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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 14, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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right now ate1jtta5:00,lp remembering the 26 children and elementary school who were killed one year ago çót(t(today. also -- ♪jf >> people in theñr bay area mar the anniversary, as well. we'll have a look at the national debate onq gun violenc. g
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there were ceremonies throughout that state and the country, but not in newtown itself. there asked for privacy /jy thisxd day. idáñmy bells tolled 26 times, honoring each of the lives taken one year ago notice sandy hook elementary school shooting. nation's worst mass t(shootings members,ñi were rememberedñi in public services. apart last 14th observed this darkxd day in private. >> to think that it's almost a year since i've held him, it's no time at all. >> at the lighthouse, a candle was lit for each of new 2001's victimsenlp and president obama c,uju a solution to america'sc epidemic of gun ñi
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violence. keep dangerous pe"e from getting keep we have to do more toq heal troubled minds. anniversary, just a few miles away)ó from colorado's columbin high school, this nation'sfá latest school shooting provided a chillingi]çó reminderx:zez a y that will had once seemed i] unthinkable.q brian mooar, nbc news.  here in thet( bay area held memory isfá servis today for the victims of the shootings, as well. including thiscfá service at sa ñ congressman mike condon was there and said it's time to get some of those proposalslp into law. >uy> is it that we can do a a society, as a community or in the language of the africanb. a village can raise a child and certainly a village can get together to make that child
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>> the brady campaign to prevent gun violence helped organize today's service. a-m and across this country marked the anniversary by holding gun byback events, and oakland and san jose, are turning to the public to help make it happen. nbc bay area's kimberly terry joins us from the site of one or those eventseqdt san josexdçto explain. hello, kim. >> hello, diane.
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few minutes. >> we started at 9:00 and cars were lined up probablyjf about 7:00 this morning so they were eager to getmyq-r" ofxdq their unwanted guns. >> just brought a shotgun in and donated ñiit, laying around. i figured one more gun is off the street, iti]jf might help somewhere. >> inxd san jose, guns collecte will be checked for lost and stolen status. if thatñi the case, police say they will be returned to their legal owners. all other firearms will be destroyed. san francisco and oakland have held multiple gun buyback ok events, but this was actually thet( .!qst one hosted by san je in well over a decade. police say many gun owners don't really want firearms in their home but have noe1 idea how to t rid of them. the buyback programs give them a way. police say it gets firearmss7 the streets. during burglaries the guns could be stolen and used for violence. kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> thank you.
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and we have new information tonight o'zthat school shooting in colorado.ñiñiñr deputies say there's evidence that theñr teenagerxd accuses oe ì& are people at that high school. this is video of the suspect karl pierson when he was a freshman about three years ago at a televised u.s. senate debate. minute and 20 seconds to happen. according to investigators, pierson was looking for the school's librarian before the attack and theñi shooting may he been a rekz ançó to an argument. deputies say he wore multiple carried au machetew3 and a backpackingh three explosive devices.xd sa clairol davis before shooting and killing himself. her familyçó says she is this i critical condition tonight suffezi]g from severe head trauma. some students returned to the campus today to get their cars talked about what h)p'ened. >> it's hard for me to like imagine that will someone that i
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came back and tried to murder someone. like at our school. it's just hard to comprehend at all. >> classes on monday have been canceled. arapahoe high school is only eight miles from columbine, the site of the school shooting where twoi] teenagers killed 12 classmates. and nowjfi] to the weather. a massive storm on the other side ofñi this country. the storm spans 1,000 miles and isçó impactinglp more thant( 10 million people right now. that storm is also, of course, affecting air travel. more thanxd 900 flights have be canceled so far including almost 350 inwtu(ái and q170 at o'hare. here in thew3 bay area, 20 fti% have been canceled so far not to mention the dozens morejf delay. that number is likely to increase over the weekends. nbcxd bay area'sok monte franci at sfoxd with the very-9 lates us. monty? >> good evening. about a dozent( flights have be canceled here today dueñr to th weather on the east coast along
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with 43 others that have been delayed. we are here theñi ane1 terminal where united passengers appear now, the airlines have canceled a total of 940 flights today nationwide. most of them in new ñiyork, chicago, and newark. flights in and out of newark, new jersey, have beenlp cancele today because of the snowykñ weather. canceled the most flights so far. sfo whose flight on united to new york was canceled tonightfá and she's hoping to get out of here on another flight. .u)u$ the airline to see if th can get us on an earlier flight. otherwise, i have to go home and come back tomorrow. >> as i said, a dozen departing flights here werejfi] canceled y and withs?ñ more than3w a foot snow expected in some areasó[y the northeast and thet( midwest this weekend, it'sñr always bes toñi check with your airline before you come to the airport. there areñr noalçó cancellation rep at oakland international
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or san jose airport today. live atjf sfo, month he francis. >> thank you, monthfáok ef-. rob mayeda is tracking=u$ate1 storm for us. >> freezing t(rain, possiblecy: the worst right now in philadelphia. that's causing a coating oft( i on some of the aircraft out there in philadelphia. new york city, looking at snow and wind up at laguardia and jfk airports, seeing more of the same things shouldçóçó improve this time tomorrow. you cannú see the system rightw bringing a nasty mix of snow, freezing rain and regular just t@q tomorrow, that storm start to clear thefá coast, butw3 the afterfá effects may linger especially for places neart( boston. inches of snow, most of that inland 'pp towards cape cod. these delays will likely withkt&proving conditions as we head through this time tomorrow evening. a quick sneak preview of our hazy skies around the bay area
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the air day setting up for tomorrow with warming daytime highs. we'll have a look coming up insa few minutes. >> thank you,ñi rob. in the eastó bay, deputies are looking for three people involved in añi dedwyq shooting this morning onñi viewpointe boulevard inñdrodeo. deputies foundlpq the 25-year-o male victim suffering from  gunshot wounds. he died at the çóscene.ñi authorities say they are still searching forxd the gunman. firefighters at sfo willok reportedly have more training@rc how to respond to airplanefá vp crashes. the "san francisco chronicle" ik reporting this. and that it's in response to the arab xenia crash@$s julyi] in which a teenage girl died after beingu byr;uz emergencyc vehicles. 1 0 hours ofok advanced instruction next year and+ commanders inxd reggie cha of the incident did not go through that disaster training. federal rules require it for )5"yrr coming up next,çó following up on that summer fire that will burned near çóyosemit
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the newñr declaration that will free up funds for the damage fire. and bundling up in the bail2ó area. outrblankets and supports the homeless.
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of high school and middle school students gathered for a youth conference in san francisco today.
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organizersñi say the goal of th ensure all students including gay, transexual and jftransgend have the opportunity to succeed in school. the conference which was planned skill building is workshops, a resource fair yn#w3 a keynote youth panel been educational justice. >> having so many people herexds wonderful. it means that so many people are here to learnlp and to kind of hen us with what we're>4tvr'g to do, which is to make school safer for everybody. >> today's ninth annual conference was hosted by the guy straight alliance network. san francisco mayor ed lee declaring the area in yosemite destroyed by the rim fire a disaster area. that will clears the way for federal aid in tuolomne county. damage from the fire now exceeds is $54 million. fema denied govern brown's original disaster aid in october but he appealed. the money will go to fix roads thexd fire. cilities damaged by
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and new video tonight of a firefighting exercise gone wrong in seattle. the incident happened in october when he they will set a fire to simulate an aircraft wreck. but it started to get out of control. so they called in for backup. fire, a huge fireball erupted right there. they realized somehow the jetcl fuel they used to fuel the training fire was in theñi wate lines. >> so we've shut that will f1 o down. we're having outside experts look at both the incident itself and ourxd oil/water separator a see what we need to do toxd mak thisçó safe for everybodying >> two suffered flight burns in qyrr"átq casketok carrying the remains of anyk son mandela arrived at his hometown. south africa today. he will be your buried there tomorrow. crowdsfá gathered by the side o the road to see the casket.e1
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he spent his final months in thó a preorial hospital where he remained i?] critical condition till his death. artxd of sliding one big puck o ice. where a curling club offered juu)(hátjut today. we'll show you.
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eather, manynb6z help the homeless.
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one ñrexample, members ofxd a s sheik communityko handed3 out new blankets this afternoon in san francisco. the members collected theçó blankets during the past few weeks. glide will be offering at( toy o giveaway and grocery bag giveaway in the coming weeks, but those blankets are really nice. up a little bit b still chilly out there. rob, what do you for us as far as the forecast is concerned. >> you mentioned it. the cold nights will be continuing but the days turning a little bit warmer. right é@now, still mos-d1 in 50s in the bay area. 56ó[ san jose. near 60yo in san francisco.e1i] pleasanti] there. but what's not so pleasant in addition to the cold is the smoke that continues to fill the sky. this is oaklandñi looking west t toward san francisco. high pressure on top with him warmer sinking air aloft. cooler airxdi] trapped belowe1 s this temperature temperature inversion which acts like a lid over thee1 bay area and traps smoke particles below. it's like taking the ceiling of the area and dropping it down ok
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overnight. the smoke build up over time. unfortunately we're nowt( looki day. in thexd east bay valleys as so of the spoke in smokei=$áz back to the cwest.t( we'net got a slight push of offshore winds. pushing some of that smoke from the central valleyc into those locations out around the  and delta.ñr ì& set us up for a warmer finish to the weekend, especially if you're out near the coast as high pressure starts to )q' heading towards to monday. the pacific is pretty strong storm there in the gulf of high tomorrow. so watch out for that. but for fáus, e1lpjftemperature this is high starts to build in, the winds turning offshore, we'll start to see warmer daytime highs but very dry air keep the mornings k no chance of any rain. no rain for the weekend heading into monday and tuesday, maybe as we approach thursday there's
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going to be a cold systemmy he that's going to drop down and maybe a slight chance of aok shower, but that's aboutñr it a colder air follows that system. first half of the week you can see itxd there in the oen-day forecast, temperatures go up and it will bealjf cooing do"6 tows next thursday and friday. around thefá bay area tomorrow, mid 60s around the south bay.xd see 67ñi in sunnyvale around south san jose, down towards saratoga highs in the mid 60s. san jose now going÷ to 66 degrees if you compare that to the high today which was 62, see the trend there headingxd towar monday and tuesday getting close to 70 in san h;j=(i back into the workweek, san and around thexd east bay, oakld 66. that weather looks perfect for ì& game coming ur[ after ko1:00. e'll see on the map, well the p !é'háhp &hc& mid 60s around pleasanton. it's the coast that's going to
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see the warm temperatures. santa cruz tomorrow near 70. monday santai] cruz could gk4zd close to the low to mid-70s for monday. notice the sierrat( for now, mi 50s in the lakee1 tahoe. we should see snow returning to it the sierra at some point on thursday. the weekend looking pretty nice. watch out for the high surf on sunday. >> i want to go to santa fácr+0 that will sounds amazing. thank you, rob. you may have seen it at the olympics but may not know a lot about the sport of curling. today peoplejf headedt(ñi out t ice rink at union square inc sa the bay area curling clubo#w÷ok offered lessons at the first curling event held at that rink. teachers included !9%=911e coleman. she qualified for thec usa olympic trials for the vancouver games after less than fourt(jf s of training and, oh, yes, just to throw this out there, she also happens to work here atok c bay area. thanks for teaching us, gabriel. right now to andrea na cano her&
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with comcast xds#g(ts. >> 49ers could clinch a playoff berth tomorrow but that won't happen if they overlook the bucks. jim harbaugh talks about winning on the road. and the a's have the second best?; home recordqy year. an ué te on the san jose lawsuit coming up in four. ♪
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because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right. from ornaments to ottomans,
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memories are made with ikea. after starting the season :im have won four of their last five led bki glennon. if jim hour baufá and the 49ers to clinch a playoff berth they'll have to beat the new look bucsi=$jz their home field >> i wouldn't say the last five
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weeks. there's games they lost. i can think of three where the opponent got darnñr lgciy to wi them. talented÷ok players thatçó p9 within a very good1scheme. the quarterback has improved you know most dramatically. each week. i think anybody that'sxd watchi the games understands jflpthat. that's been very impressive. >> he's gotten better every week. he's beenq getting sacked less hereq lately. cutting down on the interceptions. command of their offense and he's got a very good arm, very good armfá talent. he throws the ball extremely well, short immediate and deep. presence, too. he can move around in thew3 pocket.ú i wouldn't say he's añi russell wilson type scrambler or anything but he has good pocket feel. bay, one of theçó raiders top defensivexd players is done for
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season. tie von brancht( has been place on injured reserve. he suffered a significantcñr an and leg injury in are week two. however the chiefs will nott(xd& without. match-up with the raiderss san jose'sxd anti-trust lawsuit may be head the to the supreme court. this case may not be settled for a while. 5uhp &hc& ñi court but the final judgment will most likely come from the highest court in the land.m/m new home of the athletics. the san francisco giants meanwhile held a memorabilia sale today at at&t parkjf for t second year in a row. fans had an opportunity to take home many items used or worn by the giants. a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the communityi] fund. numberjfxd six stanford hosting gonza gonzaga. cardinal "7oen lp2-0 the an hom.
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second half, the layi] in and o1 later, are she again lays it in and gets fouled. nobody can stop her in $y,ñ paint. game high 19 points for her as the cardinals win xd73-45. we'll have highlights coming up at 6:00.
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e1 well, a flash mob hit san francisco today with a theme.r ♪ i'm dreaming of a white >> there you go.t( santa con took over union square. hundreds of people dressed up like santa or his helpers for what has become a bi/ of a holiday tradition now that includes a fair amount of drinking. it started in 1994çó in the cit. now."q)e are dozensça ofok san
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con events around the world. by lefty o'douls where santa dropped off new toys for the gift drive. we want to check inning with rob mayeda just because you said 70 degrees at the beach. >> tough tojf process this timef outside. tomorrow san jose climbing close to the upperfá 60s. 66 there. high pressure is the reason why temperatures are going up. unfortunately, air quality smoke particle pollution a problem. day. long range forecast keep us in spare the air days all $y way through tuesday.r daytime temperatures though looking pretty nice as we head through the rest of the weekend. monday, by the way, even san jose should get close to 70s7@ degrees. >> all right. good news. "nbc nightly news" is next and jt(s news at 6:00. we'll see you then. have a good night.
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on this saturday night, revenge shooting? what we now know about the high school senior who opened fire at his school, who he targeted, and the investigation into why this happened again in colorado. winter blast. the massive storm battering the northeast and the midwest causing big problems on the road and in the air. moon mission. celebrating at mission control as china becomes the third to land a spacecraft on a lunar surface. the outrage. is being rich a defense against killing four people? the novel argument that kept a teenage drunk driver out of jail. and in her honor, remembering a young victim of newtown by building a safe place for the creatures she loved.


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