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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 14, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning. gorgeous start to saturday morning looking live from the embarcadero in san francisco. just as lovely around the bay. i'm kris sanchez along with rob. we haven't had the rain.
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>> but temperatures have been dropping off over the last week or so. maybe not as cold as a few days earlier. towards the tri valley and east bay we are in the low 30s again. and around the peninsula, you're seeing chilly temperatures. again in the 30s this morning and around the east bay. patchy fog can be an issue. visibility at 3 miles. we're going to see temperatures close to 60 in san jose. mid 50s around noon and the peninsula. san francisco, 56 degrees. tri valley, low 60s. this warmup that we'll see during the daytime hours coming up in a few minutes. dehydration and liver
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problems, those are the reasons that the medical examiner says a woman likely died in a stairwell at san francisco general hospital. the autopsy report for 57-year-old lynn spalding was released yesterday by the san francisco medical examiner. it says spalding died in that hasn't stairwell after succumbing to a lethal combination and dehydration and liver problems. >> she died of starvation or dehydration. this report would seem to say dehydration. they don't have to put secondary history of alcoholism. >> harris says he wants a grand jury investigation into the medical examiner's handling of this case. once again, a gunman opened fire at a high school on friday, critically wounding one student before turning the gun on himself. the gunman was a high school
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senior armed with a shotgun and looking for a specific teacher at arapaho high school. the teenager is now identified as 18-year-old karl pierson injured two fellow students before taking his own life. experts discovered two molotov cocktails a the school. one detonated. the other did not. each had to be searched before being turned over. >> we're sitting there reviewing the finals. the teacher was outside the classroom speaking to students. we heard two loud gunshots and immediately closed the door. we dove on top of each other. obviously a terrifying day. >> one of the injured students, a 15-year-old girl remains in critical condition this morning.
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the shotting comes almost a year to the day of the anniversary of the sandy hook school massacre in newtown, connecticut. today marks one year since that horrific day. 26 bells rang for the victims. then president obama and first lady lit candles in honor of each of those lost. a vigil also held in san francisco to remember the victims and the crowds pushing for stronger federal gun control laws. among the folks gatted outside san francisco city hall, the district attorney. he says it's time for congress to act to come up with meaningful new laws. to commemorate sandy hook shootings, three will have gun buy backs today. organizers will take guns no
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questions asked. people will get a $100 gift card for any handgun, rifle or shotgun. an assault weapon will get $200. >> i don't think anybody has forgotten it. this is a great reminder that person is able to get access to his mother's gun. if event in san jose will be in east san antonio street. the oakland one will be at youth uprising headquarters. and in san francisco t gun buy back will be at alive and free omega boys club on tennessee street. all events start at 9:00 this morning. holiday parties are on the agenda for a lot of folks and a dui crackdown is on the agenda for the police department.
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their 17-year-old son jason was killed in a dui crash in fremont in october. this is the family's first christmas without him. fremont police say jason died because his friend was driving drunk. now the parks want to remind people to be responsible. a split second decision is not worth it. it's really not worth it. >> they are joining 20 other agencies to try to stop drunk driving. they're even taking to twitter for a virtual roid along. garcia is facing dui and vehicular manslaughter charges. he crashed his hummer into a jeep cherokee that burst into flames. he has been identified as reid whitaker, an emt at royal
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ambulance. the company has posted their condolences for whitaker. we are learning more about a man being shot by a sheriff deputy. the deputy shot and killed brandon marshall on tuesday. he is a 14-year veteran with the sheriff's department. deputies responded to 911 calls and a possible suicidal man inside the office they opened fire after the officer hit him with a five-inch metal spike. the suspect remaned combative until becoming restrained. the deputy is on routine leave until the administration is complete. police arrested three people for dealing crack right outside the boys and girls club. and just a thousand feet away
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from a high school. the the arrests were part of a drug sting operation. the three suspects arrested have been charged with drug trafficking and violating the federal drug-free school zone statute. two days of talking and nothing to show for it. talks will room next wednesday. the two sides are trying to reach an agreement over the costly paid family leave provision. the provision they insist was put into the final package but which the unions rat tified las month. after six water main breaks in a matter of a couple of hours. at one point a thousand homes were without water, which is a quarter of the city's home. . the mayor said the problem is
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the pipes are 65 years old and only meant to last 50 years. all of the water lines need upgrading. still ahead. a new ruling gives to building a stadium in the south bay. now i feel like i knee to buy a couple of more. avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive" sales event is back.
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holidays may be bahumbud for the neediest among us. >> reporter: tis the season to shop. christmas is just days away. charities are hoping it transforms to giving spirit. it looks like there are lots of toys at the salvation army. but larry has been organizing this giveaway for eight years. with 1,300 families signed up for toys. they need help. donations are welcome at the warehouse in stevenson san francisco. they are still having toy drives in north beach. >> anything we can do to help the firefighters. jessica bay and her son made a much needed donation.
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the firefighters plan to hand out 200,000 toys before christmas. >> now i feel like i need to buy a couple more. >> she can drop off a toy at any fire house. she makes giving part of h holiday budget. wallets are open at macy's. the shelter needs cash and animals need home. no matter where you donate, it feels good to give. >> if you can. if you're in that spot. it depends on the program. more details now. this video from sake ret heart community service in san jose where at this point this warehouse should be filled to the brim with toys for the less fortunate.
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so far the nonprofit organization has collected only one-third of what they need. the toys will be distributed in one week. still ahead on "today in the bay." >> any time you have something serious like that, your future and your career definitely become questionable. she's overcoming the odds to get back on the ice. our countdown to sochi continues with a look at stanford student juggling her classes and training for the biggest event of her life. and clear skies this morning. chilly start. close to 30 right now. by the afternoon. highs in the 60s. maybe 70s in reach. [ laughter ]
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good morning to you. looking live from san jose.
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you can expect bright weather for your shopping or decorating today. make sure to wear mittens. a san jose bid to reopen the a's ruled san jose can take it to the next step. the ninth circuit court of appeals. one refers the kid to the highest court in the land. at issue is major league baseball may be viling anti-trust laws and refusing the moves to san jose. but the ruling says san jose can pur sue grounds on grounds that it should be subject to the same law as every other sport. still chilly in the south bay. we have neighbors who brought in
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fake snow. it's still on their lawn. >> you can see the ice stick around in the morning. probably more of the same this morning. look at the sunrise right now. 43 degrees currently. relatively mild here. you're right near the water. but some inland locations are quite chilly. 32 in novato right now. and our other temperatures will be 20s in santa rosa again this morning. 30 in napa. 30 in liver more. and san jose, low to mid 30s. the cause of that is high pressure. and we're seeing again for the south bay, another spare the air day today.
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today, tomorrow and into the beginning of next week. so the pattern is a large ridge of high pressure, which more or less is acting like a wall in the pacific just off to our west. storm track way off to the north. underneath it, dry air. in the day warmer temperatures and no sign of rain. this is the future cast from now, sunday, monday. nothing giving us any chance of rain in the forecast. temperatures will continue to climb on up. as we go through the next few days, temperatures are climbing up around willow glenn. campbell, 63. and the trend for san jose here over the next four days, and you're seeing it there on the seven day forecast. notice the high temperatures for san jose. mid 60s tomorrow. close to 70 on monday and then cooling down slightly as we approach tuesday. is chris mentioned the snow was brought in. we got that in san francisco
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today. if you head out to the plaza, you're going to see the runs here. chilly right there. so forecast for the north bay today. temperatures close to 62 in santa rosa. oakland, 63 degrees. and we will be watching the forecast for tomorrow. the chiefs and raiders. and temperatures mid 60s. so little bit warmer tomorrow. we should see numbers close to 57 in santa cruz. yosemite 58 degrees. you notice with the clear skies we have the meet yore shower that reached its peak last night. maybe you can catch it as we see the little particles that the earth is rotating through.
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hopefully a good light show kris. back to you. the road to the olympic games can be a bumpy one. that's how it's been for figure skater rachel flat. she competed in vancouver in 2010. that infectious laugh remains, as does her drive to compete at the olympic level again. janelle wang has reports. >> reporter: as soon as rachel flat steps on the ice in san jose, she lights up. sporting a stanford shirt, she fits right in except when she nails jumps like this and this. >> it's been ha lot more fun this time. i'm so much happier. i love coming out here. >> reporter: four years ago she
7:22 am
was still in high school and competing in the winter games where she placed seventh. >> there's nothing like it. i still get goose bumps thinking about it. >> reporter: now you can find her more on stanford's campus studying than on the ring. >> i'm taking 14 units of school. i'm majoring in bio. i'm premed. i'm minoring in psych. >> reporter: this girl doesn't slow down on the ice or soft. >> i think a lot of people think i am spread too thin. this is totally feasible. >> reporter: she's in a very different place now than a year ago. >> i think any time you have a serious setback like that, your future and career become questionable. >> reporter: these days she
7:23 am
feels healthy and is determined to keep it that way. >> hoping for the best and training my butt off. >> and with the help from a new boost. >> this is like extra padding on the top. it's really been helping so far. she's very confident heading to this nationals in january. >> it will be interesting to see who can function well under that stress. a lot of us are not wonderful under pressure. i have proven to myself after many years in my career that i'm pretty good under pressure. >> that was janelle wang reporting. the nationals run january 5th through the 12th in boston. top three finishers will likely compete in sochi. you track the sochi olympics on our website. go to
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you can find stories about everything with the athletes and new uniforms. sign up for the winter olympics newsletter. and the real life elf that keeps christmas in the park going. he says he never had a more rewarding job. did you get chips for the party? nope.
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[ ding ] cheese plate? cheese plate. no, i made something better. you used the oven? boom. [ male announcer ] pillsbury crescents. make the holidays pop.
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7:27 am
dictionary, it's hard to find one that describes the exact amount of symmetry and faith to describe how he ended up spending his retirement. he used to make a living selling wooden toys he hand crafted in his workshop. if that sounds to you more like a job from someone from the north pole, that's why his part time gig is just so perfect. >> how do you explain that? >> some things happen for a reason. >> reporter: he keeps christmas in the park running. christmas in the park is a 30-year-old san jose tradition. 40 exhibits posting half a million people a year. but for all this to succeed, the mannequins need to move and the train needs to be on time. which is where denver comes in.
7:28 am
>> got to greet it. >> denver is the jack of all trades. carpenter, electrician, engineer who the folks here turn to. >> we took care of that. >> reporter: when something isn't turning. >> taking care of. >> reporter: which when dealing with some equipment decades old is awesome. >> to come home from down there and just exhausted. >> reporter: still with a background not just in toy making but in maintenance, it's a job denver figured he would have in problem doing. he just didn't figure how much it would mean to him. >> i had no idea that it would warm my heart so much. as you get there. christmas. >> reporter: and if you're a little too old to see it for yourself, you can always catch its reflection in the faces of the young people around you. >> the little guys that are 5 years old, 4 years old walking through. they believe. they see the magic. >> reporter: garvin thomas, today in the bay.
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still ahead on "today in the bay." a huge explosion at an east bay home. debris found 200 yards away. you won't believe what the man inside walked away from. and caught on tape, a mountain lion on the prowl in a peninsula backyard. ♪ i want to spread a little love this year ♪ [ male announcer ] this december, experience the gift of unsurpassed craftsmanship at the lexus december to remember sales event. some of the best offers of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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[ male announcer ] this december, experience the gift of exacting precision and some of the best offers of the year [ ding! ] at the lexus december to remember sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection. good morning to you. looking live at a beautiful clear shot of the bay bridge there from the embarcadero in san francisco. but we know the air is not all clear for everyone around the bay area. and that is because of weather conditions. thanks for joining us this morning. i'm kris sanchez. rob, probably not a good day to burn anything the the fireplace. >> it's illegal. spare the air day again today. it's the sixth day in a row for
7:32 am
consecutive spare the air days. smoke pollution in the south bay. you're seeing that in the sunrise. right now san jose is chilly. 35 degrees. lower 30s south of san jose. and into the east bay. still upper 20s to low 30s. and it's a chilly morning but for the afternoon we're going to see sunshine and low 60s in the south bay and the north bay. could get mid 60 rz today and then 70s in reach next week. we'll talk more coming up. an official cause of death for a woman who died in a stairwell at san francisco general hospital is not bringing much comfort to her friends and family. the san francisco medical
7:33 am
examiner said she likely died from dehydration and liver problems related to alcoholism. her family and friends are outraged not only at the findings but the fact they found out not firsthand. >> she was out in the elements and died of starvation or dehydration. this report would seem to say dehydration they don't have to ut investigators also discovered
7:34 am
two molotov cocktails at the school. one made it. the other did not. each student had to be searched before being turned over to participants. >> we heard two very, very loud gunshots. and immediately closed the doors. she closed the doors. we ran into the corner and dove on top of each other. tried to get behind desks. terrifying. >> two students were injures. one of them, a 15-year-old girl remains in critical condition this morning. yesterday's shooting comes almost a year to the day of the
7:35 am
sandy hook school massacre. 26 bells rang for the victims at the cathedral of st. joseph in hartford, connecticut. a few minutes later president obama and first lady michelle obama observed a moment of silence and lit one candle for each of the people lost that morning. a vigil was held yesterday in san francisco to remember the victims. the crowd also pushed for stronger gun control laws. among the folks were stran district attorney who said congress needs to act to come up with meaningful and significant new laws. to commemorate the sandy hook shootings. three will have gun buy backs today. in return people will get a $100 gift card for each. anyone who hands over an assault
7:36 am
weapon will get $200. organizers are hoping for a large turnout. i don't think anybody forgotten it. that person was able to get access to his mother's gun and use it in a horrible way. >> the event will be held on east san antonio street near allen rock and jackson avenues. in oakland you can find the event at youth up rising headquarters. and in san francisco at the alive and free omega boys club. news held for a farewell for the african national congress. mandela talked about his grand fore's tireless political and humanetarian work and hope for
7:37 am
south africa's future. i've witnessed ordinary south africans who walked this long walk to freedom with him. and the future of this country looks bright. >> following the ceremony, nelson mandela's body was flown to the eastern cape in preparation for his funeral. mandela is to be buried in his hometown tomorrow. u.s. secretary of state john kerry arrived in southern vietnam for a visit to push forward tied with the communist country. he kicked off the visit with a trip to the cathedral. they aim to emphasize the
7:38 am
president in southeast asia. they want to establish a trade pact and security ties. after visiting the city, kerry will take a trip down the river where he used to serve as commander of a patrol vote during the vietnam war. and now to hayward where a home exploded with a man still inside. he was thrown across the room but inyebl lincredibly able to on his own. a gas leak kaused the fire and explosion. pieces of splittered wood and tar from the roof were skaerred across the yard. the front door landed 70 feet from the home. investigators say the blast caused $22,000 in damages and the home is a total loss. but the tenant is out this morning and said to be okay.
7:39 am
they're pretty lucky. someone is watching over me is all i can say. >> a few other homes had windows blown out. neighbors are in awe that no one was more seriously hurt. and an unusual warning for a peninsula neighborhood. take a look at the video. that's a mountain lion. a surveillance camera caught the image on a porch. it jumped a 6-foot fence to get there. the pictures were taken around 2:00 yesterday morning half mile from interstate 280. a south bay high school marching band is hiring extra security. an armed offduty police officer and surveillance camera will watch over. marching band parents say there's never been a problem like this in 25 years until wednesday night when a masked
7:40 am
man who claimed to be arm stole an undisclosed amount of cash. the school hopes the new safety measures will be in place before next week's game. and the timing couldn't be better for a fund-raiser for the band that was playing before the robbery set for tonight at barns and noble at east ridge mall. a portion of your purchase will be donated to the school. still ahead on today in the bay, the warriors looking for revenge against the houston rockets on friday 13th. could they stir up a victory? we're going to show you coming up next.
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7:42 am
and we are looking live this morning. golden sunshine. pretty as a postcard but very, very cold. after losing to the rockets exactly a week ago in houston, the warriors were looking for
7:43 am
revenge against the markets. the rockets jumping out to a first half lead. warriors battled back. the game would go back and forth down the stretch and then with just three minutes to go harrison barnes tide the game at 98. houston and dwight howard proved too much for golden state. the rockets go onto win 116 to 112. to football now and the 49ers coming off the big e win of the year. looking to continue on the road and be a hot buccaneers team. the last time san francisco handed tampa bay one of the worst losses in team history winning by 45 points. 49ers say the three-hour time change won't be a problem. >> they will be ready to play. you have to play well. no different than home games. >> got to get into the mind set
7:44 am
of performing. # it's not anything different. you don't do anything different. make sure you're well rested and well repaired. >> good advice always. still ahead. silicon valley workers on a different job ahead of the holidays. these folks could use some help. >> building for the holidays. the employees who skipped a holiday party to deliver a big present. clear skies and sunshine this morning. but smoke is in the air. still causing air pollution problems for the bay area [ laughter ] he loves me. he loves me not.
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. good morning to you. starting off chilly. 27 in the north bay. other parts of the north bay
7:47 am
this morning. san francisco is mild near the water. 43 right now. now we take you from oakland looking back through san francisco. you can see the haze around the bay area this morning. warmer air on top of cooler air on the surface. that's the cold temperatures down to 35 in oakland. it's also trapping the smoke over the bay area for another spare the air day today. 20s and 30s right now. 35 in oakland. 30 in livermore and san jose, 35 degrees. air quality is really the main concern of our weather as we go into this afternoon. you can see it outside. especially in the south bay. that will be the worst of the smoke pollution problems we see today. high pressure is keeping things dry. also locking in a very stable weather pattern around the bay area.
7:48 am
we'll see a democrat drop into the east between thousand and wednesday. so our temperatures are not going to change a lot. and the extended forecast changes the ridge and strengthens it. keeping the strorm track to the north. we are going to see a slight offshore push with the air. warm and dry conditions around the area. certainly sticking around for a while. today is a little bit warmer. low in the south bay. sunny veil is looking good. 62 after a chilly start to the morning. san jose, you'll notice 62 for this afternoon. but as we take you into the next four days for san jose you're going to see temperatures rise on up. monday should be the warmest day of the week. and you're seeing that. not all areas will get in the
7:49 am
70s. as we go from sunday monday. today you get a taste of winter there. they put the snow down to do your sledding run at the civic center plaza. daytime temperatures are quite chilly. in the north bay, highs in the 60s. fremont, close to 60. the tri-valley, mid 60s this afternoon. we should see mid 60s in oakland tomorrow with chiefs taking on the raiders. and possibly close to 70 in oakland as we head into monday. so temperatures are looking good. also heading out to the coast, no problem there is. patchy fog ats times for the morning highs in the upper 60s in santa cruz. yosemite 68 degrees. warming temperatures ahead except in reno where we have
7:50 am
highs close to 40. so no snow in the sierra right now. >> thank you very much. still ahead on today in the bay, a silicon valley company cancels the company christmas party. but employees not complaining. good morning. i'm mike inouye. there's a lot to do in the bay. but today free parking is in oakland. at least at meters. the city of oakland is going to foot the bill to encourage holiday shoppers to check out local merchants throughout the celebration. you can use the quarters you save to pay for your lunch or gifts in any of the 40 neighborhood districts. heading south for the next holiday adventure, an out of this world show in kooup tecupe.
7:51 am
it's the largest school planetarium west of the rockies. newly envated and modernized. and from cool to cold, frozen is back. not far away. even though on the tracks the guys trust me. the weather, the snowy there. you can visit santa's village and stay to check out the holiday lights less than an hour away. . see you right back here on today in the bay. avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive
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good morning. looking live from our emeryville camera. a lot of folks out and about. maybe they're buying christmas presents. you never know. a silicon valley tech giant says no to the christmas party.
7:54 am
our business and tech reporter scott budman shows us how they helped to rebuild a south bay middle school. >> with saws instead of laptops and on a field instead of at a desk a thousand employees replace the with a day of building and painting at the middle school. >> the project behind ugs we're going to build an outdoor classroom and community gardens and a picnic area. because who needs a party when you can deliver a present like this? >> i know the students here are going to be very surprised when they come in on monday and see this brand new transformation of the middle school. >> reporter: in video of a very successful chip maker came to east san jose with a mission, bridge the gap, at least a little, between the high-tech haves and have notes.
7:55 am
>> we all know how fortunate we are to be employed and have a place to go in the morning and food on the table. it's not true everywhere. this neighborhood is about 50% of the median income of silicon valley. these folks could use the help. >> in an area like allen rock, so much is needed. it's so heartwarming for me to know there are people doing that. rolling up their sleeves and giving back to the community. >> reporter: giving something back by getting a little outside your comfort zone. scott budman, today in the bay. friday 13th, lucky or not? coming up, we'll check our megamillions tickets. ories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight,
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the lotto numbers have been drawn. no one landed the jackpot. 19, 24, 26, 70. the megaball was 12. it is the second largest jack pot in megamillions history and fifth largest in lottery jack pot history. tuesday will be the next chance to become a multimillionaire. jock pot is expected to be roughly 550 million bucks. good luck. and getting ready for a santa invasion. not for christmas. but for santa con. it kicks off today at noon in union square. it includes a snowball fight and gift drop off. all kinds of sizes. started back in san francisco in 1994. now more than 300 cities participate in the tradition. thanks for joining us this morning. we will be back with you
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tomorrow morning. rob be with you this evening. [ wind howling ] [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
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