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tv   Today  NBC  December 16, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PST

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affected. but add a little extra time if you're headed that way. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." >> we are back at 7:25 with a live local news update. good morning. holiday tragedy. a carjacking in a popular new jersey mall leaves one person dead and police searching for suspects who are armed and dangerous. spy games. the u.s. intelligence community facing a new wave of criticism for denying an american who vanished in iran was working for the cia. why one top-ranking lawmaker says it could be time to overhaul the system. "today" exclusive, a nevada family stranded for three days after their car overturned in the frigid wilderness. they'll open up about their harrowing ordeal for the first time in an exclusive live interview. and a giant to film, peter o'toole, one of the most
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charismatic stars in the history of movies, being remembered by fans in hollywood today. today, monday, december 16, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm savannah guthrie alongside natalie morales and al roker. are we really going to have another storm? >> we have another clipper coming in. it's very, very cold out there. whatever melted is now frozen again. we have a mess coming over the next 24 hours. all right. something to look forward to. thanks for that. let's start with our top story, the manhunt in new jersey for two suspects who shot and killed a man as he left a crowded mall with his wife. nbc's stephanie gosk is there. stephanie, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. well, all across the country americans are piling into shopping malls just like this one in droves.
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this couple had just finished what they were doing, were on their way back to this parking garage when they were attacked. >> tragically a 30-year-old hudson county resident, a male, was shot. we do not know at this stage how many times. >> reporter: a search is underway for two gunmen who shot and killed a shopper during a carjacking at this high-end shopping mall in short hills, new jersey, just ten days before christmas while the mall was open late for holiday shopping. >> preliminary information we're looking for two african-american males. >> reporter: the two suspects approached a couple while they were getting into their car in the mall's parking garage. after fatally shooting the car's owner they drove away in the couple's vehicle. >> the assailants left in a 2012 silver range rover that belongs to the two victims. >> reporter: the victim's wife is being treated at a nearby hospital. police are on the lookout for these two men as well as this suv. it is a 2012 silver range rover. they're asking the public for
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help if they see anything to call in to a tip line that they've opened up. as for the wife, the extent of her injuries is unknown. it's unclear this morning whether or not she was shot. the mall is expected to open up as normal, although no doubt people coming here will have some jitters. matt? >> stephanie gosk in new jersey on this story this morning. thank you so much. we'll turn now to washington where some serious questions are swirling about whether the cia misled congress about the state fate of robert levinson working for the agency, we now know, nearly seven years ago when he disappeared in iran. chuck todd is nbc's chief white house correspondent and political director. chuck, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. robert levinson is now the longest held american hostage ever. and while the u.s. government has denied to this day that he was working as an employee of the cia or any government agency, the revelations about
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levinson's role as a cia contractor have caused increased criticism and distrust of the intelligence community at a time when trust is already not high whether it's the nsa or the cia. america's intelligence apparatus is coming under more fire. in the wake of revelations about robert levinson's role as a cia contractor, the intelligence community is facing new scrutiny this morning. >> the cia did not tell the truth to the american congress about mr. levinson. if that's true, then you put this on top of things that our intelligence committees didn't know about other activities which have been revealed by snowden, maybe it means that we should be examining the oversight role of congress over our different intelligence agencies. >> reporter: former u.s. officials tell nbc news levinson was sent on a rogue mission to iran by a cia handler anne jablonski who supposedly did not tell her superiors. the lawyer representing levinson's family says the cia betrayed levinson. >> he got caught in that mission. and after he got caught, the cia abandoned him. they left him there.
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>> reporter: former officials say pressure from the family sparked a cia investigation leading to the firing of jablonski and two other analysts, seven others disciplined, and the cia paid the levinson family nearly $3 million. iran's foreign minister, though, says he doesn't know where levinson is. >> we have no trace of him in iran. >> reporter: but secretary of state john kerry says the u.s. is actively working with iran to find levinson. >> i have personally raised the issue not only at the highest level that i have been involved with but also through other intermediaries. >> reporter: and now levinson's case is renewing the focus on other americans detained abroad like allen gross, a contractor jailed in cuba since 2009. should we be questioning the version of the story that the government has been giving on what grossman is doing? >> i don't understand why -- i understand your question and, again, i would point to you what
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we said with about the absolute necessity for allen gross in our view to be released. >> reporter: now the white house has been very silent on levinson other than to simply deny that he was a cia employee. but the idea of reforming the intelligence community, the president is sitting on a whole bunch of potential reforms for the nsa. he could make some announcements on that this week before he heads to hawaii, savannah. >> we'll be watching, chuck todd. stop me if you've heard this joke, al roker walks into the studio and says i'm tracking a winter storm -- >> unfortunately, we've heard that way too often. yeah, guys, here we go again. it's not going to be a monster storm but we are going to be tracking here comes another clipper. we're watching this thing. it's going to be coming out of canada. we call it a clipper because they move pretty fast. by early tuesday morning we've got snow from cleveland, pittsburgh, on just into new york. then as we move into the day on
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tuesday, by noon we have an icy mix creeping up into central pennsylvania, new york, and long island, and by the afternoon boston's involved. by 8:00 on into new england. snowfall amounts not going to be quite as bad. generally fairly light. 1 to 3 inches from minneapolis all the way into cleveland. the heaviest activity is going to be around the great lakes. we're looking at 3 to 6 inches in new york city but as we make our way into the great lakes, we're going to be looking at lake-effect snow. again the tug hill plateau up to a foot and a half in between buffalo and erie generally 6 to 9 inches of snow. the good news is it's not going to be bitterly cold. i suppose i should not mention that we're looking at something for this weekend as well. >> don't even say it. >> save it for later. >> you mean balmy temperatures in the 80s? >> yeah, that's the ticket. all right. meantime, natalie is following a school shooting in colorado. >> a 17-year-old girl is in a coma fighting for her life after being shot by one of her classmates at a colorado high
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school on friday. and we're now learning more about the 18-year-old shooter. one of his good friends is speaking out about possible warning signs. nbc's ron mott is outside arapahoe high school south of denver this morning. ron, good morning. >> reporter: natalie, good morning to you. classes have been canceled this week. the school district announced the kids can get back in by the end of the week to get their stuff before the winter break. we're starting to get a darker image of the shooter, karl pierson, from one of his friends who thought he knew him pretty well but he talked about last monday karl coming back to the debate team. by that time he had already bought a shotgun. could karl pierson have been quietly plotting a violent attack at his school for weeks, months, perhaps even a couple years? one of his friends, joe redmond, who tried helping him deal with frustration over being kicked off the debate team, says looking back now there were signs pierson was in more pain
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than he ever imagined. >> the karl i knew was in good person but obviously the karl that came into school on friday was not. >> reporter: what he could see was that his fellow co-captain on the team, someone he considered one of the best on the squad, had grown darker since pierson competed at a national debate competition this summer, an event he attended with coach tracy murphy. but that trip didn't go well, redmond says. >> karl and murphy did not get along and whatever it was escalated to a death threat. >> hi, i'm karl pierson, a freshman at arapahoe high school in littleton. >> reporter: he had strong opinions on lots of things, politics, guns, and in retrospect redmond thinks he may have overlooked what are now more obvious and ominous signs in which pierson died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> single file. single file behind your teacher, okay? >> karl had been reading and giving a book to people which is a recipe on how to make bombs. >> his intent was evil. >> reporter: officials say
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pierson was armed with three molotov cocktails, a machete and multiple rounds of ammo for a shotgun which he bought a week before. while looking for his coach he encountered 17-year-old claire davis, shooting her in the head point blank, authorities say. over the weekend students gathered to pray for davis, returning to campus sunday for another vigil and a reflection. >> i think it's going to break down all barriers with cliques and friend groups and everybody is going to love everybody. >> reporter: claire davis remains in critical but stable condition this morning. her family says she is in a coma, but they wanted to thank the community for the outpouring of support. natalie. >> thank you. we're thinking about her as well. ron mott, thank you so much. the school's twitter account said there were four explosives planted at different buildings.
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they urged people to evacuate the buildings. unconfirmed reports at bombs at harvard's campus. there have no reports from which we know which have been found at this time. the president and his family attehe children's health system. the president and family met with five elves who were actually young patients from the children's national medical center. and another huge football comeback has fans still buzzing this morning in last night's dallas cowboys/green bay packers game. the packers were down by 23 points in the third quarter when they came storming back. green bay quarterback matt flynn had four touchdown passes, all in the second half. still the cowboys had their chances late in the game but were done in by a pair of tony romo interceptions. all just in the last three minutes of the game. the packers win in a stunner,
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37-36. a gut wrenching loss. >> tale of two halves. >> one team can do it to the other in the first half, there's no reason it can't turn around. >> you know who is devastated right now? tamron hall in the orange room right now. that 37-36 loss must have been heartbreaking. >> don't enjoy it too much. what do you have cooking? >> so while we were talking about winter storms here in the northeast, believe it or not, our friends in florida were worried about tornadoes. this is saturday night in northern florida. palm coast, a nice little town of about 77,000, they had a tornado touch down. three homes completely destroyed. at least 77 damaged. they were about to have a christmas parade. they obviously canceled that. they are still cleaning up there this morning. as you look at today where we
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have that clipper coming across bringing snow across the great lakes, windy conditions in the northeast, plenty of sunshine through the gulf. a little on the chilly side in houston. 64 degrees. 58 in denver. you have a gorgeous day in l.a. temperature 78. a little fog in the pacific northwest. seattle's high today 48 degrees. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. nintendo wiiu. there's so many characters and it's really fun. this game's pretty great because i can make whatever i want. (laughing) it's so cool, because you can make creative stuff. whoa. i can play the games on here while he's watching tv. i want disney infinity and the wiiu for christmas. walmart has the hottest gifts chosen by kids... like disney infinity and the nintendo wiiu bundle with two bonus games. games rated e to e 10+. walmart. 7:13. good monday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina
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loren. beautiful sky painted over san francisco and the entire bay area this morning. we have some high and wispy clouds overhead and a little bit of wind, which is good news when it comes to air quality. nevertheless, it's a spare the air day. temperatures will climb from the upper 30s and 40s into the 60s. good looking day shaping up all across the bay area. 70 in san jose. weather. well, that mega millions jackpot just keeps growing and growing. the prize for tomorrow's drawing now stands at, get this, $550 million and the way ticket sales are going, it is on track to become the largest in u.s. history. let's check in with nbc's kerry sanders feeling lucky in plantation, florida this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. as this grows to a half billion dollars, some people are saying i don't normally play the lottery but i'm going to play it this time. if you do decide to play the mega millions, your chances of
7:15 am
winning are worse than ever. >> buy a ticket today and you could find yourself $550 million richer. >> why not a come of extra dollars. look at all the money you could win. >> reporter: it's possible but did you ever stop to wonder why nobody won the mega jackpot in 21 drawings? it's because in october after a maryland family won $189 million the game got harder. you used to have to pick six numbers from 1 to 56. now it's from 1 to 75. and we all know what that means. >> you just take 75 to the 5th and divide by 5 factorial. so it's much bigger, much bigger than 56th to the 5th divided by 5 factorial. >> reporter: right. how much bigger? the odds of winning went from 1 in 176 million to 1 in 259 million. you have a better chance of hitting two consecutive holes in
7:16 am
one. of being canonized or of being attacked by a shark. >> let's see if we can make you a millionaire tonight. >> reporter: of course people do win even though no one took home the mega jackpot last friday, nine people won the $1 million prize. so you're probably asking yourself if there's any way to improve your odds and it turns out there is. >> buy more tickets. you have a tiny chance. so if you buy two tickets, you have twice that tiny chance. >> reporter: so one of the lottery officials said at this rate people buying tickets is likely to go well above the $550 million. maybe up to $656 million. >> well, debbie downer reporting. thank you so much. america, we all pooled our money and bought 3 million tickets. >> we had 3 million chances. >> tributes are pouring in and
7:17 am
movie fans are celebrating the life of a hollywood legend. peter o'toole died over the weekend. he was the star in lawrence of arabia. he was 81 years old. nbc's michelle kosinski takes a look back at his distinguished career. >> reporter: it is said when peter o'toole took on the role that made him a star, lawrence of arabia, in 1962, filmmakers need today craft a new technicolor to capture those blue eyes. in his 81 years, he played mr. chip, hamlet in mac beth and spoofed by "saturday night live." >> a toast to me. >> reporter: even just in the last few years had done projects like the tudors playing the pope. >> he was just a movie star the way they didn't make them anymore.
7:18 am
>> reporter: his performances off screen and a heavy drinker, sort of a british rat pack hurt his health as doctors forced him to quit drinking. working he only quit just last year. known for his brilliance and perfectionism that won him more nominations without a win than any other actor. >> i asked him isn't it an honor just to be nominated? he said no. it's not an honor. it's a bore. i'm fed up. then he had a chuckle about it. >> reporter: he was given an honorary academy award in 2003 recognized for a lifetime of stellar performance. for "today," michelle kosinski, nbc news, london. >> incredible career. >> you love that. >> i'm not an actor, i'm a movie star. >> he truly was one. >> and hollywood is mourning another great movie star. another fabulous actor passed away over the weekend. oscar winner joan fontaine. >> she won the academy award for
7:19 am
the alfred hitchcock thriller. she was the sister of olivia de havilland. >> let's see what tamron is doing. other than mourning the dallas cowboys. >> thanks for bringing it up again. >> we heard of random acts of kindness or pay it forward. there's something else on the internet that captivated the attention of so many people. it's on instagram. it's called tips for jesus. let me explain here. around the world, someone has been giving out huge tips. i'm not talking a couple of hundred dollars. this tip was $5,000 in connecticut. this is all anonymous. this tip popped up recently in mexico, another $5,000 tip on a $577 bill at this restaurant. so there's multiple ones. it's gone on for about three months. in total tens of thousands of dollars given out on this account and guys no one knows who it is.
7:20 am
there's one suspicion that's out there. it could be this guy. he's the executive for paypal. jack shell shell by. he has not confirmed or denied but he did send out a story on his facebook page about these tips. what do you think? >> i don't know. >> i need a little more information. >> you need more information on tens of thousands of dollars given out anonymously just from the heart. >> no, whether it's this guy. >> i know. we should invite him on. if you're available, give us a call, in the orange room, we want to know if it's you. >> what's the number? [ laughter ] >> all right tamron, thank you so much. coming up we've got a today exclusive. for the first time the family that spent those two nights in sub zero nevada temperatures after their car overturned opens up about how they managed to survive. they're here for a live interview. >> lucky people. the emotional debate ignited by a fox news anchor over santa's true race. but first, this is "today" on nbc. anchor over santa's true
7:21 am
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coming up dr. oz on [ whistling wind ]
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good morning to you at 7:26. the breaking news is happening at san jose international airport. parts of terminal a are shut down after a water main brake. a water pipe burst overnight sending water rushing into the baggage and security areas. several people inside the terminal were evacuated. travelers can check in at terminal a but will be bussed to terminal b. the gates are not affected. a 13-year-old girl is now brain dead after what was supposed to be a routine surgery. shortly after having her tonsils removed, jahi mcmath started bleeding excessively. she had swelling in her brain
7:27 am
and was declared brain dead. the family is hoping the teen will wake up. police say a man was driving drunk over the weekend when he crashed into a vintage car dealership in redwood city last night. when police arrived on the scene, the passenger was hurt and the driver had taken off. the suspect was tracked down and was arrested nearby. warming temperatures, let's go to meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you, laura and good morning to you at home. we are starting out 20 degrees milder than most days last week. 47 degrees in napa. 42 in oakland. and 39 degrees to kickoff your monday in san jose. just to give you the idea of the 24-hour change, we are 17 degrees milder at this hour than 24 hours ago in napa. it will be warmer this afternoon. the 70s are on the way to places like san jose. palo alto, 68 degrees for you. 67 in pleasanton for today. enjoy it because temperatures are going to tumble as we get
7:28 am
into the end of the week. here's mike inouye with your morning drive. we have a good crowd here on north 101 in san the save. overall, we'll see a smooth flow northbound. speaking of dramatic, we have a deadly crash over here sounding like the flow of traffic was stopped near winchester boulevard. it's off in a parking lot, so it's a tragic situation out of the roadway. northbound 101 we have a crash involving a motorcycle. no major injuries. a look at the san mateo bridge is smooth from the east bay. back to you. we'll have another local news update for you in a half hour. see you then.
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7:30 am
7:30 on this monday morning. it's the 16th of december, 2013. there's the world's most famous christmas tree sparkling brightly this morning. michael buble is here to perform a holiday classic. >> singing white christmas there. >> trying to make it happen. >> meanwhile, let's take a look at the stories making headlines. a man hunt underway for two carjacking suspects that shot and killed a man last night as he left a new jersey mall with his wife. she was not hurt in the incident. >> hollywood is remembering the lives of three popular actors that died. 81-year-old peter o'toole and
7:31 am
joan fontaine. >> if you go to your convenience store to buy a gallon of milk today, don't be surprised if you see long lines because the mega millions jackpot soared to 550 million. >> someone could have a good christmas. >> meanwhile, coming up, what does santa claus look like? does his race matter? why st. nick is the most controversial figure of the season. >> and dr. oz will be giving us a jump start on our resolutions to get healthy in the new year with a new group of foods you should be eating. >> and pigs in a blanket is not on that list. >> no, the puff pastry. that's the problem. >> we'll start with a story that really gripped the country. in a moment, the family that spent two nights stranded in the nevada wilderness will open up about their ordeal for the first time but here's nbc's miguel
7:32 am
almaguer with their remarkable story of survival. >> reporter: ever since they were found alive and well, this small town has been celebrating. >> this community came together and helped this come to a successful conclusion. >> reporter: the family became stranded during a sunday afternoon drive when their jeep overturned on a dirt road 30 miles outside of town. it was going slowly at the time and no one was hurt in the rollover. >> this is where you can begin to see the footprints in the snow. just up the hill here, here's the overturned jeep. >> reporter: but the accident was only the start of this family's ordeal. overnight, the temperatures fell to minus 15 degrees. glanton, mcintee and the children had to survive three days on the mountain. they lit a fire and burned a spare tire down to the bone. they also heated up rocks like this one and put them inside the
7:33 am
car to keep the kids warm at night. glanton burned the tire in hopes of attracting the attention of search and rescue teams. helicopters passed overhead on two occasions without spotting them. the family was finally rescued by a group of volunteers including chris montez who has known glanton since high school. >> everybody in the town was looking for them. >> reporter: despite the harsh conditions, everyone came home in good health. a family strength and a community support. a miracle just before christmas. for today, miguel almaguer, nbc news, nevada. they're with us exclusively this morning along the children. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> can you think about where you were one week ago. how is everybody doing? >> we're doing good. >> must feel like a whirlwind.
7:34 am
>> it's been a long week. >> yeah. >> back to that moment, sunday afternoon, you decide to get in the car, the jeep, and check out the snow. how did the accident happen in the first place? >> we were coming downhill and hit a patch of ice and it just shot us over into the bank. it was a really slow motion rollover. i mean, it didn't even shatter the window. it broke the top of it but it didn't shatter the window. >> you collect yourself and realize the circumstances you're in. what's going through your mind at that point? >> are we going home? >> wondering how long you'll be out there. >> yeah. but the kids were awesome. they were calm. >> well, i have to tell you, reading about what you went through, this is one of the things that struck me the most, how on earth you kept these four little ones calm and not panicked for more than two days fridged cold. >> well, the boys saw it as just camping in the jeep.
7:35 am
they were actually really good about it. they were all really well. shelby was a big help when the children -- the younger ones started getting worried. she stepped in. she is a little momma. she did a good job. >> well, you're not just an ordinary guy out for a sunday drive. you have a lot of survival skills and backcountry experience. what's the first thing you did? and you had supplies with you, right? >> i did. we had matches, lighters, magnesium fire starter. we had some water. didn't have much in the way of food. but we had a bit. >> do you always have those kind of supplies with you or was this for this trip in particular. >> no, that's just normal stuff in the jeep. >> and how long were you prepared to be out there? this is an incredibly remote area christine. >> maybe one more day. i don't think we would have
7:36 am
lasted another two days. >> how afraid were you? >> i got scared the second day. >> there were a couple of times as i understand it rescuers got very close. >> very. >> and you heard them and saw a helicopter overhead. >> well, we saw two different planes. two of the smaller single engine, like crop duster style. >> and you tried to signal them? >> yeah, i had a fire going and i had green pine in it. so i had a lot of white smoke. it was surrounded by snowy mountains which made it kind of difficult to see i guess. >> i can't imagine what that's like. you come so close to someone coming near and you able to rescue you and then they pass over you. you just must be crushed in that moment. >> that was rough. that was hard. >> so for people who are looking at this story and wondering about this area and thinking should you have been out there driving in these conditions, what would your response be? >> that's what we do. we're from a small town.
7:37 am
we don't have anything in the way of entertainment besides the hills. that's what we do. that's where we live. >> it turns out your community which is very close nit was out in force looking for you. how did it feel christine when you saw someone you know, a friend of yours from high school come down in the snow? >> i was speechless. i didn't think -- i wasn't sure what was going to happen. i'm glad that they were there. >> one of the things that i think made the difference according to authorities is that you stayed together and apparently that's unusual. was there ever a time as these days wore on when you thought maybe one of us should go for help? how did you know what to do? >> we talked about it but we decided together that we should stay there and just, you know, we figured our best chance was with the jeep because it was the most visible. rather than a single person walking out in the wilderness.
7:38 am
>> what would you want to say for those that looked so hard for you and saved you. >> thank you. >> a great big thank you. we'll forever be grateful. there's no other way to say it. >> a lot of people are very impressed by your resourcefulness and calm and we're so happy you're back together and can enjoy the holidays. >> thank you. >> thank you for being here. >> we'll take a turn and send it over to al with a check of the weather. >> thank goodness they're okay. as we check out our interactive weather wall, the jet stream pattern bringing the much warmer air into the southwest. so they stayed above normal. we have had much below normal temperatures in the northeast but that pattern is going to be changing as the week wears on. as we make our way into wednesday, thursday, and friday. you can see that warm air now starts to make its way a little further to the east coast. that's because we get a big dip in the jet stream out west. it makes it's way way up to the north ahead of that jet stream. so here in the northeast, we're going to be much warmer where as you get back into the plain
7:39 am
states we'll be looking at much colder air coming on in here. so that's going to be a big change. for today, we do look for winds coming across the great lakes. more lake effect snow. windy in the northeast and new england. 48 in seattle. gorgeous day throughout the gulf coast. good morning to you. new week, new forecast. temperatures are going to be nice and mild today. san bruno looking at 4:00 p.m., 65 degrees. some high wispy clouds overhead for today. it's a spare the air day. keep that in mind. otherwise, temperatures are going to be really warm down in the south bay. santa cruz today, 68 degrees at noon. at 2:00 p.m., 73 degrees. so warm temperatures across the board for today. and then things start to change as we head through wednesday, about 10 to 15 degrees cooler. hope where you have a great day. hat's your latest weather. >> all right, al, thanks. the newly kindled debate coming up over santa's race.
7:40 am
>> we'll talk about that. on trending, another topic sure to get people talking, which state has the nation's worst drivers? any guesses? okay. but first, these messages. yes you did. yes you did. no i didn't. no i didn't. yes you did. yes you did. no i didn't. no i didn't. did not. yes you did.
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like the dell venue, with intel inside. get 6, 12, 18, or 24 months special financing with a walmart credit card. minimum purchase and certificate required. valid in-store only through 12/31/13. walmart. we're back at 7:44 with a christmas controversy tied to santa claus. what does he really look like? kristen welker has more on that. >> good morning to you. this debate is focussed on santa claus but it's about a much larger issue in this country. the issue of race and it started when a popular cable news anchor declared santa is white. santa claus is coming to town and on a lot of kids' minds. but now he's at the center of a heated debate which started when the african american blogger wrote a column last week arguing
7:45 am
santa should be a penguin instead of a white man insisting the switch could spare millions of nonwhite kids the insecurity and shame that she remembers from childhood. megan kelly seized on the comments last wednesday. >> this is so ridiculous. yet another person claiming it's racist to have a white santa, you know? and by the way for all of you kids watching at home, santa just is white. >> reporter: words that got her on the naughty list of news organizations and pundits and comedians. she responded. her initial words are tongue and cheek. >> race is still an incredibly volatile thing in this country and fox news and yours truly are big targets for people. >> i thought she was sort of angry about the fact that i suggested he couldn't be white. >> reporter: a high school teacher in new jersey was
7:46 am
recently disciplined for telling this black student santa is white. both incidents underscoring just how prevalent the imagine of a caucasian santa continues to be. but at this los angeles mall, old st. nick is latino and african american. diversity that makes a difference to these parents. >> we hear there's a korean santa and hispanic santa. we want every year for him to take a photo with different santas. >> it matters only because the hooks and tv, they show it as being one race. so i want him to be able to see that there's more than one. >> nbc news contacted fox news for comment and they declined saying that kelly had already responded to the criticism, matt. all right kristen welker, thank you very much. coming up, are you eating enough anchovies? dr. oz has got some foods he
7:47 am
wants you to get in your diet to keep you healthy for the new year. and from the orange room, proof that michael buble owns christmas before he performs for us live. that's right after this. ♪ [ male announcer ] can't believe you can pronounce everything in it? believe. new deliciously simple from i can't believe it's not butter! with 100% taste and zero artificial preservatives. it's time to...believe.
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7:51 am
>> yeah, guys. i'm sure you went out this weekend, dinner, or hanging out with friends and of course christmas music is filling the air and also warm drinks. we'll get to that in a second but i want to share something with you. one of the smart facts for the holiday. spotify is tracking the top streaming christmas songs of the season. take a look here, mr. michael buble owns every single spot one through ten. the only person in the middle, mariah carey at number two. so he is officially mr. christmas. >> there he is. mr. christmas ladies and gentlemen. >> michael buble. >> you own christmas. >> have you heard about this? you are ranked in the top 10 christmas songs of all time, you are every one but number two. you're number one. >> on spotify. >> yes. >> you do have this pesky mariah
7:52 am
carey in there. >> i have her on my special too. >> way to get the plug in, michael. we'll see him in a couple of minutes. coming up on trending, wait until you see how snl handles the fake sign language interrupter scandal. >> shakira opens up about her life as a mom and holiday at farmers, we make you smarter about insurance.
7:53 am
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good morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we have breaking news, crews are cleaning up a major mess at san jose international airport. a water main burst pouring water two to three inches deep in the baggage area and near the security checkpoint. many the meantime, a warning for uc berkeley students. there have been four robberies and one attempted robbery in less than a week. the good news is that we'll have warmer temperatures this week. although we do need the rain. >> there's none in the forecast, but the air quality getting into
7:57 am
the end of the week, happy monday to you. temperatures not that bad. definitely more bearable than what we had to go through last week. 41 degrees in the south bay. the peninsula at 39 degrees. temperatures are going to climb nicely into the 70s in the south bay. 68 degrees along the peninsula. the east bay at 69 degrees. then things start to change. we'll talk a little bit about the air quality because we have unhealthy levels of pollution today. likely the case for tomorrow and improvement getting into wednesday and thursday, back to the moderate range. that's when you should be able to burn the wood legally. we'll check your drive, good morning, mike. we'll look to the south bay. the san jose camera shows haze but not a lot of traffic. that's the better news. the maps north of 101 show a nicer flow of traffic. 17 northbound up to hamilton, we have a lot of slowing because of that crash. a car went into the tree near the off-ramp. some slowing near the peninsula, the crash there is still slowing. from time to time it sto and
7:58 am
then completely flows smoothly. that's what happens across 92. >> another update in a half hour. see you then.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." and coming up dr. oz shares his tips on how to stay healthy and happy over the holiday season. plus, pop superstar shakira opens up about her most cherished holiday tradition. >> it's all about the family and spending time with your loved ones. >> and her life as a new mom. and a special holiday performance from the one and only michael bu bla live monday, december 16, 2013. >> ♪ come and take a selfie with me ♪ >> you think this is cold? we're from north dakota. >> hey, al, raleigh, north
8:01 am
carolina. >> hello from alabama. ♪ it's 8:00 now on this monday morning. welcome back to "today" on a chilly one here out on the plaza. i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie, al roker and tamron hall. have you seen the setup we have? >> we're about to have a good time. >> some of the great toys for the holiday season that have been kid tested and also tested by savannah, al, natalie, so it's the same thing. >> we'll figure out who is more mature. i think we know the answer to that. first to the top stories of the morning. natalie is inside. good morning to you. all right. good morning to you guys. and we begin with a terrifying and deadly shooting at an upscale new jersey shopping mall during the height of the holiday shopping season. this morning new jersey police
8:02 am
are still looking for t gunman. police say the 30-year-old victim and his wife were getting into their car in the short hills mall parking garage sunday night when the husband was shot in the head and killed. his wife is expected to be okay. the two suspects then drove away in the couple's 2012 silver range rover. students held a vigil of hope sunday for 17-year-old classmate claire davis who was critically wounded friday during a school shooting in colorado. davis is still in a coma. police believe she was a ran tomorrow victim of gunman karl pierson who police say came to the school heavily armed. the senior had recently clashed with his debate team coach. police say he clearly intended to harm many people. he was armed with a shotgun purchased legally last week, a machete, and homemade a firebombs. pierson killed himself 80 seconds in a the attack when he was confronted by a sheriff's deputy. in an exclusive interview this morning a nevada couple described how they survived three days stranded in the cold,
8:03 am
rugged mountains with four children. their ordeal began when their jeep hit a patch of ice and flipped over. they built a fire and huddled to keep warm. at one point they did consider splitting up to seek help. >> we talked about it but we decided together that we should stay there and just, you know, we figured our best chance was with the jeep because it was the most visible rather than a single person walking out in the wilderness. >> the group was rescued in good condition. the couple defended their decision to take their children out into the mountains saying that in that part of the country that's what people do there for entertainment. a water main break at the san jose airport made a mess of one terminal this morning. take a look. the overnight break inside a sky bridge flooded floors in terminal "a." extra workers were called in overnight to start mopping up. the flooding is creating big problems at the airport but officials are still hoping to get flats off in time. christmas came early for
8:04 am
some kids in washington, illinois, affected by last month's devastating tornadoes. children of all ages, some who lost everything, got the v.i.p. treatment straight from the north pole. more than 1,000 toys were collected and handed out. organizers hope this reassures kids that people, especially santa, have not forgotten about them. that is great to see them all happy there. 8:04 right now. time for the weather and al. and thank you so much. hey, al. ask me my name. what's your name? >> i'm stormy rain your new weather girl. >> is that really your name? are you the rain family? what are your other kids' names? >> that's all. all we've got. >> stormy and you went with that. i love it. a born weather girl. thank you so much. let's show you what we have going on. as you can see not much in chicago on illinois. you can see we will be looking at snow as that clipper comes across by 3:00 this afternoon,
8:05 am
continues on into this evening. and our pick city of the day, charleston, west virginia. look for a little light snow today. cloudy and cold. by wednesday sunny but still cold. 43 degrees. for "today" snow across the great lakes as that clipper comes back. we are looking at some high surf advisories along the southern california coast as well. expect to see plenty of sunshine in the southeast later today. that's surf's up here in the bay area today as well which me, w you don't want to turn your back against the ocean if you're going to be out there. look at these temperatures. not too hot, not too cold. we're running anywhere between 1 and 8 degrees milder than 24 hours ago. as a result, today's going to be a nice warm finish. we're talking about nine days away from christmas and 73 degrees in santa cruz. it is going to be nice out there. 70s in the south bay. peninsula, upper 60s. east bay, upper 60s for you.
8:06 am
all the way back here, all the way to 48th street. it is big, guys. >> it is. >> all right, al, thank you. appreciate it. we'll get down and say hi to those people in a couple of minutes. i did not stick that on your back. right there. up next on trending from the pope to big papi, the top quotes of 2013. we'll check in with dr. oz and get his prescription for a healthy holiday season and beyond. >> and new mom and pop sensation shakira. i'm so happy to be marrying your mom. you know that, right? uh-huh. i know this hasn't always been easy for you. and i'm really happy that you're in my life too. ♪ it's just like yours, mom! [ jane ] behind every open heart is a story. tell yours with my open hearts collection at kay jewelers, the number one jewelry store in america. there are millions of reasons to give one, but the message is always the same. keep your heart open... and love will always find its way in. thank you. thank you. ♪ every kiss begins with kay
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for more great deals, visit toyotathon is on! ♪ toyota. let's go places. ♪ our plan is in place. ♪ we've rigged up a trap to catch sight of his face. ♪ ♪ if only we could, just stay awake... ♪ ♪ back now at 8:10. here's what's trending today. here's something we haven't seen. it's taken 40 years to get new imagines from the surface of the moon. >> good. because my old ones are getting shabby.
8:11 am
>> well, these are in color too, by the way. >> okay. >> take a look. the pictures are curtesy of china and it's jade rabbit rover. kicking off a three-month mission to explore the moon's surfa surface. >> it makes china the third country to accomplish a successful lunar landing after the u.s. and russia. u.s. moon mission gave us this famous line. >> the eagle has landed. that's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. >> i remember where i was. 1969. that's neil armstrong back in '69. now china is celebrating its accomplishment as a giant leap for mankind as a whole. the next goal to send a human to the moon. >> very cool. >> if you're about to head off to work, you want to stop and hear this. does your state have the country's worst drivers? well, there's a new list out this morning based on speeding tickets, careless driving and failure to obey traffic signals. here they are, the top five.
8:12 am
alabama in fifth place followed by texas, mississippi in third, south carolina the runner up. so number one worst driving nation is louisiana. >> nice. >> surprisingly, new york and new jersey didn't even make it into the top ten. new york was 22 and new jersey 32. they're clearly not driving where i'm driving. >> as the only southerner here. >> i think the survey was conducted by a new yorker. >> wow, i kind of like it. >> i'll stick up for the southerners. anyway, from the worst drivers to the best, a librarian at yale compiled a list of the most memorable lines of 2013 and included in the top ten, everyone's favorite mayor from the northeast. >> yes, i have smoked crack cocaine but no -- do i? am i an addict? no.
8:13 am
have i tried it? probably in one of my drunken stupors. >> we have to start being the stupid party. there's time for a new republican party that talks like adults. >> we must wage a global struggle against illiteracy, terrorism and poverty. let us pick up our books and our pens. these are our most powerful weapons. >> [ bleep ] and nobody is going to dictate. >> with respect to the pledge i made that if you like your plan you can keep it, the way i put that forward unequivocally ended up not being accurate. >> some of the other notables on the list, pope francis discussing the church's fixation on social issues and edward snowden on the government leaks. >> president obama got mixed up in a series of unfortunate
8:14 am
events last week at nelson mandela's funeral. those selfies seen around the world, the fake sign language interpreter. all of that was perfect for our friends at snl. >> i mean, first i got roped into taking a selfie with the blonde female danish prime minister. some people said michelle was angry at me for that but i talked to her afterwards and i can assure you, she was furious. i have been listening to what americans are saying. and some very valid concerns are being raised. >> raise the roof. >> yeah. >> good stuff. >> and that is what's trending today. meantime, we all know how easy it is to pack on a couple of extra pounds during the holiday season but dr. oz who is out
8:15 am
with an update of his book, you, the owner's manual, has creative ways to keep the bulge at bay. >> here's what i would do. the problem with all of these is they have a certain number of calories and they're a slippery slope once you start eating t m them. here's what i like to do. you like these milk duds over here. normally you take this many milk duds. you put half of them back. you only have half a cup. you pour that in here. that's not filling. instead take a cup of popcorn, about a quarter cup of walnuts. you mix that up. it gives you the crunchy feeling you want and you cut the calories in half and you can go anywhere you want with that and feel innocent about the process of eating and enjoying them. >> fantastic. >> and dr. oz joins us now. good to see you. happy holidays. >> same to you. >> you have updates. we'll talk about things that people are probably already practicing. and then you will update the information. first let's start with things that are good for our heart and blood pressure. we're talking about omega 3s. anything change with those?
8:16 am
>> we have talked differently about fats in the past decade. the only ones we used to consider were the fish oil fats but we learned why they work. they're very flexible and malleable. saturated fats, they tend to make your arteries hard and bad for your brain as well. but we have a big break through. >> remind me where we get omega 3s first. >> walnuts, salmon, when your mom used to give you cod liver oil, that's why she gave it to you. >> the update, though, is -- >> omega 7. there are fats from different sources. don't get caught up on what omega means. they're fats from different sources. for example, anchovies and macadamian nuts. they have lots of omega 7. they allow the ldl cholesterol so here is a little demo to show you what we're talking about. >> fine. >> this is one of our arteries.
8:17 am
>> this is a major arteries. i'm going to take my finger, they represent hypertension. if i scrape it like this, i rip the artery. or if i smoke cigarettes i can cut it or if i'm exposed to diabetes. that scratches it up. the body has two choices to repair this. one choice is to allow the ldl bad cholesterol. that's like this stuff. put that in there. let me see how you do this. >> into the -- >> the hole. you have to fix the hole. >> we're doing spackle here. >> you are. but the stuff you're putting in there is a little bit thick. over years you literally glop this stuff up so much that it clogs up the artery. >> so the blood has little space or less space to travel. >> you see what happens here. what ends up happening with ldl cholesterol is it thickens it up. but the healthy omega 7 fats, it happens like this. very nice little repair. you can barely tell there was any hole there at all.
8:18 am
we're talking about trading off some of the saturated fat with fats that are more liquidy. they flow like this. when they flow, the body has an easier time dealing with it. the hard stuff gets blocked. >> how many macadamia nuts or serves of anchovies do i have to eat? >> three times a week. the early human trials are extremely encouraging here and it also seems to help our liver. >> let's give people another update. this one deals with cancer. we have always been told you want to eat those vibrantly colored fruits and vegetables. broccolis, blueberries, raspberries? things like that. what's the update? >> we want to now begin to include other kinds of vegetables. the classic garlic is valuable. celery, leeks, onions and why? . because they change dramatically the cancer cells. i think every single person out there now has cancer. anyone that can hear our voice has cancer?
8:19 am
why doesn't it grow? our body has natural healing opportunities. it's not just the dark colored vegetables but all the vegetables. they work in different ways and very specific. let's say you're looking at the lining of a vegetable. that's the cancer cell. let's say the lining of the colon or the uterus or the lungs. the cancer begins to grow. it doesn't like anything. it steals blood. it brings new blood into it. what these vegetables do is block off the ability of this cancer to grow. >> by cutting off the blood supply. >> first of all, they cause it itself but block off the blood supply as well. these are things we can't even do with medications these days. now that we understand vegetables and fruits can act by slowing cancer growth, blocking new blood vessels from getting in there and convince the cancer cells to kill themselves. >> onions, leeks, celery. >> five times a week. >> every other day get them into your diet. >> add that to the mack tame yeah nuts and the and choef wris and europe set for the holidays. always good to see you.
8:20 am
happy holidays to you. let's send it over to savannah. >> reporter: shakira's kind of christmas is brought to you by target. what's your kind of holiday. >> matt, thanks. now to a look at the holiday season through the eyes of a super star. today jenna bush-hager was so lucky. she got to sit down with shakira and check out her holidays. good morning to you. >> we both love her. she is in the middle of recording a new album. i caught up with the singer and new mom and talked about her wishes for a happy and healthy new holiday. healthy new holiday. [ music playing ] >> reporter: international super star shakira lives life on a big stage. but it's a tiny package that's lighting up her holidays this year. her 10 month old son milan. >> do you feel like he's been the best gift you have ever received. >> yes. him and his father. >> his father is professional
8:21 am
soccer player. >> he is unbelievable and such an amazing dad. they play soccer together. they have a little fun together. >> reporter: she is devoted too, to her family and to her music and a central part of her life and holiday. >> what's your favorite christmas song. >> there's a columbian song i love that talks about the holidays. >> how did you know i wanted you to sing it. i'm so glad you didn't make me ask you. >> dancing to the song. >> what were your traditions growing up? >> christmas in columbia is a whole different story. you're not going to hear a lot of the traditional christmas carols. we have adaptations to those songs in salsa rhythm. so it's completely different but it's all about the family too and about spending time with
8:22 am
your loved ones. >> talk to me about what you want to pass to milan as far as the importance of giving back. >> i want him to love people. i want him to really grow up in a world in which he trusts others. >> reporter: it's a world she is trying to make better. she started the barefoot foundation when she was 18 to address inequalities in education around the world. >> i want to turn this conversation but it's true we ask ourselves why am i here? i know i'm not here to eternally shake it, you know? >> yes you are. >> i love my career, but definitely working with children has been one of the most satisfying things i've done in my life and now having milan is definitely an inspiration to continue doing more. >> you thought we should make
8:23 am
some bags for the kids that are going to your school. >> yeah. we're building a school for 1800 students. it's our 6th school in columbia. it's going to be beautiful and state of the art school for very impoverished area. so every penny invested and every effort you invest toward education. >> we got to work stuffing bags with school supplies. >> you take one. i'll take one. >> yes, ma'am. can candy cane. you're tempted to eat it huh? >> yeah. but it's going to the kids. >> crayons. >> crayons. >> what do you hope for these kids? >> i think that fate can be changed. that's why i'm so passionate about it. >> reporter: a passion to give back and an appreciation for the simple gift of her family. >> my kind of holiday, fill in the blank. your kind of holiday is? >> my kind of holiday is with my d wh milan.
8:24 am
shakira will be celebrating the holiday in barcelona. we already arranged a marriage, my daughter mila and her son milan. if my daughter can dance like shakira -- >> she will sing at the wedding and not you. now to matt who made his way outside. >> we have more of our special 12 days of christmas deals to get to. elizabeth is in gym clothes and freezing out here. happy holidays. >> happy holidays. >> you have the ornament in your hand. >> the ornament symbolizing number six. >> halfway through. >> halfway through and today i'm showing you the trx. if you don't know what it is, it was created by a navy s.e.a.l. on deployment that wantedo is a equipment, if you will. what's great about it is you can
8:25 am
take it anywhere. so i take mine and i put it on a tree limb in the gym. you can put it in your hotel room and it uses gravity and your body weight to create resistance. so if you are injured and you want to do squats you can do a supported squat. a supported lunge. >> this is great. it's like richard simmons here. >> you can do push ups. it's using your body weights and it doesn't come with this. >> this is not a part of it. what's great is the price. >> it's usually about $200 but you can get it for half off. this has never been discounted like this before. >> thank you very much. more deals to come but first we're going to take a break and take a look at these messages. your local news and weather.
8:26 am
a very good monday morning to you. it's 8:26. part of terminal a at san jose international airport are shutdown after a water main break. a water pipe burst overnight spending water gushing into the baggage claim and security areas. several people inside the terminal were evacuated. travelers can check in at terminal a but will be bussed to terminal b to go through security. no gates are affected. let's check that morning commute with mike. >> we have a lighter volume overall, but we've had some trouble spots. nothing unusual except for the number of cash payers. heavy all morning. east shore freeway bogging slower for 580 and 880 but nothing dramatic.
8:27 am
in the south, a nice smooth flow. as well as for your northbound routes. a live look at oakland shows you that volume we were talking about. a little slow past the coliseum. again, no major incidents. great news. back do you. >> all right. thank you very much. another local news update coming up at about 8:55 this morning. have a great monday morning as we take a couple live looks outside to help you start your day.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 on a monday morning. it's the 16th of december, 2013.
8:31 am
this is our 20th annual toy drive. we'll catch up with him in a moment. if you want to drop off a toy or if you can't get her, get online and we'll show you how you can be a part of this and we appreciate it. >> the music you're hearing curtesy of michael buble. he'll be here for a live performance coming up. mr. christmas. >> that's right. need something to bring to your next holiday party? our pal giada is in the kitchen. she has her favorite finger foods of the season. >> all right. but first we have eager elves trying to put toys to the test. >> it's our annual toy test. they are patiently waiting. so we are going to cut the ribbon. >> don't run with those. >> no, don't run with the scissors, all right? and we're going to let you guys in. >> go. >> look out. >> go, go. >> and we're going to check in
8:32 am
with them and find out what they like and what they don't like coming up in a couple of minutes. >> all right. john runs in. he is lending his voice to the movie of thooe holidays. >> happy holidays. >> this movie is so cool. it's kind of the latest in whatever we can do technically for a movie like this. i heard it's likes 3-d on steroids. >> it's called photo realism. it feels like you're in a documentary about dinosaurs but it's so beautiful. >> you don't play a dinosaur. you play a bird with a sharp tongue. >> which is technically a dinosaur. i'm the first parrot. >> there were some on set to verify the accuracy. >> they're very annoying. they're so picky about details and facts. >> you love this time period. you were the sloth. >> i found my niche. prehistoric animation.
8:33 am
>> i'm glad you can come up with the voice. you came up with it out of thin air. >> we found out this bird was discovered in mexico so we decided aa spanish type accent. so i tried some of those accents and then more spaniard, very sophisticated. >> very nice. >> around here we don't have keys to the city but we give you the scissors. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much. walking with dinosaurs opens nationwide on friday. now let's get a check of the weather. >> let's show you what we've got going on for today. again, as you can see on the radar, we are looking at indianapolis right now. they have already seen snow. they're going to see light snow later today right on to the afternoon hours. temperatures about 30 degrees. for today, windy conditions in the northeast. clipper bringing snow into the northeast. clouds and fog into the pacific northwest. tomorrow, look for more snow
8:34 am
here in the northeast. a few inches coming down. look for warm conditions through southern california into the gulf coast. nice and mild on into florida. 8:34 on a back to work, back to school monday. taking a live look at san jose. a little hazy, just a few clouds overhead. 46 in the east bay. 47 degrees right now in san francisco. headed towards the 70s. that'll be a new temperature record in san jose if we hit that mark. and we likely will. then as we head throughout the rest of the week, temperatures start to drop like a rock. normal is 62. below normal thursday into friday. have a fantastic day. that's your latest weather. completely oblivious to the cold, the kids -- >> they're in heaven right now. >> coming up next, michael buble performs a holiday classic live in our studio and then a little help for santa. our expert testers are hard at
8:35 am
work picking their favorite toys of 2013. but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone 'round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. with starbucks at $6.99, serve coffee everyone savors. top it off with coffee-mate... just $2.79 for all kinds of flavors. turns out this season less is really so much more. so make your holiday merrier than ever before. safeway. ingredients for life.
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8:37 am
we're back now with today's toy test. we have gathered over a dozen of the season's hottest toys and as you can see, we have opinionated kids putting them through their paces. stephanie is a child development expert and today contributor. happy holidays to you. >> thank you, matt. >> these are toys that do right by kids. >> absolutely. not only fun but many are educational. they're great toys our testers have been testing all year. the fast category are fast cars. do you like pinball? >> i love pinball. >> do you like hot wheels? >> i had hot wheels as a kid. >> this is awesome. instead of pinballs you're playing with hot wheels. >> it's like a pinball game but you use cars. how many cars come with the
8:38 am
game? >> two but you can use your other hot wheels as well. >> okay. this just came in in the crazy cars max track. >> does that glow in the dark or does it just look like it does? >> the cars which are now being used on the hot wheels thing have led lights on the bottom and you can't tell out here but when they go they're going to light the track. >> i can see the lights. >> the best track we tested all yearlong. >> perfect. >> and no real batteries required or anything like that which is great. >> really great. >> the next category we have the busy builder. >> busy builder. >> these are toys that teach kids. >> right. i always bring things you usually build. this one you build and then you implode it. this was the demolition lab. it was a little windy today. >> building up and you have these things in here. >> you guys are ready to hit the button on those. >> oh, there you go. >> oh, the humanity. >> this is really physics but you're talking about momentum, energy and you know what, matt,
8:39 am
it's really fun. >> al, get in there and build something. >> it won't let me in. >> what else do you have over here? >> star wars, lego, stilts, top set we have. number one request of our kid builders. this is really interesting and new. this is investigating solar power. it comes -- >> no batteries? all solar power? >> no, we're using the light bulb because there's not enough sun out here. really teaching your kids hands on ways to learn about renewal energy. >> and problem solving and all of that. i like that very much. >> there's been a lot of talk about girl's construction sets. this is designed by two female engineers that want to bring the next generation of builders into science and technology. look, matt. it actually comes -- this isn't your regular dollhouse. you build it and design it so there's a lot of creativity in this one as well. >> and this one, magformers.
8:40 am
we love working with geometric shapes and different structures. and tinker toys. they're plastic now. they have cool bending pieces. >> and they do a lot of pink colors so girls will learn the same lessons boys learn. >> you work your way around. i'll come find you. >> good. the next area are crafts. these are great. i would say if you have one toy of 2013, the rainbow loom. kids love it. if you're getting your holidays together. this is a great thing to do with grandma and grandpa. keep the kids busy. they can make their own sets. >> what i really love are crafts. the basket of craft supplies. this gift keepts on giving when the holidays are over. another great thing to have on hand for the holidays as well. this is totally different. this is a marker maker from crayola. >> you make your own markers. >> yes. >> natalie nice job. don't forget you'll be taking these kids over and they'll pick their favorite toys in just a
8:41 am
second. >> she's with the get up game. >> this is new. this is head bands act up. savannah doesn't know what the card says but you guys do. so you need to play basically. >> can i see? >> give her a clue. >> they can't talk. >> hopping -- kangaroo. >> yea. >> oh, you're too old to play this game. you're too good at this. >> let's have you do it, matt. >> perfect. >> a really good choice for mixed ages because it's a fun thing to play together. >> all right. >> this is yoga game. you have to get in the yoga position and keep it for ten months. >> let's go over here. we have hello dollies over here. >> we'll pick your favorite toys now. >> come on over. >> take one of the ornaments here and put it in the box that corresponds to your favorite toy. if you liked the toy, put one of the red ornaments in that box.
8:42 am
this is where it gets rather random. this is an inexact science here. >> we have some more demolition lab. >> we're going to tally the responses and tell you the favorite toys according to our kid testers coming up in just a moment. >> everybody votes. don't vote twice. >> vote early and often. we're going to have much more ahead. stephanie, thank you very much. merry christmas. happy holidays. for more of stephanie's top picks head to up next, something for the adults. giada de laurentiis has great finger foods to enjoy in your holiday party but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
8:44 am
we are back at 8:44 and we're going to do cooking with giada. many of you will host or attend
8:45 am
a holiday party this week and giada de laurentiis has great ideas for finger foods everyone will enjoy. >> good morning to you. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> we're going to do finger foods. you think do the small food. not something where you have to sit down. >> do you host a little christmas party at your house. >> i have hosted parties before. but i'm one of those open the chips. why do you ask? >> i just like to hear it. okay. so i like to do something just a little bit fancier than that although my husband does love to open a bag of chips and popcorn. >> yeah. >> okay. so i take a little puff pastry and you cut it into thin little strips with a pizza cutter and knife. this is a italian version of pigs in a blanket. >> can you get it anywhere? >> at the deli. >> okay. >> instead of buying it sliced, you buy a big chunk. so you take a piece. >> all right. >> you try that one. i'll guide you. you take it.
8:46 am
you start on one side and you just kind of move it over so that you can get a little bit of that kind of -- yeah, there you go. and it just kind of goes just like that. >> oh, that's fun. >> that's it. >> so then you take it and you put a little egg. >> results may vary. >> it's even prettier. >> you don't have to worry about it. keep it cold until the last minute. brush it with egg wash and that will make everything stick together. then put it on a baking sheet and oops. >> that's probably yours. >> of course it's mine. so then you top it with cheese and bake it at 375 for 20 minutes. >> parmesan if you want to. sometimes it can be a little strong. puitn the oven at 200 degrees and keep all of this warm so you don't have to cook while everybody's at your house.
8:47 am
>> i serve it with a little bit of mustard. people love this. it's not my favorite but my husband loves it. >> it's essential. >> my husband loves it. so it's for him. >> he's a smart fan. so next, chicken tenders. something for the kids. i have a 5-year-old so i have to think about people coming over with their kids. panko. a bread crumb mixture. some spinach. >> wow, sounds windy. >> parmesan cheese. >> there's the parmesan. >> and a little salt. >> okay. sorry. >> and then we just kind of fix it all together and power and start and this thing doesn't work and it never does -- is it not plugged in. >> just imagine. >> and this is what it looks like and the idea behind this came up because my daughter loves chicken fingers and doesn't like to eat a lot of greens or spinach. >> you tricked her. >> yes. so then what i do is i take the
8:48 am
chicken which is over there and this is what chicken tenders looks like. sometimes people don't know but you can buy them and they look just like this. i cut it in half and then i put them in buttermilk to tenderize them a little bit and that way the bread crumb mixture can stick to it. >> you would dip it and then this. you let the extra buttermilk drip off. it's like doing eggs except i think that's more flavorful. >> yeah. >> and the egg gives it a really thick crust and i like a nice thin crust. then i put it in here and put it in oil and fry it you want to throw a little bit of the bread crumb mixture into it and if it starts to fry up then it's ready. if it fries up and gets black right away, it's too hot. just throw some in there and we can see how it happens. shallow friday and 3 to 4 minutes. fry these ahead of time. keep them warm until you serve
8:49 am
them. >> i like that. >> make it a little elegant and the kids can catch up if they want to. >> real quickly, tell me what this is. >> these are little shrimp cakes. they're shrimp with ginger. it's my version of a crab cake but made with shrimp and ginger butter right on top. >> giada you always class our operation up. thank you so much. coming up next, we're going to get a special holiday performance from one of our favorites. michael buble is here. but first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ i don't know if
8:50 am
8:51 am
>> announcer: the toyota concert series on today, brought to you by toyota. >> michael buble has a lot of reasons to be merry this holiday season. he's a brand new dad. his album "to be loved" was just nominated for a grammy award. he is in the middle of a sold out tour. and he has a new holiday special here on nbc. >> yay. >> michael good to see you. happy holidays. >> thank you for having me. >> this is your third special for the holidays. >> this is the third one and hopefully it will go for years. >> why do you like doing these? >> mom and dad loved these a lot and the fact that i can be invited into people's homes to be a part of something so
8:52 am
special to them is important to me. >> you are a new dad. how old? >> a little past three months. >> what are you going to do to make it special for a three month old? >> he's making it special for us. it doesn't get any better. the greatest thing that's ever happened in my life. i love that little boy so much. so every day is actually better. >> do you spoil him. >> i'm probably going to spoil him like crazy. >> yeah. new harley and super bowl tickets under the tree. those don't count for gifts for him. those are for you. >> those are for me. >> what do you mean when mom and dad used to make it special? what's the major memory you had celebrating christmas as a kid? >> a lot of love. just a lot of love and joy. they made it almost magical is the word. they made it magical. they made it exciting and fun. and that's what i want to recreate for my family. >> we have been having fun. you have been rehearsing several times this morning. we have a chance to listen to the great music.
8:53 am
what are you going to sing. >> it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. >> you got to get that straight. >> michael buble. >> thanks. [ music playing ] ♪ it's beginning to look a lot like christmas everywhere you go ♪ ♪ take a look at the five and ten, glistening once again, candy canes and silver lanes aglow ♪ ♪ it's beginning to look a lot like christmas, toys in every store. but the prettier sight to see is the holly that will be on your own front door ♪ ♪ a pair of hop along boots and
8:54 am
a pistol that shoots is the wish of bonny and ben. dogs that will talk and go for a walk is the hope of janice and general and mom and dad can hardly wait for school to start again ♪ ♪ it's beginning to look a lot like christmas everywhere you go ♪ ♪ there's a tree in the grand hotel, one in the park as well ♪ ♪ the stirdy kind that doesn't mind the snow ♪ ♪ it's beginning to look a lot like christmas ♪ ♪ soon the bells will start ♪ and the thing that will make them ring is the carol that you sing right within your heart ♪ [ music playing ]
8:55 am
♪ it's beginning to look a lot like christmas, toys in every store ♪ ♪ but the prettiest sight to see is the holly that will be ♪ ♪ on your own front door ♪ yeah, it's christmas once more ♪ merry christmas everybody. [ applause ] >> michael buble. we're so happy to have you as part of the nbc family over the holidays. it's great. >> looking forward to it. it's a christmas tradition.
8:56 am
>> i just said this morning i've probably been on the show i don't know how many times but it feels like coming home and it wouldn't be christmas without being here. >> 431. we just counted. >> the number of people in michael's band. >> exactly. you can catch his third annual christmas special wednesday night, 10 dpood morning. it's 8:56. i'm terry mcsweeny. free wi-fi now available in one of the busiest parts of san francisco. it will turn on today along market street from the castro district all the way down to the embarcadero. it's the first of dozens of free wi-fi areas to be launched around the city over the next six months. let's check the forecast. here's christina. >> good morning. hard to believe we're already in the mid-50s in santa cruz.
8:57 am
napa jumped to 50 degrees. as we head throughout the day today, we're talking about unseasonably warm temps. 70s in the south bay. 57 in san francisco. north bay, 69 degrees. it is a spare the air day. .
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news this is today's take with al roker, natalie morales, and willie geist. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to today on this monday morning, december 16th, 2013. a good-lookingrowd outside on a nice day here in new york city. >> were you just skating. >> i just spent the last 30 minutes working on a routine on the rink behind us. >> wait, working on a routine? >> with the great gold medallist, we'll be doing a pairs skating routine coming up. >> you are glistening. >> she had me working over there. >> clear the ice. >> oh, we're clearing the ice. >> this is like your first time ice skating? >> no, i've been on skates but it's not something i do a lot. >> you played hockey. >> no, didn't play that either.
9:01 am
>> i don't know why i thought that. >> not a big skater. she has been very kind and generous and forgiving with my moves so far. >> will you be doing a lift? >> i asked her. should we do lifts? she had absolutely not. >> smart woman. >> she has a career and family and everything. >> we want to make sure she is okay. >> glades of glory 2. >> you want to stick around for this one. >> it's going to be amazing. >> what did you do this weekend? >> i saw anchorman last night. it's really, really good. >> a lot of big names. >> incredible camios. the standard from the first movie is high that you're worried going in. it's hard to compare the two but if you liked the first one you're going to enjoy this movie. without giving anything away, the fight scene has been escalated to absurd levels net second movie because it's the era of 24 hour news so there's more channels represented. >> okay. >> what about you guys?
9:02 am
>> i did a lot of cooking and a lot of christmas cookie decorating with the kids. so our house yesterday it was like all the sparkles exploded all over the counter. >> no. >> flour everywhere. it was classic. i think i still have food coloring under my nails. >> how did it get out. >> didn't go anywhere. >> what about you al? >> well, i went to the -- >> you went to the vice president's christmas party. >> i did. i went to the vice president's holiday party in washington d.c. it's a lovely home. it's on the grounds of the u.s. naval observatory and it is just gorgeous. we had a wonderful time. >> looked like such a nice intimate evening with the bidens. >> he could not have been nicer. he said hello and sends his holiday greetings to you as well. he continues to say he's planning oncoming. we just don't know when. >> a lot of planning. >> don't know when. we'll see what happens.
9:03 am
>> we'll once again extend the invitation. >> we will continue to extend it and then yesterday was our annual church christmas pageant and nikki had his first speaking role. he was inn keeper 2-b. >> how many were there? >> a set of three inn keepers. >> look at him. >> he nailed his lines. i got a laugh. joseph says i need a room and his partner inkeeper says how big and then nikki says tall, grande, venti got the laugh. >> well done. >> well done. nailed the laugh. that's a big weekend. it's going to be a busy couple of days for people buying lottery tickets. >> oh, man. >> it's at $550 million. no tickets matched the six numbers from friday. so no one has won it now in two
9:04 am
months. so it will be about $550 million. it could reach the record. >> we need to get tickets now. >> we had this guy on earlier in the show and here's a thought. you would have never thought of this. that's why we had an expert. he said you have a small chance if you buy one, your chances increase if you buy more than one. >> what? >> you mean to tell me -- run that by me again al. >> stay with me. >> you buy one ticket you have a tiny chance. >> yeah. >> you buy more than one, you have a number of tiny chances. therefore you increase your odds of inning. >> wow. >> is that a statistician. >> he was an expert. >> he was? >> he was. >> by the way, the reason we are going without seeing somebody win this jackpot now, i guess, over two months, is because they have changed how you select your numbers.
9:05 am
it used to be 1 through 56 per line, now it's 1 through 75. so there's a lot more numbers in the overall drawing. so that's why nobody is winning. >> they'll increase it 1 to 1,000. >> i'm upset they changed the whole numerology of it. >> big pot. could break a record. >> i love the next story. talking about the birds and the bees. not always a comfortable conversation. >> your kids are too young. >> oh, god no. >> can we get a tissue for willie. >> i'm literally sweating. >> look at that. >> he's melting. >> i just did 30 minutes on the ice and then i sprinted over here. she works you. >> i'd borrow alicias but she is using it on her nose. >> take the cards. i always do that. >> tara works you over. >> have we cut back? we couldn't bring the box? >> fantastic. thank you. >> thank you tara. >> this is just a tease for what you're about to see on the ice in a few minutes.
9:06 am
>> we're worried. speaking about the birds and the bees. >> were we? i didn't realize we were? >> we were starting to get in that conversation. it's awkward for parents to have that conversation. >> adam, just toss it. >> box. >> got it. >> we're good. >> okay. birds and the bees. so now, apparently technology could help parents in their efforts to engage their children in that conversation because i guess it's one of these things that we all are worried to death when our kids ask us where do i come from. kids don't ask me that question. well, planned parenthood recently developed new cell phone tools that encourages teens to talk with their parents about sex and to make healthy decisions. also mtv and the kaiser family foundation are working on the get yourself testing campaign. they're using videos to simulate real life party scenes and what to do. that's a good use of technology. >> i guess 9% of middle schools and 32% of high schools cover topics related to pregnancy,
9:07 am
prevention, stds, things like that. >> my son's school in third grade starts with the sex ed classes and talks. >> what do they tell them in third grade? >> they tell them a lot. >> oh really? >> yeah. we were getting in a car to pick up josh and we're getting in the car and josh is like mom, is it true and then this happens and then that happens and i'm like yes it's all true. it's all true. can we have this conversation at home, josh. >> she came home when she was a freshman in high school, she said they showed this video in the gym, the doors were closed, kids were screaming because they're showing different pictures of various things that can happen, that go wrong. >> that go wrong? >> well. >> what could go wrong? >> diseases. kids, they lihad to send a lett home because kids are traumatized by what they showed. >> they don't show that one again.
9:08 am
>> we used to get the vhs of the miracle of life. you watched that for an hour and that's it. >> you know how i learned about the birds and the bees? >> how. >> reading the world book encyclopedia. my parents never had the talk with me. >> no. >> at that time kids were talking about it. i was like really so i went and looked at how babies are made. >> my dad took me fishing and he said i think you're mature enough now for this talk and all i would remember thinking is if we leave now we can still catch the flinstones. >> priorities al. >> hey, what's fred and barney up to. >> you're still using that with deborah, right? >> i am. sorry, sweetie. i have to see what homer and marge are up to. >> listen, my dad and i definitely never had the conversation. in fact, we're writing a book coming out next year whose title is good talk dad, birds and the bees and other conversations we
9:09 am
forgot to have. so we go back and have these uncomfortable conversations. >> that's good. i love it. >> we're doing our secret santa right now. we just got an envelope. open it up and figure out who you got. the limit is $20. >> that's it. >> that's a max. >> so we're talking gag gifts here. >> right. >> they preselected for us so we wouldn't get ourselves. >> so we wouldn't pick ourselves. >> are we not supposed to share. >> shocker. don't share it. >> you got a 50/50 chance of knowing who it is. >> wow. i have good ideas for this one. >> how about a look at the weather. >> i can use a weather map. i love my weather map. nobody else has anything like this bad boy. let's see what's going on in boston. we'll be looking at the clipper coming across. it will bring snow. in the meantime, sunny and cold. it will be gorgeous through the day today but by tomorrow, a different situation. heres what's happening. we have this clipper coming across and bringing snow from
9:10 am
chicago into cleveland and detroit. by tomorrow morning, to just west of new york city we're talking about more snow. it moves through quickly. that's why it's a clipper. by tomorrow afternoon, we're looking at snow. do it real quickly. willie just got powdered. >> what are you talking about? >> the sheen is gone. >> anyway, by tuesday afternoon, this thing pushes away. we get snow by the evening in boston. it's a quick mover but it's going to dump some stuff. we're basically talking about out to chicago, to cleveland, about 1 to 3 inches. 3 to 6 inches generally from new york up to boston. but the heavier amounts, because we're going to be looking at lakt effect snow starting to push in once this clipper goes through so right between the 9:10 on a monday morning. good morning. i'm meteorologist clhristina
9:11 am
loren. it's still a spare the air day. we have quite a back up there at the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll check on your drive in a moment. san jose is at 45 degrees. pretty hazy. that will be the story for today. temperatures are going to tumble between today and wednesday. if you're looking for the 70s and warmth, enjoy today while it last. we're having this wonderful secret santa where we think about each other and what would be a good gift. >> can you just buy us something and tell us what it is. >> are you joking? >> i said can we give you ideas? >> adam. >> that's what i said. >> what did she say? >> she's got good ideas. >> what did she say? >> we're working together on this. >> what? >> we are. >> i said can i give you some ideas. >> tag team? no, you are forbidden. you are forbidden from helping her. >> i got to figure something out
9:12 am
for $20 here. it's got to be funny. >> we're going to brave the crowds. al and i will be in the mall all weekend. >> you have to have help? you're a mom. >> i have a lot going on. i have more christmas cookies to bake. >> we have nothing. we're just sitting around having bonbons. >> by the way, we have this great ugly sweater contest. >> yes we do. >> if you have the ugliest -- >> if you're rocking a horrible sweater, we want to see it. >> we are looking for the ugliest of the ugly. >> right. >> tweet us a picture. >> #orange room everybody. head over to complete rules and enter for a chance to join us here in studio 1-a this friday. stood the last day to enter. >> if you want to help me, please, i'm open to suggestions. >> oh, you need help. >> coming up next, the lovely
9:13 am
celebrity daughter that had you reaching for your tablets over the weekend. the my mother and my grandmother are very old fashioned. i think we both are clean freaks. i used to scrub the floor on my knees. [ daughter ] i've mastered the art of foot cleaning. oh, boy. oh, boy. oh, boy. [ carmel ] that drives me nuts. it gives me anxiety just thinking about how crazy they get. [ doorbell rings ] [ daughter ] oh, wow. [ carmel ] swiffer wetjet. you guys should try this. it's so easy. oh, my. [ gasps ] i just washed this floor. if i didn't see it i wouldn't believe it. [ carmel ] it did my heart good to see you cleaning. [ regina ] yeah, your generation has all the good stuff. [ daughter ] oh, yeah. chose prego traditional over ragu traditional. prego?! but i buy ragu. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made. [ pop muzak plays ] [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. [ shopile on the arugula better burger? and load it up with italian prosciutto and fresh mozzarella. you haven't had a burger until you've had the
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9:15 am
♪ pillsbury cookie dough. make the holidays pop! pillsbury cookie dough. these clorox wipes disinfect twice the surface of the "other brand." so what's that look like? ♪ it looks a lot like that. clorox. disinfect twice as much. is overwhelmingly positive. this toothpaste sensodyne repair & protect can actually repair and protect sensitive teeth. exposed dentin can cause pain in some people's teeth... and as long as they brush twice a day, every day, then they can expect to continually have that reparative layer of protection against sensitivity. i think it gets right at the heart
9:16 am
of their sensitivity issues. i absolutely think dentists are going to want to recommend sensodyne repair & protect. we just talked about the mega millions. what are the odds of winning $550 million? a question a lot of you considered over the weekend because it was one of the hottest searches on google. daniel is here to tell us more about that. good morning. talk about mega millions. we could see a $650 plus million jackpot at the end of tomorrow. >> yeah, if you're wondering the odds are 1 in 259 million. people searching for where to buy the tickets. just the dream of winning the money maybe enough to motivate people. even if the odds are just that tiny. >> so you're saying there's a chance? >> yes. >> the next search, pope francis.
9:17 am
>> so pope francis named as time magazine's person of the year. he was also caught in a very candid and fun moment at vatican city when a young boy reached up to grab his skull cap and pulled it off. he took it in good humor and good stride. he's also been defending comments about the world economy. he turns 77 tomorrow. so he has a lot of reasons. >> happy birthday to the pope. fantastic. this was also the weekend of santacon 2013. you probably saw a lot of fake santas out there in force. >> have to explain that to your kids. >> it's hard. >> it started in san francisco and is in 300 cities and 44 countries. albany new york to california. everyone is trying to have a good time and celebrate the season. there are complaints about how some of these turn into a bit of a pub crawl. behavior isn't always what it should be. there's a code of conduct for any santa that participates. you can find it on their website. you get the idea.
9:18 am
it's a beloved tradition but it can go arye. >> you explain to your 4-year-old is why santa face down on the sidewalk again this year. >> that's not good to have to explain. hann hannah celic. >> she is a noted aquest trian. she is in an ad campaign for a clothing deyoed raodrant. you can see why. but here you see her. >> natalie wanted me to ask you to go back to the first picture. >> how about this one, lone survivor, a big film coming up. >> expected to come out at christmas time and wider release in january.
9:19 am
based on the true story of navy s.e.a.l.s in a fire fight in afghanistan in 2005. quite a number of military personnel died as a result of this. it's being compared a little bit to black hawk down in terms of the intensity of the movie. peter berg is the director. it's expected to do well. already people searching for it. >> it's based on a true story and everybody is looking to see what's true in the movie. >> exactly. >> can't wait to see that. thank you so much. >> good to see you. >> coming up next, we'll get you caught up on all the news you need before you head out the door today. >> plus protecting your plants through the frost and snow, how ♪
9:20 am
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9:23 am
[ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas! taking a look at the headlines, just nine days to go until christmas but if you're thinking about hitting the post office today to mail off cards and presents, you may want to reconsider. lines can be very long. this is the busiest mailing day of the year. the u.s. postal service says be sure to get your cards and gifts in the mail at least by friday so they'll get to their domestic destinations on time. >> we do have an important recall to tell you about concerniconcern flat screen tvs. thousands of these flat screen televisions are being recalled because they can catch on fire. the model number is at the bottom of your screen. coby usa is out of business so retailers are taking over the recall. unplug it and stop using it. >> there's more evidence this morning that diabetes rates are
9:24 am
rising, even among americans that have access to health care. a new study shows that 8.8% of people with private health insurance had diabetes last year or were diagnosed at high risk. the study also found that diabetes is most common in older men and that nearly 1 in 10 southerners have or is at high risk for the disease. the newest hobbit movie was king of the box office this weekend. hobbit the desolation of smaug brought in $73 million. disney's frozen with 22 million and tyler perry's a madea christmas rounded out the top three. china's jade rabbit moon rover started sending pictures back from the moon's surface. china is the third nation to put a rover on the moon and the first in 37 years. and this morning, beijing announced plans to launch another probn a round trip mission to bring back soil and
9:25 am
rock samples. you're up to date now. back over to willie and al. >> pretty cool. >> very cool. coming up; i'll pull off a perfect triple sow cow. >> impressive. >> you're guaranteed to hit the ice. >> and eve ♪ [ male announcer ] this holiday, don't get stuck at the corner of "oh! you got me something" and "oh...this is awkward." remember, walgreens has a great assortment of little somethings, and we're always nearby, so it's easy to get in and out. see you on your lunch break. swing by walgreens for lindt lindor truffles, hallmark cards, and more. plus most stores are open 'til midnight. here at the corner of happy and healthy. [ ding ] cheese plate? cheese plate. no, i made something better. you used the oven? boom. [ male announcer ] pillsbury crescents. make the holidays pop.
9:26 am
good morning. it's 9:26. a second security lane at terminal a at san jose international airport has just reopened. they were all shut down after a water main break. water rushed into the baggage claim and security areas. up until 30 minutes ago, all travelers had to go through security at terminal b and back though security a. but two lanes are back open. a 13-year-old girl is now brain dead after what was supposed to be a routine surgery. after having her tonsils removed, she began bleeding excessively. doctors determined she had swelling in her brain and determined her legally brain dead. the family is holding out hope the teenager will wake up.
9:27 am
a suspected drunk driver on the peninsula is facing felony hit-and-run charges this morning. the man was driving drunk when he crash into a vintage car dealership. police found a passenger hurt but no driver. police later tracked down that suspect and arrested him. we'll have a lock at weather and traffic after this.
9:28 am
9:28. happy monday to you. happy to be the bearer of good news in the weather department. we're going to hit the 70s today. in the south bay, 45 degrees right now. a little hazy. the one caveat, it's a spare the air day, our ninth consecutive. likely will be the case for tomorrow as well. you can see what happens. area of low pressure comes through. that's really going to tumble our temps from the 70s today back to the low 60s by wednesday. so this warmup is short lived. get it while it's warm, mike. >> and enjoy this part of 101 as well when it's at the speed limit. this is palo alto. a look at the map coming out of
9:29 am
redwood city. there's a crash the marsh blocking two left lanes. sounds like a motorcycle is down. that's about the extent of the slowdown for the peninsula. use 280 if you can. a little slow southbound out of fremont and newark. a crash at thornton has cleared. through oakland, looking a little better. just slowing past the coliseum and at bay bridge toll plaza. back to you. >> all right. thanks. another local news update in half an hour. have a great day.
9:30 am
welcome back to today. it's monday morning, december 16th, 2013. a lot of good folks here in the holiday spirit. i'm willie along with al and natalie. natalie is coming off a procedure. >> were you in a car accident? >> i'm modeling our next little chat here. this is a forever pillow. >> a forever pill. >> pillow. pillow. >> a forever pillow. a creative way to rest your head. twist and wrap it and your neck and body. >> it's like a giant scarf. >> we have a few pictures to show you how this works. >> is that a dog? >> no, it's a woman. >> oh, i just saw the furry thing and i was like what is wrapped up in there. that. >> i don't know. >> i guess the best way -- >> she's wearing it as a wreath.
9:31 am
>> if you want to just keep your ears warm. i don't know. >> ear muffs. >> it's handy if you're trying to find a place to take a nap. apparently you can do a couple's snuggle with it too. >> $39. >> $39 and it's raised like $25,000 in kick starter. it's a kick starter thing. something for everyone. >> are you getting one? >> you can get this a snuggie. >> if you give me this one i will. >> all yours. >> it's more than $20. >> yeah, this is $30. so expensive. go cheaper. >> cut it in half. >> bob yader ladies and gentlemen. that's why he's here all week. >> wait, wait, willie is strangling me with this. >> perfect. >> he doesn't want to hear me talk anymore. >> wow. we should get one for joe.
9:32 am
anyway, let's see what we've got. beautiful day out going to be -- look at this picture. this is red rocks in sedona. spectacular. a little chilly start to the day. 41. it gets up to about 60 degrees. now let's look at today and show you what else we have going on. clipper comes across and starts in the great lakes. makes it's way into the northeast and new england. high surf advisory and 76. a gorgeous day today. on the chilly side down in 9:32. happy monday. i'm meteorologist christina loren. this is san bruno. a little hazy here. we have better visibility than yesterday. air quality though still suffering. we have a spare the air alert in place for today and likely the case for tomorrow as well. 70ing did today in san jose. averag alow average toward the end of the week.
9:33 am
even more so into friday. then temperatures are going to start to warm back up as we get into next week. hope you have a fantastic day. very interesting. >> thank you, al. well, the wintry weather has come in fast and furious over the past couple of weeks and may have a lot of you scrambling to protect your plants from the snow and ice. >> so here with dos and don'ts to make sure your yard will look good in the spring, our friend, professional landscaper, nice to see you. >> every time i'm here we're talking about doing work. this time of year the work is a little different. so we're going to talk about frost. we're going to talk about snow. and damage and all of that. >> okay. >> especially with the last couple of days. >> exactly. >> these are more indoor types. >> these are exotics. they're the tropical plants that everyone goes up to the islands and say birds of paradise they're so beautiful and i want it at home and they have no business here in new york. you can have them on your porch. in california we have these year round.
9:34 am
>> and the jade plant here too. >> look at you. >> i know some of my plants. >> he's a botanist. >> no, i am not. >> come wintertime you have to take them inside or put them in your green house. they have to be temporary. they're mobile plants. >> all right. >> then you get to things like citrus, in florida the weather is nice and warm. in california we have these year round but when it starts to get cold and frost is coming, all of my neighbors do something hike this. they basically cover it up. it's like putting a blanket over it. when you're covering plants and protecting them from frost, you don't want to just put plastic over your plants. put some cloth and fabric and then the plastic over that. al can you cut me twine? >> when you're protecting these plants, cover them up going into early evening. that's when the temperatures are going to drop. >> so in the evening you cover it. >> but you're not supposed to leave it like that the whole
9:35 am
time. i don't know what he is doing. >> giving you more. >> in the morning you want to uncover your plant and allow it to get sunlight. >> that's a little work for a plant. >> let it die. >> just get a new one last year. >> otherwise your taking out your dead plant and spending more money. if you're taking out the dog and the dog has to handle it business, you handle your business. then there's the plants that of course are going to stay evergreen. also known as holly. >> i was going to say holly. >> so holly is of course an evergreen, beautiful. they'll take all the snow you throw at them. same thing with the box wood. if you lookout side here, all over the place. these are the plants you don't have to do anything with. >> should you ever brush the snow off of them, though? >> if you have nothing better to do, absolutely but it's not really necessary. >> before we leave, covering and getting the ice and snow off of
9:36 am
your drive way really is important what you use because that runs off into your grass and your plants. >> absolutely. what do you typically do? that's what i want to do. >> do you hire a service. >> no, i shovel. >> i want you to show me the shovel technique. al, tell me this. al knows some things. should you use plastic or should you use a metal shovel. >> plastic because the snow moves off of it more quickly. >> and it's lighter weight. if you have a deck or hard skaping you'll do less damage with plastic. >> always a pleasure. >> good to have you here. >> coming up next. are you ready for this. >> stand by. >> blades of glory part 2. willie is going to perform a double axle. maybe not. a can of del monte green beans? ♪ ♪ if i was a flower growing wild and free ♪
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9:41 am
ever to win gold and now she will join us in sochi in february as an analyst for nbc olympics. good morning. >> good morning. >> we have a big routine planned; we do. pretty big. >> how are you feeling about skating pairs with me. >> i'm a little nervous. it's our debut but i think we'll do good. >> i noticed we didn't clear the ice which concerns me. there's so many nice people that have come from around the world and they're in harms way. i'll be honest with you. >> energy. it will give us energy. we have a very dramatic program. >> we do. let's talk about the real skaters. handicap the field. anybody can take her on this time? >> yes, her biggest rival is from japan. she hasn't had the ideal olympic season. she just had her first event and she wasn't perfect and if anyone can put out perfection when it counts it's her. but she has been doing really well this year. undefeated at every event.
9:42 am
>> you call her the best technical skater you have ever seen. >> it's unbelievable. i have done it and i watch and i'm in awe. >> she is perfect. >> there's are some americans that could take a run at the podium. who should we be looking at? >> ashley wagner is the favorite. she's had a great season. she's going to have to bring it. there's a lot of good skaters this year. we have gracie who stormed on the team last year. she is brilliant. triple triples. and then a third spot with a toss up there. >> we have three spots this year. what advice would you give to the americans as someone that's been there and been in the bright spotlight, what would you tell young women? >> just enjoy the olympic experience. there's no other event like it and you can get caught up with so much about the ice and your programs and all the pressure. but if you just look around you realize this is the best thing
9:43 am
ever. all of these athletes not just skaters and you're representing your country, it's the best. >> we're excited for sochi. hopefully we can provide inspiration for the american women. let's take to the ice. pair skating. lipinski and geist. >> here we go. >> swayze. [ music playing ] ♪ she's taken my heart and she doesn't know what she's done ♪ ♪ feel her breath on my face ♪ her body close to me ♪ can't look in her eyes
9:44 am
♪ she's out of my league ♪ such a fool to believe i have anything she needs ♪ ♪ she's like the wind [ music playing ] >> i look in the mirror and all i see. ♪ is a young old man with only a dream ♪ ♪ am i just fooling myself [ applause ]
9:45 am
>> ladies and gentlemen, the great tara lipinski. we're back after this. ♪ [ laughter ] ♪ [ male announcer ] for tim and richard smucker, giving a gift of their family's delicious jam always made the holidays just a little bit sweeter. we forgot to put our names on them! richard, i think they'll know who it's from. ♪ thank you boys. you're welcome. you're welcome. [ male announcer ] happy holidays from our family to yours. i love christmas! from our family to yours.
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9:48 am
♪ ♪ the new trésor, lancôme you know, i bet all of those folks out there don't even realize it's a special day in america today. >> what day is today? >> it's the national chocolate
9:49 am
covered anything day. >> no. >> who knew. >> anything goes. >> so mark the occasion we're going to make two holiday desserts with what else, chocolate. >> that's right. he's the chef and owner behind two new york restaurants. >> say that again. >> [ speaking foreign language ] >> it's delicious. i cook the food every day. >> we don't want to -- your french accent is perfect. normally we think about chocolate and using something like strawberries and cherries, you're going to use white chocolate and grapes. >> why do you like grapes? >> we wash them and dry them and they're ready to go. >> these are all dry already. >> no. >> not yet. >> a little bit more. >> there we are. that's it. >> what did i do.
9:50 am
>> all right. the white chocolate. >> you melt it. >> yeah. >> and it's plain white chocolate. >> do not forget something. we should add a little bit of oil. >> oh. >> make it nicer. and then mix everything. see, we have to coat it. let me add more chocolate. >> yeah, more chocolate. more chocolate. >> is white chocolate really chocolate. >> no. >> no bean, right? >> it's just good. >> it tastes good. >> grab one. >> grab one. >> okay. i have to mix it. >> that's how al is all the time. >> and one thing i do it -- i use microwave. >> you can melt down the chocolate that way and it
9:51 am
doesn't burn too. >> that's right. it never burns. >> you coat it with powered sugar. >> do you want to do it? >> sure. >> and can you get an orange curd sauce with this. >> we we. >> we better hurry. >> it's nice, huh. >> they look like little snowballs. >> so we don't want to run out of time. why don't we move over. >> set up it's beautiful. >> very beautiful. >> here we are. >> here they are and then you used -- this is the orange sauce. >> i show you how to make it. >> orange essence in there? orange juice. >> a few yolk, four yolk. >> a cup of butter. >> yeah, the butter, please. >> and the sugar. >> all right. >> mix the whole thing. >> and then you end up there and you also brought chocolate mousse. >> here we are.
9:52 am
>> very nice. >> there you go. >> it's delicious. >> oh, it's so good. >>s so good. it's delicious. wonderful. and the chocolate mousse. >> thank you so much. recipes we're back in a moment but first this is "today" on nbc. wouldn't it be nice if there was a wireless company that put you on their gift list? well say hello to aio! at aio wireless you can get an android smartphone free with activation. free android phone?!?!
9:53 am
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9:54 am
is only 99 cents a pound. with starbucks at $6.99, serve coffee everyone savors. top it off with coffee-mate... just $2.79 for all kinds of flavors. turns out this season less is really so much more. so make your holiday merrier than ever before. safeway. ingredients for life. this morning, our elf was on the plaza collecting gifts for the 20th annual toy drive. they're on their way to kids all over the united states. >> and the good people at mary kay made it a priority for nine years. they're the biggest contributor to the toy drive. thank you so much. >> good morning. >> you have been so generous over the years. what are you donating this time around? >> this year on behalf of mary
9:55 am
kay and our 3 million independent sales members we're donating wonderful toys as well as mary kay cosmetics. >> it's not just kids but some of the women and teens that are in shelters that sometimes feel forgotten. >> absolutely. and the great thing with this, it allows the teens to even give a gift to their parents potentially. >> this is important internally at mary kay. they encourage staff and everyone involved to go out and give around the holidays. >> we do. keep changing lives ichlts really important to us that we be invested in helping others. >> we have to say a huge thank you to you and to mary kay. you guys do a wonderful job in certainly helping empower women everywhere. >> thank you, we appreciate being here with y'all. >>
9:56 am
good morning. it's 9:56. a warning going auout for uc berkeley students. a string of armed robberies were reported on campus. there have been four robberies and one attempted robbery in less than a week. police have not made any arrests.
9:57 am
san jose is calling its first gun buyback event in more than a decade a success. police collected 470 firearms. san francisco also funded its own gun buyback this weekend. let's check on your forecast. here's christina. >> hey, follow these guns to the beach, terry, because it's that-a-way. we're going to be in the 70s later today. 57 degrees in san francisco. south bay is at 70. it really is unusual to see temperatures this warm this late in the season. the best weather can be found at the shore. 2:00 p.m., 73 degrees out there. over the next couple hour, we'll climb into the upper 60s. a beautiful day shaping up. the one caveat, we have this unhealthy air quality for today, tomorrow, then by wednesday into thursday, better.
9:58 am
improving conditions with an area of low pressure that's going to ride to our north. let's check that drive. hi, mike. >> good morning. we'ring looking over here toward palo alto side does show a good amount of traffic. south 101 at marsh, two lanes closed earlier. they have cleared. we have a little recovery coming out of redwood city. a lot of volume overall along the peninsula. things are moving smoothly. here's oakland, the approach coming toward the bay bridge toll plaza. and the oakland shot itself. there's a smooth drive north into the coliseum. back to you. >> thanks a lot. more news in half an hour. [ laughter ]
9:59 am
he loves me. he loves me not. he loves me. he loves me not. ♪ he loves me! that's right. [ mom ] warm and flaky in 15, everyone loves pillsbury grands! [ girl ] make dinner pop! [ female announcer ] holiday cookies are a big job. everything has to be just right. perfection is in the details. ♪ pillsbury cookie dough. make the holidays pop!
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hauta kotb. >> hello, everybody. at least it's not snowing here in new york today. it's fun day monday, december 16th. busiest day for the united states post office is today, hoda woman. and -- >> i'm surprised. >> that is shocking. we have a big show today. here's the biggest part of the show. we have a lot of great gists who are all a-listers. more importantly than all of that is this. this is what is left of kathie lee's pillow. we cut herr pillow up because they said if you keep a pillow over a couple years there might
10:01 am
be mites. >> that's a song i wrote. >> it could be mites and god knows what in your pillow. >> that's dolly parton singing with me. >> is it? >> yes. >> we had this pillow checked out by doctors to find out what's lurking in your pillow. mites. >> and fecal pellets of mites. regardless of what i learn today, i still miss my pillows. i threw out all of them because i said, you know, i was so used to them and i slept so well. i used to take it and stick it in my suitcase when i would go. i know. >> dr. oz spoiled everything for me. if i find out that there are no fecal pellets in there, and i threw out all of my pillows, he's got some 'splaining to do. dr. oz's reputation is on the line, right here, today. >> michael buble is here with us
10:02 am
today. it's going to be big. so, how was your weekend? >> it was snowy. got snowed in. the best part of my weekend, i had some lovely parts of the weekend. did my podcast with hugh jackman. he's hosting the christmas in washington special. even though i had a little time with him, any time with hugh jackman is a good time. >> what did he say? >> not going to tell you. and then i was supposed to talk to amy grant. i'm sitting in my little podcast. i never heard from her. i was lonely, sitting in my podcast at 8:00 on sunday night. she was on stage somehow and couldn't get off. then i spend all day yesterday with dana perino. used to be the -- there she is. can you see her dog jasper. >> it's a huge dog. where are you? >> in front of my christmas tree in our library. >> it's beautiful. >> she's on the 5 at fox ws she w. bush's press secretary.
10:03 am
5 feet tall, the most adorable thing, but smart as a whip. i loved her, and her husband peter and her dog jasper. we went out in the snow with our dogs a lot. it was fun. did you go to blake's first christmas? >> he loved the snow. most importantly, i made an incredible chicken. >> i don't know what's happening to hoda. >> it only has like four ingredients. you put a chicken in a pot, in a pan, add veggies, salt and pepper, basil, and the key ingredient, a lemon cut in half. >> stuffed in there. the chicken doesn't mind. it doesn't even know. >> so succulent and juicy. >> who did you make it for? >> for a friend of mine. >> that's two things you can make now. hoda, you almost have a cookbook. >> sunday, last night, i went to the premiere of "anchorman 2." on the red carpet, lots of people there.
10:04 am
will ferrell was there. all i could think of when i saw him was scotchy scotchy scotch, which is what he said. it was a lot of fun. >> good, hoda woman. the best part of my weekend, and it it's already -- christmas has come early to me, was cassidy came home friday, and at 2:00 this morning, my son walked in the door. so don't make me cry, because we'll be fighting by dinner time, but right now, i'm the happiest woman on the planet. >> i love it. i do see michael buble out of the corner of my eye. >> nice to join us. >> thank you. >> he's tweeting. >> i would like to know about your tweeting. i follow you on twitter. >> hoda says you're the worst. >> you're the worst. >> this is the first time i have ever actually tweeted something myself. >> who's tweeting for you? >> i'm not sure. >> probably liz. you know it's liz. >> she forgot her hat. >> put your reindeer ears on. we want you to tweet your questions to klg & hoda and use
10:05 am
the hash tag, not questions for us, questions for michael buble. #bublechristmastoday. >> we only have a certain number of characters. nothing weird. >> not trying to make some sort of war on christmas. good, hoda. thank goodness. >> you know how much we love the kmart ads. the ones that are called ship my pants. i can't wait to ship my pants. >> there's a sequel. >> hope we show the other ones too. anyway, let's watch. >> ship my pants. right here? ship my trousers? you're kidding. >> you can ship your trousers right here. >> did you hear that? >> i did, bob. i may just ship my bloomers. >> you should ship your trousers, too. >> i can't wait to ship my trousers, dad. >> i just shipped my petty coat and it was very expedient. >> very expedient. >> i just shipped my wardrobe. >> i just shipped my robe.
10:06 am
>> i just shipped my bed. >> come on. kmart rocks. i'm cerea, those are the best. >> never look at a christmas carol quite the same way again. okay, thank you for spoiling yet one more sacred thing. no, it's funny. very funny. when anthony laughs like that, it's funny. >> here's the cool thing. a rlot of people are doing randm acts of kindness. this is something that is happening especially now. >> should we tell michael to hold it down? michael, please, twitter quietly. >> a lot of people have gifts on layaway. there was a really great guy who decided he was going to help take care of the expenses for the people who put their gifts on layaway at walmart. anyway, take a look at our mr. nice guy of the week. oh, we're still talking. anyway, so this guy, apparently, he overheard somebody saying she couldn't pay off her layaway account. he wept to the counter and he
10:07 am
paid for 76 layaway accounts. >> isn't that amazing? >> he spent over $20,000. >> the sweet part is he didn't do one fell swoop. he stayed there and invested time. you know how people think that your card is being misused or abused or stolen, they'll stop the transaction, so he had to use three different cards. his cell phone, two different registers to finish all of the different transactions. >> he had to explain to them. >> prove that he was indeed legitimate. one lady collapsed crying on a bench when her account was paid off. it's really a lovely, lovely thing. more than 1,000 instances at walmart alone. >> any of your random acts of kind dmsz we would love to hear about. >> sports illustrated named their sportsman of the year. who do you think? >> this one went to peyton manni manning. great, great guy. comes from a terrific family. his parents are great, his
10:08 am
brothers are great. he set a bunch of records, but in researching the story and looking back at sports illustrated over the years, wo of the most widely received covers in the history of sports illustrated came from one man. >> i know it. >> frank. >> that's frank gifford baby. >> two of them. i'm not sure -- there he is. they are -- the originals are in our trophy room. which is a big trophy room. >> that's so great. >> none of mine. i got no, no, no trophies, but frank, lots of them. what i knew was good, once cody started being in sports and cassidy was, you can't even see frank's stuff because he's got cody's stuff in front of it and cassidy's stuff in front of it. >> can we point out our posse? we have a big group of people. >> lovely ladies. >> a group from florida from the chris evert foundation, and everett and emmy are here. thank you for coming to visit. merry christmas. >> favorite things. do you have -- >> this is mine.
10:09 am
if this is such a great book, jordan metsal is the guy who does the knees for the rock elts. he wrote a book called the exercise cure. what's the one thing that can help you if you suffer from depression, heart disease. he has the science behind exercise. he brings up an ailment, tells you the exercise you need to to and whether you should go to the doctor. a great book on amazon for $16. >> is something hurting you right now? >> i'm okay. >> mine all these shoes. take a look. these are by fergie foot wear. >> fergie? >> the singer from the peas. and a new mom and god love her. they're $95 at but 40% of the proceeds go to dress for success, that awesome organization that promotes unless, economic independence for disadvantaged ladies. you and i send things over to them quite often.
10:10 am
they're a wonderful organization. that's a sexy little shoe. >> and an ankle strap. >> the plastic you take off. it's hard to get your shoe in otherwise. isn't that a cute shoe? i'll wear that in the days to come. i didn't know she had fergie footwear. >> did you have to dig out with the snow? >> yeah, and we had a lot of wind. >> did you? >> frank said my bedroom is like this, so there's no attic or anything above it. with a fireplace, it was like, oh, my gosh. we're going to kansas. it was unbelievable. lost bambino for about a half an hour in it, but he's okay. everyone has a story, stories from you guys for the new year. we want to hear your stories so david and i can write your song, so some great broadway person can sing it for you right here in our new studio. >> go to our connect button. it's so easy. in case you missed the celebrity scoop from hollywood this weekend -- >> we'll get you caught up in today's buzz. >> we know what this celebrity is up to. he's learning to tweet for the
10:11 am
first time. >> even though he's had a twitter account for a long time. good thing he sings well. charming michael buble spreads christmas cheer. from the big screen
10:12 am
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10:14 am
[ male announcer ] new deliciously simple from i can't believe it's not butter! with 100% taste and zero artificial preservatives. it's time to...believe. if there's anybody in the world to get us in the christmas spirit, it's michael buble, three-time grammy award winner and might we add new daddy, taking time out from his to be loved tour. >> and we're going to get a sneak peek at his third annual christmas special airing this wednesday right here on nbc. >> you know what's, michael? >> what. >> christmas is all about sharing, so you know what? me going to share cookie with you. >> thank you. merry christmas, cookie monster. >> merry christmas, michael. ♪ we wish you a merry christm christmas ♪ ♪ we wish you a merry christmas
10:15 am
and a yummy cookie ♪ >> seeing that for the first time. >> that's the first time. >> so child like and whimsical and such. >> i think i'm a bigger fan of cookie monster. we had maria carey and mary j. blige, two of the greatest female vocalists of all time, and more people stood in line to get a picture with cookie monster. come on. >> are you so pumped about this christmas, for so many reasons, but your first with your little baby. >> of course, he has no clue, but it's all about mom and i. >> look at this. he is -- oh, my gosh. a gerber baby. a johnson & johnson baby. that's what he is, of the week. >> do you just love every minute with him? >> do you sing to him all the time. >> so many times people, lie my friends would have their kids and didn't shut
10:16 am
up. and i hated it. they would show me pictures. now i'm that guy. they say, you don't know the kind of love you'll have for the kid. yeah, yeah, but i just didn't know it existed. i didn't know that depth of love that you have for this little human beg, this little mini you. changed my life. it's made what i do here with you and going and doing shows, everything -- i used to be more nervous. now i realize that this is not -- you know, there are more important things. >> you keep it in perspective. >> really. really is a beautiful thing. >> you must hate leaving him. does he go on the road with you everywhere? you were telling us you were in argentina with him. >> my wife was making a movie, so he couldn't come. we all think our kids are geniuses, but he's amazing. >> your wife is beautiful, too. >> 3 months old and he said his first word. philanthropy. junius, and a good person. >> don't let anyone tell you,
10:17 am
just wait, just wait. that's gnaw true. every stage with your children is a gift. >> you are mariah, mary j., and the cookie monster. >> my idols, you know who my idols were. one was dean martin, and he was the last one who had an annual christmas special. >> skooumexcuse me, i had six i row. not on this network. >> that's what i'm saying. >> yeah, yeah, it was in the 1800s and they were really, really popular. >> can i ask you a question? >> yes. >> did you do the same songs? >> every year, it was different. it's not about me. tell me about you. >> nothing. no, i love it. i love getting invited into people's homes to share something i know is so special to me and my family. >> your favorite holiday. >> this is going to sound -- listen, christmas is lovely, but this is also a business. to know that people like mariah carey and mary j. blige feel this is a platform that's going to help them. it's a beautiful thing. >> people love your specials. they're fan tashic. did i also read you're refusing
10:18 am
to ever do another christmas album, new cd -- >> no. i won't do it. >> you won't. >> it's true. >> because that -- this was not a cash cow. this was not something where i thought, i can sell -- i made good money. i tour and don't need any more of that stuff. it's lovely to make, but i did this because i really have genuine love of these songs and the holidays. that bing crosby record my mom used to play is the reason i fell in love with jazz. it was my introduction to jazz. >> kind of sacred to you. >> i wanted to make one quintessential great christmas record with every trick i learned and every great song and leave it at that. >> it sold 7 million, right, liz? something like that. >> you're going to sing for us later. >> i can't wait. >> merry christmas to you and your beautiful wife and beautiful child. we're so glad you're here. >> all righty, michael buble's third annual christmas special this wednesday night, people,
10:19 am
10:00, 9:00 central, right here on nbc. >> coming up, today's buzz and all the entertainment you may have missed. >> and jill's here with stocking stuffers under $10. and we'll i had ongoing pain. an intense ache all over. it was hard to do what mattered. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia... thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can significantly relieve fibromyalgia pain. for some, as early as the first week of treatment. now, i can do more with the ones i love. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, changes in eyesight including blurry vision, muscle pain with fever, or tired feeling. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica.
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10:22 am
without leaving the table. at olive garden, the best holiday gift is being together. so join us! cause we're all family here. get together for unlimited soup, salad & breadsticks lunch just $6.99. if you're still looking for a couple good stocking stuffers for your family and friends, we have just what you need. >> today, contributor editor for people style watch, jill martin is back with her holiday gift guide under $10. >> i have 2:50, but i have curated $10 and under, some are just for us great stocking stuffers. all you need for all of these things, water or alcohol. under $10, you get three beers. the guys last night set it up. you can try different beers. if you're entertaining or going to someone's house as a house warming gift. each of these under $5.
10:23 am
look at this entire set of vases. under $10. comes in a box, add a box, add a ribbon, you're ready to go. victoria's secret, little boy shorts. all these little sayings, all i want for christmas. really fun. look at the back of this tuck. bubble but. bubble butt. ella. are they too small for ella? >> i don't think so. >> that's not. that's my chi chi. and hair bands, too. these are the must-have dolls only for us. $9.99. we have cinderella, all the favorite characters. >> all your christmas shopping here. >> i think i'm done. >> i love mini everything, but i didn't mean that. mini perfumes and mini cologne. these are all our vintage things. you throw it in. i love that. $7.79. >> watch your language.
10:24 am
okay. >> 96 eye shadows. nine-piece glossy lip gloss. >> come on. >> conair, a little bling in your life. love this to throw in for the beauty lover. and here, we have these tattoo earrings for your little ones. they get up in the morning, they go in the stocking. this you're going to love. cust if you look, it's your family and blake. little pictures in there. and look at these little makeup bags and the vintage luggage tags. >> every year, we get new ones from jill. >> pride and prejudice, all your favorite books in a pouch. how great are those? >> cool. >> this is what you're going to love. >> that's for you, hoda. >> i made it for ryan. what i love about you and me. it goes through the different things. you're my favorite blank in the
10:25 am
world. you're my favorite blank in the wo[ hosmer ] i kinda knew their reaction would be a little like, you know, "what are you thinking?" oh, i had a knot in my chest. i didn't really want her to go but...i knew she could do it. i felt like there were bigger and better things for me to do. [ mom ] she took what she was doing seriously. [ hosmer ] my self-confidence just went through the roof. [ dad ] it was awesome to see her transform from a girl, in a small town, to a soldier. [ male announcer ] you made them strong. we'll make them army strong. talk to your son or daughter about joining the army. find out how at it's an opportunityer daughter to stop and savor,the army. the unmistakable taste that reminds us that life is delicious. man,! i've got a million emails. oh, that's awesome! i found my stapler. yes! it's gold monday at! find gold star gifts at incredible prices-- still in stock
10:26 am
and shipped free with christmas delivery guaranteed. walmart. good morning. it's 10:26. a 13-year-old girl is now brain dead after what was supposed to be routine surgery. shortly after having her tonsils removed, she began bleeding excessively. doctors at the children's hospital in oakland determined she had swelling in her brain,
10:27 am
declared her brain dead. the family is holding out hope the teenager will wake up. things are starting to get back to normal at the san jose international airport after this this morning. up until 90 minutes ago, all travelers had to go through security in terminal b. now some security lines in terminal a have reopened. we'll look at weather and traffic after this.
10:28 am
welcome back now. good monday morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures are going to be warm today. part of the reason why is we
10:29 am
started out with a blanket of clouds. as we head throughout this afternoon, we're talking about the 70s down in the south bay. 68 degrees along the peninsula. 67 degrees in san francisco for today. so it is going to be a nice warm day. we have changes just around the corner. spare the air day for today. likely the case for tomorrow as well. and then as our temperatures drop off getting to the end of the week as an area of low pressure comes through, we're going to see temperatures really low but better air quality wednesday into thursday. let's check your drive. here's mike. >> all right. we're looking over here toward 880 past the coliseum. you'll notice the left-hand side slows. it's slowing past the coliseum and past 98. i don't see anything from the camera. no crashes, that is. we had an earlier stall. that might have let loose all these folks. we have a slower drive toward the coliseum. also possible there may be a sweeper truck in the area. no big drama. lighter flowing traffic around the bay. >> all right, mike. thanks a lot. more local news coming up in
10:30 am
half an hour at 11:00. hope to see you then. ♪ we're back with more on fun day monday. and time for today's buzz. when we get you caught up for the hottest celebrity news. >> here with us is bonnie fuller, editor in chief of and rose ann coletti from nbc's gossip gram. how in the world did beyonce do that with the music and videos with nobody knowing? it seems impossible. >> and when you think she's on tour and managed to shoot 17 videos, and record that album. but i think what's so incredible, she broke every rule in the book. she dropped this at midnight on a thursday, like friday morning. usually artists do it on tuesday. and she is going to have sold 600,000 copies of the album. >> how does someone not tell his
10:31 am
girlfriend? i can't believe it didn't get out. >> even friends in the industry didn't really know about it. she is going to hit, they say, number one spot on bill boards this week. >> good for her. >> and i just love the way she manages her own career and own life so brilliantly and privately. and everybody should it take a cue from her. she does it on her talent. >> absolutely. >> it's not the shock value. it's just -- i think she's sensational. >> and what was incredible, she performed this weekend, and sang one of the songs, "xo" and the crowd knew the words already. she was singing and holding her mic out and they knew the words. >> extraordinary. >> chloe and lamar made it official. >> a long time and coming. four years marriage of -- bad for the past two years. she is going to keep -- she is going to get rid of the name odom. she doesn't want that part of her life. there is a prenup, so there is not an issue about money. she is moving on. >> i think she -- i do think she is a little concerned about the money. because she made sure to
10:32 am
stipulate in her documents she was not going to give him spousal support. and also that she wanted to keep all her jewelry. and her assets. yes, she did. >> well, she's got a very good lawyer. laura wasser is excellent. and, you know, lamar is a sweet person. let them part. remember, they only dated for, what, 16 days, and got married? >> was she dating somebody else already? >> a baseball player. >> but what we're hearing, he has been a very good friend to her. she has been crying on his shoulder a lot, he has been wonderful, giving her lots of hugs. but that so far it's not exclusive. it's not a major romance. but he has received an invitation to the kardashian christmas day or party or whatever they do. >> christmas eve, usually. >> one of her friends said she is quick to fall, and she falls hard but is also quick to move on. >> i think she gave that a solid try, two years of that. not easy. >> absolutely. >> so miley on the stage at
10:33 am
jingle ball. >> we're not going to show the pictures of her twerking with santa. we know what that looks like. >> and christmas tree, too. >> how do you twerk with a tree. >> oh, there it is. anyway, she didn't disappoint, i guess. >> no, she did not. but what's also interesting is that she pose posted a picture. she is part of the free the nipple campaign. >> free the nipple? >> yes. and she posted a christmas picture of herself with a santa hat and two hearts that say merry christmas over herself. she believes the female body is beautiful, and it's not pornography to show it. >> in this way she was supporting this indy documentary out there called free the nipple. and it's about states that have laws against women showing their breasts. >> okay. >> cathy is not buying it. >> now, what was justin bieber up to? >> trouble in his house early saturday morning. a woman was unconscious, an ambulance called by his security
10:34 am
team and then they called off the ambulance. apparently they got some food and drink into the woman and she decided to go home. >> so no charges or anything. >> oh, no. no charges. >> was she underage? >> no, she was 20 years old. >> that's underage. >> oh, yes, she was underage, yes. that's right. you're absolutely right. but at hollywood life we heard that it was an over -- what they were calling, from his camp, an overzealous oh security guard just wanting to make sure everything was okay. >> what was number one at the box office? >> "the hobbit." >> the first one, right? >> fell short of that. couple things against it. a huge snowstorm in the east coast. a lot of people stayed home. and it was challenged by some stiff competition. disney's "frozen" which came in two, for the second week. >> and didn't do as well as usual. however, "american hustle" only in a few theatres and did amazing in terms of the numbers. >> thank you, ladies.
10:35 am
thank you very much. >> are you in the mood for love? >> yeah. >> michael buble. >> one of his favorite songs coming up. and who doesn't love dr. oz? >> he's got the truth, apparently, about my pillow. >> i want to know what's in that nasty thing. what's in it? ♪ ♪ the new trésor, lancôme these clorox wipes disinfect twice the surface of the "other brand." so what's that look like? ♪ it looks a lot like that. clorox. disinfect twice as much.
10:36 am
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[ male announcer ] fedex one rate. with windowsue 8 pro is one awesome machine. can i do my work stuff on it? work and play. it's got the new windows and powerful intel processor so you can do it all like mixing pleasure and business. that sounds so rebellious. yeah, like mixing fire and ice. like polka dots and plaid. hey hey, careful. i could pull it off. own the season. get the hottest windows tablets like the dell venue, with intel inside. get 6, 12, 18, or 24 months special financing with a walmart credit card. minimum purchase and certificate required. valid in-store only through 12/31/13. walmart.
10:39 am
i don't like the music. >> when was the last time you bought a new set of pillows? well, in case you had no clue, like us, you were supposed to change your pillows every two years. >> who knew that? >> nobody. >> i had mine for years. in fact, two decades. 20 years. so last month, i ripped apart my beloved pillow. >> remember? >> so we could send those feathers to a lab for testing, to see exactly what i have been sleeping on all those years. >> we have been dying to know. we had to wait patiently. now dr. oz is here with the results. >> yes. and so we're ready for them, dr. oz. >> the envelope, please. >> okay. >> sent off to the lab. and we found something that is very typical. the softer, more cuddly that pillow is, the more it's a problem. normally when that pillow is young, it has bounciness to it. and something gets in there that softens it up. you ever wonder what does that? >> you told us. >> it's this. this is what we found in your , li. those are >> ooh. >> i know. >> bacteria are there because
10:40 am
something was eating your pillow. the different kinds of bacteria, by the way -- i'm going to show a picture of what was in your pillow. a dust mite. you see it there? >> hoda, you've got them too. be quiet. >> i don't have them! >> see how it's beautiful? >> i can't sleep on a hard pillow. >> it keeps the down and it goescaca. and the poop makes it soft. >> ooh! >> that's what happens. >> i loved it. >> a nice cover like this. >> it was always in a cover. >> your eyes are swollen, it's not just the alcohol. it's a little allergy. and -- or, you just change the pillow every two years, as hoda mentioned. >> how much are you protected by having this on it? >> this helps a lot. this prevents the stuff from the inside getting to the outside. >> thank you! so i kept my pillow. >> she tricked you. what's going on? now what? this is about hoda. >> i walked into the studio today, have i have footage of this. i shook hands with everyone and
10:41 am
hugged people. and -- i'm very tactile. but i had something on my hands. >> what? >> i had something that revealed how many passive viruses and bacteria along. i put some powder on my hands that looks like this. and give me -- >> davy is here. see davy's hand? davy has -- >> some of that butdpowder. let me see your arms. hoda has some there. what happened to your arms, hoda? you were chilli was rubbing your arms. this could have been anthrax. turned out to be baby powder. shows how quickly we transmit stuff, especially in the cold weather. viruses love chilly weather, they bundle up, and we're in a closed environment so we passed it along. >> we have a big thing of purell over there. i'm always doing it. >> alcohol sanitizers, i love them all. or regular soaps. you don't have to have alcohol sanitizers. soap and water looks fine.
10:42 am
just don't use the anti bacterial soaps. they don't kill viruses and breed resistant bacterias, bad for the environment and bad for us. >> okay. now we're talking hoda woman. >> yes. so i took the liberty while you guys were in hair and makeup. you were there for a long time, by the way. so i wept through both of your rooms. >> we have a meeting. we have a very long production meeting. >> oh, no, he went -- oh, not that bag. >> took these swabs. makeup bag, and passed by kathie lee's room, as well. we found on your makeup bag, you know, a significant of bacteria. and some ungodly stuff in your lipstick. i don't know where that came from. >> i kissed her on the lips. >> when? >> the inner thing, your eyeglasses are pristine. >> i never use those. >> that's why. >> i've never worn those. >> i bet mine -- >> what i was looking forward t this whole day, i actually wanted to swab kathie lee's wine
10:43 am
bottle to see if she puts her lips on the wine bottle? >> what do you mean, wine bottle? >> there is a wine bottle in your room. >> that's mine. >> and your phone. so we got the wine bottle and phone and both had lots of fun stuff on them, as well. very high counts of contamination. so -- when you -- do you go like this? >> that is not my wine bottle! >> there was a cork in it. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> dna sampling afterward. this is the first sign, by the way. so -- what works -- lipstick, you can dip your lipstick in alcohol, works really well. >> what do you mean, dip your lipstick in the alcohol? >> take the top there, and dunk it in there. >> really? >> yeah, it won't hurt the lipstick? >> just for a second like that. that will kill it. the other thing -- >> you can dip it in your wine. >> but the way it works oh the best, put it in the freezer for a couple hours. >> they're cutting you off. and you're dr. oz.
10:44 am
>> alcohol swabs, clean your phones. >> it's over. >> too bad. >> could it be michael buble? >> it could be. >> doing a duet with dr. oz. ♪ you better not cry ♪ you better not pout i'm telling you why ♪ take five! hey, joyce! [ grunts ] you really seem to be dragging your a-- [ donkey brays ] mid morning slump. [ donkey snorts ] that's why i started drinking this new lipton natural energy tea. come on! it's naturally has more caffeine and theanine than regular lipton. here. you'll thank me. mmmm... tastes amazing, right? i feel better already. [ donkey brays ] [ man ] two minutes! tea time. [ female announcer ] for a little oomph, try new lipton natural energy tea. [ donkey brays ] [ female announcer ] let betty do the measuring and get a head start on delicious homemade cookies. visit for fun holiday ideas. betty crocker cookie mix.
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the canadian born singer/song writer michael buble has sold more than 50 million albums world wide. >> this year, he released his sixth album called to be loved. it's been nominated for a grammy. he's singing close your eyes, written as a love song to his wife. eyes let me tell
10:49 am
you the reasons why ♪ ♪ i think you're one of a kind ♪ here's to you the one that always pulls us through ♪ ♪ you always do what you've got to do ♪ ♪ you're one of a kind ♪ thank god you're mine ♪ you're an angel dressed in armor ♪ ♪ you're the fear in every foyter you're my life and my harbor ♪ ♪ where the sun sets every night ♪ ♪ and if my life is blind will i ever want to see the light ♪ ♪ it's your beauty your smile gives you away ♪ ♪ because you're made of
10:50 am
strength and my soul is yours to save ♪ ♪ and i know this much is true when my world was dark and blue ♪ ♪ i know the only one who rescued me was you ♪ ♪ so close your eyes let me tell you all the reasons why ♪ ♪ you're never going to have to cry ♪ ♪ because you're one of a kind ♪ yeah here's to you to the one that always pulls through ♪ ♪ you always do what you've got to do ♪ ♪ because you're one of a kind ♪ when your love comes down on me i know i'm finally free ♪
10:51 am
♪ so i tell you brief ly ♪ ♪ every single beat in this heart is yours to keep ♪ ♪ so close your eyes let me tell you all the reasons why ♪ ♪ you're never going to have to cry because you're one of a kind ♪ ♪ yeah here's to you to the one that always pulled us through ♪ ♪ you always do what you've got to do ♪ ♪ because you're one of a kind ♪ you're the reason why i'm breathing ♪ ♪ with a little look my way you're the reason that i'm
10:52 am
feeling ♪ ♪ that it's finally safe to stay ♪ >> nice, guys. >> michael. >> we'll be back with a special guest after this. >> first, this is "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze.
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great crowd out there. >> we're so thrilled to announce $15 million worth of toys and gifts are on santa's sleigh, on their way to disadvantaged families all over the united states. a big thank you to everybody who has contributed so far and so generously to our toy drive for the past 20 years. >> we appreciate all the donations large and small. sometimes we take for granted things like bath soap and shamp
10:56 am
poo, but these make wonderful gifts. >> hello. >> merry christmas. >> fourth time in a row you have been here to help the kids. thank you. what are you doing this year? >> we're donating over $200thone worth of products. it includes a lot of products for the mom. sunscreen for the whole family, toothpaste for the whole family, which i have here, and also some warm robes and some skin cream. it's very kinltd. we started a foundation twenty-two years ago around boys and girls self-esteem, and all our cuonsultants and employees we're all about giving back. giving the products for the moms and teens -- >> things we take for granted. >> it's been a labor of love for our employees and our cult nl consultan consultants. it's one more example of that. >> thank you so much for all you do. we really appreciate it. >> the toy drive continues through december 20th. >> if you would like to donate, go to
10:57 am
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11:00 am
good morning to you. thank you for joining us. >> a family is demanding answers from oakland's children's hospital after doctors declared their 13-year-old daughter brain dead after a routine surgery. nbc bay area's christie smith joins us live in oakland where this morning she talked to family members about that ordeal. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you. we just heard from the girl's mother. i have to tell you, this is absolutely heartbreaking listening to her. she says that her daughter had sleep apnea, so she brought her here for what she thought was a routine surgery, thought she'd be home the following day. instead, the 13-year-old has legally been declared brain dead. >>


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