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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 13, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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half! guys, i have more. thanks, mom. [ female announcer ] do you have enough pillsbury crescents? guys... [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls, with cinnabon cinnamon, are an irresistible sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster. make breakfast pop! someone do the math and tell me how long does it take for a woman who's been under medical supervision for 2 1/2 days in a medical american hospital to die without food and water. >> right now, pat 11:00, outrage over an autopsy report. two months after lynne spalding's body was found in a hospital stairwell, we're learning about the moments leading up to her death. good evening, everyone, i'm jess a aguirre. raj is off tonight.
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not happy with the report, not happy with the way they found out about it and say it doesn't change a thing about her death. the family of a san francisco woman lost and later found dead in a san francisco general hospital stairwell is upset tonight with lynne spalding's autopsy report and intimate details it reveals about her death. the biggest gripe, it may take away the focus from the hospital's mistake. new details tonight on hu she died. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is live with more. >> reporter: jessica, the family attorney is very angry tonight. he says the report has no credibility. he says that the report says that they did the autopsy on october 6th when the body was found on october 8th. and he says that's not the only problem the family has with this report. harris represents lynne spalding's children and angry he found out about the medical
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examiner's report through the media. >> for it to be leaked to the press, the media, it's going to come out today and not let me know that and be told this afternoon that, in fact, they have sent me a copy of this report, today, they mailed it to me. that doesn't do me any good when everybody in the universe is calling including somebody from the bbc. >> reporter: spalding disappeared 17 days before her body was found near her room in a stairwell used as a fire escape at san francisco general hospital. the medical examiner's report does not reveal exactly when she died. it only says she was deceased several days before she was found. family spokesperson david perry -- >> we hear that the cause of death is varied in this report as dehydration. tell me, how long does it take for a woman who's been under medical supervision for 2 1/2 days in a medical american hospital to die without food and
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water? >> reporter: the report says spalding's body had no head wounds or other signs of trauma and suffered from chronic dehydration and liver problems related to alcoholism. ucsf professor and cardiologist brian lee read the report and has a strong feeling that there was a problem with spalding's heart. >> we know that alcoholics do have a higher likelihood of sudden death, probably due to, again, electrolyte imbalance and we know these electrolyte imbalances trigger card yiac arrhythmias. >> she was out there in the elements and she died of either starvation or dehydration. they don't have to put secondary to a history of alcoholism. >> reporter: attorney harris says he is calling for a grand jury investigation. reporting live in vista point,
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cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. now to colorado, where investigators have discovered two molotov cocktails at the site of the school shooting that left two students injured and a teenage gunman dead today. police say the high school senior was armed with a shotgun looking for a specific teacher at arapahoe high school located miles from where the columbine massacre unfolded in 19s 99. the teenager is identified at 18-year-old karl pierson. he injured two fellow students before taking his own life. officials say one of the two exes ploesive devices found did dead nate but t detonate, the other didn't. s.w.a.t. teams marched the students out of the buildings, each searched before turned over to their parents. >> we were sitting there reviewing for finals. our door was open. the teacher was outside the classroom speak to students and we heard two very loud gunshots
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and immediately closed the door. she close the td the door. we ran into the corner, dove on top of each other trying to get behind the desks. obviously a terrifying thing. >> one injured student, a 15-year-old girl remains in critical condition tonight. officials say the other injured student could be released from the hospital before the end of the night. sadly, today's shooting in colorado comes almost to the day of the anniversary of the sandy hook school massacre in newtown, connecticut. tomorrow marks exactly one year since that horrific day. and today a vigil was held in san francisco to remember those little victims. crowd also pushed for stronger federal gun control laws. among those at the gathering outside city hall, san francisco district attorney george gascon who says it is time for congress to act to come up with significant new laws. to commemorate the sandy hook shootings and to get guns off the streets, three bay area cities will have gun buyback programs tomorrow. in san jose, oakland and san francisco, organizers will take
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back guns, no questions asked. and in return, they'll trade $100 gift cards for any handguns, rifles and shotguns. they'll give you $200 for an assault weapon. organizers are hoping for a large turnout. >> i think the tragedy still rings in people's minds. i don't think anybody has forgotten it. this is a grim reminder that that person was able to get access to his mother's gun and then use it in a hosk way. >> the event at san jose, lady of guadeloupe church on east san antonio street near allen rock and jackson. the oakland one at the youth uprising headquarters on macarthur and san francisco's at the alive free omega boy's club on tennessee. all start at 9:00 in the morning. new at 11:00, are you planning on going to a holiday party this weekend? if you plan on having a few cocktails, also plan on having a designated driver. law enforcement agencies across the bay area will be out in full
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force looking for drunk drivers on streets and freeways just like these. nbc bay area is live in fremont and he spoke to a family that knows all too well the pain that drunk driving can cause, george. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. fremont police have several patrol officers out on the streets trying to crack down on anyone drinking and driving. tonight we did talk with one family who's going to spend their firsts wh christmas witho their teenage son, a victim of a dui crash. >> we're foggy every day, get through every day as best we can. >> reporter: this will be the first christmas lisa park and her husband, jay, will spend without their son, jason, died in a dui crash in late october. his friend driving under the influence was behind the wheel. >> this is the first time something has happened where i have absolutely no control over
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changing it. or making it better. >> reporter: that's why the parks want to send a strong message to their friends and neighbors during this holiday season. be responsible. >> the split-second decision, it's not worth it. it really is not worth it. you're going to have to live with it for the rest of your life. >> reporter: the fremont police are joining 20 other agencies in alameda county this season to stop drunk driving. they're even taking to twitter on a search yule ride-along to show what they're toing. >> most officers do have kids and when we come across these horrific traffic collision scenes, it hits homes. >> reporter: it's heart wrenching for the families like the parks. their faith kept them strong but not having their son around anymore hurts. >> the holiday season is about family gathering, sharing, loving and having that person not around is extremely difficult. >> reporter: now, the driver is facing dui and manslaughter charges. we're live in fremont tonight,
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nbc bay area news. >> difficult time of the year for them. well, the man accused of driving drunk and causing a deadly crash on 580 in livermore is out of jail tonight. garcia is facing dui and vehicular manslaughter charges. investigators say garcia crashed his hummer into a jeep cherokee which burst into flames yesterday. the driver of that jeep was killed. he's been identified as reid whittaker, an emt at royal ambulance. today the company posted their condolences for whittaker on its facebook page. now to a follow-up. we're learning more about what led up to a man being shot by a sheriffs deputy in a south bay office park. deputy fwrgroba shot and killed man wednesday. a 14-year veteran with the sheriffs office. deputies were responded to a 911 call about a possible suicidal man inside an office. they say deputies opened fire after marshal hit groba with a 5 1/2 inch metal spike. they say despite being shot in
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the chest, the suspect remained combative until being restrained and taken to a hospital where he later died. deputy fwrgroba is on routine investigative leave until the investigation is finished. drug arrests aren't all that are unusual in oakland, but some recent ones happened are. police arrested three people for dealing crack right outside the boys and girls club. just a thousand feet away from mcclemens high school. the arrest, part of a multiagency drug sting operation. three suspects have been charged with drug trafficking and violating the federal drug-free zone statute. two days of talking, nothing to show for it. at least not yet. does it sound familiar to you? it's the latest in the negotiations between b.a.r.t. and its two biggest unions. talks ended between the two sides today and will resume next wednesday. two sides are trying to finally reach an agreement over the family leave provision, that provision that b.a.r.t. management insists was
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mistakenly put in the final package that the unions ratified last month. water back on for most people in millbrae after six water main breaks in just a matter of hours. at one point this morning, 1,000 homes were without water. a quarter of the city's homes. crews worked throughout the evening to restore service. the mayor says the problem, pipes are 65 years old and they're only really meant to last a 50 years. he says all of millbrae's water lines will be upgraded. a huge explosion at an east bay home. debris found 200 yards away. and you won't belief what the man inside walked away from. plus, drama on the san mateo bridge. the fight that prompted a water rescue. also -- >> now i feel like i need to buy a couple more, actually. >> bay area charity donations down this holiday season. why the calendar may be to bl e blame. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri. right now in emeryville, temperatures in the mid 40s. we'll talk about how cold we'll get for tomorrow morning, plus
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the spare the air alert in effect. how bad that air quality's going to get.
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a bizarre incident on the san mateo bridge this afternoon which led to a major traffic jam. now, listen to this. the chp says three lanes were blocked after a crash led to an argument and then ended with a person going into the water. officers tell us that two relatives were in one car. they got into a fight, and then somehow one of those relatives ended up falling off the bridge. person was eventually pulled out of the water and the bridge has been re-opened.
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now, to hayward where a home exploded today with a man inside. he was actually thrown across the room, but get this, he just walked out on his own. hayward firefighters say a gas leak in a dryer caused the explosion in the fire on fair view avenue close to lone tree cemetery. pieces of splintered wood and tar from the roof were scattered all across the yard and debris could be found as far as 200 yards away. look at the front door. completely blown off. it landed 70 feet from the house. investigators say the blast caused about there a$2 2,000 in. the home is a total loss. the man who lives in the house was taken to the hospital but he's out tonight and believe it or not, he's okay. >> that's a big explosion for you to walk out of there with a couple staples on your head. you're pretty lucky. someone's watching over him. is all i can say. >> talk about that being true. few other homes had windows blown out in the neighborhood. neighbors, though, still just stunned no one was hurt.
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okay. watch closely. look at the video. know what that is? it's a mountain lion. something you don't see every day. a mountain lion in someone's backyard. surveillance camera at a millbrae home caught the cat just prowling about the back porch overnight. it actually had to jump a six-foot fence to get back in by that fountain. maybe it was a little thirsty, jeff. >> yeah, that's possible. you never know with the cold temperatures we've been having lately, too, with those animals are thinking. current temperatures right now, the number one coldest by far, not a big surprise in the north bay, right now averaging 36 degrees. san francisco, currently 49. you're going to be able to see on your hd screens at home there's a small sliver of fog back here near the golden gate bridge. we will have some fog for tomorrow morning, bu not expected a fog out across the bay area. throughout the vout south bay, 44. the icon is not for fog at 7:00 a.m. but rather the haze that's going to be in the atmosphere.
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temperatures in the upper 30s at 7:00 a.m. by 1:00 p.m., supper 50s. there will be a decent warmup as we head throughout the afternoon. as we start the day, we're even looking at unhealthy levels of air quality here throughout portions of the santa clara valley. in fact, it will be the worst here for the south bay. spare the air day in effect here for saturday for the entire bay area. moderate levels in the peninsula, east bay and also for the south bay as well. so remember, with that winter spare the air in effect. it is illegal to burn. refrain from using fireplaces. otherwise, saturday is almost ear. the forecast looks awesome. we're going to warm temperatures up by 1, 2 degrees. if you're in the sun, it will feel great. 63 expected in san jose, los gatos also. morgan hill, one of the warmest with 64. palo alto, 663. san francisco, upper 50s to low 60s. north bay, east bay, and tri valley, not fall too far behind, 63 in santa rosa, 63, fremont. danville expecting 61.
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the biggest differences, again, across the north bay as temperatures will be starting in the mid 30s and see about a 30-degree jump as we head throughout the afternoon hours. the biggest change in our forecast the past 24 hours is the fact the jet stream, that storm track lifted just a little bit off to the north and that is going to be good enough to allow high pressure to build in right offshore for about the next two to three days. it is going to push us actually close to some record-setting heat. now, don't be concerned. we're not getting 90s or 100s coming our way for sure. it's going to be good enough to bring our temperatures 10 degrees above average. sunday, mid 60s across san jose. as we head throughout monday, we get real close to 70 degrees in the forecast. not going to last too long. you may want to enjoy that monday. as we head throughout wednesday, we can expect low 60s. that could be good enough to get us a record-setting high in san jose. forecasting 69 and could bump this up to 70 as we head throughout tomorrow's forecast
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and fine tune it. the old record, 70 set in 1998. comfortably warm for monday, at least for this time of year. you're going to be able to handle it just fine. push it back a little bit and get a look at the saturday forecast. looks incredible. 62, san francisco. sunday, alamo, 65. 66 in san jose. could be one of the warmest. we're going to wrap things up opportunity. jessica, there's another huge storm headed for the east coast. any of our viewers heading on an airplane tonight or rather tomorrow morning, tonight would probably be too late. tomorrow morning, should want to watch out for a snowstorm hitting the east coast. could get 2 to 5 inches of snowfall through tomorrow. >> okay. thank you very much, jeff. with christmas less than two weeks away, bay area charities are ringing their bells. their alarm bells. donations are way down. the holidays may be bah humbug for the neediest among us. nbc bay area with more on how you can help save christmas.
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>> reporter: tis the season to shop. christmas is just 12 days away. as the number of shopping days dwindle, charities are hoping the holiday shopping spirit transforms into the giving spirit. >> this year we're having a struggle with it. >> reporter: it looks like there are lots of toys at the salvation army's toy enjoy shop in san francisco, but larry rowe has been organizing this toy giveaway for eight years and with 1,300 families sign the up for toys, they need help. >> right now, we usually have twice as much toys as we have. >> reporter: donations are welcome at the warehouse on stevenson in san francisco. the local 798 is still having toy drives. toy bins are slowly filling up at this cafe in forth beach. >> anything we can do to help the firefighters and kids in need in san francisco. >> reporter: jessica bay and her son made a much-needed donation. firefighters expect to hand out 200,000 toys before christmas. hundreds of kids submitted holiday wish lists. and they want to make each one come true. >> now i feel like i need to go
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buy a couple more actually. >> reporter: she can drop a toy off at any firehouse. to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the need, she makes giving part of her holiday budget. >> all the animals are available for adoption. >> reporter: wallets are open at the spca's window at macy's. the shelter needs cash and the animals need homes. >> the animals. >> reporter: karla peterson says no matter where you donate, it feels good to give. >> if they can. i mean, if you're in that spot. i think it's very good. i think it really -- depends on the program. helps a lot of people. >> merry christmas. >> a very sweet sentiment. more details now. the need is great in the south bay as well. this is video from sacred heart community service in san jose. at this point, that warehouse should be filled to the brim with toys for the less fortunate, but it's not the case. so far the non-profit organization has collected about 6,000 toys. it's only a third of what sacred heart needs. as you know, the clock is ticking. by the way, the toys will be distributed in just one week.
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coming up, a silicon valley company cancels its christmas party and why employees are overjoyed about it.
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san how bay's bid to relocate the oakland a's cob headed to the supreme court. the federal judge hearing the court ruled san jose can take its appeal to the next step which is the ninth circuit court. one of the attorneys representing the city expects justices with the circuit court to refer the case to the highest court in the land. the issue is major league baseball's refusal to allow the a's to move to san jose. today's ruling says san jose can pursue its case on the grounds that baseball should be subject to the same laws as every other sport. movie streaming company that helped create the term binge watching says it's more common than you might think. binge watching refers to the practice of sitting through several episodes of one show in a marathon session. los gatos based netflix says a
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study it commissioned found more than 60% of respondents binge watched, studied. also found a majority of those surveyed prefer to have a whole season of the show available when they tune in and watching it all at once. they say it makes the show more enjoyable. well, a thousand silicon valley techies skipped this year's christmas party choosing instead to help rebuild a south bay middle school. invidia, came to east san jose for a day of building, painting. from the walls to the baseball field it's a twist for students at ocala middle school. >> the project behind us, we'll build an outdoor classroom and community gardens and picnic area. >> i know the students here are going to be very surprised when they come in on monday and see this brand new transformation. >> that is one cool holiday gift. the building continues tomorrow. more than 500 additional volunteers are expected to help on the site as well. warriors are looking for sweet revenge. did they get it? sports is next.
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time to check out what's rocking with the warriors. look who's here. henry. i haven't seen you in a long time. like a holiday gift. >> it's been a while, jessica. happy holidays to you as well. always a gift to talk to you and see your beautiful face. let's get to some hoops right now. after losing to the rockets, exactly a week ago, in houston, the warriors were looking for sweet revenge on friday the 13th at oracle arena. which team had the bad luck? to the highlights we go. steph curry hosting anthony guzman for the warriors make-a-wish week. that kid was cool. early in the fourth, thompson lobs it to andrew for the easy jam. ten points, 11 boards for him. over three to two. harrison barnes with a putback dunk. tied at 98. a minute later, dwight howard. dwight howard gets the ball to
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fall. 18 points. 11 rebounds. rockets win 116-112. >> when you go small that you're concerned about is not defending the paint and not rebounding the basketball. and i thought we did a good job overall of doing those things when we went small. >> we did those things well and we still didn't play our best game. you know, so, it's coming, we just have to continue to get better. it's coming. all right. over to football. 49ers look to continue their domination over the tampa bay buccaneers. last time the 49ders faced them was in 2011. san francisco handed tampa one of the worst beat-downs in history winning by 45 points. but is this the team ready for the eastern time zone? >> just go be ready, play good football. pack your defense. take care of business. and got to play well.
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it's no different than the home games or the midwest games. >> first thing you wake up, got to get in your mind set of, you know, going out, performing, but, you know, it's not anything different. i mean, coach harbaugh stressed it, you don't do anything different. just make sure you're well rested, well prepared. >> that will do it for now. much more sports coverage coming up tomorrow. jessica will be right back after the break. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world
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okay. the numbers have been drawn. it appears no one was lucky enough to win tonight's megamillions lottery jackpot. you know what that means? it was worth $425 million. here are the numbers. 19, 24, 26, 27, 70 and the megaball number was 12. as of tonight it is the second largest jackpot in megamillion history and fifth largest in lottery jackpot history. now because no one won, tuesday will be the next chance for jess
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a jeff and i to become multimillionaires. jackpot now $550 million. because janelle did not include us in her tickets we're only going to have our tickets for you and me. >> yes. i have a fix on the numbers. i can help us out with that. >> perfect. we're ready to go. have a great weekend. be safe out there.
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and jim norton discovers the meaning of christmas. and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you very much! hey, everybody! thank you very much. welcome to "the tonight show." you know something, here's another one of those heartwarming christmas stories people love to hear this time of year. listen to this. here's a cosmetic surgeon from


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