence and vehicular manslaughter. investigators say he was at the wheel at 580 near north livermore avenue yesterday when he crashed his hummer into a jeep cherokee. the driver died in the crash. he worked at royal ambulance. today the company posted its con do condolences on its facebook page. think a six-foot fence will keep wildlife out of your yard? main not. a home in millbrae, a mountain lion on the prowl on a backyard porch. the homeowner says pictures were taken 2:00 this morning a half mile from interstate 280. same-sex couples will soon have access to more federal benefits. the department of education and customs and border patrol
6:36 pm
announced significant rule changes today regarding critical applications for customs and federal loans. the changes are in response to a supreme court ruling that nullified parts of the federal defense of marriage act. under the new rules, children of same-sex couples will be able to write this on forms for college. disturbing information surfaced about the imposter sign language interpreter at nelson mandela's memorial. a south african news station is now reporting he was accused of murder ten years ago. his criminal history includes murder, rape and even kidnapping. many of those charges were dropped in court because the imposter interpreter at the time was seemed mentally unfit to stand trial. south african investigators are looking into the matter, how he was able to get on stage. the government said details will not be released until the report is complete. still ahead at 6:00, are you feeling lucky?
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why people all across the country are hoping to strike it rich this friday the 13th. plus -- >> i think any time you have a serious setback like that, your future and your career definitely becomes questionable. >> overcoming the odds to get back on the ice. the countdown to sochi continues with a look at a stanford student juggling classes and training for the biggest game of her life. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. as we push ahead toward this weekend, temperatures will be gradually warming up. we'll let you know who could get close to 70 degrees coming up in the full forecast. i love watching tv outside.
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for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. in what has already been the biggest year for tech ipo since the dotcom boom, a south bay
6:40 pm
company rang in the big money today. they also rang the bell for the new york stock exchange. san jose-based nimble storage went public this morning. investors bought in right away. the data storage company shrugged off friday the 13th superstitions and gained more than 60% on its first day of trading. >> i'm ringing the bell for jeff's temperatures. >> oh, yes. >> you like it. >> lots to celebrate. >> ding, ding, ding. >> i like that. even the sound effects. you're on it. all right. let's take a live look outside at this weather that has been approved officially here by our anchor team. and you can see clear skies in oakland. we'll talk about those warming temperatures and that pesky air quality, when it could get better. in just a few minutes. here's what we have coming up in sports. 49ers hoping they can start on time this sunday in tampa bay. we'll explain what that means in just a moment. plus, just one week ago the warriors were blasted by the rockets. hear why things will be different this time around in
6:41 pm
oakland. that's next on the xfinity sports desk.
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the road to the olympic games can be a bumpy one, definitely the case for figure skater rachel flatt. the stanford junior competed in vancouver in 2010. she skated her way to the international spotlight as a 17-year-old giggling spitfire. the infectious laugh remains and so does her drive to compete at the olympic level again. as soon as rachel flatt steps on the ice in san jose, she lights up. sporting a stanford shirt, flatt fits right in with the rest of the skaters on the ice except, of course, when she nails jumps like this. and this. >> it's been a lot more fun this time, you know, i'm so much happier and i love training out
6:44 pm
here. >> reporter: four years ago, flatt was still in high school and competing in the winter games where she placed seventh. >> there's nothing like it. you know, when i went to vancouver, it's just, i mean, i still get goose bumps thinking about it. >> reporter: now you can find her more often on stanford's campus studying than you can on the rink. >> i'm taking 14 units of school. i'm majoring in bio, premed, and also minoring in psych. >> reporter: no, this girl doesn't slow down on the ice or off. >> i think a lot of people are concerned that i am spread too thin but at the same time i know plenty of people who are doing more than i am and it's like, you know what, this is totally pease bl. >> reporter: she's in a different place now than a year ago when several injuries made her figure skating feature uncertain. >> any time you have a serious setback like that, your future and your career definitely becomes questionable. which is extremely tough and it's taxing emotionally.
6:45 pm
and physically to an extent. >> reporter: these days she says she feels healthy and she's determined to keep it that way. >> hoping for the best and training my butt off, too, you know? >> reporter: and with the help from a new boot. >> this is extra padding on the top and it's really been helping so far. >> reporter: -- she's very confident heading into nationals in january. >> i think it's going to be interesting to see who can really function well under that stress at nationals. you know, a lot of kids are not wonderful under pressure. but i think, you know, i've kind of proven myself many years in, you know, many years in my career. i'm pretty good under pressure. >> nationals take place january 5th through the 12th in boston. top three finishers in the competition will likely compete in sochi. track the olympics on our website, and find stories from the
6:46 pm
athletes to their new uniforms. with a quick click, sign up for our winter olympics news let. >> keep our fingers crosses and for this. the megamillions lottery jackpot, $425 million. in over an hour this friday the 13th could turn into the luckiest day ever. the drawing is at 8:00. time to get a ticket. second largest jackpot in megamillion history, fifth largest in jackpot lottery history. >> i did buy ten tickets. >> what? >> yes. >> and i will not share. sorry. i'm very selfish. and, you know, so just go ahead and enjoy the weekend because i'm not going to be here on monday. >> oh, yeah? well, i got my fingers crossed that jessica and i with our tickets are going to win. >> we're running out now, jeff. >> my legs are crossed, too. doesn't look good an camera. whatever. we're doing the superstitions here. live look -- janelle, i'd still give you a little bit. live look at the radar. as it scans around, we're looking at clear skies at the current moment and rain-free. you know what that means for
6:47 pm
your weekend? going to set up great for saturday and also your sunday. look right now outside at the sky camera network. you knew it wouldn't last long. a half hour ago, averaging low 50s in the north bay. down to 41 degrees. that will be the coldest spot tonight. let's take you to good tonight out here in san francisco. a light wind anywhere from about 3 to 10 miles per hour. if you're headed out in the stay, do bring that jacket. just a bit of wind is going to make it feel a lot chillier. to the south bay. it's not fog we're tracking on our icons here. it's actually the haze going to be with us all the way through 7:00 a.m. for tomorrow. we'll start with temperatures in the upper 30s. by 1:00 p.m., expecting 58. once again, as we wake up at the 7:00 hour, we're expecting unhealthy levels of ozone across the bay area with the worst air quality throughout the santa clara valley. peninsula, east bay and north bay, expected at moderate levels. it's illegal to byrne. with the cold temperatures it's hard to resist using the fire lace. they are asking you at the air
6:48 pm
quality district to not burn. let's get a look at our microclimate forecast as we head throughout saturday. we told you it was getting better. temperatures, san jose, 62, sunny skies. one of the warmest spots could be palo alto at 67 as we head throughout that forecast on saturday. san francisco, getting in on low 60s throughout the first day on that weekend. for the north bay, east bay and tri valley, don't worry, we haven't left you out. warmer numbers in santa rosa with 63 after starting off with 35 in the morning hours. nearly a 30-degree temperature jump expected from the morning hours into afternoon. we'll also get up there down here across the tri valley with low 60s expected in the forecast as well. let's look at the overall pattern. the storm track is going to be just off to the north. so we'll keep most of that rainfall up toward washington. that's going to mean high pressure building in for about the next two to three days. it's going to deflect any kind of activity and potentially bring us to some more warm temperatures. let's take a look at the trend. on sunday, it's not going to get overly hot by any means.
6:49 pm
mid 60s. as we head throughout monday, yes, i know it's not a scorcher, but with temperatures in the teens over the past week or so, 60 degrees will feel warm to you. wednesday's forecast, we'll see things go down pretty quickly with low 60s. monday is the day to enjoy it if you've been sick of the cold weather lately. we will get close to record-setting heat in san jose. 69 monday will be just 1 degree shy of the record of 70 set back in 1998. nonetheless, it will still be very warm for this time of year. a quick roundup of the weekend forecast, always in view on the scrolling seven-day ticker at the bottom of your screen. as we get a closer look at cities, san francisco expecting 62. napa, 63. livermore, 64. as we head throughout sunday's forecast, we'll see numbers also ranging in the mid 60s overall with san jose possibly one of the warmest at 66. pretty good saturday and sunday
6:50 pm
shaping up. just watch out if you have respiratory problems or allergies with the spare the air in effect. >> okay. thank you very much. jeff. >> sure. a winning forecast. a winning lottery. hopefully the warriors will go on a winning streak. let's check in with jim kozimor in the comcast sportsnet newsroom. >> don't count on getting a share of her lottery winnings because she got the tickets, herself. >> she's all about winning. win, win, win. >> it's true. let's get rolling in sports. warriors came back from a deficit on wednesday. they beat the mavericks. tonight they continue their home stand. they host the houston rockets. last friday warriors suffered their worst defeat of the year to the rockets, lost by 22 in houston. tonight, a chance of redemption in a second of three meetings between the teams and hoping to take advantage of the rockets defeat. >> we know they're coming off a game last night so it's perfect opportunity for us to, you know,
6:51 pm
the energy and we weren't able to do that against the mavericks. they came out playing well, hitting shots and almost vice versa. all right. some more warriors news. the team announcing jermaine o'neal, backup center undergoing successful arthroscopic surgery on his right wrist. no timetable for the center's return. o'neal did tweet out he's not out for the remainder of the season as some reports have suggested. to football. no surprise the 49ers took the field a bit surly on sunday in their win against their rival seahawks. perhaps that extra fury fueled a victory but the niners may be grumpy this sunday in tampa bay. for an entirely different reason. erin has the scoop. >> reporter: the 49ers will be wa waiking up bright and early in tampa, kick off 10:00 p.m. pacific time sunday when they take on the buccaneers.
6:52 pm
the first early start in the eastern time zone for san francisco this season. whether game time starts in the mortga morning or primetime, time is just a number. >> play good football, pack your defense, take care of business and play well. it's no different than the home games or the midwest games. >> first thing you wake up, get in the mind set of going out an performing. it's not anything different. coach harbaugh even stresed you don't do anything different. >> reporter: whether each 49er considers himself a morning person or not, i guess it depends who you talk to. >> absolutely not. >> i can be when i need to be. >> i hate morning. >> definitely a morning person. >> i don't really say anything. i'm just kind of to myself and quiet. >> if i had it my way, we'd be here at 6:00 every morning and get everything finished. i don't make the schedule. i call myself a morning person. >> reporter: vernon davis needs all the rest he can get saturday
6:53 pm
night. he'll be expected to go head to head with former teammate desean goldson. when asked what the matchup will be like on sunday, he simply said, may the best man win. in santa clara, nbc bay area. 49ers may come across little grumpy. i'm coming off a little dopy right now. i'm going to finish strong. one more time for good measure. authentic fan friday at oracle arena. warriors hosting the rockets. going to get our coverage started at 7:00. pregame live on comcast sportsnet bay area. doves honor bernard king at the game tonight. it will be a fun night at oracle. looking for a warriors win. that will do it -- speaking of wins, lottery winnings, basketball winnings, doesn't matter. we just -- nothing but winners. >> nothing but winners. that's the way we like it. >> for a full half hour of bay area sports coverage, watch sportsnet central on comcast sportsnet bay area at 10:30 tonight. >> back in a moment.
6:54 pm
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2013 may be remembered as the year of the bat kid in the twitter world. tweets about 5-year-old lieu leukemia survivor, miles scott, earned him a golden tweet, the year's most popular tweet. the most retweeted tweet of 2013, sent by actress leah michelle, used twitter it break silence after the death of her glee co-star and boyfriend. it was retweeted over 408,000 times. runner-up tweet, from actor paul walke walk walker's official account. coming up, christmas 12 days away and charities across the bay area are feeling a lot of
6:57 pm
pressure. many reports that donations are way down. why some of the blame may fall on this year's calendar. that's tonight after "grim." timely tonight, the bay area is getting tonight for a santa invasion. we're not talking about christmas. we're talking about santa-con. the event kicks off at noon tomorrow in san francisco's yun your store. includes a toy drop-off, pub crawl and snowball fight. the participants are dressed like st. nick. santa-con started in san francisco in 1994. now more than 300 cities around the world hold similar gatherings. not everyone is thrilled about the event. critics say the events get rowdy and damage santa's real image. >> what about mrs. claus? >> you should see it, it's weird. driving around san francisco tomorrow, santas everywhere. >> by 5:00 p.m. after the pub crawl, that's when it gets interesting. i've seen it. >> be safe this weekend.
6:58 pm
>> see you at 11:00. bye-bye.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
beyonce cage dancing, twerking and singing with her little girl, now on "extra." 50 shades of beyonce exposed, from dominatrix to blue ivy to beauty queen, her diary from her secret album. how queen bee pulled it off and which celebrities nearly lost their minds when it came out? julia roberts' all new "extra" a-list interview. >> congratulations. >> her christmas plans and the one scene with meryl that freaked her out. >> i don't want to injure her. now trending, ryan o'neal exclusive, his mega millions fight over this farrah fawcett portrait.


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