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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 15, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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and the highest mountain on earth. >> that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanks for joining us. right now at 11:00, a strij 06 armed robberies at berkeley university. plus, it's getting hard to breathe for some people these days. there's another spare the air ale alert. and the air quality is worse by the day. we'll show you when the air might clean up a bit. also -- >> tcarl that i knew was a good person. but obviously the carl that came to school on friday was not. >> we're also learning more about the student who open fired inside a colorado high school. one of his friend spoke to nbc about what he tried to do to prevent the shooting. good evening. thanks for joining us. police are stepping up patrol at
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uc berkeley tonight after several robberies on campus. there's been four armed robberies and one attempted robbery in less than a week. thieves are targeting students la it at night and taking cell phones and other electronics of at gun point. monty francis is at the cal campus with more on what's being don to keep students safe during finals this coming week. monty? >> good evening. that is a big reason that campus police are urging students not to walk alone late at night, but to walk in groups. they also say that there are these code blue phones all over campus, press the red button, the blue light starts flashing and you're immediately connected to campus police. with finals week at hand, students are burning the midnight oil and campus police say robbers are mostly robbing student from the library late at night, taking their backpacks, cell phones and laptops. the most recent happened about 2:45 this morn when a robber
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tried to steal a student's purse. she was able to break free and the man took off running. >> it does tend to be the person just kind of walking alone with their head down, not really paying attention to their surroundings. >> but that is not always the case. early saturday morning, this man was beat up by two men while walking in will lard park with a friend. >> he was carrying a camera and a tripod with him. they took everything he had. i mean, he was down with a buddy, too. you're facing a gun the numbers don't matter too much. >> the attack has taken a psychological toll on his whole group of friends. >> it's scary because libraries are open 24 hour answer pen some people take advantage of that because it's finals week. and i mean, it's terrifying to
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feel like you're not safe when you're on campus, especially when you've got a lot of other things on your mind. >> and happening right now, campus police have set up their mobile command unit, right in front of where the female student was attacked this morning. we took this footage just within the last hour. officers are talking to students, serving hot chocolate and trying to assure the student body they're keeping the campus safe. they also want students to know there are safety shuttles and officers who will walk students home late at night if they squus call and request an escort. live at uc berkeley, monty francis, nbc bay area news. >> thank for the update. to the weather now, and there is another spare the air alert for tomorrow nap's nine straight days with the wood burning. that's a new record. here's a live look at the bay bridge in downtown san francisco. and our meteorologist joins us
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now. rob, some people are having problems breathing as well? >> yes, if you have any respiratory issues or asthma, things can get considerably worse. when we see levels like we do around the bay area, it's not just the south bay or the east bay, but also the north bay and now towards the coast we're seeing poor air quality because of the a slight shift in the winds, turning just a little bit offshore. not strong enough to mix out the smoke and push it away from the bay area, but just kind of move it around. the winds are slightly offshore. overnight tonight, we will see the spare the air alert that will take us into monday and probably through tuesday, which i think will make us have our tenth spare the air day in a row before the winds increase wednesday and thursday. that will break us out of the poor air quality. but in the peen time, some high clouds going by. no rain-producing clouds back into the work week. and wednesday, you eel notice, despite the chilly start to the morning our afternoon temperatures tomorrow, if you get a sneak preview, will be
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climbing well into the 60s. the warmest places in the north bay, including san jose and the south bay, approaching 70. and mid 70s possible out on the coast. we'll talk more about that. plus the complete roller coaster of the of a forecast. coming your way in a few minutes. >> see you then, rob opinion. >> and you can always get the latest forecast on line as well. there we have interactive weather maps along with forecasts for your naubd. a 16-year-old boy is dead tonight and another man is in the hospital after a shooting in san francisco. police say shots were fired at about 11:00 last night. when officers arrived, they found clifton chapman with at least one gunshot wound. he died at the scene. another victim is in serious condition tonight. neighbors say they heard the shooting. >> i heard one shot. at first, i thought it was a firecracker because here, we hear a lot of firecrackers going
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off. >> investigators are trying to determine if the shooting was gang related. >> a richmond teenager is in the hospital tonight after she was hit by a stray bullet. the contra costa times report the gunman open fired nine times. the police say the 19-year-old girl was hit in the lower back and flown to walnut creek. there's no word tonight op her condition. >> a holiday project may be to blame for a house fire in san jose. the fire started at about 2:45 today near the willow glenn shopping center. >> it appeared that they were making some candles. unfortunately for us, we see this quite a bit with christmas trees. and some of the activities that take place around the holidays. >> crews controlled the fire in about 45 minutes. all three people in the home were injuried. one was treated for serious burns.
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the red cross is working to find the family temporary housing tonight. >> a foor burned an apartment complex in san francisco this morn pg top night, about 30 people had to find somewhere else to sleep. the fire started around 9:30 this morning in a three-story building on powell street just across from washington skrar park in north bae beach. it took firefighters about 30 minutes to get the flames under control. no injuries were reported. officials say the fire and water seriously damaged at least 12 of those departments. and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> well, it is official. there are ten days left until christmas. and the rush is on for many people, but it may not be enough for retailers. nbc bay area is in san jose with more on that for us. hello, kimberly. >> hello, diane, not a whole lot of people had shopping bags tonight, despite this place being very busy. and despite them telling us, they feel a christmas presence to buy. the clock is ticking. >> it's crowded. there's a lot of people out.
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. >> since thanksgiving was so late this year, the christmas shopping season was shortened and the pressure is on for those who still have holiday shopping to do. >> what percentage would you say you have done? >> zero. >> none. i haven't even started. >> overall, i would say 60%. >> my granddaughter always wants something else. so we had to go to urban urban outfitters. >> the average shopper has only checked off half their christmas lift and they say overall holiday spending will be down 2% compared to last year. some shoppers say it's perfect for pro-cast nation. they shop better under pressure and like getting last-minute deals. >> i like shopping a few days before. >> while for some, the shop canning wait at least for another week, getting a christmas tree can't. >> it has been crazy. it's been great. >> feels look it's been rushed. yeah.
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you blink your eyes and there's christmas. >> the average holiday shopper is expected to shell out $737 this year on christmas presents. live in znl zj, nbc bay area news. >> all right, thank you, kimberly. >> after more than a week of mourning, south africa said its final farewell to the man who united that country. and nbc's richard engle reports from nelson mandela's childhood home. >> the service marked the end of nelson mandela's extraordinary live from political activist to prisoner to president. the man who helped end apar tied and become an icon internationally. for his stance on reconciliation, racial integration and harmony. there was a private ceremony today. only about 4,500 guests included royalty and members of mandela's exteblded family. and celebrities. and they eulogized his country's
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first black president and stressed how important it is to carry on his tradition and uphold his moral standard. >> we must lead by example and do something for people of south africa. >> perhaps the country's president and current president said it best, mandela's long twuk freedom in a physical sense has now come to an end. >> it is the end of 95 million tears. of the freedom fighter and humble servant of the people of south africa. >> and many south africans in his home village said for the first time, nelson mandela is finally free. richard engle, nbc news, south africa. >> and coming up next at 11:00, we're learning more about a possible motive into the colorado school shooting.
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>> the fact that he wasn't there crushed him a little bit. made him really tense and angry about that. >> a friend of the gunman speaks out. plus, this refinery fire sent toxic smoke over the bay area. what we may learn from a new report. and a warning for anyone wanting to take a sbriz zit to the beach. the weather will be unusually warm, but the waves will be unusually dangerous. i love watching tv outside.
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we have more now on a developing story from colorado. a friend of a gunman is speaking out. he said carl peerson was a bright young man and hoped his interests in politics and debating would lead to a bright future. all of that changed on friday. >> reporter: this senior said he squatted down in a hall way before breaking down when he found out the shooter with us his friend, carl. >> my first instinct was to want to defend it. but i know that's wrong. it's indefensible what he did
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and it's hard to process those emotions. >> they weren't best friends but he felt close enough to try to help him. >> the fact that he wasn't there crushed him and made him tense and angry. >> it had been a stressful fall term for pearson. he had grown angry from losing his coveted spot on the team months ago. which made the coach, the librarian, a wanted man in pearson's eyes. >> carl and murphy did not get along. >> his intent was evil and his evil intent was to harm multiple individuals. >> he stormed into the school, heavily armed, intent to hurt more than just one person. as he moved towards the library, he shot 17-year-old claire davis in the head point blank eventually turning the weapon on hils. >> the carl that i knew was a really good person. but obviously the carl that came
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to school on friday was not. >> violence only added to the disbelief and pain hard hit. in 1999, columbine, 13 dead. in aurora movie theatre last year, another 12. >> what in the world is going on in the denver metro? >> god only knows. there's just no rational explanation for what is happening here. >> he's hoped to make sure no one internalizes the day's trauma when help is available. >> i did true to help him and other people tried to help him. there were so many people in my school that were supportive of him but no one was able to get to him. >> again, that was ron mott reporting. the victim is in a coma in critical condition tonight.
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tomorrow, federal investigators are expected to release more information and recommendations on the refinery fire in richmond last year. the fire burned 19 employees that and sent toxic smoke over richmond and much of the bay area. hospitals treated 15,000 people with breathing problems. it was caused by a co-roaded pipe that failed and now federal officials will likely recommend changes in the refine finery to avoid it happening again. police say a drunk driver smashed into an auto dealership earlier tonight and then tried to get away on foot. the crash happened in redwood city around 5:30 near oak avenue. police say the drunk driver feared his chevy avalanche over a center divider and hit a tree before slamming into the dealership filled with vintage cars. when police arooifed on scene, they found a passenger hurt but the driver fled the scene. police later say they found and arrested a suspect in a parking lot in a nearby target.
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he faces felony drunk driving and hit and run charges. police want to talk to more witnesses about a crash and fight that ended with one person in the water. the chp said it happened on friday afternoon when two relatives in one car got into a disagreement. that led to one of the people somehow falling off the bridge at a point where it's only about 16 feet above the water. the u.s. coast guard rescued the person in the water. police are asking anyone with information to call the foster city police department. a warning tonight to anyone headed to bay area beaches. there's a beach hazard warning today for peaches from pamona county to monterey. the warning will be in effect through tomorrow afternoon. and speaking of that, it's also supposed to be really warm in some beaches that is. let's check in with ron on that. >> that's right. a good word of caution. if you're going to head on down
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towards santa cruz and monterey, yes, we will be seeing warming temperatures tomorrow into the 70s. despite the fact that we'll see 30s in parts of the bay area. north bay, 32 degrees. 50 in san francisco. and as you see here in our temperatures, in the north bay locations napa down to 35, livermore, you have 42. mid 40s currently in san jose. so it's a fair weather pattern. the only thing we have to worry about is another spare the air night for air pollution problems. but hefty fog may set up, too, in the north bay. right now, not too bad. areas around the south bay and north bay. we will see some high clouds at times. partly cloudy skies. and our temperatures are really going to start to warm up. high pressure strengthens to its strongest point during the daymond. and this is a pattern that will start the thing with before
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things flip flop in the opposite direction. you can see that change right there on the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. so in the short term, high pressure strengthens. storm track stays way off to the north through about tuesday. warping temperatures through the bay area tomorrow. and then wednesday and thursday, we're going to see the high kind of move a lit built further to the west. we're going to see big time cooling and gusty winds picking up thursday into friday. big drop in temperatures for near 70s highs tomorrow. then by the time the cold air mass settles into the bay area on friday, now we're talking about highs into the mid 50s for the second half of the week. there is a slight chance wednesday night into thursday. we might see a few showers in the system as it comes on by. but for our air pollution problem, it's going to give us enough wind to clear out the solution and maybe give us a shower early on thursday morning. but ore than that, also the seven-day forecast points out, no significant rain in the forecast for the next seven days. high temperatures tomorrow. upper 60s to near 70s in the
11:20 pm
north bay. look at oakland, 68 degrees. tri valley close to 67. the south bay, san francisco should be in the mid 60s tomorrow with patchy fog in the morning. and a closer look at some of those south bay locations you can see here. numbers in the mid to upper 60s. the warmest places likely around santa cruz and gilroy. 73 to 74 degrees tomorrow. lake tahoe, 52 degrees. all the warmest weather of the week coming in tomorrow. then the middle part of the week, cooling. we'll stay tuned for showers on thursday. but we will see those temperatures drop as much as 20 degrees for the second half of the week, which make sense. because winter officially arrives towards the end of the week. back to you. >> just perfect. thank you, rob. the raider nation sgoot the winning season. marines collecting gifts for the toys for tots program. and tomorrow, several players will help the marines collect
11:21 pm
toy donations in exchange for autographs. that's happening in hayward. now we have a look at the sports and what's going on. >> colin cappkaepernick making c with both his legs a enhis arms on sunday.
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49ers in tampa take on the buccaneers. scoreless in the first. 10-0 in the second quarter. 49ers up 17-0. up by six. that run gives him 1,000 yards on the season.
11:25 pm
seventh time he's reached that milestone. he's also the toth back in nhl history to reach 1,000 in seven seasons. up by nine, later in the quarter, tries the verse, they fumble it and took time to recover. 49ers win 33-14. >> it went really well. we talked it out. they've got a very good football team. >> we're just trying to stay focused and stay hungry and just take it one day at a time. try to put ourselves in the best situation to get into the playoffs. >> we've just got to stay on edge, stay focused and not let down any part of the game. >> we have to close it out. you know, we have to go into the playoffs hot. you know, we won a couple of games on the road. we have two more to go. >> we still haven't created our best game y et. that's the scary part. >> the raiders going to
11:26 pm
completely different direction. oakland 1-2. afc west this season. third quarter, raiders down 11. matt mcgloin to andre holmess. and that's michael rivera. he gets the touchdown. that's his second touchdown pass in the quarter. raiders down by four. late third quarter, alex smith to jamal charlotes. and the raiders had no answer for charles in the game. 56-31. kc's first sweep of oakland since 2006. >> you can't play a good team like that. you can't turn the ball over seven times and give them the ball in scoring position defensively, we've got to make them have to kick field goals in those situations. and we didn't do that. >> this game is all about fundamentals. you don't carry out fundamentals, you know, what
11:27 pm
would happen. >> warriors have won six straight versus the suns. time winding down in the second quarter. dribbles down the court and a nice pass behind the back for the three. warriors down five with under two minutes to go in the game. curry drills the three. curry, 4 of 7 from long range. 30 points total on the night. under 30 seconds left in the game. two-point game. and curry looking for the foul. but he doesn't get it. warrior, 106-102, snapping a three-game win streak in phoenix. and the warriors are back in action on tuesday hosting new orleans. they're hoping that maybe the home crowd can give them a little boost. diane? >> let's hope so. i have a quick question for you. just to your right shoulder, there's santa claus. it looks like it's slightly moving. is it moving? >> it is moving. it is moving. it was a little bit creepy because it's moving so slowly. >> i agree. >> but it's moving.
11:28 pm
the spirit of the season, right? >> you're get into the holiday spirit there. nice to hear. >> i think it is a little creepy. >> there is a deadline looming for people who want to mail gifts to loved ones in time for christmas. coming up next, the peak mailing day for the u.s. post office is coming up.
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there is a sded line coming up. the u.s. postal service says you better send them tomorrow. it's typically the busiest mailing day of the holiday season, the san jose processing center is expected to process 4 million items tomorrow. that's about 20% more than a normal day. and for those of you who vice president finished your holiday
11:31 pm
shopping just ahead, there's a warning. the apps you use to find best deals are also being used to find out more about you. they send out coupons and alert people about current deals. but some of those apps also use the wifi signal to track you, following you as you shop. if that feels too much like big brother, people can disable their wifi. one woman, though, we talked to said giving up her name and e-mail address and shopping habits is all part of the deal. >> we put so much information out there anyway on facebook. to lots of people, we're part of the problem. >> for now, people willing to give up some privacy find they ear able to save a little bit of money in return. >> and coming up next, radiation under bay area homes. we investigate claims the navy is concealing the real extent of the contamination. plus, an acting legend died this weekend. a look at the life of peter o'toole.
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tonight, an investigation that has uncovered new evidence that the navy has not revealed just how much knew about the extent of radiation on treasure island. what one investigator found out and why he feels people never should have been allowed to live there. we have this update. >> don wadsworth has never spoken publicly before. h he says the navy told him he
11:34 pm
didn't expect he would find anything. but as you hear tonight, that wasn't the case. >> you said there was no radioactive material on treasure island? >> correct. >> what did you find? >> radioactive material. >> john wadswoth has worked on many military clean-ups. the radioactive site including hunter's point and the navy bombing yard. in 2007, wadsworth and his team were hired to work at treasure island. where there are still working today. >> when you got to the i land, what was your job. >> treatment for contamination. >> wadsworth said he found significant amounts of radiation throughout the island. >> in your professional opinion should people be living at treasure island? >> no. >> can you explain why? >> well, just from these
11:35 pm
pictures that you've shown me here, you've got significant contamination levels. >> he's referring to this picture from a navy report released to regulators last month. it shows regulation readings on a building that has never been leased to residents because it's a known former solid waste disposal site. but it wasn't until this year that the navy identified it on this map as being radio logically impacted. wadsworth says this is an example of the navy's reluctance to reveal the nature and extent of radiation on treasure island. '. >> do you feel the navy has actively tried to cover up this information? >> i really don't have a way of knowing what they're doing. but certainly it does appear that way. >> information that we get from the navy is all denial saying everything is fine and there's nothing to worry about. and we haven't found anything. it's alarming at this point.
11:36 pm
>> these are among the two dozen families abruptly informed they have to move in april. >> they told us that our relocation was based on the fact that the navy needs to do more surveillance on the property. but it was not related to any radioactive material findings. >> but in this map, the building and five other residential buildings were recently identified as on or near areas of radiological impact. and like bigelow court need to be surveyed for radiation. >> there isn't evidence of radiological materials being buried where people are currently living. >> how would you characterize how forthright the navy has been? >> i think they've been extremely straightforward. >> is there any radiation near the buildings where the folks are being asked to move out?
11:37 pm
>> forward your questions to me and i would be happy to answer your questions, okay? not right now. >> we requested an interview, but his office said he wasn't available. so we tried to speak speak with him before a public meet popping. >> you're interrupting the introduction of the meeting. >> the meeting dunts start for another 15 minutes. that's not true. the official part of the agenda starts. we have a holiday session here and you're interrupting that. so please refrain from interrupting that. >> you're not able to answer any questions during the pot luck? >> i said thank you. >> there are a thousand people's lives. >> it's been a frustrating ordeal for the people who live and work on treasure island. their voices have grown louder as more information surfaces, contributing the navy's claims about the contamination. >> tell us what you want us to hear. but i think you need to go back to whoever it was and let them know that treasure island is no
11:38 pm
longer buying it. >> don wadsworth says sick years into his work on treasure island, he has this assessment. >> my job is to protect people and the environment. and so it's just not getting done. >> the navy provided a statement today, reaffirming it is working with regulators to, quote, investigate and clean up contaminated areas on treasure island and the state, city and navy do not have any data indicating a risk to human health to current tenants. in the meantime, a $1.5 billion development plan from the land is on hold until the island is cleaned up. in the news room, vicki ngyuen, bah bay area news. >> a groom who stopped to help a stranded motorist was killed. his bride was nearby and it all happened just hours after their
11:39 pm
wedding ceremony. william riley knight and his new bride were driving to a hotel after their wedding reception at crown point, indiana, when they saw a car in a ditch. knight stopped to help. he and the driver were on the side of the road when a car hit them both. then two more cars hit them as well. both knight and the stranded motorist died at the scene. >> the wedding was the last best night anyone could have had. or the best last night anyone could have spent. he was the happiest i had ever seen him. >> police say they are investigating the situation, but so far no charges have been filed. actor peter o'toole has died. he was 81. the famed british actor spent more than 40 years on screen. we take a look back at his life. >> peter o'toole was born august 2, 1932 in ireland, the son of a book maker. he left school at age 14 and
11:40 pm
joined the york shire evening news. o'toole followed his love of the theatre, making his film debut in 1959, "the savage innocence." but it was 1962 when o'toole was cast in a film that would change his life. "law yens of arabia" maeld o'toole an international star. in 2006, he earned an oscar nomination for his role in the film "venus." o'toole's film career spans four decades during which he made more than 40 movies. and built a legacy unmatched in modern cinema. the british actor leads behind three children and an exwoof from a 19-year-long marriage. kirk gregory, nbc news.
11:41 pm
a battle is brewing between the white house and the news media. several journalists say the white house is consistently blocking them from events they used to cover in previous administration. just recently, only white house photographers were allowed access to president obama and others on their way to nelson mandela's funeral. nbc news along with 37 other media organizations wrote a letter to the white house, charging the administration is blocking the public from having an independent view of the executive branch. >> his promises, consistent promise of a transparent administration led people to believe that the access would be different. it would be greater. >> white house officials insist the president values the independent media and will work with them to address their concerns. >> the nevada family who survived two days in the snowy wilderness last week is now speaking out about how they survived. authorities say the couple and four children range in age from 3 to 10 are now doing just fine. here's a picture of their car.
11:42 pm
and it's an exclusive. savannah guthrie sits down with the family as they recount how they stayed warm in the sub zero temperatures. their jeep rolled on a dirt road. one thing they did to stay warm was put rocks on a fire outside and then brought those rocks into the car to provide long-term heat. 200 people joined in the search to find them. >> several injuries may have kept this bay area olympian off the ice. >> i think anytime you have a serious setback like that, your future and your career is definitely becomes questionable. >> next in our countdown to sochi, what's helping the stanford student prepare for a spot on the usa team. i love watching tv outside.
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. a bay area college student is overcoming the odds to get back on the ice. the stanford student juggling her classes and training for the biggest game of her life. >> the road to the olympicic games is definite ly a bumpy on. she skated her way into the international spotlight as a 17-year-old giggling spit fire.
11:46 pm
as soon as rachel flatt steps on the ice in san jose, she lights up. wearing a stanford shirt, she fit right in with the rest of the skaters on the ice. unless, of course, when she nails jumps like this. and this. >> it's been a lot more fun this time. you know, i'm so much happier. and i love being out here. >> four years ago, flatt was still in high school and competing in the winter game where is she placed stechbt. >> there's really nothing like it. >> you know, when i went to vancouver, i couldn't stop thinking about it. >> now you can find her miles an hour in stanford studying than you can on the rink. a. >> i'm majoring in bio. i'm premed and minoring in psych. >> no, this girl doesn't slow down on the ice or off. >> i think a lot of people are concerned that i am spread too thin. but at the same time, i know plenty of people who are doing more than i am. and it's like you know what,
11:47 pm
this is totally feasible. >> she's in a very different place now than she was a year ago. her figure skating future was very uncertain. >> time you have a serious setback like that, your future and your career definitely becomes questionable. it's extremely tough and taxing emotionally and physically. >> these days, she says she feels healthy and she's determined to keep it that way. >> with the help from a new boost -- >> this is extra padding on the top. it's really comfortable so far. >> she's very confident heading into the nationals in january. >> i think it's going to be interesting to see who can really function well under that stress at nationals. you know, a lot of kid are not wonderful under pressure. but i think, you know, kind of proven myself many years, you
11:48 pm
know, many years of my career that i do well under pressure. >> nationals take place january 5 through the 12th in boston. the top three finishes at that competition will likely compete in sochi. nbc bay area news. >> all righty. you can track the sochi olympics on our website. go to nbc bay there you will find stories about everything from the athletes to their new uniforms. and with a quick click, you can sign up for our winter olympics newsletter as well. and right now, rob is going to check in on the weather for us. it's a typical olympic weather forecast. >> gold medal. >> let's see how you do. >> santa cruz and south bay within reach for sure. clearly it is the start of the week that will be the warmest here. the second half of the week, it
11:49 pm
will be a completely different forecast. some 30s around the north day, but unfortunately, look at the air quality you're seeing around the bay area as the smoke pollution has gotten worse. since high pressure stlengenned, the lid over the bay area has been dropped down a little bit further. the nosh, the eastbound and south bay now sensitive for smoke. we've got a slight push of offshore winds out to the seasho seashore. we're going to get otenth spare the air day. high pressure reaches its strongest point. during the day tomorrow, the warmest temperatures during the week with highs near 70 in the warmest places. then as we get towards wednesday and thursday, we're going osee the high shift to the west and cold air as another system crosses on through. and as the cold air rises it's not going to be as cold as the arctic outbreak a coup of weeks ago.
11:50 pm
high temperatures dropping back into the 50s. and there is one opportunity wednesday into thursday that we might see a few showers out of the system as it kind of races on by the bay area. right now, not a lot of moisture with it. something to look out wednesday night on into thursday. tomorrow's highs, after the cool star of the morning, around santa rosa, napa, oakland, 58 degrees, san francisco should see highs in the mid 60s around the peninsula. the southbound seeing the warmest temperatures, san jose near 70. other parts of the south bay, 72 degrees. and santa cruz and gilroy, climbing into the low to mid 70s on monday b. highs dipping into the 50s the second half of the week. >> thank you, ross. coming up, an army of volunteers on special holiday mission. the festive house call that's making the holidays brighter for some military families.
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
many people spend the holidays helping others. how a group is helping military
11:53 pm
families. on a brisk colorado morning, an early christmas at the home of airman matt andrews and his family. >> we're hoping to make your life more enjoyable. >> the andersons had given up on the idea of decorating their home this season. 5-year-old nate has been fighting for his life. after a leukemia diagnosis changed their lives six months ago. >> your chest joust just dropped. you're like no, no. it's just pneumonia or something. they're wrong. >> the startling news caused andersson to stay close to home. replacing battle zone deployment with trips in and out of the hospital for chemotherapy. christmas cheer arrives. >> he started decorating sold r
11:54 pm
soldiesoldie soldiers homes for free a few years ago, taking nominations from the public. they're getting the full decked out treatment this season. for the military families it's always a surprise. but especially for the children, it truly is like christmas came early. >> for nate and older brother ben, it was almost as if santa himself stopped by and maybe he has. >> it was amazing. just to see a crew of 10, 15 guys. already super excited. they're all here for us. >> they never lost sight of what this was really all about. >> what's the best part about the holidays. >> the best part about the holiday is family. >> it sure is, isn't it? >> having a break from school and being able to ride my bike around. >> making those who serve to brighten their holidays.
11:55 pm
did you get chips for the party? nope.
11:56 pm
[ ding ] cheese plate? cheese plate. no, i made something better. you used the oven? boom. [ male announcer ] pillsbury crescents. make the holidays pop. ♪ make t♪ holidays pop. hey, that's the last crescent! oh, did you want it? yeah. we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light, buttery and flakey. that's half. that's not half! guys, i have more. thanks, mom. [ female announcer ] do you have enough pillsbury crescents?
11:57 pm
is. >> elvis santas. you've got to like it. raising money to keep two holiday traditions going. looks like they're having fun out there. two holiday traditions in new jersey. should be a big help giving city funding in the past couple of years. and it was a little chilly out there. at least the sun is out. >> running around this morning
11:58 pm
in san jose. high temperatures tomorrow. borderline t-shirt weather for the afternoon. at least in san jose. we get closer to 70 degrees and also santa rosa. unfortunately it's spare the air day tomorrow. temperatures drop into the 50s by thursday and friday. >> thank for watching nbc bay area news. have a good night. see you next weekend.
11:59 pm
12:00 am
the interview. he's back and got a new venture. >> how much is this john mcafee hype and how much is it the real deal? >> she blazed the future for silicon valley ceos. >> i never predicted i would have become a ceo. >> was there a lot of bitterness, leaving hp in such a scandalous way. >> plus, she's living her life her way. >> i never denied who i was. >> high profile transgender activist theresa sparks talks eopenly about changing her gender, but not who she is. and


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